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Archive-name: Fetish/janmar-6.txt


Archive-title: Jane and Mary (1-6)

(ff, ws,shit,consenting)

Part 1

Jane lay on the  bed carressing her breasts.  She had had a hard day and 

was attempting to wind down.  A joint and a vodka and then a relaxing time 

on the bed seemed an ideal recipe for the evening.  Her nipples were stiff 

by now.  She had no bra on but was wearing a fairly skimpy pair of plain 

white panties. Long auburn hair and a slim but well rounded figure. Jane 

turned over, face down, onto the bed and began to gyrate her hips into the 

mattress, one hand cupped over her crotch.  She did not hear her room mate, 

Mary, enter.

"Sorry jane ... !"

"No no, it's ok", Jane mumbled to Mary.  Blushing slightly. "Err... well, 

you know how it is?!"

"That's ok Jane. Jesus.  A quick wank is hardly a mortal sin in my book!  I 

just have to go to the bathroom.  I'll leave you to it!"

Mary was shorter than Jane and a couple of years older, twenty four.  She 

was quite plump though, but in a "well rounded" way, as they say, not fat.  

Large breasts and short, bobbed, blonde hair.

The bathroom.  This triggered in Jane's mind those usually repressed 

thoughts.  She had always considered herself fairly straight, but for these 

thoughts.  And now, feeling as horny as hell, she could not repress them.  

She had played around on her own with such games as a kid. She climbed off 

the bed and made her way to the bathroom.  The door was ajar.  This was a 

fairly relaxed houshold, and doors were rarely locked.

Jane pushed on the door gently.  No protests from inside.  She entered.  

mary was sitting on the toilet.  As Jane entered the two girls just looked 

at each other.  No words spoken.  Jane stood, nipples still erect.  Mary 

had her short skirt hitched up and her panties around her ankles.  jane 

walked over to her and knelt down in front of the toilet.  Mary immediately 

took Jane's right hand in hers and guide it down to her , Mary's, pussy.  

"Feel that my love.  Do you like it ?"


"Then go in my love, go in"

Jane slipped her index finger into Mary's wet cunt.   Her thumb teased 

Mary's clit.  Their mouths met in a lingering kiss.

"You do know why I am in here don't you Jane?", Mary whispered.

"Of course."

"Are you sure"


Mary sighed, just a little, then started to piss.  The golden flow ran over 

Jane's fingers.  Slowly at first but building to a gush. Jane lifted her 

fingers away them and licked them.  She then offered them to Mary, who 

also, gently, sucked and licked.

"Mary... there is something.  I need to..."

"It's ok"

Jane pulled off her panties and sat astride mary on the toilet, her ass 

over the gap between Mary's legs over the toilet bowl.

"But Mary .. this is... oh hell, are you sure ?"

"I said it's ok"

Mary reached down to put a finger against Jane's ass hole. I small moan 

like grunt from Jane.  Her shit hole buldged slightly against Mary's 

finger.  And then, an appearance.  Mary felt the tip of a turd emerge from 

Jane's hole.

"Go on", whispered Mary "let me have your gift"

Jane pushed harder.

"Now stand up!" . Mary suddenly being assertive.

Jane, taken aback, obeyed instantly.

"Turn around.  I want to see."

Part 2

... Jane was now standing, with her back to mary who was still sitting on 

the toilet.

"Jane, just pull your cheeks slightly apart. I want to see my love.  


Those words sent a shiver of excitment through Jane.  This was wonderful.  

Forbidden.  But gloriously thrilling.  She obeyed, with one hand gently 

pulling on each cheek.

Janes shit hole was still slightly open, and the tip of the about to 

descend turd was just visible to Mary. 

"Bend over a little sweetheart and push a little", Mary requested.

Jane ever so slightly moaned.  Her anus started to push outwards, budging.  

The opening of her hole widened and the size of the emerging  package soon 

became apparent.

"Oh, Jane.  You are a filthy little slut.  I love it!", said Mary, as she 

arose from the toilet seat and embraced Jane from behind, squeezing Jane's 

nipples and licking the back of her neck. mary pushed her pelvis against 

Janes's buttocks, gyrating.

"Do it on me Jane my love.  I will lay on the floor."

Mary positioned herself as promised and Jane squatted over mary's breasts, 

facing away from her, one leg either side of Mary's torso.  Mary gasped at 

the view of jane's parted cheeks and the now expanded dark ruddy anus. A 

good three inches of the emerging shit was now protruding from Jane, the 

dark chocolate brown conrasting sharply with the pale skin of her buttocks. 

Mary tentatively reached up and touched the large firm shit.

"Oh Jane... !  Push now. Let it come!"

Jane obeyed.  The turd proceeded, widening Janes hole massively.  She 

moaned with pleasure.  Involuntarily, a suddenly, a stream of piss issued 

from jane, splashing onto Mary's tits and belly.  Now the gift was touching 

Mary's chest, still inserted at the other end in Jane.  A good ten inches 

long and broad in girth.  It dropped between Mary's breasts.

Mary raised her head and shoulders.  "Let me clean you my love"

The tip of Mary's tongue found Janes' opening, still slightly agape.  She 

made small teasing circles.  She brought up one finger and pushed it gently 

into Jane's hole. 

Jane stood.

"Oh ... ! Jane!  Don't let's stop!"

"We are not stopping my love"

Jane lay down on top of Mary, in the "missionary position".  Her own 

breasts came down to meet mary's.  Their lips met and tongues entwined.  

jane could taste the bitterrness on Mary's tongue from her recent 

explorations.  The turd on Mary's chest was now being squashed between the 

warm bodies. 

Part 3

Mary was on the floor with Jane on top of her.  Mary only had on her short 

skirt.  The mess of shit squeezed between the two enraptured women was 

considerable.  Both women were aroused beyond imagination by the forbidden 

nature of what they were doing.  They felt out of control.

"Jane Jane!!!", Mary exaclaimed in a breathy ecstatic voice, "My turn my 

love.  I only pissed, you know that.  And even then not completely. Let me 

give you a show.  Come with me to the kitchen".

Jane stood and Mary went over to the toilet, depositing the  mass of Jane's 

shit from her chest into the bowl.  She then went over to the wash basin 

and washed off the raminder.

In the kitchen, Jane, naked, had sat herself on a wicker chair and made 

herself comfortable.  She was gently stroking her swollen and wet cunt, now 

and then letting a finger slip in and out.  Mary entered.

Mary stood on the kitchen table.  Legs apart, standing tall.  

"Ok you filthy bitch.  What do you want to see Jane?  Do you want to see me 

stick my hand in my stinky cunt?  Take a look at it first eh?"

Mary slowly lifted her skirt revealing the her almost bald cunny.  Just a 

light covering of blonde hair.  Without any hesitation she parted the lips 

using both hands.  

Jane was frigging herself quite nard now.  She had reached under herself to 

poke her filthy shit hole with her finger.  The result she smeared over her 


Mary by now had all the fingers of her right hand well into her cunt.  She 

was now half-squatting on the table.

"Take a look at this too slut!"

Mary now got onto all fours .  Her ass high in the air, thighs and cheeks 

apart, facing Jane, hand still in cunt.  

Jane came over from her chair, picking up an empty winre bottle on the way. 

She touched mary's shit hole with the opening of the bottle.

"Oh yes Jane, yes yes!"

Jane twisted and pushed on the bottle.  mary's hole at first tightened bit 

then began to gape, accepting the intruder.  In went the neck of the 

bottle.  One inch, two inches, three inches.  Mary's anus stretching with 

every push.  

Jane now withdrew the bottle.  The bottle was now sealed by a firm piece of 

shit from mary, which left a brown streak on Mary's buttocks as the bottle 

came out.

"Oh, that's done it Jane!! Quickly, pass me that bowl from over there!"

Jane passed Mary a white enamel mixing bowl.

"No, you hold it Jane.  Under my ass!"

Jane obeyed.  

Mary now had her own hands pulling apart the cheeks of her backside.  She 

grunted very loudly and deeply.

"God! This is going to be a monster Jane!"

Indeed, this was apparent as Mary's hole started to bulge out.  Jane licked 

it as it did so.  Dribbles of piss started to drip from Mary into the bowl, 

then a slightly stronger trickle.

More deep grunts and straining.

Mary's hole now began to open.  The nose of the forthcoming shit made a 

brief appearnace, before retracting.  Then, with another push, another 

appearance, an inch this time.  And again.  This time two inches or more, 

and the retraction this time was not complete.

"Oh Mary!  What a sight! Mmmmmm... Your hole is gaping and your turd is so 

firm and big.  Push push!"

Mary did so.  Now the motion was in full flow.  The turd, without stopping, 

progressed outwards.  First of all travelling almost horizontally, it was 

so firm, then drooping down into the bowl.  As it touched the bottom of the 

bowl it began to curl itself around, then dropped from Mary's ass.

Jane pushed a finger into Mary's ass.  As she did so, Mary could hear the 

splashing of piss which Jane was letting loose, down her legs, onto the 

kitchen floor.

"Yes jane!  Yes my love"

The finger went in deep and jane curled it around inside Mary's rectum. 

hooking out a small shit into the bowl.

"Take a look at what you have given me Mary"

Mary now squatted again on the table and the two women peered into the 

bowl.  They both looked up at each other and smiled"

"I think, mary, this is the binning of some fun and games for us from now 


They both laughed.

"Like", said mary, "when we go around to Peter's tomorrow night!"


A lot more laughter.

Part 4

Jane and Mary arrived outside Peter's door at 7.30.  They had been invited 

round for drinks before going out to dinner.  Yesterday's games had been 

playing over in their minds and they were excitedly anticipating peter's 

reaction to what they intended. 

Jane rang the door bell and Peter welcomed them.

"Hi, come in ladies!"

Jane and Mary entered and made themselves comfortable while Peter got them 

drinks.  Jane had a gin and tonic, Mary and Peter vodka.

"So what have you two been up to?", asked Peter.

Jane and Mary looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

"Oh, this and that.  Nothing very exciting"

"Well you both look pretty wonderful I must say"

Jane was wearing a loose silk blouse and short leather skirt.  Mary had on 

a short summer dress in a flower pattern.

"Excuse me a moment would you ?".  Peter left the room.

"God Mary, can we go through with this ?"

"Of course!", giggled Mary.

Both women had ensured that they had drunk a considerable amount before 

coming to Peter's.  They had aslo been eating high fibre foods for the past 

24 hours.  They were well prepared for their plan with Peter!

"Well, there is no time like the present to get the ball rolling!", 

exclaimed Mary.  

"Ok Ok !"

Jane knelt down in front of the sofa in front of Mary.  Mary hitched up her 

dress.  Janes pert round ass was clearly visible in her kneeling position, 

clad tightly in white panties.

Jane buried her face into Mary's crotch.  She inhaled the musky odour and 

pressed her nose against Mary's clit.  

"Mmmmm...." moaned Mary, but thinking "Come on Peter, where are you?"

Jane pulled the crotch of Mary's panties to one side.  Mary's labia were 

swollen and damp.

Peter entered.

"Jesus !!"

"It's ok Peter, isn't it?  Why don't you join us" invited Jane.


In stunned silence Peter approached.  

"Now Peter, while I lick out Mary, why don't you take a close look at my 

rear, eh?"

Peter followed his orders!  getting down behind Jane he press his finger, 

through the cotton panties, into the cleft of Jane's ass.  What he felt 

there took him a little by surprise.  A small mound.  Soft but firm.

"Now don't be shocked Peter!", Jane lifted her head from Mary to speak.  "I 

have seen those German shit videos 'hidden' away here!"

Peter could not deny it.  He proceeded to press and kneed the shit in Janes 


All three were now getting VERY aroused.

"Time for a switch around!", cried mary.

The women got Peter to strip off and lie on the floor.  Jane squatted over 

Peter's face, still wearing her panties, and mary took Peter's (large) cock 

into her mouth.

Jane pressed the shitty contents of her underwear against Peter's nose.  

Mary, meanwhile, having sucked Peter almost to bursting point, staddled him 

and let his cock slide full length into her cunny.  

"Time for you to take a look I think peter", jane calmly announced.  She 

reached down and pulled her panties to one side.  The small piece of shit 

dropped out and rolled down onto peter's chest.

"Lick me clean Peter!"

Peter obeyed without a word.  His tongue licked around Jane's anus while 

his cock slid in and out of Mary.  

"Here goes!" cried Mary, as she let a hot vouluminous gush of piss go as 

she continued to fuck Peter.

Simultaneously a grunt emerged from Jane as she pushed.  Her shit hole 

expanded and contracted.

"Peter, you know that little tidbit was just for starters don't you?  The 

main course has yet to ne served!"

"Grrrrnnnn...". Jane pushed and strained.

Peter could not resist.  He licked one finger and pushed against jane's 

anal opening.  In slid the finger, to be met almost immediately by a solid 

"wall".  There was a truly huge monster of a turd filling Jane's rear...

Part 5

Jane said, breathily, "Do you feel that Peter.  Feel my full arse with your 

finger? I'm going to have to let it out you know."

Peter was seeing Janes's well parted cheeks close to his face as Jane was 

straddled over his torso, arse to his face.  He could also see his finger 

buried up to the second knuckle in her pulsing shit hole. He withdrew it 

and examined the shitty blob on the tip.

Mary was still impaled on Peter's cock.  he was a big guy, almost ten 

inches.  Mary moaned with pleasure.

"Ok guys!  All change!" cried mary.

The three playmates rearranged their positions.  Jane was instructed by 

Mary to put her panties back on and go and stand in the corner of the room, 

facing the wall.  Mary went to fetch a large cucumber from the kitchen.  

She then ordered Peter to lie down with his head under Jane's legs.  From 

that position Peter could clearly see the crotch of jane's panties, soaked 

with her juices.

"Ok Jane, stick that lovely bum out towards me a little"

Jane did so.  Mary pulled jane's panties to one side.  

"You, my naughty girly, have a dirty hole!"

Mary took the cucumber and pushed it against Jane's cunt.  Janes's labia 

were swollen and the cunt gaping.  In went the cucumber.  

"Oh yes.  Ram it right in Mary. Please!"

Mary pushed and soon the vegetable was buried eight inches into Jane. Mary 

stood back to survey the scene, and picked up the Polaroid  camera.  She 

framed the shot and soon displayed to Jane the fine sight of her arse with 

protruding cucumber.  

Mary now took a pair of scissors and cut Jane's panties clean off her.

"It's got to come now Mary!  I have to dump this load!"

"Then go ahead.", said mary, with a grin, looking down at peter and adding 

"Are you ready young man?"

"Grrrnnn....nnnnnnnnn" Jane was pushing.

Janes's shit hole started to gape and the huge contents emerged.  Mary 

quickly took a couple of more Polaroids.  Jane now let loose a strong 

yellow and very stinky stream of piss which splashed and cascaded over 

Peter's head.  Peter attempted to catch as much of it as he could in his 

mouth, and swallowed thirstily.

There stood jane. Now semi-sqautting from her standing position, with one 

large green cucumber protrding from her cunt now partnered by a good five 

inches of fat shit sticking from her shit hole.  

"Jane!  Now I want you to drop the cucumber from your cunt and take hold of 

your turd and push it all out into your palm", Mary commanded.

Jane reached round, pulling the cucumber from her cunt and lettinf Peter 

catch it.  he sniffed the musky pissy vegetable and took a bite from it.

Now Jane had the emerging turd cupped in her hand.  She started to push it 

out, the monstrous beast curling onto her hand.  It was very large though, 

and a couple of bits broke off and descnded with a splat onto Peter's face.

Mary was shooting more Polaroids.  She then put down the camera as jane 

moved around with the turs in her hands.  

"Give it to me Jane"

Mary held out her hands and recieved the dark, stinking gift.

"Massage Peter ?"

The two women knelt down beside Peter and, when mary had dumped the handful 

onto his chest, both of them started to massage it all over him.  It 

mingled and tangled with his chest hair.

"Now Peter, I have a little examination to perform.  Lift up your legs and 

spread them"

Peter, still in stunned silence, simply obeyed.  Mary got down between his 

legs and parted his arse cheeks.  With one very shitty finger she geban to 

proble his hole.

"While I do this Jane, see if you can wash some of that lovely stuff of his 


So, Jane straddled Peter and with her hands parted wide her cunt lips.  The 

odours in the room were now intoxicating.  Soon piss started to cascade 

from Jane.  She gyrated her hips and used her fingers to hose all over 

Peters chest.  Lumps of spread shit mingled with the piss and started to 

run off the side of Peter's body.

By now, Mary had two fingers buried full length into Peter...

Part 6

The final dribbles of piss dripped from Jane down onto Peter's chest.  The 

stink in the room was now overwhelming. 

"Mary, what can you feel up there?  Has Peter been saving something up for 

us my love?"

Mary had her fingers ( three of them now ) buried well into Peter's hole.

"Well, let me put it like this, I think our lovely Peter here has not 

visited the bathroom for a poo for a while!"

Both women giggled uncontrolably.

"Right Peter," said Mary, attempting a touch of control in her voice, and 

sliding her shitty fingers from his arse, go and kneel over there on the 

sofa with your arse sticking out towards us.  And remain silent!"

Peter stood and went over to the sofa.  He kneeled as instructed, resting 

his head and arms on the back of the sofa.

"Spread thos legs and cheeks young man!", ordered Jane.

Mary pressed her lips to Peter's smeared hole. "mmmm.. tasty! I think you 

need to go Peter, yes?"

Peter began his poo poo.  Mary probed at his his hole has he pushed.  "Mmm, 

bulging nicely Peter. Let have a good lick at it!"  As she licked Peter's 

ruddy brown anus it widened suddenly and the first inch of a good sized 

chocky stick appeared.

Mary, on impulse, opened her mouth wide ... to receive the package!

Peter grunted, throwing his head back, his abdomen contracting hard.

Jane stood over this scene with a hand on each of Peter's cheeks, ensuring 

they were well spread. 

Now, Mary had in her wide open mouth,the remote end of Peter's shit.  It 

was solid and medium dark.  Her lips were sealed around it as if giving a 

blow job!

"Oh God, this is fantastic" exclaimed Jane, "but I need something in me!"

Jane released Peter's cheeks and retrieved the nibbled cucumber from 

earlier.  She simply swuatted down and rammed the thing almost full length 

into her aching pussy.  As she did so, she groaned and grunted, determined 

to force out another shit to accompany the scene unfolding in front of her.

Mary had her back to Jane.  She took her mouth away from Peter's poo for a 

momnet , revealing a rather fetching brown lipstick! She demanded a 

description of what Jane was doing"

"I have the cucumber up my cunt. Grrrr..nnnn. And I'm having a poo on the 

carpet.  Here it comes.  I'll just reach around and get a bit.  It feels 

quite soft this one,  Ahhh.. ther, I have it.  Now I think I'll take a 

little taste!"

Jane brought the small roundish turd to her lips and licked.  Then, a bite.

Mary had returned to Peter's toilet duties.  The turd had now fully exited 

from his hole.  Mary held the single long brown sausage in her had and 

sucked on it.  Jane came over to admire.  

"Well done Peter!  It's a beauty!", Jane praised.

Soon, the women gathered up all the pieces of shit that they could find 

around.  There was plenty now.  They lay Peter down and piled the load all 

over his body, moudling and pressing it onto him.  Mary decorated her large 

and rounded breasts with globs of it, teasing her nipples as she did so.

"My turn on the cock now I think Mary!"

Jane mounted Peter's cock, which was now fit to burst, forcing her shit 

hole down onto it.  Her arse hole was so shitty it slipped in quite easily. 

She slid herself down it's full length.  As she rose and fell on his tool, 

it became more and more streaked with dark chocolatey shit.

Meanwhile Mary straddled Peter's face and pressed her hard worked holes 

hard against him.  She rubbed her cunt and shit hole hard against his face. 

Building up to orgasm now, she reached forward and smeared shit from his 

body on her own breasts and face, licking her fingers as she did so.  She 

beagn to come in explosive waves.  

Peter was also about to come.  Jane was gasping loudly as she pumped 

Peter's cock in and out of her shit hole.  She rubbed her pissy cunt and 

clit hard.  

The first sound from Peter for a long time now,  "Arrrrhhhh arrhhhh yes! 

yes!". Peter delivered a hot jet of come up Janes'arse.  His cock pulsed 

and squirted deep inside her.  As soon as the last wave of come had ended, 

jane immediately lifted herself off, shitting out Peter's cock.  In a rush, 

she pushed mary away and squatted legs very wide over Peter's open mouth 

and pushed out a slimy brown stream of cum and shit straight into it.

All three now lay collapsed exhausted.  Shit and piss was all over each of 

them and on the floor and furniture.

"Well", said jane, "I guess we could go out for dinner now!"

They all laughed.


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