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Archive-name: Fetish/husb1.txt


Archive-title: Husbandless

Part 1


The bastard left me for a rather plain looking "chubby" blond that would have 

his baby.  I wasn't quite ready for a family yet so he decided to have one 

without me.  At first my pride was shattered.  I couldn't believe it.  The

woman looked like she was well used already, but he said it was love.

I made sure I wore my tightest leather skirt, and a deeply cut, clinging

sweater to the final divorce meeting.  I knew she would be there so I showed

her what he had been used to so the bitch would have something to think 

about.  Especially after her pussy was stretched out from giving birth to

his brats.

I have plenty to show off.  I am a very well kept 35 year old that works out

religously every day and it has payed off.  My mother was a Columbian rebel

and my dad was French Canadian.  I am 5'10" and carry 135 well placed pounds.

Starting from the top, I have waist length shiny black hair, my skin looks

tan even in the winter.  I have large dark dark brown eyes and full lips.

My nose, well I inherited that from my dad, but it's really not too bad.

The rest of my body is my pride and joy.  I have large, solid 49 DDD breasts 

with large nipples that look aroused at all times and look like thimbles

when I've been playing with them.  I have a flat muscular belly that blends 

into a trim waist, and very long muscular legs that form into full tight ass.

I have a soft sensitive pussy with overly large hanging outer lips.  

Convinced yet?  I hate bragging but I need to set the scene, right?

Don't get me wrong, we had great sex, even though I was a bit over sexed 

for my x-husband's tastes. He did his best.  I attacked him once or twice

each day, and would'nt stop fucking until I climaxed. I kind of loose my

mind when I get horny and at times forgot what happened until he would

tell me later shaking his head wearily in disbelief.  I like my lovemaking

rough and he did'nt.  I could pin him down with my muscular legs and arms

and fuck his big dick raw.  I got carried away a few times and started 

slapping him when he tried to get away.  He was pissed off for days, but he 

got over it when I let him slap my ass a few times to get even.  It felt 

wonderful but I had to let on that it hurt so he would get over his pouting 

spell and start letting me fuck him again.

When the bastard left, I went wild with frustration without the daily sex.  

I started dating friends-of-friends, or so I thought.  You really find out

who your friends are when they start shoving men at you.  At 35, most of

the men had either been married and divorced or it was obvious why they

had'nt.  I went out a few times but never really hit it off with them.

They all seem to want to get into a "meaningfull relationship".  Hell, I

just wanted to FUCK.  After a few tries, I vowed to stay away from men for 

a while and resorted to full time masterbation.  That was the best decision 

I've ever made.  

I was satisfied with my fingers for a while and then I started experimenting 

with carrots and cucumbers.  It felt so good to stretch out the walls of

my pussy with a large cucumber, lock my ankles together and squeeze my legs

together tightly while I frantically rubbed my clit until I climaxed.

I quickly got bored after a few weeks of that.  I noticed that my climaxes

were getting weak, so from experience I knew I needed to prolong my arousal

so that when I finally did cum, I would explode.


I work as a receptionist in a large corporation in New Orleans so I have to 

dress-up every day and my days are long and boring.  When I leave work, I

have to fight my way through rush hour traffic for a good 45 minutes before 

I get away from the city and headed for home.  I got to keep the house after

the divorce because it was mine to begin with.  I inherited it from my 

grandfather.  It's perfect... It's a small ranch built 1/4 mile back into

15 acres of woods/swamp.  It's well worth the drive every day in and out of

the city when I finally get home, strip off all my clothes and run around 

naked in the house.  No one ever comes to the door because I have a post 

box and I don't get the paper.  In fact you can't even tell that there is a 

house back in there because the dirt road is grown over with vines most of 

the time anyway.

I very rarely wear clothes when I'm home in fact I'm usually buck naked for 

2 days on weekends.  I can imagine I would be quite a specticle if someone 

did happen to suprise me.  My 49 DDD's flopping around as I washed my windows

or something like that.  Oh well it has'nt happened in 10 years so I'm not 

worried.  Well on with my story.

One Friday I made it home after a long day of work and went right into my

bedroom.  I took off my clothes and stood in front of my full length mirror

massaging the bra lines that depressed deep into my breasts. My nipples

instantly went rock hard when they were free to the air.  Like I said, my

nipples are very large.  At least a 1/2 inch around and when aroused they

stand out a good 1/2 inch too.  They aren't very sensitive unless I've 

been playing with them alot.  I included them in the massage as I headed

for the kitchen to make myself a large Scotch and Water.  I was ready for a

relaxing weekend.

By the time I read my mail I had finished the first drink and quickly

poured another before heading into the bedroom.  I picked up my worn clothes

and watched myself in the mirror walking into the bathroom. The bathroom

is connected to my bedroom.  The double sized bath/hot tub looked inviting

so I turned on the water and went back into the bedroom.  I found my drink

and took a large swallow watching myself in the mirror.  I walked closer to 

the image really pleased at how I looked and could feel my head swimming a 

bit from the alcohol I had consummed on an empty stomach.  I turned around 

to look at my back and ran my hands down my sides, across my tight ass and 

down my legs.  I was starting to feel really warm inside as I cupped my ass 

and massaged it roughly.  I could see the skin turning pink where I had 

kneaded it.  

Without realizing what I was doing I gave the right cheek a good slap.  It 

didn't hurt, but it did'nt really feel good either.  I swung harder this time 

and connected with a good sharp crack.  The pain felt so good, I actually

got chills from the lingering sting.  Looking into the mirror I could see

3 red finger marks forming across my ass.  The only problem I could see was 

that the cheeks did'nt match so I swung and slapped the left side.  The first 

hit was good and hard this time.  The Scotch was making me want more.  

Oh! so much more.  I remembered that I had a bath running so I ran in and

turned off the water.  My relaxing bath would surely have to wait.

I finished my drink and had another made and was back in my room in no time.

My heart was racing in anticipation to continue.  I sat my drink down close

and went back to standing in front of the mirror.  Turning around facing away

from it, I spread my legs wide and bent over at the waist so I could get a 

good view of my great ass.  Wow, I had never seen myself from this view 

before.  My full pussy lips were hanging long and very wet.  I reached back 

and slapped at my ass with both hands at once, and savored the sting as it

melted into my soul.  I slapped again, striking slightly higher this time. 

I couldn't believe how good it felt and how much it was turning me on.  I 

reached from the front this time and briskly slapped the inner cheeks close 

to my pussy, one at a time.  My whole ass was red and stinging wonderfully. 

My hands and fingers were going numb.  If I was to keep this up I had to do 

something to put the full amount of pain in the targeted area only.  

I stood up, took a good long drink, and went to look for something to use

instead of my hands.  I thought of a belt but decided that I needed something

that I could control more.  I rooted through the junk drawers and looked 

around in the garage finally coming up with a few promising items.

I carried an 18" wooden ruler and an old ping-pong paddle my x-husband had

forgotten back into the bedroom.  I tossed them onto the bed, grabbed my 

drink and joined them there.  I picked up the ruler and tested it on my free

palm.  Whew, yep that would work.  I turned onto my belly spread my legs to

balance myself and twisted back to get access to my ass.  The first swing

was a bit wimpy so I followed up with another quickly.  Woah, now THAT hurt.

I loved it.  All of the pain was focused on the strip under the ruler.  I 

aimed at another spot and swung hard.  My body involuntarily straightened 

out and I buried my head deep into my pillow to wait for the sting to absorb. 

Once it had, I twisted to the left and gave the left cheek a few good ones

too.  I was in heaven (uh, maybe hell).  I got up and went to the mirror

to check out the marks.  I must have really hit it hard because the 1" wide

perfect edged red stripes were starting to welt up on the edges.  I rubbed

them and had to laugh thinking what my "x" would do if he seen this.

I thought, if it felt so damn good on my ass, I wondered what else I could 

abuse.  I turned to face the mirror and could'nt help looking at those huge 

breast and nipples just begging for some attention.  I grasped my nipples

hard and pulled them up as far as I could towards the ceiling, stretching

my breasts up and out of shape.  When I thought I had stretched them as far 

as I could, I pinched down harder, twisted my nipples and pulled a little 

more.  The pain jolt ran through my breasts and deep into my belly giving me

chills of pleasure.  I almost climaxed on the spot but I released my nipples

just before I did.  I was enjoying myself too much to have it end yet.

I walked over to the bed, finished my drink and got back onto mattress.

I sat up indian style and picked up the ruler.  I held my left breast like

a double batch of bread dough and gently slapped the top of it a few times

to find out how it would feel.  It was fantastic.  I gingerly covered my 

breast with slaps that would'nt leave anything but a light pink tint.  It

felt so wonderful, I quickly switched hands and did the same to the right

one.  I put down the ruler and roughly massaged and squeezed my left breast

until I was getting crazy.  I picked up the ruler and slapped the under side

of my left orb hard and fast.  Yeow! I clenched both hands and closed my 

eyes tightly as the pain lingered on for a good 15 seconds.  I opened my 

eyes and peeked at a red stripe forming fast that ran diagonally across the

underside of my breast.  I quickly grabbed the right one with both hands like

I was trying to crush it, massaging deeply until the friction on my skin

started to hurt, then I picked up the ruler and swung down hard onto my

poor breast. YEEOWW! I let go of the ruler and rolled around on the bed 

tring to not scream out loud.     God THAT hurt.

I recovered after a minute of pure ecstacy and sat up again reaching for the

deadly ruler.  I was now out of control and needed more right away.  I looked

down at my pussy as I settled back into the cross-legged indian position and 

could'nt believe what I was thinking.  I got a huge knot in my gut when I 

thought about using the ruler on my tender pussy.  I put my left palm on the

bottom area of my muscular belly and pulled up to get full access to my 

throbbing pussy.  Even pulled up like that, the over sized outer lips were

lying over on each side barely showing the tender pink tissue inside.

I lowered the ruler to about 2" from my flesh and tapped the outside of my

pussy.  I tapped it easily 6 or seven times bringing me very close to creaming

all over the bed.   This was great!

I grasped the left side outer fleshy lip and pulled it out and away from my 

box, revealing a 2-3 inch area of slippery pink skin.  I tapped the exposed

tender area 3 times lightly with the ruler and lost contol of my self.  I 

pulled the ruler back and landed a painful slap onto the wet inner skin.  I 

bit my bottom lip and let out a strange noise as I massaged the sting into 

my soul.  I switched hands and pulled the other lip out and landed a stinging

blow right away.  GOD it hurt so good.  I laid back onto the bed and started 

pulling on the fleshy blood engorged lips with no mercy.  I grabbed onto both

lips with my right fingers and shook roughly back and forth until my fingers 

slipped off.  

I was so damn hot.  I had never felt so turned on before.  If I would have 

known I could feel like this, I would have started this a long time ago.

I brought my hands up to my breasts and squeezed them to my chest with all 

my strength while pinching my nipples.  I found the ruler and pulled my left 

nipple up towards the ceiling and began rapidly swatting my breast meat

hard with the ruler, moving around to make sure I covered every inch.  I 

had lost all control but kept swinging through the pain. My nipple slipped 

out of my grip but I didn't stop the striking with the ruler.  One hard swing 

brought the ruler directly onto the end of my thimble sized nipple, sending 

a powerful jolt of pain screaming through my aching breast down into my 

pussy.  I clenched my teeth and screamed through them as I exploded into the 

wildest pulsing orgasm I had ever experienced. 

I laid there on the bed for a good 10 minutes enjoying the ecstacy.  Afterward,

I got up and went to the mirror to investigate.  I was suprised to see my 

left breast covered with red welts and was even purple in two areas.  The 

nipple was bright red and still rock hard.  What a contrast to the right, 

which was barely pink.  I was suprised to find that there was no mark on the 

inner area of my pussy lip, but thinking back, I could have handled a harder 

hit.  I finished running my bath and soaked for a good hour investigating 

the marks on my breast and ass.

I discovered that day that I could drive myself far beyond my own limits

of pleasure through self inflicted pain.  This incident actually happened

over 2 years ago.  Since then, I have gradually increased my tolerance to

pain, therfore increasing my need for it to satisfy my insatable appetite 

for the resulting powerful orgasms.  Up to now I have been able to keep all 

of this to myself.  None of my friends have a clue, and the busy-body,

gossiping women at work think I'm dating a guy.  I'm very careful not to 

cause permenent damage to myself.  I usually end up with a variety of marks 

on my body but I try to control myself to make sure they can heal completely 

within 2 weeks.  

I finally broke down and bought a computer to use at home.  I read an article

in a computer magazine about bulletin boards and after a few phone calls I

finally obtained the numbers of a few local ones.  I dialed up, filled out

the questionares and began browsing through the menus.  I was delighted to

find an adult oriented area.  I have been downloading the various text files

uploaded by people who seen to have interests similar to mine.  I enjoy

the bondage stories and find some of the torture ones interesting.  I'm not

really into the ones that advocate maiming or killing (unless the victim 

requests it anyway).  I believe that us women usually know what we want, but

sometimes a new experience will expand our desires.  Well, after a lot of 

apprehension I decided that I would share my experiences with anyone that

was interested.  I had to be sure that no one would be able to track down

the "wild woman who lives alone isolated in the country, who needs prolonged 

pain to trigger an orgasm", if you see what I mean.  So after a few trial

uploads, I'm sending in this file.

I intend to do this often because the act of writing out my episodes makes

them that much more exciting to me.  I can picture you guys and I hope 

maybe even other women out there masterbating as they imagine me acting out

my stories.  I'll be as graphic as I can so I hope y'all enjoy.


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