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Archive-name: Fetish/hawaii.txt

Archive-author: Phd Tongue

Archive-title: Hawaiian Fun



You asked us about how we got interested in erotic activities and

also our special fondness for exhibitionistic and voyeuristic

fun, so we thought that I should tell you about one of our trips

to Hawaii that got us started.

Although we live in and were both raised in an extremely

conservative environment, we had always shared a strong curiosity

about erotic things, activities and ideas.

On our vacations, away from home, we always bought and read as

many of the sexy and erotic magazines and books as we could find

and we had gone together to the first X rated movie either of us

had ever seen.  This got us started thinking and talking about

all the possibilities, from teasing to swapping, and I guess we

discussed and imagined together nearly every type of possibility. 

We had reached the point of agreeing that neither of us would

take any underwear with us on vacation, and we had enjoyed B's

wearing of flimsy tops that showed-off her tits and,

particularly, her rather large and hard nipples.  We were also

sure that, on several "accidental" occasions, guys had gotten a

glimpse of her bare pussy.

Our interest seemed to wane for a while until we happened to see

the movie EMMANUELLE about 6 weeks before we went to Hawaii in a

January.  The movie had gotten our juices flowing again and when

we arrived in Honolulu and were waiting for a cab, I bought a

stack of erotic magazines, including one that we had not seen

before.  After we got to the hotel room and got unpacked, I was

waiting for B to shower and began to look at the magazines.  The

copy of the new magazine with personal ads from couples and

singles caught my eye and when I started to read some of the

personal ads, I really got a hard-on.  Just looking at the photos

of all the "average" women and couples and reading their ads had

turned me on tremendously.  When B came out and saw me lying

there on the bed sporting as big a hard-on as I have ever had,

she immediately wanted to know what had excited me so much.  I

told her to read a few of the ads and see what she thought while

I showered.  Well, by the time I had showered, there she was on

the bed playing with a very wet pussy while she was reading the


We were both starving, so we decided to take our wet pussy and

still semi-hard cock off to dinner and come back to finish the

ads later.  B dressed in a real see-through dress that hardly hid

anything.  All through dinner, we renewed our erotic discussion

and fantasies and we were really enjoying the way our waiter paid

particular attention to B and her nearly exposed tits.  Looking

at the highly lighted base of the salad bar, I dared her to go

back and stand in front of one of the lights with her legs spread

apart for a minute.  She went right over and stood there like she

couldn't decide what she wanted while every eye in the room could

literally see the hair on her pussy between her spread legs as

outlined by the bright light.  After she returned and I told her

how good she had looked, we could hardly wait to finish and get

back to the room.

We giggled all the way to the room and as soon as we were inside

the door, we quickly got undressed and got on the bed.  B grabbed

the magazine and began reading the ads out loud to me.  I was

getting so hot that I got up to look out the window and perhaps

cool off; and, as I was standing there, I caught the glimpse of

some movement in the room slightly below us in the hotel across

the way.  I always carry small binoculars, so I got them out and

found to my enjoyment that there was a young oriental couple,

totally naked, on the bed, kissing and touching each other. 

Before long, they engaged in 69 and I called B over to look.  By

now, I was so horny I could hardly stand it so I slipped my cock

into B's wet and hot pussy from behind as she bent over to look

through the binoculars.  We had our first of many orgasms then

and several more through the night as we watched the couple suck

and fuck, and also as we read and looked at the rest of the

personal ads and sucked and played with each other.

The next day on the beach, we could hardly talk about anything

else and after a few drinks through the afternoon, we were ready

to go back to the room and freshen-up.  Unlike her usual closing

of the drapes, B stood right in front of the window and took off

her suit and stretched and posed.  She asked me to come by the

side of the window and look with the binoculars to see if anyone

was watching her.  I could see one couple and two older men who

could see her.  One of the men went in and came out with his own

glasses and I could see him playing with himself as he watched

her.  The couple and the other man just stared.  I got really

horny so I took off my suit and came up behind her and grabbed

her tits and pulled her over to the bed and we fucked like crazy,

thinking that the people could see us.  (Later, we determined

that those people probably could not actually see that far into

the room from where they were).

We were hungry again, so we went down to another

bright lights though have a few drinks and eat.  We talked

about the erotic fun we were having and how we hoped that we

could watch the same couple or perhaps even others either naked

or having sex later that night.  B admitted that she had really

been turned on by the fact that others might be able to see her

naked and promised me then to never close the drapes in our hotel

or motel again.  She has kept that promise, although when we are

in a motel where people can walk right by the window, we can only

leave them open a couple of inches (and then, only after children

are likely in bed) without being too obvious and inviting


We talked for a long time about how much fun it had been for her

and for me to know that other people were looking at her naked

and beautiful body and we both suggested some funny fantasies

about how we might arrange to let some guy get a real good close

look at her.  This was really a departure for us because, until

now, no one but me and two doctors had ever seen B naked.  We

talked about teasing and flashing and all sorts of circumstances

that might lead up to B being naked in front of some guy or guys.

We decided to keep our eyes open for any opportunities for the

next week while we would be on Kauai before returning home to the


That last night in Honolulu did not yield the same quality of

viewing in the other rooms although we did see several nude and

semi-nude men and women, as people were undressing for bed.  We

paraded around our well-lighted room totally naked for a long

time, but we couldn't tell if anyone was watching us, especially

from darkened rooms; but the thoughts that we were possibly being

observed excited us tremendously as did our discussion of some of

the personal ads we had read, and we enjoyed another great sex

filled night together.

On the plane over to Kauai and during the drive from the airport

down to our hotel at the south end of the island, we got into a

heavy discussion about our responding to some of the ads in the

magazine.  We both decided that we were probably not ready, nor

would it be wise, to try to experience everything at once so we

agreed to pick some ads requesting erotic letter and photo

exchange as a way for us to try these new experiences gradually

and with no immediate pressure for total involvement or action. 

Sitting on the beach in the afternoon sun, sipping Mai-Tais, we

reread the ads and decided which couples we would answer and B

nearly orgasmed without being touched just talking about sending

out nude photos of herself to couples all over the country and

knowing that some man she had never met would be looking at her

naked body.  This same thought turned me on so much that I was

very uncomfortable in a pleasant sort of way, and even more so

when we talked about receiving nude photos back from those

couples and the sex fun we would have as a result of that erotic

stimulation.  B wondered how we could ever get our photos

printed, but I found an ad from a confidential developing service

(which we still use) and she agreed to pose for an entire roll of

film in our room that night.  After dinner, more rum, and an

extremely stimulating photo session, we fell into bed exhausted

from a very full day.

We had been to Kauai many times and had explored nearly all of

the beach areas.  This day we decided to pack a lunch and plenty

of our favorite sun-tanning drink of rum and orange juice and go

to the beach near where ISLANDS ON A STREAM was filmed because it

is really quite secluded and we wanted to get all-over tans so we

could each wear our new skimpy bikinis purchased in Honolulu,

without the white spaces showing.  We arrived on one of those

very special calm Hawaii mornings, and had the entire area to

ourselves since the locals rarely go there on weekdays.  We

walked a ways down to where we knew there was a curve in the

beach and set up our mats and gear.  I am a snorkle-nut and since

I am also a bit braver than B sometimes, I shed my clothes and

wearing only my mask and tube, went out into the water to swim

and look around.  I would look up occasionally and I could see

that B was nude and was setting our lunch in the shade and

rubbing tanning lotion all over her body.  This was the first

time I had snorkled nude and it was strange swimming around with

the hard-on inspired by seeing my lovely wife moving about on the

beach as naked and as pretty as could be.

B stayed pretty close to the mats and her clothes but when I

returned to join her she gave me a drink and said that she was

really enjoying the nude sunbathing experience.  Somewhat anxious

to see what might develop, I made sure that she had plenty of rum

in her drinks and after we had a couple, I brought up the subject

of what she would do if someone else came along the beach.  B was

pretty hesitant, but she finally agreed that if there was no

hostile type threat, she would be willing to remain naked even if

someone did come along.  I had no sooner suggested that she could

lie down and pretend to be asleep if that happened so as to let

it be a less overt showing of her body, than we could hear a

vehicle pulling in down by our car.  

I looked carefully down the beach from a protected position and

could see that a guy got out of a small truck and began walking

the other way down the beach along the water as though looking

for shells.  The excitement of possibly being seen was affecting

B.  She poured another drink, and I could see the wetness of her

pussy glistening in the sun.  We watched the guy until he rounded

the curve out of sight and we decided that nothing was going to

happen so we lay back and soaked up the sun.

B can stand more sun than I can and I began to get too warm and

went for a dip to cool off.  As I returned to the mats I could

just see the guy coming back up the beach so I put on my suit and

went out and poked around the water's edge for only one let him know we were there.  Without looking at him

directly, I watched until I was sure that he was coming past his

truck and on down our way.  Then I hurried to awaken the dozing B

to tell her that he was coming our way and ask her if she would

like to pretend sleep and remain naked as he came by.  She agreed

and since she was wearing very dark sunglasses, she said that she

could probably watch him if he looked at her.  I asked her to

part her legs a little so that the fold of her pussy was visible

and said that if he stopped I would tell him that she had had a

little too much to drink and was snoozing for a while.  She

agreed and spread her legs a little and adjusted her head up on a

towel so she could see but her eyes would be hidden, and I walked

back out to the water's edge.  

The guy was about a block away, so I began walking toward him and

met him about half way.  He was a nice young man who was working

on some condo construction, but had pulled his shoulder and had

taken the day off.  I told him that my wife and I had come out to

suntan in the nude but that I had begun to get a sunburn on my

cock and that she had too much to drink and had fallen asleep. 

We were approaching B and the young man could see that she was

naked and he turned as though to walk back the other way.  I said

that it was all right and the she probably wouldn't mind if he

saw her and, since she was asleep, it wouldn't matter anyway; so

he continued along with me.  He couldn't take his eyes off B's

firm and naked body as we got closer and stopped just even with

her.  From where we stood, we were looking right up between B's

legs to her pussy and the view was super erotic.  He commented

that she was very sexy looking and had a great body.  I asked him

if he really liked what he could see and he nodded yes so I asked

him if he would like a closer look.  Without taking his eyes off

her pussy, he nodded yes again; but he hesitated as I turned to

go toward her.  He said "what if we wake her?".  I replied that

when she fell asleep in the sun after drinking rum, she was

really "out" for at least an hour and he needn't worry because it

would take a cannon to waken her.

We walked right up to her and we could see her moist pussy lips

and her hard nipples.  We could not see her eyes but I knew she

was watching and could see the bulge of both hard-ons she was

causing.  He said that she was really great looking and could not

believe his good fortune of being able to see her like this, and

adjusted his rigid cock in his shorts.  I could tell that B was

taking all this in because I could see more moisture showing at

the slit of her pussy.  I said that I didn't want her to get a

bad sunburn and should probably rub some oil on her for

protection and got the bottle and knelt down by her left side. 

He just stood there with his shorts sticking out, so I asked him

if he wanted to help.  As he knelt down by her right side, he

asked if I was sure that she would not wake up and I replied that

I was sure and squirted oil on both her arms and across her

shoulders and began to rub it into her left arm and shoulder.  He

still hadn't moved, so I said to go ahead and that she would

never know anyway.  He tentatively began to rub the oil into her

right arm and shoulder and I knew that he was feeling hot skin

and warm oil and I realized then that not only was this the first

"stranger" to look closely at B's naked body, but that I was

watching him actually touch her body as well.  Knowing that she

was watching and had allowed things to go this far, I decided to

see what more could develop so I took the oil and squirted some

down each leg from thigh to ankle and began rubbing it into her

left leg.  He followed suit and we were both leaning down by her

knees and looking right at her pussy.  We could literally see

droplets of moisture running down the slit.  I rubbed the inside

of her thigh, carefully stopping short of her pussy hair, and he

did the same.  Then, looking him in the eye, I gently put my

hands under her knee and ankle and slowly moved her left leg

about six inches sideways.  He appeared to be hesitant, but I

nodded yes and he did the same to her right leg which exposed her

full pussy to our view.  Her outer lips had parted slightly and

we could see the wet pink folds of her inner lips.

I began to rub the oil into her thigh with both hands, taking

care to stop just short of her pussy and he followed my motions

exactly.  As he was rubbing her thigh and looking right into her

pussy, I looked at B's face and smiled and licked my lips and she

smiled right back and licked her lips as a sign to me that she

was enjoying what was happening as much as I was.  Then, I poured

oil on her belly from the base of her tits to the hair of her

pussy and began rubbing my side of that area.  He moved up to do

the same and as we did that, I poured circles of oil on each

nipple and full breast and without hesitation we were then both

rubbing oil into a fine breast with extremely rigid nipples, each

of us tweaking her nipples as we massaged the oil into her tits.

At this point, my cock was so hard it hurt so I stood up and took

my suit off to give it more freedom.  When I knelt back down, my

cock was at the right level so I began to rub it all around her

left tit and hare nipple.  This time, he didn't need any

encouragement as he dropped his shorts and began to rub his cock

all over her right tit and its hard nipple.  He did not notice,

but we were close enough that I could see her open eyes behind

her sunglasses and they were focused on the first cock, other

than mine, that B had ever seen "up close and personal" and

watching it rub her firm and hot tittie.  Her hips had begun to

involuntarily spasm a little, so I said to him that even though

she was "out" she appeared to be enjoying our caresses nearly as

much as we were and asked him if he wanted to give her more

pleasure by rubbing her pussy.  He immediately reached down with

his right hand and cupped her entire pussy mound.  He slid his

fingers up and down her pussy lips and inserted his first two

fingers into her to the hilt.  He was obviously experienced

because as he moved his fingers in and out of her he rubbed her

aroused clit with his thumb.  B could no longer control herself

and began to raise her hips against his finger thrusts and to

moan slightly as she approached orgasm.  All this time, she was

watching us both pump our cocks against her tits and she (and I)

was really enjoying the highest sexual excitement we had ever


As his finger thrusts got deeper and her pelvic thrusts got

higher, I said that I could tell that she was about to cum and we

both began to pump our cocks harder across her nipples.  She

began to moan even more and, as she reached an obvious orgasm, we

both exploded our cum all over her titties in a hot sun and oil

threeway orgasm that we, and I am sure he, will never forget.  

B's orgasm had subsided but he still had his fingers up inside

her pussy and as he would flick her clit, her hips would

involuntarily spasm and she would let out a little gasp.  He was

worried that she was waking up, so he wiped the last drop of his

cum on the side of her tit and pulled his shorts up over his

still fairly hard cock.  B was still kind of sighing and was

licking her lips as I stood up and agreed with him that she

probably would wake up soon.  He said he thought that he had

better leave before she awakened and leaned down to take a last

look at her pussy, now open and running with her own juices.

As he turned to go, he asked me if I was going to tell her what

had happened and I said that I though that I would.  He smiled

and said to thank her for a great experience and walked back down

the beach toward his truck.

I left B alone to savor the experience herself and went out to

the water to cool off and to also think of what we had just


After he had driven off, we had great sex in the sunshine and

agreed that even though we had gone a lot further than either of

us had imagined or planned, this outrageous and spontaneous thing

we had done was the most exciting thing we had ever done and

would probably open the door to more fun and enjoyment of erotic


We have been very selective and limited in our actual physical

contacts with others, concentrating primarily on the exchanging

of erotic photos and letters and enjoying the vicarious thrills

we derive from that activity as well as our pastime of

"accidental" exhibitionism, but we often fondly reminisce about

our first "afternoon in the sun" and how we got started toward

erotic enjoyment.

We hope you two have enjoyed this answer to your request.


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