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Archive-name: Fetish/happ3sum..txt


Archive-title: Happy Threesome

The following story contains highly explicit material invloving 

consenting sex between adults, urination and defecation.

Susan, Alison and David were pretty drunk by now.  Nearly three bottles

of wine just gone and now brandy . They were Alison's place and had had a

good dinner. It was Susan's thirtieth birthday.  She only looked about 25

at the most, which was Alison and David's actual age.  Alison and David

had known each other well since they were ten years old.  Susan was a

colleague and friend of Alison of some three years.

The atmosphere was very relaxed.

"What IS this !", exclaimed Susan, pulling out a glossy magazine from

behind the cusion of her chair.

"Oh dear!", squeaked Alison, realising that Susan had located a hard

core German porn mag.

"Just look at this!".  Susan held open the magazine to a page showing

a rubber clad blonde woman squatting over the face of a man who was

licking out her cunt.  The woman had the last three inches of a huge

dildo protruding from her shit hole.

David simply grinned.

So did Alison.  Alison also started to stroke her pussy, pushing her

skirt between her legs.

"Oh,, I see! Well what the fuck eh?", Susan said.

Susan went over to David and unzipped his pants, releasing with some

difficulty an, engorged and heavily veined cock.

"Yes yes...suck on it hard"

Susan needed no instruction.

Meanwhile Alison had stood up and pulled off her panties.

"Right!", she shouted, "I'm giving the orders now! .  Susan, stop sucking

that cock now, get your panties off and get down on your hands and knees"

Susan immediately obeyed.

Down doggy like, she had the skirts of her dress up round her waist.

"Pull those cheeks apart David!", commanded Alison, now with three

fingers up her soaking hole.

David did as insructed.

"Describe what you see David!"

"Well I can see Susan's lovely nut brown bum hole, Alsion and her twat.

Not much hair on it.  Can I open up the lips Alison?"


David parted the large and now swollen labia.

"You are going to need a wet finger David.  Get to it!"

Susan was whimpering quietly with delight.

David's right hand index finger slid into Susan's cunny.

"Now in her ass with it!"

David pressed the tip of the finger against the little opening, which

puckered at first, but then Susan, on alsinon's instruction, pushed

a little, causing it to open just enough to receive the first inch of

david's finger"

"You are being too slow! Let me do it!", cried Alison.

Alison sat on Susan's back, facing her ass.  She leant over and rubbed

a finger in Susan's crack to wet it, though it was already wet frworked

it right into susans shit hole.  Right up to the last knuckle.

"How does that feel Sue!"

"Oh yes yes .. it feels so.. so full and lovely"

David was jerking himself off heavily the tip of his cock close to the


"I can feel the smooth Then without any warning, Alison with her other

hand, ud two fingers to part the lips of her own cunt.

"Have this Susan. Cool you down!"

Alison proceeded to release a torrent of piss onto Susan's bacit up.

"And you too Susan, I think, kneed a bathroom visit no?  What is thgis

I can feel up your ass?"

"Oh Alsion... oh Alison, can yout.."

Alison withdrew her finger along with a smallish medium brown shit.

"Take a look Susan"

Alison twisted round to hold up the turd for Susan.

"But there is more, much more Alison.  I feel so full"

Alison put the ted Davids cock, wanking at it furiously.  The shit

squelched between the pulsing stiff cock and her hand.

Meanwhile Susan was straining, noisily, and her bum hole bulging ....


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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