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Archive-name: Fetish/greek2me.txt

Archive-author: Karis 10/12/88 - Edited by Ophelia

Archive-title: Greek to Me

Christ,  I love Greek!  Women just don't seem to understand that a

man can find just as much pleasure in the warm confines of a well-

muscled  ass  as they can in the satin embrace  of  a  well-wetted

cunt.  Maybe we men have conditioned them too well to ignoring one

hole for the other: nonetheless, every man I've talked to about it

loves  Greek and every woman who I've talked to about it has  been

less than enthusiastic.   So imagine my surprise last weekend when

Ophelia  treated  me to the joys of anal sex in what must  be  the

first time in five or six years.

The  night started our strangely.   Ophelia had just finished  re-

arranging  her  large  library and was  exhausted.   As  suits  my

biological  clock,  I was just coming awake at 10 PM when she  was

turning in.   She invited me to bed and I politely declined: I was

horny as usual and told her I'd keep her awake.  After a couple of

more  requests  from her,  I stripped and crawled in  beside  her.

Ophelia  loves to snuggle and wasted no time in curling her  small

body  up next to mine.   I turned and kissed her.   She was  oddly

responsive  for  her tired state,  and teased me with  a  hint  of

tongue in her kisses.   I reached down to feel her muff and  found

it just beginning to rev as her right  hand slipped down her belly

to her clit.

I took up what has become my customary position between her legs -

kneeling and using my cock as a sex toy to tickle her lower  labia

and the entrance to her cunt.   But this time I let my aim  wander

lower to the wonderful curve where ass,  crotch,  and leg meet.  I

rubbed my cock against this soft crescent and expanded the  stroke

to  brush against the entrance to her ass.   I noticed that  every

time  that my prick touched her rosebud,  her strokes on her  clit

quickened.   It  wasn't long before I was pressing the tip  of  my

cock against her asshole.

Surprise!  My  cock slipped easily into her ass until  the  entire

head was buried inside,  and just as I was about to pull  out  and

apoligize,  she handed me a bottle of sex lubricant and said "What

the fuck?   Why not?".   I pulled back and poured the lubricant on

my  hard cock and noticed her pussy was swollen and very  wet.   I

worked my cock back into its previous nest.   It was so  easy.   I

could feel her ass muscles relaxing and opening for me.   I  eased

ever  so  slowly deeper.   Such heaven!   Like a  warm,  wet  hand

gripping  all around my prick - so much tighter  than  pussy,  and

delightful  in an entirely different way.   I could feel her  hips

grind against me as I worked the last of my seven-plus inches into

her  back door.   Realizing where I was and how long it  had  been

since I'd known this pleasure,  I had to fight to pull the  reigns

in on my orgasm.

It  seemed like forever - my slow rocking pulling my  cock  almost

full-length out of her ass before easing it back in until my balls

rested against her firm buns.   Her right hand furiously  massaged

her  clit  and her left hand played at the entrance of  her  cunt,

pressing  on the full length of her labia.   And all the while  my

cock was enveloped in a firm net of gripping muscles that wrestled

to  bring  the  cum from me.   "It's so weird," she  said  as  she

searched for the grip on her own orgasm.   Suddenly,  it was  upon

her.  I felt her ass open up like a mouth that was just to blow up

a  ballon.   "Are  you  close?"  she  hissed.   "No,"  I  grunted.

She was close,  tho'.   Too close to stop.  I felt her stiffen and

lurch under me.  "Uuhhhh!  Come on you bastard!  Fill my ass!" she

yelled as she dug her nails into my back.   Amazing what a  little

dirty  talk  will do - from that special nowhere  where  good  men

hide  their orgasms until their lovers are ready,  my load  bolted

from  my  crotch  to my brain and back to  my  flushed  balls.   I

gripped the pillow with my teeth and jerked my neck back and forth

and tried not to deafen Ophelia when my cum blasted out of my cock

like  water from a firehose.   The rush of jism racing up my  tube

seemed  to  last  for stroke after  stroke  until  sweaty  Ophelia

gasped,  grunted,  and pushed me from on top of her.  Since I have

a little anal experience myself,  I knew the sudden discomfort  of

having   something  in  your  ass  after   you've   orgasmed.    I

considerately  slipped out of her despite not having  finsihed  my

own orgasm to my complete satisfaction.

I kissed her and thanked her for her special gift,  but she pushed

me away.   "Go wash off and fuck my pussy," she said " I feel like

something's  undone."  So after a quick and  thourough  shower,  I

returned to the futon where her dripping,  swollen twat waited for

my not-quite-recovered cock.

And that's another story...


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