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Archive-name: Fetish/fantasy2.txt

Archive-author: Brian Colby

Archive-title: Fantasy 2 - Architechtress

     Suzette LaFontaine loved her work.  She designed all of the 

city's major buildings, including the Cygnus Centre on Kenwood St.  

Black tie and formal dinners were her yen, yet within the WASP lay 

a butterfly: innocent, fluttering, and constantly in flight.

     Suzette meant business inside her offices, but she had an uncanny 

sense of humor that put even the most nervous prospective employee 

completely at ease.  Never did she lose her temper in front of her 

colleagues or subordinates, but she took them aside and calmly brought 

the situation to order.  (You may say she built good foundations, even 

if they weren't buildings.)

     One night, she was in the office very late - maybe 9pm - and she 

had a project due next week, so she took advantage of working at her 

office late.  She called the local delicatessen and ordered her 

favorite: small veggie with everything but onions.  The order came in 

around 9:24, and it was delivered by a burnt-out surfer dude who was 

so baked, the bread looked pale.  Suzette gave him a $2 tip, even 

though she knew that he did not deserve it.

     Suzette quietly ate away from her project, savoring each bite of 

her sandwich.  To help her digest, she pulled out her radio/CD player 

and selected her favorite Bach CD.  Placing the CD carefully into the 

machine, she flicked the switch on.

     Suzette closed her eyes, letting the music flow into her veins.  

Taking another bite of her sandwich, she revelled in peace and 

comfort, and she had no reason to hurry.

     As soon as she finished her sandwich, Suzette washed everything down 

with a bottle of Evian.  A feeling of satisfaction went through her 

body, reaching her feet with liquid grace.  Suzette walked back to her 

project, and soon she was in the thick of her work.

     Another 2 1/2 hours passed before Suzette completed her project.  

She sat back on her chair, propping her high heels up on the desk, and 

let her skirt fall back on her bare thighs.  She began to caress her 

thighs above the garters of her hose, placing her fingers under the 

tops.  But she forgot that the security guard was watching downstairs, 

and soon the phone buzzed.

     "Ah, Miss LaFontaine, are you all set for the night?" said the 

security guard, as Suzette placed her skirt down her legs.  "Almost.  

I'm going to be here another hour..."  "OK," said the security guard.

     Then Suzette had an idea.  The security guard would be there all 

night...why not give him a little entertainment?  She walked back to 

the desk, and went back to what she was doing: caressing her thighs.  

Once in a while, she would look to the camera and snap her garters at 

the guard, who would probably have her complete and undivided 

attention by now.

     Removing her shoes, Suzette placed her hands on one side of her 

stocking at the toes and moved them slowly towards her thighs towards 

the garter, raising her leg as she did.  Then, she flicked back a 

garter and adjusted it to another part of her stocking.  She unzipped 

her skirt, guiding down her legs and bending to expose her fine 

bottom.  Removing her blazer and blouse, all Suzette had on was the 

lingerie set.

     Suzette was now moist with juices, and she placed a hand into her 

 mound, rubbing and moaning.  She brought her hands out and licked 

them sensuously, rubbing every part of her body.  With smooth 

movement, Suzette removed her panties and exposed her neatly trimmed 

mons to the camera.

     Then Suzette returned to her seat, and returned to caressing her 

thighs.  This time, after she moved her hands up to her garters, she 

flicked them back and undid the garter belt from her waist.  She also 

opened the front catch to her bra, exposing her nicely-formed breasts, 

and she placed the bra on the desk.

     Placing both hands on the sides of her thighs, she rolled her 

tan-mesh hose down, savoring its feeling as it exposed white skin.  

As the hose reached her foot, she raised her leg and drew it away from 

her toes.  She did the same to the other leg, and now she was 

completely naked.  To see if the security guard actually saw 

everything, she dialled the desk.

     The security guard was panting for breath on the other side of 

the line, and he finally stammered, "H-hello?"  "This is Miss LaFontaine. 

Is everything all right?"  "Everything's perfect.  Nothing wrong at 

all..."  Suzette smiled with satifaction and said, "The closed circuit it working properly?  I had someone look at it a few weeks 

ago."  Dead silence from the security guard.  When Suzette hung up the 

phone, all she could do was laugh and imagine the building that she 

had just destroyed. 


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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