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Archive-name: Fetish/downstrs.txt

Archive-author: Lurch Monster

Archive-title: Down Stairs

   It was 9:30.  I knew she would be starting soon, so I was in a hurry.

Every night around 9:45 it started, almost like clockwork, and rarely

the same guy.  I'm talking about the woman that lives in the apartment

below mine.  I'd hear her every night, right about this time, when she

would start up.  Her screams would echo through the floor to my bedroom,

just loud enough to hear if I wasn't doing anything else.  I moved my TV

and video camera into the room, and then lowered the camera out the

window, and down to hers.  The suction cup with the microphone in it

held the camera about a foot away from her window, and since she never

bothered to close her drapes, I had a clear view of everything that

happened in her bedroom.  She always kept the lights on, which was fine

with me, saved me from having to rig up an infrared camera.  When I got

the camera in place, I switched on the TV, and sat back to watch.  She

was already getting started, standing at the foot of her bed, opening

her robe for the guy laying on the bed waiting for her.  She didn't give

it to him just yet though, she slowly parted her robe, then licked a

finger, and traced it around her nipple, making it stand tall.  She

tugged and pulled at it, twisting it between her fingers, as she moved

her other hand down between her thighs.  She slipped a finger out of

sight between her legs, and a smile crossed her lips as she slid it back

and forth.  She leaned against the bed with her knees for support, so I

guess she was enjoying herself.  She shrugged her shoulders, and the

robe slipped to the floor, revealing the whole reason for my rigging up

this camera.  Her tits stood tall and firm on her chest, and her body

was almost perfectly formed, with maybe a little extra weight on her

belly and ass.  She knelt down on the bed, and reached up and pulled the

sheet off of the man's body.  He rolled over on his back, his cock

standing straight up as he did, and her sliding slowly up his legs to

it.  She takes it in both hands, and pulls the tip down to her mouth,

flicking her tongue out to catch the drop at the end.  She then swallows

it all, in one big gulp, and draws it back out again.  Sucking and

licking it, she gets it wet and slimy, ready for what she wants.  I've

watched her many times before.  She likes the taste of cock, but LOVES

the feel of it up inside her.  She pumps it slowly with her hand, as she

slides up his body, then pauses over it.  She rubs the head of it up and

down her slit, then takes the head and inserts it in her cunt.  Holding

it there for a moment, she flicks her clit a few times, then lets

herself fall.  I can tell she has her first orgasm right then, and the

guy jumps at her sudden move, and grabs her shoulders.  Then he reaches

down and takes her by the ass, lifting her up slightly, settling his

hips, then begins to thrust up into her.  As her orgasm settles, she

smiles and bends forward, tracing her tongue over his face, down his

throat, and across his chest.  He bounces her up and down on his cock,

as she nips and bits at his nipples, causing him to pump her harder in

retaliation.  Once he gets a good rythm going, she starts what I've been

waiting for.  As he pumps harder and harder into her, she begins to lose

contact with reality.  She sits back up and her head rolls back.  Her

eyes, when open, have the glazed look I know so well.  She begins to

moan load enough for my mike to pick it up and bring it to me.  I turn

up the volume, because this is what I like the best.  She moans louder

and louder, as he learns what it is she likes.  He grabs hold of her

tighter, pulling her down onto him harder with each thrust, pounding

away into her, and she loves it.  She's starting to wail, her cries

going up and down the scale, exciting him even more.  He takes her and

holds her tight, then flips her over, so she is on the bottom and he is

on the top now.  He pulls back, and then slams it home, like she did

when she started it all, and then goes to pumping, hard and fast,

shaking the bed with each thrust.  She turns her head an screams, long

and loud, and I see it all because she's facing the camera when she does

it.  She's started on another orgasm, and she's probably crushing his

dick every time he pounds into her, because he's getting more and more

excited with every thrust.  As hard as he's pounding into her, I expect

the bed to collapse under them at any minute.  She's screaming and

jerking around on the bed, yelling her head off, bucking up at him so

hard it's a wonder he can stay in her.  Her screams and moving around

have obviously gotten to him, because he bends down and lays on top of

her, burying his head in the sheets next to her, and holding her down.

She kicks and screams, twisting the sheets in her hands, ripped by

orgasms, as he pounds into her as hard as he can.  Then, he jerks

upright, and thrusts into her hard one last time, and holds it.  His

dick must be jumping around a hell off alot, because she goes wild.

He's holding onto her hips, and she's thrashing around on the bed under

him, screaming as loud as she can, shoving her hips into his crotch as

hard as she can, until she pushes him back onto his heels.  She calms

down and looks up at him, sitting back on his heels with her hanging out

of his lap.  She says something to him that I can't hear, and they start

laughing, and she slips down his legs to the bed.  His cock slides out

of her, and it is still twitching, so she rolls around and puts her head

in his lap, taking his cock in her mouth.  He rolls back his eyes in the

back of his head, and she licks him clean, sucking the last of his cum

out of his cock.  Limp at last, it slips from her mouth as he lies down

next to her, and I go to the bathroom to take care of myself before she

starts round two...


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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