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Archive-name: Fetish/deepfist.txt


Archive-title: Deepfist

     What a night Last night! Ouch! My whole body aches, but it's 

the kind of ache I crave. No work today, that's for sure. I can 

just imagine the shocked looks on the faces of the girls in the 

office if they knew how I get my sexual pleasure. The reserved, 

prim and proper public relations specialist, whom everyone thinks 

is so delicate and sweet. I'm only 25-years old, beautiful, blonde, 

with a great body and a high paying job. That's why I can envision 

those old cows in the office puking up their lunches if they knew 

that my cunt floods like a burst dam whenever I have a fist shoved 

up mu asshole. That's right, I make no bones about what I am -- The 

Fist Fuck Queen of the Big Apple. The closer to the core of my 

bowels, the riper I become! 

   I can remember when I lost my anal cherry to a fist so vividly 

that it seems as if it happened moments ago, though in actuality, 

it's been almost a year. I started going out with Brad, and I knew 

from the moment we laid eyes on one another that the only thing on 

his mind was fucking me. He thought he was hot shit, a big stud. 

The arrogant bastard even started boasting about putting his 

"whopper between my buns." So one night, I gave in to the 

inevitable. In all honesty, I've never been one to turn down a 

cock, especially a big one! 

   Brad had a big one, all right, about nine inches. When I first 

saw his prick, proud and erect, I remember having the overwhelming 

desire to devour it. I think even he was surprised at the way I 

deep-throated his meat. As the head of his cock intruded deep into 

my larynx, and gurgling gasps of pleasure escaped from my mouth, 

Brad started playing with my cunt, ramming his fingers in and out. 

But he shot his load down my throat before I had the chance to let 

his fingers lead me to my own orgasm. 

   Since his prick wasn't able to return to active duty yet, I 

guided his hand to my pussy and motioned for him to put his fingers 

back to work. At first, Brad inserted two fingers into my open box. 

It felt so good that I moaned for him to put another one in. He 

was starting to enjoy himself, also. He worked three fingers into my 

cunt, rhythmically twisting them in and out. I was soon bathed in 

my own joy juice. And then, before I knew it, Brad had shoved all 

five fingers inside of my wet hole. At first, I was scared that he 

was going to rip my cunt open, but as his wrist disappeared into my 

vagina, an uncontrollable surge of exultation began welling up in 

the pit of my stomach, spreading in great waves down to the pulse 

of my womanhood. Brad's fist plowed into my pussy, and I began to 

shake in the throes of a giant orgasm. 

   After he slid his hand out, literally soaking wet, I needed a 

few minutes to recover. But as my orgasm subsided, my desire to be 

filled up increased. It was as if my eyes had just been opened to a 

whole new world. I knew then and there that a cock, even Brad's 

large one, would never again be able to fully satisfy me. I wanted 

something bigger, longer, harder, more exciting. I wanted a fist! 

   I had read about how popular anal fist fucking had become, and I 

was always curious about it. I always like to try new things, 

especially in sexual matters. So I told Brad that I wanted him to 

fist fuck me up my asshole. He stared at me in disbelief, 

stammering. He was scared. He made excuses: he would rip my asshole 

open and cause me internal damage; he would get shit all over his 

arm; the idea was "weird and for fags." But I told him that if he 

didn't do what I wanted, that would be the end of out relationship, 

the end of our deep throat sessions. That did the trick. 

   I knew from my reading that certain steps had to be taken if 

fisting was to be enjoyed. I also knew that the preparation would 

only serve to add to my excitement and enjoyment. Step one was to 

clean out my bowels with an enema. I kept an enema bag in the house 

for medical purposes, but was never really into using it for sex. 

But when Brad inserted the nozzle into my puckered hole, a shiver 

of excitement raced through my body. As the water made its journey 

into my intestines, my heart started beating faster, knowing that 

the passageway was being cleared for Brad's fist. And when I shit 

out the enema I felt relief, not because the pressure was released 

from my bowels, but because I knew it wouldn't be long before I 

felt Brad's fist corkscrewing its way deep into my chocolate 


   But there was still another step to take. Opening a large jar of 

Vaseline, I told Brad to scoop up a few globs and massage it 

thoroughly on his hand and up his arm. When the length of his arm 

and hand glistened from the petroleum jelly, I felt confident that 

the time was at hand, if you'll pardon the expression. 

   I got down on all fours, propped up by a pillow, and spread my 

ass cheeks as wide apart as possible. Then Brad plunged one of his 

Vaseline coated fingers into my asshole, which was pleading to be 

plundered. When he put his second finger in, I could feel my 

sphincter begin to relax, lubricated by the jelly and my own 

juices. When his third finger plunged into the inner sanctum of my 

rectum, my clit actually started to tremble. Easing his fourth 

digit in, Brad began swirling his fingers deeper into my dirt 

tunnel. I didn't feel any pain, I just felt intense ecstasy. It was 

as if the sensitive nerve endings of my anus were singing out in 

joy! When Brad finally squeezed his thumb into my asshole, and all 

five fingers danced around inside my most intimate of orifices, a 

great emotion seized my entire body. 

   As if possessed, I yelled, "More! Shove your fist all the way 

in!" Brad, caught up in the moment, did just that. I could feel my 

anus opening to accommodate his entire fist. My bowels sucked up 

Brad's hand like a giant vacuum! He pushed his arm in and out of my 

shit passage. Brad, too, had become excited; his breathing was 

heavy and labored. As for me, I was past the point of no return. My 

orgasm started somewhere in my intestines, gathering momentum until 

my clit vibrated and my pussy felt as if it was going to burst! I 

came, and came, and passed out! 

   After that night, every time I saw Brad I demanded that he fist-

fuck me. Yet he seemed to be growing more and more tentative. I 

think that he thought he was turning gay or something, the 

intensity just wasn't there. And I was damned if I was going to 

give up what had become my greatest joy, fisting. I liked Brad's 

big dick when he fucked me the regular way, but I was determined to 

have what I really wanted. 

   That's when I met Tim. A mutual friend introduced us. We had 

dinner, hit it off right away, and went back to my place. He wasn't 

classically handsome, but he had vivid blue eyes which seemed to 

burn a hole through my body into my soul. The sexual chemistry 

between us was magical. I told him how badly I wanted to please 

him, and how badly I wanted him to please me. But I also told him I 

was "different" sexually, that I craved the "unusual." He responded 

that he'd been involved in every possible sex scene, and the 

kinkier the better! That's when I knew that I had found the ideal 

lover. And that's also when I told him that I was a devotee of 


   Tim wasted little time getting down to business. First, he 

licked my clit and tongued my pussy. Then, when I was good and 

excited and on the brink of coming, he turned me over. I didn't 

quite know what to expect next. I felt Tim's smooth tongue sliding 

along the crack of my asshole. He then descended straight down to 

my bunghole. His tongue flickered around the opening. The prodding 

of his tongue against my tight rosebud felt so very good. He was 

lapping away, almost as if there was buried treasure deep within my 

asshole. Then Tim's tongue struck gold, brown gold, as it burrowed 

right into my asshole. He pushed his tongue as deep inside as 

possible, and it didn't take much of his ass lapping to make me 


   Tim asked me where I kept the Vaseline. I told him, and he went 

and got it. When he returned, he spread my ass cheeks apart, 

stretching them to their limit, then liberally began spreading the 

grease around my anus. His fingers darted in and out of my asshole, 

basting my insides with the lubricant. What a great feeling! 

   Asking me if I was ready, Tim quickly inserted his middle finger 

into my asshole. Then, without warning, he rapidly jammed his four 

other fingers inside, in one fluid motion. I was breathless. He 

wasn't anything like Brad, unsure of himself. Tim knew what he was 

doing, and how to do it! 

   In the next instant, Tim's whole fist was pushing its way into 

my hershey highway. I was soon overcome by the sheer speed and firm 

strength of his motion. When his fist was buried in my asshole up 

to his wrist, I surely thought he world stop, Brad always had, but 

Tim's fist continued to pile drive its way deeper into my anus. I 

could feel his arm inching its way into my stomach. I was stunned, 

but my screams were those of pleasure, not pain. It soon felt as if 

his arm was punching out my intestines, his fingers wiggling deep 

inside, where no man had ever gone before. His arm was buried to 

the elbow. 

   Becoming like a wild animal in heat, I bucked and thrashed about 

the bed, frantically rubbing my clit as if my hands had a life of 

their own. Needless to say, when I came I saw stars! it took me a 

couple of hours to come down from that sexual high! 

   From that incredible night on, Tim and I have been inseparable. 

No, we don't always use fisting as part of out lovemaking; some 

nights the missionary position is enough to provide terrific 

orgasms. But whenever Tim does fist fuck me, you better believe 

that it's special. We've also come up with countless variations of 

fisting. I won't soon forget the night tim first rammed an 18-inch 

dildo up my ass, then his own cock, then his fist, in rapid 

succession. That was wild. And I still cream when I think about the 

time that Tim simultaneously fucked me in the cunt with his cock 

and in the ass with his fist. He pounded away in unison, pumping 

both his prick and hand in and out of my respective holes. We both 

came like gangbusters! And I'm still trying to take both fists up 

my asshole. So far the most I've managed to accomplish has been one 

hand and one finger of his other hand. But I'm sure that if we keep 

on trying, I'll be able to accomplish the feat one day; practice 

makes perfect! 

   But last night was one of my most satisfying yet. Tim and I had 

an intimate, romantic dinner, candlelight and the whole works. We 

were both incredibly horny and we almost ripped each other's 

clothes off. After some heated foreplay which included a most 

satisfying 69 session, we were ready for the main event. Tim gave 

me an enema, greased up, and was soon ready to fist his way into my 

heart, not to mention bowels! Yet there was something different 

about him: he was more animated than ever. He seemed to take almost 

maniacal pleasure in thrusting his fist in and out of my asshole. 

   When he sensed my orgasm was at hand he uttered, "Darling, I 

want this night to be special. I know how badly you've wanted to 

take both hands up your ass, but since we're not at that point yet, 

let's do the next best thing." I didn't know what he meant, but I 

was soon to find out. 

   Continuing his frantic fist fucking into the deep recess of my 

bowels, Tim suddenly plunged his other hand into my cunt! Like a 

piston, he worked both hands in and out at the same time, one 

massaging my rectum, the other forcing my pussy to open wider than 

seemed possible, plunging his fist deep into my snatch, my cunt 

felt like a whale swallowing up a passing ship. It was truly the 

most exquisite feeling that I'd ever experienced. When I came, I 

almost jumped two feet off the bed. It felt like an atomic bomb had 

been set off inside my body! But Tim wouldn't stop there. He kept 

on fist fucking both of my intimate openings until I lost count of 

how many times I came. This kept up until he was too exhausted to 

lift his arms and I was too sore to prod him on. 

   Fuck! Here I am thinking about last night and the sheets on my 

bed are dripping wet. Now I'm horny again. I guess It's like when 

you have a hangover. They say the best thing for it is the "hair of 

the dog that bit you." I guess the best thing for a sore cunt and 

asshole is the "hand of the stud that fucked you." What did I do 

with that damn phone? Oh, here it is. "Hello, Tim, my love, why 

don't you come over? I'll make lunch, then you can fist me 



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