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Archive-name: Fetish/cd3.txt

Archive-author: Jazzbo Brown

Archive-title: Cum Drinkers, The - 3

Warning : The text you are about to read is designed to be enjoyed by adults

only! If you are not over the age of 18, do not read this text, as it might

do irreparable harm to your sexual psyche and curl your toenails backwards.

Also, if you are a male, your cock will wilt and drop off in gym class, and

if you are a female, you will grow a noticeable mustache. Be warned!

                             The Cum Drinkers

                                Part III 

    Kate and Linda left the mall, and decided to drive downtown and see

'what kind of trouble they might be able to get into', as Linda laughingly

called it. Kate was still buzzed about her momentous affair at the

restaurant, and idly rubbed her crotch through the short skirt she had on.

    "God, I'd love to be able to finger myself right now.." she murmured as

Linda merged her car onto the expressway into town.

    "Well, hell, go ahead, darling, I won't tell!" grinned Linda. Kate

looked at her with a gleam in her eyes. She pulled up on the hem of the

skirt until her white pantied crotch came into view, then hunched down on

the seat. She lifted her hips off the seat and pulled the crotch of her

panties away until Linda could see the pink lips of her pussy peek out. Kate

kept her bush trimmed away quite a bit, and Linda loved the sight of the

glistening feminine lips. Kate moistened her index finger in her mouth and

slowly wormed it up into her canal, closing her eyes and moaning softly as

she did. She tweaked her clitoris as she slowly moved her finger in and out

of her now-moist vulva.

    "oh god this feels sooooo good" she breathed heavily. She continued

massaging her mons and twisting first one, then two, then three fingers up

into her depths. Suddenly she cried out softly, arched her hips up off the

seat, and whimpered 'cumming cumming cumming....' through clenched lips and

closed eyes. Linda smiled as her friend slumped back down onto the seat and

sighed heavily.

    Kate was awakened from her reverie by a honk from just outside her

window. She abruptly sat up and looked out, straight into the face of the

driver of a van who had pulled up to their right and, from all appearances,

had watched the entire performance. He grinned at Kate, gave her the 'thumbs

up' signal, and slowly passed their car. Kate just smiled at him and nodded.

    The women soon found themselves in the business district of town, an

area decorated with fashionable high-rise office buildings and chic shops,

with the usual scattered crowd of weekend tourists and natives about. Linda

parked her car in an underground lot near a large plaza, and the two women

walked up into the bright sunshine of the late afternoon.

    "So, whatdaya want to do?" inquired Kate, grinning impishly.


    "I don't know, let's just wander around and see what comes up!" returned

Linda, smiling back at her friend. Both women were dressed to kill. Kate had

on a short white skirt with a wide belt and a knit halter top, which showed

the upper slopes of her breasts in alluring detail. Her long legs were skin-

bare, but she had on daring high heels of black leather. Linda was more

coyishly dressed, in skin-tight blue jeans and a sweater. Neither women wore

a bra. They attracted many glances and outright stares from men as they

wandered aimlessly around the plaza, stopping to dip their fingers in the

fountain and pat their flushed cheeks with wet hands. They sat for a moment

on the lip of a large fountained pool.

    "Watch this." Linda whispered to Kate. They say three good looking men

walking their way, dressed in jogging shorts. "I'm gonna give these guys the

treat of the day.." Kate watched spellbound as Linda pulled down the

cleavage of her sweater with one long fingernail. She glanced back at the

men. All three seemed to see it at the same time. Linda's finger pulled the

sweater material down, down, down, until it would stretch no more. Then she

pulled the side of the cloth away, completely exposing one full breast. She

licked one finger and rubbed it over her stiff nipple. Linda looked up at

the men as they tried to walk inconspicuously closer. She caught one's eye.

Winked. Kate looked at them and blushed furiously.

    "Hi, guys. Sure is warm here in the sun, isn't it?" Linda asked boldly.

The men walked closer. This was something they'd never expected when they

left wives and girlfriends to jog around downtown. Here were two incredibly

beautiful women, obviously not hookers, and one was fully exposing her

breast to them. One man looked around nervously. 

    "Jeeze, lady, what're you tryin' to do, get arrested or something? What

if a cop sees you?"

    "I don't see any around, besides, by the time he got here, I'd just

cover up again and say he must have been mistaken. You'd back me up,

wouldn't you?" Linda responded, dropping into her 'little girl lost' voice

towards the end.

    "Um, gee, sure, sure, yeah..."

    "Ok, so let's get right down to business. How would you guys like a

little entertainment for a while?"

    "What do you mean? We're not interested in pay-"

    "Who said anything about money? We're just a couple of horny gals, and

we'd like to kill an hour or two getting our chimes rung. How about it?"

Kate looked at Linda incredulously. Here she was, in the middle of downtown,

in the middle of the day, propositioning three men for sex!! "My friend here

is all tensed up, aren't you honey" she finished, looking at Kate.  Kate

just looked back at the three men blankly, then nodded her head slowly. This

was SO strange! But a delicious thrill ran through her. This was adventurous

sex, dangerous sex, sex with a stranger. She'd never dreamed of it.

    Linda stood up and motioned for the men to follow her. Kate dropped in

behind them. 

    "I'm Jack, this is Bob, and the tall one's Roger" spoke up one man. Kate

was about to blurt out their names when Linda turned and cut her off. 

    "I'm Gina, and this is Eva" she said conspiratorially, arching one

eyebrow at a bewildered Kate. Linda led them into a luckily unsecured office

building. She herded them into an elevator, and punched the highest button.

"I hope you guys aren't afraid of heights!" she joked. The car clacked and

jerked to a stop on the 45th floor. The five stepped out cautiously into

the hall, looking about. It was deserted. Linda led them to a steel door

that opened up to the brilliantly sunny roof area.

    They looked around at the various vents, blowers and mechanical

equipment positioned randomly on the roof.

    "C'mon, guys, over here," Linda motioned, bringing them to one edge of

the roof. They looked down over the parapet and gazed for a moment at the

street scene below them. "I've always wanted to fuck up on top of a

building!" said Linda, smiling. "Line up, guys, and drop 'em." she

commanded. Kate was amazed at the way Linda took charge. The three men

looked at them, then shrugged their shoulders and peeled down their running

shorts. Three large and growing jock-straps stared the girls in the face.

    "Hmmmm. Nice cups, guys. Jack, you first" Linda pointed at one man. He

peeled the athletic supporter down. His almost fully erect cock sprang up,

bouncing and gleaming in the sunlight. In turn, Bob and Roger shed their

remaining clothes, standing there in sneakers and pubic hair.

    "Ok, here's the story. We want your sperm. That's all. But not in the

usual way. We'll only touch you with our hair. We'll wrap it around your

cocks and you can jerk off with it, but that's it. And when you come, you

have to catch it all in the palm of your hand. After that, who knows?" Linda

ordered.  Kate knew what was after that...

    Jack said "What, no fucking or sucking? That seems like a waste, you


    "Hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If you don't agree, there's

the door." Linda returned. The men slowly nodded in agreement. Linda and

Kate walked over to them and knelt in the small semi-circle formed by the

young men. The guys started pulling their cocks, and the women leaned

forward, allowing them access to their hair. It was strange at first, the

men thought, feeling the soft, silky locks around their cocks, but it

rapidly grew erotic and sexy. Linda had Bob and Rogers cocks tunneling

through her longer hair, while Kate enjoyed the feel of Jack's penis as it

rubbed sexily through her scalp. The women leaned back, and Kate pulled her

sweater up over her head, baring her chest completely. Linda was quick to

follow. The men gazed longingly at the full breasts of each woman, watching

in fascination as the four nipples hardened and turned rigid. Kate reached

over to tweak Linda's left breast, and Linda turned to her and did the same

to Kate's right tit.

    "Like this, guys?" Kate spoke for the first time.

    "Oh yeah, that's it, rub her nipple, make the cunt hot!" grunted Roger.

    Kate moaned as Linda's fingers kneaded and teased her aroused flesh.

Above them, the men were rapidly rising towards orgasm, stroking their cocks

and gazing at the beautiful women at their feet. 

    "Don't forget guys, come in your hands. Save it all." Linda reminded


    "Oh, man, this is farfucking out" said Bob, through clenched teeth. "I'm

gonna shoot off any second now." He backed away from Linda's head slightly,

and started making long strokes down the shaft of his cock. Linda broke her

own rule, reaching up to massage and fondle his scrotum. She tickled his

balls, urging the warm semen being readied for it's journey up the shaft and

out the tip of Bob's reddening cock. Then he quickly brought his left hand

around and pointed the tip of his cock at it.

    "Watch this, I'm gonna cuuuuummmmm!" he groaned. Linda felt his balls

tighten up in their sack and watched fascinated as a thick streamer of semen

flew from the head of his cock and splattered wetly in his cupped left hand.

Again she felt his balls churn, and she squeezed them, coaxing every bit of

available sperm out of them. Bob groaned again, and another jet of cum

headed for his hand.

    "fuckfuckfuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg"

he groaned through clenched teeth, as the pleasurable shivers ran through

this body and were evidenced by the rapidly pulsing cock in his right hand.

He pulsed three more squirts of sperm into his hand before his body untensed

and he shrank back, emptied.

    "Not bad, not bad at all. Let's see what you've got." said Linda. She

gently put her fingers around his wrist and pulled his hand towards her.

"Hmmm. About an ounce and a half, I'd say. What about you, Kate?" she

questioned, turning the palm towards her friend.

    "Yep, that looks about right. Nice and thick, too, not so watery and

runny as some I've seen," thinking back to the scene at the kitchen only a

few hours before.

    "Ok, good. Now hold it, man, and don't let it drool away." Bob cupped

his hands together, puzzled at the requests, but wondering where this

bizarre woman was headed.

    Just then Kate felt, rather than heard, the soft squish of Jack's penis

as it shuddered and released a jet of sperm across her scalp. 

    "Ohman here is comes!" he yelled, quickly stepping back and directing

his penis towards his other hand. Kate pulled away, brushing the small line

of cum from her forehead. She watched, encouraging, as Jack emptied himself

similarly to Bob.

    "Yeah, go ahead man, cream it all for me, let it go, I wanna see it, I

wanna see it" she murmured to him, looking up at his strained face as he

forced the ejaculate up and out. His palm filled.

    By the time he finished spurting, Roger had joined the spillage going

on, spraying one wicked stream over Linda's shoulder before he could

position correctly and direct the outpourings of his arousal where it was

directed. The two men panted and groaned at the release, sweat pouring off

their trim bodies. Kate felt a small trickle of sperm slid down over her

eyebrow and drop to her cheek. Finally, the three men stood, palms cupped

with their offerings, rapidly shrinking cocks dwindling.

    "Now what the fuck are you gonna do?" inquired Roger. "Make us stand

here with cum all over our hands?"

    "No, silly. We're gonna drink it all down like little birdies!" rejoined

Linda. The men looked at her, mystified. As if to respond, she lay down

slowly on the tossed clothes, and motioned for Kate to join her. Kate did

so, until their heads were right next to each others, legs pointing in

opposite directions. "Now, come over here, move your hands to just over our

faces, and open up!" Roger moved over to her and knelt down next to her

head. Bob came to the top of her head, and Jack went next to Kate. The two

women opened their mouths and wiggled their tongues nastily. 

    "Ok, guys, let 'er rip!"

    The men slowly opened their cupped palms. A stream of sperm dropped out,

like a warm white shower, dripping quickly into Linda's open mouth.  Kate

was also inundated with the semen, feeling it drip slowly into her face. On

and on the shower continued, line after line, huge dollop after huge dollop

of sperm adhering to the law of gravity and dropping from the mens' hands

into the faces and open, awaiting mouths, of the bare chested women below

them. As they finished, the men moved their hands down, allowing the women

to lick and cleanse their palms.  Kate squished the sperm around in her

mouth. She had gotten just about all of Jack's, a good bit of Bob's and even

a drop of two of Roger's ejaculation. Linda had captured most of Roger's,

the rest of Bob's and a few drops of Jacks. Share and share alike, she

thought. She too swirled the captured cum around her cheeks and over her

teeth, enjoying the sensuous feel of the slightly sticky, salty sauce.

Finally she swallowed, feeling the mass slide down her throat. Looking over,

she noticed Kate had just done the same. The two women kissed, spearing

their spermy tongues into each other's mouths, rubbing lips and tits as they

shared the men's sperm. Kate reached down and rubbed her overheated crotch,

feeling the orgasm begin and rapidly explode all through her body,

shuddering with it's force. Linda squealed and quivered the same as her own

fingers brought the climax to her. 

    The women lay next to each other for a few moments, feeling the men

stroke their bodies and glow in the pleasure. Finally, Linda sat up, and

said "I bet you never had that happen before, did you?" The men shook their

heads in disbelief.

    Later, while driving home, Kate and Linda discussed their newfound

fascination with semen.

    "I don't know what it is about me, I've just gotten to really enjoy the

taste and texture of cum. It's different than almost anything else I've ever

tasted!" said Linda, calmly.  

    Kate agreed. "I know what you mean, it's strange. Some women, and men,

for that matter, might think this is really gross or something, but I

suppose when you think about it, it's not really all that bad. I mean, hell,

what is sperm anyway? Ninety-eight percent water. A few million little sperm

cells wiggling around, to small to see without a microscope. And some other

fluid and sugars and stuff. Big deal. But to think that we're doing

something that is really different, well that turns me on like crazy!"

    "Yeah, just the feeling of that slippery, kinda sticky juice on my body

is sexy. And I love to watch a man come, it's very intense, they way they

screw up their faces and groan and moan. I wonder if it feels anything like

when we girls have an orgasm."

    "I don't know. I kinda think that a man's orgasm is centered around his

cock, where mine feel like their going all over my body. I suppose it's all

in your head anyway, but it's gotta be good for them too, right? Or else

they wouldn't be so horny all the time!" Kate laughed.

    "You got it, babe," Linda joked along with her. "Hey, tonight let's see

if we can get our golfed out husbands to donate a little squirt or too for

us, and compare notes tomorrow, eh?"

    Kate agreed.  




    The next day, Linda's husband came over to watch a baseball game at

Kate's house, so Kate excused herself and went to see Linda. She had a

wonderful time the night before, and wanted to hear all about Linda's

evening too. When she got to Linda's house, the two women grabbed a bottle

of wine, two glasses, and sat out on the covered porch behind the house.

    "Well, honey, how'd you do last night? You have a certain glow about

you, I take it you got lucky?" asked Linda breathlessly.

    "Well, if you count about 30 orgasms as lucky, I guess you could say


    "Jeesus! What'd you do, invite over the Hell's Angels or something?"

quizzed Linda.

    "Oh, no, not this time. I got Rog all hot and bothered by walking around

in a short nighty, and managed to get him upstairs. We took a nice hot bath

together, and then we went to bed. I told him I'd really like for him to eat

me for a while, and promised to return the favor. Well, he got into it right

away. He kissed me real hard and deep, and then he just kinda moved down my

body, kissing my boobies and sticking his tongue in my belly-button on the

way down. Then he moved around and pushed my knees apart, and just leaned

right down in my pussy. He breathed on it really warm for a few seconds,

then put his tongue on my clit and started to suck it in. He twiddled it

with the tip of his tongue, and then slid one finger up in me. It felt

GREAT! Then he began sliding his tongue up and down the lips of my pussy,

kissing and sucking at them like he hadn't eaten in days. He was gently

pushing his finger in and out of my hole, rubbing the inside really great.

Then he must have found my G-spot 'cause all of a sudden I started cumming

over and over again. He knew he had me, and kept licking and sucking and

pulling on my clit and squeezing my G-spot. I must have cum for three solid

minutes, I finally had to push him away because I got so sensitive I

couldn't stand it anymore. He sat up with that shit-eating grin of his on

his face, then lay down next to me and held me for the longest time, I just

lay there and gasped like a race horse after the Kentucky Derby."

    "WOW! That sound's really good. Then what, did you do him?" Linda asked


    "Well, yeah. I wanted to pay him back for the great time he'd given me,

so after I got my breath back, I rolled him over on his back. His cock was

just semi-hard, so I put my hand around it and started to slowly stroke it

back and forth, kissing him and telling him how great he was. He ate it up.

He started pumping his hips back and forth, moving his cock through my hand.

Then I put my head on his stomach and stuck my tongue out, letting the tip

of his cock touch it each time he came though. Gradually I let more and more

of it go into my mouth and moved my hand away. After a few minutes, he was

stroking all the way into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I made sure

I had plenty of spit and kept him nice and wet and slippery. Every now and

then I'd bite down real gently on him, and let him pull back through my

teeth. He had his hands on the back of my head, sometimes moving my head

back and forth on his cock, sometimes just holding me and fucking in and out

of my mouth with his beautiful cock. I could taste some pre-cum leaking out

of him, and didn't want to have him shoot off too fast, so after a few

minutes, I stopped. I told him I wanted him to watch what I was doing, so

we switched positions a bit. I sat up, and rested against the headboard and

a couple of pillows, and I made him come up and straddle my chest. I pushed

my boobs together and he slid his cock back and forth between them for a

bit. That was fun, I really like the feeling of his cock between my breasts. 

Then I pulled him up and let him put his penis right into my mouth. He was

looking down at me, and I was looking up at him, and it was adorable. He

looked just like a little baby, with his eyes closed and a dreamy sort of

look on his face."

    "Then I told him I wanted him to cum right in my mouth and down my

throat. He was getting really near, so I pulled him out of my mouth. I

opened up as wide as I could, and just pulled his cock back and forth. I

felt him begin to tremble, then he said 'watch out, honey, here I cum' and

then he did. Boy, did he cum! The first shot went straight into my mouth,

luckily I didn't choke on it or anything. Then he went off again, and this

one went into my mouth too, but a little bit of it hit my upper lip.  Roger

must have been storing it up for a week, because I had to close my mouth and

swallow, and just as I did, he shot off again. Well, my mouth was closed, so

it hit me right between the lips and dribbled down over my chin. That felt

so neat I closed my eyes and he shot again, this time it hit my cheek and

jaw. I can remember the feeling even now, it was so crazy and kinky and sexy

feeling these little spurts of hot liquid hit my face.  All in all he must

have shot seven or eight streams of cum onto my face, and as he slowed down

I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last bits out and swallowed

them. It was SOOOO GREAT!!  I'm laying there all sweaty and gasping, with

Roger's cum all over my face, and he's holding on to the headboard above me

and shaking and shuddering like someone possessed.  I kept his cock in my

mouth for a couple of minutes, just kinda nursing on it like a baby on a

tit. I could feel the cum cooling and drying on my face, and I started to

rub it in. But he grabbed my hand and told me to wait, he just wanted to

look at me like that. So I stopped, and we just stared into each other's

eyes for a minute or so. Then the goddam phone rang! I nearly jumped out of

my skin. You know how it is after you have a hot and heavy session like

that, you get all relaxed and calmed down and you're half asleep. So I

jumped, and managed to answer the phone. It was my mother, of all things! I

couldn't just tell her to call back, so she has me on the phone talking

about her neighbors and all this other gossip and stuff, and I'm lying there

talking back to her with my husband's semen all over my face! It was wild!

Roger started massaging it into my face while I'm talking, and that nearly

set me off again. I started giggling and groaning, and Mom asked me what the

heck was the matter. Well, I couldn't exactly tell her that Roger was wiping

all his cum off my face, now could I? I finally got her off the phone, and

Roger and I rubbed his cum into my face and boobs and all, then we fell

asleep. I woke up this morning with it all caked and dry on me, but it felt

good anyway. So that's my story. What about you?"


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