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Archive-name: Fetish/cd2.txt

Archive-author: Jazzbo Brown

Archive-title: Cum Drinkers, The - 2

Warning : The text you are about to read is designed to be enjoyed by adults

only! If you are not over the age of 18, do not read this text, as it might

do irreparable harm to your sexual psyche and curl your toenails backwards.

Also, if you are a male, your cock will wilt and drop off in gym class, and

if you are a female, you will grow a noticeable mustache. Be warned!

                             The Cum Drinkers

              Part 2 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Katie! 

     Kate and Linda were convulsed with giggles as they waltzed down the mall

aisle from the shoe store. 

     "I never saw a guy look so astonished as when I tilted that shoe up and

let the cum drip down into my mouth! I thought he was gonna have a heart

attack!" wheezed Linda, almost out of breath from the laughter and


     "Yeah, well now it's my turn" spoke Kate, "and I want to do it up right,

too. Let's go get something to eat."

     "..and drink!" finished Linda.

     The girls made their way to a nice upscale Italian restaurant that was

hidden away at one corner of the sprawling mall. After waiting a few moments,

the young blond headwaiter led them to a comfortable booth near the side of

the restaurant, where they could see out into the mall and watch the shoppers

walk by.  They glanced at the menus for a moment, and Kate motioned for the


     "Yes, ladies, what'll it be today?" he said nonchalantly, innocently

looking down the top of Kate's loose blouse at her unrestrained breasts. She

noticed him immediately, and pulled the menu close to her chest coquettishly.

     "I'll have the clams with white sauce, a salad with oil and vinegar

dressing, and a cup of coffe."

     "And I'll have the same, to make it easy on you." said Linda, a moment

later. "And please bring the coffee right away."

     He walked away, and Kate leaned over to Linda. "Did you see the way he

tried to look down my blouse!"

     "Of course, honey, isn't that what you want?" laughed her friend. "What

do you have planned for your 'drink'?" she quizzed.

     "I think I might ask for some special cream in my coffee, like you

suggested! That ought to blow his mind!" Kate whispered.

     Presently the waiter returned with the coffee, placing the cups on the

table in front of each lady.  "Creme or sugar" he asked, not aware of the

ladies upcoming request.

     "None for me, I like it black, but my friend has a special need..." said

Linda, barely able to conceal the excitement in her voice.

     "Oh, yes, well what can I get for you?" he turned to Kate.

     "Well, my doctor said I'm not getting enough protien in my diet. So he

has me on a special liquid diet six times a day."  Her voice dropped on each

word, until she was barely whispering. The waiter leaned closer. "I would

like some warm cream in my coffee."

     "Well, sure, I'd be glad to go heat up some Half-and-Half" the waiter

answered, and began to turn away.

     "No, you don't understand." said Kate, grabbing his arm as he stopped

to look at her. "The cream has to be at exactly body temperature, 98.6

degrees, and very very fresh!"  She paused for effect. "I want you to

ejaculate in my coffee."

     The waiter turned a beet red. Linda thought sure she saw a perceptible

bulge begin in his pants. "Are you kidding!" he whispered, "what are you

trying to do, get me fired?"

     "No, but we will get you off, wouldn't you like that? When's the last

time you came?"  Kate looked at Linda. "I want to make sure I get my money's


     "Uh, three nights ago, with my girlfriend."

     "OK, then, my friend, whip it out right here and let's see the old boy

go to work"

     "You want me to jerk off right here in the restaurant! In front of

everybody! You're nuts! No way, you crazy -"

     Kate cut him off. "Ok, I can see that might be a bit difficult. Tell you

what. You stand there in front of the table so that no one can see, and my

friend will rub your cock through your pants. Meanwhile, I'm gonna play with

my nipples through my blouse until they're hot and hard. Once you get hard,

Linda will pull your cock out real quick, suck on it a few times, and then

you take over, ok?"

     "Jeeze, lady, this is the wierdest thing..."  But he nodded his

acceptance. Linda began brushing her long slim fingers up and down the

growing bulge in his white trousers, while she whispered to him.

     "Yes, that's it, make it hard for us. Kate and I are some cum-drinking

sluts, we love to sip cum and let it slide right down our throats to our

stomachs."  She knew the nasty talk would help to get him off. "I love it

when a guy comes all over my mouth and face, then I slurp it up with my

fingers and eat it all down. Wouldn't you like to cum on my face some day,


     Now Kate joined in. "Yea, baby, that's right, get that cock hard so I

can drink your cum in my coffee, that's what I want. Would you believe that

yesterday I had 10 men come in my mouth before lunch? I stopped at the new

construction site over on Maple and walked right into the trailer there. I

told the foreman I wanted 10 of his best men to come in and jerk off for me

and spray their cum right into my mouth so I could drink it all up." She

whispered the erotic words, looking right into his eyes the whole time. Only

she and Linda knew the story was false, but it did give Linda an idea.

     He rapidly produced a healthy erection. "Oh, man, this isn't gonna take

long at all. Why don't you take it out and suck it a bit right now?" he

whispered, looking around to make sure that no one was watching. Linda looked

at Kate.

     "Should I?"

     "Ah, what the hell - why not? Just don't let him shoot off in your

mouth, you greedy bitch!" Kate laughed. Linda slid the zipper of his slacks

down and reached in, quickly extracting the well-formed penis. 

     "Hey, this is't bad." she said, dipping her tongue to slide it over the

gleaming head of his cock. She pursed her lips and slid them down over the

tip, sliding slowly down the length of his shaft and jerking the exposed

portion with her left hand. Again and again she slid down, feeding the warm

flesh into her mouth and lips, wetting it with her saliva. Linda knew how to

prolong a blow job for dozens of minutes if she wanted to, but this time she

was going for speed, not delay. Kate continued to knead her breasts and pinch

the nipples, making the rigid tips stand out and poke through the flimsy


     "Now remember, the minute you think you're gonna orgasm, get it out of

there and aim it at my coffee - I want every drop right in the cup!" said

Kate.  The waiter nodded at her.

     "It's not gonna yes, yes, here it is!" he

groaned, hurriedly pulling his pulsating rod from the slightly disappointed

Linda's mouth. 

     "Quick, quick, shoot in the cup, in the cup!" said Kate. The waiter

pulled on his cock a few times, and Kate watched fascinated as the tiny hole

at the end winked open and a long thin stream of sperm shot out, splashing

perfectly right in the coffee cup in front of her. She thought it was one of

the most sexy things she'd ever seen. Again he pulled on the shaft, and

another large bolt, even larger than the first, flew out to land in the cup.

Kate could hear Linda gasping as the third jet followed the first two, now

noticably pooling in the coffee. A fourth and fifth stream shot out, one

missing the cup slightly to drip down the side and into the saucer. The young

waiter grunted with the effort of unloading his balls for the kinky woman's

request while maintaining a respectable image from the rear.

     "ohgodI'mcumming," he grunted through clenched teeth "right into your


     "Yes, yes, do it again, do it again!" urged Kate, and he complied with

her request, urging one last spritz of his semen to make the long trip out

of his balls, up the shaft of his cock, out the head, and across the several

inches of open air into her waiting reservoir. Finally, though, he finished,

gasping for breath. Kate and Linda looked at him.

     "That will be all." said Linda formally, dismissing him with a wave of

her hand. He hurriedly stuffed his shrinking penis back into his pants and

turned away, anxious to tell the cook and bartender this story. Linda looked

over at Kate.

     "WOW! You did all right there, kiddo! Look at the load he dropped in

your lap!"  Kate glanced down at the coffee. The milky white semen floated

serenly on top of the dark brown liquid, easily amounting to three or four

teaspoons worth. A thin strand hooked over the rim of the cup and down the

side, bubbling at the end. "And he got almost all of it right in there!" she

agreed, her eyes sparkling with mischief. She trailed her fingertip up the

side of the cup, collecting the single line of white liquid. She looked at

Linda as she brought the white-coated finger to her lips, and sucked it dry.

"Ummmm, good stuff! Very nice, just the right tang and texture - not too

bitter, not too salty, very nice indeed."

     She brought the cup to her lips and tilted it, sipping just the very

tiniest amount from the top of the liquid. It was mostly pure semen. It was

warm as the coffee itself, and Kate purposely let some slip back down over

her lower lip and drip down her chin, knowing it would excite Linda no end.

"Ummm, absolute heaven..." she sighed, eyes closed, swallowing the warm,

salty essence. "I'm really starting to like this stuff, you know." She opened

her eyes again to gaze into the cup. "Too bad there's not more."

     Linda looked at her. "I dare you to walk back to the kitchen and ask for

another helping!"

     Kate grinned. "I just might do that!" She got up with her cup of coffee,

hips swaying sexily, striding towards the swinging doors that led back to the

kitchen area. Luckily no one stopped her. How would she explain that she

wanted the cook and any other lucky males back there to masturbate and

ejaculate semen into her coffee cup? As she entered the hot steamy kitchen,

she remembered the single line of semen bisecting her lower lip and chin.

'What the hell, it'll help 'em get the idea' she thought.

     As she pushed through the white doors, she was heartened to see four

adult males working in the kitchen - 1 older black man, 2 white men, and one

young black man who seemed about 18 or 19 at the most. The old black man

looked up to see her.

     "Hey, missy, you ain't allowed in here, this's the kitchen."

     Kate didn't say a word, just kept walking up to him. All four men

stopped their activities to watch her. She walked right up to the man who

spoke. He was about 50 or 60 years old, coal-dark skin with snowy white hair

up top, and towered a good 5 feet, three inches tall. He peered up at her

curiously. Kate brought her face down to almost his eye level. She knew what

she wanted him to notice - the line of semen on her chin.

     The old man peered at her face for a second, seeming to not recognize

what he felt sure he saw. Slowly a grin crept over his crinkled face.

     "Shit, lady, you got cum on your mouth! Whatthefuck.."

     At his words, the other three men quickly gathered around the two.

     "Goddam, look at that - she does, she's got some jizzum right on her

chin. "

     "Motherfuck I know what she wants now, man, a good fucking from me!"

     "Shit, horseface, you go watch the door, don't let none o'them fucking

waitresses in here to fuck this up!" said one of the men excitedly, punching

the previous speaker jokingly on the arm.

     The old black man spoke. "Just what is it you want, lady? We don't need

to funny stuff back here now..."

     Kate answered him coolly. "Don't worry, Pops.  First off, no fucking.

No way am I gonna get down on this floor and let you guys fuck with my

snatch.  But -", and she looked around cautiously, "I'll give you guys the

experience of a lifetime, if you cooperate. But ya gotta play by my rules,

or the games off, hear me?"

     The guys looked at each other.  They all nodded or agreed to go along

with her as-yet unvoiced plan.

     "Ok. All I want is your cum. Whatever you got stored up in those nice

balls of yours, I want. I'll show you my titties if you want, or talk dirty,

or whatever. But I don't remove any other clothes, and I don't fuck. Got

that?" They all agreed. She continued.  "I'll suck you if I have to, but I'd

rather you jerked off.  I want you to cum in my cup here. Not on my tits, not

on my face, not in the goddam soup, but here in my coffee. Ok?"  Again,

stunned but eager agreement.  "Now heres what I want - you all gather around

me up close like this..."

     Kate gathered the men in a tight circle around her. She dropped to a

squatting position, careful not to drop her knees to the grimy floor. She

pulled her blouse up over her head and asked one of the men to put it

someplace where it wouldn't get dirty. The men gazed in admiration at her

creamy white breasts and hard nipples.  Kate ordered them to unzip and take

out their cocks, and start playing with them. She watched shyly as four

pricks soon felt the warm kitchen air.  She was a bit suprised to see the

cock on the young black man was rather small, not at all what she expected.

It hardened under his fist to no more than four or five inches fully

extended. One white cock seemed nicely shaped, and came with a large set of

(hopefully, Kate thought) cum-filled balls. The other white cock was a bit

larger, perhaps seven to eight inches in length and two inches thick. Very

nice, thought Kate. But when she glanced to her right fully, and saw the cock

on the old black man, she had to fight back a gasp.  The old man had a cock

easily ten inches long, and it wasn't even hard yet. Kate couldn't resist

reaching out and grasping it firmly in one slim white hand. She shucked the

skin back and forth on the shaft, pulling more and more blood into it,

feeling it harden in her fingers to a steel-like shaft.

     "WOW! This is some dogbone you got here, man, where'you been all my

life!" she joked. "I hope this thing works as good as it looks!"

     "Don't you worry, lady, I still got plenty of jizzum for you. Why don't 

you just lick the tip a bit and see."  Kate looked up at him, and then

nodded, letter her face fall to the level of this super-cock. It was almost

fully hardened now, and seemed as long and thick as her arm. She extended

just the tip of her dainty pink tongue and laved the shiny plum-colored head

of the man's penis. As she did, she pulled up on the skin, and was gratified

to feel a small lump of pre-cum come floating up the vein and pop out of the

slit at the end.  She gathered it up, and fed it back into her mouth. "Hmmm.

Kinda nutty, but nice!" she smiled up at the old guy. She wanted to save this

one for last!

     Swerving to her left, she saw a zebra of cock, white, black then white.

They were all being fully fisted by their owners. Kate leaned forwards and

kissed each one in turn, tasting the differing tang and textures of the

precum on each tip. She sat back on her heels, taking in the situation.

Squatting on a grimy floor in the kitchen of a restaurant right in the middle

of the busiest mall in the city, her chest fully exposed, and four erect

cocks being masturbated directly at her face. This was beyond her wildest

fantasies!  The youngest one was rapidly pumping away at his cock, breathing

hard and grunting.  

     "Man I'm gonna cum right now, this is hot, lady get that cup over here!"

Kate hurredly moved the cup to hold it about three inches in front of his

pulsating cock. He pointed it down and quickly blasted five strong streams

of young black cum right into the center of the cup, splashing the liquid

around crazily. As he finshed pulling the last dregs of his load out and

dripping them into the cup, Kate leaned forward on impulse and popped the tip

of his shaft in her mouth, feeling the last jet pulse across her tongue. She

noisily slurped the cock shaft into her mouth then pulled back, letting it

fall from between her lips with a wet smack. 

     "That's for being such a good shot, and not sperming all over a helpless

lady's pretty face, my boy."  she grinned up at him. He blushed and stuffed

his cock back into his trousers, obviously not exactly at ease in this

situation. As Kate shifted her weight, one of the other men began to grunt

and groan. Just as she turned her head to check the status, his cock jumped

and a gout of semen flew out. Kate ducked her head quickly to the side,

almost hearing the white bullet whiz past her hair. She yelled "NO!

DOWN,DOWN!" and quickly, but without spilling any, moved the cup to the front

of his pants. He pushed his shaft downward and away from him. Another jet

leapt out, this time impacting solidly on Kate's left tit, splashing into

tiny drops and drooling down the curve of her bosom. 'FUCK!' she thought,

'he's blowing all over me!'  Kate reached out and grabbed the cock from its'

owner, pulling on it and pointing the head directly into her coffee cup. She

milked three good shots of semen out of him, it joined the two loads already

swimming about in the caffeine. The man wheezed and grunted with pleasure,

falling away.

     "Ohfuck lady you'd better get over here.." she heard the third man

groan, and turned to see a blur with a cock in the middle. The man

masturbated so fast that Kate thought he would injure himself, but he kept

the shaft of his penis in one spot, the head seemed not to even move about.

Kate moved the cup so that the lip of it rested right under the tip of the

man's cock. She looked up at him.

     "That's right, honey, blow that jizz right in there, I like your cum,

I want your cum, I want to taste it and mix it with the others, just keep on

jerking...maybe tomorrow I'll come by again and you can spray your nasty cum

all over my face and lips, would you like that, big boy, wouldn't you like

to cum on a married woman's face and let her go home to her husband and kiss

him, knowing that your cum was still drying on her face, wouldn't you like

that.." she rapidly encouraged the man. Her words had the desired effect. 

Suddenly the tip of his cock turned dark red and a long, thick stream of warm

semen spilled out, disappearing into the cup in her hands. Again, a jet of

cum flew out, then another and another. Kate counted an astonished seven jets

of cum before the man exhausted himself into her drink.

     She turned to the old black man. "Ok, now it's your turn, my friend."

     A few minutes later a smug Kate stole out of the kitchen, bearing her

prize before her carefully. She made her way back to the table where Linda

was finishing up her salad. She looked up as her girlfriend returned.

     "And just where have you been, you naughty girl?" Linda laughed. She

looked at Kate. Kates cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes seemed

sparkly. Her lips were tightly compressed, and Kate didn't say a word. She

set the cup down in front of Linda. Linda looked in, and saw what appeared

to be coffee-flavored semen, rather than the other way around.

     "All right, you did it! How many did you get?"  Kate leaned over and

picked up a napkin and rapidly penciled some words on it, then twisted it for

Linda to read.

     "3  + 1 in here - look up"

     Linda read the words and looked up at Kate's face. Kate slowly opened

her lips as she sat down. Linda saw the line of white almost immediately. As

Kate's lips opened further, Linda was astonished to see the entire lower part

of her mouth was flooded with semen. It covered her teeth and tongue almost

completely. Linda even saw streaks of it on the roof of Kate's mouth and

farther back in her throat. Kate opened her mouth as wide as she could so

that Linda could peer into it like a dentist. Kate swished her tongue around

in the sperm, spreading it around like a milky paste. Satisfied that Linda

had seen enough, she closed her mouth and swallowed roughly. Two times. Then

she licked her lips with her tongue, pulling in any stray droplets. Finally

she cleared her throat enough to speak. 

     "Five loads in less than 15 minutes. Not bad for a beginner, eh?"


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