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Archive-name: Fetish/betty.txt


Archive-title: Betty


Part 1


 Betty and I both work for the same firm.  She works in

another building, so we never really met until the company pic-

nic.  The heat was almost unbearable, the sun was bearing down

and the humidity was high.  The volleyball teams were chosen and

Betty ended up next to me.  After losing the first game, our team

went straight to the beer cooler, everyone was dripping sweat.  I

grabbed two brews, handed one to Betty,  and asked her to join me

under a tree.  We started talking and immediately hit if off.  It

was so hot that it took three more beers each to cool us down.

Pretty soon it was time for another game.  Most of the team was

half-crocked, and we played even worse then before.  A good

volley was going on, everyone was scampering around the court.

The ball came directly towards me, I raised my arms and prepared

to set it up.  As the ball touched my hands, Betty ran full force

into me, knocking me over.  Unfortunately, my glasses fell off

and she landed on them, bending the frames and popping the lenses

out.  Betty was unscathed, and she apologized profusely.

        We left the game, sat down with a couple of beers, and I

tried to fix my glasses to no avail.  Since I couldn't drive my

car home, Betty offered to drive me home in my car.  I accepted.

We left immediately.  On the way home, Betty apologized again.

She said that when she was growing up, this kind of misbehaving

earned her a lot of spanking.  Then she told me how she received

a bare-bottom spanking the first time she came home after drink-

ing.  I told her she deserved one for drinking today.  She

agreed.  Maybe it was the beer and the heat, but my normal shy-

ness disappeared and I said I would be glad to administer it.  To

my surprise she answered, "OK, I really deserve it."

 When we enter my home, I grabbed Betty's arm and escorted

her to the edge of the bed.  I told her to sit there while I

looked for my glasses.  She got up and asked where the bathroom

was, saying that the five beers were exploding her bladder.  I

said her lack of self-control had gotten her into enough trouble

for one day, she would have to learn obedience.  I pushed her

back on the bed, found my glasses, and returned to the bed.  I

sat on the edge of the bed and told Betty to kneel down, placing

her bottom over my lap.  She obeyed, and then I pulled her shorts

down to her ankles.  She was wearing white cotton panties, the

crack showed the wetness from her sweating.  I pulled her panties

down to join her shorts.  I took one arm and placed it across her

back, pushing her down harder on my lap.  Betty said the pressure

on her bladder was extreme and pleaded to use the bathroom.  I

told her that the punishment must be administered first.  Her

cheeks were partially flushed from the heat, a musky, sweaty odor

arose from between her legs.  I flattened my hand and brought it

down hard against her buttocks.  Betty winced as her cheeks

turned pink.  My hand raised up and came down several more times.

As the stinging pain increased, she squirmed around on my lap and

her legs spread apart as far as her shorts & panties would allow.

I stared at her beautiful anus, a new odor reached my nostrils

and made my penis strain against my shorts.

 I slapped all over her buttocks, and once my hand landed

smack in her crack and hit sensitive parts.  Betty yelped with

pain.  A few seconds later I felt wetness in my lap.  I moved my

hand between her legs to investigate and brought it to my face.

My tongue and nostrils were assaulted by Betty's sweaty, musky

juices and warm salty beer.  Beer?  No, this was piss!  I started

to get pissed off but couldn't - I was already pissed on.  I ran

my hand between Betty's legs again to verify and it came away

soaked.  I rubbed the piss onto her sore pink buttocks.  I

spanked her a few more times, slapping the wet spots.  She tensed

as the liquid burned the skin.  The tears from her eyes told of

the intense pain and Betty squirmed around even more.  I pressed

her down harder against my lap.  Once again my hand missed her

buttocks and landed between her legs.  I kept it there, she let

out a low moan, tensed up, and I felt my hand get covered with a

large squirt of piss.  I quickly splashed as much as possible

over her buttocks and thighs, slapping constantly.  She cried out

about how much it stung, but there was a lot of spanking left.  I

told Betty that her lack of control was extending the punishment.



Part 2


 After each slap I stuck my hand deep between Betty's legs

to check for more piss, but herself-control improved.  So I

rewarded her with a clit massage and felt new moisture oozing out

of her vagina.  As I spread this moisture back over her anus she

let out a low moan and ground around on my lap.

 I repeated this slap, check for piss, reward pattern.

Since no piss appeared, the clit massage lasted a little longer

after each slap, her squirming became more rhythmic each time.  I

took the arm holding Betty down and used it to spank, while my

other hand concentrated on massaging her clit.  Suddenly Betty

started convulsing all over my lap and breathed heavily.  At the

peak of her orgasm she emitted a loud scream.  I few seconds

later she emitted a large stream.  Piss splattered off my hand

and I felt it all over my lap.  I spread as much as possible over

her sore red buttocks and administer a few final slaps.  My

slapping hand then rubbed the rest of the piss into her crack,

concentrating on the area around her anus and teasing at the

center of it.  When I got to her clit, she start convulsing

violently again and had another orgasm.

 Since her punishment began with shorts on, courtesy

demanded it end the same way.  I stood Betty up with her back

towards me and knelt down behind her.  I saw her labia hair

glisten with drops of piss and lubricant.  A rivulet of piss

started running down one thigh towards her ankles.  To protect

the carpet, I quickly bent down and caught it with my tongue.  It

tasted just like the beer, but tangy and salty.  I licked my way

up the wet path to her butt.  I licked her cheeks clean, my

saliva eased the burning, and the redness started to disappear.

I pulled her cheeks apart and licked the moisture from between

them.  The smell of her anus combined with her sweat, juices and

piss was wonderful, I inhaled deeply through my nose.  As my

tongue ran over her anus, she let out a long groan of pleasure.

I told Betty to turn around so I could finish the cleanup.  The

sight of her juices and piss glistening on pubic hairs was an

overpowering aphrodisiac.  I pushed her legs further apart and

used my hands to spread her labia.  Her crotch was beautiful when

fully exposed.  I wanted to hug her pubic region with my face in

her hair, so I put my arms around her waist  and squeezed.  She

moaned "No!"  What was that funny sound near her feet?  I moved

my head back and saw a big wet patch on the carpet!  Betty hadn't

learned her discipline lesson well enough.  She begged to go to

the bathroom, but I made her run to the kitchen and get carpet

cleaner and paper towels.  I told her to get down on the floor

and clean up her piss without adding more.  She did this obedi-

ently and correctly.

 I then lay down on the bed and told her to remove her

shirt and support.  I had her remove my wet shorts.  My penis was

hard and the tip had a lot of ooze on it.  I had Betty squat

between my legs.  One hand grabbed my penis and the other my

balls.  Betty took a deep breath and whispered about how good my

crotch smelled.  She licked the ooze off the tip of my penis.

Her lips encircled the head of my penis,  then moved down the

shaft, and sucked when they moved back out.  It only took a few

minutes of this until I was ready to orgasm.  Betty had been so

bad I decided she didn't deserve another orgasm.  I grabbed onto

her head to guide it up and down.  Her fingers gently kneaded my

balls.  The other hand wandered down my crack and found my anus.

Just as Betty started running her fingers around it and pressing

on the flesh between it and my balls, I started to come.  She

sucked even harder on my penis,  and I donated a few million

sperms cells to her daily protein requirement.  I grabbed Betty's

head and pulled it up to my face.  We kissed for the first time,

Betty pushed my juices into my mouth and splashed them around

with her tongue.  The salty, beer taste was very different yet

strangely similar.

 I was so tired I couldn't stay awake, so I grabbed Betty

and fell asleep as she lay on my chest.  Did I ever awake to a



 My bladder was so full my "piss-hardon" ached.  I tried

to get up, but didn't get very far!  Betty had tied my arms and

legs to the bed.  My movements awoke her, and she smiled very

knowingly and wickedly at me.  Before I could untie the knots,

she pulled on the ropes holding my arms with her body weight and

tightened them until I was spread-eagled on my back.  She then

tightened the leg ropes, leaving just enough slack for me to bend

my knees.  I didn't have any rope at home, I thought, does she

take rope everywhere she goes?  As I struggled my penis deflated.

I told her I really needed to piss.  Betty took a rubber band and

spread it around the base of my penis, then gently played with

the head until it was hard again.  She said, "That'll keep you

from pissing."  I couldn't release either the ropes or my blad-

der.  I needed relief fast.  I said, "Mistress, what must I

endure and what must I do for you to earn the right to piss?"



Part 3


 Betty hmmm'ed and smiled and got up from the bed.  She

ran to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of wine.  She

opened it and drank about half.  She  then poured the rest into

my mouth, except for one swallow.  She sat down between my legs,

bending and spreading them, exposing everything from my balls

down.  Betty stuck her middle finger in her mouth and covered it

with saliva.  She then took her finger and started rubbing it

around my anus, pressing her way in gently.  Betty kept her

finger wet and soon had it all the way up my rear.  Then she took

the wine bottle and used her tongue to spread a large amount of

saliva around it.  She removed her finger from my anus and I felt

the cold bottle against it.  My anus clinched up from the cold,

but Betty gently pushed and twisted the bottle.  After a short

time it finally got past my sphincter.  She tilted the bottle up

and I felt the rest of cold wine rush into my rectum.  Betty

gently pushed the bottle in as far as it would go and left it.

 She move up and squatted over my face.  I was staring up

at her beautiful sex and breasts.  Her hands spread her labia

apart and she sat down on my face.  I could hardly breathe, what

air I inhaled conveyed her wonderfully ripe sweat, musky and sexy

odors.  Betty rubbed back and forth on my face, until her anus

was directly over my mouth.  She leaned forward and my nose went

into her vagina, I felt juices tickling my nose hairs.  I knew

what she expected, so my tongue started circling around her anus.

She sat down a little harder, so I tensed my tongue and pushed

against her anus.  I opened my mouth wide to breathe, totally

engulfed in her odors.  My tongue finally made it into her anus

and she told me to push it deeper.  I kept moving it in and out

until my tongue had cramps.  Betty moved back and placed her

labia and clit over my mouth.  I worked my lips over her labia,

forming a seal.  My tongue then circled around her clit.  She

started moaning and cupped her breasts with her hands, squeezing

her nipples between her fingers.

 First I moved my tongue forward, pulling the clit out of

its fold and exposing it.  At the same time I sucked hard on the

clit and labia.  Then I released the sucking and moved my tongue

back, covering the clit and rubbing it through the hood.  Then I

flicked it quickly from side to side a few times.  I kept repeat-

ing this in a rhythmic fashion.  Pretty soon Betty was squirming

on my face in intense pleasure.  Suddenly she leaned forward onto

her arms and started wiggling from side to side.  Her whole body

tensed and she inhaled deeply.  She moaned and purred as orgasmic

tremors shook her body.  This continued for a long time.

 Betty then straightened up again.  She pulled away from

my face, staying squatted about 6" over my face.  I moved my head

around and found I was dizzy - drunk from the wine in my stomach

and ass.  She moved her knees to the sides of my head, preventing

any motion.  She said sweetly and submissively "I've been such a

good girl."  Her fingers pulled her labia apart.  She giggled and

then said louder and sarcastically, "Until now!"  Suddenly pale

yellow piss was streaming out of her.  At first, it went all over

my face, but Betty's fingers quickly gained control and aimed for

my mouth.  She held my nose until I opened my mouth wide.  She

took a deep breath and tensed her body.  The stream became a

flood!  She pissed so hard that it splattered out of my mouth and

all over my face.  I didn't close my eyes fast enough, and her

piss burned them.  She leaned back and the piss hit my upper

face.  It flowed off my face and I felt my hair getting soaked.

Even my ears felt the piss inside.  Betty then released my nose

so I could take a deep breath.  Then she tensed hard as another

flood of piss filled my mouth to overflowing.  She clamped my

nose again and said, "Drink my piss or drown".  I had little

choice.  After swallowing, she let go of my nose and I gasped for

breath.  Betty tensed again and the last of her piss filled my

mouth.  I swallowed quickly.  I'd never seen anyone piss with

such force and volume.  What a pisser!

 Betty stood up over me and stretched.  My penis was still

rock hard.  I had to piss so bad that I wasn't even thinking

about my having an orgasm.  She turned around with her back to my

face and squatted over my penis.  She took it in her hands and

ran the tip back and forth and side to side from her clit to her

vagina.  Finally she placed the tip into her vagina and sat down

slowly.  The warmth of her felt good, and I concentrated on that

feeling.  When she pulled up, I could see her hand massaging her

clit.  She continued this rhythm for awhile, as we both became

more excited.  She moved the wine bottle in and out of my anus,

pressing it so it would massage my prostate.  I couldn't tell

which was a greater sensation, the pain of needing to piss or the

pleasure of the bottle.  She ordered, "Don't have an orgasm until

I say so."  I forced myself to concentrate on my bladder, to

prevent further arousal.  Betty's motions got more intense, and

suddenly she started another orgasm, moaning and convulsing.  The

sensations on my penis were exquisite, but I couldn't allow

myself to fully appreciate them.  She finally stopped moving and

just sat there, my penis still hard and buried deep within her.



Part 4


 After a couple of minutes she moved up and off of my

penis and shoved her body back on the bed until her ass was

directly over my face.  I closed my eyes, expecting another

flood.  Instead, I felt her tongue lick the head of my penis.  I

moaned with pleasure, against my will.  The wine bottle was again

in motion.  Betty sat her ass down on my face, adjusting her

position so her anus was over my mouth.  She told me to open it

up.  I took my tongue and circled her anus, wetting it and the

surrounding area.  Then I pushed my tongue against the opening.

It tasted salty and musky.  The odor combined with her tongue was

making me orgasmic.  I tensed my stomach muscles to increase the

pain in my bladder, warding off any orgasm.  My tongue slid into

her anus.  Betty sat down even harder on my face.  I pulled my

tongue out and repeated this process.  Betty had taken my penis

into her mouth and was doing her best to arouse me.  It took all

I could to prevent my orgasm.  Pretty soon her anus was relaxed

enough that my tongue went as far in as possible with no resist-

ance.  Betty pulled the bottle out of my ass and stood it up

between my legs.  Then she got up off my face, turned to face me,

and positioned herself over my penis and the bottle.  She held on

to the bottle with one hand behind her back and my penis with the

other hand in front.  She squirmed back and forth on the bottle,

gently forcing it into her anus.  As she slid down on the bottle,

my penis slid into her vagina again.  Betty sighed deeply and sat

down hard.  She then started moving up and down the two shafts in

her orifices.  This was the first time I was ever jealous of a

wine bottle!  I would have liked to take advantage of this splen-

did experience, but I was afraid to add any motions for fear of

coming.  She moved her hands, placing one on her clit and the

other on a nipple.  Once again, she stimulated herself to a

powerful orgasm  After a couple of minutes Betty got up, turned

around and moved her ass back over my face, and told me to fill

her anus with saliva.  I felt her lick the head of my penis and

then spread more spit over it.  She got into position over my

penis and rubbed the head around her anus.  She then put the head

into the opening and pushed down with her body.  the head slid in

past her sphincter.  A few more partial in and outs helped loosen

her anus the rest of the way, and finally she just sat right

down, my penis fully enclosed in her rectum.  She let out a low

moan of pleasure.  As she moved up and down, I could see her hand

working her clit feverishly.  The other hand took the  bottle and

put it back in my anus.  She was moving it rapidly, making sure

it rubbed my prostate.  I had to clench my stomach to prevent

orgasm every time she pulled up off of me.  The hot tightness of

her anus was orgasmic, but the pain in my bladder prevented an

end.  After a while, Betty threw her head back and convulsed,

moaning very loudly and deliriously.  How many orgasms did this

one make?  I had lost count.  Once again, she just sat there with

my penis deep inside her for a few minutes.

 I was getting delirious by now.  I was somewhat drunk, my

bladder was bursting, and I wanted to orgasm.  Betty got up,

moved back again, and had her legs holding my shoulders down,

with her ass perched high over my face.  I could see her face

lower down towards my penis.  She removed the rubber band and

told me not to come.  She started massaging my aching balls

gently, and they felt somewhat better.  She held my penis up and

rubbed it around her nose.  She inhaled the musky odor of her

anus and moaned.  Her tongue came out and started licking the

head of my penis.  It circled around the edge of the head, lin-

gering at the split on the bottom.  Then her lips covered the

head and she sucked on it.  She then moved her lips down the

shaft, using her tongue to keep the head stimulated.  The hand

supporting my penis now went back to the wine bottle.  Betty

moved the bottle in and out and side to side, making sure my

prostate got well massaged.  After a few minutes I could take no

more.  I started begging her to let me come.  She removed her

mouth and asked me, "Am I your Mistress?"

        I said yes, and pleaded again with her.

        She said, "If I let you come, will you do anything I


        I answered "Yes!  Anything you say," and sang the next

line, "please release me."

        Her lips covered my penis again and she sucked extra hard

while moving the wine bottle right over my prostate.  I knew I

was in trouble, since she hadn't said I could come.  I clenched

my stomach hard, but the pain was overshadowed by the pleasure.

Just when I thought I was doomed, She removed her mouth and

laughingly said, "You can come, I just figured out what I want."


Part 4


 She immediately put her mouth back to work.  It took

about 15 seconds more of her expert oral skills until my body

tensed in orgasm.  The first shot was almost overpowering.  As

the second shot was released, I found out why she was squatting

over my face.  Betty had been saving her piss again until I came!

It splattered over my face, neck, and chest.  I raised my mouth

to catch it better.  I kept pumping into her mouth and she pumped

into mine.  My orgasm stopped before her piss, and my mouth was

full.  Before I could do anything with the mouthful, she quickly

turned around and shook her head to say no.

        Betty sat on my stomach, lowered her head to mine and

then moved her lips to mine.  She sucked gently, so I extended my

tongue into her mouth and caught the full taste of my semen.  She

pushed my tongue back out and her tongue came into my mouth and

swished the liquid around.  The pressure on my stomach suddenly

registered, and since my penis was now deflated, nothing could

hold back my bladder.  I started pissing and the stream must have

hit Betty, because she moaned.  She took a hand and used it to

aim my penis.  She wet her crack, arched her rear up and wet her

stomach and chest, and then squatted down and let the stream flow

over her back.  I pushed harder on my bladder then, and piss

started flowing over her shoulders onto my chest.  She got up

quickly and lay her head down face up on my stomach.  She adjust-

ed the stream until it hit her in the face.  She covered her

whole face.  Then Betty opened her mouth and let it fill up until

it overflowed.  She closed it again, and moved her head up to

mine.  We kissed again, exchanging her piss, my piss, and my

come.  She aimed the stream for our heads and our hair became

soaked.  Finally I finished.  It was the longest piss I'd ever

taken.  Betty pulled the bottle out of my anus, loosened my ropes

and we embraced; kissing, caressing, and hugging constantly.

After a few minutes, the wet sheets were annoying, so we took a

nice hot bath, cleaning every square inch of each other.  We put

clean sheets on the bed.  I went and got some food and drink.  We

ate and drank until we fell asleep in each others arms.  Betty

was the first up the next morning.  I awoke to a clicking noise

and found myself handcuffed.  Betty quickly got her rope and tied

my ankles to the bed.  She then tied my neck to the bed so I

couldn't sit up and untie my ankles.  Betty disappeared for a few

minutes and returned with my roll of Saran Wrap.  She searched my

closet and took the belt from my bathrobe.  She ripped off a long

sheet of Saran Wrap, making sure it didn't bunch up, and placed

it flat on the bed.  She took the belt and wound one end of the

plastic over the belt a few times.  The she stood up, and put the

belt on behind her, the Saran Wrap hanging down her back.  She

put a quick knot in the belt and bent down and pulled the Saran

Wrap through her crotch and up under the belt.  She then squatted

down, pulled the Saran Wrap tight and knotted the belt securely.

Betty then used her hands to make sure the Saran Wrap was evenly

spread over her rear and through her crotch.  She then found her

clit and gently ripped the Saran warp so there was a little hole

where it could stick out.  When she was satisfied that everything

was ok, she climbed over me, squatted over my face, and lay down

on my chest and stomach.  She maneuvered until her clit was over

my mouth.  She then explained, "I've read than when elephants get

sexually excited, they piss and shit all over before and after

sex.  I've always wondered what it would feel like.  This is my

desire.  I am your mistress.  Your reward for obedience will be

an orgasm.  Now get me sexually excited."  Betty then placed her

hands on my balls and penis, and the games began.  I was really

glad I had bought extra strength Saran Wrap...



 To be continued.  if there are enough requests from



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