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Archive-name: Fetish/barpedal.txt


Archive-title: Barefoot Pedal Pushers

I guess I realized my fetish started when I was in high school.  One

weekend, a whole group of my friends went up to the lake to party and

get some sun and waterskiing in.  There was this really CUTE girl who I

was seeing.  Her family was rich and let her do basically whatever she

wanted.  So she asked to take her brother's speedboat out and of course

they consented.  I think that she had just learned how to drive but had

been navigating her father's speedboat as well as some of our friends'

skiboats for a while.  I don't think she had ever taken her brother's

boat out before.  But what the hell, he was away at college and wouldn't

care anyways.  Right?  Well, I remember a whole bunch of problems

getting the boat up to the lake, but once it was there, the fun started.

Valerie had long blond hair (being the California beach girl) and a

really knockout tan slim body, with blue eyes and pouty lips.  She was

always wearing as little clothing as possible (to get more sun she

said).  The day after we got there, Val was wearing a red bikini and she

had these cute dainty feet with red nailpolish.  I remember looking at

her long tan legs and gazing downwards to her feet.  She was a waterskiier

and had smooth, muscular, but not too muscular legs that saw their share

of sunlight.  Her cute brown feet were in white flip-flops, the kind

that has the really thin stringy thongs which showed off her cute feet.

I got an instant hard-on.

She pulled me to my feet where the group was sitting in the sand.  We

hadn't begun to ski yet so she told the group she was going to warm up

the boat and get used to driving it by taking it around the lake once.

She of course called me togo with her or this would be the end of the story.

Her brother's boat was a fast jet boat that he sometimes used for

racing.  It had a benchseat in it big enough for only two.  As she climbed

into the driver's seat, she put her leg forward and as I was admiring her

beautiful, nicely-tanned strong legs, I saw a big pedal shaped like

a big bare footprint on the floorboard right in front of her.  It had

a raised ridge along the side of it and the entire gleaming footboard

surface had raised bumps kind of like corrugated steel.  The shiny metal

pedal was at least 14" high and stood straight up.  I had never seen

a pedal on a boat before and asked her what it was for.  She said it

was for the gas and that boat didn't originally come with it.  But

her brother liked the feeling of power at the touch of his foot so

he re-wired the boat with it.  The foot throttle was custom made to his

liking and shaped to exactly match his bare foot: toes, raised arch and all.  

He said that it allowed him to get off the starting line faster because

he could stomp on it and still steer with both hands.  The raised edge and

arch as well as the perfectly-fitting toes and raised nubs helped keep his

foot in place as he dashed through the choppy waters.  Although she said

that she had seen him driving with aquasocks before.  She had never

driven his boat before.

She said that Mike (her brother) said it was just like driving a car

and that to start it for the first time, you needed to give the jets

a lot of gas.  As she was explaining this to me, she put her cute thonged

foot on the upright accelerator.  It looked tiny against the massive pedal;

her toes didn't even reach "his toes" of the foot throttle, only just above

the arch of "his foot".  As Val tried to put her heel into the metal heel

cup, her foot slid out of her thong.  "Dammit!" she yelled and tried to

kick the thong out of the pedal.  Mike's "foot" seemed to like her shoe and

refused to give it up no matter which way she tried to move it.  Finally,

I bent over and lifted her size 6-7 thong out of the pedal.  The accelerator

pedal must've pivoted about an axis where it touched the floor because 

she tried to give the pedal a mighty pump with her foot, but since her

foot was small and her heel was in the cup, the pedal barely moved.  She,

however, flinched in pain as stomping on a non-moving steel pad must've

hurt the knee and leg.  She then sat way up in her seat and put her toes

on Mike's "toes".  She extended her leg as far as it would go and began

pumping the pedal with her toes.  She could press it down an inch backwards.

She turned the key and cranked the engine while continuing her feeble

ministrations.  The engine cranked but never turned over.  It

had been a cool night and I guess the engine was cold.

I slid next to her and told her to trade places with me.  She did and I

was now sitting in the driver's seat.  I checked all the gauges and

everything was fine.  Even the fuel was topped off.  I kicked off my

right sandal and placed my bare foot on the big pedal.  I had learned long

ago that it was impossible to drive with flip-flops on.  The part of the

sandal extending past the heel was always longer than the part from the

front strap to the toe.  Thus if you slide your foot back to be equal with

the bottom of the sandal, your toes always fall out of the straps.  This

was illustrated by Val nicely a few seconds before.  My foot almost

fit the aluminum casting.  It was cold and corrugated with a lip running

around it (obviously to keep your foot mounted on the gas).  I pushed on

the massive pedal with my toes and to my surprise it went back quite far.

I turned the key again and held it in start.  I began pumping the pedal

in long strokes, pushing and extending my toes until it was almost 

horizontal and then letting it slowly come back.  The engine sputtered

and she grabbed my hard cock and squeezed tightly in anticipation.

It coughed and started to die.  She quickly put her left foot, still in

her sandal, on top of my right and tried to pump the engine back to life.

Using the dashboard and my cock to balance her, she was making my cock

harder while she stepped on the insole of my bare right foot.  The engine

caught on and was starting to sound like it would make it but it died

again suddenly.

I then got a really good idea.  I told Val that maybe since the boat

seemed to do better when we both worked at it, that we should do it

together.  She agreed but saw my wicked smile.  I eased out of my swimsuit

and slipped my right foot out of my sandal again.  Then I released her

bikini bottom.  I told her that she had to sit on my lap for us to try

to get this boat started.  So she sat down, easing her way onto my shaft,

moaning as she went.  Now that we were one, I put my right bare foot 

onto the large pedal which had grown warm by the heat from our feet.

Val then lifted her again-thonged right foot to the pedal.  Now that she

was in my lap, she could reach it easily.  She stuck her heel over my toes

and let her flip-flop sandal drape over the back of the gas pedal.  Then

she moved her foot down until her foot slipped out of her shoe again.

The white thong landed sloppily behind the accelerator.  Her dainty foot,

now on top of mine, tried to push on the gas but her thong had fallen at

just the right angle to wedge against the back of the pedal and the floor.

So I kicked off my left sandal and fished behind the large, wide pedal

for her shoe.  I was straining and moving my hips to reach behind the

throttle and that was bringing her close to coming.  I finally on a lunge

got my toe looped through the thin straps of her thong and pulled it free.

She reached forward and turned the key.  She began pumping with her foot

furiously, crushing my tender foot against the pedal again and again,

rocking on my cock all the time.  Her toes began to mesh with mine

from the force of her pounding foot, spreading my toes wide while her

painted toes interwove with mine.  I looked and saw the pattern of red

nails alternating with my unpainted toes, peeking through from under

her foot.  The nubs on the pedal were massaging the bare soles of my foot,

sending chills up and down my spine.  My foot crashed the pedal again

and again as she extended her cute foot and pressed on my toes.  I

watched this pendulating action, feeling the pressure of her sole on my

instep, and the raised nubs on the bottom of my foot.  My left leg

involuntarily extended itself in the sensation, bringing me closer and

closer to orgasm.  For what must have been thirty seconds, her foot

pounded the gas to full throttle.  She came and her right leg

straightened and pinned my foot down on the pedal, holding the throttle

wide open.  Her dainty foot, though little and beautiful, packed a

wallop of pressure!  I couldn't move.  But my foot between hers and

the gleaming silver pedal couldn't feel anything anyway as I began

exploding inside her.  But that did it.  The rush of gas from the fully

horizontal gas pedal revved the engine and she let go of the key.  The

engine started.

>From then on, everytime I see a bare foot operating a pedal or engaging in

other activity, I remember Val and our boat ride.  (There's more to the

story too!)  And I get this massive hard on that wants release desperately.

As Dave Munroe said, a girl in a convertible driving on PCH with the top

down barefoot makes me go wild!  The beach during the summer is the best

time to see these sights!  Cute girls in string bikinis with convertibles

driving barefooted!  But isn't there a law against driving barefooted (at

least in California, not that anyone can see you do it)?

If anyone has stories about pedals, tips or stories on seeing barefoot

drivers, or has an answer to the driving barefooted question, please post

to this group!!!

Pedal to the Metal!  (Barefooted of course)


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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