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Archive-name: Fantasy/youngpup.txt


Archive-title: Young Pup

  "Now get off the ground so I can hit you again!"

         "Yes Sir,..." Came the feeble reply.

         Once again the great beast reached out and struck the

 young pup across the muzzle, knocking him to the ground. He lay

 there, face down, his body quivering from the strain of holding

 back his whimpers.

         "If you EVER nip me again pup, this will seem like a walk

 through the forest when Im through with you!"

         There came no reply from the balled up mound of fur on

 the ground at the Wolf Lord's feet. A quick kick inspired the

 proper response.

         "Yes Sir... I'm sorry Sir."

         "Good. Now get up."

         Slowly, the young pup tried to rise. But a mixture of

 his movements jerky.

         "I said NOW!" The Wolf Lord reached down with one of his

 paws, digging hiw claws into the scruff of the pup's neck, and

 lifted him abruptly to his feet. The pup stood before the Wolf,

 head bowed, gazing up only slightly. The Wolf surveyed him. He

 was a young pup indeed, barely 2 months old. But behind his

 piercing blue eyes there was the unmistakable look of courage,

 admiration, and respect. It took quite a bit of courage to

 approach the Wolf Lord while so young. Many of the standard aged

 wolves ended up badly wounded or even killed in the encounter.

 And yet, here was this young pup willing to face the jaws of

 death years before he would be required to do so. For a brief

 moment, the Wolf Lord was caught up in the sight of him. The soft

 glow of the pup's fur along with the increasingly large sheath

 between his legs inspired a new lust.

         "Follow." Came the command.

         The Wold Lord walked off, not bothering to wait ot see if

 the young pup would respond, knowing that he would. The Wolf Lord

 walked towards the cave where the rest of the pack hurriedly

 looked busy at his approach, the young pup following a few feet

 behind. When he had reached the center of the group, the Wolf

 Lord stopped.

         "Stand here," He pointed to the ground at his feet.

         The pup moved foward to take the place as indicated.

         "On all fours."

         Down went the pup, awaiting his next command.

         The Wolf Lord mved around the pup until he was standing

 directly in front of him.

         "Look at me."

         The pup raised his head until his eyes met those of the

 Wolf Lord's.

         "You will not move, you will not speak." The final

 commands were given.

         The Wolf Lord glanced away from the pup's eyes,

 momentarily breaking the hypnotic hold. He motioned to the others

 in the pack, and then locked his eyes back on those of the

 submissive pup's. The pup's ears twithced briefly as he a heard a

 commotion behind him. He could not see, but he knew the others

 were closing in on him. Suddenly, he felt sharp teeth bite into

 his flank. He desperately fought back the urge to yip as he

 stared deeper into the Wolf Lord's eyes. Another bite came at his

 right side, then another again at his left. Each time, the pain

 was overwhelming, but he still held his eyes locked. The the pack

 was upon him, nipping him. All over his flanks, his legs, his

 back, and his sides the teeth sank into his skin. Tears began to

 form in his eyes as he fought back against the demands from his

 body that he move. When he thought he could take it no more,

 suddenly the pack stopped. The Wolf Lord lowered his head and

 quietly growled.

         "Now do you understand the difference between a bite and

 a nip, pup?"

         "Yes Sir, " Came the shaken reply.


         The two walked on, across the fileds and into the meadows

 beyond the hills. Soon, a horse could be sen. The Wolf Lord

 continued a direct path towards the creature. When they finally

 arrived, the horse lifted it's head in greeting to the Wolf Lord.

         "Good afternoon, Sir, " The horse said.

         "And greetings to you, too."

         The Wolf Lord looked about the meadow for a moment and

 then addressed the horse one again.

         "I was wondering if you could do me a favor, " the Wolf


         "Anything, Sir."

         "I have a young pup here who has a hard time telling the

 difference between the degree of things, so I thought you could

 assist me in rectifying this.

         "It would be an honor, Sir." The horse replied. With a

 flick of it's tail, the massive creature moved towards the young

 pup. He stopped and stodd alongside of him. The Wold Lord slowly

 slid his claws down the flank of the horse as he walked around to

 where the pup stood.


         The pup dropped to all fours again, obedient, yet unsure

 of what was going to happen.

         "Under the horse!" The Wolf cried, pushing the wide-eyed


         Slowly he rose from the ground, under the horse, facing

 the same direction as the beast.

         The Wolf Lord look at the horse, then down at the pup


         "Seems he does no find you stimulating enough."

         The pup lowered his head.

         "Do something about it!!"

         The pup turned to face the sheath of the horse. He stared

 the massive size of it for a moment, suddenly realizing the

 enormity of what it concealed. He glanced out of the corner of

 his eye at the Wolf Lord standing over him. No words were

 exchanged. Slowly, the young pup tentatviely began to lick. He

 found the short, soft fur of the beast pleasing to his rough

 tongue. He reached up a paw and began to stroke while he licked.

 Before long, he could feel the great cock stirring within. He was

 rewarded be the tip sliding out and into his waiting jaws.

 Eagerly, the pup accepted, but was quickly overwhelmed as the

 cock grew larger, and larger still.

         "What's the matter pup, too much for you?" Said the Wolf

 in a soft tone.

         Try as he may, the young pup could no longer handle the

 overwhelming size of the horse. He turned his head, letting the

 tip slid out of his mouth, The hardened cock rested against the

 side of his muzzle, lightly throbbing.

         "Enough. Turn around."

         The pup could see the size of the cock before him, and he

 could taste the fear in his mouth. but he obeyed. The moment that

 he was turned, he could feel the expereinced horse line himself

 up. With probing thrusts, the tip of the horse's cock brushed

 against the tail of the pup. Closing his eyes, the pup braced

 himself against the inevitable pain. Suddenly he felt a warm

 rough tognue against his ass. It was the Wolf Lord, wetly lapping

 at his tight hole. A soft moan left the pup's throat as the Wolf

 probed deeper with his tongue. The pup's Wolfhood finalyl exposed

 itself, warm and moist against his belly as the skilled licks of

 the Wolf sent him into ecstasy. hen he felt the horses cock

 pushing aginst him again, he no longer cared, until the head of

 it slipped in. He gritted his teeth, pressing back against the

 impossible size of  the beast. He could still feel the Wolf's

 tongue as it raced around his hole, trying to lubricate it as

 best he could. Finally, with the head of it just in, the horse

 stopped a moment to allow the pup t adjust. He lowered his head,

 panting desperately. Then it began all over again. Deeper the

 horse pushed, and when he felt he could take no more, the horse

 buried it further, threatening to rip the young pup apart. His

 claws raked at the ground as he violently grunted against the

 pain. A slow rhythm began, with the long cock moving in and out

 of the pups ass a few inches at a time. Each time the horse

 pulled back, a wave of release swept through the pup, only to be

 followed by the sudden stuffing of the returning member. Soon the

 horse began to paw at the ground, snorting and shaking his head.

 The speed of the thrusts quickened, and became harder, threatning

 to knockthe young pup to the groun. But he fought back, impaled

 on the horse's cock, he held on with all his might, He glanced

 out of the corner of his eye and saw the Wolf Lord standing next

 to him, with his cock hard and red. He was stroking it to the

 rhythm set by the horse. It was the reason the pup had approached

 the WOlf Lord do soon. he HAD to have that cock in his mouth. And

 now, here it wa just inches away, and he could not move to reach


         The horse's breath bcame shallow as he pounded away at

 the young pup's sore ass. Still bracing himself against the

 thrusts of the horse,the pup held on tighter and pushed against


         He began to feel that familiar feeling building up in

 his haunches and he started to push imself back ever farther.

 The Wolf Lord had also increased his rhythm, leaning forward,

 bringing his cock close enough to to the pup to smell. It was two

 much for the three of them. With the constant sliding in and out

 of the tight virgin ass, the horse held back no more and let

 loose with a otrrent of come into the pup's filled hole. The

 sudden sensation of being filled with the warm cumof the horse

 sent the pup over the edge, and the sight of the horse's come

 dripping out of the pup's ass sent the Wolf Lord over the edge,

 spraying cum all over the face of the pup..

          As the long cock slowly slid out of the pup's tortured

 ass, he collapsed on the ground, sore and spent. He could still

 feel the hot cum flowing from his ass. he was caught unawares

 when he felt the Wolf Lord's tongue again licking his sticky fur.

 As the two Wolves curled up together, the horse strolled casually

 away.  Gently running his claws through the pup's fur the Wolf

 Lord spoke in a soft seductive tone.

         "You have done well pup. And when you are ready, you will

 be rewarded."

         With the thoughts of the Wolf Lord's cum in his mouth,

 the young pup dirfted off to sleep. A slight smile crossed his

 muzzle as the WOlf Lord nuzzled closer.



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