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Archive-name: Fantasy/wordstar.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps - apologies to Stephen King

Archive-title: Wordstar of the Gods

Alice was seated before her new computer, deep in creative thought, when her

husband came crashing through the front door of their modest home.


Fucking asshole, thought Alice.  Her train of thought was derailed just as she

had reached a crucial plot point in her novel.  Damn him!!  She saved the file

to disk, but left it on the screen.  She hoped that she would very soon be

able to get back to it.

Her very own novel, it was so exciting...


"Coming, dear!!"  The words tasted like bile.

She wheeled the chair away from her desk, got up, and strode down the stairs

to the living room, where her rotund husband reclined in the loveseat.  He

winked and blew a lecherous kiss, and she forced a smile.  He patted the

unoccupied space next to him, his expression beckoning.  Oh yuck, thought

Alice, as she flopped down next to him.  He slid one arm behind her and drew

her against him.

"Mmmmmm..." he wheezed, his stale cigarette breath wafting about like

industrial pollution.  Much more of this and I will throw UP, Alice thought

with growing disgust.

"I'll go get dinner started now..." she said, struggling to get up.  The big

hairy arm around her did not relax its grip, however.  "Mmmmm, dinner can

wait, dearest, right now I just want to have you right here by my side so I

can keep you warm."  He put his other arm in front of her and drew her even

closer.  Alice could feel the sweat from his armpits start to soak into her

blouse.  Oh give me a BREAK!!!

She allowed herself to be held like that for a few minutes, then spoke. "Well

I don't know about you, but I'm getting really hungry!"  She patted him on his

ample tummy.  "And I was planning breaded pork chops and black-eye peas..."

The big hairy arms released her body.  "Well why didn't you say so???" he

grunted.  "I'm starved!!!"

Alice quickly got up from the loveseat, eager to distance herself from her pig

of a husband.  His odor seemed to cling to her like shit on the sole of a

shoe.  "I need to get cleaned up first..." she said as she made her way up the

stairs.  The last thing she heard before she closed the bedroom door behind

her was a loud belch, followed by her husband exclaiming "oooh, AWESOME one!"

**** SIGH **** left her lips and lit up in her mind in brilliant neon.

Alice sat down at her desk and stared at the computer screen.  Wordstar stared

back at her, displaying a small portion of her work-in-progress. She hit the

RETURN key a few times, then absent-mindedly typed the lines:

           Jack is a prick

           and he has no dick!

She giggled at that, then positioned the cursor on the second line and hit

control-Y to delete it.  Then she got up, changed her shirt in a seemingly

hopeless attempt to remove her husband's odor from her presence, and headed

downstairs to cook his favorite belly-stuffer meal.

Late that evening, as they were preparing to go to bed, Jack emerged from the

bathroom with a puzzled and agonized expression on his face.  He was wearing

nothing but his underwear, which he held up with one hand because it didn't

seem to want to stay up by itself.

"Honey?" he said weakly.

Alice stared at him in bewilderment.  He seemed very perplexed about

something, but she couldn't for the life of her see what.

"I, uh, have a problem," he went on, his voice growing to a frightened

stammer.  "Uh, this is going to sound crazy, but I have to take a leak really

bad and I don't know HOW!!"

Alice felt anger rise within her.  Is this one of his dumb jokes???

"Alice, what is wrong with me?"

It was then that she noticed that the bulge at his crotch, which would

normally have pressed his ragged and too-small underwear outward to nearly the

tearing point, was no longer there.  She staggered backward and had to lean

against her dresser to keep from losing her balance.

"Er... uh... be right back..." she said weakly, and then she dashed out of the

bedroom and into the spare bedroom across the hall, where her computer hummed


Alice sat down (nearly stumbling again in her haste), and with shaking hands

she typed:

           Jack has a dick.

Then she positioned the cursor at the start of the line, and deleted the line.

"HEY ALICE!!!!!"

Oh shit, what now???!!!  She lunged out of the chair, sending it crashing

against a file cabinet, and hurried back to the bedroom.

Her rotund husband lay naked in bed with a big grin on his face.  His restored

penis peeked out at her through a tangled maze of scraggly pubic hair.

"Suck on it, bitch!!!"  That used to be a playful joke of his, back in the

early and much rosier days of their relationship, before the day she had come

home early and had caught him in their bed with another woman.  Now it only

made Alice angrier still.

"God DAMN you Jack!!!"  She swung her back on him and stormed out of the room.

Moments later she found herself seated before the computer again.


MY YUMMY WEINER!!"  His booming voice was followed by giggles, interspersed

with hacking coughs.

Before she even realized what she was doing, her fingers were typing.

           The man on my bed does not exist.

Alice stared at the line.  Her left forefinger rested on the CONTROL key, and

the corresponding finger of her right hand hovered expectantly above the Y.

This is crazy!!!




Her fingers descended.



No answer.

"Hey Jack?"

Alice stared at the screen.  Her hands trembled.  For several minutes she sat

like that, while signals danced across synapses in her brain, trying to take

in this amazing new development.

Then her lips stretched out in a smile, and her fingers lightly danced.

           My husband, who is a gorgeous hunk and a wonderful

           lover, is waiting for me in my bedroom.

Not even a second after the period was typed, the two lines were erased from

the screen.

Alice's body tingled all over as she gazed into the imaginary depths of the

monitor.  Her hands tightly clutched the sides of the keyboard.



That voice did not belong to the man she had lived with for twelve years.

Tingles raced up her spine at the sound of the strange, but deep and somehow

soothing sound of his voice.

"Is something wrong?"  The squeak of bedsprings could be heard as someone

got up off the bed.  Soft footsteps from the hall, then into the spare

bedroom.  Then she heard the voice again, this time right behind her as a hand

rested on her shoulder.

"You look exhausted!  Why don't you come on to bed now?  You must have been

writing for hours!"  The hand gave her shoulder a squeeze.  She swiveled the

chair around, and looked up at her husband.  And nearly fainted.

He bent over her, scooped her body effortlessly into his arms, and slowly

walked back to the bedroom.  She gazed up into his face.  Large biceps pressed

against her shoulder and thigh as he stood next to the bed.  His broad, large

chest bulged out over hers, and she gingerly reached up and ran several

fingertips along and around its contours, gently playing with his nipples.  He

shifted her position on his arms slightly, and the movements made his chest

and arm muscles flex and ripple tantalizingly.  Her mind was in a daze, and

her eyes locked on his face, which seemed almost to be in soft focus.  He

smiled down at her.

"Well I thought you were tired, but I bet you don't really want to go to sleep

yet, do you honey?"

The words just passed through her mind unprocessed.  Her eyes tore away from

that gorgeous face and took in the rest of him, as much as she could see from

her position in his arms.  She craned her neck and stretched out her tongue

until it touched one of his nipples.  Back and forth across it her tongue

wiggled, and then her teeth closed on it for a gentle nibble.

Jack (is this really Jack, my husband??) dropped slowly to one knee beside the

bed, and he lay Alice down on it.  "I don't know why, but I feel like this is

our first time!" he said as he slid his fingers along the curves of her body.

Alice glanced down his body and saw his big stiff cock, its head resting on

the edge of the bed next to her left hip.  It looked far tastier than any she

had ever seen in her life.  She wanted to wrap her tongue and lips around it,

oooh yesss...

Her hands slipped around his powerful torso as he lowered his chest to hers

and his lips parted in preparation to meet hers.  The kiss was like no other

she'd experienced:  long, hot, moist, gentle, and very exploring.  Their

tongues slid together, generating heat from the friction of their rough

surfaces.  His tongue continued on, slipping all over her teeth and exploring

her gums and all sides of the inside of her mouth.  Her hands clutched at his

back, feeling the solid mus- cles flex and relax as he expertly shifted his

balance on top of her. His chest pressed against hers, and she hugged him even

tighter as her tongue dove deep into his mouth and their lips ground together

even more passionately.

The thought briefly flashed in her mind:  If this man were the OLD Jack, it

would have all been over by now, and he'd be already asleep! Alice chuckled at

the thought, and the "new" Jack gazed down at her inquiringly.  She responded

by sliding her hands to the back of his head and pulling it down until their

lips were even more firmly enmeshed.

The feel of his big hard meat rubbing against her thigh was driving her WILD!

But soon she had that problem well in hand, as her fingers slid quickly down

his side, then around his waist to where that stiff cock awaited.  Her eager

fingers quickly wrapped themselves around it.  She could feel his whole body

shudder briefly in response, and their kissing became still more forceful

and HOT as she rubbed and pulled on his throbbing penis.

Alice just HAD to taste it!

Her tongue slid away from his mouth and made its way down his body in a series

of circles and figure-eights, lingering at his bulging chest and again at his

firm, washboard stomach.  But before long she tasted his pubic hair, and the

tip of her tongue swirled about amidst the jungle of hair, spiraling toward

the valuable prize that awaited! Then her tongue rubbed against her own

fingers, and she knew then that the target was very near.  Her fingers slid

away, and her eager tongue dove for the attack.

She nibbled sideways at his big cock as the tip of her tongue darted to and

fro, sampling its heat and texture.  His hands groped at her body, seeking

soft flesh to grip and squeeze and knead.  He found the ideal place, and soon

her breasts were the targets of HIS feverish attack. Alice slid her lips to

the head of his cock, teasing his most sensitive spot and sending shudders

up his spine.  She could tell whenever that ZING coursed through his body

because his fingers would clench her yummy boobs tightly.  Her tongue wiggled

from side to side on the very tip of his captive cock, and then she raked it

back and forth along her front teeth.  When she was satisfied that it was

tamed by her frontal attack, she slid it deep into her mouth.

Jack moaned as she sucked on his dick.  A deep throaty moan that she could

feel radiate from his body as well as hear.  She slid that big cock in and

out, its tip pressing against the roof of her mouth and sliding back along it

as she pulled it in.  Her tongue slithered all about, savoring every inch, and

her teeth rubbed lightly against the taut skin.  Her fingers gripped his hairy

balls and rubbed his crotch. His ever-searching fingers, meanwhile, slid down

her abdomen to seek out prey of their own.  She could feel them moving toward

her hot wet pussy, and she willed them OOOOOHHH HURRY PLEASE PLUNGE ON IN!!!!

They tickled her pussy lips and rubbed along the sides of them, then parted

them in the middle and wiggled about in the tight opening. OOOOH MMMMMM she

slid his cock in and out of her mouth with increasing vigor as his thumb and

forefinger thrust their way into her.

Horny minds think alike, and theirs clicked at exactly the same time. Alice

slipped his blazing meat out of her mouth, and quickly guided it to her

crotch.  "Oh please fuck me MMMmmmm...."  Jack's fingers came out with a wet

POP, and that big meat SQUEEZED into her vagina.  Now it was HER body's turn

to shudder!!

He slammed it into her with seemingly endless energy.  Her hands went to his

back again and gripped tight, and she could feel drops of sweat landing on her

chest from his face.  She brought one hand up to his head and brought it down

so that she could POWER her tongue into his mouth.  To her, there was nothing

better than to kiss passionately and fuck wildly at the same time!  Jack

relaxed his arms and let himself lie down on top of her, his hips still

ramming and drilling.  After a while he stopped for a rest, his hard cock

still buried to the hilt inside her, and his lips and tongue still hard at

play with her mouth.  She could feel his panting breath, and then he sucked in

a breath and his cock pulled back and RAMMED into her again.

Not long after her shattering climax, she felt his hot cum explode into her.

The next morning, she made her old Citation vanish, and gave herself a new



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