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Archive-name: Fantasy/wizardsa.txt


Archive-title: Wizard, The (extract)

Extract from "The Wizard" ...a wild version of the Wizard of OZ



Part 1 - Life in the country


        The farm itself was located at the end of a long dirt road.  The house

stood at the edge of a vast sea of wheat about a mile from the little village

of Flangeville, where Dotty also attended the small country school.  Farmhouse,

barn and sheds were nestled in the fringes of a thickly wooded copse that

sheltered a gurgling brook which fed the cool farm pond in the woods behind

the barn.  They lived far from town, and as the road went nowhere else, no one

ever seemed to visit the farm.

        There were no other children nearby the Simpson farm and as she grew up

Dotty was forced to find her own simple pleasures and she early on discovered a

special satisfaction from her long slender fingers.  The little girl had grown

up into a tall thirteen year old teenager with a fine, firm body.  Her slim

frame carried medium sized rubbery breasts with thick, stubby  brown nipples.

A smoothly flat belly was adorned very thinly with the same reddish gold hair

that so thickly adorned her pretty head.  

        At this tender age, Dotty's pussy was hardly covered with hair at all

between her legs and she remained as smoothly soft and clean as when she had

been a prepubescent girl.  She sometimes sneaked into Aunt Sue's bedroom to

lift her skirts to her waist in front of Aunt Sue's tall pier mirror, and Dotty

could see her fat little cunt lips quite clearly.  In between those lips she

could also easily see the meaty pinkness of her chunky prepuce and thin, petal-

like inner lips protruding between those fine labia and veiled beneath the

pussy hairs.  Dotty had explored herself carefully and knew all that lay there

between those long supple thighs...the interesting folds, holes, and wet places

all the way under her body from her clit to her tight little anal bud.

        When she bent way down with her back to the glass and looked between

her thighs at the reflection of her bare ass in the mirror, Dotty could see

the nearly hairless outer cunt lips between her legs pull apart, gaping as they

revealed the damp goodies inside.  Her long, slick inner lips hung down between

and beyond the outer lips, and in that bent-over pose, the labia looked like

the pouring lip of Aunt Sue's best pitcher.  Dotty knew well what was up inside

that pink slit, for she spent a lot of time playing with herself.

        Poor Dotty would have graduated from the grade school this summer, and

that would have been the end of her schooling, for her town had no high school.

But ever since she had discovered all those wondrous places and things between

her legs, Dotty had begun falling steadily further behind in her classes.  

        She only had two dresses good enough for school, and in each of them

she had undone a seam at the bottom of the pocket.  It was ever so much more

fun for her to slip her hand through the open seam to guide those long fingers

into her wetly tender rub and prod herself by the hour...than it was

to pay attention to the boring lessons.  

        Never a very good or serious student, Dotty had lost whatever interest

she had once possessed.  Hours out of every school day were spent in

breathlessly exciting clandestine sex play.  This was her deepest darkest

secret, however, and only her little dog Mopsy knew about it.  Many a day she

skipped her classes entirely to hide in the woods beside the babbling brook,

hoist her skirts and retreat into a pink haze of pleasure till the afternoon

shadows grew long.

        Like all poorer class women of her day, Dotty wore no underwear, so

when she and Mopsy were safely in her hideaway spot, Dotty would plop herself

down with her back to a favorite comfortable tree trunk and close her eyes.

As she spread her long legs apart, her trembling fingers would pull the long

skirts higher and higher till at last she would be lying there naked and

exposed below her waist.  Thighs far apart, her little hands would slide

between the smooth surfaces to pull the softly damp tissues open and slip her

fingers inside.  There she would stroke, or rub, or pull, or prod the exciting

things between the labia.  As Dotty's fingers flew skillfully along her

slippery wet crack, her troubles seemed to vanish and she filled her mind

with fantasies of all the places she would go when she got out of school and

left the farm.  

        While she was thus occupied, Mopsy would lie down between her bare feet 

and split his time between licking his balls and cock, and watching Dotty's

open cunt as he thought about what he would do to little Dotty... if he were a

man and had half a chance.

        After a few moments of play, Dotty's fingers would begin to move faster 

and faster, flying back and forth...making the soft little wet pussy lips

jiggle and tremble with her anxious probings.  Her sensuous mouth would fall

open slackly agape and as the cunt lips began to redden.  The still half-hidden

vagina leaked wetness that made her fingers produce soft, squishy noises.

        "Oh dear!  Oh my!" Dotty would begin to gasp.  Her back would arch

tautly, making the little titties press hard against the soft dress fabric,

her nipples boldly visible points. 

        "Its starting to happen, Mopsy, its coming!" she would babble, her

free hand sliding up under the loose dress to knead the soft, rubbery tits and

pinch her little nipples, 

        "Oh gee!  Oh golly!"   At that moment Dotty would come in a massive

climax, gooseflesh spreading over her bare legs, her buttocks clenching

spasmodically as she lay there trembling in the aftermath...two or sometimes

three fingers thrust deeply into the reddened hole of her vagina.  Though

technically a virgin, her wild fingers had long ago disposed of any hymen.

When she recovered, she would slowly withdraw the dripping wet fingers from

between her strawberry red cunt lips and absently lick the thick, sweet-sour

slipperiness from them as she reveled in the warmth of her afterglow.


        Each day as Mopsy watched the young girl's orgasm, he licked his little 

balls and his long red cock till he, too, came and spurted a long stream of

doggy sperm all over the grass as he got his own jollies.  Afterwards as he

licked himself clean and lay watching the girl, his eyes on the bare cunt that

would still be gaping widely enough to allow his sharp eyes to see the wetly

gleaming entrance to her vagina.  

        There were no girl dogs in the area and poor Mopsy was pretty hard up

for entertainment.  He did do all right after a fashion, he grinned to himself.

Every night after the humans were all asleep, Mopsy would slip out through the

torn screen door to the pens where he would catch and fuck one or two of the

stupidly docile sheep that lived there.

        He had another way of enjoying himself as well, for Dotty generally

slept on her side and during the hot summer nights, she generally slept without

any sheet.  When she did this, Mopsy watched carefully because when she was

really asleep, Dotty's body assumed a foetal position with her knees drawn up

tight against her belly.

         Moving slowly, Mopsy would scoot the soft nightdress higher and higher

with his warm nose till at last he had her entire smooth little ass uncovered.

Her pose made her fat pussy lips expose themselves between her firm upper

thighs and the fatty inner lips stuck out through the aromatic little slit.

        Cautiously he would lick the tender inner lips, his hard little tongue

slipping sometimes in between the warm folds.  If he did it juuussssst right,

Dotty would start to leak cunt juices, sigh...and without waking roll on her

back with her legs sprawling widely, ready to recieve her phantom lover's cock.

When she did this, her entire slit was his and Mopsy would lick her cunt over

and over from her tight little puckered ass hole to her stiff little clit, his

tongue darting deeply into the snugness of her half hidden vagina to savor her

tangy juices.  Often Dotty came over and over in her sleep, and her hole simply

flooded his tongue with tasty tangy seepage.  

        Finally the little dog would come massively onto the sheets and after

cleaning up himself and the mess, both of them would sleep very, very very


Stay tuned...the Saga of Dotty and Mopsy has just begun!!!

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