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Archive-name: Fantasy/witchtre.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: The Witching Tree

   Deep in the Golden Forest, hidden from the eyes of those unfamiliar with

the woods, near the edge of the clearing known as the Fairie Ring, stood a

massive, gnarled Oak tree, its widely spread branches shading the entire

glade, its twisted roots making the ground surrounding it almost

unwalkable. The many birds of the forest chose to nest nearby in the

delicate Ruby Trees or the graceful Willows, forsaking the leafy arms of

the Oak for the beauty of the other trees.

    Seated in a circle in the clearing, the Fairie children listened as

Queen Mab told them the oft-repeated story of how the mighty Oak came into


   "Many, many years ago, a brash young woodsman angered the Witch of the

Woods, Leira, by destroying some of her oldest and most treasured trees,"

she told them. "And the Witch cast a powerful spell, thereby turning the

woodsman into an ugly old O ak tree. She pointed to where the Oak stood,

taller than the surrounding foliage, its trunk twisted, knotty and somehow,

menacing. "There it stands, to this day, a reminder of the Witch's anger

and vengeance. See how all the birds shun its branches?  See how no grass

nor flowers grown around its twisted roots? Its anger at being immobile can

be felt in the very vibrations of the air around it."

    As she spoke, the branches of the Oak, heavy with masses of leaves,

seemed to quiver in frustration. Wide-eyed, the Fairie children moved

closer together, shivering.

     With a gay laugh, the Witch of the Woods came into the clearing, her

arms wide.

    "Ariel! Ariel!" the children cried, running to the Witch and hugging at

her legs.

   "Children! You'll make me fall!" she laughed, patting heads and chucking

chins. "And you, Mab," she teasingly scolded, "Are still passing on that

story woven by my Great-Grandmother."

   The Fairie Queen smiled, bent towards the Witch and whispered, " 'Tis a

grand tale and keeps the wee ones in line, else I'd be chasing them hither

and you through these woods."

    "I've always wondered why the forest creatures shun the Oak, " Ariel

remarked. " 'Tis not an ugly tree. Surely its thick branches are sturdier

and offer better protection from the weather than those of the Willow or

the Ruby Tree."

   "Next to the other trees, the Oak IS ugly. Beasts are no different from

humans in preferring beauty to utility." Mab clapped her hands together.

   "All right, children, time to gather mushrooms! Follow me and let's try

and stay together, shall we?  " She winked at Ariel, and with the children

forming a scraggly line behind her, marched off into the surrounding


   Ariel stood alone in the clearing, gazing at the Oak. "I don't believe

that story for one moment," she said aloud, though she often wondered why

there was only one Oak in the entire forest. Impulsively she went to the

tree and encircled the huge trunk with her slender arms, pressing her cheek

against the rough bark. She looked up, unable to see even the faintest

glimpse of sunlight through the thick, leafy branches. She placed a gentle

kiss against the wood, then turned and made her way bac k the way she had


   The weather was unseasonably warm for Fall and the Witch took advantage

of it to swim daily in the Grassy Pond.The deep green lake grasses on the

bottom tickled her feet and ankles as she swam. Several otters joined her

in play and Ariel laughed at their frolicking. She became so absorbed in

their antics that she did not notice the darkening sky until a bright bolt

of lightning streaked across the black clouds.

   She scrambled from the water, hirriedly donning her gown. Too far from

her cottage to attempt to seek shelter there, she made her way towards the

Oak, but not before the raging thunderstorm broke with full force. Another

lightning bolt split the heavens and Ariel shuddered, clutching the thick

trunk of the Oak. Her eyes clenched tightly shut, she did not see the huge

branches of the tree come down to gently encircle her trembling body,

sheltering her completely from the vicious elements.

   As quickly as it had begun, the storm ended. The air assumed the wet

promise of Springtime. Ariel slowly opened her eyes. The sun was shining

once again and she felt its warmth upon her shoulders. She looked up into a

clear azure sky.

   Wait! She HAD been underneath the branches of the Oak! She looked about

in confusion. There were the Ruby Trees....there, the Willows....where was

the Oak?

   As she looked about the clearing, she felt a gentle hand on her arm.

Startled, she turned to find a woodsman standing by her side. He was tall

and handsome, his green eyes the color of Grassy Pond, his arms muscular

and tanned, his body hard wit h strength.

   "Thank you, M'Lady,"he said, bowing low and kissing her hand.

   "What did I do?" asked the bewildered Witch.

   "You were frightened and put your trust in the Oak. You sought shelter

beneath his strong branches instead of those of the Willow or the Ruby


   "What has that to do with you?"

   He cupped her chin gently, so that she was forced to look into his eyes.

   "I was the Oak. I am Kalthanas, the woodsman your Great-Grandmother

bewitched so many years ago. Your trust in me released me from her spell."

   "I don't understand," Ariel said, "How did that break the spell?"

   "You saw the inner strength the Oak had to offer instead of looking for

outer beauty. You saw inside the Oak for hidden beauty....and found me."

   As he pressed his lips tenderly to hers, Ariel felt her heart begin to

race as she realized the truth of the wodsman's words.

    They were married on the first day of Spring, at the site of where the

Oak once stood. To this day, those who happen across the secluded clearing

marvel not only at the beauty of the trees but at the large rock bearing

the following inscription:

 "Be not afraid to look inside

 Nor fear what ye may find...

 For Beauty on the inside

 Is the most valued kind."


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