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Archive-name: Fantasy/vulhnymn.txt

Archive-author: Green Hell, Inc.

Archive-title: Vulcan Honeymoon


                               "Vulcan Honeymoon"

                         A Green Hell, Inc. production

                           Written June to July, 1990

                Public Domain - Unlimited distribution permitted.

     T'Shaul was a young vulcan female of uninspiring appearance. She was a bit

short, even by human standards. Her cheeks were too narrow, her nose too

pointed, and her ears were large. Her body always remained hidden under the

folds of a robe, but there was not much indication that she was of any great

beauty. Vulcans, though, do not judge by appearance only, and T'Shaul was not

ever overtly considered ugly or unattractive. Still, her parents found it

difficult to arrange a marriage when T'Shaul had been a child. And then they

had learned that she did not *wish* to be betrothed. Being somewhat liberal,

her parents conceded to T'Shauls request for no interference on the order of

marriage. There would be other children for Silvak and T'Peruv.

    T'Shaul kept herself unusually isolated for a vulcan, though never from her

family. She emersed herself in studies, and proved very apt in both biology

and ecology. As Vulcan was a planet with a rather small and limited biosphere,

she concentrated her studies on other planets, especially Earth. Its vast range

of environments and sub-ecologies was eternally fascinating for T'Shaul, and

her parents concern for T'Shauls self-imposed isolation was buffeted by the

knowledge that she would be well respected for her chosen field of application.

That she had already passed the age of marriage without any apparent concern or

interest was unusual, but not unheard of.

    It was in a class on Earth human society that T'Shaul met Ethan Cook. He

was a human, actually *from* Earth, who taught the course for the Vulcan

Science Academy. T'Shaul had only met one human before, a friend of her

mothers. Ethan did not match those early impressions at all. He was cool and

reserved, modeling himself a great deal after vulcans. He taught the class

efficiently, and was willing to discuss topics not directly covered, after the


    Over the weeks, T'Shaul found that Ethan was not modeling the behavior of

vulcans at all. One of the human classmates told her that he had known Ethan

when on a colony planet a few years ago, and he had been the same back then.

    "I think he just doesn't like people much," the student said, "he doesn't

associate with anyone very much. Acts kind of snobby, actually."

    "Perhaps he is just shy," T'Shaul suggested in her quiet voice.

    "Yeah, well... I wouldn't be surprised, I doubt he's been able to get any

girlfriends with his looks..." The student immediately looked embarrassed and

hurried off. T'Shaul had easily felt his reaction, though, to her own

appearance. It was a typically shallow emotional reaction for a human. Yet it

somehow disturbed T'Shaul slightly. She had not admitted, even to herself, that

her appearance was part of the reason for her isolation.

    It was towards the end of the course when T'Shaul discovered Ethan in the

desert, crying, one night. She had been frequenting it herself because of the

effectiveness of the sterile environment when meditating. One night she came to

a small outcropping of rock, still radiating heat absorbed from Vulcans brilliant sun, which had set. Her first reaction upon seeing the human, bent up

against the rock and sobbing into his hands, was to leave immediately. It was a

display of emotion distasteful to any vulcan, even from a human. But she

recognized that it was Ethan, and her curiosity overcame the vulcans usual

regard for privacy. That, and something that radiated with his emotions,

something that was familiar.

    When Ethan recognized T'Shaul as a student in his course, he hesitated to

leave. Then, figuring that no vulcan would really care about his personal

troubles, if they even understood them, he ended up inviting her to stay. She

was hesitant but obviously curious. Feeling the need to purge the depression

that was looming in him, Ethan told the quiet T'Shaul about the pain that led

to his sobbing in the desert, alone.

    It was with some amazement that T'Shaul learned that Ethan also had a

self-imposed isolation. In the human society, he had been unable to live with

what was generally viewed as an unattractive visage, as well as a social

clumsiness. Ethan Cook had eventually given up on forming relations with his

own people, especially female. He had been greatly hurt by rejection inflicted

on him by several different callous women.

    T'Shaul found herself listening intently as the young and lonely man droned

on, rating his life lower and lower. She found herself sympathizing so greatly

that before she realized it, she was telling Ethan about her own deeply buried

self-doubts over appearance and a purpose in her life. She didn't notice the

humans eyes growing wider as she described a strange emptiness she had always

felt in her soul. Than she started when his hand touched hers, and found

herself staring into hidden eyes that somehow gleamed without light.

    In a few short weeks, an incredible change came over the two. T'Shaul was

suddenly telling T'Peruv and Silvak all about her Earth society teacher and not

the course itself. And her bearing had altered in some way that made her more

noticeable. Meanwhile, Ethan Cook was amazing students and co-workers alike as

he smiled, chuckled, and even laughed on occasions. The man who had been

considered snobbish and unsociable was now openly friendly. No one could figure

out the reason behind the apparent changes in his behavior. Until he announced

joyously that he and T'Shaul were to marry.

    T'Shauls parents were, for vulcans, overjoyed. They approved strongly of

Ethan, which surprised him. He was delighted to find how much regard they had

for him and his work.

    "You have brought our daughter back for us," T'Shauls father said softly to

Ethan, when they were momentarily alone. "This is appreciated greatly." Ethan

nodded numbly, knowing what an open admission like this cost the old vulcan. "I

thank you," Ethan managed to say, "for having your daughter. She is everything

to me." And while the love for T'Shaul emenating from the Earth man was not

enough to make Silvak react openly, his eyes did shine more brightly.

    At the Bonding ceremony, T'Shaul and Ethan were accompanied by many vulcan

relatives and friends of her family. Ethan was surprised at how many humans

showed up as well, and was slowly learning that more people had cared for him

then he thought.

    When the full marriage Bond was established, Ethan found himself crying

freely and without shame. Standing together, their hands just touching, he and

T'Shaul thanked their guests for their attendance. The love and joy being

radiated caused more then one vulcan to let slip a minor expression of emotion.

Several of the older vulcan even smiled at them openly, though only for a


    All of their lonelieness and depression were gone, and in the past. T'Shaul

and Ethan had found each other, the Bond thundering in their souls.

                                *    *    *    *

    The couple left Vulcan for what, in quaint human terms, Ethan called a

honeymoon. With the money bestowed upon them as wedding gifts, it was easy to

obtain passage to Net'liree, a lush recreational planet. The planet had an even

climate very much like a warm spring on Earth, which T'Shaul found cool but not

uncomfortable. To Ethan, any drop in tempeture was a relief. Both enjoyed the

lighter gravity, T'Shaul more out of the uniqueness of the experience then the

physical relief that Ethan felt.

    They obtained a modest cabin situated in a large area of land, far removed

from other vacationers. Net'liree was a planet for those that wished privacy

and simple, natural pleasures. The cabin was near the edge of a large lake,

with open fields spread out to one side and a large but not very dense forest

at the other. Most of the native animal life consisted of birds, small mammals

and reptiles, but a number of animals from other planets, including Earth, had

been transplanted to Net'liree. There were even some bears, though they were

very shy.

    The couple spent their time exploring the area. T'Shaul was enraptured by

the assortment of plants. Grasses, bushes, trees, and flowers were everywhere,

and the wind was filled with the scent of growing things and chlorophyll. Ethan

smiled at her wonder of so much greenery. She was also intrigued when he

started swimming in the lake. The experience of total immersion in liquid was

almost totally alien to T'Shaul, who had never left Vulcan. Even baths were

rare, so she did not join Ethan the first several times.

    It was the late afternoon of their third day at the cabin when Ethan was

finally able to convince T'Shaul to let him teach her how to swim. She was

observing the squirrels, feeding them nuts and bits of fruit to win their

trust, when Ethan remarked that for a wife she acted a lot like a student.

    T'Shaul turned her head and watched Ethan "treading water" as he smirked at

her. She knew he was playing one of those incomprehensible human games again.

She had been learning, slowly, what "teasing" was and responded, with usual

vulcan calmness, "In matters of human behavior, I will always be your student."

    Ethan continued to grin and then suddenly splashed a small wave of water

onto her. She blinked and stood up, but knew it was just part of the game. She

was not sure how to respond next though.

    "Well if you're my student, then I think that I should teach you how to

swim," Ethan said, a mock serious expression taking over his face. "Get your

clothes off and come on in."

    T'Shaul continued to stand for a moment, then quickly and efficiently

stripped off her clothing. Ethan had bought them at a shop in town to help keep

her warm. She piled the clothing carefully a ways from the edge of the lake,

then stepped to the edge and slowly slid herself into the water, which was only

about thigh-high at that point. To her it was chilly and made her shiver


    Her complete obeyal of Ethans playful command and her nakedness in the

clear daylight had erased Ethans grin. Now he was just gazing at her body.

Married they were, but they had not yet consummated it, the intense joy of the

Bond having eclipsed such mundane thoughts as those of sex. They had not paid

attention to each others nudity when changing clothes, and had spent their

nights only sleeping, sharing dreams. Now Ethan was taking the time to really

look at his wifes body, and she dutifully turned around slowly at the

admiration that came through the Bond.

    "And to think that we terrans *still* have taboos against the naked form,"

Ethan said quietly. He beckoned T'Shaul closer and she walked into the lake to

him, as he swam closer to her. Meeting at a depth where the water lapped around

their chests, Ethan gazed into her eyes and then gently took her hand.

    Ethan tugged T'Shaul out to the deeper water, then let go of her hand. She

knew that her buoyancy was higher then that of the liquid and therefore she

should float, but found herself nearly choking on the cold lake water.

    "Move your legs," Ethan said, a bit of urgency in his voice. He remained

close but didn't touch her. "Kick them back and forth like you were walking

hard." T'Shaul did as he said and her head was pushed above the waterline.

    After he was sure knew how to stay afloat properly, Ethan began to teach

her some basic swimming motions. The mechanics were apparent very quickly, and

soon T'Shaul was propelling herself about the lake, being very careful not to

breath in any water. Ethan laughed and started to swim around her, showing off.

They collided, and he gasped as she went under. Panicking, he grabbed her by

the waist and heaved her body up high into the air. T'Shaul let out a gasping

breath and wiped her wet, black hair from her face.

     Ethan thought, his heart pounding with fear.

     T'Shaul thought, her trust implicit. She was

looking down at Ethan and his arms were trembling with the effort to hold her

up but he didn't lower her as he just keep staring into her eyes and thinking

 over and over as tears mixed with the cool lake water...

     she exclaimed. She didn't want him to pull a

muscle but he didn't care. She twisted carefully and slid out of his grasp, but

before he could panic again, she swam to the lake edge. He followed and climbed

out before her, to help her.

    "I am fine, my love," she said firmly. Ethan stroked her cheek and his

concern slowly faded. T'Shaul knew the fear he had felt, and did not deny that

she too could not stand the thought of his every dying. It could be examined

calmly and logically, but she did not want to. She only wanted to be with Ethan

and love him, giving herself to him completely. The Bond joined their thoughts

and desires into one.

    Hands clasped, they silently headed for the cabin, T'Shauls clothes left


    Ethan insisted on lighting a large fire to heat the cabin. T'Shaul

protested that it would make him unnecessarily hot and she could withstand the

cold quite easily.

    "No way," Ethan said. "You forget how much more humans can adapt to varying

enviroments than vulcans. This'll just be like the summer I spent in Israel."

    "It is not logical for you to endure such discomfort. I am more adequately

prepared to deal with --"

    Ethan brushed T'Shauls cheek with the back of his hand, cutting off her

statement.  he thought,  He took her hand and tugged her towards the bed. T'Shaul found herself

laying back automatically, considering another protest, when Ethans lips were

suddenly on her own.

    He hungerily kissed T'Shaul, his hands caressing her shoulders. She smelled

his warm, clean breath puffing from his nostrils, quickening as he grew

excited. Ethan had too rarely been able to fulfill any sexual urges with a

woman and now, long suppressed from habit, they were surging forward. But

somehow Ethan realized that there was something wrong. He couldn't figure it

out at first, and then it suddenly dawned on him.

    "You're still a virgin," he said quietly, breaking the kiss.

    "I am untouched, yes," his wife affirmed. Her eyes were gleaming as they

watched his.

    "I didn't think--stupid of me...His annoyance tweaked the Bond and T'Shaul

touched his forehead. The Bond flared and any conflicts died in its light.

     Ethan thought, his concern strong. He didn't

want T'Shauls first sexual experience to be pathetic like his, or painful, or

too short... He wanted it to be perfect. She accepted this and relaxed herself


    Ethan was carefully exploring T'Shauls body, caressing and kissing and

occasionally licking. Her neck was as sensitive as a human womans was, for she

informed him of each spots reaction to his attention as he progressed. Her

nipples were small brown disks with little bumps. Her breasts rose and fell

with her breathing. Ethan tentatively licked one of the brown disks and their was

no outward reaction, except for her next breath being much deeper. He had felt

the tingle through the Bond, though, and continued to gently stroke the nipple

with his tongue. After several minutes, he moved onto the other nipple and gave

it an equal treatment. The bumps were swelling to hard points.

     T'Shaul thought,  Ethan almost smiled at

the classical vulcan observation power applied to such a situation. He stopped

licking the other nipple and kissed T'Shaul softly as he used his fingers to

stroke the hardening nipples. T'Shaul breathed hard into Ethans mouth but she

wasn't making any other sound. The Bond, however, was full of little bits of

physical pleasure coming from her body. Ethan realized that T'Shaul was still

in the habit of controlling any possible emotional outbursts. He pinched her

nipples suddenly and hard and she gasped, but her expression didn't change.

    "You have to let go, darling," he said, concerned. "You can't enjoy it

unless you let go." He could tell she was hesitating.  his thoughts


    Ethan re-applied himself to her nipples, his fingers caressing her skin,

sliding from her shoulders to her rip cage, then around to her back and down

further... T'Shaul gasped again as his fingernails creased along her soft

buttock cheeks and carefully kneaded the flesh. After several minutes he

stopped and raised his mouth up to her lips and kissed her gently as his hands

cupped her breasts. She was responsive, but so restrained and careful! He

decided that to arouse her properly he would have to be more forceful, so his

tongue pushed at T'Shauls lips and pried them apart easily to enter her mouth.

She made a strange little sound at this intrusion and tried to push his tongue

back out with her own, but he kept sliding it around her own.

     she demanded in perplexed thoughts.

     he replied, 

    Unfortunately, it became all too apparent soon that T'Shaul could not

relax. Her arousal was slow and she was too confused over the human sexual

practices to respond naturally.

    "Augh!" Ethan finally exclaimed, flopping on his side. T'Shaul looked at

him with an apologetic expression in her eyes. They both knew what the problem

was now. A vulcan marriage was normally consummated in the blazing heat of a

vulcan males Ponn-Faar and while, as a human, Ethan didn't have the emotional

restraint and control of a vulcan, a vulcans unleashed emotions are more

powerful then a humans.

      T'Shaul thought gently. She clasped his hand with

her own. Ethan knew that it was not an unwillingness, but an inability.

      he thought. 

      T'Shaul was shocked at such a thought, shocked and afraid of such a

thing ever happening to him. He quickly eased her fear with promises to never

consider such a thing again.

     The couple pulled closer and entwined their minds, merging themselves with

their minds instead of bodies. Physical desires ignored, but not forgotten,

they slept.

    T'Shaul awoke that morning first, and left the cabin quietly to retrieve

her clothing. She was careful to wrap an extra thick blanket around herself to

shield against what was, to her, a rather cold morning. She found her clothes

damp with the intriguing occurence of dew, never seen on Vulcan. She laid the

clothes out flat on the small pier over the lake, calculating that the sun

would be hot enough to dry them out by noon. Then she sat down to watch the

coming dawn. Ethan was a late sleeper and would not awaken for awhile, and the

dawning of a small yellow sun was very different then that of Vulcans red

giant. She found the difference fascinating.

    The horizon slowly brightened and gained color as time passed. Native birds

cooed and chirped, and a few even gave some half-hearted whistles. T'Shaul had

found that Net'liree birds were rather lazy about music but friendly and

colorful. As the sun rose slowly, its brilliant orange light filled the sky,

coloring the land in streams of photons. T'Shaul noted, with slight surprise,

that she was already feeling warmer. She gazed at the orange disk, which was

now shifting to a more golden hue, her secondary eye-lids protecting herself

from blindness.

    But as the sun continued to climb and the daylight came, she realized it

couldn't be that hot already. Her skin was beginning to itch from the blankets

roughness so she dropped it from her shoulders. Feeling momentarily cooler, she

wondered if perhaps she were catching some native illness, though they had both

received full inoculations. She felt her forehead and was surprised to find it

slightly damp with sweat. Standing up, the blanket sliding down to rest at her

feet, she considered going into the lake. The water looked cool and refreshing,

just what she needed to sate this fire that was overtaking her... Then T'Shaul

gasped in realization, and probed Ethan through the Bond.

    He was apparently still asleep, but he was having an especially intense

erotic dream. She knew he had been strongly aroused last night but had not

obtained release. Now his unfulfilled desires worked their way out during

sleep. With their Bonding, she had learned about these dreams he had at times,

for they had been one of his few outlets during bouts of depression. He had

been ashamed to admit this to T'Shaul, but she found nothing offensive about

it. Their Bond was so strong and so close, though, that Ethans dream was

affecting her even though she was awake and outside. T'Shaul was breathing hard

and pondered what to do, but it was difficult to concentrate. Her skin was

itching fiercly now, prickling all over. Desperately, she picked up the blanket

and headed for the cabin.

    She entered quietly and found Ethan in the bed on his stomach, the sheets

trundled about his feet. The cabin was still hot from the large fire that he

had built last night, now subsided to glowing coals, and it was almost like

being back on Vulcan. T'Shaul could see that Ethan was sweating profusely as he

tossed about in his sleep. She didn't notice that a sheen of sweat was slowly

gathering on her own body.

    T'Shaul hesitated by the bed, trying to figure out how she should wake her

husband, when he rolled over and sighed. She saw that his penis had grown large

and hard, the testicles drawn up to the crotch. T'Shaul had yet to observe her

husbands body closely, and now she couldn't help but gaze at the male hardness,

noting its pattern of small veins under the skin, the dark, curly tufts of hair

growing around its base. The hair thinned to a line that went across Ethans

stomach and to his chest, the curly growth broadening outwards again. Vulcan

men didn't have such hairy chests and she was enthralled by Ethans. She could

see that he didn't have great muscular definition, but his skin was smooth and

a healthy color. His face, unappealing to vainer human women, was full of

character to T'Shaul. Her eyes traveled back down along his body to his legs,

which were thick and strong, and covered with more hair. The legs shifted as

Ethan groaned quietly and T'Shaul twitched in empathy. His passion was surging

and overflowing into the Bond, making her heart beat faster. Her mouth was dry

as she slowly licked her lips automatically. The cabin seemed to be getting

hotter yet she knew intellectually that it wasn't. The burning was coming from

the Bond and Ethans raging erotic dream.

    T'Shaul, standing by the bed, closed her eyes as she carefully and with

some difficulty slipped her mind into Ethans dream. She knew that whatever was

in the dream, it was driving Ethan into a state that beyond that of Ponn-Faar,

and pulling her with it.

    She had to clamp onto her control firmly once in the dream, for it was

intense and burningly erotic. In the dream Ethan and T'Shaul were in the cabin,

but it was strung with glowing red lights and gauzy red curtains. A musky odor

filled the dream cabin. The dream couple were holding each other, caressing

themselves intamently. The dream version of T'Shaul was wanton as a vulcan

woman is not, using human obscenities and sexual phrases to entice the dream

Ethan. Dream-T'Shaul urged him on as he kissed and licked her neck. "Oooh,

you're tongue is so hot." Dream-T'Shaul cooed. "Suck my titties baby, please?"

    "Of course," Dream-Ethan said, and cupped the breasts proffered him. He

sucked intensely at the nipples and Dream-T'Shaul moaned low in her throat. "Oh

yeah, that's it baby. Don't you love my tits? I bet you'd love to fuck them

with that hot cock of yours. Oooh yeah, you're such a good tit-sucker!"

    "I want you to suck me off," Dream-Ethan said, rubbing the vulcans breasts


    Dream-T'Shaul smiled wickedly then kneeled in front of Dream-Ethan, pulling

his hardness into her mouth. She clamped her lips around the head and slowly

slid them down the shaft until the cock was deep in her throat. Then she sucked

hard and dream-Ethan groaned. "Oh yesss... suck it good you hot vulcan bitch!

Uhhhnnn, you're so fucking GOOD!! Yeesss... oh yeah..." He continued to mutter

on as his hands stroked Dream-T'Shauls black hair as her head bobbed.

   Suddenly she stopped and said "I need to fuck!"

   "Yeah? How bad do you need to fuck, you vulcan slut?"

   "*This* bad!" And Dream-T'Shaul pushed Dream-Ethan over, sliding herself

over him before he could react. With a load moan she lowered herself onto his

prick. "Oh God! You're so big! Unnngh, fuck! Fuck FUCK FUCK!!" Dream-T'Shaul

started bouncing up and down wildy, while Dream-Ethan grabbed her breasts and

massaged them. The dream couple was thrashing and moaning, yelling obscene

endearments at each other.

    T'Shaul forced her way out of the dream suddenly, no longer able to stand

its intensity. She opened her eyes and saw that Ethan had clamped his hand on

his erection, stroking it slowly. He muttered slightly and she could tell that

he was still asleep but not far away from conciousness. She wasn't sure how

long she had been in the dream, but it had seemed like hours.

    Her chest heaving, T'Shaul stared at the human sexual organ as Ethan

stroked it. Its tip was damp with lubrication that oozed from the slit and the

whole shaft was red. Someone moaned loudly and Ethans eyes opened suddenly to

find T'Shaul standing over him by the bed, her arms clasped under her breasts.

She had a dazed expression on her face, focused on his hands... then he

realized that he had been masturbating. Embarrassing, shameful fragments of the

dream spun through his mind and he thought that T'Shaul must surely be upset

with him, but she wasn't *acting* upset...

    She glanced at him suddenly at his thoughts and her tongue darted out to

moisten dry lips. She moaned again and Ethans eyes widened as he felt the heat

radiating from her through the Bond. Suddenly, T'Shaul threw herself on top of

Ethan, desperately kissing him.

     she thought harshly.  Her lips were

sucking on Ethans and she copied his french kiss of the previous night, tongue

clumsily exploring his mouth. He couldn't help himself from responding even

though he protested.

     he thought desperately,  Somehow, still slightly addled, he thought she was forcing herself

into this state, that she was doing something she didn't want to. His dream! It

had been so guttural.

    "You foolish human," T'Shaul said, breaking their kiss, "you can not shame

me! You have aroused me too much!" Her eyes were gleaming feverantly. "Do you

not realize? Your dream, it brought me here! It was your equivalent of

Ponn-Faar!!" Ethans eyes widened at the realization. Then he grabbed T'Shaul

and was hungrily devouring her lips, then sucking his way down her chin and

across her neck to her breasts. Her slumbering passion had been well and truly

awakened and now it compelled his actions.

    T'Shaul moaned as Ethans tongue swirled around her hardened nipples. His

soft, flexible muscle was dancing across the tight, rough flesh of each breasts

tip, flicking and swirling as he sucked gently. He used his teeth to carefully

nibble on the nubs and T'Shaul gasped each time, then pulled his body closer.

"Oh yes!!" she exclaimed, "Suck my tits!" Ethan started at this exclamation.

"Do not stop!" T'Shaul cried desperately.

    "Sorry..." Ethan replied a bit sheepishly. "I'm not used to a vulcan

talking... explicitly."

    "I do not care!!" T'Shaul complained. "I just want you to suck my tits!"

    Ethan grinned, and then he noticed that his wifes hips were twisting back

and forth. "Hey," he said, "you don't need me to suck your *tits*..." With

that, he moved himself down to T'Shauls crotch. T'Shaul was moaning quietly as

her hips wriggled about, but she stopped when her husband pulled her legs apart

and placed his face just inches from her crotch. A strange thrill shot down her

spine but she suppressed the idea that he would... no, he would not dare!

    Ethan examined the puffy green lips of his wifes vagina. The color was so

different than the pink shadings of a human womans, it was somehow perversely

exciting. Blood-engorged tissue glistened with moisture while fine black hair

like silk threads surrounded the lips in a delicate frame. "Awwww, poor baby,"

Ethan said, "did I cause this?"

    "Yes. Now please Ethan..." T'Shaul seemed slightly confused, though she

didn't stop wriggling slightly. He couldn't possibly be intending to...

    "It looks hot... Let's see if I can cool it down." Ethan breathed carefully

on the soaking patch of hair and skin. T'Shaul moaned hard at the tickling

breeze. "Well that didn't work. Maybe I can cool it by licking."

    "Licking?" T'Shauls voice was small and trembling. "But that... that would

be..." She could barely suppress the lust that welled up at what he suggested.

     Ethan thought.  There

was silence only for a moment, and then T'Shaul nodded, head shaking slightly.

    Ethan could smell the muskiness of T'Shauls lubricants. The odor wasn't

overly strong and had a tinge of something that he couldn't identify.

Something pleasant, like a flowers heavy perfume. He breathed it in deeply as

he used his tongue tip to lick from the bottom of the glistening slit to the

top. T'Shaul started to moan the moment Ethans tongue touched her heated nether

lips and the moan rose in pitch as the taster slid upward until it reached the

dark cap of flesh over her clitoris. He used his fingers to pull it back and

carefully sucked on the bud of nerve endings.

    "OH!" T'Shaul cried, her body quivering like a drop of water on a fine


     Ethan thought.

     "OOH!"  "OH!!"  "OH

YES!" T'Shaul thought that she had never felt such pleasure before. Hot lines

raced along her nerves and mind seemed to be sinking into something warm.

     Ethan swabbed his wifes wattles,

sucking in the moisture on them with great abandon. The taste was different

from the smell, almost nutty but with a salty-sweet aftertaste. Delicious!

    T'Shaul slowly undulated her hips as Ethan serviced her with his mouth. She

had never bothered to study human sexual practices; she hadn't even paid much

attention to the vulcan ones. Now she was happy to be making up for the lost

time as she moaned in great abandon. She watched her husband as he maneuvered

in her crotch, hands massaging her thighs. It was intensely exciting to see his

tongue swirl about and feel the near ecstasy of it at the same time. A slow

coiling was growing in her stomach which she realized was an approaching

climax. It would be her first ever.

     Ethan thought, surprised.

    T'Shaul, too distracted to concentrate on thinking, replied "Yessss. Do

that again, it felt OH! O H ! Yes! Oh I love you!" She closed her eyes, but her

hands sought out Ethans head to hold it gently. Waves of ecstatic love flowed

through the bond with the increased physical contact.

     Ethan pressed his mouth

against the wet pocket and stuck his tongue between the lips, pushing it in as

far as it would go. T'Shauls hips began bucking immediately as the tongue

pulled out and slid back in, over and over. Then she cried out again when Ethan

swirled his tongue around her swollen clitoris rapidly, ending with a hard

sucking on the button while flicking it with his tongue tip. The sensual

undulations of T'Shauls body rapidly fell apart as she felt the coiling

becoming tighter and tighter.

    "Inside me you-you probe and eat and drink me and I-I-I'm going..." The

sentence stuttered and died into silence for one brief moment.  "I LOVE YOU!!!" T'Shaul

quivered violently, then started thrashing as she came so hard she managed to

rip the matress with her clenching hands. A single hair-raising moan emerged

from T'Shauls throat, drawing out and out as her climax pulsed through her

every nerve. Ethan vibrated his tongue on the pulsing clitoris as tremendous

volumes of musky fluid poured out of the slit below it, coating his chin. Only

intense concentration kept him from loosing his own control and spewing semen

all over the bed underneath him.

     After several minutes, T'Shaul came down from her high. She was gasping

for breath but managed to sigh happily. Ethan kissed her stomach and she

giggled. It felt good to giggle and she continued to do so. Ethan smiled as his

wifes happiness bubbled over to him through the Bond. It made him feel joyful

and proud to have brought his wife such pleasure for her first time.

     T'Shaul thought as she kissed Ethan. She didn't

notice the slight tang of her own cum on his lips. 

     Ethan thought ruefully.

    T'Shaul could feel now that Ethan was indeed very excited. His libido was

overworked from the double sensations of pleasure that the Bond provided. He

would need to ejaculate to relieve the pressure, she calculated. Images from

the dream suddenly lept into her mind.

    "Is my beloveds cock all swollen and hard?" T'Shaul said. Her quiet, gentle

voice uttering such explicit words made Ethan start. She was learning that

such "dirty talk" was very arousing for him. And that meant it was arousing

for herself as well. Fortunately, she had learned quite a few from his dream!

    T'Shaul moved herself into a kneeling position on the bed between Ethans

legs, bending over his cock. His eyes grew wide when she said, "What a

beautiful hard cock my husband has." Her hair hung in long strands over Ethans

pelvis as she looked down at the tip of his prick. "And it has a purple head.

I love purple." She experimentally fondled the staff and Ethan groaned as

soft, careful fingers caressed his hot flesh. "Oh, it feels wonderful! It is

smooth and hot." Pre-cum leaked from the slit as T'Shaul stroked the cock,

describing the feeling.

    "You certainly aaahh! learned the verbal part of human sex fast! Mmmmm..."

    "We are Bonded, my love. I know your dreams and you know mine." T'Shaul

leaned closer to Ethans prick. "I watched your dream... you wanted me to suck

your cock." A drop of pre-cum spat out and hit T'Shaul on the nose at the

remark. She looked at Ethan, seeing sweat run down his face, his eyes

pleading. "And I do. I want you to come. I want you to feel so good!"

    "Do you, unhh, know what to do?" Ethan said, gritting his teeth.

    "I grap the basics," T'Shaul replied. "Do you object to my practicing on


    "Practice. Please," Ethan breathed.

    T'Shaul leaned forward and carefully licked from the cap of the cock down

the staff, leaving a streak of shiny saliva. The flavor was almost tangy, a

combination of sweat and something else. Liking this taste, T'Shaul slid her

tongue-tip up the underside of the hardness and passed over the sensitive

glans. Doing so caused Ethan to moan and T'Shauls crotch to suddenly flood

anew. She gasped in surprise at the surge of pleasure, spreading her knees

wider in automatic response. Eager now, she pursed her lips and placed them on

the head of the cock, then pushed it slowly into her mouth, just as the

dream-T'Shaul had. She pressed her lips tightly to the sides of Ethans cock as

she slid it nearly half-way in.

    Ethans hips pushed up, trying to thrust the rest of his cock into the warm

and wet place, but the head only banged against the back of T'Shauls mouth.

T'Shaul supressed his humping with her vulcan strength, hands holding his hips

firmly in place. Then she began to suck as if she were using a very thin straw

to try and empty a huge container of water as quickly as possible.

    "UOUUUHHHH!!" Ethan moaned, his eyes closing. "FUCK!! Oh God baby, not so

hard! Oooooohhh!! STOP STOP!" He was gasping and panting, so T'Shaul let up the


     she thought, her mouth too full to speak. She looked

at Ethan with concern. 

    "Right?!" Ethan was nearly stunned, she realized. "T'Shaul, you nearly

sucked my balls out! Another couple of seconds and I would've lost it." Ethan

felt wonderful affection for the dark haired maiden watching him, his hardness

protruding from her lips. His affection swirled with lust at her visage, giving his wife a strange fluttering sensation in both her crotch and her chest.

    Ethan showed her some images of other techniques she could try. T'Shaul

learned quickly what actions provoked the greatest pleasure. Licking the

sensitive spot just between the head and the stretched foreskin would always

bring Ethans climax closer as well as making her crotch even more wet. Sucking

a ball into her mouth would illicit a gasp from Ethan. Suction on the head,

much milder than she had used before, gave them both glorious tingles.

    T'Shaul licked the cock from base to tip and down again, coating it with

saliva. She clamped her lips to the head and tickled it with her tongue, then

tried to stick the tip of her eager taster into the small slit, but it

wouldn't fit. So instead, she swirled her tongue around the head, tracing the

broken circle of tissue around the base of the cock head. T'Shaul had bunched

up the bed sheets between her legs and now rhythmically squeezed her thighs

against them. Ethan was murmuring endearments to his wife as she switched

between licking the whole shaft and caressing the head with her tongue.

    "Ungh! Aaaaahhh... oh yeah right there... UNNNNGH!! oooh..." Sweat was

pouring from Ethans body, soaking the matress cover. His balls felt bulging

and hard, almost stony.

     T'Shaul thought and a stab of mixed pleasure-pride came

from Ethan.  She was really getting into dirty talk,

stoking her own firey passion with the strange human words. The sheets between

her legs were soaked thoroughly, the lubricants dampening her thighs. Ethan

could smell the musky, delicate odor which was filling the cabin.

     Ethan thought. 

     T'Shaul replied. And it was true.

    She pulled back for a moment to examine her handywork. Ethans prick was

visibly straining, gleaming with saliva and pre-cum in the morning light from

the window. The shaft was a pleasant bright red with a dark purple head that

bobbed slightly with each pulse of Ethans rapidly beating heart. T'Shaul

kissed the glans and more pre-cum squirted out. She liked having this control

over her husbands body, his passion. She didn't want it to end too soon. Now

maybe it was time for her to play a little game.

    "Are you ready to come?" she asked huskily.

    "Yes!" The reply was frantic.

    "Are you sure?"

    Ethan stared at her. "YES!"

    "Maybe you would like some water, it must be hot for you. Or maybe a swim

in the lake?" T'Shauls tone was almost off-hand.

    "Damn it, I should never have taught you how to tease," Ethan complained,

realizing his wifes intentions.

    "Too late, my love." T'Shaul replied, a triumphant expression on her face.

    Ethan groaned and shoved his raging need for climax into T'Shauls mind. The

Bond had been echoing the physical sensations all along, but not this fully or

intensely. Now T'Shaul moaned, her head falling forward to rest on Ethans leg,

as her hips flexed hard and little gasps escaped from her lips. "Oh oh ooh...

Oh stop, oh, oh stop please oh..." T'Shaul felt like steel bands were wrapped

around her--testicles?--which strained to burst. She nearly emptied her

bladder. She couldn't hold herself up as Ethans throbbing need filled her and

she whimpered for it to stop. Ethan relented and she raised her head to look

at him. "Oh Ethan..." she breathed. Her whole crotch was throbbing and her

pussy felt like it had had boiling water poured over it.

    "Just make me come," Ethan said, "please... it's starting to hurt..." He

was breathing hard and swallowing constantly. His eyes pleaded to his wife.

    T'Shaul immediately stopped practicing the game of teasing. She let her

mouth fill with saliva, then slid Ethans cock into the oral cavity, her lips

sliding along the veins of the shaft. She began to bob her head, the tip of the

cock sliding in as far as it would go then out. "Unh! Oh God!! Uuuhhh!" Ethan

was gasping and thrusting his hips to meet T'Shauls hot mouth as she bobbed her

head faster, moaning as Ethans climax built through the Bond, making her crotch

itch. She was moaning harder and her head was starting to shake as she slid her

mouth ever faster over Ethans prick.

    "T'Shaul," Ethan gasped, barely able to talk, "use your hand! Or I-I-I'll

UUUNNNGH!" Ethan almost whimpered. He knew he could never hold back against

this onslaught. He desperately wanted to pull himself out of T'Shauls mouth

before he came, but she was holding his body tightly in place with her

superior vulcan strength. T'Shaul felt her husbands balls tightening and

starting to jerk as he was about to come, so she left just the cock head in

her mouth. Then she used her hand to jerk on the rest of wet shaft as she

flicked the sensitive glans in a frenzy.

    "WAIT! NOOOO!!" Ethan cried, but it was too late. His back arched up as he

yelled, then his cock jerked violently and hot sticky fluid flooded T'Shauls

mouth. She vaguely tasted the semen but was overwhelmed by Ethans intense

climax setting her off. The Bond made it seem almost like she had a cock and

it was spurting hard into a warm and pleasant cavity. She couldn't help

herself as she flung her head back and yelled incoherently, unswallowed semen

dribbling out of her mouth as she trembled in the throes of ecstasy. Ethans

cock spurted cum onto her neck and chest several times and then stopped.

T'Shaul groaned desperately, then bent close as she grabbed her husbands prick

and pumped out more semen. It jetted onto her narrow features, but she didn't

care. She closed her eyes and shuddered with their shared climax. With each

stream of semen, Ethan felt like someone was yanking a hot wire out of his

uretha. They were both coming intensely, pleasure feeding back through the Bond

in a seemingly endless cycle.

    Slowly the couple recovered from their orgasm, gasping and panting. T'Shaul

slowly pumped her hand along Ethans cock and a few more drops of semen oozed

out. She licked them off, now able to concentrate on the flavor. It was thick

and salty, but definitely appealing. And it seemed that something in the semen

reacted with her vulcan skin or sweat, making her flesh tingle in a strange,

soothing fashion.

    "I'm sorry T'Shaul, I couldn't help myself..." Ethan was ashamed of the

mess he had made of his wife. Her black hair was damp with sweat, which

speckled her forehead. Her face had cum spattered all over it, dripping from

her nose and mouth in gobs, and more semen dripped down her neck over her

breasts. Her hand was sticky with the white fluid, which she was carefully

licking off. Ethan felt like crying for what he had done. "I didn't want to

shame you..." he said miserably, then stared as he realized his wife was

eagerly eating his semen. "You... you like it?" he asked incredulously.

    "Yes," T'Shaul said. "It makes my skin tingle." She licked her fingers

carefully, as if she were sampling some vegetable dip. "And it has a unique

flavor. Different then anything else."

    "But..." Ethan was confused. This was his wife! Not some common prostitute

that he would pay to relieve his frustrations.

     T'Shauls thought was quiet.  Ethans

self-disgust died away.

    T'Shaul rubbed the semen across her chest, caressing it in.  The tingling settled into her hot skin and made it nearly glow.

Ethans cock had begun to soften but now it was pulsing hard again at the sight

of the young vulcan maiden using his cum as an ointment. His passion was far

from exhausted and now it surged anew. T'Shaul sighed, her eyes fluttering

closed, as warmth spread through her stomach and then into her groin.

    "Oooh..." She opened her eyes and stared into Ethans own. They were

gleaming with hunger but the glow of love was just as strong. She unfolded

herself to rest her body on his, and whispered "I love thee, thou who art my

husband." She spoke in Vulcan, but Ethan understood every word. "Let us mate."

    "Oh we will," Ethan whispered back. "But not until we clean up. I'm not

going to have your first time be something sleazy." T'Shaul nearly argued

against this, for her blood was burning with unrelenting need, but she felt the

importance Ethan held for his wish, so she agreed.


    They left the cabin, not worrying about clothing since they were well

isolated in their location. Once outside T'Shaul found herself actually cooling

off a bit, though the sun was now shining brightly at near mid-morning

position. She wondered how cold the lake water would be.

     Ethan assured her. 

    They reached the lake edge and Ethan walked right in. T'Shaul entered a bit

more slowly, since the water was nearly as cold as she had thought it would be.

Ethan playfully dragged her in all the way, making sure that her head stayed

above the surface. Then he paddled out to the deeper water, pulling T'Shaul


     she chastised him.

     Ethan replied, refering to the Bonds echo of his

wifes discomfort. 

    Ethan carefully wrapped himself around T'Shaul, and directed her to hold

her breath. He submerged them both for a short time, caressing the sweat and

semen from his wifes body. They surfaced and Ethan felt T'Shaul starting to

shiver, so he kissed her lips hard to distract her from the discomfort. He

pulled T'Shaul down again, sharing his breath with her. Her skin was cooling

rapidly under Ethans stroking fingertips and she continued to shiver, but she

didn't stop kissing. 

    When they re-surfaced, Ethan was satisfied that his wife was clean. But she

was also terribly cold now, shivering uncontrollably. Her hair was plastered

against her skull, dripping water that beaded on her eyelashes. And her eyes

were glittering so brightly that they seemed to be dark diamonds in the


     Ethan thought, hugging his wife tightly to him, 

     She placed one hand against Ethans cheek. 

    Ethan swam akwardly back to sure, holding T'Shaul with one arm. He lifted

her up in both arms as he stood up and left the lake. He jogged slowly to the

cabin, pushing the door open with one foot. Once inside, he placed T'Shaul on

the bed, then closed the door. The air was still warm and musky which made

T'Shaul immediately more comfortable, but they were both dripping, soaking wet.

Ethan crawled next to his wife and began to suck the water off, licking it from

her neck, then her shoulders. He sucked along her arm, the soft flesh pulling

into his mouth from the gentle vacuum. He carefully licked each finger on the

one hand, then switched to the other and proceeded up that arm back to its

shoulder. T'Shauls skin was starting to blush a sea green, warming to her

husbands hot tongue as it gathered up drops of lake water. Ethan was drinking

from T'Shauls body, sipping from her collar bone, moving on to her chest,

giving the hard nipples only a few swipes before lapping up the water trapped

under the breasts.

    "Oooooh..." T'Shaul cooed as her husbands tongue dried her, leaving behind

a thin layer of saliva that the hot skin quickly evaporated. "Aaaaaaaa... oooh

that's soooooo good! My beloved..." She was squirming and twisting now, well

primed and ready, but Ethan continued to progress methodically along. He

swabbed T'Shauls flexing stomach, then put his mouth over her belly button and

sucked hard to extract the trapped moisture. T'Shaul squeaked out some

gasp-like sounds. "Oh please... stop..." she panted. Her skin was becoming more

sensitive as blood flowed forth.

     Ethan thought, matter-of-factly. He continued

past the stomach and went onto the thighs. When his lips touched the inner part

of one thigh, the legs immediately bent up and spread wide. But Ethan ignored

the invitation, as tempting as it was, and continued along the thigh, sucking

carefully. There was a great deal more sweat now. He could feel T'Shauls lean

but deceivingly strong muscles quivering. He slurped along her knee and leg to

descend to the feet. Unfortunately, a vulcans foot sole isn't as sensitive as a

humans, so he contented himself with sucking each toe into his mouth for a

moment. Each time, T'Shaul moaned a small plea. Her hips were gyrating, and her

bottom lip had completely disappeared into her mouth. Her skin itched and

tingled while her puss twitched for attention. It didn't receive any.

    As Ethan went to the other foot, he wiggled the toes with his tongue. Then

he kissed the ankle and continued to kiss his way up the leg, pausing to

noisily slurp at the kneecap. He was barely constraining himself at this point

as T'Shauls torment being nearly unbearable, but Ethan disciplined himself

firmly. She was asking him to please, *please* hurry up, to give her some

release or at least STOP! The pleas were hard to ignore, especially when his

wife whimpered so plaintively. It certainly didn't make the torment any easier

to bear.

    "Turn over," Ethan said quietly. T'Shaul moaned, but she obligingly laid

herself onto her stomach. Ethan sucked gently along her left calf to her

buttock cheek, which was fairly dry. He kissed his way across the firm cheek to

the opposite member. Then he placed his hands on both cheeks and pulled them

apart. T'Shaul stiffened. There was a moments agonizing pause, during which she

dared not even breath. Then she felt Ethans hot breath puffing in the cleft as

he sucked out what trapped moisture there was. T'Shaul remained tensed but was

trembling slightly. When Ethan jammed his tongue into the cleft and licked it

dry, she couldn't help arching her ass up to him. But now he was licking and

sucking his way across her back, arriving at her neck, where he had started.

Without any urging, she turned over onto her back again, her eyes closed and

hands loosely clenched at her sides. By now her clit was bright green and


    Ethans lips brushed against T'Shauls, then stroked across her cheeks. He

kissed her closed eyelids, then her high slanting eyebrows, and finally her

forehead. Then he sat back leisurely, head propped up on one arm. T'Shaul

opened her eyes and looked at him silently, reproachfully.

    "There, I think I got you dried off." Ethan smiled at T'Shaul. "Don't you feel better now?"

    "Ungh..." T'Shaul could see clearly through Ethans casual statemnt, for his

cock was so hard it was pointing up towards his stomach, his balls were

shrunken into his abdomen, and he was sweating more then she was. She stuttered

as she went along with the little game. "I-I think y-y-you missssed a spot,


    "Oh, so I did," Ethan replied. Then he swooped in on T'Shauls crotch. "Oh

look at all this water. It's just puddling up here. This may take a while."

    T'Shaul nearly screamed in relief when Ethans probing tongue began to lick

around her vulva. He loudly slurped up the abundance of lubricants, then

quested inwards for more, probing in between the vulva and the inner lips. When

they were dry as could be expected, he pressed his mouth against the vaginal

opening and started sucking. T'Shaul suddenly began to mutter Vulcan words and

phrases that had a haunting, rough beauty in their sound. But their meaning was

more obscene and explicit then any human words. Her voice got higher and higher

and her chest was heaving, the small breasts stretching and bouncing slightly.

The green flush was rushing from the rest of her body to the center of her

torso, darkening.

    "Suck Suck Suck..." she chanted elegantly in Vulcan, Ethan understanding

every nuance through the Bond. "SuckooooooOOOSuuuckooooooOOOSssoooo gooooood."

She was gasping, her back arching and thrusting her crotch into Ethans face as

his tongue thrust as deep as possible into her cunt and he sucked and swallowed

the flowing juices. He pulled the tongue out and sucked on the clitoris,

holding it carefully between his teeth. T'Shauls movements became jagged and

more pronounced, and images from her uncontrollably flooded his mind. They were

searing fantasies of dark lust and desire from the animal root of her mind.

    T'Shaul was grunting in a stutter that heralded her climax. "OOOH! Oh, OH,

Unh... Unh, Unnh, Ungh-UNGH!-UNNNGGH!-UNNGGHHHHHOOOOOH..." For one second there

was silence, then T'Shaul shrieked "EEEETHAAAANNN!" and the climax crashed upon

her like a great wave on a reef. Ethan thrilled at the sensation of her vaginal

muscles pulling his tongue in with a powerful suction, his nose ludicrously

rubbing the clitoris. He couldn't hope to prevent the spurting of his cock, but

it only got harder when he finished climaxing.

    After several minutes, Ethan realized that T'Shaul had already came three

times and was showing no signs of letting up. He reluctantly pulled away from

her twat, then watched the inner lips actually opening and closing with the

pulsations of ecstasy.

     T'Shauls thought was so loving that it

brought tears to Ethans eyes. 

    Without a sound, they rolled onto their sides, so they were facing each

other. T'Shaul raised one leg and placed it over Ethans hip. She could feel his

hard flesh bouncing against her pubes. They locked eyes, and didn't even dare

blink or flinch as ever so carefully, the head of Ethans cock found T'Shauls

oilslick-wet nether lips and speared between them. It slid in until it met a


     Ethan thought, 

     It wasn't an urgent request but a

demand. Ethan stared hard into the glittering crystals of T'Shauls eyes, then

thrust his hips forward hard.

    There was a sharp pulse of pain that Ethan tried to block T'Shaul from

feeling, but his attempt was clumsy. They both gasped but the pain was already

blurring, turning into an ache. T'Shauls eyes never strayed from Ethans. He

started to say he was sorry but she was starting to twist her hips. Soon, they

were grinding their pubic bones together, and the dull ache flittered off,

chased away by bubbling pleasure.

     T'Shaul thought.  Ethan groaned as his

wife began to verbally tease him. Now that they were consummated, she was

getting him back for the earlier torment.  As the barrage of obscene thoughts continued, T'Shaul

was starting to pant and moan. Soon she was vocalizing instead of thinking.

    "It's fucking me so well, in and out and in and out and OOOOOOH! Ungh oh

and it's making me climax in little bits! Oh! Oh! OH!!" Ethan shivered each

time T'Shaul had a tiny, mini-climax, his tormented cock pulsing little jets of

pre-cum in tandem. "I feel it!" T'Shaul exclaimed. "Don't move it! Just leave

it in. Oooooh... Oh even when you don't move it, it makes me want to come,

OOOH!!" T'Shauls head dropped forward on Ethans shoulder, still muttering. His

cock was rested snugly deep in the warm pocket, throbbing in rhythm with his

thumping heart. As they held each other frozen in this position, Ethan began to

feel a small ebb in his building climax. After several minutes, he caressed his

wifes cheek, pulling the damp hair out of the way. Her eyes were closed and she

almost looked like she was asleep, but it was an illusion of sight only. Ethan

kissed her cheek tenderly, then kissed her earlobe. T'Shaul moaned. He nibbled

lightly on the earlobe, then traced its curve to her earpoint with his tongue,

while T'Shauls moans became more pronounced. He blew faintly into her ear, then

stuck his tongue inside. T'Shauls hips began to buck in slow motion, and Ethan

thrusted in response.

     Ethan thought, 

     As T'Shauls bucking was met by Ethans thrusts she was

pushed over onto her back, Ethan on top. Now she rested as her husband thrust

more urgently, pulling himself almost all of the way out then pushing back in

as far as he could, over and over. He was holding himself up over T'Shaul so

her could watch her face as she moaned and gasped. He felt that he had never

seen anything more beautiful then her hungry, grimacing countenance. Her back

arched as she growled like a trapped animal, and Ethan groaned at her

lust-crazed experssion. "Oh you're so fucking HOT!" he cried. "I can't, ungh,

hold back! Unnngh! I'm going to have to come!"

    "YES!" T'Shaul growled, "DO IT! I'm ready for it, I've been ready forever!"

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled hard, nearly knocking the air out of

his lungs. "COME INSIDE ME YOU FUCKER!!!" she yelled in his ear.

    His thrusts frenzied, Ethan felt his balls seem to balloon and expand.

"Ooooh it's coming!" T'Shaul cried happily, as if she were a litle girl at a

parade seeing the first glimpse of her favorite float. Her legs clamped around

Ethans ass and locked him into place deep inside her throne. He clamped his

mouth on hers and grunted as his cock pulsed the first stream of long-simmering

semen into T'Shaul, who was already orgasming. They're gentials seemed fused

together, pulsing and squirting and throbbing as one. Ecstasy flared sodium

bright in the Bond at each pulse. T'Shaul and Ethan shared images of her body

filling up with hot streams of cum and their orgasm blasted harder. Ethan was

sure he'd have bruises from being squeezed so hard but he didn't care.

    Sadly, the pulses grew weaker and farther apart. Eventually, there was only

a rippling that faded slowly. They remained locked together for several minutes

afterwards, their grips loosening only slowly. Eventually, they opened their

eyes again, lips still locked together. Sighing contentedly, the couple kissed


     T'Shaul thought finally. 

     Ethan squeezed her gently. 


    Ethan chuckled, and T'Shaul smiled at him. Then they rolled on their sides,

still locked together, and slowly fell into a quiet doze.

--** The End **--



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