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Archive-name: Fantasy/vampire.txt


Archive-title: Vampire

	I had always been afraid of the dark.  I had been nearsighted, and the

dark hid those things that were far away... I jumped at every twitch of a

shadow.  My friends made fun of me, and one night, as a high school prank, they

took me to a cemetery and left me there.  I had been dared to play a game of

"hide-and-seek" with my friends, but after having hidden for severaly minutes,

I heard no sound.  My knees were already bruised from having knocked together

so much, and I had bitten my tongue as my teeth chattered nervously.  I

cautiously moved out from my hiding place -- I had not been all that well

hidden to begin with -- and called out after my friends.  No answer came.  We

had each taken a flashlight from the car, and I took mine from my pocket and

flicked the switch.  My breath caught in my throat when no light came.  I shook

the object and the sound told me the batteries had been removed.  I began to

curse my friends, cursing the day I had met them, cursing the fact that they

thought so little of me to leave me here with my fears.  And when I was done

cursing, I sank to the ground, exhausted and terrified, huddled up against the

cold stone of a gravestone.

	My fears grew, and I imagined I saw figures creeping from stone to

stone, glittering eyes peering out at me, glittering teeth with saliva waiting

to taste me.  A scream caught and died in my throat, only a harsh croak

emerging.  I struggled to my feet and began to run blindly, tripping over

stones, heedless of the bruises and scratches I received.  Only a fall over an

enbankment to land face down in the soft ground of a bed of flowers stopped me.

My heart pounding, I slowly raised my eyes from the ground and looked for light

-- any source of light -- to travel towards.

	I heard the soft crack of a broken branch and rolled over onto my back 

Footsteps moved slowly in my direction, and I scuttled backwards crablike until

my back was against the stone door of a tomb and there was no further for me to

go.  A voice called out, "Who's there?" and the cold quality of it sent shivers

down my spine.  There was a click, and a beam of light swept the area, lighting

on my face.

	I looked towards the source of the light -- welcome light -- and saw a

man standing there, not much older than myself.  I didn't recognize him, so I

felt that perhaps he was one of the students from the local college or perhaps

a private school nearby.  He stood perhaps 6 feet tall, with sharp features and

a bright shock of unruly blond hair.  His expression was concerned, and I

realized what a fright I must look.  I ran my hands self-consciously through my

dark hair, brushing tangled locks back from my face.

	"I heard voices and a car," he explained, moving closer to me, reaching

out a hand to help me stand.  The shock of his cold touch made me grasp his

hand longer than I had intended, and I slowly released it to rub my hands

together for warmth.  He continued, "And then I heard the voices leave, saying

something about having left someone in here as a trick.  I thought I should

come look."  He gestured at a house nearby.  "I live right over there.  Your

friends parked in front of my house."

	"Friends?"  I laughed, somewhat hysterically.  "You must be joking."

	He shrugged, the motion fluid and strangely erotic.  I found myself

watching him move, entranced by his eyes.  He looked back at me, and again moved

closer, placing an arm about my shoulders.  This time I didn't try to draw back

for his arm felt right where it was, and I didn't wish to discourage him.

	"Perhaps you would like to clean up?" he asked softly.  "I could lend

you some clothes while yours wash..."  His voice trailed off and his eyes,

silvery blue, stared into mine.  I felt as if I were captured and sinking

slowly into the depths of his soul.

	I nodded, and he began to lead me out of the hellish darkness to the

street, which although not well-lit seemed like the brightest of heavens to me.

I relaxed visibly as we reached the first street light, and he allowed me to

rest a moment and catch my breath before moving on to his home.

	As we stepped inside the house, I was surprised to see how empty it

seemed.  He glanced at me, and saw my puzzled expression.  "I rent the house,"

he explained.  "And I am not yet fortunate enough to have found a roomate."  He

reached up to turn on the light, and a chandelier overhead lit the foyer.

	I should explain.  The houses along the streets by this cemetery were

the oldest houses in the town, and many were decorated in keeping with the time

in which they were built.  Some were almost museums, and were even open to the

public part time.  Apparently, however, the owner of this one had decided to

rent out the house.  I decided that the stranger must be a student at the

college.  No one my age should be able to afford the rent of a place such as


	He motioned for me to follow him and led me down into the cellar, where

the washroom was.  He then left me wish the washer while he went to get a

change of clothes for me to borrow.  When he had returned with the clothes, I

quickly motioned for him to leave the room and then stripped, throwing the

clothes -- caked with mud from my mad dash through the graveyard -- into the

washer and hastily donned the large t-shirt and sweatpants.  I then used the

sink in the corner to clean my face as best as possible, and raked my fingers

through my hair to try to remove some of the tangles.  A glance in the mirror

showed that I had acheived a look of "windswept appeal".  I no longer looked

like a grub, and felt even somewhat attractive.  At least, I hoped I looked so,

for I had felt a magnetism drawing me to him, and hoped he might feel the same.

And as I had so long to pass in his company, I thought to make as much of the

time as possible.

	I climbed the stairs from the cellar to the kitchen, and looked around

to see where he had gone.  As the door swung shut behind me, he called out, "I

am in the living room, follow my voice."

	I followed his voice, for he continued to talk as I moved through the

house, and found him in a large living room, kneeling before a freshly lit fire

which crackled in the fireplace.  He motioned for me to have a seat on the rug

beside him.

	He smiled up at me, his eyes glinting in the firelight.  The flickering

flames lent his hair red highlights as he spoke.  "I suppose I should introduce

myself."  He grinned a slightly lopsided grin, and I found myself again staring

into his unusual eyes.  "My name is Jacob Beck, but most people I know call me


	I nodded, not taking my eyes from his face.  "I'm Katherine," I said

slowly.  His eyes grew serious and I felt as if I were slipping into a dream. 

He reached a hand up to touch my cheek, turning my face so that I looked at him

direct, not from the side as I had been before.  As I sat, spellbound, he

slowly moved toward me, his eyes looming large before me, until his lips

touched mine with the impact of an electric shock.

     I jumped in surprise at the shock that coursed through me.  I felt as if

liquid fire spread through my veins, sapping my strength yet vitalizing me at

the same time.  My mouth moved, silently saying Jake's name.  He smiled at my

reaction, then frowned, as if displeased with himself.  He stood and walked to

the other side of the room.

	"I... am sorry Katherine."  He stood with his back to me, arms folded,

back rigid.  "I should not take advantage of you while you are here."

	"Call me Kat," I said softly, as I stood and walked over to stand

behind him.  I reached a hand out and lightly touched him between the shoulder

blades.  His back rippled at the touch, and I felt his muscles grow taut

beneath my touch.  I slowly slid both arms around him until they rested on his

chest and my breast were pressed against his back, my nipples hard against the

taut muscles.

	My breath caught in my throat.  I spoke in a low voice, "I wouldn't say

you are taking advantage of me..."

	He turned, catching me in his arms, holding me pressed up against him. 

I could feel his manhood throbbing hot against my thigh.  He bent his head to

kiss my neck, the gentle touch sending licks of fire through my body,

coalescing in a warmth and wetness between my legs.  I moaned, and my knees

grew weak and buckled beneath me.  He caught me and scooped me into his arms,

carrying me easily to set me again on the rug before the fire.

	He set me down and reach for the hem of the shirt I wore.  He raised

his eyes to mine -- those silvery blue eyes -- and asked, "Are you sure?"

	I nodded.  "Yes."

	He gently drew the t-shirt over my head, and my nipples hardened again

as his gaze swept over me.  I wore no underclothes beneath the clothes he had

lent me, for all my own clothes were in the washer downstairs.  He bent his

head to kiss first one nipple, then the other, then gently lick swirls around

one breast, coming teasingly close to the nipple, until he finally took it in

his mouth as I moaned loudly in pleasure.  I wound my fingers in his hair,

pressing him closer to my breast.  He sucked deeply on the nipple, then his

tongue began its teasing journey to the other breast, first sliding up my

collar bone, then the side of my neck, over my lips... pausing to dart quickly

in and out of my mouth... then down the other side of my neck, the collar bone,

and then again in slow teasing circles around my breast.  He drew it out this

time, his tongue tracing around the nipple, coming closer than drawing away,

until I cried out for him to take it in his mouth.  He obliged, suckling hard

at the tender nub.

	He raised his head to catch my eye with his own unusual sight, and I

smiled contentedly.  He raised himself up on one elbow and began tugging at the

string holding my sweat pants on with his free hand.  When I stopped him, he

looked at me quizzically.

	I motioned for him to stand, and then stood before him.  I reached up

and unbuttoned each button on the shirt he wore, drawing out the time it took

to strip him by running my fingers and tongue over each inch of flesh as I

exposed it.  Finally all the buttons were undone, and I slipped the shirt over

his arms and dropped it on the floor.  Then I wrapped my arms around him,

drawing his hips close by wrapping a leg behind one knee.  By standing as tall

as possible, I could just reach his lips with my own and kissed him.  He kissed

me back, hard, but allowed me to take the initiative when I tried.  I slid my

tongue inside his mouth, exploring, and then took his tongue into my own mouth.

We fenced in this way for quite a while, until I felt my knees again grow weak

with desire.  I tore my lips from his and returned to my task of undressing


	I leaned my head against his chest and heard his heart pounding inside 

As I slid one hand over his hip then across the front of his leg to caress the

bulging hardness in my hand, the heartbeat sped up, and I could hear his

breathing grow ragged.  I looked up at him to find him staring at me, his eyes

nearly glowing in the firelight.  Holding his gaze in my own, my hands found

the snaps of his pants and unfastened them, then sliding the zipper down.  I

pulled the pants and underwear over his hips, kneeling to reach to his feet,

and his rigid manhood sprang free.  He stepped out of the pants and kicked them

aside, his eyes still fastened on me.  

	Still kneeling before him, I took his rod in one hand, cupping his

balls with the other.  My eyes twinkled at him as I bent my lips to touch the

tip of his manhood.  His gasp of pleasure spurred me on, and I took the whole

thing in my mouth, running my tongue over the sensitive tip, running my hand up

and down the length of it.  As my tongue caressed the tip, tasting the salty

drops that glistened when I drew back to look at it, his breathing gre rougher.

Finally he gasped, "Enough!"  His fingers had tangled in my hair and he roughly

pulled my head back and knelt down before me, kissing me searingly.  I bright,

hot flame shot through me as he pushed me backwards onto the rug, his hand

roughly caressing my breast, teasing the nipple to a hard point once again.

	I had roused him to the edge of passion, and he was no longer teasing

me.  Instead, his caresses grew rougher, and as my passion mounted I welcomed

him.  He quickly untied the sweat pants and drew them, soaked already with my

juices, off of me and threw them to the other side of the room.  He lay over

me, his mouth on my breast, one hand caressing my hips, his hardness between my

legs, seeking entrance.  He raised himself over me, positioning himself, and

then drove into me so hard that I gasped in surprise.  My legs wrapped around

him, pulling him closer as he drove into me.  My breath came in harsh gasps as

his tongue licked a path of fire from my breast up to the side of my neck,

trailing warmth from the cleft between my collar bones to the hollow behind my

ear.  I had never known my neck to be so sensitive, but as he nuzzled and

licked it, I felt the heat within me growing.  

	My moans grew louder, as did his, until we were both frantically

straining together.  I felt the tension build within me and then, like a dam,

it burst and I arched against him, shouting in my ecstasy.  As I yelled, I felt

him tense inside me, and then a sharp pain in my neck as his tender kisses

turned into a deep bite.  Then all was darkness.

	I awoke to feel his weight still upon me, and opened my eyes to see him

staring down at me, his silvery blue eyes focused on mine.  As I watched, his

bent to kiss my neck again, and I felt the strangest sensation as he did so,

surprisingly erotic for so soon after orgasm.  When he raised his eyes again to

mine, his lips dripped red.  I thought to scream, but no sound came out.

	He bent to kiss me, my lifeblood still on his lips, and I thought to

resist.  But when I tasted it, it was as if something came alive within me, and

I eagerly licked all trace of it from his lips.  I felt frightened of this

strange taste, but curiously calm as well.  He simply smiled at me and raised a

finger to his mouth.  When he held his hand out to me, I saw the drop of blood

welling from where he had bitten the tip of his finger.  I eagerly took his

finger in my mouth and sucked it with the same care I had given his manhood

only minute before.  Doing this sent much the same sensations through me, and I

felt myself grow aroused again.  When I looked into his eyes, I could see he

felt the same.

	I reached between us to feel him grow hard in my hands, and guided him

inside me again.  My body was eager for his, and still wet from before, and the

joining was easy.  His lips caressed my neck, and I gave in freely to the

sensation that rocked through me, sending shocks of heat straight to where I

held him inside me.  I moaned loudly, rocking with him, and as if of their own

volition, my lips found the tender flesh of the side of his neck.  My tongue

teased, drawing sharp gasps from him, as I seduced him with my tongue and my

body.  When my teeth -- grown strangely sharp -- plunged into his neck so that

the lifeblood spilled into my mouth and dribbled down the sides of my lips onto

his neck, I felt his teeth likewise enter my own body, and both our bodies

tensed and released in a glorious orgasm.

	It was less time before I returned to reality this time, and again he

was staring at me, this time a smile on his face.  "I believe you clothes may

be clean," he said solemnly, a hint of a smile in his eyes.

	I couldn't believe he was talking about clothes.  I reached up to touch

the blood still dripping down the side of his neck.  I brought my finger back

to my lips to lick the drop off, and he kissed me to taste of the small drop. 

Then he smiled.  "I said it would be taking advantage of you..."

	I raised a hand to his cheek.  "I wanted it."  I touched his lips, and

he opened his mouth so I could see the sharp canines I hadn't noticed before. 

I felt my own teeth to find them just as sharp.  I looked at him, still not

entirely sure of all that had happened.

	He shrugged and rolled over, taking me with him so that I now straddled

him, with him still inside me.  He looked up at me and spoke seriously.  "Kat,

now that you have tasted blood, you will forever desire to taste it."

	"Am I a... vampire?"  I struggled over the word, not willing to believe


	He nodded.  "I have been such since long before you were born."  He

looked away and then looked back, catching my gaze with his strange eyes.  "You

will not be welcome in your town."

	"Will anyone I bite become a vampire?" I asked.

	He shook his head.  "Nor will you desire everyone whose blood you

desire."  I blushed for I had already thought of the probably outcome of having

to sleep with someone in order to drink their blood.  "However..." he


	"Yes?"  I looked at him expectantly.

	"There is no need for variety in blood to satisfy your taste," he told

me, his eyes serious.  "You could, say, drink only mine and be quite happy."

	I grinned as I realized what he meant, and leaned over so my nipples

brushed his lips.  His tongue darted out, tasting the nipple on its way by, and

my body surprised my by responding so strongly.  My eyes were caught by the

stain of blood on his neck and I lowered my lips to taste it as his hands

caressed my buttocks, wreaking havoc with my senses, quickly exciting me again

as I kissed his neck.  I thought about my friends who had left me in the

graveyard.  I thought about my life in this town.  Then I thought about Jake,

and the taste of his lifeblood, and the wonderful things his hands were doing

to my body as I moaned in ecstasy.  And I knew I would stay.


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