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Archive-name: Fantasy/vamphist.txt

Archive-author: Mike Kraizman

Archive-title: History of a Vampire

NOTICE: The story below is purely fictional. It deals with violence and 

blood. If you are squeamish hit 'n' now, otherwise read on. This is the 

continuation of my Vampire series. I am sorry that the first one was 

cut somewhat short. Here are the first two chapters. I will be posting

the others as I get around to it. Let me know how you liked it.


                        History of a Vampire


Chapter 1: The Awakening.


        I awoke to chaos. The sweet source of blood, rent cruelly from 

my hungry lips. As I opened my eyes, the air was filled with the screams 

of the coven members and sounds of gun fire. Above me I saw a man. His 

face was contorted in hate, a wooden stake poised over my heart, ready 

to spill that ruby liquid that had just recently filled my soul with 

ecstasy. I moved and the man found the stake in his own heart, gasping 

away his last breath. I looked around and saw that most of my friends 

and care takers dead or dying, the other coffins already being set to 

the torch. I fled, I say this with heavy shame, for that was my only 

thought at the time. Perhaps one of the others would have stayed and 

fought to the end, but the fear was too much for me. I ran into the 

surrounding woods like the devil was on my heels. I ran until I could 

hear neither the screams of the others nor smell the rancid odor of 

burning flesh.


        I stopped to gather my breath and take in my surroundings.  It 

has been a year since the last festival of Samhein and I had not walked 

the earth since the last feeding.  The grove was no longer safe, as the 

ceremony's interruption had shown. The tombs, there I would find shelter 

and make my plans. But to avoid going into another stupor, I had to 

feed. I was emaciated, almost a walking skeleton covered with leathery 

skin and stringy black hair. I turned back towards the grove, the hunger 

a gnawing animal deep within my gut. With the chaos that was going on at 

the grove, no one would notice if one or two more dead bodies showed up.


        My first victim was one of the escaping worshippers. I killed 

him quickly, without any pleasure, his throat torn out in one blow of my 

hands. His blood was my only interest and I drained him quickly, the 

rich fluid flooding my starving tissues. A soldier interrupted my 

feeding and was the second one to fall. I snapped his neck and dragged 

him and the other body into the bushes so that I could continue my meal 

uninterrupted. By the time I finished with the soldier, I was looking 

and feeling much better. My time sense told me that it was only an hour 

until dawn and that I had better hurry to my planned shelter if I wanted 

to avoid the searing light of the sun and all the unpleasantness that 

comes with it. Since the soldier was closer to my size, I stripped him 

of his clothes and left the two pale corpses lying in the bushes, limbs 

entwined in an obscene embrace.


        It was still dark when I found one of the other search parties. 

They were making their way towards the river and I joined their ranks, 

slipping into their unwary midst like an old friend. In the darkness, I 

joked with them and laughed at their coarse humor. How impossible it 

seemed that these simpletons stumbling around in the dark had destroyed 

in one fell swoop my people and my home. I left them half an hour later, 

vanishing silently into the shadows and made my way to the tombs.


        They were known to few people, being inside Devil's Mouth, a 

river carved cave which most superstitious people regarded with fear due 

to the howling sounds elicited from the mouth by wind and water.  

Wearily, I climbed into the Devil's Mouth, the stupor settling on my 

mind and body. Down into the cool, embracing darkness I descended until 

at last there was no light. I stood before the pillars of my sanctuary, 

the stupor making me think of the days before. There I collapsed as 

outside, the suns first rays lit up the sky in golden streams.


         My next awakening was to the sound of children's laughter and 

the frantic barking of their dog. My time sense told me that it was 

still light outside, but the strange sounds after the turmoil of last 

night were enough to bring me out of my sleep. Since my hunger was 

somewhat abated by last night's feeding, it was my curiosity that led me 

to creep silently towards the source of the sound.


        "Alex, come out of that cave right now," said a female voice 

from outside the cavern mouth, "Come out right now or I'll tell mother 

about it."


        "Aw sis, you never let me have any fun," answered a high child's 

voice from the cavern entrance.


        He was coming closer. A young child, about eight or nine years 

old with dark hair and a skinny body. He was dressed in peasant clothes, 

obviously one of the local villagers. Perhaps even the son on one of 

those who interrupted the ceremony last night. Anger at the intrusion 

welled up into my chest and I waited, waited for the man-child to come 

into the darkness. Closer he came, soon, he would be in shadow, in my 

world. There, and as his body left the cursed light, I was upon him.  He 

let out a shriek and lost consciousness when I hit him. I heard the 

woman start and enter the cave yelling out the child's name. I grabbed 

her, and dragged her and the child into the darkness below. She was 

praying and screaming out the names of saints to save her, but they 

could no more help her than they could rise from the dead.


        I laid the child on one of the tombs and looked for the first 

time at the woman. Looked at her with eyes that only one of my kind 

possesses, I looked into her soul. She froze, standing there and 

trembling like a doe. I move towards her and began unfastening her 

clothes. This would not be hurried like last night, I could afford to 

take my time.  As her dress came off, she let out a moan, her lips 

moving in silent pleading. Please no, her lips spelled out, but did her 

kind have mercy on mine. I continued, assessing her naked body like a 

butcher looking at a piece of meat. She was just out of adolescence, 

about eighteen or nineteen. Like most village girls, she was well 

muscled in the arms and legs with strong shoulders and wide hips. My 

finger traced a line from her collar bone to the tip of her right 

breast, cupping it in the palm of my hand. The areola were large and 

glowed dark red in my vision. Then nipples were erect and I circled them 

with my finger tip. A sigh escaped her lips as I licked the nipple and 

then took the breast into my mouth and sucked. Still sucking on her 

breast, I pushed her down to the ground and lay down next to her. My 

hand stroked her other breast, then moved down to her stomach and then 

to her pubis. I felt the moisture that permeated her pubic hair and 

radiated from her steaming hole. A finger slipped inside and a shudder 

racked her body and I found the center of her pleasure. I kissed her 

lips, savoring in the taste of humanness and slipped my tongue into her 

mouth. Her hips began to rock under my ministrations her breath coming 

faster as I moved my fingers in and out of her body. Then at the moment 

of her orgasm I fed, my teeth sinking into the flesh of her neck, my 

lips fastening onto her skin. She cried out in pleasure as I fed upon 

her body and her mind, feeding the pleasure back to her in a wave of 

ever-building sensation. Her hands ripped at my breeches and pulling 

them down, she rolled herself on top of me and pushed my cock, swollen 

with her blood, into herself. Her arms and legs closed around me and her 

hips bucked, trying to keep the pleasure going.  I heard her heart 

beating harder and harder, trying to keep her blood moving, but it 

couldn't and then finally it slowed, beating feebly. I felt my own 

pleasure building and then, I exploded into her flesh, my essence 

flowing out of me, completing the circle. I let go of her and rolled 

away, my body still shaking from the intensity of my own pleasure.


        She was still alive, barely, but I heard her heart beating and 

felt her breathing. I felt energized, elated. I looked at the boy, he 

would be coming around soon and I wondered what to do with him. My 

previous anger was gone, wiped away by the ecstasy of the feeding, and 

now I had time to consider the rashness of my actions. I bent over the 

boy to get a better look, when a large shape flew out of the shadows and 

bowled me over. I cursed myself for forgetting the dog, which must have 

just recently gathered enough courage to follow its masters down into 

the darkness. It stood over the boy's unconscious body, baring it's 

teeth at me and growling. I smiled, baring my own fangs and urged the 

dog on. The heat of combat making the blood boil in my veins.  When the 

dog lunged, I was ready. A quick feint and the dog leaped past me, 

leaving it's bloody tail in my hand.  I savored the pain, feeding on it 

as I had fed before on the woman.  I sent the pain back, doubling it 

over and over again until the dog was reduced to a quivering lump on the 

ground before me, whining in mental agony. I stopped, pity and remorse 

getting the best of me, for the animal was only protecting it's friends. 

It was a lot more than I had done the night before for mine. I tossed 

the bloody stump away, more disgusted with myself than anything else.  

It was my nature to feed on blood and emotions, but I could not let that 

nature overpower me. I was in danger and for now, I had to think and 



        The dog lay there, looking at me with fear. I approached the boy 

again and heard a growl from that direction, but when I looked at it, it 

whimpered and shrunk back. Now what to do with the two of them? I 

couldn't just let them go. They knew where I was and strong as I am, I 

could not fight off twenty or more humans. No, there was only one 

choice, the boy must die and the girl... Well, that was a different 

story. Again I cursed my rash actions for if I killed the girl she would 

rise up. As it is, she might slip over and change anyway. I decided, the 

boy I would return. He had seen very little and the others might think 

that he was attacked by a bear or some such beast.  Yes, as I thought it 

out, a plan came to mind: There would have to be evidence of a struggle. 

The boy and his sister were exploring around Devil's Mouth when they 

were attacked by a bear. The boy was knocked unconscious by the bear and 

his sister was dragged away into the forest.  The dog fought valiantly 

to save her, but in the end was ripped apart, thus providing me with 

blood and gore to cover up the girl's supposed mutilation. I looked at 

the dog and sighed, this was not going to be pleasant.


        I made it quick, crushing it's skull before it even knew I 

moved. As it got dark, I carried the boy and the dog's carcass out of 

the cave and into the forest. There I dismembered the dog and made it 

appear as if a large animal had killed it. The boy I place high in the 

branches since the dog's remains would inevitably attract scavengers and 

I didn't want him killed before a search party found him.  I looked 

around to make sure of some of the details, a crushed bush here, some 

claw marks on the boy's tree, scuff marks where a body would seem to 

have been dragged. It was the best I could do in a short time since I 

was in a hurry to get back in the cavern and see to the girl.


        She had stopped breathing some time after I had left and when I 

returned, I could see that the change was taking effect. In the 

darkness, her body took on a luminosity high in the ultra violet.  Soon, 

I knew, her new life would begin and she would be starving.  I knew the 

steps of the change well, I had seen it time and time before and knew 

that the hunger would be everything to her in the next few days. Then as 

her body acclimated to the changes, signs of intelligence would 

gradually appear and the animal would be subdued by intelligence. I sat 

there for a while, looking at her glowing body, thinking back to that 

time when I had died.



Chapter 2: Remembrance


        I was born in southern Russia during the reign of Ivan the 

Terrible. My father was a minor noble in the court of the Tzar and my 

mother was a village girl that happened to catch his attention one 

afternoon. After my birth, my mother was set up as a maid in my father's 

estate. We were lucky, many of his other bastards had been 

systematically killed by my father's jealous wife, who was herself 



        Life at home was exciting to say the least. When I was five, my 

father strangled his wife and buried her in the estate orchards. Soon 

after, he wed my mother and declared me his legal heir. My education 

started when I was twelve. My father imported a French tutor for me. I 

was an excellent student, taking to reading and writing like a fish to 

water. At the time I actually thought about joining a monastery to 

pursue a life of scholarship. My father learned of my interest and 

promptly put a stop to it. He was a man of action and no son of his was 

going to be a book worm. Knowledge was fine, but he preferred the 

physical studies. He took it upon himself to teach me. Dismissing the 

tutor, he undertook to teach me riding, fighting and drinking.


        It was the last that lead to his death. Like most Russians, he 

was prone to alcoholism and brutality. My mother lived in fear of him 

for often during the winter months he would drink until he could not be 

controlled. It was dangerous to be around him then. Often he would lash 

out at the nearest person, be it my mother, a servant or myself. One 

time, he made the butler dance naked in a snowstorm while whipping him 

with a horse whip. The man died several days after from pneumonia. 

Another time, he beat me until I was unconscious and then when my mother 

interfered, fearing for my life, he made her strip in front of the 

servants and suck his dick while he beat her with a whip. No I cannot 

say I loved my father, but he was the only one I had.


        One night, after having drunk himself into a frenzy, he rode out 

on his horse into the night. We found him the next day in the forest. He 

had been crushed and partially eaten. It seems that during the night, he 

was attacked by wolves. His horse had thrown him and then trampled him 

while trying to escape the wolves. I cannot say that I was sad, but from 

that moment on, my life was different. I was sixteen, and by Russian 

law, I was the legal executor of the estate. Thus began my career as a 



        It wasn't much of a career. My father's sister came to live with 

us at about that time and she pretty much took over the management of 

the estate, leaving me free to do as I pleased. Pretty soon, I was well 

known in all of the local bars and whorehouses, having inherited my 

father's liking for alcohol and women. At age twenty one, my life as a 

noble, in fact, my life in general, came to an end.


        I had just ridden into town and stopped by the first tavern that 

I saw to grab the first of my drinks that night. I had managed to get as 

far as the bar when I saw her. She was sitting in the corner with Dima 

and Vlad, laughing at their anecdotes. I could tell that my two friends 

were enchanted by this beauty and did not appreciate it at all when I 

made my appearance.


        "Vlad, Dima, how are things?" I asked in my most jovial voice, 

"Who is this most lovely lady?"


        Dimitry frowned when he saw me approach, but Vlad, being the 

more sociable of the two smiled and shook my hand. "Katrina, meet Count 

Alexander Tumanov. Alex this is Katrina, quite possibly the most 

beautiful woman in the world."


        Her laughter captivated me, made me her prisoner. "Very nice to 

meet you Alexander. Are you really a Count?" She smiled coyly, her 

eyelids lowering until her eyes were little more than moist slits 

peeking at me from under velvet lashes. I couldn't speak, my tongue was 

glued to my mouth and my palms were sweaty, but I managed to blurt out a 

yes. She laughed again when Dima made a comment about a cat and my 

tongue. I blushed in embarrassment and to change the topic, asked 

Dimitri about is wife. He glared at me from across the table and told me 

she was fine and thank you for asking, but a few minutes later he left 

the table his eyes shooting daggers at my back.


	Vladimir was one of the happiest people I've ever met. He could make

a joke out of anything and spent the next half hour entertaining Katrina and

myself. I wasn't really listening to what he was saying since my attention

was on Katrina. At last, Vlad wound down and looking at me and then at

Katrina smiled and excused himself, giving me a winked as he walked away.

	"Perhaps you would like to take a ride," I asked hopefully. "It's

such a nice night for it."

	"Certainly, my dear Count," she answered, giving me her hand. I took

it and led her outside, to where my carriage was waiting.

	The night was clear and slightly chill, but overall pleasant.

Katrina and I talked as we rode in the carriage, but I could feel a tension

building up between us. By the time we were at my estate, it was so thick

you could almost see it. Our conversation became strained, with many long

pauses and sighs. As we got out of the carriage, Katrina began stroking my

arm and purring, that is the only way I can describe the sound. It was a

sort of low gutteral sound that seemed to emanate from her throat. The

coachman drove off to park the carriage for the night and I led Katrina into

the manor.

	Most of the household staff was already asleep. Only the old cook

was awake and she proceeded to fuss over us.

	"You must be hungry, young ghospadin."

	"No Lena, thank you, but I ate already."

	"Well, in that case, I'll be retiring for the night. Good night sir."

	Katrina was smiling as old Lena left to bed. "Are all of your

servants this concerned about you, young ghospadin," she asked, her voice

teasing me.

	"No just, Lena," I said, taking her into my arms, "She's been taking

care of me for as long as I can remember." I kissed her, but she pulled

away, smiling coyly.

	"Sir, I am not that type of woman," she said, placing a hand on my

chest to hold me back. The hand traveled down, then up and around my neck.

She pulled towards her, kissing me deeply, her tongue slipping into my mouth

and caressing the insides. There was a faint taste to her lips, not

unpleasant you understand, but something I couldn't quite recognize. When

the kiss broke, I looked at her face. Her eyes were glowing and I felt

myself becoming lost in them. I heard her say that maybe we should go to my

bedroom and felt her hand take mine and lead me up the stairs, but I was in

a daze. When we arrived at the door to my room, Katrina led me inside and

then, taking a quick glace down the hallway, she closed and locked the door.

She was smiling as she approached me. Her hands moved to my shoulders and I

felt a slight tug, then a ripping sound as my clothes were torn off of my

body. It surprises me now that I did not think anything exraordinary about

the strength this woman had.

	When I was nude, she led me to the bed, all the while her hand were

caressing my shoulders, my back and my buttocks.

	"Now young Count, let us see what we can do in giving you a night

you won't remember."  She laughed, and this time, her laughter had a slight

edge to it, a cruel twist. She undressed quickly and in the pale light, I

saw that her body was everything that her clothes promised it to be. Her

breasts were large, not exceedingly so, but large enough that they drooped

with their weight. The areola were small, but the nipples were long and

erect. Her hips were curved in a deliscious sweep with the dark black pubic

hair acting as the beacon in the otherwise pale complexion. I felt myself

becoming aroused, the blood rushing to my cock. She smiled when she saw my

erection and knelt before me, stroking my cock as if it were a cat. The

tesion was building inside me and by the time I felt her cool, moist lips

touch my organ, I was sweating and shaking. 

	Her tongue flicked at the slit of my glans while her hands caressed

my thighs, her nails scratching red welts down my sides. Then, she swallowed

me whole, I moaned with pleasure and felt my hips thrust of their own

volition. Her hands locked on my buttocks and pulled me forward until I was

as far down her thoat as I could go. The sensations I was feeling were like

nothing I have ever felt before. They seemed to be increasing with every

second until it seemed that I would go mad from ecstasy. She felt my

nearness to orgasm and stopped, letting my throbbing member slip from her



	Her breath was cool on my skin. She slid her breasts up my chest

until one of the nipples was at my mouth. I greedily took the proferred

morsel into my mouth, suckling loudly. I was beyond control, my only thought

was to please this woman who was with me. Her hips were grinding against

mine and every minute or so, a low growl escaped her lips. She began kissing

my neck, her tongue tracing little circles under my jaw. I found myself

pulling her head closer, pushing her lips against the skin of my neck. Then

I felt it, her teeth sank into the skin of my neck, her lips locking around

the wound. The next few minutes were frenzied, she pushed herself onto my

cock, its length sliding into her. I bucked and moaned as the pumped her

hips and continued that delicious sucking on my neck. I found my self

approaching orgasm quickly, yet at the same time, I was feeling light

headed. I screamed as I felt my essense boil out of me into her body. She

stopped the sucking and gently licked the wound. I was exhausted, my body

limp in her arms. I remember thinking how tired I was and how flushed her

face seemed. The last thing I remeber before loosing consciousness is her

eyes glowing from the depth of her dark hair.

	When I woke in the morning, I was alone. There was blood on the

pillow next to my head, my neck felt sore and my mouth felt like it was full

of cotton, but I was happy. I was in love.


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