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Archive-name: Fantasy/vampbond.txt

Archive-author: Taffina's

Archive-title: Vampire Bondage

Here's a short "gothic" story for fans of vampires and bondage,

inspired by my SO's penchant for candles and Mozart's Requiem, and

especially since we recently attended a QSM class on bondage and

fantasy role playing.



On an antique four poster bed slept a woman, clad in a pale, sheer

nightgown, her long red hair spilling over her shoulders onto the pillows

around her.  She unconsciously eased the coverings off her long legs,

restlessly seeking relief from the heat of the summer night.

A soft breeze lifted the bedroom curtains, the window open to

the refreshing evening air.

And with the breeze, a dark shadow spilled into the room from the window,

slowly coalescing into the form of a strikingly handsome man.  His long,

black hair tumbled down his shoulders and hid his fiery eyes.  A heavy

black cloak hung from his shoulders, the warmth it provided an apparent

necessity for him, even in the summer. Beneath the cloak,  the moonlight

gleamed off the chrome hardware he wore on his impeccably tailored leather

evening wear.

His movements were barely perceptable as he glided towards the 

dresser and lit the three candles there.  Of course, his reflection

did not appear in the dresser mirror, and the candle light seemed

to flow through him, so that he cast no shadows on the sleeping woman.

He silently removed the ankle and wrist cuffs that were attached to his belt,

and the brass chain around his waist.  Surely only a vampire could install

the chains and cuffs on the bed without waking its occupant.  When he had

completed the task, he paused a moment to admire his sleeping victim in her

final moments of peaceful sleep.  Her full lips seemed to pout at him and

he smiled to himself, thinking she'd have plenty to pout about soon enough.

He pounced upon the bed, pinning her arms above her head and waking her with

a shock.  Her eyes flew open, and she saw him above her.  His pale, porcelain

skin, the bloodfire in his panther-like eyes, his perfect, narrow nose,

square jaw line, and sharply contrasting red lips and black hair. She opened

her mouth to scream.

"You will make no noise," he told her in a soft voice, a voice he knew she

could not disobey.

"At last you are mine," he said, and all thoughts of panic oddly

fled as she realized that, indeed, she was his.  She looked into his

inhuman eyes and dreamily concurred "I am now yours."

He took her wrists and put them in the cuffs, her arms held crossed

over her head. Then he took her ankles, spreading her legs wide as he

attached the ankle cuffs to them.  Her nipples, now erect, strained against

the nightgown for attention.  He smiled, revealing his enlarged canine teeth,

as he bent down, brushing her hair aside and delicately kissing her on the


"I have wanted you for so long now, and you made me wait, never leaving me

a way in, keeping yourself protected.  Well, now you shall be punished

for this impertenance," he said, unclipping a pair of chrome nipple

clips from his jacket.  With a fingernail, he casually sliced open

the front of her nightgown to provide the access to her body that he

desired.  He cupped one of her breasts in his hands and gently sucked on

the nipple.  She moaned softly, her own body betraying her arousal.  She gasped

as he then attached the shining clip to her nipple and moved his attentions

to her other breast, repeating the same process.

The clips, similar to clothespins, pulled her nipples as the hung to

her sides.  He shrugged off his cloak, warmed by her closeness, and

caressed her body, alternating between touching her with his soft fingertips

and sharp nails.  As if he had all eternity, he slowly nibbled on her

arms and thighs, pinching her and nipping her occasionally and delighting

in her moans and squeals.

She shrieked as he removed the clip from one of her nipples and closed his

mouth around it.  His heightened senses felt the rush of blood back into

the nipple and he shivered as he felt the heat of it.  He brushed

his teeth against the engorged point of her nipple, savoring her shudder,

imagining his inevitable nursing at her bloody breasts.

He replaced the clip on her nipple and moved to the other one, removing the

clip to another scream.  His teeth now played more boldly with her, yet

he did not bite her, not yet.  Not yet, he thought, enjoying the dizziness

produced by the delictable combination of body and blood lust that she

inspired in him.  His leather clothes seemed to melt off him, revealing

his slim, pale body.  He pressed himself against her and the coolness of

him struck her as strange.

He put his arms under her head and pulled himself closer to her, smelling her

rose scented hair, kissing her in quick teases of his lips, then softly

opening his mouth to her.  Her tongue eagerly sought his as she welcomed

him closer to her, now wanting relief from his teasing.  She found herself

craving him, desperately wanting to feel his strong body possessing her.

Yet he did not indulge her, preferring still to tease her.  He spent what

seemed like hours licking, sucking, nibbling, and biting her neck.  Her

squirms got more insistent as her arousal heightened, and she tried to

press her body against his.  With incredible patience he moved to the other

side of her neck and continued.  She wimpered with each lick and bite,

her now over-sensitized body jumping and quivering with the sensations.

"Since you have behaved well, I will reward you," he said, and leaned over

to place one of his nipples on her lips.  She hungrily took him into her

mouth, focusing all her attention on sucking his nipple, in an attempt

to escape the senstaions in her own body.  He moved his hands to gently,

ever so slightly, caress her clit.  The warm wetness between her

legs increased as he flitted his fingertips on her clit, occasionally

putting a finger inside of her and feeling the flesh of her surround him.

Her teeth aroused him further, and he ached to be inside of her.  Her moans

grew louder as his desire increased.  They seemed locked in a fiery feedback

loop, the arousal of the one feeding the other.  

Abruptly he pulled back from her, struggling to maintain control over his

raging, hot desire.  He positioned himself to enter her, and as he took

her, he removed one nipple clip and then the other.  Her eyes grew

wide as the pain in her nipples combined with the thrill of him inside

her and she longed to throw her arms around him and pull him closer to her.

Slowly, extremely slowly, excruciatingly slowly he moved in and out of her.

Her ragged, warm breath filled his ears as he luxuriated in the hot fire

she had set raging in him.  He whispered in her ears "you are mine, now,

and forever," and he bent down to her breasts again.  Her body jumped at

the deep bite and the blood tricked from her nipple onto his eager lips.

The taste of her blood brought him to the very edge of orgasm, as the

pain brought her there, too.  They screamed together as he bit her neck,

both of them orgasming, and wave after wave of pain, fire, blood, pleasure,

and exquisite ecstasy washed over them as he held her. 

She awoke the next morning, unable to shake the vivid dream from her head.

On her dresser was one white rose.  She got up to touch it, not believing

that it could be real.  Then she noticed her torn night gown and the

bruises on her neck and nipples and promptly fainted.


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