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Archive-name: Fantasy/unicorn


Archive-title: Ecology of the Unicorn, The

(A translation of an ancient scroll, found in the rubble after the

leveling of the city of Calben.)

     It has recently come to my attention that some of my colleages of

the Mystical College of Abeth are unaware of the true nature of that

most mystical and magical of creatures, the unicorn.  Most of my

friends and fellow members of the College are knowledgable as to the

folk-tales and myth surrounding the unicorn, but these stories and

legends are a mere portion of the truth.

     As most know, the unicorn has the appearance of a large goat,

with chin-whiskers and all, but with only a single horn, a cubit long,

emerging from the center of its forehead.  The unicorn lives in the

deepest forest, safe from men, its most-feared predator.  The

unicorn's horn is imbued with many magical properties, including the

ability to heal wounds with a touch, to purify poluted waters, and

intensify the love a coouples who should happen to espy one.  The horn

is also a fearsome weapon in battle, with packs of wolves easily slain

by the unicorn, and even the great dragons bested on occasion.  It is

also thought that drinking a potion of ground unicorn horn will give

potency and virility to a man, for it is apparently a curious fact

that all unicorns are male.

     And while it is true that no hunter can catch a unicorn, and that

only a female virgin of the most pure and chaste variety will be able

to lure one to herself, all is not quite as it seems.  The unicorn

will indeed approach the maiden, and lay its head in her lap, but then

events will take an unexpected turn.


     Wissa stood in the forest, the hunters behind her.  While she

knew the ways of a man with a woman, she had never been with a man,

and indeed had never even kissed one, not counting her papa.  She also

knew why she was there, and why the hunters were there.  They were

hunting unicorn, to kill it and take its horn, which would be sold for

a fortune.  Her parents had been paid a substantial fee for her

accompanying the hunters, and she had aquiesced, for the money would

make life much easier for a long time to come.

     But, during their trek through the forest, to a place where a

unicorn was supposed to live, she had listened to the tales the

hunters told.  Tales of how beautiful the unicorn was, and the magical

things it could do.  Wissa had resolved that, if she could, she would

warn the unicorn away from the hunters.

     As the party entered the deep brush, the hunters spread out

slightly, still keeping in sight of one another, but covering the

greatest possible ground, looking for signs of the unicorn.  Shortly,

one man shouted-he'd found fairly fresh tracks.  They followed the

tracks to a small pool, formed by a spring bubbling up from the

ground.  So the hunters prepared a place for Wissa, and she sat down,

preparing for the wait.  The hunters dispersed themselves around the

area, and readied themselves.

     Several hours passed, with no sign of the unicorn.  Wissa grew

uncomfortable, and then she finally stood, telling the head hunter

that she had to go relieve herself.  He agreed, and sent her away from

the pool.  Wissa went a short distance and found a convenient bush.

     Just as she finished, she looked up.  There was the unicorn,

staring at her!  Wissa was almost overcome by the sheer beauty of the

unicorn.  He tossed his head at her, then turned away.  After a few

paces he stopped, turned, and repeated the movement.  "He must want me

to follow him," she thought.  So she rose, and followed after.

     The unicorn silently led her deeper into the forest.  Wissa

followed for near a half-mile.  He led her to a secluded glade, with a

large pool of water, with a small waterfall trickling into it.  There

the unicorn stopped to drink, so Wissa did too.  After satiating their

thirst, the unicorn moved toward the edge of the clearing, and knelt.

Wissa thought she should kneel, too, and did so, a few feet from the


     Wissa watched as the unicorn shuffled closer to her, an laid its

head in her lap.  Wissa felt a wave of emotion wash through her,

settling in the viscinity of her pussy.  For some reason, she had not

tucked her skirts under her legs as she sat, so when the unicorn

suddenly moved them up towards her waist, she was taken by surprise.

But its hot breath on her bare cunt-lips felt too wonderful for her to

complain, or to readjust her skirts.

     As it began to nibble at the folds between her legs, the

unicorn`s flexible lips sent waves of pleasure through Wissa.  Her

juices started to flow, and were eagerly licked up by the unicorn's

long tongue.  As it caressed her throbbing clit, Wissa began to lean

back, and her hands unavoidable reached up to find her nipples, hard

nubs on her well-formed chest.  She piched them through the fabric.

They grew harder still.  As the unicorn started to thrust its tongue

into her love canal, Wissa pulled down her decolletage, and fondled

her breasts directly, without heavy fabric interfering with any of the

wonderful sensations.  As the unicorn tounge plunged in and out of

her, Wissa began to shake with the force of her impending orgasm.  Her

hips began to buck, and her come spilled out of her cunt.  The juices

were swallowed by the unicorn, which had continued to lick, nibble,

and tease her clit.  Her moans and gasps of pleasure echoed around the

small clearing and out across the pool of water.

     As the tremors began to subside, Wissa returned to some awareness

of her surroundings.  As she looked up from where she had lain back,

she saw the unicorn, laying between her outspread legs, with her come

all over the tiny beard below its chin (and on most of the rest of its

muzzle).  As he got to his feet, Wissa saw the large black cock

hanging between its legs, rigid with urgency.  A drop of pre-come fell

as she watched.  Wissa knew what she had to do.  She got to her feet,

then stood and shed her clothing, which was gathered around her waist.

The unicorn waited, expectantly.  Wissa turned, dropped to her knees,

and bent forward to place her hands on the ground.  The unicorn, its

cock fully erect, moved forward.  As Wissa felt the 'corn's chest

brush her back, she moved back to meet that which she felt such a need

for.  The tip of the long, dark cock brushed her anus as the unicorn

halted, then it drifted lower, to place itself against the entrance to

her pussy.  Wissa felt it start to enter her, and the unicorn moved

forward, embedding itself into her, but no more than an inch before

Wissa's tight, unused pussy held it fast.

     They began to rock, forward and back.  As the unicorn's cock

pulled out of Wissa, she moved forward, until only its head remained

inside her.  Then the two moved together, sawing the cock into Wissa's

cunt, forcing a little deeper into her every time, until it was

blocked.  Once, twice more the way was blocked.  But on the third

time, her maidenhood gave way.  Wissa yelped in pain, but it quickly

subsided into greater pleasure.  One hand reached up to her chest,

alternately tweaking one nipple, then the other.  Shivers ran up and

down her spine as the rough belly hairs rubbed her smooth-skinned


     As they pulled apart, then together again, the unicorn's prick

continued to press farther into Wissa with each thrust, until finally

it pressed against her cervix with each stroke.  Her juices ran freely

now, and each time the unicorn's cock pulled out, it glistened in the

sunlight.  Wissa began to moan and squeal again, as her climax

approached.  The unicorn's squeals matched hers as it cock began to

throb with the impending release.  They bucked and swayed, first

apart, then together again with increasing force.  With a sound that

was almost a scream, the unicorn began to come, its first surge

seeming to fill Wissa's already overfull pussy with liquids.  Wissa

cried out as her orgasm reached its peak, and she started to come

again.  As further spurts of come filled Wissa, and seeped out of her,

she shuddered, nearly in time with the unicorn.

     As their orgasms eased, the two remained in position for several

endless minutes, with his cock still buried in her.  Finally, they

pulled apart, and collapsed down onto the sweet grasses, with Wissa

nestled up against the unicorn's flank.

     Wissa awoke much later, feeling chilled.  Sunlight slanted low

into the clearing.  The unicorn was gone, and she could hear the

shouts of the hunters as they called her name, evidently searching for

her.  Wissa quickly climbed into her dress, and called back, running

to meet them, so they wouldn't discover the glade.  As the hunters

gathered around where she found the first one, Wissa explained that

she had gone too far when she had gone to relieve herself, and had

gotten lost.  She told them that she hadn't cried out, for fear of

scaring away the unicorn, should it be near.  Since it was so late,

everyone started back to camp.

     Two more weeks passed, with Wissa going to various locations the

hunters found, and waiting there.  Since she was no longer virgin, the

unicorn did not come of course, so all the traps the hunters set came

to nought.  Eventually, they gave up, and headed home.

     In the following months, it became obvious that Wissa was

pregnant.  Her parents pressed her closely for the identity of the

father, but Wissa told them nothing.  Eventually, her time came, and

as Wissa lay groaning on the bed, the first things she heard were the

shriek of the midwife, and a soft nicker, as her newborn unicorn colt

rose up on spindly legs.  To the horror of her mother and the midwife,

Wissa weakly drew the colt to her breast, to nurse.


     It is my sincerest wishes that, by the means of this treatise, my

colleagues of the Mystical College of Abeth have been edified as to

the ecology of the unicorn, both its natural habitat and mannerisms,

and most especially its peculiar means of reproduction.  I hereby

place this treatise in the Great Library of the Mystical College of

Abeth, for the now and for the future inhabitants and students of its

magical arts and treasures.

                                             Jadben Veldben

                                             Wizard of Calben Town

                                             Great Forest of Abeth

                                             Junvien 34, 1465 B.F.

(Translated by Bental, scribe to the King of Benuria, in 109 Y.F.)


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