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Archive-name: Fantasy/tzsex.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Sex in the Twilight Zone

    The bell rings and the students file out of the classroom quickly, running

off to those all-important events in a young person's life.  Denise Gray is

bundling the papers and supplies.  She can feel a dampness between her legs,

under her pleasantly modest dress.  One of the girls approaches her desk and

Miss Gray looks at her.  Terri tells her that she's forgotten to write her

paper due on Wednesday, and could she have just one extra day "Please"?

    Denise Gray is tired of students excuses, their lack of attention in class,

and their snide remarks in the hallway.  She chastises Terri for her lack of

planning, telling her that the extra day will turn a "A" paper into a "B"

paper.  Terri pleads to no avail, and the teacher finally agress to accept

the paper as "on time" if it is turned in before eight Thursday morning.  The

look on Terri's face says that she's gotten a slight reprieve, and she walks


    Denise Gray watches the young girl leave, her eyes falling the girl's

fully matured hips.  She stares and sees Terri in her mind's eye, walking out

of the classroom stark naked with sperm running down her thighs from a wet

and open vagina.  Denise Gray's own body responds to the mirage, her own pussy

becoming wet with excitement.  The slam of the door rouses her from her day-

ream and she shivers.  On the way to her office across the junior college

campus, every boy she sees is walking with a tremendous hard-on stuffed into

his jeans.  She sees a couple sitting on the planter in the shade, the girl

sitting on the young man's lap, facing him and being close.  Denise Gray's

mirage starts, and she sees them naked in the middle of the campus, her

legs spread around his, his mouth on her full breasts, and his meaty cock

sliding in and out of her glistening pussy.  She shakes her head and almost

runs to her office, closing the door quickly behind her.  She nervously lights

a cigarette, and relaxes, feeling calm and in control again.

   Denise Gray, twenty eight, an attractive and shapely young woman with im-

pressive teaching credentials, teacher of Human Sexuality 101 for a local

junior college.  Tomorrow she will take a leave of absense for her health,

and a trip.  A trip into the Twilight Zone.

    The college was understanding about the sudden need for a young teacher to

take a leave of absense for two weeks, which Denise didn't expect.  Her plane

landed at Miami and she found several others bound for the weekend getaway at

the resort modeled after the Fantasy Island television show of some years ago.

She'd spent a small fortune, but her minor in human psycology told her that

her fantasies and day-dreams needed were getting out of hand and they needed

to be acted out, so she could lay them to rest.  But her fantasy was not one

that could be acted out with just anyone.

     On the small plane, Denise thought about the letter she'd sent to this

resort asking what sort of fantasies they could handle.  And the follow-up

letter, giving some of the details.  Then the third letter.  God! She should

have never sent that one!  It detailed all of her fantasies about her young

college students, her absolutely wicked mind had poured out onto paper what

she tried to suppress daily while teaching Human Sexuality 101.  She was still

thinking about the letters when the plane touched down on the tarmac, bumping

and tossing her slightly in her seat.

     The welcome to the resort was simple and pleasant.  The whole island was

a combination Club-Med resort and Hollywood back-lot, where whole scenes were

fabricated for the guests.  The staff checked them off and guided them to

their rooms, indicating that before dinner, another staff member would cover

their fantasy in detail before they began.  Denise changed into a summer dress

more appropriate to the warm, slightly humid climate of the island and by

late afternoon was anxious to talk to her staff liasion.

     The staff member was a pretty blonde, about the same age as Denise.  Her

blonde hair was slightly darker, and the hair might have been sun-bleached

from brunette.  Her name was Maryann and she was very efficient and covered

most of the details of Denise's fantasy without raising an eyebrow.  When she

finished, she assured "Ms. Gray" that everything was being prepared for her,

and would start tomorrow afternoon.

    Denise Gray's fantasy wasn't ordinary.  It involved selected members of

her sexuality class.  Those young men who seemed to look at her and see only

the beautiful platinum blonde, the blonde they'd like to fuck all night.  And

her fantasy included some of the girls in her class.  Like Terri, the girl

who pleaded for her late report.  And Lisa, with her long golden blonde hair

and lean sensual body.  And there was, of course, Sherry and Tami.  Sherry

was a petite redhead that seemed innocent until she asked some very interesting

questions about oral sex.  And Tami, her tiny, dark, polynesian form and her

radiant smile, not to mention the very revealing skirts she wore to class.

And some others too.  Denise wanted to know how these young students really

were when aroused, and this fantasy kept repeating until she saw all of the

students in the same way.  Perhaps it was her own failed engagement.  Or was

it the subject she taught?  No matter, after this weekend, it would be over.

    Saturday afternoon, Denise was led to a building that looked similar to

the college she taught in.  She was shown her "office".  It was a very close

copy of her own office back in...well, they really did their homework!!  She

sat down, expecting to ask the staffer what happens next, but when she looked

up the door was closed.  Denise stared at the door for several moments then

saw the manila envelope on the desk.  She opened it and read a short, neatly

typed note that said to grade the papers in her in-basket, and everything

would be taken care of shortly.  She was to follow the flow of her fantasy,

and to enjoy.  Denise smiled and began grading papers.  For almost two hours

she checked over the papers, grading them as if they were her student's (and

amazed that they'd actually gotten the names right!).  She was tired, and

her neck was tense from the paperwork.  She realized that she hadn't had one

single fantasy during the two hours, and reading very sexual descriptions

all the time!  She relaxed, feeling she was doing the right thing.  After

several minutes of a rewarding gloat, a knock sounded at the door.

    "Come in." She said simply.

    A young blonde girl entered the room, and Denise recognized her as Terri.

Her blonde hair long in the back and short on the sides as was popular then.

She looked the girl over and thought that the people at the resort must be

consummate professionals to create an android this perfectly matched to one

of her students.  The girl spoke.

    "I-I'm sorry, but I need an extra day for my report." She stammered.

     Deja Vu hit Denise in the stomach, and she realized that she'd had almost

this same conversation yesterday with Terri.  It went the same way today,

almost to the letter.  Just as they finished, three more girls knocked and

entered the office.  Some conversation about misunderstanding the reading

assignments took place and Denise felt like she was still at work.  At least

she did until Debbie, the sexiest brunette Denise had ever seen walked over

and grabbed her arms, pinning her to the chair.

    "What the..?" Denise exclaimed.

    The girls moved too quickly for her, and several minutes later they had

her clothes ripped off and laying strewn about the office, her hands tied

behind her back and a cloth gag in her mouth.  Her legs were still free,

but two of the girls held them down, while Debbie kept her seated.  Terri

seemed to be the ringleader.  Denise's heart pounded and her eyes were wide

with uncertainty, fear.  Terri opened a small duffle bag and brought out

a pair of leather and cloth boots.  The leather boots had a cloth legging

attacthed and she began to slide these on Denise's legs.  She watched from

her captive position as Terri slid the boots on, the tops of the leggings

coming almost to her crotch.  She the put a leather and chain collar on her

teacher, with a long leather thong or leash.   Once done, she turned the

thong over to Debbie who pulled it taut to keep the teacher in her chair.

Terri then climbed onto the desk, kneeling and doing a strip tease until she

was naked in front of Denise.  The girl was only nineteen, but her knowledge

of sensual movements was ages old.  Terri moved closer until her knees were

on the edge closest to Denise, and she knelt upright, towering over her.

    "So!" She said, "You want to know what my pussy looks like filled with my

boyfriend's sperm?  You've fantasized about it running out of my wet pussy?"

     Denise felt her own pussy contract, hearing her fantasy said out loud in

the presense of the other girls.  No, she was working hard to remind herself

that these were all androids.  Manufactured people who were programmed to be

her fantasy students.  She tried to believe that, but this was all so real.

    "Well?" Terri's android asked. "Do you want to see?"

    The gag was still in place and Denise nodded, moving her head just a


     Terri leaned back, showing her golden bush to Denise, and she reached in

between her legs, pulling out a small rubber device like that looked like a

short fat dildo.  Denise almost fell from her chair as she watched streams

of liquid flow from android-Terri's pussy.  It dripped from her, onto the

desk, soaking the blotter below.  It ran down her lean white thighs, coursing

over the curves and forming puddles at the android-girl's knees.  And still

it kept flowing!  Denise felt her heart pounding in her chest, her breasts

rising and falling faster with each breath.  Her pussy was wet enough she

could feel the chair becoming slick.  Her nipples stood at rigid attention,

crinkling up tight despite the warmth of the room.

     The android-girls made comments about how "Miss Gray" was staring at the

sight, and her obvious arousal.  Terri confirmed her ringleader status by

silencing them.  Then she directed her attention to Denise.

     "Since you're so facinated by it," She said lustily, reaching out to grab

Denise's hair, "why don't you taste it?"  The Terri-android pulled Denise's

face into her muff and started rubbing her wet cunt against her mouth.  Her

scent seemed real and Denise felt the beginning of an orgasm, her pussy try-

ing to contract around a void.  Terri removed the gag and told her to lick

her boyfriend's come off her pussy and Denise found herself complying eagerly.

She was so aroused that she didn't care if this were real or fantasy any more.

    Several minutes went by before Terri slipped off the desk and pulled her

teacher across it, her breasts against the cold desk top and her ass and

pussy exposed from behind.  She felt fingers probing and touching her, and

she knew she was going to come very quickly.  She felt something long and

hard slide into her wet pussy, and looked to the side to see Debbie also

sliding a long dildo into one of the girls pussies.  They were all naked in

her office and Denise couldn't care less as the girl behind her knew what she

was doing.  Each time Denise approached an orgasm she stopped and waited for

it to subside.  After a few minutes Debbie pulled the massive dildo from her

friend's pussy and went behind Denise.  She felt the tip of this dildo against

her asshole and she groaned as Debbie slid it deeper into her.  The plastic

cock was still warm from the other girl and it excited her.  Denise could

feel the girl's wetness ease the dildo up her ass.  The two girls behind her

pulled her back until her head was in the middle of the desk, then began to

alternate pumping her with the twin dildos.  Denise couldn't help but moan

loudly, and Terri swung herself onto the desk, spreading her legs and placing

her pussy against Denise's face.  Denise licked the girl's still sopped cunt,

her tounge trying to fuck her as she was being fucked.

   "Oh, yesss." Terri purred. "I told you she'd suck my cunt while you fucked

her!  I just knew she wanted a good fucking!"  The girls agreed and Debbie

came around and whispered into Denise's ear.

    "Ooo! Miss Gray likes to be double fucked while she sucks cunt!" She said

lustily. "God! That makes me soo wet!  I'll be she likes cum in her mouth too!"

    Denise orgasmed while the other two girls moved the fake cocks in a fast

alternating rhythmn, her moans softened by Terri's thighs.

   The girls kept Denise sitting while they dressed, leaving the dildos inside

her, making her feel filled.  Once dressed they removed the dildos and packed

them away.

     "Now for the real fun!" Debbie said gleefully. "If you thought you'd been

teased and fucked, just you wait!"

    Terri opened the door and looked about, and seeing no one, they led Denise

out into the hallway and down the rows of classrooms.   All the while the

girl holding her "leash", Julie, kept telling her what a sight she was.  Here

were four students walking down the hall, normal as could be, but Miss Gray!

"Why, You're naked except for those boots, and your pussy is soaking wet!"

She said in a voice that sounded like someone commenting about a torn blouse.

"And your asshole has been thoroughly fucked, and, why you even have pussy

juice on your face!"

    Denise felt her labia slipping together wetly as she was led down the hall

by these girls, her whole body felt as though it was being excited.  As they

rounded the corner, a door opened and a small balding man walked out, study-

ing some papers.  Denise recognized him as the head of administration!  He

walked blithly past the little parade, lost in his own world of papers, and

Denise felt a relief from embarassment.

     "Oh, Miss Gray!" He called out from behind them.  Denise's heart almost

stopped, she'd long forgotten about androids.  The small man approached and

seemed to look her over casually, then addressed her.

    "You seem to have the highest approval rating from the students." He said,

looking over his papers. "Whatever you're doing, it's working.  Good job."

And with that he turned his back on her and walked down the hallway, his

echoing footsteps fading down the hall.

     Denise felt herself flush.  How could he not notice her nakedness?  The

girls left her little time to think on it and pulled her along to a classroom.

When they entered, most of her fantasy girls were in the room, sitting in

their respective chairs.  She blushed automatically as she was led to her

wooden desk.  Debbie held her arms while Julie untied her wrists, then they

bent her over the desk, tying each wrist by long cords to the legs on one side

of the desk, and her feet to the legs on the other side.  She found that she

was laying on the desk, face down and spread-eagled.  Most of the girls, save

Debbie took their seats.

    Debbie began a mock class on sexual response, detailing quite well what it

was and a number of ways it could be invoked.  Finally she asked for any of

the girls to demonstrate.  Lisa was selected and she sat about five rows

back, directly in line with Denise's desk.  She stood for a moment and pulled

her pants off, leaving her gray "Hawaii" t-shirt on over her breasts.  Lisa

sat down again, propping her right leg up on the half-desktop of her chair,

spreading her pussy wide.  She started rubbing it and her left hand raised

her t-shirt up over her breasts as she played with her nipples.

    "I always get hot thinking of how Miss Gray likes to suck my clit!" She

announced to the class.  Denise was shocked, as this was one of her fantasies

that Lisa could never know!  Again, she'd forgotten about androids.

    "She even likes to rub her nipples against my pussy until they're all wet

and shiny with my cum.  She loves it when you pull her nipples too!" Lisa's

descriptions sounded like a student who'd discovered a subject she liked.

Julie, the brunette that had led her down the hall, stood and pulled her

t-shirt off and slipped quickly out of her jeans.  She walked around her desk

to the left of Lisa's, and stood in the middle of the aisle.  Without any

fanfare, she laid down, her feet towards her teacher, spreading her legs,

and she began to masturbate furiously.

    "I love the way she punishes us in this class!" She hissed lustily.  Her

fingers were plunging into her pussy hard and her breasts bobbed in time with

her movements. "Like when I forgot my homework.  Miss Gray made Tony fuck me

on her desk in front of the whole class, then she licked his come from me!

Oh God! Miss Gray, I cum just thinking about that!"

    enise was helpless to move, and the sight of two of her students stripping

and masturbating in front of her, had her pussy dripping cream down the in-

sides of her thighs.  Julie was fast approaching orgasm, her hips moving up

and down against her hand.  Lisa moaned loudly, her own orgasm about to peak.

Julie looked up at Lisa.

     "Are you cumming Lisa?" She said almost breathlessly.  Lisa nodded and

kept fingering herself.  Julie sat up and knelt in front of Lisa, showing

Denise her open, sopping cunt.  "Let me suck you, I want you to come in my

face."  Lisa's hands pulled Julie's head between her legs and she was grinding

her cunt against Julie.  Denise could feel her pussy responding to Lisa's

cries as she came against Julie's mouth.  Moments later, Julie turned around

and laid down on the floor to resume her own interrupted orgasm, her face and

chin glistened with Lisa's wetness.

     Sherry stood in the back of the room.  The redhead had been silent thus far

and now took her turn.  She doffed her clothes, exposing to everyone a firm

pair of breasts with small pink nipples, and a magnificent orange bush.  She

walked to the center of the classroom.

    "Do you remember when Miss Gray caught me talking in class?" She asked the

group.  "She said if I couldn't keep my mouth shut, maybe I ought to fill it

with something that kept me from talking in class.  Then she had Dave and

Rich both cum in my mouth!"

   "I remember!" Tami, the little polynesian piped up from the back. "You had

cum all over your face, your neck and tits.  Then she made you sit at your

desk like that for the rest of the class.  You looked delicious!"

    Sherry was rubbing her pussy now, remembering something that Denise knew

had never happened except in her wild fanstasies.  Denise's pussy was wetter

than she'd ever known it to be.  Using her own fantasies, these girls were

going to talk her into an orgasm!

    Debbie walked over near Sherry and she'd already removed her clothes,

revealing her marvelous curves, her natural tan, and her breasts that seemed

long and full with large dark nipples.

   "How about when I bleached my hair blonde?" Debbie asked. "Miss Gray came

up to me while I sat at my desk." Debbie moved near Lisa sitting at her desk,

to illustrate.  "She was wearing only her high boots and she stood like this,

her pussy inches from my face.  'So! You like blonde hair do you?' She said

to me."  Debbie's pussy was inches from Lisa's face.  "'Did you bleach your

pubic hair too?' she asked me, and when I said no, she told me that I had to

lick her pussy for not going all the way.  Not only did I lick her pussy,

but I slipped my finger in her ass too!"

    "I remember that." Lisa said, then began to repeat Debbie's performance,

using Debbie in place of Denise.  Denise felt a tremendous need for someone,

anyone to just touch her pussy and make her come.  Her breathing was heavy,

lustful, and her eyes were watching everything the girls did.  It was as if

each touch she saw, went from her eyes, through her brain and down between

her legs.

    Tami stripped and walked forward, her very petite, dark form contrasting

heavily against the blonde's and Sherry's very fair skin.  Tami's tiny breasts

had large nipples only slightly darker than her skin.

    "Well are you guys forgetting when I flunked that third quiz so com-

pletely?" She asked.  Sherry gasped as she "remembered".  "Sherry does!"  Tami

went on, "Miss Gray had me kneel on the floor while Rich fucked me from hard

from behind.  I had to suck her nipples while Tony fucked her too.  Then she

had Tony cum on my tight tits and Miss Gray licked Rich's cum from my pussy

until I came!"

    "Right." Sherry added, "Then you had to lay down on the desk and make Miss

Gray cum on your face while we took the fourth quiz!  You were soaked when

you sat down next to me after that!"

    Tami smiled impishly and ran her fingers through Sherry's orange bush. "I want to try me?"  Sherry pulled Tami to the floor and sat on her

face, giving Denise a perfect view of them both.  Julie slipped her fingers

into Tami's tight pussy and fucked her as she made Sherry cum on her face.

Julie finished Tami off quickly afterwards.

    The girls gathered around their Denise, sweating and still tied to the

desk.  Each girl stopped in front of her and displayed how wet she was from

thinking about "episodes" that never happened.

    "Aww, poor Miss Gray." Terri intoned. "All ready and no one's making her

cum.  I'll bet she's sopping wet and ready now."

    The girls walked behind her and Denise prayed that they'd touch her or

do anything to make her come.  Her orgasm had been holding for what seemed

like hours and she wanted it so very badly!  Sherry and Tami came around and

knelt in front of Denise, and Tami sucked and teased Sherry's small nipples

with her tounge while Sherry spoke.

    "Are you ready for the boys now?" Sherry asked. Denise's pussy contracted,

sending a wave of lust over her like a mini-orgasm.  She started to speak,

then realised her mouth was wet too, and she had to swallow.  "I think she's


    Terri opened the classroom door, and five of her male student came into

the room, undressing quickly with the help of the girls.  Sherry pulled Paul

over in front of Denise and started sucking his cock.  She looked at Denise

and asked if she was doing it right.  Denise licked her lips and nodded as

she watched.  Paul had a massive cock, almost ten inches long, with a large

purple head and veins that looked huge.  Sherry took about two-thirds into

her mouth, sucking it feverishly.  Denise looked up and saw Tami taking Tony

into her pussy, his eight-inch cock looking gigantic against her tiny ass.

Tami was sucking Debbie's pussy too, the dark brunette holding Tami's head

and rubbing hard.  Denise could see the perspiration on everyone now, as they

were all engaged in some carnal activity in HER classroom!   Julie and Lisa

were both sucking...Dan!  Dan was the quiet, shy young man who sat behind

Lisa.  His back was to her and she couldn't see his cock.  Paul let out a

low moan and Denise saw his hips arch forward.  She strained against her

bonds, trying to get closer, hoping that it would send her over the edge.

Sherry pulled back and pumped his thick cock, sending his cum streaming out

against her face and breasts.  She leaned forward, looking at Denise as she

laid his large, spurting head against her open mouth.  Denise watched as his

cock pumped thick white gobs into Sherry's mouth, running out the side closest

to her.  She felt her pussy contracting and her tounge running around her

lips as she saw Sherry licking hers.  She heard moaning to her left and turn-

ed to see Debbie coming, clutching her tits tight to her chest, Tami's head

moving frantically against her cunt.  Tony slammed into Tami hard, and Tami

scrambled up and over to Denise.  Tony picked her up a laid her out flat,

supporting her under her stomach and chest with his arms and slid her pussy

up to Denise.  Denise could see the white dribbles of come flowing from Tami's

cunt and eagerly plunged her tounge in.  She lapped at Tami's dripping pussy,

tasting her and Tony's cum.  The close body contact set her off, and she felt

her pussy spasm and contract.  Her pussy was still contracting when everyone

moved away.  Julie stood in front of Denise saying something about a real

suprise.  Denise didn't care, but if Julie would just move forward she could

taste her cunt too, prolong the orgasm that clutched at her insides.  Denise

was so wet that each contraction sent a small wave of her juice down her

thighs, or under her mons to the now slippery desktop.

    Julie moved aside and showed her surpise.  Dan's cock was fully erect and

it had to be at least 14 or 15 inches!  It looked as thick as her own wrist,

with a huge purple head.  I glistened wetly from the girls' slaiva, and she

could see throbbing in the veins.

    "Oh God!" Denise moaned, feeling her pussy contract again. "Fuck me with

that cock!  Give me your huge fuckin' cock!"

    Dan moved behind her and Denise braced for the fucking of her life.  She

waited and ached to have his monster tool inside her, to feel it expand her

pussy wide.  Dan pressed the head against her opening and Denise arched back

as much as she could, feeling the head spread her muscular ring wide.  As it

kept sliding in Denise felt herself coming.  More cock slid into her and she

kept coming.  Still more cock entered her and she felt like he was splitting

her open as she kept coming.  When Dan reversed Denise realized she was having

one, long, continuous orgasm.  Dan started to fuck her with zeal, not slamming

into her, but moving quickly and with knowledge of how to use his huge cock.

Denise was in a heaven now, floating on one orgasm after another.  She could

feel her own wetness on her ass as Dan grabbed her.  She could feel her slick

juices inside the boots on her thighs.

    Hands rolled her over on Dan's cock, her sweat covered breasts feeling the

coolness of a breeze.  Her bonds were freed and she was laying on her desk,

letting this young man fuck her with his massive cock.  Rich and Tony stood

by her head, and she bent her head back and sucked each one, alternating each

cock.  Hands cupped her breasts, and she saw Debbie kneeling beside her on

the desk.  She felt a hot shaft on her right nipple and saw someone standing

there.  She looked up and saw Bill, his seven inch cock seemed to be the

smallest of them all.  He climbed up and slipped his cock between her tits,

Debbie pushing them together and began to pump between them.  She spotted

Paul, slipping into Debbie's cunt from behind.

    Dan groaned and thrust deeply into Denise, causing her to gasp and then

feel his cock pulsing and throbbing as he came and came and came inside her

smouldering cunt.  Denise writhed in pleasure, feeling his sperm flood the

inside of her pussy.  Rich shouted that he was going to come on Denise's

tits, and Bill slipped off just in time.  Rich shot streams of very thick

cum onto Denise's breasts, moving close to soak her right nipple.  Rich's

cum was thick and warm, running down Denise's tits like syrup on ice-cream.

Tony came next, pushing his cock against Denise's open mouth and spurting

his cum on her tounge.  Denise's tounge lashed out, trying to lick every

drop from him.  Debbie pulled Denise's head up, giving Denise a breif glimpse

of her tits bouncing hard from Paul's intense fucking from behind.  Debbie

kissed Denise hard, her tounge probing against hers to tast Tony's thick

cum. Denise reached up and cupped Debbie's swaying breast, then pinched her

nipple hard.  Debbie was trying to tounge-fuck Denise's mouth.

    Debbie came up for air, and Sherry and Tami both pulled Denise to the

floor, positioning her on all fours.  Sherry lay half under her, and Tami

sat on Sherry's face, leaving Denise to lick Sherry's tits, still wet from

Paul's sperm.  Sherry's hands were rubbing Rich's jism all over Denise's tits,

then onto her own stomach and orange bush.

    Denise felt Bill's cock sliding up her ass, knowing it was coated with

Julie's cunt juice, as he'd slipped from Denise's chest into Julie's cunt

while Rich and Tony creamed her.  His cock wasn't as big as the dildo the

girls used earlier, but it was the right size and shape to feel perfectly

at home up her rectum.  He started moving faster and faster in her ass,

his cock plunging deep enough that it filled her full, but not too deep.

Paul was still pumping Debbie and she was coming full tilt, until she finally

collapsed on the desk.  Little Tami was licking and sucking Dan's huge tool

back to hardness.  Paul grabbed Terri and leaned her on the desk to finish

his orgasm.  Several minutes went by and Denise felt Bill's hand reach under

and his fingers massage her clit.  Dan's sperm had run down her thighs and

some had dripped onto the floor, but what ever was left was squeezed out

of her by the massive orgasm Bill started by rubbing her clit.  She could

feel Bill's balls slapping against her cunt, wet with her cum and Dan's.

His cock felt like it was swelling to twice its size in her butt, when he

grabbed her shoulder and pulled her upright, then back as he sat down and

let her full weight plunge down on his rigid cock.  She was sitting upright,

his cock impaling her asshole, and screaming she wanted to come again.

Paul and Dan stood on either side of her and jacked their cocks as Denise

tried to milk Bill into her ass.

    "Ohhh Jeeez!  Here I cum!" Paul shouted, shooting his sperm all over both

of Denise's tits.

    "Oh yeaah!" Dan breathed.  Then from the floor, Sherry crooned her encour-

agement too.

    "C'mon Dan!  Hose her down with your cum!  We want to taste it!"

    Dan came like a flood again, soaking Denise with his thick cream.  She

grabbed his cock and sucked as much of the head as she could, his thick goo

running out around his cock and landing on Sherry's cuntlips.  Tami took

great delight in rubbing it all over Sherry's clit.  Just as Dan finished,

Terri and Julie came over and urged Bill.

    "Oooh, shoot your cum up her ass!" Terri said, "She loves it."

    "Butt-fuck her good. Fill her ass up!" Julie added.

    Julie took over rubbing Denise's clit, while Terri was rubbing cum from

Denise's tits, to Julie's then her own.  Denise was climaxing again, with

Julie fingering her clit and sopping cunt.

    "CUM in my ASS!!  CUM in my ASSHOLE!!" Denise shouted. "God YES! CUM!"

    Bill exploded inside her asshole, Denise sitting down hard against him.

    "Yes! Oooh YES!  CUM, CUM in me! Sperm! Cum! Jism! Flood MEEEEeeeee!"

    They both orgasm'd, Bill spurting stream after stream of his warm thick

cum in her asshole.  Denise laid back, supported by Julie, her legs wide,

showing her well fucked cunt and her drenched tits and stomach.  As she lay

back and relaxed, Denise faded off into a dream-like haze.

    Denise woke up in her "office", spread-eagled and tied to her desk. She

was naked except for the boots she wore.  She moved around a bit and felt

a fullness in both her cunt and ass.  The door opened and Sherry stepped

in about halfway.  "Thank you Miss Gray." She said, "That was the best class


    Sherry left, leaving the door wide open, and Denise gulped, wondering how

she'd extricate herself from this position.  She laid there, naked with

a dildo in her cunt and ass, feeling the cum still wet between her breasts,

her ass slick and wet, her face sticky with come from Tami and Tony.  She

heard the footsteps coming down the hall and froze.  A figure entered the

door, and stopped.  Maryann's resort uniform looked so proper, especially

considering Denise's current state.  She didn't bat an eyebrow as she untied

Denise.  Denise stood, feeling the twin dildos sliding out of her cum drenched

holes.  She pulled them out and put them in a drawer, for lack of a better


    "Here's a robe for you." Maryann said, pulling a robe from a closet.  The

thick robe was soft, and Denise put it on gratefully.

    "Are you a...I mean are you..." She stammered.

    "An android?" Maryann smiled. "Hardly."

    "Oh." Denise said, then, "OH!!" and she blushed heavily.

    "Don't worry." Maryann smiled. "I've seen all sorts of fun things!"

    Maryann escorted Denise to her room.  Denise showered, the warm water

making her feel drowsy and weak.  She laid down in the comfortable be and

fell soundly asleep.

    Denise returned to her classroom, her fantasies under complete control.

She remembered the fantasy trip, to be sure, but now it was no longer an urge

out of control.  She'd done it, enjoyed it, and now it was back to the real

world.  Her first day back she caught up with the paperwork, and then on

Wednesday, went to class.  She was touched by the numerous presents that were

on her desk as she walked into the room, all wrapped nicely.  It was a very

good feeling for her to know her students cared.

    Sherry came up, acting as spokesperson for the class, announcing that they

all missed her and found her substitute boring.  She picked up the present

she'd brought and handed it to Miss Gray.

    Denise unwrapped it, the box plain and giving no clue.  When she opened

the box, she felt herself blush, looking at a 9 inch dildo!  Sherry smiled

and said she hoped Denise liked it, and went to sit down.

    "Just a minute young lady!" Denise snapped. "Come back up here."

    Sherry turned, smiling, and returned, standing in front of Denise.  Denise

opened another package from Terri and Lisa.  Inside was a 19 inch double headed

dildo, bent into  a "U".  Denise called Terri and Lisa up to the front and

made them stand alongside Sherry.

    "Now just what should I do with you girls?" She demanded.

    "Make us eat each other's pussies?" Lisa asked almost hopfully.

    Denise stared at them until Sherry told her to open Bill's gift.  She did,

and found that he'd given her a butt-plug.  She called him up and asked what

he thought he was doing.

    Quietly Bill leaned forward and said "Thanking my teacher for the best

butt-fucking session I ever had."

    Denise's head was spinning, and she felt flushed and embarrased.  They

couldn't possibly know!  She was still debating when the door opened.

    Mr. Johansen, the small balding head of administration stopped just inside

the door.  "Miss Gray, welcome back.  I certainly hope you can bring these

test scores back up.  I'm afraid your substitute couldn't hold their attention

very well."

    Denise stammered, afraid that he'd see the dildos on her desk.

    "Oh, and what happened to your boots?  I rather liked the contrast of the

dark leather next to your blonde hair." Mr. Johansen said as he started out

of the room.

    Denise looked at her class, and she saw Tami sitting in the back, her

t-shirt over her breasts and her skirt on her desk, fingering herself while

she sucked Rich's cock.

    Sherry untied the neck of her light dress, letting it fall to the floor,

revealing her naked form, orange bush and all.

    "Welcome back Miss Gray!" She said. "Would you like me to eat your pussy?"

    Denise Gray; twenty-eight, blonde and attractive.  Junior college teacher

of Human Sexuality 101. Pre-requisites -- a trip to the Twilight Zone.

(...Fade to black...)


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