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Archive-name: Fantasy/turnbout.txt

Archive-author: Alexx Kay

Archive-title: Turnabout

        We came together.  It was a magical moment.  I know you've

heard that before, but this *was* a brief experience of Heaven on

Earth.  As I stared into her eyes our souls opened up, and for one

shining moment that lasted for Eternity, we were one soul in two

bodies.  A moment or an aeon later, we fell apart, lying back and

basking in the afterglow.

        I absently reached up to scratch an itch in my right nipple. 

Something was wrong.  Still fuzzy-minded from the incredible orgasm,

it took some thinking to identify what it was.  My chest hair had

vanished.  For that matter, my breast seemed a great deal - fuller -

than usual.  As I started to worry, I opened my eyes and awoke fully.

        I was staring at a funhouse reflection of myself.  The beard,

the hair, the *body* were all mine, but I *knew* that pleased, "cat

who ate the canary" smile.  I was more used to seeing it on a

different face, and when I turned to look in the mirror on the closet

door, I saw that face staring back at me in disbelief.  I looked down

at the body I was now in, with its full breasts and smooth, curving

lines.  It was true; somehow in that moment of transcendental orgasm,

our souls *had* joined, but when they separated, they ended up in the

*wrong* bodies!

        "Um, Ann...,"  I said, in a strange voice, much higher than

my own.  Her eyes snapped open, she looked at me and shrieked in

shock and surprise.  It took me several minutes to calm her down and

explain what I felt must have happened.  It also took some time to

adjust to the sounds of our voices.  Your own voice never sounds the

same to you as it does to others, because of the bone conduction from

throat to ear;  now each of us had two different voices to adjust to,

our original one without that comforting timbre, and the new one,

now strange and echoing.

        "Look on the bright side, Ann," I said, "You're always

complaining that I don't understand you well enough.  Think of this

as a golden opportunity to get to know each other better!"

        "Hah!  And what are we going to do on Monday?  *I* don't know

beans about computers, and *you* couldn't find your way around a

library without a map.  We've *got* to get our own bodies back."

        "Wellll...  Perhaps if we tried to duplicate the original

conditions, but in reverse..."  This wasn't just a random thought,

for this body I was in was still horny.  I could feel the damp, *hot*

wetness inside of me, and I marvelled at it.  I knew that my old body

would still be recuperating from our last bout, and that, left to

itself, it wouldn't be ready again for half an hour or so.  But then,

I didn't plan to leave it to itself.

        I leaned over and kissed Ann on the back of the neck, biting

gently, while my hand reached up and lightly tweaked her left nipple. 

She gasped in surprised pleasure.  I was pleased, but not surprised;

after all, didn't I know that body's desires better than anyone?  I

was sure I could have her ready to go again in a matter of minutes. 

This strange yet erotic situation had me so arouseed that I could

literally feel the juices starting to run down my legs...

        "Wh-what are you doing?" she asked, in a voice far more husky

than normal.

        "Showing you how this body feels." I replied.  Suiting actions

to words, I lowered my mouth to her small, hairy nipple and sucked it

into my mouth, while my hands traveled through her forest of chest

hair down to her crotch.  As I expected, her cock was already

beginning to harden, and I helped it along by stroking it up and

down, and tickling the balls beneath.

        "Oh!  Ohhhhh!  That feels so weird!  But good!  Oh god!  I'm

getting so *hard*," she cried.  I could smell her masculinity, and it

overpowered me.  Clearly, the lower brain functions had remained with

the proper bodies, for the smell was making me *incredibly* horny.  

        I couldn't resist.  I bent my head down, and took her cock

into my mouth.  She kept moaning, her voice higher than it had been,

but still much deeper than I was used to.  I licked up and down and

around, paying special attention to the most sensitive spots, since,

after all, I knew *exactly* where they were :-)  I lifted my head off

for a moment, then licked slowly down her length.  My tongue snaked

out and eased her balls into my mouth, as I continued stroking her

length with my hand.  I was rewarded with yet more moaning.  I wanted

her cum.  I wanted it so badly I could taste it, or at least, the

first warning drops of her pre-cum :-)  I took the head of her cock

back into my mouth, and lowered my throat down her length, beginning

a steady sucking motion.  With my left hand, I played with her balls,

while my right reached down to tease that sensitive rosebud of her

anus.  Her hips bucked, nearly knocking me off, until I adjusted to

the rythm; her cock sliding deep into my throat with each thrust.  I

sucked, hard, and her cock throbbed, releasing spurts of thick creamy

sperm into my mouth.  I milked her cock through the rest of her

orgasm, licking the cum off of the tip, stretching out the pleasure

as long as possible.

        After a few moments, her eyes uncrossed, she turned to me and

said "Oh *god*, I want to fuck you!"  She dived down and kissed me on

the lips.  It was strange to feel her beard scratching against me,

but I reveled in the new sensations.  She stroked my breast, and I

could *feel* the nerve impulses from there go straight to my pussy. 

I was hotter than ever, and I *did* want to be fucked.  However, my

former body, even as well rested as it had been at the start of this

unusual evening, was going to need some time to recover.  Ann was

staring down at her shrivelled cock in puzzlement.  "I want you so

*bad*.  Why isn't it getting hard again?"

        "Give it a little time.  It'll get there," I said.  After a

moments thought, I added, "Um, you know...  When I was trying to get

it up again when I was in that body, I, um, it really turned me on to

go down on you..."  She looked at me with an examining stare, an

unreadable expression.

        Then, with a brief smile as the only warning, she leapt for

my crotch, and dove in with her tongue.  I cried out, in unexpected

delight "Ohhhh *yes*!"  I could feel her beard scratching my thighs,

but it felt good.  In fact, she ran her nails lightly up and down my

legs while she licked, creating a wonderful counterpoint sensation. 

Her tongue moved up and down my labia, around and between them. 

Every so often, her nose would brush against my clitoris, my body

shaking in response.  She spread my lips with her fingers and leaned

forward, thrusting her tongue deep inside of me.  I shuddered and

moaned my appreciation.  After some time of this, she moved her tongue

upwards, and began circling my clitoris, just around the edges, never

quite touching it.  Then, just as the teasing was about to be

unbearable (for she knew this body's responses intimately), she took

it between her lips and sucked hard, while laving it with her tongue. 

My hips bucked as she thrust two fingers deep inside of me, moving

them back and up to hit my G spot.  I cried out in ecstasy, and came,

wetting her face and beard with my copious fluids.

        "Well, whattaya know," she said, looking down at her

once-again hard cock, "it works :-)"  She pulled herself up the

length of my body, and I grabbed her powerful shoulders, bringing her

face down to mine for a kiss.  Now her beard was not only scratchy,

but damp, and I burst out giggling for a moment.  

        "I want you inside of me," I moaned.  I reached down, and

felt her hardness, poking against my thigh.  I took it in my hand,

and brought it to my nether lips.  I raised my hips and took her

within me.  She entered slowly, and then we stopped for a bit, each

marvelling at the new sensations involved.  I had a feeling of

fullness, of completeness, that I had never felt before, while I knew

that she must likewise be impressed at the tight wet heat she was now

immersed in.

        I squeezed my muscles, and was rewarded by a gasp from above. 

Ann looked down at me, love and lust commingled in her eyes, and

began a slow, even in-out motion.  My hands moved over her muscular

back, and stroked.  She leaned in for another kiss, stepping up the

tempo ever so slightly.  Then she leaned down and gave a kiss, then a

gentle bite to the neck, something which I liked well enough in my

own body, but which this body liked well enough to send it into

a shattering orgasm.

        We fucked for hours, it seemed.  With two recent orgasms, it

would be a while before her male body could work up a third.  But,

oh!, what a trip :-)  I shuddered through two more orgasms,

marvelling at the never-ending abilities of women.  At last, Ann

began to speed up, pounding into me, fast and hard.  I encouraged

her, meeting her hip thrusts with my own, and squeezing my pussy

muscles on the downstroke.  I squeezed her

with pussy, arms and lips, and we were c o m i n g NOW!!!!!  It was

like a burst of white light, filling me, and suffusing my(?) body and

soul with pleasure.  I felt at one with Ann in a way I had never

thought possible.

        At last the light faded.  I was lying in bed with my eyes

closed from weariness.  I kept them closed, savoring the delicious

feeling of not knowing what I would see when I opened them.....

                        THE END, for now.


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