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Archive-name: Fantasy/tempting.txt

Archive-author: Julie Woodcock

Archive-title: Tempting Amanda


     There was something in the room with me.

     I couldn't see it, but somehow, in a way I can't explain, I

could feel it.  Could sense its intelligence, its age.  Its


     Hunger for me.

     I should have been terrified, but I wasn't.  A little

frightened, yes, a tingling sort of fear that danced along my

nerves.  But even as I quivered, my nipples hardened.  There was

something so erotic about the presence, about the way I could

feel it looking at me as I lay in the tangled sheets of my bed. 

I knew, knew it was staring at my breasts through the lace of my

cream teddy, at the dark shadow of my pussy between my spread


     I wanted to see it, see who it was, watch it watching me, so

I tried to sit up--and found I couldn't.  My body wouldn't

respond at all, just lay frozen on the cool sheets.  I couldn't

even lift my head.  Growing frantic, I rolled my eyes toward the

foot of the bed, sensing...

     There.  A shadowed triangular head with pointed ears and a

long muzzle, rearing just over the foot of my bed.  It pulled its

lips back, and long teeth shone.  The mattress gave with its

weight as it leaped between my spread legs.  And I saw what it


     A wolf.

     I tried to scream as its furry head lowered toward my belly,

but I couldn't make a sound, couldn't move at all.  Breath gusted

against my crotch, a tongue swiping a single sampling lick.  As I

watched in helpless panic, the wolf hunkerd down and began to

lick at the silk covering my cunt.  Long, slow licks.  Something

gleamed at me--ice white wolf eyes watching me watch him,

watching as if he knew my fear ... and enjoyed it.  

     "Those aren't an animal's eyes."  I don't know where the

thought came from, but it was true.  There was something almost

human in the expression of the wolf's eyes, something intelligent

and aware; not the flat stare of an animal at all.

     Then his outline blurred.  At first I thought my fear was

making me see things, but a moment later I realized the wolf's

silhouette really was wavering, beginning to change.  Forelegs

turning into long, muscled arms, muzzle shrinking into a human

nose above a human mouth.  And he was a man.

     But the eyes were no different.

     The muscled blond continued to lick my pussy through my

teddy, though the silk was soaked now from his mouth.  The

sensation of his tongue tracing the line of my lips through the

slick material began to make my nerves burn.  The terror I'd felt

when I'd first seen the wolf receded into lust with each long

swipe of that glorious tongue.

     Abruptly he pulled away to drop to his knees on the floor, 

and I felt him wrap his fingers into the crotch of my teddy. 

A powerful twist of his wrist ripped it as his free hand seized

me by the thigh and dragged me to the edge of the bed.

     Then, brutally, he drove one finger up my cunt, spearing me

with heated pleasure and a hint of pain.  I came halfway off the

bed with a gasp.  His hand pumped, reaming me, as he reached with

the other one to seized a breast, rolling its nipple with the

perfect pressure to send delight flaming into my cunt.  He kept

on and on, and the pain went away and it was nothing but

pleasure, pleasure to kill for.  Pleasure to die for.  

     Gradually I realized that he was no longer eating me, just

finger-fucking me as he watched me writhe.  His eyes excited me

as much as his hands.  His eyes, looking at my long, curving

legs, looking at my breasts, pretty breasts, round and big,

nipples pointed in lust, his eyes looking at me like that, I was

going to come as he watched, I was going to...

     He looked into my eyes and smiled, long fangs shining as he

pulled his lips back. 

     A wolf's fangs...

     I snapped upright on the bed with a strangled scream, but he

was gone.  My hair whipped my cheeks as I jerked my head wildly,

looking for him, but I couldn't see anything at all in the

darkness.  I groped across the width of my bed for the lamp on

the night stand and clawed at it until I managed to flip on the


     With the burst of illumination, I could see the familiar

bulk of pine colonial furniture, the rose bedspread bunched at my

feet.  And the cream lace teddy, tenting over my hard nipples. 

Its crotch still covered my cunt.  Nobody had ripped it open.

     It had all been a dream...

     A damn lucky dream.  The solution to my problem.

     I rolled out of bed and headed for my office, stumbling

across the apartment's narrow hallway to the tiny room that held

my computer.  The room where I was supposed to write the sequel

to my vampire bestseller, SHADOWMASTER.  The room where I hadn't

been able to do a damn thing in weeks.  Writer's block, they call

it.  But now the block was gone, because I knew what was missing,

what it would take to make the story work.

     I flipped on the computer and sat down, my fingers itching

to start pounding those keys.  My vampire villain didn't just

overpower his victims.

     He seduced them.


     He was back.

     My eyes snapped open.  He loomed over me, moonlight from the

window falling across the edged planes of his face, glinting

almost white on the blond hair curling down across his eyes.  He

was holding my wrists pinned over my head.  I knew the game; I

started to struggle.  His mouth took on a playfully sadistic

curve, and he bent his head to bite a bare nipple.

     I'd been dressed when I went to bed, but I was naked


     He licked me, very slowly, until my nipples burned and I

felt cream start trickling through my cunt.  His nostrils

twitched, smelling my heat, and he ran his free hand down the

length of my arching body to part my pussy and finger my clit. 

Lifting his head, he smiled.  "You like this."

     Well, yeah, but it was my dream.  I could enjoy my own...  

Then his fingers began sliding in and out, and I groaned. Through

a pleasure haze, I felt him shift, moving over me, spreading my

legs to form a cradle for his hips.  Yessss, I thought, and heard

my mouth say it too as he rose to all fours.  Looking down, I saw

his cock, a thick silhouette pointing at my pussy.  I watched

hungrily as he thrust forward, finding the wet opening and

sliding through its clamping muscles.  It had been months since

I'd felt a man's prick, and his was huge, stretching me open

deliciously.  I arched, drawing breath  to scream in pleasure.

     But as I threw my head back, I saw him bare his teeth in a

parody of a grin.  His incisors were white, sharp -- and fully an

inch long.

     Oh no.  No way.  I forgot all about thick pumping shafts and

started worrying about dying.  Shoving up against his chest, I

tried to force him off.  He held on easily, not even exerting any

force, but I still couldn't break his grip, couldn't free my

hands from his fist.  

     And the sonofabitch was grinning--savoring his strength and

my helplessness.

     Then, taking his time about it, he lowered his head.  I

shrank back into the pillow, fighting even harder to jerk my

wrists out of his hands, but I still couldn't get loose.  As,

with exquisite slowness, he sank his teeth into my throat.

     I screamed.

     Lost control completely, in fact, shrieking and bucking.

That's why it took me so long to realize that I didn't feel any

pain from the bite, just a sense of pressure, of pulling.  While

his cock slid in and out of my pussy as he fucked me with long,

hard strokes.  He growled in delight against my jaw.

     I can't explain it, but I started sharing his pleasure.  The

delicate tugging sensation at my throat began sending hot

messages along my nerves just as his driving thrusts rammed

ecstasy into my pussy. It couldn't be, but it was, and I was

coming, I was coming...

     Until I woke up. 

     "Why do I always have to miss the good part?"  I groaned at

the lace canopy over my bed. 

     If this kept on, I was going to lose my mind. 


     "Bottoms Up" was crowded, smoky from a hundred cigarettes

and loud with rock from the bar's amplifiers.  The clientele was

a college bunch, blue jeaned and t-shirted and rowdy.  And horny,

I hoped.  God knew I was.  I'd been dreaming of my vampire every

night this week, and I was so randy I'd considered buying a

vibrator.  Instead I'd come here.

     There hadn't been much choice, really.  I was getting close

to my deadline, and I still didn't have the damn novel finished. 

I'd made a lot of headway that first few days, yeah, but the last

two all I'd been able to think about were cocks and hands and

mouths.  And teeth.  I'd finally decided that I had to find a

real lover tonight, or I was never going to get anything done.

     So I'd gone out and bought the trashiest red dress I could

find--thin silk, neckline cut to an inch of my nipples and

hemline an inch from my ass.  And I was not wearing anything

under it.

     I swiveled on my bar stool to look over the crowd.  There

was a promising blond a few feet away, sitting alone at a table

no bigger than a diner plate.  Broad shoulders and long legs and

big hands that looked like they'd know how to put out a fire. 

Thing was, I wasn't really sure how to go about picking him up. 

I'd never done anything like that before--guys usually picked me

up.  I was starting to remember why I hated bars.  "Maybe," I

thought dryly, "I should just stand over him until the scent of

wet pussy gets his attention..." 

     "That would do it," a voice agreed, as if reading my mind. 

I grinned at the coincidence, then turned. 

     To look directly into the vampire's eyes.

     He was dressed in black, but not in the standard vampire

tuxedo.  No, he wore black blue jeans and a black cotton shirt, a

black stetson down low over his eyes.  He smiled just enough to

show the tips of his fangs. "I do love that dress, Amanda."

     "Mother always said I was crazy," I muttered.

     "You're not crazy.  Hot, wet and tempting, yes, but not

crazy."  He smiled again, a little more broadly, and as I

watched, his fangs lengthened like cocks coming erect.

     "No," I said, more to myself than the man I believed wasn't

even there. 

     "Had any good wet dreams lately, Amanda?  I certainly hope

so--I put a lot of effort into them.  The one with the wolf,

though--that was inspired, if I do say so myself.  And you loved

it."  There were those fangs again.  "Foreplay is the best part. 

Well, maybe not the best part..."  

     "Foreplay my ass," I said, snapping out of my moment of

fear. "That was my subconscious, dreaming up a way out of a case

of writer's block.  You aren't real."  Dreaming again.  That was

it, I was dreaming again.  

     "Let's go back to your apartment and I'll show you real."

     I was starting to have a horrible thought.  I threw a quick

glimpse over my shoulder at the long mirror behind the bar.  But

I could see his reflection.  "You're pulling my leg."

     "Oh, come on--you don't really buy all those old vampire

myths?  Look, no matter what Bram Stoker said, I do cast a

reflection and I don't sleep in coffins."  His smile was

seductive.  "Beds are so much nicer."

     "Somebody put you up to this," I said, ignoring the smile,

"and I don't think it's very funny." 

     "Ah. Somebody who knows about your kinky dreams found

somebody who looks just like your kinky vampire, and talked this

perfect stranger into..."

     I moaned.  Because he was right.  Because I hadn't told

anybody.  Because I didn't really think I was crazy, and I knew I

wasn't dreaming again.  

     Because I was starting to believe I was sitting in a bar

talking to a vampire.

     While I slumped there feeling numb, he said, "I read your

book.  SHADOWMASTER.  What a name." He shook his head.  "And that

vampire of yours.  What an idiot.  Of course a trail of drained

corpses would tip everybody off, and of course somebody would

hunt him down and pop him while he was sleeping.  No real vampire

would be that stupid..."

     He's so chatty, I thought in distant amazement.  Who would

have guessed a vampire would be chatty...

     But then I noticed something.  His eyes didn't match what

was coming out of that sensuous mouth.  The eyes were flicking,

glancing over my breasts, the sweep of my legs under the short

skirt, the pulse I could feel pumping in my throat.  And I

realized suddenly that the words were all protective coloration

for his hunger.  Like a wolf in a lambswool suit. 

     "Taking a woman by force is too easy," he was saying, the

eyes on my breasts again.  "Telling her exactly what you're going

to do to her, then tempting her into surrendering anyway--now,

that's a challenge."  He leaned in close, his ice white eyes

inches from mine.  I slid back.  "I'm going to teach you all

about temptation..." 

     That woke me up.  "No!" I exploded.  "Get AWAY from me, you

bastard, I'm going to the cops..."

     "To tell them what?"

     My mouth closed with a snap.  I started to edge off the bar

stool, slanting a glance toward the exit.  Maybe I could make a

run for it before he...

    "Don't worry, you're safe.  I've decided I'm going to fuck

you in the comfort of your own apartment.  And there's one

vampire myth that is true -- we can't go where we're not


     "I'm not inviting you anywhere," I snapped.  "If you think

I'm some horny little twit who'd take a toothy Mr. Goodbar to

bed..."  Being angry is so much better than being scared.

     "Ah, you've got the idea I'm going to drain you like a shot

glass.  That's another one of those myths, sweetheart, it just

doesn't work that way.  Too messy for one thing, draws too much

attention.  It's so much better to swap six or seven orgasms for

a pint or two.  How about it, Amanda?  Does that sound like a

fair trade?"  He put out a hand and brushed his palm across the

bust of my red silk dress.  I felt my nipples pop to attention.

     I looked down at them, then up into his eyes. There was a

lot of arrogance in there, as if he knew he had me and was simply

waiting for me to admit it.

     There was really no point in fighting him...

     "No!"   I ran.  Lunged off the bar stool and just ran,

forcing my way through the startled, drunken crowd, hardly

hearing all the curses and objections.  I never once looked back. 

I was too afraid of what I might see.  

     I was too afraid I might go back.


     I went kind of crazy for a while there; I don't even

remember driving back to my apartment.  I do recall wondering if

this was the time of year when the sun never sets in parts of

Russia. Sounded like a great spot to hide out from a vampire.

     I was planning to book plane tickets when I fell asleep on

the couch...

     Somebody picked me up and dropped me. I woke up with a jolt,

yelping as the padded arm of the couch drove into my belly. I

grabbed at it automatically.  Big hands reached around and caught

my wrists and jerked them behind me. 

     "Hello, Amanda," the vampire said into my ear as he wrapped

a fist in the back of my dress.  I felt a tug, heard the sound of

ripping silk, and winced. 

     "I thought you couldn't go where you aren't invited,"  I


     "I lied."  He reached up under my body and caught one bare

breast in his hand.  Began to knead it, to pinch and roll its

nipple until I shivered.  His touch, he knew just the way to...

     "You know why I find you so tempting, Amanda?  Other than

the centerfold tits, I mean."  He squeezed and kneaded, and I

closed my eyes.  "You're so obsessed with your writing career

that you've isolated yourself.  No friends.  No lovers.  Nobody

to keep me away."  He let go of my tit and slid a hand back to

press into the bulge of my pussy.  His fingers slid in easily. 

"So you can't resist me."

     "No! Let me go, you sonofabitch."  But my voice sounded 

awfully weak.

     He pumped the fingers in and out a few times as I sprawled

there.  I tried not to, I really did, but finally I couldn't keep

from thrusting my hips back at those delicious fingers. 

     He locked a hand in my long hair, pulled me to my feet, and

spun me around.  I started to snarl something appropriate, then

forgot about it as I realized he was naked, gorgeous and hard.

His fangs, like his cock, were fully extended.  He bent to press

a kiss into my mouth.  His teeth nicked my lips. I flinched.

     He lifted his head again.  I knew he was looking at the

blood I could feel beading on my lips; his eyes were raw hunger. 

He quickly leaned down to suck my mouth, his tongue licking the

thin cuts.  When he pulled away, he was breathing hard.

     Then he shoved me back down on the couch again, forcing me

to bend over.  "Bastard!" I screamed as I felt him kneel behind 

me.  He grabbed my hips and speared my cunt in a rush of stiff

cock. I called him a motherfucker, but it still felt good.  

     He began to pound his long shaft into me even as he wormed a

thick thumb up my ass.  I whined in pleasure; the finger made his

cock feel even bigger, made me feel totally stuffed and fucked.

     "Your hair.  Move it."

     He'd gotten me so hot and crazy I obeyed without even

thinking, sweeping my hair off to one side, baring my neck to

him.  A little voice started telling me I was stupid.  I didn't

care.  He was pounding against my hips, in and out, long wet

strokes, screwing my asshole to make the feeling even more

intense.  I'd been so hot for so long, and it felt so good!  

But...but not as good as before, in the dream.  Something was

missing.  The sharp pleasure of his bite, the pull, the pound of

my blood as he drank.  And I needed that.  Hell, I had to have

it, I didn't care about the cost.

     But he wasn't giving it to me.

     He just kept fucking me, ramming his hips into mine, his

shaft rushing in and out with a pleasure that should have been

enough--but wasn't.  I found myself twisting my head back in

invitation.  But still he didn't thrust into that final place.

     "Vampire..." I moaned.

     "Hungry, Amanda?" he growled in my ear.

     "Hmmmm."  God, his cock, his thumb, sliding, bringing me so

close, I just needed one more thing.  "Please..."

     He licked my throat, tracing his tongue along the curve,

but still he held back.

     "Damnit, don't tease me."  Another agonizing minute went by

as he licked and fucked me.  Finally I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Please.  Bite m..."

     Without lifting his head, he bit deep.

     I heard myself scream, a long cry of overwhelming lust and


     He was fucking me so hard now that my belly kept slapping

into the couch.  I felt a climax building...

     And woke up.

     I sat up on the couch and shook, my mouth dry, my nipples

hard, my cunt richly wet.  Wanting to scream.

     Goddamnit, Amanda, I thought, trying to kill my passion,

trying for some sense.  He's a vampire.  He could kill you. 

Yeah, he says he won't, but why should you believe that?  He just

wants...He just wants...

     The thought trailed off in my mind as I thought about what

he wanted.  About what I wanted.  About how my hunger and his

hunger had somehow gotten too strong for me.  Then I got up off

the couch to walk to the door, and I opened it.

     He was standing there, just as I'd known he would be,

smiling that charming smile under his old and hungry eyes.

     And I said, "Come in."



Copyright J. Woodcock 1991


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