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Archive-name: Fantasy/teddy.txt

Archive-author: Justin Cann

Archive-title: Teddy

[Author's Note:

1.  This story may be reproduced as is provided this note 

is attached and due credit is given to me for having written it.

2.  Consider yourself warned:  this is fairly hard-core stuff.

3.  Comments and criticism can be mailed to .

4.  The underscores around a word indicate that it is to 

be italisized if you ever want to reformat the story and make it look nice.

5.  Have a nice day.]

"My name is Ted.  Theodore Sherrit Mosely Tighlman.  

TSMT.  Teddy.

	"'Yeah, whatever,'  most people might say.  

Yeah.  'A Gold Coastie rookie Senator sitting on his lawn 

next to the pool with his martini reading the Wall Street 

Journal on a late summer afternoon after the return 

commute from Washington.'  Then in that sort of voice 

people put on when they're imitating someone and they 

want you to _know_ it, say, 'Yep! Yep!  Campaign's not 

going so darned well.  Damn Democrats back in office!'

	"I may have gone to boarding school and 

attended Yale, but I've seen some things."

	It was true.  Ted certainly looked like he had 

never even so much as touched someone who wasn't 

Talbot County's unofficial aristocracy or their back-and-

forth relatives from Philadelphia's Mainline.

	I knew differently, of course, and that was 

why I was here to interview him.  On the drive from the 

_Washington Post_ I had been given all the details.  This 

one was a real scoop.  Catching the Congressman with his 

pants down.  

Oldest story in the newspaper of American History.

	History repeats itself.  I had the latest bit of 

the cycle in my briefcase right now.  Pictures of 'Teddy' 

getting it up the ass in a New York loft.  A red haired girl 

administering her strap-on to his anus.  There's more 

where that came from apparently.

	Seems they were taken about twenty years 

ago.  Seems his cousin took them.  Seems she and him are 

in some of the other pictures in some interesting 


	So I'd come down here for the reaction piece.  

Quite rare that a Senator in a situation like this will 

give a reaction _before_ the story hits the streets.  Real 


	"So is that thing rolling?" he asked, gesturing 

toward my tape recorder, which he actually _insisted_ I 


	"Yes sir.  Has been for a little bit."

	"Teddy.  OK.  If this is going into print, I want 

you to say Teddy in every reference to me after the first.  

That's my only stipulation for giving you guys this 


	"Well I guess I can live with that."

	"With a story like this coming up, I guess you 

can.  Would you like a drink before we start."


	"What's your pleasure?"

	I was beginning to feel almost bad about 

bringing this bastard down.  Now let me set you straight.  

I don't care about Teddy's [There I'll do it damn it.  I'll 

call him 'Teddy.'] perversions.  I want to bring him down 

because he's nearly a fascist.  Old money.  Old worn-out 

ideas.  He and his kind are still slave-masters, they just 

work around "that silly ol' amendment."

	"Martini's fine.  Dry please."

	Teddy reached over to the slate counter 

surface next to his lawn chair, pressed an intercom 

button and said, "Miss Kate, might we have another round 

of martinis when you get a chance?"

	Well, at least he's polite about it.

	"So what I want to do, as I'm sure your 

editors must have told you, is to tell the whole story 

myself.  Just fess up.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm 

playing the old, 'I'm past that now' excuse."

"Certainly.  Would you prefer me to ask questions or do 

you have something prepared."

	"Well not prepared really.  It's been such a 

sudden development.  I thought I'd just tell the story and 

you could pipe in with a question if something comes up."

	He paused for a moment and glanced out over 

the cove as if searching there for the strength to tell his 


	"Well, back in P let see I was 17 P 1960, I was 

spending the summer here as usual, and my cousin June 

came down with Aunt Beth for a month.  She was sixteen 

and quite good looking.  She could dance too.  I've always 

liked girls I can dance with.

	"I ended up in charge of making sure she had a 

good time.  At first I didn't want to do it, but that wore 

off in about three days.  I forgot all about my friends and 

just spent the whole time with June.  Yeah, Mom and Aunt 

Beth were just tickled that we were such good pals.  

They wanted me to introduce her to some of my rich 

Coastie friends so that June could snare one and Aunt 

Beth could move down here to be with mom.

	"Well I guess I should tell you that Beth is my 

mom's sister.  Her husband died in World War Two in the 

Pacific two months after he married Beth.  June was born 

seven months later in 1944.  Two months premature.

	"So anyway, June was here and I started 

spending all of my time with her.  We went on rows in 

the cove.  Walks through the woods, even the marsh.  And 

of course we went to the dances.

	"We got drunk together for the first time, 

both of us that summer.  One time I had a fifth of gin and 

we went down to the dockhouse to 'inspect the Snipe for 

the regatta.'  Read: drink our gin.

	"So we were down in the boat house and we 

were both fairly drunk.  I don't remember P and I've never 

asked June if she does P which one of us made the first 

move, but we ended up kissing and fondling each other, 

while lying on the mainsail of the _Mary_Elizabeth_III_.  

That's the ketch down there at the dock.  Named after my 


	"I remember kissing June passionately as I 

unbuttoned her blouse.  She stroked the crotch of my 

bulging pants as my hands finally encountered her pert 

breasts and firm nipples."

	I couldn't believe that I was getting so 

explicit a story, and by now I noticed that Teddy had a 

gaze that encompassed the entirety of the peaceful cove: 

the ketch, [no doubt the same one kept in perfect shape 

by BNs] the dockhouse, the pier, the water, the shadows 

of the other shore, and the blue heron gliding across the 

cove a few feet off the water.

	Miss Kate was coming down the lawn carrying 

a silver tray.  I coughed Teddy out of his near-reverie and 

noticed that Miss Kate wasn't the ample-of-body-and-

submissive-good-natured black woman I had expected.  

Rather I was confronted with a stiff yet well-mannered 

white woman.  She was wearing a maid costume [if Teddy 

weren't racist he was certainly classist or sexist or 

both] that bordered on revealing.  I couldn't understand 

why she acted so stiffly wearing that outfit.

	"Thank you Miss Kate," he said as he took the 

martinis and handed one to me.

	"Thank you," I repeated.  Miss Kate gave me a 

quite sly glance as she folded the tray up to her chest 

and spun on her heels to return to the house.  Perhaps _I_ 

was the one who was being prejudiced.  She wasn't the 

kindly old black woman I had expected.  Was there a 

reason for this.  Did the senator do the maid?  God, that's 

the _oldest_ story.

	"Well that was about all we did that time," he 

continued when Miss Kate was out of earshot, "We 

remained fairly confused about it for a week or so.  After 

all, one is not supposed to kiss one's cousin, is one?"  He 

asked, somewhat sarcastically and somewhat seriously.

	"About a week later, a similar thing happened.  

We were out for a row, and we were out of the cove there 

around Hackett's point."  He gestured off into the Tred 

Avon.  "We started splashing each other P me using the 

oar and June using her hands.  We got a little carried 

away and ended up capsizing the rowboat.  We were only 

in about five feet of water, so I had no problem righting 

it again and getting back in.  When I went to pull June 

back up though, we slipped.  Actually I hurt my butt quite 

a bit on that gunwale, but I didn't cry out because June's 

lips fell directly on to mine.

	"Mind you I'm not saying that this is like 'one-

of-those-things,' we probably fell like that on purpose; 

subconsciously.  Once again, we began kissing and petting 

each other.  The rowboat drifted to the lee shore as 

slowly on that summer day as I removed the top half of 

June's bathing suit.  By the time we nudged up on the 

sand, her hand was in my pants stroking my penis.  I was 

alternately sucking each nipple.

	"In 1960, that house wasn't there, and there 

were only woods.  After a few more minutes of this I got 

out and helped June out.  I tied the painter to a fallen 

tree and hopped up on to it.  I pulled June up as I stared 

at her naked breasts.  We lay there in the sun on the wide 

fallen oak and explored each others passions.

	"Before long, I reached my hand down her 

bathing suit to feel my first pussy.  I didn't really quite 

know what to do, I confess, but June moved her hand 

down there too and guided mine in the motions.  In this 

way I soon had two fingers in her massaging the walls of 

her vagina, while my thumb made the occasional swipe 

over her clitoris.

	"She took her hand out of the suit and arched 

her back up to take it the rest of the way off.  I resumed 

sucking her nipples while I got more used to arousing her 

pussy.  She reached into my bathing trunks again and 

gripped my seventeen year-old's rock-hard erection and 

began stroking it gently.  After a minute or so of this, I 

stood up and removed my trunks as well.

	"I could barely believe it.  There I was on a 

fallen tree totally naked with my cousin June.  I mean, 

she'd hit me over the head with a toy car when we were 

two and three.  I just gazed at her lying there as I stood 

casting my shadow on her.  Instinct or something took 

over and it no longer mattered that neither of us had done 

this before P it no longer mattered that we were cousins.  

I slowly lay down on top of her, kissing first her breasts 

and then her neck and finally her lips again, as my penis 

slid effortlessly into her well lubricated cunt. "I just 

started slowly thrusting in and out, now nibbling her 

ears.  I remember noticing that it obviously hurt her for a 

moment.  She quickly forgot about the tweak of pain from 

her burst maidenhead and the stretching ache in her 

pussy and quickly experienced an orgasm.  I hear that's 

pretty rare for a girl the first time.

	"Anyway, I continued to fuck her, abandoning 

kissing now in favor of a more forceful rhythm.  I arched 

over top of her as she writhed in her very first, or so she 

told me, orgasm.  I don't believe it.  I reached my own 

soon after, shooting gobs of cum into her.

	"I think back on it now and reckon we were 

damned lucky she never got pregnant that summer.  Maybe 

we're somehow incompatible; sperm-and-egg-wise that 

is.  We carried on like that all summer and finally I had 

to go off to Yale.

	"Yes, I did go early.  I was seventeen until a 

month into my first semester there.  I didn't get laid that 

semester.  At Yale in 1960 you had to know how to get 

laid.  It's very simple, you just had to _know_ it though.  

I didn't find out until later."Anyway, I returned home for 

Christmas to the happy news that June was going to visit 

for a week.

	"When she arrived, I tried to get things going 

again as soon as possible.  In private, she told me that 

she was seeing a guy from Radner.  She also told me that 

Aunt Beth would never approve because he was the son of 

a minor office worker.

	"The important thing was that she had sex 

with him.  She told me about how he fucked her in the ass 

and how she sucked his dick; both things that we didn't 

think of the summer before.

	"So for the first few days she didn't have 

anything to do with me that way.  On New Year's Eve 

though, at about three o' clock in the morning, she crept 

into my bedroom and woke me up.  I had been allowed a 

few drinks by my parents, who had allowed themselves 

and their friends quite a few more, and was therefore 

slow to be roused.

	"When I finally totally opened my eyes, I saw 

June, pulling down my pajamas and going for my cock 

with her mouth.  It instantly stiffened, almost poking her 

in the eye.  It almost would've been funny if I hadn't been 

so scared. "I calmed myself down by rationalizing that 

my parents were, no doubt, plowed while June's tongue 

played with the head of my penis.  I just lay back and 

decided to enjoy the experience; something I always try 

to do.

	"She put her lips around my glans and polished 

it with her tongue, then swallowed more and more until 

she had the whole thing in her mouth.  She began to bob 

her head up and down with her fingers in a ring in front 

of her lips, encircling my cock.  Her teeth gently brushed 

against the top and bottom of my penis every time she 

withdrew it from her mouth.

	"I have never been a quick cum when my dick 

is getting sucked.  Don't know why, but it takes awhile 

that way for me.  The first time was no exception.  She 

must have been getting tired of sucking, but gave it her 

best because she knew it was my first time.  Eventually I 

shot my load in her mouth and it seemed to me that she 

hungrily slurped it all down.

	"I fell back in a daze from the scrunched up 

position my orgasm had thrown me into.  June began 

kissing her way up my stomach and chest, unbuttoning my 

pajamas and her own as she went.

	"We got face to face and kissed like that for a 

while, and she continued moving up, letting me kiss her 

perky breasts.  I felt that she was wearing no pants, just 

a long, unbuttoned flannel pajama top.  She continued to 

move up, and pinning my arms down with her legs, put her 

glistening pussy right in my face.

	"Once again, instinct or something took over, 

and I quickly lashed out with my tongue for her clitoris.  

I licked it with the end of my tongue causing June to 

moan above me.  She quickly came, but I had not had 

enough of this wonderful new ambrosia.  I continued 

licking and probing with my tongue.  I put my tongue as 

far up her undulating cunt as I could while her juices 

flowed out onto my face.

	"Eventually, June could take no more, and 

collapsed in my arms on the bed.  By this time, however, 

my penis was rock-hard again.  Actually, as an eighteen 

year-old, it was fully erect again only minutes after I 

had come.  She began to reach behind her and up to her 

pussy swabbing her plentiful juices over to her asshole.

	"June got on her hands and knees on the bed 

and I knew instantly what to do.  I mounted her from 

behind and quickly thrust my penis into her tight rectum.  

She grunted as my cock first thrust in, so I hesitated for 

a moment, then began my slow thrusts.  I knelt erect and 

held her butt cheeks with my hands and squeezed them 

firmly as I steadily increased the pace.

	"With each thrust, June moaned or grunted or 

sighed.  Finally, I felt the waves of orgasm flow through 

me and into her colon."

	At this point I noticed a British racing green 

BMW pull onto the driveway and kick up a cloud of tan 

dust behind it as it closed the quarter mile or more 

between the road and the house.  Teddy stopped gazing at 

the cove and acknowledged the car, but didn't really 

break his stride.

	"With the last spurt I pulled out of her 

cornhole, rolled her over and started lapping at her pussy 

without hesitation, like a hungry dog eating from a bowl.  

While I was fucking her ass, she'd been moaning, 'Fuck 

me!  Fuck me!' and she started saying it, even yelling a 

bit, while I was gorging the feast of her cunt.  A damn 

good thing my folks were dead to the world.  Damn good 


	The car pulled up and a middle-aged woman, 

still quite stunning, rolled down the driver's side 

window.  It was certainly an electric window."Hi honey," 

she said, "I guess I'll just unload these groceries my 

self." "Sure you can manage?"  Teddy replied.

	"Absolutely!  Now you just get on with you 

interview, then we'll go sailing."

	I just assumed that she was Mrs. Tighlman.  

Senators rarely apologize.  When they do, they _never_ 

make that mistake again.

	"So anyway," Teddy continued as the BMW 

slowly rolled down the lawn to the dock, "as soon as my 

cock was hard again, which didn't take too long in those 

days, June rolled me over and straddled my penis, while 

licking all of her juices off of my face.

	"She rode me hard for at least a half an hour 

maybe as much as an hour.  There wasn't much jism left 

in my sac.  It took awhile for everything to percolate.  Of 

course June had unnumbered orgasms, but when I finally 

came, it was like an anti-climax.  June just lowered 

herself onto me and we fell asleep. "The next morning 

when I woke up she was gone.  There were many stains on 

the sheets though, so I know that she had really been 

there.  I washed, and went down for breakfast, where my 

parents were recovering from _their_ night.  I was 

handed a cup of coffee and some toast.  Aunt Beth and 

June came down several minutes later, but during their 

breakfast, Aunt Beth got a call from some lawyer.  

Apparently, she had suddenly and unexpectedly inherited 

a small fortune.  June and Aunt Beth left right away, and 

I barely had time to say anything to June.  We did write 

fairly constantly from then on though.  We swore always 

to be lovers no matter who else we loved.

	The woman from the BMW had made two trips 

down the dock carrying four plastic bags, two in each 

hand, full of groceries down to the ketch. 

	"Would you like another martini?"  Teddy 

asked.  I realized that we had both drank them rather 


	"No thanks.  Could I have some iced tea or 

water instead?"  I was trying very hard to keep my 

professional cool.  It was a hot and muggy Eastern Shore 

summer afternoon.  I also noticed that his story was 

making me rather horny.

	"Miss Kate,"  he said, pressing the intercom 

button on the counter next to him, "might we have 

another martini for myself and an iced tea for Mr. Czonka 

here?"  To me he said, "Would you like some sugar or 

lemon in that?"

	"Both please."

	"With some sugar and lemon in the tea."  He 

said into the intercom.

	"June came down for the summer, and we 

were lovers as usual.  I even saw her once that spring and 

we made love in a bathroom at her house.  What you're 

here about, I presume, is when I went to New York the 

next winter to see her at her new apartment there.

	"She'd gotten into an art school up in New 

York and it was decided that she would show me around 

the city for a weekend and then we would all return here 

for Christmas that year.  Aunt Beth had already moved 

here that fall.  See, there's her house now across the 

Tred Avon.

	"So I went into New York city thinking I knew 

what to expect.  I got out of my cab that had taken me 

from the subway to her loft.  It was about eleven at night 

on Friday.  I climbed the steel stairs and knocked on the 

door.  Sally ... do you know who I'm talking about?  I 

assume you've seen these pictures."

	I nodded assent.

	"Sally's the red haired girl.  She answered the 

door and said, 'You must be Teddy, June's cousin.  She's 

not here right now, but she told me to have you in to 

wait.  She'll be back in a half an hour.'

	Miss Kate arrived and gave me an iced tea and 

a mischievous grin and gave Teddy his martini and a 

well-rehearsed pant.

	"Thank you, Miss Kate."

	"Thank you."  I echoed.

	"Sally and I exchanged pleasantries until June 

came home.  She showed me her photography equipment 

and some photos she had done P all of nude models.  I 

recognized June in some of the pictures.

	"When June got home, she practically dragged 

me into her bedroom saying, 'Thank God you're here!  I 

haven't had a real dick in my pussy since summer.'

	"I found myself wondering why she hadn't 

been able to get laid here in New York city, but I forgot 

as quickly as she disrobed and fell to her knees in front 

of me.  In the same motion, she closed the door to her 


	"She undid the button of my pants with her 

teeth and likewise unfastened the zipper.  She tugged the 

elastic band of my underpants with her teeth P tugged it 

aside so that my erection popped out.  She pulled my 

pants and underpants down with her hands, clawing down 

my buttocks and thighs as she went, while she engulfed 

my penis whole into her mouth.

	"She sucked very violently and swallowed my 

dick without gagging.  The last inch of my cock was 

literally going in and out of her throat as she moved her 

head back and forth over my dick.  I leaned back against 

the door as I became a bit weak in the knees because of 

my cousin's furious dick sucking.

	"I was a little surprised as she reached her 

left hand around and tickled my anus.  She brought that 

hand back and formed a ring around my penis with it like 

she had a year before.  When her index finger and thumb 

were quite wet with her saliva, she reached her hand 

around again to my butt.

	"My anus was almost sweating with 

anticipation, as she quickly thrust her finger up my 

cornhole.  She began to work it in and out to the same 

rhythm that she devoured my dick.  I was so delirious, I 

didn't even notice her inserting her middle finger as well.  

It wasn't until after I came a few moments later, 

shooting great wads of jism built up in anticipation 

directly down her throat, that I noticed the second 


	"'Wow!' was pretty much all I could say, as I 

finally crumpled to the floor and into my cousin's arms.  

After I caught my breath I remembered about June saying 

that she hadn't had any dick since the summer.  I asked 

her about this.

	"'Well, you see I've been doing Sally and Vicky.  

You must not have met Vicky yet, she's probably out.'  

While she was saying this, she was sitting cross legged 

and undoing her blouse wistfully.  'What do you think of 

Sally?' she asked me after a pause.

	"I told June that I thought Sally was a nice 

enough girl and that her pictures were really well done P 

especially the pictures of her.  I was still somewhat 

stunned by learning that my cousin was having sex with 

other women.  Even though I was in college at Yale, at the 

end of 1961 I still had yet to hear the word 'lesbian'.

	"She sensed my confusion and playfully 

stroked my limp penis bringing it back to attention.  

After a moment, she stood up, and held out her hand to 

me.  I took it and she hauled me up.

	"'Now for some _real_ fun!' she said as she 

completely doffed her blouse, fully revealing her 

creamy-fleshed pert tits.  She kicked off her shoes and 

stepped out of her skirt as I finished removing my own 

clothing.  She bent over at the corner of the foot of her 

bed.  I placed my hand on her buttcheek and moved it 

quickly to her cunt.  I found it juiced up and obviously 

ready for my cock.  June seemed to be fastening 

something to the bed's leg.  I moved in and holding her 

buttcheeks I started to move my penis in lazy circles 

around her labia.

	"'You silly!' I remember she said, 'Save that 

for a little bit and help me tie the rope to the bed legs.'  I 

stopped, did as I was told and looked next to the leg at 

the head of her bed.  Sure enough, there was a piece of 

cord there.  I tied it to the leg using a quick bowline and 

flopped the end up onto the bed.  In a moment there were 

four strong strings, one at each corner of the bed.

	"'All right, who's first?' she asked me.  I don't 

remember what I said, but I do remember the grin on my 

face.  Maybe I said 'me first,' because June pushed me 

backwards onto the bed.  Despite her slower performance 

a moment ago, which was no doubt intended to show off 

her shapely ass, June could tie knots as fast as I can.  In 

ten seconds, I was tied fast spread-eagled to the bed.

	"She wasted no time in straddling my face, 

facing toward my feet.  I eagerly opened her cunt lips 

with my probing tongue and plunged it as deep as I could.  

June knew what I was doing and put more weight onto my 

face, plunging my tongue even deeper.  She started 

bucking up and down on my face as her juices ran down 

my cheek and neck.  Her bucking increased in intensity as 

her moaning increased in volume.

	"She was panting out things like 'Lick my 

pussy harder, you worthless piece of meat!' and 'Put your 

tongue in me, slave!'  Her gyrations started to go side to 

side across my face and a virtual torrent of her pussy 

juice gushed down my cheeks.  My member was begging 

for attention, but she simply refused to bend down and 

take it in her mouth.

	"Instead, her motions reached a fever pitch 

and she cried out 'O!  I'm coming!  Suck me harder, slave!'  

I did as I was told and launched her into orgasm after 

orgasm.  Finally, during one of her many orgasms, she 

began slapping my cock back and forth.  The violence of 

her blows increased with each successive wave of 


	"I could barely lick her quivering gash 

anymore, but finally I came from the repeated blows to 

my penis, shooting my jism all over my stomach.

	"'Did I tell you you could come?'  She barked 

at me.  'No I didn't.  Now you must be punished.'

	"She raised her body to an erect position, and 

spread her buttcheeks with her hands as she lowered her 

anus to my face.  'Now my butt wants some attention, 

slave.  This will be your penance for coming when I didn't 

give you permission.'

	"I gleefully licked my tongue around the edges 

of her pleated orifice, producing a wonderful reaction in 

my cousin.  'Push your tongue in, slave!'  she barked as 

she wiped up some of the cum getting cold on my belly.  I 

can only assume that she licked it off of her hands.

	"At any rate, I did, once again, as I was told, 

pushing my tongue into her asshole, attempting to ignore 

the taste of her shit.  I could tell that she was playing 

with her pussy and clitoris with one hand, as my tongue 

explored the soft lining of her colon.  Her sphincter began 

to contract and quiver as she neared yet another orgasm.

	"'Yes, slave!  Yes!' she cried out as she rode 

the plateau of the orgasm she had been building herself 

up to.  When it was over, she collapsed forward and lay 

over my crotch.  My tongue, of course, slid out of her 

cornhole.  Within minutes, she was asleep.  I attempted 

to spit out the flavor of her rectum, but could not.  Since 

I was firmly tied, I could not get up to rinse out my 

mouth.  Eventually, I just joined June in her nap.

	At this point the sun had gone down, and the 

poolside lights had come on.  Teddy paused for a long 

moment, looking contemplative.  My tape ran out, and I 

flipped it over.  There was some important stuff already 

on side "A."

	"I bet you weren't expecting anything like 


	"Frankly, no."  I replied, "Actually, I guess I 

want to tell you that I don't see any reason why this 

should affect your career.  Americans are too hung up on 

sex, I figure.  In France, what a man does outside his 

political career is exactly that: outside.  Unfortunately, 

there's nothing I can do about it."

	"I appreciate your vote of confidence.  Well, I 

think things will work out for me.  I wouldn't worry."

	"Actually, I was rather enjoying your story.  

That is, if you don't mind..." "Certainly.  Maybe some 

people _will_ enjoy this.  Do you think the _Post_ will 

print it?"

	I didn't have the heart to tell him 'no way!'  It 

seemed to me that the idea of getting the whole 

readership of the _Post_ all hot and bothered was the 

point of this whole interview for Teddy.  It seemed like 

the thought of it was arousing him almost as much as 

recalling some of his more mischievous sexual 


	"Well, we might cut it a little bit."

	"Good, as long as it sees the light of day.  I 

guess I'll go on."

	"By all means."  I was really feeling bad about 

doing this story now.

	"I was awakened early the next morning, June 

still lying on me, her pussy and asshole right in my face, 

by a hearty slapping sound.  I looked up, and saw a woman 

with long straight black hair wearing a leather teddy.  I 

looked at June's buttcheek and I could see the red 

impression of her hand quickly forming there.

	"'Wake up, slaves!'  This could only be Vicky.  

Actually I recognized her from Sally's nude photographs.  

June jumped up and stood up straight in front of Vicky.  

Vicky placed her hand in June's crotch and felt around.

	"'Seems like this boy satisfied your slutty 

little pussy last night!'  I was already struck with 

Vicky's commanding and insulting voice.  'Untie him 


	"I was grateful for this, as the circulation to 

my hands and feet was thoroughly gone.  As soon as June 

untied my hands and feet, I sat up with my legs off the 

bed, rubbing my wrists and ankles.

	"Vicky came over to me and said, 'Has mean 

old June been treating you rough?'  She ran her fingers 

through my hair.  'Well, we'll just have to do something 

to make up for it!'

	"'Slut!' she barked, addressing June, 'Lay on 

your back with your head at the foot of the bed.'  June 

quickly complied.  Vicky stood at the foot of the bed, her 

pussy just inches from my cousin's mouth, and slowly 

entered into a sixty-nine with her.  'Now fuck me from 

behind, Teddy!'  Vicky ordered after licking June's pussy 

for a moment.

	"I figured that June must have told her 

roommates all about me.  I got myself into position 

between Vicky's long, dark-complexioned legs, and held 

her buttocks.

	"June began sucking my penis, instead of 

Vicky's clitoris, but I pulled out of her mouth and entered 

Vicky's cunt, knowing that she would be mad if June did 

not continue the oral ministrations to her clit.  Vicky 

gasped as I entered her, and her head bucked up from 

June's crotch where she had been licking away furiously.  

She quickly resumed her work on June, as I began to 

slowly thrust my cock to the hilt, and remove it to the 

glans, allowing June to lick my shaft.  June's tongue was 

going like wildfire on my dick and Vicky's clitoris.

	"I decided to let June manage Vicky's pussy, 

so I pulled out.  I readjusted my position, and using my 

hand, transferred some of the copious flow from Vicky's 

gash and June's mouth to Vicky's asshole.  I thrust my 

dick into her cornhole very quickly, causing Vicky to 

squeal, and immediately set up a furious rhythm as I 

fucked Vicky's ass.  I was sucked so completely dry in 

the wee hours of that morning, tied to the bed, that I 

knew I would last quite some time.

	"In a few moments, Vicky was reaching 

orgasm after orgasm.  Her body flailed wildly back and 

forth as June and I stepped up the pace on her cunt and 

asshole.  As Vicky's wave of orgasm subsided, I pulled my 

dick out of her sphincter and lowered it down to June's 

waiting mouth.  I could hear Vicky gasping and feel her 

body convulse with each breath.  June quickly accepted 

the full length of my rod, covered with Vicky's grease.  

As Vicky regained her breath, she began putting her lips 

and tongue to use on June's, no doubt, twitching pussy, 

speedily pushing her off the cliff of orgasm.  My cousin's 

tongue working around my shaft, actually _trying_ to 

lick Vicky's taste off my dick, began to bring on my own 


	"As I started shooting gobs down June's 

throat, she reached her own orgasm, swallowing my cock 

deeper than she ever had before.  My jism was being 

pumped almost directly into her stomach.

	"In the moments after June and I came we 

both seemed frozen, my dick literally crammed into her 

mouth.  Vicky was the only thing in the room that seemed 

to be moving as she slowed the pace of her furious 

tongue-lashing. "When I finally pulled out of June's 

throat, Vicky knelt up and rolled off the bed saying the 

most astonishing thing: 'Looks like were going to have a 

fun weekend.'

	"With this, she left the room, still wearing 

her leather teddy.  June and I cuddled for a half an hour or 

so, gently stoking each other's bodies and calmly kissing.  

Eventually, June said that she was hungry.  She just got 

up and walked out of the room.  I followed her, figuring, 

'What the hell?'

	"Sure enough, out in the main room of the 

loft, next to the stove, was Vicky cooking some eggs.  

She had obviously taken a shower and reapplied her 

makeup.  She was, however, completely naked.

	There was also a table, with four place 

settings and glasses of orange juice.  June and I sat, 

completely naked, at the breakfast table.

	"'So,' Vicky said to me, 'you like fucking girls 

up the ass?'

	"She put one of the eggs on a plate and gave it 

to me.

	"'Can you take your own medicine?'

	"I almost spit out the orange juice I was 

drinking.  I sure did like fucking girls up the ass, but the 

idea of getting fucked up the ass myself, why, it had just 

never occurred to me.

	"Anyway, Vicky gave me this look, like she 

knew that she could control me, and then put her and 

Sally's eggs on the table.  She yelled out to Sally to tell 

her that breakfast was on.  Sally came out of the shower 

and dried off and sat down.  I almost couldn't eat 

breakfast, sitting there with three naked women, one of 

which was my beloved cousin.  I just had to keep telling 

myself, 'Eat!  You'll need the strength!'

	"We ate and June and I went shopping.  We 

bought gifts for our relatives, and were back at the loft 

by six.  When we returned, Vicky was on all fours on the 

floor, with Sally eating out her pussy, also on all fours 

behind her.  Vicky stood up, leaving Sally on her hands 

and knees, groping for Vicky's dark haired bush.  She 

slapped Sally's ass smartly and Sally crawled off to her 


	"June and I dropped our packages next to the 

door and quickly disrobed.  I was already quite obviously 

excited and I'm sure that June's pussy must have been 

wettening as we stood there in anticipation.  Vicky 

finally broke it with one of her hastily barked orders.

	"'Suck his dick like you did last night!'  I 

wondered briefly if she had been watching us.  She had.  I 

asked about it later.

	"Anyway, June went down on my member as 

hungrily as she had the night before.  Before long, she 

was taking it into her throat.  As I leaned against the 

door, I heard the distinct 'click' of a camera shutter.  

Sally had returned from her room with a 35 millimeter 

camera.  She began snapping off several shots per minute 

as I relaxed and enjoyed my cousin's furious blowjob.

	"As my penis plunged repeatedly into June's 

mouth, Vicky walked up and stroked my face with her 

hand.  I licked her fingers submissively just before she 

grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced my head down.  

This momentarily disrupted the heavenly blowjob I was 

getting, but not for long, because Vicky guided my head 

to June's crotch.

	"There, right in front of the door, June and I 

were engaged in a fast paced sixty nine with me on top.  

As I began eating her pussy out like a starved man eating 

pie, June once again swallowed my penis to the hilt.  She 

just kept her mouth open while my bucking hips did the 

rest.  I was fucking her throat the way you fuck a vagina.  

Sally's camera continued clicking from all around us as 

the red haired girl explored every camera angle.

	"I noticed that Vicky had left, though I no 

longer cared about anything but humping June's mouth and 

lashing her pussy with my tongue.  June's hips were 

bucking as hard as mine, and she was obviously lost in 

the throes of rolling orgasms.  When June's quaking 

slowed to a more normal rate, I pulled out of her throat, 

thinking that my unusual problem with oral sex might be 

more than she could handle using such an extreme 


	"She would have none of this.  She latched her 

arms around my buttocks and took my dick into her throat 

once again, this time using her arms to guide my pelvic 

thrusts into her esophagus.  I was nearing my own 

orgasm and began to neglect June's sopping gash.  I did 

however insert two fingers in her anus and began moving 

them about.  Sally moved down between June's legs so 

that her camera could record my fingers' probings.

	"Finally as I was about to cum, I pulled out of 

June's mouth again.  She lashed the end of my dick with 

her tongue, which was all it took.  I shot my load all over 

June's face, and pulled my fingers out of her asshole.  I 

heard one more click from Sally's camera behind me, then 

slurping and kissing sounds.

	"I was collapsed on June and wasn't planning 

on moving for a bit.  Vicky returned from her room, 

bearing some sort of dildo.  I didn't get a very good look 

at it.  Sally moved up from June's face to my rectum, 

apparently finished lapping up all my jism there.  Vicky 

went behind me as Sally's tongue tentatively probed the 

outside of my nether eye.

	"I could feel June gasping for breath beneath 

me as Sally's tongue pushed into my anus.  I knew I hadn't 

wiped very well when I had gone to the bathroom at some 

department store while shopping, yet Sally was soon 

probing and licking the inside of my colon with wild 

abandon.  June, obviously regaining her breath, touched 

her tongue to my scrotum, causing it to tighten along 

with my sphincter around Sally's tongue.  I took this as a 

signal to get up on all fours to let June out.

	"Sally's tongue didn't stop the whole time I 

was getting on my hands and knees.  As soon as I was in 

position, Vicky knelt beside my face and licked around 

my ear.  She was holding the camera and I was shivering 

from the delicate touch of her tongue to my ear canal.  

She whispered, 'Time to see if you can take what you so 

love to dish out.'

	"At this, my sphincter tightened again in 

surprise, but this time Sally's tongue was gone.  I soon 

felt her hands working my back, and the cold, dull feeling 

of a dildo being nudged between my ass cheeks.  She gave 

a sharp thrust and it slid into my anus.  I attempted to 

hold back a grunt as the dildo filled me up.  It was 

certainly far larger than the average penis.  Thankfully, 

it seemed to be lubricated with more than just Sally's 


	"As Sally began pumping my asshole, and 

Vicky began shooting off pictures, I reached back to 

Sally's thighs and felt the straps there holding the dildo 

in place.  The dull fleshy slapping sounds that her thighs 

and my buttcheeks made got progressively louder as she 

stepped up the pace to an almost maniacal driving.  Sally 

began emitting little squeals as she combined the 

strength of her arms and pelvis to pound my cornhole.  As 

for myself, I could not help but grunt with each thrust.  

Sally reached her hand around to my penis, now quite 

hard again, and gave it many hard flicks with her index 

finger.  She ceased this a moment later to dig her 

fingernails into my back and buttocks as she reached an 


	"By this time I was no longer thinking at all, 

just doing or in this case, being done.  As she pulled the 

dildo out of my ass, I felt strangely satisfied, yet 

continued in my zombie-like state to seek sexual 

gratification, and to give it to others.  I got up on my 

knees and turned around to see Sally there, still kneeling 

erect, her dildo jutting out unnaturally from her hips.

	"I turned around, and still kneeling, began 

kissing Sally.  Her dildo prodded my own prodding 

equipment as I pulled her close to me and began kneading 

her breasts.  I lowered my head to her nipples and bit 

them sharply in turn, driving her absolutely wild.  I was 

so far gone, I had no idea what June and Vicky were up to.  

I just continued moving my head down until I was on 

hands and knees again, this time staring at Sally's shit 

covered strap-on.  Without any thought, only desire, I 

took the dildo into my mouth and began sucking on it.  I 

made sure to wiggle it a good deal, figuring that's how 

the dildo stimulated her.  It seemed to work.

	"Just as my manipulation of the dildo with my 

mouth seemed to be bringing Sally to yet another 

orgasms, I felt two fingers enter my flaccid sphincter 

and another hand encircle my penis.  Both hands began 

stroking and wiggling.  Sally came, screaming, 'Suck my 

dick!  Suck my dick harder!'

	"When her orgasm receded like a wave on the 

beach, I turned around to see June plugging up my shit-

hole and rubbing my throbbing dick.  I turned around, 

forcing her to abandon her probing and rubbing, but began 

sucking her nipples and kissing her about the face.  She 

did much the same, and we groped for each other's 

genitalia.  Soon I was rubbing her clitoris between my 

thumb and forefinger and she was tickling my shaft with 

her nails.  I was still so swept up in my hormones that I 

had no idea what was going on other than this.  I never 

noticed Sally and Vicky trading the strap-on for the 


	"Vicky came up behind June, and hoisted her 

up to her feet by her shoulders.  I licked at her pussy, 

which was so nicely presented to me, long enough to see 

Vicky slide the strap-on up my cousin's ass.  June 

exhaled everything in her lungs at that, and grabbing my 

hair, thrust my head into her pussy even farther.  As 

Vicky began pumping, I could feel the massive dildo 

working its way in and out of June's asshole.

	"I began nibbling June's clitoris, driving her 

completely up the wall.  She had let go of my hair, and 

had begun kneading her own nipples.  I stood when this 

orgasm receded, and worked my penis into her absolutely 

gushing pussy.  By this time my dick was so hard it could 

have been a railroad spike.

	"As I worked my penis in and out of my 

cousin's pussy, I was constantly coming up against the 

huge dildo wielded by Vicky.  Vicky and I set up the same 

rhythm so that we were both going in at the same time.  

It seemed like June orgasmed each and every time we 

pushed our way into her.  She was no longer fondling her 

breasts; just holding onto me for support, drooling, and 

moaning very loudly with each orgasm.

	"I shot my load into June's pussy and 

attempted to disengage myself from her grasp.  This 

involved putting her down on her hands and knees.  Vicky 

was still doing her up the ass, and she was still a 

quivering mound of orgasmic flesh.  Her elbows gave out 

quickly and she was on her knees and face.  Sally took a 

pause from taking pictures to lick the last dribble of cum 

and the pussy juices off my penis.

	"Vicky pulled out of June's ass and started to 

insert the dildo into her begging pussy, but not before 

Sally could pry herself away from my flaccid penis and 

capture the moment on film.  Vicky continued to do my 

cousin doggie-style, until June couldn't come anymore.  

Finally Vicky herself came and she dismounted June, who 

fell to the floor panting and gasping for breath.

	"I sat on the sofa while my dick regained its 

erection, watching June just lying there and quivering.  

Sally put down the camera and sat next to me on the sofa.  

Vicky knelt in front of her and parted her legs.  Sally 

leaned back to give Vicky the best view possible.  She 

examined Sally's pussy the way one would examine the 

mouth of a horse before buying it, then plunged her face 

into Sally's furry mound.

	"I stood up and got the camera.  After a 

moment or two I figured it out and began happily 

snapping photos of Vicky's pussy feast.  I also snapped 

one of June, who was still recovering from her 


	"Sally began writhing with pleasure as 

Vicky's tongue lashed her clitoris and pushed up into her 

vagina.  She grabbed Vicky's hair and began thrusting her 

head into her pussy in time with her own uncontrollable 

pelvic motions.  This went on for some time as Sally 

experienced at least two orgasms, yet the dark 

complexioned Vicky showed no signs of stopping.  My 

hard-on had returned, and I decided to put it to good use.  

I put the camera down and knelt behind Vicky, caressing 

her olive-skinned buttocks for a moment before plunging 

my meat deep inside her greedy pussy.

	"Sally rolled over on the couch, giving Vicky 

prime access to her asshole.  Vicky began lapping her 

anus as furiously with her tongue as she had fucked June 

up the ass just awhile ago.  My thrusts into her pussy 

just made her tongue explore more and more of Sally's 

rectum.  Sally started bucking up and down on her own 

hand as Vicky's tongue plowed her twitching anus.  This 

went on for at least a half an hour.  I saw the clock on 

the wall at some point and regained my sense of time, so 

long ago fucked out of me.

	"During this time, June got up and shot the 

last few pictures on the roll.  She went into Sally's room 

to reload the camera.  She returned instead with a riding crop  which she immediately applied to my buttocks and 

then Vicky's back and Sally's buttocks in turn.  She kept 

on whacking us with the crop until our butts and backs 

were on fire.  Vicky seemed to totally get off on this.  

She must have had five orgasms in the ten minutes 

before I shot my long anticipated load right into her 


	"We all collapsed together at the foot of the 

sofa.  June put the crop down and started taking pictures 

again as we explored every conceivable inch of each 

others bodies until we all fell asleep.

	"We continued on in this vein all night.  June 

and I had to leave on an afternoon train on Sunday.  We 

could barely sit our bottoms were so sore, what with all 

the spankings, ass pluggings, and fucking we'd done that 

weekend.  From that day on, June and I have been lovers.

	"Please don't drag Vicky and Sally into this.  

They've got nothing to do with my senatorial career and 

have already been told that you guys know all about it.  

They won't tell you a thing."

	I looked around realizing how much time had 

gone by.  It was now completely dark out and a big moon 

hung low in the summer sky.  I looked at my tape 

recorder.  Most of the second side was recorded.  I also 

realized that I had not even asked a single question 

related to the scandal.  It wasn't much of a scandal 

anymore, either.

	I mean, how can you have a scandal when the 

person being scandalized freely admits to everything 

you'd pinned on him and then some?  Perhaps Teddy was a 

bit smarter than me or anyone else [who all generally 

thought him rather stupid in a Dan Quayle-like way] had 

ever realized.  He might have defused this entire 

situation before it even hit the headlines.

	Also, I noticed how horny I was.  Teddy, too 

seemed to be rather horny from having to recount this 

juicy story.

	"Well, unless there's anything else specific 

that you want to know ..." 

	"Not really, I think you've covered all the 

bases.  Thank you very much."

	"No, thank you for coming all the way down 

here to Talbot County."

	For this story I wouldn't have missed it for 

all the world.

	"You're welcome.  I must say, professionalism 

aside, you know I hate your guts that way, but I hope this 

all works out for you.  It seems to me like you really 

loved your cousin.  You can have my word that, aside from 

delivering this interview, I will help to stop my paper at 

least from harassing your cousin and her old roommates."

	"Thank you.  You're a man with real feelings.  

That's a rare thing in the newspaper business."

	I didn't know about that last statement, but 

we shook hands over the table.

	"Do you think I could use a bathroom before I 

go?"  I asked.

	"Certainly.  In the sliding glass doors and to 

the left, first door on the right."  He turned and walked 

toward the dock.  It was definitely a wonderful night for 

night sailing.  A cool breeze had picked up once the sun 

went down.

	I walked up to the house, feeling somewhat 

like Lot, afraid to look back.  I slid open the door and slid 

it closed behind me as I entered the air conditioned 

mansion.  Miss Kate was here on her hands and knees, 

wiping up something that had spilled.  Her ass was 

pointing toward me [I vowed not to get into this] and I 

noticed then that she was _not_ wearing any underwear.

	She falsely appeared startled as I entered.

	"I'm just looking for the bathroom, ma'am."

	"Oh, how did the interview go?"

	"It went well."  She stood up and started 

walking toward me.

	"Mr. Tighlman asked that I see to it you get 

anything you want before you leave.  Are you hungry or 


	"No, I just need to use the bathroom."

	I really did need to use the bathroom, mostly 

to pee.

	"Are you _sure_ you're not hungry?"  She said 

with a cattish voice as she grabbed the end of my tie.

	"Well ..."

	That was all I was able to get out [well... one 

vow down the tubes at least] before our lips came 

together.  I parted them with my tongue and began to 

explore the inside of her mouth.

	"Do you have the pictures with you?"  She 

asked, breaking our kiss.


	"Can I see it?"

	"Sure."  I knew it was wrong, [wouldn't you 

though?] but I fished the picture out of my briefcase.  It 

was, I knew now, a picture of Teddy getting it up the ass 

for the first time ever.  I handed it to Kate.

	"Wow!  Mom sure knew how to fuck men.  

Almost wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it."

	Mom?  My jaw dropped.  This was the 

infamous photography student's daughter?  If Teddy had 

been doing her, [I couldn't blame him though] he was 

really twisted.

	"'Course she hates men now you know."

	"No, I didn't."

	"Yeah, she got married in '68 and had me in 

'69.  She divorced my stinkin' dad in 1970 after he raped 

her best friend.  Well, I guess you know about Vicky too."


	"Vicky and mom live together now.  Please 

don't bother them.  They've been through enough."

	"I already swore to Teddy, er, Mr. Tighlman 

not to."  I intended to keep this promise [at least].  At 

this point I looked out the sliding glass window.

	The _Mary_Elizabeth_III_ was slowly 

coasting out of the cove by the light of the moon.  I had a 

gut feeling that Teddy wasn't coming back. This turned 

out true.  I wondered who the house was going to.  I 

looked at Kate.

	"Who was that on the boat?  Mrs. Tighlman?"

	"No, silly, that was June!"  She flapped my tie 

around wistfully. Of course.  How could I have been so 


	I kissed Kate again, and felt up her blouse.  

She wasn't wearing a bra either, just the maid's skirt and 

blouse.  I leaned her back against the pool table.  As I 

massaged Kate's left breast, she disengaged the kiss.

	"I thought that you needed to use the 


	"Not anymore."  It's always a bitch peeing 

with a hard-on.

	I plopped my briefcase [which for some stupid 

reason I was still holding with my left hand] up onto the 

pool table, freeing my other hand to give to Kate.  Kate 

already had my belt unbuckled and my fly undone.  Her 

hand was reaching into my underpants, to free my 

engorged member from its elastic restraints.

	I stopped long enough to open my briefcase 

and pull out a rubber.  I always keep them there, as I am 

seldom without my briefcase.  Teddy's stories aside, this 

was the '90's.  _I_ was using a condom.  Kate seem 

pleased, both to know that I had protection and to know 

that I intended put it to use.

	She snatched it out of my fingers and opened 


	"Let me!"

	Kate unrolled the rubber onto my penis, which 

was bobbing up and down with my heartbeat.

	As soon as it was on, she resumed her 

position on the edge of the pool table.  I nudged up 

between her legs and thrust my ensheathed prick into her 

well-lubricated snatch.  As I began pumping her eager 

pussy, I also began unbuttoning her blouse with my teeth.  

This was trick I'd learned several years ago and found 

quite useful since.

	When her breasts were revealed, I sucked 

them gently as Kate arched her back, so that her head 

was touching the velvet of the table.  She began to 

exclaim "O!  O!" with each thrust I made into her 

pulsating vagina.  The "O!"s got louder as she obviously 

neared her orgasm.  Our pace had increased to a frantic 

rhythm and I had abandoned sucking Kate's nipples after 

giving each one a little nip.

	I concentrated on nothing but our fucking 

until we both came at the same time.  At this moment, 

[why does it always happen this way?] I realized that I 

_was_ on deadline.  I went to the bathroom to remove the 

condom and take care of my original business.  When I got 

back, I told Kate, who was sitting in a chair in the rec 

room, about my deadline.

	We exchanged phone numbers.

	I went back to D.C.  I finished the article.  It 

wasn't all that big a deal.  

	Like I said, it's hard to have a scandal when 

the scandalized admits to everything you've accused him 

of and more.

	I've been spending a lot of time in Talbot 

County since this summer.  Those Bay Bridge tolls and 

gas have been eating up my meager salary.

	Teddy never did come back.  He and June were 

spotted in South Carolina at a dock on the ICW.  Can't say 

I blame him at all.

	Kate owns the mansion now.  She wants me to 

move in.


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