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Archive-name: Fantasy/stimpotn.txt

Archive-author: Green Hell, Inc.

Archive-title: Stimulant Potion, The

FIZZ1.TXT written August, 1990

Copyright (C) 1990 by Green Hell, Inc.

(Unlimited distribution permitted as long as file goes unchanged.)

                                Eugene Fizzlebot

                      Inventor and Tinkerer Extraordinary

                            "The Stimulant Potion"


    Eugene Fizzlebot is an excentric genius who constantly comes up with crazy

ideas and inventions he hopes will either benefit mankind or make him rich. But

somehow his inventions never seem to quite work out. And then the results are

often unexpected.

    But for some reason, he never gives up trying!


    Another morning in the Fizzlebot home. Mildred Fizzlebot gets up groggily

at the sound of the alarm, leaving her husband to doze in bed. Mr. Fizzlebot

does not have a regular job, but then neither does his wife. Mr. Fizzlebot is

the inventor of the inside-the-eggshell egg scrambler, and the profits from

this device allow him and his family to live without too much trouble in


    Mrs. Fizzlebot might argue with this statement, but she is too tired at the


    Once downstairs, Mrs. Fizzlebot begins to make breakfast. Coffee, eggs,

coffee, toast, orange juice, more coffee. Yes, another stimulating morning in

the Fizzlebot household.

    "Jane, John! Breakfast is ready!" Mrs. Fizzlebot called to her children.

The two were twins, 16 years of age. Mildred was only 22 when she and her

husband had the children. Their mother sighed at the passing years. 38 years

old already, she thought. Oh well, at least I'm a healthy thirty-eight.

    Indeed she was. A firm build, red hair that had not yet lost it's luster

(and she hoped would not give into the evil gray hairs she suspected lurked

just beneath the scalp), and a body kept in shape with regular (well,

occasional) exercise. Mildred had nothing to regret in her appearance. So what

if she didn't look stunning or even beautiful? At least her looks were


    Mrs. Fizzlebot's musings were rudely interrupted by the sound of the phone.

"Shit, who the hell could that be?" She rushed and answered the phone before it

could ring a second time and jar her nerves again. "Hello?"

    "Um... Is Karen Elliot there?"

    "I'm afraid you must have the wrong number," Mrs. Fizzlebot said politely,

while envisioning her hands around the neck of the early morning caller.

    "Oh. Sorry." Whoever it was hung up. Before Mildred could vent her frust-

rations with another swear word, she heard the children coming.

    John was the first down. He was a short, stocky boy with long brown hair

and a somewhat squarish face. John wore a black T-shirt (with a rather

offensive sounding band name on it) as well as black pants. His brown eyes

seemed sullen. John muttered a "Good morning" to his mother, sat down and began

to scarf down his breakfast. Mrs. Fizzlebot sighed. John was a bit strange, but


    It was several more minutes before Jane came down. She was anything but

plain, as the old saw went. Today she wore a New Kids On The Block T-shirt

(John winced), plain jeans, and New Kids On The Block sneakers (John groaned).

Jane was cute. In fact, almost abnormally so. She had red hair (paler than her

mother's) done up in a pony tail, a sprinkling of freckles on her dimples, and

light blue eyes. She also had a tendency to giggle a great deal.

Apparently, while nature had proceeded normally for her physical development,

it had neglected Jane's emotional maturity. She spent little time with boys,

instead hanging out with her childhood girl friends. She tended to be a bit


    At least it means she doesn't associate with the more lecherous boys,

Mildred thought.

    Jane smiled at her mother and sat down without saying anything. She didn't

giggle at John's appearance as she usually did, which her mother took as a

hopeful sign.

    "Great breakfast Mom," John Fizzlebot said, having demolished his meal. He

grabbed the glass of orange juice that had sat neglected the whole time and

rapidly downed it's contents. "I'm gonna go now," he said, getting up.

    "Ah ah ah! You're going to sit right there until your father comes down."

    "Awwww," John said as he sat down, "shit..." Jane giggled, then ducked her

head when her mother gave her a stern look.

    "John, I told you no swearing at the table. Save it for your friends." Mrs.

Fizzlebot considered her son's friends. They all seemed to have long hair, worn

out clothes, and tended to make passes at her. "Though where you get such

friends I'll never know."

    Only a few more minutes later, Mr. Fizzlebot came down. He had on one

slipper, blue boxer shorts, and one of his wife's nightrobes. His light brown

hair was ruffled crazily. Jane giggled.

    "Wherzc'ffee?" he mumbled, stumbling around the kitchen.

    "Where it always is dear," Mrs. Fizzlebot said. It was obviously not the

first time she had used the phrase. "On the counter."

    Mr. Fizzlebot grunted and obtained a mug. He drank down a whole cup, then

re-filled the mug and sat down at his own plate.

    "Dad, you look like shit," John commented. Jane giggled again.

    "John, I told you no swearing at the table!" Mrs. Fizzlebot said firmly.

    "Listen to your mother," Mr. Fizzlebot said distractedly. It was obviously

not the first time he had used the phrase. He began to grow more alert as he


    "Mom, can I go now?" John said, ignoring the statements.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot eyed her husband, and with years of experience judged it

would still be a while before he was fully alert. She sighed. "Yes you can.

Have a good day at school," Mildred said as John passed by her. He didn't reply

but she saw the smile on his face.

    He's not a bad boy, she thought contentedly. Just a little... unusual.

    Mr. Fizzlebot reached for his mug and noticed the pink sleeve of the

nightrobe, for the first time. "Woops," he said.

    "You're funny, Daddy!" Jane said suddenly, amidst a burst of fresh giggles.

Soft and husky, but with a little squeak on the vowels, her voice was a

striking contrast with her appearance.

    Mr. Fizzlebot frowned. "Jane, you're a bit too old to be calling me

'Daddy'. You're in the 10th grade now, you should call me 'Dad'." Jane ducked

 her head and blushed slightly.

    "Ok," she said. Mr. Fizzlebot nodded, then frowned again. "Where's my

fork?" he asked, looking around his plate. Jane glanced up quickly at her

mother and saw a Don't-you-even-think-about-it expression there.

    "I-I think I'll go now," Jane said. Mr. Fizzlebot nodded absently as he

lifted his plate to look under it. Jane hurriedly made ready to leave, making

what sounded suspiciously like stifled tittering sounds. With a hurried slam

of the door, she was gone.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot went over to her husband, who was looking under the table

with a puzzled expression on his face. Mildred carefully took the forgotten

utensil from her husbands hand and tapped him on the head with it.

    "Oh. Thank you dear," Eugene said. "What would I ever do without you?"

    "My husband, the forgetful genius," Mrs. Fizzlebot said with a mock serious

tone and a smile. Then she sat down and the smile faded. "Gene, I'm worried

about Jane."

    "Why, what's wrong?"

    "She's sixteen already but she doesn't spend much time with any boys. She

hasn't even been out on a date yet."

    "She's just shy," Eugene said. "Don't worry, just give her some time." He

finished off his eggs and began sipping from his coffee mug.

    "Cathy told me some of the boys have been paying a lot of attention to

her." Cathy was a friend of the family and a phys-ed teacher at Jane's high


    "Have they been trying anything?" Mr. Fizzlebot said in an ominous tone.

    "No. She spends too much time with her girl friends. And a lot of them are

younger than she is."

    "I think Joy is only thirteen," Eugene agreed. "Well, if you want, I can

sit her down and talk to her. Maybe answer any questions she has about boys."

    "I already did that," Mildred said, annoyed.

    "Ah, but you're not a boy," her husband grinned, and gave her breast a soft


    "And do boys like wearing women's clothing?" Mildred said with a smirk,

nodding to her apparel item.

    "Um, excuse me," Mr. Fizzlebot said, and hurried up stairs.

    Later that morning Mr. Fizzlebot was in his personal labratory on the

second floor of the garage. Over a period of years he had filled it with an

assortment of equipment and devices gathered from numerous sources. Cages of

test rodents occupied one whole counter. Against one wall was a huge chalk

board. The room had a strong but non-pungent chemical odor.

    Mr. Fizzlebot peered at the amber fluid in the flask he was holding. He had

been working for some time on a stimulant. A stimulant that would provide a

great deal of energy and alertness, without any nasty side effects or addictive

properties. He figured he could make a killing with the truckers through out

the country.

    In one small cage on the counter, Mickey the hamster moved about lethargic-

ally. The other hamster, Minnie, didn't even move. Both of the furry slugs were

notoriously lazy, so Eugene considered them perfect test subjects. In a few

moments, both of the tiny mammals had been given a drop of the amber liquid.

They blinked their eyes a few times, than went about their usual apathy. Eugene

watched them carefully for five minutes, growing more and more distracted. He

rapped his knuckles on the counter, then took his coffee mug and sipped it,

discovering to his annoyance he had forgotten the sweetener.

    To someone who was familiar with Mr. Fizzlebot, it would have not been

surprising to see him absentmindedly pour a large dollop of the yellowish-gold

stimulant into his coffee mug. Nor would it have been surprising he then forgot

all about the mug. But there was no one there to witness this occurence.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot was in the kitchen, going over the household budget. She was

trying to figure out if she could pay the utility company with inside-the-

eggshell egg scramblers when her husband came in, grumbling and muttering.

    "Don't give up dear," Mildred said, knowing he had run into an obstacle with

his current work. Her husband only glared at her. "Sorry, I forgot myself,"

Mildred said with false chagrin.

    "You sure did," Mr. Fizzlebot replied with a small grin. Then he launched

into a lengthy diatribe about long-chain molecules and semi-organic chemistry.

Mrs. Fizzlebot nodded her head and put an attenttive expression on her face,

meanwhile juggling monetary fields in her head. Then she noticed her husband

was about to pour out a nearly full cup of coffee.

    "Don't do that!" she exclaimed. "We need to save any way we can. Put it

back in the pot." After glancing around for it, Mr. Fizzlebot poured the coffee

back. He started up again, but stopped suddenly with some insight he had just

stumbled upon.

    "So *that's* why I had to use so much pressure when heating!" he exclaimed.

He left without saying anything, heading back for the garage. Mrs. Fizzlebot

sighed, then looked down at the household financial papers. Feeling fuzzy, she

decided she would need several cups of coffee to focus herself.

    In fact, she drank four cups.

    Entering his make-shift labratory, Mr. Fizzlebot immediately headed over to

the chalkboard upon which was scrawled a large, confusing formula. So

distracted, it was several minutes before he noticed the sounds emitting from

one of the animal cages.

    "What the-?" Mr. Fizzlebot went to the cage and looked in to see Mickey

busily humping Minnie. This was rather odd, as the hamsters hardly ever got up

the energy to have even one litter every six months. With a great deal of

noise, they appeared to be trying to catch up on this neglect.

    Forgetting totally about his formula insight, the amateur scientist picked

up a black notebook and began to rapidly scribble notes.

    It didn't hit Mildred all at once, but it was still very sudden. She was

sifting through the paper debris of the family life when she felt the urgent

need for urination. Somewhat surprised at the strength of the pressure, she

rushed to the bathroom. Mrs. Fizzlebot lifted up her skirt and pulled down her

pink silk panties, squatting on the toilet. Only then she realized she didn't

have to pee at all. She sat for a moment, confused, when the pressure sharply

increased and Mildred was *sure* she was going to piss uncontrollably. But the

pressure turned into a warm sensation that spread throughout her body.

    "What's happening?" Mildred said, as her body seem to take on a mind of

it's own. Her nipples were hardening rapidly to press against her bra. Blood

flowed into her mature twat, which was lubricating freely. Breathing hard,

Mildred began to feel quite afraid.

    "Oohhhh, what's *wrong*?!" she cried. The ancient flight-or-fight instinct

was battling with the older mating urge, making her blood rich in hormones and

enzymes. Mildred's head seemed to be buzzing. She moaned as she tried to stand

up. It was difficult, for her knees were wobbly and her thighs seemed to want

to stay open. She got unsteadily to her feet and pulled up her panties just

before tripping on them.

    "I have to get Gene," she said, thinking she should get to an emergency

room. Mildred blinked as she suddenly had a very clear recollection of what her

husband's erect penis looked like. Especially when it was sliding in her very

wet and very hot pussy.


    Mrs. Fizzlebot groaned. Her fear and confusion were being washed away by

excitement. She realized her senses seemed to have been heightened. She could

clearly hear that there was no one else in the house, except for her heavy

breathing. She could smell her pheromones, each individual one emanating from

her skin and breath and crotch. And she could feel her panties fitting snuggly

against her, smooth and soft silk pressing against her cunny. She gave

a low moan and pressed her thighs together.


    Mildred was suddenly running upstairs, nearly tripping in her eagerness.

With a slam she opened the door to the Fizzlebot's bedroom, nearly bent double

in her rush to get to the dresser.

    "Where is it? Damn it where did he put it the bastard if he threw it out

I'll KIH- Aaah!" Mildred grasped the white plastic vibrator in one hand,

running her other along the smooth, slick surface. Mr. Fizzlebot had bought it

for her long ago.

    "I know sometimes I get real distracted," he had said after presenting her

with the item. "So if you can't get my attention or I'm not around..." Mildred

had smiled at her husband, but had never used it since that night. Eugene had

wanted to make sure it worked.


    The voice in her mind was screaming, jumping up and down. Mildred quickly

laid herself back on the neatly made bed and flipped up her skirt. She pulled

her legs up a bit and leaned them open as she brought the sex toy to her

crotch. It's point pushed against panties that were turning sheer with moisture

and slid in nearly an inch. Mildred sobbed in frustration and shoved hard,

managing to get the dildo in nearly two inches.

    "FUCK!" Mrs. Fizzlebot yelled. "Why don't you go in you piece of shit?!"

She angrily threw the vibrator on the floor. "Oh no!" she cried out instantly,

fearful she had broken it. Then she realized why the device had not gone in.

Mildred pulled the panties off, tugging to pull them out of her cunny. She

tossed them away and grabbed up the vibrator.

    "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm so sorry just please fuck me oh

fuck me--" Mildred blinked in surprise as she realized she was talking to an

inanimate object like it was a real person. She promptly stuffed the dildo into

her snatch, groaning in relief. Perfectly smooth, the plastic wand slid in and

out without resistance from the wet tract of Mildred's pussy. She arched her

back to meet the thrusts from her hand, the other hand simply lying by her

side. In only moments, a climax was latched onto her.

    "YEEESSSS!" She cried out at the release and fell back panting.


    "Oh my," Mildred said. She basked in the after-climax glow, rubbing the

skin all around her crotch. "Oh my..." After a moment, she began to come to her

senses, realizing what she had just done. Fear clattered forth again, with the

accompanying flow of adrenaline. Automatically, on it's own, her hand started

sliding the vibrator around. Heat flared up in Mrs. Fizzlebot's mind, but this

time she wasn't so blind to what was happening.

    "Oh God what's wrong? Oh it feel's so good..." She closed her mind and

shuddered, not able to deny her lust and excitement. "I have to get Gene..."

Thinking of her husband made Mrs. Fizzlebot wish he was there, sliding his cock

 into her instead of this stupid, lifeless vibrator...

    vibrator! She gasped in a rush of new excitement, having forgotten about

the most succulent property of the device.

    "I should really get Gene," she whispered. "Oh but... it'll just take a

minute. Oh yes. Then I'll get him..." She pulled the dildo out of her pussy

with a faint "plop" and let it lay in her hand. She twisted the base.


    Mildred made a little groan at the feel of the vibrations. The anticipation

of those vibrations against her cunt was like a line drawn between her hand and

her crotch.


    Mrs. Fizzlebot moved the vibrator, it's tip blurred, along her stomach

towards her pubes. It always excited her when Gene would do that with his cock,

leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum. She couldn't stand it anymore and placed the

tip of the vibrator against her clitoris.

    "Oh *my!*" She arched her hips for just a moment. She kept the tip against

her own personal buzzer and the tingles filled her to the point of gasping.

Then the tingles grew sharp points and she pressed harder and it felt so good

she almost peed all over the bed and it was too intense it was too good and it


    She pulled the vibrator away suddenly. The burning sensation in her clit

started to fade away, but the vibrator was still humming in her hand and

d thinking about it made her cunny throb. With a "unkh" sound, Mildred had part

of a climax. It took another moment for the burning to really fade away. Then

Mrs. Fizzlebot slid the tip of the vibrator along the seam between her pussy

lips, getting use to the new intensity of the dildo.


    Gasping, she slowly worked the pale lover into her pussy. It jumped and

bucked and slid in till it's point was somewhere near her cerevix. Moaning, she

started to pump the vibrator in and out with slow, easy strokes. Mildred raised

her ass off the bed to meet the strokes, which speeded up as she began to groan

and moan loudly.


    "Ooooooh! Oh yes uuuuummm that's gooooood."


    "Yeah. Yeah. Oh god UUUMH... OOOOOOH!! AaaaaaAAAH!"


    "Oh, oh, yuh-yeah... Oh God I'm close. YEEEESSS!!"


    Mildred's face scrunched up, eyes tightly closed. The fingers that held the

base of the toy were cramped and her wrist ached but she didn't stop. Her mouth

popped open and she shrieked. With the whole eight-inch length of the dildo

shoved in, her pussy spasmed again and again. The deep stimulation made her

orgasm draw out, long and bumpy. There was the nasty sound of the vibrator's

humming changing pitch as it was engulfed in slippery cum. It was a kind of

buzzing, slurping noise, which went on for a few moments before the dildo was

squeezed out of it's warm home to lay damply on the bed sheet.


    "Oh shit," Mildred said dazedly. She turned the vibrator off and got to her

feet. The bed had a large round dark spot on it. Still unconsciously holding

onto the vibrator Mrs. Fizzlebot went to get her husband.

    Eugene Fizzlebot was sitting on a stool, glumly watching Mickey and Minnie.

It had been amazing enough the two hamsters kept at it for so long, but then

they kept changing position. Mr. Fizzlebot tore up his notebook and threw it

away when they started practicing oral sex. Who would believe it anyways?

    It had been nearly an hour but they did look like they were starting to

tire a bit. Mr. Fizzlebot was a bit concerned about the hamsters possibly

hurting themselves from over exhaustion, but he was afraid of what might happen

if he put either one in a cage with one of the other animals. So he had sat

there and simply ransacked his mind, trying to figure out how he had stumbled

across a super aphrodisiac. It was then that his wife came in.

    "Gene?" she said, opening the door to the garage's second floor. She was

feeling confused and dizzy, now that she had had a few moments to collect her

wits. She was frightened she might be going insane, and she was frightened of

the fear itself. "Gene?" she said again. Her husband looked up from studying a



    "Honey? What's wrong?" Eugene was surprised at his wife's appearance. Her

red hair was disarrayed and she looked a bit haggard, strangely pale. She was

trembling. "Milly, what happened?" Eugene asked, suddenly concerned. Then he

noticed the vibrator in his wife's hand.

    "Milly...?" he said more quietly. He got up and went to her by the doorway.

    "Oh *Gene*!" Mrs. Fizzlebot said and started sobbing. Her bloodstream was a

stew of hormones, enzymes, endocrins, and stimulants. It was enough to make an

acute PMS attack seem like unconsciousness. Thus it wasn't unusual that Mrs.

Fizzlebot broke down, especially with the fear and confusion added. Her husband

embraced her, holding his wife tightly.

    Mr. Fizzlebot was indeed absent-minded, but he was no idiot. And he had a

keen level of insight. Even as he held his wife he could feel the heat

emanating from her skin, as if she had a fever. Somehow, he just knew what had

happened. What he couldn't figure out was *how*.

    As her husband held her, Mrs. Fizzlebot couldn't help but notice his scent.

It was a combination of cologne, bitter chemicals, sweat, and a faint trace of

soap. And something that she knew, though she never noticed it before, was his

own personal smell. The scents were oddly comforting and she found herself

calming down rapidly. Most of herself, anyways.


    Oh God, not now, Mildred thought.

    "Gene," she said, pulling away from her husband. "I-I think I'm sick.

Something's wrong with me, I--"

    "No. You're not sick Milly," Eugene said. "I think I know what happened.

I've been working on a sort of energy concentrate, a stimulant. And this morning

I found out I had come up with a sort of super aphrodisiac." He gestured over

to a cage and Mildred glanced at it. Her eyes widened. "Somehow you must have

gotten dosed, I don't know--"

    "The coffee." Mildred looked back at her husband. "You poured your coffee

back in the pot and I-I was doing the budget..."

    "Damn." Mr. Fizzlebot grimaced. "God damn. Honey, I'm sorry. You don't

deserve this. Christ I'm such an idiot."

    Mrs. Fizzlebot wasn't listening to her husband berate himself. It had

released so much twisted tension to learn she was normal, not insane or sick.

But there was still a small, nibbling fear. "Gene," she said quietly, "it

isn't... permanent... is it?" Her face was tilted down.

    "What? No, it's not. It'll wear off once your body metabolizes all of the

drug." Eugene was still berateing himself silently.

    "Oh," Mrs. Fizzlebot said quietly. Relief flooded over her. "Oh," she said

again and then she was tearing at her husband's clothes, nearly unbalancing

him. Several shirt buttons made merry popping noises as they flew across the


    "What?! Whoa, whoa!" Mr. Fizzlebot exclaimed. He tried to fend off his wife

as she desperately fumbled with his belt.

    "Come on," she said. "Come on and fuck me. Maybe if you fuck me it'll go

away faster." She was panting now. "It's driving me crazy!"

    "Um, ok honey." Mr. Fizzlebot smiled slightly. "Guess it's the least I can

do, considering. Um... Let me just clean up things here and we'll go in the

house, ok?" He squeezed his wife's shoulders. Her behavior was a bit unnerving.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot pouted but agreed. This wasn't the most comfortable place

anyways, she decided. Mildred watched as Eugene went to take care of the

hamsters, then began putting away materials. She started to bounce up and down

on her tip-toes in anticipation. Only when she crossed her arms across her

chest, squeezing herself, did she notice the vibrator still in her hand.

    Eugene was a bit startled to hear a sudden, low buzzing sound. He looked up

to see his wife perched on a stool, the vibrator she had been holding now

pressed up in her cunny. She was looking down at it, tongue stuck out in

concentration. Even though his wife was no conservative, this was still unusual

behavior. Her wantonness, and the image of the white plastic rod sliding into a

patch of curly red hair enthralled Eugene.

    "Milly," he said huskily, "let's go." His wife looked up with an expression

of annoyance, but then she saw the tented crotch of Eugene's loose pants. She

smiled and pulled the vibrator out, tossing it on the counter.

    "If I'm going to be super horney, I might as well enjoy it, right?" she

said. Then she tugged her husband out of the garage and to the house.

    She didn't have to tug very hard.

    Even before the side door was closed, Mildred was all over her husband.

Literally. She knocked him to the floor fell on top of him, kissing him

fiercly, making little groaning noises. She was grinding her crotch into his

pants bulge.


    "Jesus," Eugene exclaimed. His wife had always been a good lover, though

technique had never mattered to him as much as the love he had for his partner.

But now she was desperate and eager. It was quite a turn on. "Don't you want to

wait till we get to the bedroom?"

    "Fuck the bedroom," Mildred said. Eugene noticed a dangerous look forming

in his wife's eyes. "I really need it." She was still grinding against him,

making Eugene's prick ache in it's cotton prison. Pre-cum was leaking from it

like sweat off a bald man's head.

    "How bad do you want it?" Mr. Fizzlebot said in a hoarse voice. He couldn't

believe how exciting this was. They had done it in the kitchen once, before the

children were born, but that hadn't been quite as... spontaneous.

    "Gene," Mildred whined, "I gotta fuck you! There's a little voice in my

head and it keeps screaming 'fuck' and 'cock' and," her voice suddenly went up

in pitch, "I'm going to come! Oh God!" She shuddered against her husband as the

grinding action bore fruit. It was a small climax that lasted only a moment.


    "Gene oh Gene," Mildred panted. "Fuck me now. Right here."

    "Show me how much you want it," Eugene said, grinning maliciously.

    "You bastard! I can smell your cum you know." Gene's eyes widened at this

but he continued to grin. "I can smell it in your balls, all hot and salty and

ready to go in my pussy..." Mrs. Fizzlebot's eyes gleamed. "Fuck you, I'm gonna

get it!" With a move that didn't quite seem humanly possible, she had her

husband's pants open and his prick sticking out from his underwear in just a

few seconds. Then she lowered herself onto his staff.

    "Oh yeeeeaah!" Mildred sighed. "Finally!" She twisted her hips around to

feel the hardness shift inside her cunny. It was so much better than hard, cold

plastic! Spongy with a nice hard center and oh so warm and all for her...

    "You're so hot!" Eugene exclaimed. He reached up and squeezed Mildred's

breasts through her blouse. She groaned in response, and started to bounce on

his cock. Eugene was amazed at the amount of lubricant's coming from his wife's

pussy. And this was a woman that normally oiled up like a deep fryer! Now it

was like she were just pissing out the stuff. Soon the air was swimming with

musk and pheromones, as well as the sound wet skin slapping against damp

fabric. This sound was increasing in frequency as Mildred rode faster.

    "Gonna come soon," Eugene grunted.

    "Oh no you don't you shit!" Mildred panted. "Not yet you great wonderful

fucker. Oh no please..." She was sweating now, thrusting all of her weight

right on top of Eugene's hips. He grunted hard each time but she didn't care.

Eugene frantically envisioned anything that would hold him back.

    Nuns. Grandma. Jesse Helms. Jimmy Swaggart. Oh God, Jessica Hahn!

    "Hurry up!" he yelled.

    "Oh yes! Yes Yes *Yes*!!" Mildred shouted. She trembled and stopped moving

as her orgasm revved up. "SPRAY ME!" she screamed. It wasn't necessary to give

the order as her husband was already coming, jetting cum deep into her twat.

Mildred fell forward and pressed her mouth against Eugene's, sucking his tongue

out into her mouth. Her legs clenched against his, forcing them together. It

took several minutes before she could unclench them.


    Mildred kneeled back and sighed. Eugene's cock slid out and fell against

his leg like a landed fish, and just as wet. They made quite a sight, Mr.

Fizzlebot laid back with his shirt half ripped off and pants still on, while

Mrs. Fizzlebot stradled him with her skirt tangled around her waist and blouse

still on.

    "Is that better?" Eugene panted. "You should be pretty satisfied now..."

    "Oh yes..." Mildred said. "Well at least for the moment... I think we may

have to do it again real soon."


    Mildred cringed. "It's not my fault--" she began.

    "No no no! I'm not upset." Eugene smiled faintly. "Just surprised you could

be ready again that fast."

    "I'm always ready," Mildred said haughtily. "It's you men that have to wait

to recover all the time."

    "Yeah, well..." Eugene couldn't think of a good retort.

    "Good thing there are ways to hurry it up," Mrs. Fizzlebot said. She got up

and Ethan struggled to his own feet. "Come on," Mildred said impatiently. She

ran up the stairs for the bedroom.

    "Oy vey..." Eugene muttered.

    Once in the bedroom, Mildred started to diverge herself of her clothes.

Eugene urged her to stop, then began unbuttoning her blouse. He did it nimbly

and with obvious experience. The blouse fluttered to the floor. Then there was

a faint click as Mildred's bra came undone. She groaned in relief as her sweaty

breasts were released and the tortured nipples no longer squeezed against the

hard fabric. Her skirt she had already whipped off into a corner.

    "Hey," Mr. Fizzlebot said. His wife had begun massaging his crotch. He had

buttoned up his pants automatically. "What do you hope to find honey?" He

raised an eyebrow.

    "Fresh meat," she said with an impish smile. She lowered herself to a

kneeling position and undid his pants again. Reaching into the now badly

stained underwear, she pulled out a sticky, limpish mass of pink flesh. Not

even bothering to let him get undressed, Mildred sucked the cock into her

mouth. Eugene managed to get his pants off by wiggling a bit so they slid down,

then stepping out of them. The shoes he kicked off with no problem, but he

couldn't do anything about the underwear, not without interrupting his wife's

ministrations. Which he wasn't about to do.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot thought there was nothing wrong with oral sex. In fact, she

thought there was something kind of funny about a *lack* of oral sex. So she

had sucked on her husband's cock many times. While she usually liked to have

him come inside her pussy, sometimes she would have him coat some part of her

skin with semen. Especially since he loved to do it. Why, Mildred realized, it

had been nearly a month since she had last had him come in her mouth! Much too

long to have not tasted that part of her love.


    "Oh yessss... you are so *hot*..." Eugene muttered. He tangled his hands

into his wife's hair, stroking and tugging on it gently. "Mmmmmm..." His cock

had long since gone solidly rigid, so now Mildred was sliding in and out of her

mouth. She never used much tongue action at this stage, it tended to cause

sudden surprises. "So good!" Eugene exclaimed. Then he hissed suddenly and

yanked his dick out of Mildred's mouth.

    "Gene," she said, "I want that. Give it back." Her eyes didn't leave her

husband's cock.

    "Not until I get to suck your pussy, you hot slut!" Eugene hissed. Mildred

squealed in delight. In her lustful haze she had forgotten all about what her

husband's tongue could be doing for her while she sucked on his dick. While

Eugene tried to get his underwear off she pulled the sheet off of the bed and

climbed in. She spread her legs and rubbed her pubes with one hand, relishing

the sensation. Eugene finally stumbled out of his underwear and turned to smile

at his wife. "It's so exciting to see you like this," he said. "All hot and

bothered." Mildred pursed her lips and moaned as her fingers slid between her

cunny lips and speared inside. "Oh yeah, *definately* exciting."

    "It's you're fault," she said. "You big dumb genius." Her fingers were

starting to pump her cunny. "If I wasn't so *fucking* hot I'd say you could

just go without!" She gave her husband another impish smile to go with the



    "Oh yeah? Well what if I just went ahead and left you like this, huh?"

Eugene teased back.

    "I'd find something else to fuck then!" Mildred's hand was moving faster,

three fingers side by side. Her pussy made slurping noises with each pump.

    "Like what?" Eugene had grasped his cock and was stroking it back and

forth, squeezing out drops of pre-cum. His eyes flicked back and forth between

his wife's pussy and her face.


    "I'd get my vibrator!" Her eyes shone at the thought. "And I'd make you

sleep on the couch!" Mildred stroked her clit with the thumb of her mastur-

bating hand. "And I'd sleep with my vibrator and it'd fuck me aalllllll night!"

    Eugene growled, "I won't let you get it." He pulled his foreskin over the

head of his cock, using his pre-cum to make the glans slippery. Then he

massaged the glans with his index finger.

    "I'll have to use something else then," Mildred panted. Her eyes flicked to

one of the bed posts. Her tongue darted out to caress her dry lips. The bed

posts were polished wood in the form of a series of fused globes, forming a short, thin staff.

    "You wouldn't *dare*," Eugene said softly. But he was squeezing his cock

hard, starting to pump it.

    "Yes I would!" Mildred said defiantly. She was trembling, getting close to

a climax. "Who needs you? You deserve to suffer!" She caressed the bedpost with

her free hand and licked her lips again. With a menacing snarl, Eugene climbed

in the bed and attached his mouth to his wife's cunt. Her fingers were still in

it, so he sucked on them as well. Then the fingers were gone and two hands were

pushing his face into a very hot pussy. "YES!" Mildred cried and then she was

humping herself against her husband's mouth as she came. He didn't stop sucking

and when the pressure eased up he began tounging the inside of Mildred's cunny.


    "Oooh oooh ooh! Oh Gene I love you," she cried. "Oh you're so good!

Mmmmmmm! That's niiiice.." She rubbed her husband's head, mussing his hair

thoroughly. "I lied about the vibrator."

    "Mpmmph mmumph," Eugene replied. He stayed in his wife's crotch while he

pulled her towards the center of the bed, than swung himself over her. Taking

the hint, Mildred gleefully went back to sucking on his shaft. It was sticky

with the pre-cum he had rubbed on it but quickly enough she got it slicked

with saliva. She sucked on the head while Eugene pushed his tongue all the way

into her crevice, and when he had tounged it out he switched to suck on a

rather enraged looking clitoris. Mildred moaned and slid his cock all the way

in her mouth, which wasn't difficult with only five inches. She sucked hard for

about five seconds, then started giving him lots of short, little sucks.

    "MMMMMMMMM!" Mildred loved the taste of pre-cum she was getting with each

suck. "MMMMmmmmMMMMMM!" She ground her hips down and Eugene sucked on her clit,

using the same technique she was on his prick. The tandemic act went on for

several minutes, until neither one could stand it any longer.

    "Roll over," Mildred gasped, after taking her husband's cock out. Eugene

grunted in acknowledgement and rolled over onto his back, carrying Mildred with

him. She settled her hips onto his face again and leisurely licked his staff.

She played with his balls while she did this, judging their load. Then she

squeezed hard involuntarily as her husband sucked hard on her clit.

    "Ngggghhhh!" Mildred was orgasming again, sudden and unexpectedly. Mr.

Fizzlebot kept up a steady pressure on her clit, making it almost impossible

for her to endure the pulsings of her vaginal muscles. Mildred squeezed his

balls harder and apparently this was too much for Eugene's cock to endure. It

throbbed a little and a trickle of semen came out.

    "GAAAGH!" Eugene yelled.

    "No! Mine!" Mildred kept the grip on her husband's testicles as she clamped

her mouth around his cock head. Then she let go and a thick discharge was

released. With a little tonguing of the glans, she coaxed the rest of the jism

out. It was a salty, clotty mass in her mouth. She savored the taste and smell

for a moment before sucking it down into her gullet. "Oh my. Oh good. Oh



    "Oh yeah," Eugene agreed. He licked up the rest of his wife's own slippery,

clear cum and smacked his lips. "We have *got* to do this more often."

    "What, using aphrodisiacs?"

    "Ha ha, very funny." Eugene poked Mildred's clitoris and she gasped. "You

know what I mean."

    "Gene," Mildred said after a moment's silence.


    "I still need to fuck."


    "There's always the bedpost," Mildred said dangerously.

    "I was just thinking," Eugene said slowly. "How much of that coffee is

left?" Mildred looked at her husband blankly. Then she made a small "oh" sound.

    "I-I think most of it's gone." She licked her lips slightly.

    "Well, guess I'll have to make another pot," Eugene mused. "You just wait

right here." He got up and put on his discarded pants, ignoring the underwear.

"And don't *think* about even *touching* the bedposts," he said ominously

before going downstairs.

    Mrs. Fizzlebot laid in the bed looking at the ceiling. She thought about

her husband. She thought about his cock reinforced by the stimulant. She

thought about how it could keep pumping into her all day. She thought about how

the room would smell afterwards.

    Then she came.

    It was late in the afternoon when the couple had finally burned out the

drug from their systems. Fortunately, both of the children had extra-curricular

activities that day.

    "So much for getting rich off of desperate truckers," Eugene said, studying

the ceiling alongside his wife.

    "Maybe you could sell it to some tired hookers," Mrs. Fizzlebot suggested.

They were both silent for a moment before simultaneously going "Naaaaaahhh."

    "Who would believe," Mr. Fizzlebot said drowsily, "that you could crack a

walnut in your twat with an orgasm?"

    "Or how about you and cumming across the room like that?" Mildred glared at

him. "I'll have to get the carpet steam cleaned."

    "Sorry," Eugene muttered. He looked dejected. "I just wish I knew how I

managed to mess up."

    Mildred sighed. "Don't worry dear. You'll figure it out. I can't blame you

for trying to strike it rich." She squeezed his hand. "This wasn't exactly a

painful experience, you know."

    Eugene grinned. "Yeah. Exhausting, but hardly painful. Hell, if I could

just extract the aphrodisiac properties..."

    "Gene," Mildred said.

    "Huh?" He glanced at her. "Uh, right. Sorry Milly..." He sighed. "I'll pour

it out." They were quiet again for a while.

    "But," Mildred said suddenly, "aren't their alligators in the sewer? And


    Eugene stared at the ceiling. "Right. I'll have to find a way to neutralize

it." He got up and began to dress. "Oh, and Milly?"


    "Throw away the coffee pot." Then Mr. Fizzlebot went to go find his shoes.

He had to check on Mickey and Minnie.


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