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Archive-name: Fantasy/starsx.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Star Sex Story

    The first six months on Touchdown went very well for us.  We'd actually

found a nice small valley to homestead only twenty-five kilometers from the

main shuttle port.  The valley was roughly an elongated ovoid, with small

mountains around most of it.  The rainy season had come and gone, proving

the survey team was correct about the valley not flooding.  The soil did

prove to be very fertile, and the small stream near our newly finished cabin

gave us plenty of water, and a bit of electrical power from a generator I'd

cobbled together.  It was enough to run our small radio-transmitter if we

needed it, and keep the batteries in the few gadgets we had charged up.

    The days were now growing hotter as summer approached, and we saw the

local plants flower across the valley in various brilliant blues, reds,

and purples.  We both saw that the purple flowers hugged and outlined the

streams and brooks in the valley, while the blues preferred to bloom in the

shade.  The reds covered the valley floor, with some orange and yellows mixed

in.  The fields we'd cleared and planted were a stark contrast, the tan and

browns of the different rye stalks seemed out of place.  All in all, we were

pleased by the beautiful display our valley showed us.

    It was during the hottest day so far that year when I came into the cabin

about midday, the sun forcing me to seek the cool dark of shelter.  Lena was

preparing a meal for us, cutting the trout I'd caught the day before. The

irridesent blue and purple scales and the odd placement of fins reminded us

that Earth was many light years behind us now.  The official name was

"Younger's Royal Trout", named for the man who discovered them and their

"royal" blue and purple colors, but everyone simply called them trout.

Besides, they were very good eating.

    I flopped into a chair, and Lena scolded me happily about getting cleaned

up for lunch.  I'd just come in from digging large rocks from on of the fields

and was covered with grime and sweat.  As I moved past her on my way to the

back of the cabin to clean up, I gave her behind a playful swat.  She yelped

satisfactorily, throwing a dishcloth at me as I ran.

    Lunch went well and we talked about making a trip into town in a day or

two.  I told Lena about the large rocks, saying that I thought they grew like

the flowers and rye, straight out of the ground.  She eyed me dubiously, but

her smile told me she knew I was joking.  We finished our homemade lemonade,

(a neighbor just over the hill had brought citrus to plant) and I steeled

myself for more work in the heat.

    "You can't go out there now." Lena said. "Look at the gauge."  She pointed

to the thermometer with showed that it was 37 degrees centigrade and rising.

The smaller, older scale showed 100 degrees "F" for people who'd never used

the centigrade scale.  Whichever you use, it was damn hot, the moisture of

the air making our clothes cling.

    "Why don't you read to me while I clean up, then we can wait until the

breeze comes up and I'll help you with the rocks." She said, suggesting that

we begin enjoying our midday breaks.  I looked at the selection of data cards

that we brought along, the small devices making it possible for us to have a

large selection of material.  My eyes landed on our bookshelf though, seeing

the few real books that we had either brought or purchased in town.  I pulled

down one of Lena's favorites called "Ashes in the wind" and began to read.

The story was about a girl's troubles finding her husband who'd been lost

during a battle in Earth's turbulent 1600's.  Exciting and erotic at times,

Lena had often read portions to me, and we'd both been taken off into another


    The day promised to be very hot, and I removed my shirt as I sat down in

the main room on a large pillow. Lena finished her clean up and joined me

as I read aloud, sitting on another pillow across from me. I kept reading and

with the afternoon heat, sweat trickled down my chest.  I hadn't even reached

any of the erotic writing when Lena leaned forward, her hands on my legs and

she licked a trickle of perspiration from my chest.  I could feel the heat

from her body as she slid her hands up my body, and her mouth lowered to kiss

me in a very sensitive place.  She sat back and looked at me, her eyes shining

with a look I knew all to well.  Lena smiled and asked me to keep reading.

After a moment, I started reading again, and Lena pulled her plain shirt over

her head, revealing her beautifully full breasts to me.  Sweat shined between

them as she laid back and closed her eyes, listening to my voice.  I kept

reading while Lena laid there and listened, knowing that she liked to tease

me, and the the heat was kindling our passions.  I read until I couldn't keep

my attention on the book, then I slid down and kissed her passionately.  Her

arms encircled my neck, and our bodies met.

    We both hurried each other out of the rest of our clothes, and on the floor

in the middle of our cabin we fell into a deep well of passion.  Her legs

wrapped around me and my hips thrust forward, driving me into her as I'd done

many times before.  Each time was joy renewed, and we held there for a long

moment, holding each other before continuing.  The heat of the day began to

cool in comparison with our lustful fires, and we were both quickly covered

with sweat running down and over our bodies.  Each thrust of my hips was met

fully by hers, and we could both smell our musky fragrances fill the room.

The primal rhythmn we moved to was established eons and light years ago, but

it was still something we both shared just between us.  Her breasts undulated

as I slammed against her, and her legs were sliding wetly along my sides. Her

mouth open and her eyes closed, she pulled me down against her, her breasts

sliding against my chest. We both breathed heavily, consumed by our lust for

each other.  I reached under and lifted her hips up, pulling her hard against

me.  Her hand pulled my head alongside hers and she tried to wrap herself

around me as much as possible.  My tempo changed quickly to long, deep, hard

thrusts, announcing that it was time.  Her legs gripped me tightly, pulling

me deep into her.  My back arched and my hips thrust hard one last time, my

shaft buried deep inside her. I gasped and opened my eyes, looking directly

into hers as a gushing river flowed from me to her.  Seconds later, Lena

gasped, her body shuddering and quaking in my arms.  Her pussy milked me dry,

and still squeezed me for more.  As we calmed from our tremendous orgasms,

we held each other close, not caring about the heat.  We dozed off in the

hottest part of the day, still joined and embracing.

    A cool breeze woke us hours later, wafting over our damp bodies.  Slowly

we stretched and hugged each other before we stood.  Lena and I dressed in

sensible light clothes and hats and began clearing the field of the large

stones until the sun began to fade.  We returned to the cabin and we both

showered, not bothering to use the solar-heated water.  The cool water from

the stream felt good, and we washed each other thoroughly.  Dinner was our

light meal, and we sat cuddled and naked on the porch afterwards watching the

sunset.  We retired to bed shortly afterwards, and we fell asleep in each

other's arms, exhausted from a hard day's work.

    The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee being held under my nose,

and Lena sat on the edge of the bed, clad only in a light shirt.  She handed

me the coffee and asked if we were going to town today.  We discussed it at

some length and finally decided that we would leave as soon as I'd checked

my makeshift irrigation system.  She fed me breakfast of pancakes and a sweet

sausage made locally, telling me to hurry so she'd have plenty of time in

town.  I finished and kissed her long and hard, holding her in my arms and

telling her that we were going to have a long night tonight, since we wouldn't

be tired from working.  Lena purred in my ear and hugged me and I squeezed

a breast affectionately before I went out to check the fields.

    Walking across the fields, something felt strange, out of place.  I kept

looking about, trying to figure out what it was.  The irrigation system seemed

to be working nicely, the plastiflex tubing drawing water from the stream

as it should. Walking back to the cabin, I noticed the purple flowers had all

wilted, and were beginning to fall.  I stopped by the stream and noticed a

strange, musty sort of odor.  I picked a flower and found that the dying

purple flower was the source of the odd smell.  I looked upstream and saw

Lena walking outside the cabin, hanging some clothes.  Remembering that we

were going to town, I started up towards the cabin, intent on getting started

so we could be in town before the heat of the day hit us like a weight.

    Lena waved and entered the cabin, and turned to follow her, feeling a bit

thirsty, and thinking of the cool lemonade from yesterday.  I reached the

door of the cabin and entered, finding Lena coming from the bedroom.  Her

breathing was heavy, as if she'd just been running.  Her eyes were wide and

glassy.  Her face was slightly flushed too, and she started towards me slowly

and seductively.

    "Oh God! I want you NOW!" She breathed heavily.  Her hands gripped the

light shirt and pulled, ripping the fabric open and exposing her breasts. Her

nipples were fully erect, standing firmer that I'd ever recalled. She kept

tearing the fabric as she moved towards me.  I felt myself getting hard, and

my breathing deepen with lust.  Lena shredded her shirt and then her shorts,

standing naked in front of me.  I reached to pull my shirt off, but she moved

in quickly, ripping if from my chest, pushing me back against the wall.  Her

hands pulled and tore my shirt off then roughly pulled and ripped my shorts

from me.  She was kneeling in front of me, her face near my rigid cock. Lena

opened her mouth and engulfed me in one swift fluent motion.  Her hands were

running over me with lustful urgency, her nails raking my skin.  Her mouth

urged me into my own world of lustful passion, and I grabbed her and pulled

her up, kissing her hard.  She broke away and knelt again, turning her ass

to me, her fingers slipping between her legs to spread her moist labia.

    "GIVE it to me! Fuck me right NOW!" She panted.  I knelt behind her and

slipped into her pussy, surprised at how wet she was.  I intended to move deep

into her and hold it, but Lena pushed back and impaled herself on my cock,

then started to fuck me wildly. She slammed against me with a fevernt inten-

sity, her cheeks rippling as my hips crashed against her.  She hissed and

moaned loudly and her hand kept rubbing her pussy.  I felt lightheaded and

strange with her so agressive.  I grabbed her hips and began thrusting into

her hard and fast, keeping up her frantic pace.  Her words were unusual for

her, and that much more erotic and stimulating.

    "Oohhh, my cunt's on fire!  I need your cum to put it out!"  She moaned

loudly. "Give me your hot cum!"

    I slammed against her harder than ever, feeling my cock stiffen and swell

inside her.  I thrust deep into her, hard, mercilessly as my orgasm approached.

Her hips arched against me and she moaned loudly at my rough treatment, then

I erupted with a mindnumbing rush.  I felt my come flooding her and filling

her full.  I could feel the head of my cock brushing the end of her tunnel

as I pulled her hips against me, wanting to go deeper yet.  She pushed back,

trying to help me go deeper, making primal sounds of pleasure.  Finally spent,

I began to relax, but Lena pulled away and rolled over, laying under me.  She

rubbed my wet shaft against her breasts, while her hand frantically rubbed

her dripping pussy.  She engulfed me in her mouth again, sucking on me like

a woman possesed.  Her hand was rubbing our mixed creams over her stomach

and thighs, as she writhed on the floor.  An early morning breeze drifted in

through a window, cooling and refreshing me, exciting my passions again.  I

looked down as she lifted her head to lick my balls, her stomach shiny with

dampness.  I reached down and guided her head back to my cock, and she eagerly

sucked on me.  I reached down and slipped my fingers between her legs and

she lifted and spread them wide.  I moved and bent down, tasting her juice

flowing from her, the tangy taste of my own sperm hidden by the copious flow

of her pussy.  I buried my face in her, savoring her excitement and sucking

her clit.  I felt her hand caressing my balls as she sucked, and suddenly I

felt one of her fingers slide slowly up my ass.  My hips trembled and I moaned

loudly, feeling another orgasm rising impossibly soon.  I sucked her clit

into my mouth, flicking my tounge over it hard and fast.   With her legs

bent back, her knees almost in her chest, I sucked and lapped at her flowing

pussy, her juices running like water.  We stayed that way for long minutes it

seemed, both of us lost in a carnal haze, on the verge of orgasm.  I pulled

on her clit with my lips and felt her contract.  As she began to orgasm, her

contractions forced more and more of her delicious juice from her, making her

seem to flow like a pulsing river.  Her hips were quivering and she suddenly

sucked my cock hard.  I came in a rush, all at once, feeling my warm come

flow into her mouth. I didn't realize that I was sucking her clit hard while

I came, but as soon as I released it, Lena's pussy contracted so hard that

she spurt thick white cream like a fountain.  We both laid still for several

moments, then collapsed next to each other, trying to recover.

    I turned and lay next to her, holding her close to me and not beleiving

what we just did to each other.  Minutes later, Lena looked at me, her face

betrayed a confused look.

    "Is that all from my pussy?" She asked in disbelief.  I reached up and then

realized that my cheeks, chin and neck were covered with her thick white

cream.  I nodded, then pointed to her chin and cheeks, covered with my thick

come, where it had leaked from her mouth.  "Oh God!  You just kept coming and

coming!" She said.

    "Ummm. So did you." I replied, then told her about her pussy actually

spurting her come out.

    "I knew I was coming a lot." She told me. "I felt I was going

to come forever." She hugged me close and we stayed like that for many long

minutes.  Finally we cleaned up and dressed, laughing at our shredded clothes.

    "It's a good thing we're going to town today." I said, holding up a shirt

that looked like it lost a fight with a blender.

    Lena giggled.  Then seriously. "I-I don't know what happened to me. I just

saw you come in, then I had to have you so bad!  I guess you married a true


    "If I did, you can rest assured that I'll die with a smile on my face."

    She laughed, but wanted to be held and reassured at the same time.  I told

her that her passion excited me greatly, and that we'd try to repeat it after

dinner tonight.  She kissed me and we went out.  Hitching up the horses, we

drove the wagon into town.

    Several farms we passed seemed deserted, but that wasn't unusual.  Often

people were helping neighbors, or they'd gone to town.  Smoke from chimneys

showed that some were taking an early lunch.  We finaly crested the small hill

just outside of town.  That's when we knew something was definitely strange.

    As we got closer to town, we could see that people seemed to be having

a celebration.  And what a celebration!!  Couples were naked and fucking

right on the sidewalks, and both men and women were acting crazy.  Lena's

hand grabbed my arm, and I looked at her.  "You all right?" I asked.

    "Y-yes. What's happening?" She said softly.  We stopped outside of town

and watched for a few moments, seeing a tremendously wild sexual display.

People seemed to be overtaken with a carnal fevor, and everywhere people were

expressing it in their favorite ways.  There seemed to be no rhyme or reason

to it, and everyone seemed to be able to continue indefinitely.  We stared

at this scene for several minutes.  A breeze blew cool air against the damp

streak down my back and made me shiver.  Then I realized I'd become erect.

I looked at Lena and noticed her nipples were erect, her hand rubbing her

pussy through her skirt.

    "Maybe we should come back..." I trailed off.  She looked at me with the

same lustful urge that I'd seen earlier.  Her breathing was heavy, and this

time I noticed mine was too.  Without thinking, I turned the wagon towards

home, but we only went about half a kilometer before Lena stood and lifted

her dress.

    "Please! Suck my cunt and make me squirt again!  I need it so much!" She

said, her voice dripping with a carnal lust.  I pulled the wagon to a stop

and grabbed her, forcing my face against her pussy.  Her hands pressed me

against her as I licked her juice from her.  This time my hands pulled at

her dress, tearing the button off and freeing her from its constraints. She

pulled her blouse open and threw it into the back of the wagon, standing on

the seat and floor, naked as I licked her.

    I felt my cock throbbing against my pants and I pulled them off.  Lena

ripped my shirt open and began tounging my nipples frantically.  My hands

cupped and squeezed her breasts, tugging on her nipples. She stood and pulled

me off the wagon, and forced me to the ground.  I laid on the soft dirt of

the ground, and she lowered herself onto my mouth, grinding against me with

blind lust.

    "Lick me. Eat me. Suck me!" She cried out loudly as she squeezed her tits

together.  I used my tounge to probe every inch of her from her clit to her

puckered brown hole, eagerly lapping her flowing cream.  She was so wet that

her cream was running down my cheeks like water, coating my neck with her

wetness.  She rocked against my face until I grabbed her ass and slipped one

finger from each hand into her, letting her push against my intruding fingers.

Her taste was delicious, more exciting that ever, and I drank her down with

a great need.  Lena's hips rocked intensly against my mouth and tounge. I used

my hands and fingers, pulling her open, as she thrust back against them.  I

slipped two more fingers in and held her open, feeling her contract as my

tounge circled her clit.  She cried out, sobbing that she was coming.  As I

slipped my fingers out, she contracted violently and spurted her cream all

over my chest and stomach, over and over.  Her hips shuddered and she let

go a loud primal noise as she climaxed long and hard.  She rolled off of me,

offering herself on all fours again. I grabbed her and rolled her over onto

her back.  My arms bent her legs back and wide as I plunged into her sopping

cunt.  I thrust hard and deep, hearing her gasp and moan.  I was now blind

with lust, and I wanted to fuck her long, deep and hard.

    "Yes! Fuck me! GIVE it to me!" She cried out, holding her legs back.

    I thrust into her over and over, feeling my sperm rising inside me. My hips

moved with abandon, slamming into her upturned pussy hard and fast.  She could

feel me drawing near.  I slammed into her a final time, pushing hard enough

that she yelped as I rammed into her cervix deep inside her.  I felt like I

was pouring gallons of come inside her, my brain melting and flowing out of

my cock.  Her legs came down suddenly as she climaxed again, forcing herself

away from my cock. She lay there shuddering, my cock springing free and still

spurting on her mons, her stomach and her thighs.  A light wind caressed us

and we felt we were floating on a cloud.  I felt like I would come forever,

and I lifted her legs, stroking my cock against her thighs and labia.  To my

surprise, instead of decreasing, the flow increased and I felt my self come

again.  My sperm flowed over her labia an the cheeks of her ass as I cried

out loudly.

    "Oh God! I'm cumming again!" I yelled, my whole body shuddering.

    "Yes. Let me feel you cum!"  She yelled back.

    Her hands found her pussy and she frantically rubbed herself as I began

to wither.  I saw her trying come again and slid back inside her sopped cunt,

giving her something to feel. She came almost at once, her cunt gripping me

hard as she went rigid...then relaxed.  Covered with sweat and come, we held

each other close before we found some water and towels to clean up with.

    "What's going on?" She finally asked.  The question was one I didn't want

to try to answer.  Either this was a temporary phenomena, or the whole colony

would fuck itself into oblivion.

    "I don't know." I said. "I really don't know."  Lena asked me to hold her,

and I did, as much to reassure her as me.  We dressed in what was left of our

clothes and decided to return to our cabin, rather than brave a town sized

orgy.  As we passed Tom Pohl's place he ran down to the trail and hailed us

to stop.  He took one look at our clothes, then smiled.

    "I guess it's happened to you too!" He laughed.

    We looked at each other and asked him if he'd experienced it the same way

we had.

    "Hell yes!" Tom said. "Since early this morning.  My wife and I can't get

near each other without screwing our brains out.  You been into town?"

    We explained what we saw of the town, and Tom whistled, shaking his head.

    "I'll bet there'll be some might embarrassed people at church services on

Sunday." He said. "And some mighty loud preaching."

    "I dunno..." I said thoughtfully.   Lena and Tom looked at me and I broke

out into a wide grin. "I saw Parson Roberts with some blonde down by Mason's

hardware store, and he didn't appear to"

    We all laughed, knowing that Parson Roberts' wife had hair that was as

black as coal.  Tom told us that he thought it was the effect of the twin

moons, their orbits lining up just now.  We parted, leaving Tom to try to do

his work, and continued home.

    The day was getting hot again, but our torn clothes kept us from feeling

soggy. Finally, as we entered our little valley, I suggested that we dispense

with the clothes until we got home in another 5 kilometers. Lena doffed her

dress, and I shucked my pants.  We cuddled as we crossed the valley floor,

just barely seeing the glitter of the solar array on our cabin in the distance.

About 2 clicks later, Lena pointed towards the far end of the valley.

    "Is that someone walking out there?" She asked.  It took me a moment to

spot the figure, weaving through the grass.  "I sure is, let's go see who's

on foot this far from home." I said, prodding the horses into a canter. Lena

slipped into her dress and took the reins while I pulled on my pants.

    Carol Butler lived over the mountains at the foot of our valley with her

family.  She had just turned 18 this last winter, and now she was stumbling

along in the grass, stark naked.  As we got closer and recognized her, we

thought about what we knew and concluded that it was happening over a wide

area.  I drew the wagon to a stop several meters in front of Carol.  Lena

jumped down, and went to her.  I clambered down with a canteen, thinking

that she need water.

    Lena reached her first, and stopped.  Carol's eyes were glassy and wide,

her body a deep golden brown instead of the fair skin we knew she had.  Her

light brown hair was a deep red, and her lips blue.  Most striking was that

her nipples were purple.  She looked at Lena intently, then quickly moved in

and pulled her dress down, sucking her left nipple.

    "Carol!" Lena shouted, trying to disengage her. "Carol! STOP IT!"

    I ran up and pulled Carol away, only to have her rip away the last button

of my pants and pull them, and me to the ground.  Frantically she scrambled

over me and sat on my semi-rigid cock, grinding her hips against me as hard

as she could.  Her eyes stared, seeing, but blinded by her lust. Lena tried

to pull her off, only to have Carol pull her closer and begin trying to lick

her pussy.  The heat bore down on us, and a hot wind blew over us, making both

Lena and I feel Carol's passion.  My cock grew inside Carol and Lena seemed

to resign herself to Carol's attentions.

    Carol's tight pussy gripped me hard as she slammed herself against me. Her

hands ran all over Lena, and she pulled her to the ground.  As she followed

Lena, she rolled off of me, and I started to move in to pull her off.  Carol

raised her hips and ass, turning them directly towards me, and I blindly

plunged into her.  Carol lifted Lena's legs and licked her wildly, trying to

bury her tounge inside Lena's pussy.   Carol's small breasts shook as I rammed

her hard, and Lena began to moan.  Carol sat up suddenly and began screaming

and tossing her head, her whole body shuddering.  I felt her tight pussy bear

down, almost making it impossible for me to move.  Her undulations continued,

as she stopped screaming.  Lena moved around and licked at my balls from

behind me, and my hands held Carol's hands off the ground.  Lena's hand slid

between my legs and Carols as she rubbed the girl's clit.  This produced more

screams, but this time I came with her.

    "Oh yes! Cum in me!  Make me Cum again!" She screamed.

    Carol stood up and turned around, sperm running down her thighs.  She saw

Lena still licking my balls and my come dribbling down my shaft.  She licked

some from the head, then pushed me back and gave it to Lena.  While Lena

sucked me, Carol grabbed me and kissed me hard. Carol moved around and put

her tounge on Lena's pussy, licking her to orgasm while she sucked on me.

Finally after about twenty-five minutes we all lay exhausted in the grass.

    "Oh!  What's happened to me!" Carol blushed when she awoke from her dream-

like state, trying to cover herself. Lena told her not to worry about covering

herself now, it wasn't necessary.  Carol blinked, then asked if she'd really

done some of the things she thought she'd done in a dream.  We ticked off

some of the things we'd just done, and each one made Carol blush.  She looked

at Lena, and stammered.

    "I-I'm not...I mean...I don't normally..." Carol blushed and looked down.

    "You mean you don't normally eat pussy?" Lena asked. "Well, let me tell you,

that for a novice then, you do pretty darn well."

    Carol blushed again. "You're not mad?"

    Lena and I laughed. "How could I be mad when you made me come so much?"

    The girls ended up hugging each other, then we explained what we'd seen

and learned.  Carol looked confused.

    "I don't understand then.  This started yesterday at our house." She said.

    I worried then.  Carol was the eldest, with twin brothers about sixteen,

and a younger sister about fourteen.  I asked what happened at their house.

She related that she'd been cleaning the fireplace when her father came in,

his eyes glazed over.  He'd stormed upstairs and chased her mother outside,

tearing her clothes.  She followed outside and watched and after a few minutes

her mother ran to her father and they ripped their clothes off and fell down

in wild passion, right in the middle of the wheat field.  Her folks had been

very open and honest about sex with their kids, but she'd NEVER seen her dad

acting like this.  She started into the house when she got this urge to take

her clothes off.  The more she resisted, the stronger it seemed to get. Her

sister came in from the barn, asking what was wrong.."Why are you undoing your

dress out here?"   She sent her sister inside, and she remembers walking

past her parents, still in the throes of passion, and walking towards our

place.  Apparently she dropped her dress along the way.

    We asked her if she'd done anything to her skin.  When she looked, she

seemed to notice for the first time.  Her nipples and pussy were purple,

her hair fiery red, and her body was an even deep brown.  She was shocked

and cried, worrying that it was permanent.  We said that we'd giver her a

shower to see if it was perhaps from the plants she'd walked through, not

really beleiving that.

    As we walked back to the wagon with Carol, she stopped suddenly.

    "Lena..." She said softly. "Look!" Carol pointed to Lena's nipples, and

we could see that they were turning a bluish-purple.  Her skin was darker too

and her lips showed a blue-tinge.  We mounted the wagon to return to the

cabin. I wanted to search the xeno-medical data cards for any reference to

this as a symptom of something. We trotted the horses, giving them a breather

as we got within one click of the house.  That's when Lena told me that I was

going to be rather upset in a minute.

    "Huh?" I said.

    "Look at yourself." She giggled. Carol looked and giggled too.

    I looked down and saw that my cock and balls were turning a brilliant blue

color, and my skin began to take on a golden hue.

    "Your lips and nipples are turning...OH!" Lena cried out.

    I looked and saw that my nipples were turning a deep blue.  My hair began

to show white.  I looked at Lena, her hair also changing from blonde to red,

the same color as Carol's.  We scrambled into the house and I tried to call

the comm-shack in town, then remembered that they were probably "busy" after

I didn't get a reply.  Lena had completed the xeno-med search with negative

results.  Carol came out of the shower, just as brown, purple and red as

before.  Lena suggested that Carol put on one of her dresses.

    "Ummm. Maybe not." I said, getting them both to look at me. "The way what-

ever this is makes us rip clothes off, we're probably better without them."

    Lena started to make some dinner, accepting Carol's help.  I radioed several

other farms and ranches, using the comm-satellite to bounce the signal.  By

the time dinner was ready, I thought I had some news.

    "First. According to Travis who's east of here, the coloring isn't perman-

ent.  He knows of only one thing, besides time, that will remove it.  Some-

one licking you..."  I paused, seeing both Lena and Carol exchange glances.

    "Second, this is wide spread, with people evenly divided between the moons

being aligned and a natural bacteria or virus that we don't yet have any anti-

bodies for.  Either one is temporary.  Joel Kelly suggested that it might be

a fungi or some other agent reacting to the symbiotic bacteria imported for

our Earth crops.  He's the microbiologist and he's working on it."

    "Third. Children don't seem to be bothered, execept they display a great

need to run and play.  Borderline adolescents can go either way, reacting like

children or like adults.  Seems there's no way to tell what they'll do, it's

all in the hormones is the guess."

    Lena asked Carol about her brothers. "Oh they were chasing each other all

over the fields, throwing clods and stuff."  That settled that for now.

    "Fourth, is that what ever this is, makes people incredibly instatiable.

Women want more, men get erect in record time.  Several men Joel spoke to

actually had multiple orgasms!"  I looked at the girls, seeing them both

suppressing giggles. "Yeah, now some of us will be spoiled...right?"  They

nodded in unison.

    "Last, and not least, only two deaths have been reported, and both of them

were elderly people who suffered heart attacks and died 'in the line of duty'

as it were.  No official word yet, I'm sure the administration isn't running

at it's peak inefficiency."

    The report taken care of we talked over dinner, the three of us feeling

better now that we knew it didn't seem deadly or permanent.  Although Lena

said that she liked my white hair and gold skin, she still wanted to look

"normal".  Carol seemed to be a bit uncomfortable wearing only skin in front

of her neighbors and we told her that she needn't worry, we understood and

thought she was beautiful, colors not withstanding.  It was almost dark when

we finshed cleaning up and I radioed her father, explaining that Carol was

safe with us for the evening.  He inquired about the strange behavior that

he and his wife had been through, and he knew about the other reports.  I

told him Carol was fine with us, and he could come over the mountains (in

the dark if he dared) to pick her up.  We'd even bring her to the foothills.

He begged off, suggesting that she was old enough and smart enough to take

care of herself, and would we be kind enough to bring her home if we could.

We chatted for a bit and said goodbyes, with me promising that I'd bring her

home when I could.

    We all went out onto the porch, the summer evening cool but still warm

enough for skin.  We talked while looking at the stars, deciding that Carol

could take one of the horses home tomorrow and bring him back the next day,

riding her own.  A cool breeze stirred and we all went inside, lighting a

fire in the fireplace to keep the house from getting too cold.  Lena moved

behind me and her hand reached between my legs, cupping my now truly blue

balls.  I moaned softly, and whispered "Don't you think we ought to let

Carol go to bed first?"

    Lena giggled and told me to turn around.  I did and saw that Carol was

standing behind Lena, massaging between Lena's legs. We'd just begun to

touch and caress when we heard the wind blowing hard outside.  Carol rushed

to a window, closing it as dust blew into the cabin.  She latched it and then

stood there for a long moment.

    "Something wrong?" I asked walking over to her.  She turned and her eyes

were buring with lust.  She ran her hands over her breasts seductively. Her

hips rotated in a suggestive manner.  Something was clicking in my brain, but

Carol's body fogged my thoughts.

    "Hey you two!" Lena said, coming up behind me. "Don't think you're going

to leave me out!"  Her laughs went quiet as she too became overcome with a

burning desire.  We went into the bedroom, three of us on the bed.  Carol

and Lena pleased each other and I took turns pleasing them.  We kept going

long into the night, long after we would normally be exhausted.  My fogged

brain protested at the seemingly impossible number of orgasms I was having.

Finally sated, the three of us curled up, drenched in sweat and our own come,

falling asleep until morning.

    Carol left the next morning, wearing one of Lena's dresses and taking one

of the horses, promising to return him the next day.  Lena and I went back

inside, finishing our coffee.  We stepped out onto the porch, and I was going

to try tackling the rocks again, wearily, since I'd exerted myself the night

before.  The morning breezes picked up and we kissed.  Lena held me tight,

her brown skin warm and pleasing.  We had discovered that the color did come

off, given a liberal amount of tounging and sucking.  In face, Lena and Carol

both had nipples almost normal in color now.  Lena ran her tounge over my

nipples before letting me go, the cool morning breeze making them erect.  She

looked at me longingly, her eyes pleading with me not to leave.  I didn't.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her inside.  We fell into bed, our

passions once again aroused.

    Lena pushed me down on the bed and straddled my hips, putting her full

weight on me every time she came down.  I pulled her down to me, kissing and

sucking her nipples, the sides, tops and bottoms of her breasts.  We came

together, my sperm warming her inside, and my cock staying erect for her.

After our second orgasm, I layed her down and proceeded to suck and lick her

everywhere, trying to return her to her natural color.  We went on and on

in our carnal bliss, tasting and feeling each other over and over.  By the

time the sun set, Lena only had a few spots of the odd color left, and she'd

taken care of me too.  We curled up and slept, holding each other tight.

We both came awake in the early pre-dawn hours, our carnal urges abated,

and in the dim moonlight we held and stroked each other tenderly.  I told

her that we didn't need anything to stimulate our lusts and desires for each

other, but if this was permanent, I'd keep her the only woman on the planet

with a natural skin tone.  She smiled and cuddled closer, her head on my

chest, one leg draped over me.  We drifted into another lazy sleep, happy

and content just being together.

    The wind rattled something outside and I awoke with a start.  THE WIND!

The agent that caused us to be lust-crazed was borne on the wind!  I kissed

Lena, who mumbled sleepily, and I slipped out of bed.  "That poor bed." I

thought as I warmed up the radio.  I contacted Joel Kelley, and explained my

thoughts.  As far as I could remember, every time we'd had an overwhelming

lust, the wind had preceeded it.  Joel said he'd collect some sample and

get back to me shortly.  Lena stumbled out of bed and came towards me, her

naked form arousing me without the strange whatever-it-was.  I turned and

kissed her belly-button good morning, then her lips, then back down to an-

other button.  She squirmed and told me how naughty I was, especially since

she hadn't yet been to the bathroom.

    "Well, git then!" I said squeezing her bottom gently. "You still have some

places that need attention." I indicated a small patch of brown on her side.

    She came back to find me cooking breakfast, pancakes, toast, and heaps of

hash browned potatoes. Looking over my shoulder she protested that I was

trying to make her fat, and I promised to help her work it all!

    We'd just finished breakfast when the radio chirped for attention.  I went

and turned the speaker on, thinking it was Joel.  It was an official announce-

ment, much too late, that simply stated the problem, that people were working

around the clock to solve it (sure! Uh-Huh! I bet!). Joel's signal came up

just after the official announcement.  I tuned him in.

    "Well, you were right." He said triumphantly. "The wind carries it."

    "C'mon Joel." I said, "Don't hold out.  What the fuck is 'IT'?"

     Joel explained that the purple flowers that bloom at the beginning of the

summer release a spoor-like seed. This seed has a coating that acts like a

pollen and an enzyme.  If (or we should say when) someone inhales it, it acts

on the human system as an aphrodisiac, lowering inhibitions and letting the

sexual urges come forth. Fortunately for the colony, these flowers only bloom

once a year, otherwise we'd be up to our necks in kids. Joel said that it

would take years, maybe decades to find the equivialant of an "anti-histamine"

for it.  I told him not to bother. We could grow these plants in hot-houses

and collect the spoors for export as a true aphrodisiac.  Joel was quiet for

a long minute.

    "Yeah, you're right." He said. "Besides, if we had a counter-remedy for

this, there'd be no market for it."

    I laughed at Joel's understanding. "Hey Joel, how about you and Sherri

being business partners with us?" I asked. "We've got the land to grow them,

and you've got the bio-background.  The gals would probably beat our brains

out in the business end."

    Joel laughed. "Sure. Sherri's nodding and prodding me to say yes. We're

going to be embarassingly rich pretty soon.  But where are we going to find

people to harvest that stuff without getting crazy?"

    Lena laughed and leaned over, pressing the microphone button, her breast

pressed against my cheek.  I licked her nipple as she spoke to Joel.

    "For a Ph.D. you can be pretty dense Joel." She said. "How about contamin-

ations suits with air-hoses?  We'd have to build a greenhouse with the pro-

cessing plant attached, then..."

    "Whoa!" I said. "Let's go into town tomorrow night and have dinner. Then

we can talk about plans."

    Joel agreed and Sherri say goodbye for them.  Lena and I started to move

back to the bedroom when we heard a horse plod up to the front of the house.

Carol had come back, and we dressed and invited her in.  She thanked us,

kissing us both.  We invited her to share some of our extra large breakfast,

and she declined politely, having to return home.  She noticed our skins were

getting back to normal, and made some suggestive comments.  Lena hired her on

the spot as our new plant supervisor.  We told her to keep the secret for a

bit, but she had the job.  Carol trotted off on her own horse, and I took

Lena back to bed.  I was sure that I'd missed a spot of purple...

--- Good nite and Sweet Dreams ---


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