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Archive-name: Fantasy/spacdic3.txt


Archive-title: Space Dick - 3

        In immediate surprise Jason jumped off the bed and ran to the

window. Rick looked up confused but noticed the people outside after

Jason ran to the window. The figures outside turned out to be primative

looking humans. What was even stranger was that they were speaking a

dialect that was similar to that of one on earth. The figures were

two male warriors wearing only couple of leaves and holding sticks. The

curiousity on the Pennilton was overwhelming, the two officers ran out 

of the bedroom to the armaments room where they put on clothing, weapons,

and communication headsets (prepared to translate the language difference).

        As the door the the Pennilton openned the two officers stepped off

and walked around to the side of the ship the warriors stood looking. The

primitive warriors still displayed hard ons as they looked on holding thier

sticks ready to throw as they talked amungst themselves. "Let them talk a

little bit more," Rick advised," our communicators will soon understand

thier dialect." Soon a light went off on thier headsets letting them know

they could be understood. "We are friendly!" Jason yelled, "Put down your

weapons." They seemed to understand but cautiously lowered thier sticks."

"We will take you to the Great Kamako, you will teach us your ritual."

The two officers looked at each other and soon followed the two warriors.

Jason took a small device out of his belt and took readings along the way.

Rick however, was very observant. He scanned the trees and path with his

eyes. Soon Rick noticed something strange about these two men. They were

perfectly clean and for primitive men thier hair was rather long but still

cut well. As they finally entered the village they only watched on as

beautiful women and well built men watched thier arrival in awe. 

        "Bring them to me!" a mighty voice yelled out from a throne a small

distance away. Rick and Jason were stopped as one of the two warriors went

to the huge muscular man known as the Great Kamako. While they waited

Jason keenly observed the people had traites of many nationalities back on

earth. Finally he put two and two together. "Rick, these people are from

earth or at least they're descendents from earth people. That's why, the

Velonians didn't want us to come to this planet." With this sudden revela-

tion they concluded that thier ancestors were earth captives from long ago

and that this planet was just like a prison. As they figured this out the

croud around thier leader disbersed.

        The leader stood up suddenly in a commanding manner. "I am the

Great Kamako. We welcome you to our village as friends. If you are friends,

however, you will show me the ritual my men tell me of!" The great man

quickly ripped off all of his ceremonial beads, skins and leaves. "Which

of you will show me." This man was all muscle, a virtual Mr. Olympia.

He stood about 6'5" with a firm tight buttocks. To Jason's surprise, his

partner yelled out to the man. "I will show you!" The croud simple watched

in awe as Rick took off all his clothes and left them behind him. Rick

walked up to Kamako and told him to sit. The mighty figure reclined back

into the chair awaiting the unknown pleasure the not as huge spaceman had

to offer. Rick slowly kneeled before the throne between the legs of Kamako.

The huge balls and soft but thick cock lay tempting in front of Rick ready

for whatever he wanted. Rick opened his mouth wide and took Kamako's cock

and balls into his mouth at once. As he pulled back he watched the cock

before him slowly rise to attention. Using his tongue he slapped at the

growing cock with his tongue watching it bounce and glisten. Carefully he

moved his wet tongue along the huge balls sucking on them from time to time

awaiting the full erection of cock. Soon the cock was full and the giant

man was grunting and making noises like a bull. Rick could hold himself

away no longer. With the ease of a squid wrapping around a rock, Rick's

tongue slid around the hard cock. Sliding up and down the huge pole

was the most exciting thing that these people had ever seen by the look

of the village. Every male had a hard on and the female's were rubbing

thier tits. Kamako was soon beyond restraint. Grabbing Rick's head Kamako

violently bucked his cock in and out of the mouth before him. Rick had

to grab hold of the cock with both hands just to keep it from coming out

of his mouth with each buck. Roars of passion sounded throughout the village

as the two titans pleasured each other. In pain a guard could take no more

and from just watching he ripped off his leaves and shot cum into the air.

He was followed by almost every male freed thier cock and held it. Jason

could see that thier was a need here for his sexual expertesse. Suddenly

there was a great cry that allerted all crowd. Kamako seemed ready to cum.

As everyone watch Rick finally burst. Blasts of white cream shot from his

cock onto the floor piercing a whole in the dirt with its great intensity.

With the second great roar from Kamako his vien shook violently letting

everyone know he was cumming excessively in Rick's mouth. Within a second

Rick's mouth was full so he backed his head away. This didn't stop Kamako's

cock though, for it shot cum like a water hose. No one on earth could have

ever sprayed this much cum at once. White cream sprayed the croud and Rick's

face in massive quantities. Rick still held on to the cock as it finally

began to subside. The mighty Kamako was slowly untensing his muscles as

he stopped cumming. The two titans were finished but thier work had started

a full orgy. Jason was even in act, fucking one of the women and sucking

off one of the guards cocks.

        In about three hours the violent orgy subsided. Jason had taught

the men how to fuck each other using any kind of lubrication and the

women how to eat each other out. By the time it was over pools of cum

were everywhere and Kamako would cum again but in Rick's butt. The cum

filled Rick and oozed out the sides of his but as his insides were being

ripped out by the high pressure dick. No one could deny, the planet must

have shook after this orgy.


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