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Archive-name: Fantasy/spacdic2.txt


Archive-title: Space Dick - 2

        No sooner had they started to rest before an alarm went off

all over the ship."There is an unknown object entering our area,"

the computer announced as the two two men reclothed themselves,

"report to the bridge for further briefing." In a hurry, the two men

rushed to the bridge to be shown the image of a flagship on screen.

It was obviously much bigger than thier ship and fully armed.

No sooner did Rick see the image before he steered thier ship away and

headed for the opposite direction. "We have visual contact!" Jason

yelled as the both looked toward the screen. A muscle-bound, green

skinned, semi-human looking creature came on screen. "Don't waste 

your time intruders you have intered Velonian Space and you will be

destroyed!" the figure on the screen said. "There is no way you can

defeat our weapons with your tiny ship. Give up and we will not 

punish you.... much." Before the alien could finish his sentence Jason

had plotted a course for the nearest Velonian planet they could hide

on. "Suck my dick!" Rick yelled to the alien as he pushed a button on

the controll panel. Immediately, all the engines on the USS Pennilton

hit full thrust shooting the ship directly  at the huge flagship.

Rick held on to the control yoke as if they were two dicks about to

cum as he evaded enemy fire. "The ship is turning to follow us." Jason

yelled in urgency."No matter," Rick replied, "they'll never know where

we landed on that planet." Suddenly the flagship fired every gun it

had at the Pennilton as it came closer to the planet. "Turn on full

shields!" Rick said as Jason immediately did. "Don't go on that planet!"

a voice shouted from the view screen. However, it was to no avail

to the pilots of the Pennilton as thier shield were bombarded with laser


        Soon the flagship was out of sight as Rick flew the ship through

the planet's atmosphere like a meteor heading  straight down. According

to Jason's reading the planet was suitable for earth inhabitation except

for an excess of Carbon Dioxide. The could understand why though, as

all the eye could see were plants. Just when it seemed the ship was going

to crash right into the planet Rick cut the engines and hit full reverse

thrust and fired lasers into the forest to make a landing spot. As the

ship gently landed a sigh of relief befell the ship. "We'll have to stay

here for a couple of days so we might has well get some sleep. We're 

going to have to search the planet tomorrow." Jason advised. With that

advise Rick showed Jason the way to the bedroom. Upon entry, Jason was

overwhelmed by how luxurious this room was and the fact that it was on

a spaceship. Then with a flip of a switch, curtains opened to reveal

window showing the forest outside. While Jason stood in awe he did notice

Rick pull out a huge bed from the wall. "That wall pulls out a couple of

single beds but I figured we'd like this better." Rick said with a

slight grin. "Also, this ship has an adult center full of dirty magazines

and porno video for any sexual preference to keep up moral."

        Still very exausted, Rick took off all his clothes as Jason

watched him get into the bed and relax. Soon Jason was also totally nude

and slid along side of Rick. They both were too tired to fuck so they

just felt each other as they gently kissed each other`s body's. Soon

they were tongueing each other and pumping thier cocks on top of the

covers. Before long Jason couldn't bare it anymore and motioned his head

toward Rick's dick only to be stopped by Rick's hand. "Not now, let's

do it tomorrow morning when we are less tense and can really get into

it." Jason had to agree; for, he was tired too.

        Early the next morning the computer's voice awoke the two

voyager. "Attention crew! Starbase requires that you go take care

of all hygene then report to the weight room." The men awoke immediatly

and in a matter of minutes reported to the weight room still nude.

"The reason I told you to come naked," Rick commented," is because

I thought it would inspire us to work harder looking at each other's

bodies. That comment was all that was said the whole time they were

in the weight room. Jason could only look on during his excercises


he watched the smooth, brown, muscular skin pump weights. With every

lift every muscle in his body would flex. He could only watch

as Rick held his but tight and pumped iron harder as his dick grew.

Jason wasn't getting all the fun though, for Rick saw him looking

and examined him also. Jason unknowingly had a full hard on and was

licking his lips watching the hunk before him showing his beef.

Suddenly, without warning, Rick put down the weights and went into

the bedroom. Jason, wanting Rick almost to the point of desperation

now, followed quickly.

        Once in the bedroom Jason noticed Rick sitting ready on the

bed. With a run and a leap Jason jumped onto Rick and they joined

in passionate kissing. In the lust of the moment, the two men didn't

notice the figures appearing at the window. Suddenly Rick pulled

away from his lover and showed him what he had clutched in his hand.

It was a jar of vaseline. "Get up, I wanna fuck you!" he yelled as

he waxed up his tool to the full view of the figures in the window.

Next, he greased Jason's ass. Then with a sudden burst of power Jason

was held steady and Rick forced his huge cock in with a single move.

The moans of pleasure only made Rick pump harder. Suddenly he stopped

pumping, brought out the vaseline again and waxed up Jason's cock.

Given a couple of breaths Jason thought the dick inside him was going

to burst, but not so. Suddenly the pumping started again but this

time it was followed up by some massive pumping on his cock. Rick's

power and intensity as so overwhelming he couldn't hold it any longer

and shot cum at the window. After a couple of bursts Jason opened

hi eyes to the sight of a mass of figures outside the window looking

at him intently.


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