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Archive-name: Fantasy/spacdic1.txt


Archive-title: Space Dick - 1

        The year is 2089, ten years after Earth's discovery of other

life forms in space. The aliens however weren't very friendly with

thier sole goal being to destroy our race. After being beat by 

Earth's defense forces combined they sent humanoid replicas bearing

an unknow desease that affects any human liform. Through many years

of experimentation no cure was found. The only remedy was to make

small containment centers all over every country. Due to the rapid

spread of this disease all over the earth by any means of touch the

world has broken down morally. Everyone has become bisexual looking

for sex with any undiseased being they can. One year later all the

centers were broken open by the inhabitants; therefore, spreading the

disease all over the planet. The only remaining undiseased humans

left are on Space Station Earth and it's base on Earth.


        Back on Space Station Earth Dr. Jason Healy relaxes on his

desktop being sucked off by his male understudy and eating out his

female nurse when the urgency video phone buzzes. Immediately

getting everybody out he puts on a shirt and answers the phone.

"Dr. Heally, this is earth base. We are under attack! Our defenses

have already been shut down and the disease infected human will

soon contaminate everyone in the compound. We are sending you our

new space exploration vessel and Commander Rick Henderson to your

station on a mission of ultimate inportance. You will be breifed

on the ship when he arr..." Suddenly communications from Earth

are disconnected without warning. "USS PENILTON arriving in dock 1

in 1 minute," the onboard computer announces. Jason runs to the

docks in urgency knowing that this mission is very serious.


        "Are you Dr. Jason Healy?" a tall kind of muscular black

man asks. "Yes, are you the Commander of the PENILTON?" Jason

replies only to be replied by a nod and gesture to be followed into

the ship. "I'm  sorry to inform you that we have been chosen to

go on a mission to find a cure for the disease that has taken over

the Earth and we have to leave for deep space immediately." Jason

looks in awe as he thinks about how long he will be alone in space

but, he must do what he can to help his home and family. "How soon

to we leave?" Jason answers as the Rick seems to be looking him over

in some sort of approval. "Oh! We leave now." Within seconds a huge

blast of light comes from the Penilton as it leaves the space station

at full burn. "I'll set a course for Pluto in autopilot while you get

the deep sleep chambers prepared." Rick says in unbreakable intensity.

Jason always hated the idea of going to deep sleep since he tried it

once for a week. "Okay get undressed and get into the sleep chamber,"

Rick commanded, " we'll be in here for a long time so we won't use up

much fuel speeding straight there." Jason however could barely pay 

attention to him watching this great looking guy pulling down his pants

and exposing a well built body. The feeling was mutual as Rick watched

Jason get into the chamber exposing a steadily hardening cock on a stud

like Jason.


        Ten weeks later the Penilton comes to life as the deep sleep

chambers open and both officers report to the medical center for a

check-up. "Lay down on the counter so I can check your readings."

Jason orders. Still nude Jason looks over Rick with a couple of machines

and starts writing in a medical journal trying not to notice the body

laying in front of him. Jason soon couldn't help but notice that Rick

was looking at him and slowly getting hard. "Okay, we have one more

test, so lay back and look straight up." Once Rick looked up and could

not see Jason. Jason took a closer look at the dick before him by 

kneeling in front of it. Next he took a tape measure out of his drawer

and measured the hard cock. Wow! He thought, 9 inches long and very fat

too. The doctor's hard 8 inches could not compare to the size and look

of the dick in front of it. There was nothing else he could do but watch

untill he could take it no more and impulsively licked at the cock

and balls to the surprise and excitement of the patient. His tongue moved

with ease up the smooth brown cock that just glimmered from the reflection

of the lights in the room. Moving closer he grabbed the cock and started

sucking on it while using his tongue to tantilize the erection in his

mouth. Rick could only moan in pleasure as all his tentions were being

soothed through his cock. Suddenly raised his head jumped up on the 

counter and put head back down on the cock now dripping precum down the

sides. Slowly he moved his hands under Rick and grabbed his butt and

getting more thrills by squeezing it pushing it up and down to move the

cock in and out of his mouth. Jason knew that the cock in his mouth was

about to come in a while so he sucked harder and faster. Harder and

harder he sucked on the cock but it was just starting to build up toward

climax. Jason's indurance had run out as his dick fired streams of cum

all over the counter. Rick knew that Jason had just cum and couldn't

hold back and except the pleasure any longer. Tightening his stomach and

gritting his teeth a load of cum sprayed into the awaiting mouth. Jason

loved every second of it. He kept swallowing and just when he thought it

was about to stop another stream of juice came out the quiverring body

under him. Soon all the excitement decreased as the cock stopped shotting

and the dick subsided while Jason kept licking it and soon layed down,

physically exhausted.


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