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Archive-name: Fantasy/sextrek.txt


Archive-title: STTNG: Sensual Encounter, The

Well this seemed to be very popular on the Startrek frequency, so by the

suggestion of some cross readers I've decided to r.a.e fans as well!!









         S t a r  T r e k  t h e  N e x t  G e n e r a t i o n:


                         The Sensual Encounter



Captain's Personal Log Stardate 40402.01:



     We are currently on route to the former planet of galactic peace, 

Nimbus III.   Nimbus III never seems to stop fascinating me.  It was a 

place where the famed crew of Capt. James T. Kirk once walked.  To live 

and breathe the very air that they breathed will be one of the many 

climaxes of my life.  What they experienced during that journey, the 

bizarre alien god, Cybog, and each other will never cease to stimulate 

me.  After many times of viewing the footage of the encounter I can 

never seem to get my mind off of Kirk's butt.   I don't know what this 

feeling is, but it is driving me and the Enterprise there.  It seems 

that something powerful, and yet very soft is pulling us there, 

Counselor Troi called the feeling from the planet almost sensual.  

Whatever it is we will meet it in 3 days.



     Ryker sat in the darkness of his cabin starring at the stretched 

image of the stars flicker by.  The feeling that was drawing the 

Enterprise towards Nimbus III intrigued him.  Whatever it was it made 

him feel very strange.  Earlier that night he was aroused when a male 

crewmember brushed against him.  It made him wonder:  " Was I just 

horny, or am I a fag?"  Of course not he told himself, he had Troi many 

times.  He thought back to their intense lovemaking.  The softness of 

her breasts, the smell and texture of her clitoris, and the taste of 

her mouth.  Just thinking of the was she used to give head made him 

hard.  His mouth began to water.  Ryker looked down at himself, and 

opened his robe.  He was hard, very hard.  Stroking himself softly he 

thought of Troi, licking and licking, and licking....  "Replicator!  

One vibrator, and hurry!!!"   The vibrator materialized.  Grabbing it, 

Ryker began to rub it on his dick.  He became lost in the depth of 

masturbation, that he didn't hear Warf enter.  Warf stared at Ryker, 

but didn't do anything.  He crept silently into the shadows, and 

watched Ryker reach and orgasm.  His ejaculation spurted him in the 

face.  A long tongue came out and licked it.  Warf stood up and came 

out of the shadows.  "Sir, this feeling on the ship is it affecting 

you?"  Surprised Ryker dropped the vibrator, and closed his robe, "What 

feeling?!"  Warf straightened his uniform.  "Sir don't try to hide what 

you were doing, I was here most of the time.  I saw you cum!"  

Embarrassed, Ryker tried to put on an authoritative voice: "Warf, I was 

thinking of Deanna, and what she used to do,  I wasn't doing it by 

myself, I felt that there was something guiding me, something helping 

me..."  Warf spoke in a more subdued voice.  " Perhaps when there is 

more time, I can show you ritualistic Klingon techniques used in the 

Men's House."  Ryker looked out the window, " What do you want?"  Warf 

responded, "You are needed on the bridge."

     As Ryker and Warf walked down the corridor, the people seemed to 

move in a more relaxed fashion.  They came to the Turbo Lift.  The door 

opened, a woman was there, naked and rubbing herself against the wall.  

Warf and Ryker boarded.  The door shut.  Warf's voice boomed: "Turbo 

Lift stop!"  He opened his pants and removed his dick.  The woman 

licked it and smiled.  " I've never had Klingon before, so large...."  

She put it in her mouth.  Ryker moved behind her, and removed his 

clothes.  He mounted her from behind.  "Oh you're so wet, it makes me 

want to screw the fuck out of you!!"  Moans filled the elevator.  The 

woman sucked fasted and harder, as Warf slipped out of his uniform.  

Ryker wiggled his dick inside her.  She was so warm, wet and soft he 

thought.  He came.  The woman pulled Warf's dick out of her mouth, and 

began to suck Ryker's.  Warf took the rear position.  The woman cried 

in pleasure as Warf worked her to an orgasm.  She moved spasmaticlly.  

Her butt moving in and out, faster and faster.  She stuck both of their 

dicks in her mouth and sucked.  Ryker moaned, "Oh god, I'm going to cum 

again!"  Ryker and Warf came at the same time.  Their white sperm  

splashed over her face.  She licked it off.  Warf and Ryker put on 

their clothes.  "Bridge!".  Seconds later the Turbo Lift arrived on the 

bridge.  The door opened.  Jordi stood at the entrance.  "What the hell 

took so long in there?"  Ryker smiled, "Take a ride Lieutenant 

Commander!"  Jordi looked inside. A big smile came on his face.  "With 

pleasure Sir, with pleasure!"

     The bridge was as usual, quiet and dull.  The smell of Troi's 

perfume filled the comm.  Ryker peered out the corner of his eye at 

her.  Troi felt his thoughts, and jerked in her seat, as if something 

had penetrated her.  She smiled.  Ryker looked at Picard.  He addressed 

the captain, " What seems to be the trouble Sir?"  Picard straightened 

himself, "You all know about this feeling that has been spreading 

throughout the ship, this feeling of....sensuality.  It is not only 

affecting us, but also every planet in this region.  Whatever it is, 

Troi feels that it is originating from Nimbus III.   Troi sat up.  

"Yes, ever since last week it seems that there has been a presence in 

my bed, caressing me, feeling me where only I allowed certain men to 

feel me...."  She began to move in her seat, touching herself, "...oh 

but sometimes I like it, and I can't control it."  Ryker spoke, " Is 

this presence male of female?"  Troi smiled, "VERY MALE!!!....."   

Picard gave her a piercing look.  "Are you in communication with the 

being now?"  "Oh YES, 

YES....."   Troi pulled the straps of her dress down.  She touched her 

breasts.  "I'm so sorry sir, I can't seem to stop it.  Oh great SPACE, 

it's so ......"  Picard stood and shouted, "Get a hold of yourself 

woman!  Dr. Crusher to the bridge!"  Seconds later Dr. Crusher 

appeared.  "Do you know that there is this white sticky substance all 

over the walls of the Turbo Shaft that appears to be..."  "Not now 

Doctor," Ryker said, "help her!"  Crusher looked at Troi and gasped.  

Troi was half naked, rubbing her crotch on the helm.  She pulled a hypo 

out.  There was something about Troi that intrigued Crusher.  Taking 

the hypo, she caressed Troi's breast and injected.  Troi smiled at the 

doctor.  She felt her attraction.  "Perhaps tonight Doctor.", she 

whispered to Crusher as the drug slow put her to sleep.  The entire 

bridge was stunned.  Picard starred open jawed at the bare Troi.  Sexy 

he thought, very sexy.


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