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Archive-name: Fantasy/sce03.txt

Archive-author: The Bluesmaster

Archive-title: SCE03 - Stephanie's Close Encounters 3

     Yes, he's back, this time with another of those semi-depraved stories

about Stephanie, the girl chosen by aliens to examine human sexuality.

You'll note this one is numbered 3.  For the two or so of you who care,

I started #2 a long while back, but have really been stuck.  Then this

notion came to me and fairly flew off the keyboard.  Damned if I know why

I love writing the BM series and this one too, guess I just like variety.

     This sex is fairly nasty and and has no redeeming qualities other than

1) it's all consensual, and 2) it might get you off.

Capsule summary:  Steph gets it on with an intelligent octopoid and gets

     		  deluged in his love juices.  If you don't like that, well

     		  you were by golly warned.

  As ever, commentary positive or negative is both appreciated and solicited.

** the Bluesmaster


SCE03 - Stephanie's Close Encounters 3: Lovin' Arms

Permission granted to reproduce this story in any manner on any medium, so

long as it is unchanged and my pen-name is attached.  Copyright 1993 by The



     			       "LOVIN' ARMS"

     In her several sexual experiences with aliens, Stephanie had only been

with human or very human-like men and women.  It had improved her earthly

sex quite a lot, as she learned new ways to please herself and her lovers.

She had been worried that these bizarre otherworldy interludes would make

"normal" sex seem dull.  Fortunately that had not been the case.

     But they had all been human-ish.  Gerakk was not human.  He was not

even humanoid.  He was, in fact, a large, intelligent octopus.  Well, more

like octopoid, there were many differences that even a business major could

see, but...Massive eyes, a bulbous body.  Eight tentacles (complete with

suckers).  Five (!) penises.  Four smaller ones on stalks and a large primary. 

He wasn't an octopus, but he was close enough.  

     The atmosphere was very humid, and she felt the sweat breaking out on her

already.  Gerakk pulled himself out of a pool of water and undulated closer. 

His skin was moist and a mottled green.  It looked very smooth.  He examined

her with his massive eyes. 

     "You are unsure?"

     That's an understatement, thought the girl.  "Well, it's very weird for

me.  I mean, you look like an *octopus*.  I just don't know if I could get

into it."  Some wild part of her liked the thought of all those pricks drilling

her wet orifices, and all those arms stroking her, but another part was simply

freaked out by the whole idea.

     "Hmmm.  Well, there is no need to leap into things.  I suggest we simply

masturbate for a while to relax.  What happens or does not happen will or will

not.  Let us begin."  Gerakk began to slowly stroke his cocks with his tent-


     Stephanie pulled her blonde hair out of her eyes and leaned against a 

wall.  She pressed on her cunt through the semi-transparent (and growing even

more so as her perspiration began to soak it) gown-thing Gerakk had provided.

As usual, despite the bizarro nature of the scene she was able to generate a

spark of pleasure from her ever-ready clit.  Her nipples began to harden and

poke pinkly through the damp material.  She sighed.


     A vibration shot through the girl's slender frame.  A sudden jolt of

pleasure fired through her pleasure zones, making her gasp and her knees

sag slightly.



     This jolt knocked her to her knees.  In fact, she almost had an orgasm.

A bead of sweat dropped from her nose to the floor as she looked at Gerakk.

"What the hell...?" she gasped.

     "Apologies.  We Thikreen tend to generate sub-vocal vibrations to increase

out partner's pleasure.  It is a habit.  I can stop if you wish..."

     "No!  You don't have to stop..."  Steph's voice trailed off.  All five of

the alien cocks were hard now, she saw.  The four secondaries were respectable,

if smallish, but the primary looked like a baseball bat.  Her pussy felt hollow

suddenly, lubricating itself, and her mouth watered at the sight of all the


     Sensing this, Gerakk extended one of the smaller members towards her.  She

took it in her hand, its warm hardness a pleasure to stroke.  She placed it in

mouth, staring hotly at the alien.  It tasted sweet to her sucking, and he reg-

istered pleasure with a sigh.

     Stephanie abruptly felt overcome with lust.  The strangeness was no longer

an impediment but a turn-on.  She wanted all those cocks in her, wanted their

cum all over her, wanted all the pleasure they could wring out of her until

she collapsed in an exhausted, sweaty heap.

     She sucked harder, extending her arms for more.  Gerakk's tentacles gripped

the flimsy, now-transparent fabric and ripped it off of her, exposing her lithe

young body in all its 22-year-old perfection, gleaming with the sweat the humid

air had drawn out.  Her well-muscled legs trembled as the octopoid pulled her 

closer, filling her hands with two more penises, and exploring the dark cleft

between her taut ass-cheeks.

     Spreading her legs, she moaned hungrily as the alien inserted the massive

primary cock into her tight, juicy pussy.  She shuddered in helpless pleasure

as another THRUM rippled through her slender young body.  Her ass was then

fully penetrated, and she had a cock in every hole, and two more in her hands.

Stephanie felt absolutely stuffed with hot meat.  It was glorious.

     Then Gerakk began to move himself within her, sliding his cocks back and

forth, in and out, and another kaleidoscope of pleasure began.  Suckers began

to pay attention to nipples already erect and swollen.  Another played with

her clit, while still others held her body in a position to partake of the

joy he was bringing to her.

     One tentacle ran under her tight ass, another supported her shoulders and

upper back, while two more stabilized the whole construct.  The remaining four

limbs continually moved over Stephanie's overheated body, paying special

attention to her swollen breasts, painfully sensitive nipples, and drenched

clitoris.  The four secondary penises were all happily occupied by her mouth,

hands, and asshole, while the primary continued to ream her tight, wet cunt. 

     Stephanie licked and sucked hungrily at the veiny stalk thrusting itself

into her mouth.  Sometimes she pulled off of it and, gasping for air, used the

head to smear the mix of saliva and copius pre-seminal fluids over her face and

chin.  Already large amounts had overflowed her mouth, escaping around her

swollen lips to stream down her neck. 

     She was, in fact, completely covered in wetness, making her skin gleam

and slick to the touch.  Much of it was sweat bought out by her sexual exert-

ions in the humid atmosphere of the ship, and also the moisturizing "sweat"

exuded by Gerakk's body, dripping onto and spread all over her own by his

tentacles.  Then there was the area between her quivery thighs, which was sod-

den primarily with her own inner lubricants, as well as more pre-cum from

Gerakk's primary penis.  The mixture of sex-fluid and perspiration mostly 

flowed back down the massive member, although some found its way into the cleft

of her ass, which had its own fleshy intruder to contend with.

     The sweat and other juices ran down her extremities and dripped onto the

floor or onto Gerakk.  Periodically the alien would generate the THRUM, which

made Steph's lithe young body jerk in another spastic orgasm, forcing moans

from her lips and internal claspings of her vaginal walls which send spasms

of pleasure through Gerakk's octopoid body.

     The comely coed felt utterly depraved and awash in sensations.  A living

sex toy, made only to give and receive pleasure.  The alien's vibrations seemed

hooked directly to her pleasure centers, making her entire body into an erog-

enous zone.  Her hands thrilled to the slick hardness of the tentacle-cocks.

Her breasts and clit exploded in electric shocks as the suckers fixed them-

selves to those points and then moved on.  The strokings of her skin left be-

hind sensations of searing heat and wetness.  Her ass burned from the drilling

penis inside of it, spreading its heat throughout her entire body.  The cock on

her tongue tasted glorious, smooth and hot, and the great ribbed beast plunging

into her dripping pussy seemed to find her g-spot on every other thrust.  It

could only make her come again, and she did, with much groaning and trembling. 

Some detached corner of her mind wondered if she would die of this exquisite

torture, but most of her did not care. 

     Gerakk began to tremble, and somehow she knew this meant his orgasm

was imminent.  She redoubled her efforts on all the cocks, licking, squeezing,

stroking, as the tentacles supporting her lowered to the floor.  The octopoid

knew that when the explosion came he would no longer be able to hold her up.

     With a great cry the massive alien came, spewing torrents of sperm from 

all 5 of his penises.  The two in her hands went off first.  Stephanie guided

the spurting cocks over her face and breasts, covering her upper body in hot

white slime, and drenching her already sweat-soaked blonde hair.  It ran down

her cheeks and chin, down her neck and pooled on the floor.  Her breasts shone

through their new coat of moist polish, nipples still proudly erect, thrusting

through the cream which gathered in her cleavage and began to flow slowly

down her smooth belly, into her small belly-button, and further soaking her

already sodden sex.  As the pulsings slowed, the cocks in her mouth and ass

went next, blasting forth even before the two in her hands had fully ceased 

with their liquid tributes. 

     The liquid heat shot deeply into her anus, thrilling her and threatening

to meet with the other flood coming down her throat as fast as she could swal-

low.  The volume was too great to contain fully, and her cheeks bulged with

alien come, spilling out of the corners of her mouth in ribbons of white.  Her

ass and mouth overflowed with the hot wet come, dripping out of her orifices

and gathering on her body and the floor. When the blasts slowed, she pulled the

still oozing cockhead out of her mouth and smeared it all over her face and

neck, and then squeezed the last spurts onto her tongue to savor the taste. 

Her lips were dripping with sperm, and her face glistened whitely.  She moaned,

knowing the final pleasure was about to start. 

     The giant cock in her cunt seemed to swell even larger and harder, and then

fountained out its load.  Gerakk thrust even more deeply into Stephanie, wring-

ing yet another orgasm out of her already over-pleasured body.  He then began a

continuous THRUM for several seconds, further torturing her with exquisite 

pleasure.  The giant penis pulled out of her overflowing cunt to spurt upwards

onto her body, the mammoth blasts reaching all the way up to her slack-jawed

mouth and covering her entire torso.  A free tentacle inserted itself into

her drooling pussy as her hips twitched madly, seeking to fill the emptiness 

left by the primary penis.

     The young girl was a mass of orgasming sweat and cum.  All her holes were

filled to overflowing.  The sperm was in her hair, her eyelashes, dripping from

ear lobes and running down her chin.  It pooled between her breasts and down in

the humid vee of her thighs, drowning the sparse fur of her sex.  It dripped

from fingers still trying to spoon as much as they could gather into her mouth,

and down the arms and shoulders. It ran along her the sides of her pert breasts

and onto the floor, joining the pool which was soaking her backside.  She was

inundated with liquid whiteness, and reveled in the nasty spectacle of her body

awash in alied sperm.  There were lakes and pools and rivers and streams of the

wonderfully hot and sordid stuff, gathering and dripping, gathering and dripp-


     As a cum bath, it almost surpassed the end of the gang bang she had enjoyed

at the hands and cocks of her first alien lovers, where 50 men had spermed her

and then poured buckets of the stuff on her.

     The extremes of pleasure were too much for her to handle anymore.  Steph's

body stepped in to numb her sensations.  She fell into a light swoon, still

feeling pleasure, but coming down off the overload she had been subjected to.

Her hips stilled, her breathing slowed, and her heart began to resume a more

relaxed rate of beating.

     Gerakk eased her dripping form to an upright position and brought a flask

of cool water to her jism-slick and still dripping lips.  Swallowing the last

come in her mouth, she drank deeply of the clear fluid.  Stephanie pulled the

drenched blonde hair from out of her eyes and groaned.  The ends of her hair

and chin still drizzled sperm.

     "I don't think I'll be able to come again for a week.  Wow, that was nice.

That vibration is *amazing*."  She drank more of the water, and tried vainly

to clear some of the come from her face.  It kept flowing down out of her

drenched hair.

     The octopoid alien vibrated with humor.  "Well," he said, enfolding the

girl in his many arms as they relaxed, "I *am* a scientist..."

     				The End, till next time...


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