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Archive-name: Fantasy/sce01.txt

Archive-author: The Bluesmaster

Archive-title: SCE01 - Stephanie's Close Encounters 1



     Stephanie was bored.  Incredibly, unbelievably bored.  It was

Thanksgiving weekend, and she was stuck in her apartment at

college.  Everyone else had left for home the day before.  The plan

was to use the extra time to get a computer project done.  A

project due the Tuesday following the holiday.

     However, a person can only do so much studying without taking

a break.  But there was nobody to take a break with!  This was a

college town, and when the students left, it was EMPTY.

     With little else to do, she decided to take a walk.  It was a

cool, crisp autumn night, part of a glorious few days of pretty

weather before the first storms of winter started to move through

in earnest.  Putting her longish blonde hair into a rough ponytail,

she slipped into sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

     She hesitated before pulling on the shirt, however.  She was

feeling somewhat naughty, in that state somewhere between mere

excitement and true arousal brought on, perhaps, by her lonely

state.  It was this feeling that caused her to remove her bra

before putting on the sweatshirt, allowing her small firm breasts

to move freely, and to feel the rough material against her

sensitive nipples as she walked.

     With a smile on her somewhat thin lips from the sensations

brought on by this, she stretched out the muscles in her long, lean

body before setting out on her brisk excursion.

     She did not get very far.

     It was a well-lit path, despite the numerous trees and bushes

present, and so Stephanie did not feel the need to be especially

wary, even though she did carry a tiny bottle of Mace, just to be


     The rapid pace she set soon brought a faint sheen of

perspiration to her body, despite the cool November air.  It was

also in part due to the intense arousal she was feeling from the

motion of her breasts under the sweatshirt.  The nipples in

particular were very erect, and sending tingles down into her

groin.  A certain moistness was also growing more and more apparent

in her pussy, not in the least due to her perspiring, and she

reflected that she was going to have to masturbate vigorously upon

her return, if not sooner. 

     Thus distracted, she did not immediately notice the two

figures in the shadows of the trees as she moved past.  Not that it

would have mattered in any case.  They swiftly stepped out onto the

path, and hurried to catch up to her.  They moved quite silently,

but some sixth sense warned Stephanie, and she turned just in time

to see one of the two raise a small, roughly pistol-shaped device,

and point it at her.

  Before she could do more than draw a breath to run or scream, it

emitted a burst of light, which struck her squarely.  She fell

bonelessly towards the ground, but was caught quickly by the other

figure.  They quickly moved back into the shadows off the path with

Stephanie's limp form.  One of the two touched some buttons on

another small device.  There was a slight humming sound, a brief

glow, and they were gone.


     Stephanie awoke from a dream in which she could not move to

find that it was no dream.  She was strapped, not too tightly, but

nonetheless securely to a high table, not unlike a medical

examining table.  Her sweatsuit was gone.  Instead she wore a

faintly see-through garment of a shimmery fabric.  It appeared to

be simply a pull-over of some kind, and a detached part of her mind

found her appearance in it very attractive.

     She jerked at her straps.  They were made of a soft cloth-like

material, not unlike the simple shift she was wearing now.  The

stuff was stout, however, and resisted her efforts at tearing.  She

desisted, and began to examine her surroundings.

     The room was rather large, perhaps 45 feet on a side.  She

rested on a bed-like contraption in the center.  The walls were a

soothing blue, not that she felt all that soothed at the moment. 

The floor looked as if it were padded with some sort of white

material.  There was a single door set in the middle of one of the

walls.  The lighting was recessed in the ceiling and walls, and

while the room was well-lit, it was not harsh or oppressive. 

Couches, chairs and other sorts of comfortable furniture lay

scattered about.  The overall effect was that of a large living

room or den, lacking only wall pictures and a large TV or fireplace

to make the scene complete.  Despite her scant clothing, she felt

warm -- perhaps the temperature had been turned up slightly.

     This was like some bad "B" movie, she thought.  She had been

kidnapped, brought here attired skimpily, and tied to a bed/platform.  

This had some unpleasant implications, and Stephanie swallowed hard.

     Before she could think much further on her predicament, the

door slid open, with a *swooshing* sound not unlike what you could

hear on _Star Trek_.  Three men walked in.

     Sort of men.  They were all of average height, but *very*

heavily muscled -- almost ludicrously so.  Their hair was short and

black, their skin...Grey.  A light, charcoal grey.  And their eyes

were large and oddly shaped. "Japanimation" she could not help but

think, despite the bizarreness of the situation.  Shit-fire, she

realized suddenly.  She had been nabbed by *aliens*!  As in little

green men from outer space.  Only these guys were neither green nor


     "Hello, Stephanie," said the one of  She started.

     "You...know my name?"

     "Well, yes.  We've been observing you."

     "Ob-observing me?"

     "Yes.  We had to determine if you would be a suitable partner

in our study.  And we had to wait for a time where you could be

brought here for a while and no-one would miss you.  No need to

cause unneeded worry in you friends."  The alien's voice was deep

and melodious, like James Earl Jones in _Field of Dreams_.

     Stephanie wasn't sure about the "Partner" bit, but the alien

seemed to be talking in short time spans here, so maybe she wasn't

in too much danger, after all.  But Jesus Christ, she was talking

to real, live fucking aliens.  This was too bizarre.

     "Oh, Lord, I'm not sure I can handle this..."

     The man on the left hurried forward, with a concerned

expression.  "Relax, Stephanie.  We're not going to hurt you or

torture you or anything like that.  We just want you to participate

in out study for a few hours and then you will be returned to your

apartment, a bit tired, perhaps, but otherwise fine."

     Well that was nice to hear, but; "You're...just gonna let me

go?  You're not afraid I'll tell CNN or something?"  The girl was

skeptical.  After all, she *was* tied up.

     The apparent leader smiled and chuckled slightly.  "That's

another reason we watched you carefully.  You're not the kind of

person to do that sort of thing without some kind of proof, and

there won't be any.  We aren't allowed to interfere with Earth

people any more than to do our studies.  We generally just


     Despite herself, Stephanie was curious.  "Study what?"

     "All aspects of your culture, history, technology, politics,

you name it.  It's how we learned your languages, for one thing."

     "So why am I tied up?"

     "While we can be pretty sure of a person,  you never be

certain exactly how they will respond to this kind of situation. 

We have to take precautions.  However, it is obvious that the

restraints are no longer needed."  He gestured to the one who had

not spoken yet. "Blorg, release her."

     "Blorg?" she said quizzically as the man moved to untie her.

     "My apologies."  The leader (she supposed he was the leader)

looked chagrined.  "I am not being polite.  That is Dermos.  I am

Denak.  And that, of course is Blorg."

     The young girl sat up, rubbing her wrists.  "Pleased to meet

you," she said automatically.  Man, this is weird, she thought. 

"So, ahh, what are we studying?"


     "Huh."  That was about the last thing she had expected, after

all this talk.

     "Sex.  We're very interested in human sex.  You people are

most amazing in that area.  Few races are at once so imaginative

and often so suppressive when it comes to sex.  This dichotomy

intrigues us.  We searched about until we found a female with a

sufficiently high sexual level to do our study.  You."

     "Me?" said Stephanie in a small voice.

     "Yes.  It's apparent that you enjoy sex very much.  We've

observed you during it."  Stephanie began to blush tremendously. 

"And, to be quite blunt, your form is very pleasing to us."

     "You...want me to have sex with you?"  Suddenly she was very

nervous.  Not *scared*, really.  Somehow she did not feel

threatened, but almost as if she were worried she might not measure

up.  Even as she thought that, she wondered why she wasn't

terrified or something.  Surely she ought to be!  "I..I dunno about

this...", she began.

     "You're nervous."  Nod.

     "Hmmm.  Are you willing to give it a try?"  Another nod, a bit

slower this time.

     My God, thought Steph.  I can't believe I'm doing this.  It

*is* sort of exciting.  I just cannot believe I'm even thinking of

doing this...

     "There is something we can do.  It'll relax you, release your

inhibitions.  It cannot make you do something you truly do not want

to happen.  It's not a drug or anything of that nature, but it is

effective.  Do you want to try it?"

     "Sure, why not?"  Her mouth had gone very dry all of a sudden.

     "Don't worry.  There are no side effects."

     He reached into his robe and produced a small, rod-shaped

device and pointed it at her.  A red beam of light shot from it to

her body.  Instinctively she flinched, but there was no pain.  Just

an oddly pleasurable tingling.

     Stephanie squirmed.  She felt hot, flushed.  Her nipples had

suddenly grown almost unbearably sensitive.  They poked erectly

through the diaphanous material of her shift.  She looked at the

three alien men.  They had dropped their robes.  They were

uniformly, massively erect.  Her cunt twitched at the thought of

taking them inside her, and her mouth watered.  She groaned and

felt a tiny runnel of moisture begin to slither down her thigh from

her pussy.  She had NEVER been this wet before.

     Stephanie was writhing constantly now, her slender body

becoming moist with a fine sheen of sweat from her inner heat. 

With some of her last lucid thoughts, the young girl realized that

whatever the alien had pointed at her had brought on this condition

of incredible horniness.  That should matter, she thought to

herself.  But it didn't, not now.  However it had happened, she was

now overcome with lust--she had to be sated, or she felt she would

die of horniness.

     "Oh, God," she moaned aloud.  "Don't just stand there.  Fuck

me, suck me, do anything you want to me, I need it, PLEASE!"

     The trio moved swiftly, almost as if it had been rehearsed. 

She was swept off the table, the gown whipped off over her head,

and she was placed on her knees in the center of the circle they

formed around her.  Their cocks wagged furiously in her face.  With

trembling hands, Stephanie grabbed the one directly in front of

her, and with a hungry moan, took it into her mouth as deeply as

she could.

     It seemed larger than any cock she had ever seen, much less

had in her mouth.  It's heat was intense, and there was a faint

cinnamon taste in the pre-come flowing from its tip.  She devoured

it hungrily.

     One of the men grabbed her roughly and pulled her off the

first cock and onto his own.  She sucked powerfully in his prick,

not caring at her rough handling, only that she needed more cock!

     A finger poked into the yawning wet emptiness of her cunt.

     "More," she groaned around her mouthful of cock.  Three

fingers entered her, and another began to stroke her already

throbbing clit, smearing her own wetness over it, driving her


     She switched back to the first cock, savoring its taste, its

texture and heat.  Her legs were spread, and the man fingering her

cunt slid between them and began sucking her hard nipples.  The man

whose cock she had just left moved behind her, and inserted his

fingers into her cunt, getting them wet and smearing them on her


     Stephanie shuddered at the triple sensation.  She had never

engaged in anal sex, always being afraid it would hurt.  But now

she didn't care about pain--only pleasure.

     The bottom man replaced his fingers with his massive cock,

sliding deeply into her tight but incredibly wet cunt with one easy

thrust.  Stephanie had her first orgasm.

     It caught her by surprise, shaking her, making her groan with

abandon.  But it did not begin to sate her.  She would have to have

many, many more.

     The third alien began to ease himself into her ass.  She held

still for a moment, savoring the fullness as the large cock spread

her anal tube wide open, much farther than she would have thought

possible.  The other two men held still for a moment, to allow the

lust-struck girl to adjust to the triple penetration--something she

had longed fantasized about, but never thought she would actually

experience.  And now it was happening.

     The men began to thrust, all at once.  It was unbelievable. 

Their hands were all over her, as she began to sweat from the heat

and exertion.  Her cunt poured forth lubrication on the cock in

her, and saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth as she

continued to suck hungrily.  In, out, the sensations were


     The cock in her ass drove into her, making her firm butt

muscles quiver and shake with each stroke.  she strove to tighten

her sphincter, and the man shivered at the new sensation.  She

smiled around her wonderful candy cane.

     She came again, pulling her mouth off the cock she was sucking

to moan, "Oh God, oh God."  To breathe deeply before inhaling it

once again, deep into her throat and mouth.  They were so BIG in

her, so very very big!

     She *had* to pull off the dick in her mouth to breathe --

*had* to, though she hated to lose it for even a second.

     "Fuck me," she gasped, pulling her hair from her sweaty face.

"Fuck me."  They did, now fast, now slow, now rotating their

penises to touch every surface of her insides that they could

reach.  Her universe began to consist of those three dicks.  They

were the source of all sensation, all existence.

     The three continued to pump into her.  Suddenly, the man

fucking her anus went into a serious of very fast, rough strokes

culminating in his orgasm.  Vast streams of his semen poured into

Stephanie.  There was a great deal more than what the normal human

male could produce.  It was also much hotter.  This incredible new

sensation caused Stephanie to orgasm yet again, making her hips

shudder violently, her cunt muscles to contract upon the massive

organ there, and causing her to moan around the cock in her mouth.

     These caused the other two beings to commence their own

orgasms.  The vast amounts of cum pouring into Stephanie were

almost more than she could bear.  It flowed back out of her

grasping cunt and ass onto the balls of the man beneath her.

     The man in her mouth poured forth a more copious load than she

had ever imagined even in her most depraved fantasies.  The

incredibly hot, cinnamon-tasting spurts seemingly would not stop. 

She swallowed and swallowed, but much of the cream flowed out of

her mouth and down her chin and neck.  The man finally pulled his

cock out of her mouth and three more massive spurts took her in the

face, getting into her eyelashes, smearing her lips and cheeks with

cum, joining with that still flowing out of her mouth to fall in

great gobs on her breasts.

     The other two men disengaged from her, and Stephanie flopped

onto her stomach on the soft floor, covered in sweat, her hair

sticking to her semen-slick face.  As she lay there, gasping for

air, cum oozing out of her pussy, ass, and mouth, hips still

twitching, she realized that she was not done.  Despite the most

amazing sex she had ever experienced, she still hungered for more.

     Pushing herself up onto her elbows, she looked up to see five

more of the massively endowed aliens entering the room.  And it

seemed there were more in the hallway...

     Much of the remaining time was simply blur, later.  But images

of the gang-bang (for that was what it was, of course) stuck with


     With groan of pleasure, the two men came, spewing forth onto

her outstretched, begging tongue.  It was instantly covered with

semen.  Stephanie closed her mouth to swallow the yummy-tasting

load, and her lips and chin disappeared under more spurtings from

the two massive cocks.  As she opened her swollen, dripping lips

for more, the men blasted her forehead and eyebrows with their

third shots.  The fourth and fifth went into Stephanie's mouth, but

the sixth overflowed it, causing cum to drool out of the corners of

her mouth and down her upturned chin towards her neck as swallowed

again.  Two more shots apiece followed while she savored the hot

flavor of the slimy stuff, and reveled in the warmth it spread

through her quivery form, like hot chocolate on a winter day.  The

last two cum-blasts splashed across her cheekbones and met at her

smiling, semen-smeared lips to from a crude white "X".

     "More," she called out as the two retreated, hot alien sperm

dripping from her chin to coat her firm breasts.

     With shudders, the three cam almost simultaneously.  The

tremendous charges smacked into her breasts and belly with

noticeable force, sending spatters up towards her neck and down

towards her legs.  They covered her with their glaze, the heat

burning into her and making her cum again.  The muscles of her

lithe body stood out in relief against the moisture.  She ran her

hands through the stuff, gathering it up and scooping what she

could in her mouth, moaning and crying "More!" all the while.

     Stephanie shoveled it in roughly, smearing it onto her face

and chin and neck with abandon.  Another man yanked her hands down

and shoved his cock in her mouth, where it hurled forth its load. 

She could not swallow fast enough to contain it all, her cheeks

bulged and more sperm leaked past her clinging lips and down her


     She screamed, coming uncontrollably as she was suspended

upside down and the alien tounged her vaginal lips and ass roughly,

begging him to stop the almost unbearable pleasure and hoping that

he wouldn't until she couldn't come anymore...

     Ten cocks blasted her face with their cum.  It was everywhere,

her eyes, lashes, hair, chin, neck, mouth.  It dripped and ran,

covering her face in white, hot, sticky, cinnamony cum.  Stephanie

gloried in it, moaning like a slut, licking it up and swallowing. 

It covered her, long, thick streams of white oozing down from her

face to her chest...

     The fingers reached her g-spot, and suddenly she blasted off

like a string of firecrackers had been attached to her clit,

jerking and sliding on the slick, soft flooring, crying and

laughing and coming and coming over and over...

     She flopped onto her belly as the men disengaged suddenly. 

She tried to turn over but was shoved roughly back down on her

face.  She moaned and humped her slick mound at the floor.  Then

she felt the hot splashings on her back and screamed in ecstasy as

the three creamed her back and shaking ass with their hot cum. 

They splattered her from neck to thighs with their copious loads,

watching as it pooled in the small of her back, forming a steaming-

hot puddle which drove her wild with the almost-unbearable heat it

seemed to send straight to her clit.  They massaged the cum into

her skin as best they could, although much simply ran down her

sides to pool on the floor with the remains of the other loads of

sperm and sweat and cunt-juice.  Stephanie came again as three

fingers were rudely shoved into her ass.

     As the girl stroked herself, smearing the vast amounts of cum

and sweat all over her body, pausing now and then to bring some to

her mouth, or to deeply finger her pussy for a taste of her own

juices, Denak brought in the final touch.  Several buckets of grak-

beast semen, which had been collected, frozen, and now re-heated

for just this purpose.

     Stephanie, in her sexual hunger seemed to recognize what they

were for and nodded her head, licking her lips and arching her body

up invitingly.  Each bucket held approximately 1 Earth gallon. 

There were five buckets.

     One by one the alien men approached and poured the buckets of

steaming-hot semen on the moaning earth-girl.  As the first mass

hit her, Stephanie exploded once more into a series of shattering

orgasms she would not have thought she still had the strength to

survive.  The cum poured over her body, adding to the already

tremendous amount that had been poured there in the last few hours.

     It plastered her now-sodden blond hair to the floor, soaking

it even more completely than the previous loads of cum and sweat

had.  It passed over her face, burying it completely under a glaze

of white.  She opened her mouth to take in what she could, but most

of it simply overflowed her mouth and drooled past her lips onto

her cheeks and chin, which was quite superfluous, given the great

gobs of the stuff being poured there directly.

     The mass of sperm covered her small shaking breasts, bringing

her nipples to an even more painful state of hardness, draining

down her ribs onto the slick floor.  The men payed special

attention to her oozing cunt, where the hot liquid stimulated her

vaginal lips and clit to even more heights.  Much of the hot liquid

drained down into the crack of her tight ass, and they continued

down, covering each leg and foot in the milky liquid, producing

more moans, shudders and shrieks from the lust-drugged girl as they


     The process repeated for each bucket, including rolling her

over twice to cover her strong young back and glorious, quivering


     When it was done, Stephanie was little more than a quivering

mass of cum.  It drooled out of her pussy, ass, and mouth.  It

covered her entire body.  Her once-blonde hair was soaked with it. 

Tremendous rivers of the white goop covered her face, dripping in

gobs and forming strings to her breasts, drooling with spit out of

the corners of her mouth, dripping off her lips, which she still

tried vainly to lick clean.  It caked her breasts and sparse pubic

hair, pooling in spots on her stomach.  Strings of semen ran along

her fingers and arms, dripping off onto her body and the slick floor. 

     Slowly her orgasm diminished, the quiverings eased, and the

moans were replaced with satisfied sighs.  The tension fled the

young girls's lithe, cum-soaked body, and she relaxed on the soft,

wet floor of the room.  Well over fifty of the alien men had fucked

her, been sucked by her, and had spewed their cum on and in her

some more than once.  The sex madness which had so consumed her was

now gone.  She was satiated.  The near-unbearable sensations,

pleasures, and exertions she had been through the past few hours

now began to catch up with her.  Stephanie was exhausted.  She

closed her eyes and fell asleep, with a smile of satisfaction on

her jism-slick lips.

     She was gently picked up and taken to the vessel's infirmary,

where she was gently cleaned, her skin carefully oiled with

moisturizers and softeners, her hair neatly combed, and dressed in

soft, loose fitting robe and placed in a room to sleep and rest. 

Eventually, she awakened and was taken to see Denak.

     "Well?" asked Denak with an arched brow.

     "I...I loved it.  It was so, so *animal*, so spontaneous.  I

never thought I could do something like that, ever.  But it was


     "I am glad.  You did look like you were enjoying yourself."

     Stephanie blushed.  "I still can't believe it.  I should be

mad at you.  You said nothing about a gang-bang," she continued.

"...but I enjoyed it so much," she ended in a small voice.

     "Partially that was the Deinhibitor.  But it merely allows

desires to surface.  It does not create them."

     "Now what?" asked the girl.

     "Now," replied Denak, "We send you home.  Our study is

complete now that we have the data from the orgy."  He smiled.

"I suppose we could send you a copy of the final report if you


     "I think I would.  Does that'll be coming back?" 

She tried to sound nonchalant.

     "I'm sure we will.  Or others."

     "*Others*?"  Stephanie's eyes got big.

     "Certainly.  Many races of our federation study Earth.  I'm

sure you will get to make some new friends in the coming years."

     "Oh my God."  Stephanie realized this could be the start of

something quite literally out of this world.  Even as she stared

back at Denak, nervous at the thought of other aliens desiring sex

with her, she had to admit, that if they were all as exciting as

this, being and intergalactic guinea pig was not such a bad thing

to have as a hobby...

                    The End, For Now.


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