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Archive-name: Fantasy/sauroid2.txt


Archive-title: My Second First Time with a Fiendish Sauroid Sex Maniac

    The limo was tearing down the highway under the graying

sky of evening.  Timmy and Lisa looked out the narrow

window, longing to be free.  Or at least breath some fresh

air.  The cabin was sweltering--the passenger compartment

was specially heated to suit Big D's tastes.  On top of

this, that filthy, greasy smoke from is big brown cigar made

the atmosphere oppressive, unbreathable.

    Pressing his forehead against the glass that separated

them from the driver in a weak attempt to cool off, Timmy

said: "This atmosphere is oppressive and unbreathable."  At

his voice, their other companion stirred.  Vivian, one of

Big D's lackeys, was lying on the floor.  She spit the half-

smoked joint out from between her lips and wiped her mouth

on her forearm.  She blinked one eye, then the other.  The

pupils were still wide, dilated only a touch of her irises

could be seen encircling them.

    "Shit," she moaned, "Fuck.. fuck.. fuck!"

    Vivian slammed a fist into the sofa cushion near Big

D's big spotted behind.  Big D shifted, and rested his other

enormous foot on her hip.  She let out a deep breath then

took another square from her jean-fabric bag and put it on

her tongue.  "California," she snorted.  "Never should have

gotten into this."

    Wiping a tear from her eye, she passed out again and

started snoring.

    Big D had fallen asleep several minutes ago and was

sitting with a glass of whiskey in one paw, resting on his

stomach as if it was a table.  The cigar was still

smoldering in his mouth, alternately glowing and darkening

as the indigo chest inflated and deflated to a slow, steady

rhythm.  One foot was propped up an oily armrest.  From

beneath the edges of Big D's stained fire truck print boxers

(the only thing he was wearing) Timmy could see the (now

tiny) head of that magenta-indigo lizardsaur sausage that

had tortured him.  His ass hurt even as he sat on the

cushions of the rear-facing seats.

    Vivian's muffled snoring became fitful snorts as she

began to thrash in her sleep.  She was corpulent and pale,

and her chin-length hair was clumped with grease into thick

strands.  The thin lips on her round face were straight and

smeared with cheap red lipstick. Her mouth was like a slash

across the abdomen of a corpse.  Inside, her teeth were also

spotted with red spots of lipstick.  Her eyes had closed

tightly, they were pasted with cheap, greasy black eyeliner.

    Lisa stopped looking out the window and looked down at

her.  She looked up and down the body on the floor and

wondered who she was and where she had come from.  A

matchbook was clenched tightly in the bony white fingers,

and it read "TACKS Night Club" and had a lightning bolt

behind the name.  Beneath, in small print, it said "The

Hottest, Biggest NightClub in DC!"  It took some time before

she realized that this meant Washington DC, the capital of

the country.  Lisa had gone there with her parents to see

the inauguration of the new president.  Oh, that was so many

months ago.  Her heart fell as she thought wearily of the

last day of the Big D the Lizardsaur show--just before the

bottom fell out of the market.  They had done an

inauguration special, and as soon as they had finished

shooting those men in suits and glasses had handed Big D his

walking papers.  They had said something like, "We can't

keep this up--eventually it's going to come out and we can't

afford to pay a refund like they made Arista over Milli

Vanilli," and then walked away.  Big D, for a split second,

had been furious.  He had picked up one of the men and

thrown him down that long stone stairway behind the capitol

building.  Then he had grabbed at the camera men until they

dropped their equipment.  Howling with rage, Big D destroyed

it, trampling it with his huge feet and bashing it with his


    Then, she remembered, he had grown melancholy and sat

down on the steps.  He began to cry, snuffling softly.  All

of the children, save one or two who were being dragged off

by their parents, went to hug Big D and tell him that they

loved him and that their fun and learning would never end.

Big D had perked up a bit, and still sniffling, he had

invited all of the children to be flown out to his mansion

in California for a weekend party.  Their parents, eager to

spend a free weekend in DC (paid for by Big D's show) and

anxious to attend some of the inauguration balls (so to

speak) agreed almost instantly.  They had sung the familiar

songs of the show all the way across country.  Then the

party--fun for the first day, like a sleepover.  But she

remembered that by the third night (a Friday) Big D had

started drinking a lot and had started to suggest different

kinds of games.

    They went along--Big D would never hurt them, after

all, and told them that the games were just another kind of

loving and sharing.  The later in the evening it got, the

more Big D drank, emptying huge bottles one after another.

That was the time they had met Vivian, the ugly blonde teen

with no face and the cameras.  Even as she tried to forget

the scenes and words came to mind.  "That's right, Lisa

baby, like that black curly brillo pad? Isn't this fun?  I

know Vivian is happy to be your friend now," Big D had

murmured from his huge recliner.  He had been stroking his

lizardsaur rod as he watched.  The square rack of TV's along

the wall all worked together to blow up the image they were

shooting to bigger than life size.  Lisa looked up from her

licking and say Johnny being pushed behind her.

    The blonde guy had slapped Vivian and told her to moan

more, to "give it to the camera, baby" and then turned

another tripod toward Johnny, just behind that pair, and

waited expectantly.  "Hurry it up, Johnboy.  Johnny, don't

you love me?  Good.. Now," he had muttered, "lick Lisa's

crinkly little brown hole.  All the way.  Big, licks.

Smile, little John, smile.  We're all friends here."  The

sensations came back to Lisa over the distance of time, and

she struggled to change her thoughts.  She forced herself to

stop thinking about them and looked down at Vivian,

desperate to find something to distract her.  The young

woman, Lisa guessed about seventeen or so, was unmoving.

She noticed the un-pruned monobrow and could see her eyes

fluttering under the black-painted eyelids.

    Lisa's wish was granted.  Awakened from his alcohol

induced stupor, Big D groaned and grabbed the girl by her

hair with a rounded indigo paw.  "C'mere Vidiot. Shaw mmm..

whaf you god," he slurred, dragging her head to his lap.  He

pulled the elastic brim of the boxers down just enough so

that he could work his elongating tool out into the open.

It bounced as he shifted his weight and, putting a paw under

each of her armpits, lifted Vivian forward.  He put her

chest down on his fat spotted leg and poked at her shoulder.

"Got a prezzen fer ya, sweet thunginging.." said Big D.  His

words were so distorted it was hard to understand, but the

giant, bouncing cock told Vivian what he wanted.

    Her head sort of flopped from side to side as if it

wasn't properly attached, but she managed to steady herself

and propped herself up in front of him.  The huge slab of

meat stuck straight out, like some kind of perverse

battering ram.  She licked her narrow lips then started to

wiggle her tongue, pressing it into the slit at the end of

the shaft.  She moved her mouth forward, opening it wider

and wider until it was wide enough to take the first half of

the rounded-arrow shaped head into her mouth.  She made as

if she was kissing his magenta head and then backed away.

She continued to lick the slit while she began to rub

herself, spreading her legs wider.

    "Nofr you," Big D snapped, and thrust his hips forward.

His huge penis slapped into her face like a boxing glove,

and she recoiled backwards.  He bashed her on the side of

the head with a paw and slid his hips back.  One paw held

his cock still and he looked down expectantly with his

unfocused eyes.  Vivian made her lips into a circle and once

again began to work her way up the enormous head.  She took

her two slippery hands and began to rub the cock, making

circular motions just behind the glans.  On each rub, Big D

started to jut out his hips.  She brought her mouth up and

down on the head, taking a little bit more into her mouth

each time.  In a way, she looked like a snake trying to

swallow a huge prey.

    Finally, Big D lost control and grabbed her head from

behind with both of his paws.  "Suf...suf!  SUFF!!!" he

hollered, his head rocking back and forth.  On the return of

each stroke, the children head Vivian take a sudden gasp of

air through her clogged nostrils.  Snot was collecting on

her overstretched and bleeding upper lip, and mucous covered

all but the last, thick fourth of Big D's tube steak.

    Three indigo fingers on both sides grabbed at ears and

hair, and he pulled forward, forcing his entire head into

her mouth.  Once it was embedded and stuck, he began to rub

the length of his shaft with both paws, thrashing and

moaning, getting the most from her struggles to push away.

Then he came, shooting a bucket load of green slime into her

lungs and throat.  the slime made his cock slick and it slid

out from between her lips, and in front of her face.  He

spurted again, and lizardsaur spooge splattered into her

right eye socket, filling it with spunk, and another spurt

landed just beneath the ridge of her nose.  In her gasping,

she accidentally inhaled some.

    Big D ripped her shirt from her, leaving her tiny,

almost prepubescent breasts hanging over her belly.  He

wiped his monstrous softening cock off with the shirt until

it was one sticky mess.

    Vivian, peeling the spooge that was like congealed egg

white (but green) from her eye socket let out a whimper.

Her breath was ragged.

    "Jeezus, Big D" she screeched between gasps, blinking

to focus her eyes.  "I couldn't breathe!"

    "Yull breaf when I say you wilf.  Dryer!  Driffer!"

    The driver's voice clicked on over the intercom.

"Almost there, sir.  We're coming up on their drive now."

    Big D reached for the bottle and then thought better of

it.  He needed to be sober.  Wasting all that gunk on the

girl had been a mistake.  Taking a plastic ziploc from

between the seat cushions, he made a little pile of white

powder in his left paw, held it to his nose and inhaled.

    After the tears stopped running from his eyes, he wiped

a few drops of blood and put a ball of tissue into his

nostril.  "Good enough," he said, remarkably clearly.  One

thick finger pressed a button on the phone.  After the phone

dialed, a voice came from the speaker.  "Karl," it said.

    "Karl, this is Big D.  Are you all set up?"

    "Yes, and two of the guests have already arrived," the

voice responded.

    "Damn, they're early," Big D fumed, "show them some

tapes,  Maybe one with Lisa in it.  We don't have any with

the boy, yet, but.. Also, did you bring the other children?"

    "All but one.  The fat one, what was his name.. Oh,

yeah," the voice replied, "Billy.  He died.  Found him cold

and stiff on the floor."

    Big D tapped his three fingers on the armrest.  Thump

thump thump.  "Shoulda brought him anyway.  Brian is


    The voice on the phone began to hum, then made a throat

clearing sound.  "Well, sir, it's not too late.  I can go

get him--I'll leave a tape running."

    "No, I need you there," Big D ordered.  "Tell you what,

I'll take care of Wendy, and maybe a boy too, and we can

film that.  How long does it take'em to stiffen up, anyway?"

    "They should be solid by tomorrow night, Big D."

    "Good.  See you in a few minutes, then."



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