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Archive-name: Fantasy/rogambit.txt


Archive-title: Rogue and Gambit


      Charles Xavier looked up from his desk. "Yes, Gambit?"

      "Can I talk with you alone for a few minutes?"


      Gambit entered the study, closing the door behind him. "I

need your advice about something that I'm planning."

      Xavier frowned. "This plan wouldn't happen to involve Rogue,

would it?"

      "Yes, it does." Gambit paused for a moment, looking as close

to uncertain as Xavier had ever seen him. "May I sit down?", he

asked, doing so at Xavier's nod.

      "You know that Rogue's been becoming a bit unstable lately."

      "Yes, I know. While I have trouble directly reading her

mind, I have noticed that the other team members have been on

edge when she's around. I haven't been able to get any clear

impressions, though. Could you fill me in?"

      "Well, it's been little things that are adding up. Her

temper seems to be running a bit hotter than usual. She's taking

too many risks, both in training and in actual combat. She's

becoming much too violent than is normal for her. I honestly

think that if our last few foes had been ordinary humans rather

than mutants, she might have killed someone accidentally."

      Xavier nodded. "That fits in with the images that I was

getting. What do you think is the cause?"


      Xavier gave Gambit a blank look. "I'm afraid I don't


      "You know that Rogue and I have become involved over the

past few months."

      "Give me _some_ credit, Gambit. I have eyes."

      "Then you also know what she's going through because of it."

      "Well, I know that she's been under a great deal of


      "That's a mild way of putting it. She's been nasty to

everybody in both teams, and everybody's afraid to talk to her

for fear she'll tear something apart. Maybe them."

      Xavier sat in silence for a few minutes, considering. "I

have an important question for you, Gambit. Please answer it

honestly. I promise you that I won't mentally affect your answer

in any way."

      "All right."

      "Do you love her?"

      "Yes," Gambit answered immediately, "I do. That's why I have

to _do_ something for her! She's tearing herself apart, and

there's nothing I can do about it! I hate seeing her in pain,

Xavier. I have an idea that might work, but I have to find a way

for her to agree to it, and she's been avoiding me because of the

way I make her feel. Professor, you've had more experience with

her than I do, and I have to admit that you're the smartest man I

know. What do I do?" He slumped into his chair.

      Xavier brooded for a minute. "Gambit," he asked, "are you

willing to take the risk that she will absorb your personality?

Perhaps permanently?"

      "Yes," he answered, "if I stand any chance of helping her.

I've already lost one woman that I loved. I don't want to lose


      Xavier took out a Post-It Note, wrote something down on it, 

and handed it to Gambit. "Can you get to this location in the

next twenty-four hours?"

      Gambit looked at it. "Yes. I have some connections that can

get me there."

      "Good. Here's what you're going to do..."

      As Gambit left the study, he caught a whiff of cigar smoke.

He sighed. "What is it, Wolverine?"

      The enigmatic Canadian stepped out of the shadows of the

hall. "I overheard you and Xavier. I want to make something clear

between us. Rogue is going to be in a very vulnerable position if

this plan of yours goes through. I don't want to see her get

hurt. If she does, you answer to me." With that, he popped out

his claws with their characteristic SNIKT! "Understand, Cajun?"

      Gambit looked at Wolverine steadily. "I want to help her. If

I hurt her, I won't try to stop you. I have to get going."

      Rogue was flying at a leisurely pace, heading due west.

Xavier's instructions had been puzzling, she thought, but she

knew better than to defy the man. She pulled the note out of her

uniform jacket again, looking at it:

            "Rogue: You are to rendezvous with an individual in

order to gain some information which is of vital importance. This

mission is COVERT. You are to be incognito. You are to pack the


      1. Your best dress

      2. Makeup kit

      3. Two changes of clothes


      It is likely that you may have to spend several days at this

location. I suggest packing some toiletries. 

      Good luck.


On the back of the note was a set of coordinates. Rogue had

memorized the location before setting out, and her communicator

gave her present position. 

      Rogue noticed that she was nearing the rendezvous point and

started to slow down. Looking about her, she saw that the only

landmark to be seen was a small cabin, with smoke drifting lazily

from the chimney. She decided to land there.

      Looking at the front door of the cabin, she saw a folded

piece of paper with a prominent 'X' on it. She removed it and

opened it up:

      "Rogue: your contact will arrive shortly. You are to go

inside, put on the dress, and wait. Xavier."

      Rogue shrugged, confused, and went inside. 

      The interior of the cabin was lit by candlelight. A

fireplace, with logs blazing merrily, was set in one wall. A

table was set in the center of the cabin, with plates and

silverware for two. A small kitchen was in one corner of the

building. A large fur rug lay in front of the fireplace, with a

small, plush sofa behind it, facing the fire. An open door

revealed a small bathroom, and another, shut door was next to it.

      Rogue looked about her, trying to find any clues as to the

purpose of the entire situation. She was tempted to open the

closed door, but decided that Xavier knew what he was doing. She

sighed, exasperated, went into the bathroom, and started to

undress. She looked, nervously, at the front door, and decided 

to shut the bathroom door.

      It took Rogue about ten minutes to change and put her face

on. Her dress was an exact duplicate of the one which she had

worn on the day that Omega Red had attacked. When she was done,

she cleaned up after herself and entered the main room again. She

sat down at the table and waited. 

      After about ten minutes, there was a knock at the front

door. She got up, walked to the door, took a deep breath, and

opened it.

      Gambit stood there, dressed in a tuxedo, holding a bouquet

of roses. "May I come in, chere?" he asked.

      "Okay," Rogue said, "I am officially stumped. Gambit, what

the hell are you doing here?"

      "I'm your contact," he replied.

      "My contact !?! What'd you do, put a gun to Xavier's head?"

      "Just trust me, chere," Gambit said, and entered the cabin.

He went over to the oven, which Rogue realized was on, and looked

inside. "Good. Dinner's almost ready."

      "Now wait a minute. You made me trek all the way over here

just to keep that dinner date that we missed?"

      "Well, you're wearing the same dress, aren't you?"

      "That has nothing to do with it! I should..."

      "Hush, chere," he interrupted. "Just have dinner with me,

and I promise to explain everything afterwards."

      Rogue fumed for a few seconds. "What did you make?"

      "Duck l'Orange."


      They ate in silence. Rogue had tasted Gambit's Cajun cooking

before (and drank about a quart of water later when he wasn't

watching), but she had no idea that he was this good at ordinary

French cuisine. The duck was delicious, and the chocolate mousse

that he had produced from the refrigerator was heavenly. The

tension in the room, however, had increased to a tangible level

during the course of dinner. 

      "Okay," she said after they were done. "What's this all


      "Xavier decided that you needed a vacation. I offered to

provide you with a few days rest. Besides, I felt we needed to


      "There's nothing for us to talk about," she said tightly.

      "I think there is. Look, Rogue, we can't keep our

relationship at the state it's in now. It's not good for you and

it's not good for the team. You're coiled tight as a spring, and

you're going to snap soon if you don't do something about it."

      "And what do you suggest I do?" said Rogue, her voice

breaking. "Damn it, what do you want from me? The one thing that

I want from you, the one thing that I need most of all, is the

one thing I can't have!" Tears started to fall down her face.

      "Do you think I don't want it?" she continued, sobbing. "Do

you have any idea how much I do? All I want is a kiss, a caress,

a hug, a goddamn pat on the back! The only time anyone touches me

willingly is when they're punching me through a wall. The one

time I was finally rid of it for good, they..." Her sobs became

frantic, coming close to a wail.

      Gambit felt totally helpless against this display of

emotion. He had steeled himself for all possible reactions, he

thought, but he was not prepared for this. Not knowing what else

to do, he put his hand on her covered shoulder. "What did they

do, chere?" he asked. 

      Rogue slowly composed herself. "Do you remember that time we

were in Genosha?"

      "Yeah," he said, "but it's something I'd like to forget."

      "It wasn't my first time there. Wolverine and I were

ambushed and taken there once before, before you joined the


      "I didn't know that."

      "Neither of us likes to talk about it much. Wolverine almost

died there."

      "Died? I thought the man was practically immortal."

      "There was a mutant there named Wipeout who could erase the

mutant powers of others. Wolvie and I both lost our powers for a

few days." She paused, hesitant to go on.

      "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Gambit

said gently.

      "I want to. I want you to understand. I don't want any

secrets between us."

      "I was placed in a cell alone. A pair of guards came in

during the night. They..." She fell apart. 

      Gambit quickly put on the gloves he had kept in a pocket of

his jacket, and pulled Rogue's head to his chest. He was crying

as well.

      "It wasn't your fault, chere," he said soothingly, "there

wasn't anything you could do."

      "I should have done something," she croaked out. "I should

have been able to fight back."

      "Don't worry," he said, gritting his teeth. "I'll take care

of it."

      "No! I don't want anyone else to know! You have to promise

to keep this a secret between us!"

      "All right," he said reluctantly, "I promise."

      They sat there, Rogue's head in Gambit's lap, for a long

time. Finally Rogue got up, composed herself, and looked at

Gambit lovingly.

      "Thank you," she said. "I've needed to let someone know for

a long time."

      "Why didn't you tell Xavier?"

      "I thought about it for a while, but I was afraid he'd think

that I was too broken up by it to stay on the team."

      "Why not Wolverine, then?"

      "I wanted to be able to deal with this myself. Besides,

Wolverine has had too much in his own life to deal with lately. I

didn't want to burden him with mine. I just hope he never finds

out. He'll destroy a lot of innocent people in a quest for

revenge. I just want to leave it behind me now."

      They sat there, talking quietly and honestly, for several

hours. While Gambit was reassuring her again, insisting that she

had done nothing wrong, Rogue fell asleep on his lap. Gambit

picked her up, put her to bed, and fell asleep on the sofa.

      The next morning, Rogue awoke to the smell of frying bacon. 

She got up, changed into jeans, a T-shirt, and a turtleneck, put

on her gloves, and went out to see Gambit.

      "How do you like your eggs, chere?"

      "Over easy, please."

      Gambit fried her two eggs, serving them to her with hash

browns and coffee. He let her eat in silence, waiting until she

was done to talk to her.

      "Are you feeling any better?"

      "A little. It just felt good to be able to open up like

that. I really needed that, Remy. Thank you."

      "What do you want to do today?"

      "Do we have to do anything? I mean, couldn't we just walk

around here for a while and talk?"

      He smiled. "No problem. I'll pack us a lunch."


      They spent most of the morning wandering around the woods,

talking with one another, each trying to fill in their gaps of

knowledge about the other.

      "There's not much I can tell you about my childhood," Rogue

said. "I've absorbed the memories of so many other people over

the years, I'm not sure what memories are mine anymore. The only

ones I can really be sure about are the ones which come after I

got back from the Savage Land."

      "Why's that?" Gambit replied.

      "Because I haven't absorbed anyone since then. I lost my

powers for a while when I was there, and I've been very careful

not to use them since I got them back."

      "Well, growing up in a thieves' guild isn't exactly what I'd

call the most stable way for a kid to grow up. I spent most of my

life running from the cops. I wasn't very good when I first

started out."

      "Did you ever go to jail?"

      "I wound up in a youth center for a while. It wasn't the

nicest place to spend an adolescence."

      "Were you ever hurt?"

      "No. The guild emphasized staying in shape, so I was able to

take care of myself. How does this spot look for our picnic?"

      They had stopped at the edge of a small lake. A gentle

breeze was carrying the smell of the evergreens. A sheltered,

mossy knoll was nearby, covered in shade.

      "Looks good to me," said Rogue. "Let's eat."

      Gambit spread out a checkered sheet and they sat down. As he

took out the food, Rogue realized that the menu looked familiar.

"Hey, wait a minute. Isn't this the meal I cooked for you the

last time we had a picnic?"

      "That's right. Given what happened that day, I thought that

we deserved a second chance at the whole thing."

      "You promise that no former loves of yours are going to pop

out of the trees?"


      They ate quietly, both lost in thought. Rogue seemed much

calmer than she had been the previous night. After they had

finished, she flopped onto her back.

      "Whew!" she said. "I'm stuffed!"

      "Are you sure you don't want dessert?"

      Rogue smiled slightly, getting an idea of what was going to

happen. "What do we have?"

      "Boysenberry pie."

      Her smile widened. "Why, yes. I'd love some."

      Gambit took out a large pie. "Here. You can slice it," he

said, giving it to her.

      Rogue held it in her hands, judging the weight. "I have a

better idea," she said innocently.

      "What's that?"


      Gambit sat there, pie crust sticking to his face, as Rogue

collapsed onto her back, laughing hysterically. "Justice has been

served!" she shouted.

      Gambit, looking as dignified as one could under the

circumstances, said stiffly, "This does not bother me, chere. Do

you know why?"

      "No, why?" she said, giggling.

      "I made more than one pie," he replied evilly.

      She stopped laughing.


      Now it was Gambit's turn to laugh like a lunatic. "I _knew_

you were going to do that, chere!"

      Rogue got up slowly, looking innocently at him. "Tell me,

dear," she said seductively, "is that water deep enough to swim


      He looked at her appraisingly. "Yes, I checked. Why?"

      "Just making sure," she said, smiling. With that, she picked

him up and tossed him into the lake. He turned in mid-leap,

however, turning his dive into a cannonball which soaked Rogue as


      Rogue sputtered as Gambit resurfaced. "Tell me, Remy... is

there any particular charity that you're fond of? Or would you

simply prefer flowers?"

      "Oh, quit complaining and jump in! The water's fine!"

      She stood there for a moment, considering it. "You have to

promise to keep your distance. I'm not the world's greatest

swimmer, and I don't want to absorb you accidentally because I'm

thrashing around."


      Rogue removed her shirt and slipped out of her boots and

jeans, leaving her in a T-shirt and panties.

      "If you take off much more, chere, I might not be able to

keep that promise."

      "Just keep back, you pervert," Rogue said cheerfully, and

dived in. She stayed under for a few seconds, surfacing about

eight feet away from Gambit.

      "What did I tell you?" exclaimed Gambit. "Perfect!"

      "Nah, I've made better dives."

      "I wasn't talking about the dive, chere."

      "That's sweet. Bullshit, but sweet."

      They swam around for a time, splashing each other and

laughing. Eventually, they both climbed out and, facing head-to-

head, sunned themselves on a large rock.

      "How do you feel now?" Gambit asked her after a time.

      "Ummm, much better," said Rogue lazily. "I haven't been able

to relax this much in a long time."

      "Well, why don't you relax on your own for a little while? I

have to get started on dinner. I'll call you when it's almost


      "All right," she replied. After a moment's reflection, she

sat up and asked him, "Are we alone out here, Remy?"

      "Yep. Xavier owns the land for miles around. Apparently,

he's had this place for years. He says he keeps it in case the 

X-Men need to hide out for a while. The land is fenced off around

the perimeter. Why?"

      "Just asking. Can you do me a favor?"

      "Sure, what?"

      "When it's time for dinner, can you shout ahead and give me

some notice when you come to let me know?"

      He shrugged. "No problem. It should be a few hours anyway.

Try to stay out of trouble, chere." With that, he walked off in

the direction of the cabin.

      Rogue waited until he was out of sight, then slipped out of

the rest of her clothes and jumped back into the lake. She had

skinny-dipped all the time when she was growing up in the bayous

of Mississippi, but had been forced to abandon that guilty

pleasure after developing her powers and joining the X-Men. To be

able to do it now felt glorious, reminding the young woman of a

simpler, happier time in her life.

      Rogue bobbed happily in the water for a while, letting her

body float. She then decided to try some inventive diving, using

her flight powers to do maneuvers which would have earned her

gold medals at any swim competition. After climbing out and

sunning herself on the rock again, she started to become drowsy

from the heat, and sank into a meditative state. 

      She thought back to Gambit's kindness the previous night.

She could admit to herself now that she was in love with him, but

she found that she was afraid to take the next step. Was she

ready to commit herself to a man who had only recently come into

her life? More importantly, was it fair to ask him to remain with

a woman who he could never be intimate with?

      She had never told anyone, but Rogue had seen more of Gambit

than he probably realized. A few weeks earlier, she had been

flying back from town late at night when she just happened to

buzz by Gambit's room. The curtains of his room were open, and it

appeared that he had been coming out of the shower. He was

clothed only in a towel, which he proceeded to remove in order to

dry himself. The bright lights of his room reflected off the

window, allowing her to view him unobserved. She had gazed at his

body longingly until he went to bed and turned off the lights, at

which point she had flown back to her room and masturbated in a

frenzy, sobbing regretfully all the while.

      She had been too ashamed to tell anyone, and avoided the

team telepaths for several days afterward. Thinking back to that

day, however, was arousing her again, and nobody was around to

interrupt her this time. The heat which was building between her

legs was becoming too insistent to ignore. She looked about to

make sure that she was alone. Reassured, she lay back again,

bending her knees so that her feet were flat on the rock.

      She began by slowly and lightly stroking her face and neck,

imagining that her fingers were Gambit's. She felt the feathery

touch of his caress moving slowly down her throat towards her

chest. They tantalizingly circled each breast, moving slowly

upward towards their peaks. As she felt them pinch her nipples,

she let out a soft moan, overcome by the sensations. Inching down

her stomach, they caused her to arch her back as she shivered

with pleasure. They grazed the sides of her hips, and started to

move down her legs, but then stopped, moving back up towards her

sex. They brushed softly through the curls of hair to be found

there, sending the most delicate signals to her brain. Tracing

lightly through the auburn locks, they moved slowly towards her

labia. They lightly traced the edge of her lower lips, knowing

the exact spot which would bring her over the edge, but then

skirted around it, leaving her craving for resolution. 

      Rogue pictured Gambit's body in her mind, visualized him

standing before her, taking her gently into his arms, bathing her

body with caresses, drowning her in kisses. His hands moved

slowly down her body, joining hers at her sex, where they

expertly played counterpoint to her own efforts.

      The wind blowing over the lake became his breath, flowing

over her naked body. That sensation of engulfment sent her over

the edge. She came in loud gasps, writhing in ecstacy, losing all

sense of outside awareness.

      As she came down from her plateau, she was overcome by a

wave of pleasant exhaustion. Her last thought before dozing off

was that it was a good thing her invulnerability protected her

from sunburn.

      The next thing she knew, she heard Gambit's voice in the

distance, calling her name. She moved like lightning, grabbing

her clothes and diving back into the lake all in one motion. She

stayed underneath the water, putting her T-shirt and panties on

quickly while holding her breath. When she surfaced, Gambit was

just coming out of the cover of the trees. 

      "Chere! Dinner's almost ready. I thought you might want to

wash up and change before we ate."

      "Uh, yeah... thanks," Rogue said uneasily. "I'll be there in

a few minutes."

      "All right." He looked at her curiously. "Is something


      "No," she said, trying to look innocent. "Why do you ask?"

      Gambit looked thoughtful for a moment, then shook his head,

as if he was disregarding what he saw. "No reason. You'd better

hurry it up." With that he walked off. 

      As soon as he was out of sight, Rogue waded back to shore

and got dressed. She decided to beat Gambit to the cabin, and

flew off at top speed. When she got there, she threw off her

clothes and jumped into the shower, making sure that she scrubbed

away the remaining scent of her recent activity. She found a

towel after a moment's search through the cabinets, dried herself

off until her skin achieved a rosy glow, and styled her hair in a

fashion which she hoped would appeal to Gambit. She then wrapped

herself in the towel and opened the bathroom door. 

      Gambit was at the kitchen counter, his back to her, slicing

some vegetables. "You all done?" he asked, not looking at her.

      "Yeah," she replied. "Don't turn around."

      "Wouldn't think of it."

      "And put down the mirror."


      She went to the bedroom and closed the door, then changed

into her other set of clothes: jeans, cowboy boots, and an off-

the-shoulder blouse. She made certain to put her gloves on, put

her things away, and walked out. 

      "Need any help with dinner?" she asked him. 

      "Nope, just finished," he said, dumping the vegetables into

a pot of boiling water. "You can set the table, though."

      "All right. What's the main course?" she asked.

      "Well, I decided to try something fancy. I hope it turned

out okay."

      "What is it?"

      "Veal mousse baked inside a beef ribcage."

      "That must have been expensive."

      "Only the best for you, chere."

      She blew him a kiss. Gambit blinked. "You know, that's the

first physical sign of affection I've seen from you since we


      A stricken look came over Rogue's face. "I'm sorry."

      "There's no need to be, chere," he said gently. "You had to

learn to repress physical actions that the rest of us take for

granted. It's going to take a long time to break that self-


      "Break it? What do you mean?"

      "Ask me that again after dinner. Looks like the vegetable

course is almost done."

      "But you just put them in."

      "I was just blanching them."

      "Where'd you learn to cook, anyway?"

      "Part of being a good thief is being able to hide in plain

sight. The guild made sure that I learned a lot of different

skills so that I could lay low for a while if the situation with

the law got too dangerous. I apprenticed for about a year under a

gourmet chef. I picked up a few things, and taught myself after


      "Did you ever think of going straight?"

      "A few times. My heart just wasn't in it. I'm a devious

little weasel by nature. Sometimes I wonder what would have

happened if my parents had raised me to be a stockbroker or

something like that. I might have been the next Michael Milkin."

      "I'm trying to picture you in a suit and tie. I just can't

see it."

      "Neither can I. There, the vegetables are done. Let's eat."

      The meal proved to be as delicious as the previous night's.

The meat was cooked to perfection, and the dessert, chocolate-

covered cream puffs, was a meal all on its own. When she was

done, Rogue leaned back in her chair. "If you keep stuffing me

like this, I'll have to double up on Danger Room sessions just to

keep from blimping out. Why don't you cook like this back at the


      "Oh, sure, and have everyone expecting this kind of cooking

all the time? 'I find my life is easier the lower I keep

everyone's expectations.'"

      "Who said that?"

      "Calvin," he said, grinning.

      "Cute. What's next?"

      "Is sitting on the rug in front of the fireplace too cliched

for you?"

      "I think I could live with it."

      Gambit waited for her to get comfortable on the rug, then

poured glasses of champagne for both of them. "Here you go,


      "Thanks", she said, sipping at the drink. "Now, what's all

this about 'breaking my conditioning?'"

      Gambit's face suddenly became very serious. "Rogue, I want

you to listen to what I have to say very carefully. I'm going to

ask you to make one of the most important decisions of your life,

and I want you to know what you could be letting yourself in


      A worried frown came to Rogue's face. "What do you mean?"

      He looked straight into her green eyes. "I love you, Rogue.

I think you've known that for a while, although I never got up

the courage to say it before. I want to do whatever I can to make

you happy, whatever the risk. For the past few months, I've been

talking with the scientific geniuses of the super-hero world,

trying to see if there was any way to permanently remove your

powers, or at least find some way for you to keep them under your

conscious control."

      Rogue swallowed. "What did you find out?"

      "Well, Tony Stark said that his research wasn't running in

that direction, and Doctor Doom wouldn't return my calls. Reed

Richards did talk to me, but the news that he gave me wasn't very


      "What news was that?"

      "Because we're mutants, the energy that our cells carry is a

vital part of the natural energy balance of our body's nervous

systems. Altering that energy causes changes in the energy

pattern of the organism. It doesn't do much in the short term,

but disrupting your powers with some kind of outside agent could

cause cancer, a breakdown of your nervous system, maybe even

death in the long run."

      Tears started to form in Rogue's eyes. "Then there's nothing

we can do, is there?"

      "Hold on a minute. After I talked with Richards, an idea hit

me. What do you do if someone is being electrocuted?"

      "Well, you grab something nonconductive to hold them with."

      "Exactly! If the circuit isn't complete, you can't get

shocked. Well, what if we break the circuit of your power?"

      "I don't get it."

      "I'll be right back. Don't move." Gambit got up and went

back to the kitchen, opened the cabinet underneath the sink, and

pulled out a large, wrapped gift box. He brought it to Rogue.

"Open it."

      Rogue untied the ribbon and opened the box. She pulled out a

large sheet, made of white satin. "What am I supposed to do with

this?" she asked, confused. 

      Gambit took it from her, and held a large length of it

directly in front of her face. 


      He quickly draped the sheet over her head, pulled her to

him, and kissed her full on the lips.

      She was shocked for several seconds, then was forced to

inhale in order to breathe. The pressure of Gambit's lips on hers

was luxurious. While she had kissed others in order to absorb

their powers and memories countless times before, she had to

limit her contact with them in order to avoid a permanent

transfer, so the entire process never took more than a few

seconds. Gambit's kiss, however, was long and lingering, and full

of passion rather than the panic which was the usual reaction of

those who she had absorbed over the years. She wrapped her arms

around him and held him tightly, wishing the moment would never


      Gambit, however, eventually had to breathe, and he broke the


      "I wasn't sure how you would take that," he said, panting.

      "What do you mean?" she replied, still somewhat in shock

from what had just transpired. 

      "Well, some people might consider what I just did to be

sexual harassment. After all, I didn't ask your permission before

I did it. Are you angry at me?" he asked, worried.

      "Angry? How could I be angry? That was the most wonderful

thing that's ever happened to me! I haven't been able to maintain

contact with someone for that long in years! How did you think of

doing that?"

      "Well..." he said reluctantly, looking embarrassed,

"remember how I told you I had a lot of different jobs before

meeting Storm and the other X-Men?"


      "Well... I was once the bartender at a place that billed

itself as an 'exotic dance club'."

      "Uh huh."

      "Come on, chere, I'm a thief. Maybe you were expecting my

background to include psychiatric training? I had to work in some

places in order to survive that I wouldn't be caught dead in


      "Just go on with the story, Remy."

      "Well, there was a dancer there who was incredibly pretty,

but she was also very shy. She knew a lot about the way men

think, though. She had to find a way to entertain the customers

without actually coming into contact with them. Finally, she came

up with several ideas that worked."

      "Like what?"

      "Well, she became a very good fan dancer, for example. She

worked with a lot of backlight, so her silhouette was all that

was visible. The customers were usually entertained, and she

never had to embarrass herself. But what got me thinking was the

other method she used. She used a sheet instead of her fans in

order to do more, ah, inventive dance moves so that the customers

would throw more money on stage. I decided that if she could use

a sheet as a barrier to sight, than you could use one as a

barrier to touch."

      "Makes sense. I wonder why I never thought of it."

      "Probably because you had trouble being objective about the

whole thing. They're your powers, so any ideas that you might

have had about them would be from a subjective point of view.

I've been watching you ever since I joined the team..."

      "I noticed."

      "Ha ha. I realized that you had conditioned yourself so well

that you avoided touching anyone even when fully clothed. You

hadn't just associated touching anyone with your bare skin as

something to be avoided, you had generalized it into an avoidance

of touching anyone, period. That's probably why it never occurred

to you to try this."

      "I thought you said you didn't have any psychological


      "I started reading up on the subject when I came up with

this idea. I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't hurt you because I

didn't know what I was doing."

      "So what do we do now?"

      "I'm leaving that up to you. If you want, I'll pack

everything up and we'll head back to the mansion right now."

      "You have got to be kidding. Remy LeBeau, you just taught me

how to deal with what's been the curse of my life. You expect me

to just get up and go home?" She sat, thoughtful, for a few

moments, then asked him, "Did you bring your costume with you?"

      "Yeah, but it's still packed, why?"

      "Can you get a few of your throwing spikes for me?"

      Gambit looked confused for a moment. "I don't understand."

      "Just do it. I'll explain in a minute."

      He shrugged, saying "All right," got up, and went to the


      "There's a CD player in my bag. Could you get that, too?"

      "Got them," he replied, walking back in after a few seconds.

      "Give me the spikes," she told him, while spreading out the

sheet as wide as it could go.

      He handed them to her "What are you planning?"

      She gave him an impish smile. "Trust me." 

      Rogue flew up to the beam directly above them, which spanned

the width of the cabin. She laid the edge of the sheet flat

against the beam, and pinned it into place with the spikes. When

she was done, the sheet was suspended from the ceiling, blocking

Gambit's view of the fireplace. Even folded in half, a lot of it

was bunched up on the floor. "Move the sofa back and sit down,"

she advised. He did so. Rogue looked at the CD in her player,

advancing it to the place that she wanted. She cleared her

throat, then said somewhat loudly:

      "Ladies and gentlemen..."

      "I don't see any of either here," Gambit interrupted.

      She ignored that. "Tonight, for the first time anywhere, we

are proud to present to you the Siren of the South, the Daughter

of Dixie, the Beauty of the Bayou, the one and only... Rogue!"

She started the player. Ray Charles began singing "Georgia on My

Mind." Gambit clapped and started wolf-whistling.

      Rogue stood behind the sheet, knowing that only her

silhouette was visible to Gambit. She started a slow, sinuous

dance which caused her shadow, enhanced by the fireplace, to

slide all over the sheet. She looked down, however, then stopped

the player.

      "What's wrong?" asked Gambit.

      "This is going to be pretty tough to do with these boots on.

Give me a sec." She sat down on the floor, tugged off her boots,

and tossed them into the bedroom. She then stood back up. "We'll

take it again from the top."

      "You know, if this was back at the bar, you probably would

have been fired for that."

      "If this was back at the bar, it wouldn't be a free show."

      "Point taken."

      She reset the player, and began again. She glided slowly

along the length of the sheet, turned to her side and arched her

back, stretching her arms above her head. She then lowered her

arms, peeled off her gloves, and, looking from behind the curtain

at Gambit, tossed them at him. After a few more minutes of

dancing, she twirled about, then slowly lifted her blouse over

her head and removed it. She looked around the curtain at Gambit

again, holding the blouse in her hand. "You want?" she asked him


      "I want!" he exclaimed, grinning. She tossed the blouse to

him. He caught it easily, then looked at it critically. "Maybe I

can start a collection."

      "I think that could be arranged. I wonder if the Danger Room

could be programmed to simulate a strip bar."

      "I don't know, but I'd love to see the look on the

Professor's face when you ask him."

      Rogue doubled over in laughter at that. "Well, since I've

gone this far," she giggled, "I guess I should keep going."

      "Should I start tossing dollar bills towards you?"

      "Can I keep them?"

      "We'll talk about it," he replied.

      She moved her hands down her bare chest - she had not worn a

bra - towards her waist. She began unbuttoning her jeans, bumping

her hips as she did so in order to add a bit of showmanship.

Gambit's whistles told her that she was obviously doing a good

job of it. As she slid the jeans off, she let them bunch up

around her feet, and struck a pose for him. She then picked them

up and threw them to him.

      "Well?" she asked him, looking around the curtain. "Should I

go for broke?"

      "I would be highly appreciative," he replied dryly.

      She grinned at that and ducked back behind the curtain. She

ran her hands up and down her body one last time, then slipped

out of her panties, leaving herself nude. She then tossed them to

Gambit. "Well, that's it," she said slyly. "What shall I do


      "Rogue," Gambit said softly, "come out from behind there.

Please. I want to see you. Not a shadow or an image. You."

      Rogue was taken slightly aback. "I don't know if I can."

      "Please don't be afraid. I just want to see you, that's all.

I'll stay right here, I promise."

      "All... all right." 

      She stepped out from behind the curtain and faced him,

silently. He gazed at her for several seconds, and then tears

started to form in his eyes. Rogue became very confused. "What's

wrong?" she asked him softly.

      It took him a moment to respond. "God, you're beautiful," he

choked out. He sat there, silently, for a few more seconds, then

got up. "Just stand there," he told her. "Don't move." He walked

around her several times, looking her up and down. 

      Rogue was surprised to find that she was not in the least

bit embarrassed. She was, in fact, relieved. Most of her previous 

episodes of nudity had occurred during combat, when she had no

control of her exposure to others. Now, however, she was in

charge of the situation, and she knew that she was with someone

who would not pose any threat to her. That feeling of security

was a welcome relief.

      "I've dreamed about what you looked like," said Gambit, "but

I never knew..." He composed himself, then said "Wait a minute."

He grabbed the sheet and tried to pull it down, but found that

the nails were holding it in place. "Can you get this down?" he

asked her.

      "No problem," she said. "Step back." She walked up to the

sheet, floated up to where she had placed the spikes, and pulled

them out. The sheet fell onto the floor. Gambit took it and

spread it out on top of the rug, with most of its length going

beyond it onto the hardwood floor. "What are you doing?" Rogue

asked him.

      "You'll see," he replied. "Lie down. On your back."

      She did so. "Relax your body completely," he told her. "Let

me do all the work." He then picked up the free end of the sheet

and covered her with it. The size of the sheet was such that she

was covered from head to toe, with about two yards to spare to

all sides. 

      "What are you going to do?" she asked.

      "Whatever you want," he answered gently. 

      "Kiss me again." He kneeled down beside her and did so.

Rogue took the initiative this time, trying to keep him in

contact with her through lip pressure alone. They stayed together

for a long time, leaving them both breathless.  

      "Stand up," she told him. When he did so, she peered out

from under the sheet. "Your turn now. I want to see you, too."

      "Okay. But I want you to understand something first." 

      "What's that?"

      "All of this, this whole thing, I've done for you. The

purpose of tonight is to bring you pleasure. That's my first

priority. I just want you to do what makes you feel good. Tonight

I'm going to indulge you completely. I want you to be completely

selfish for the next few hours. You've denied yourself for far

too long. Don't worry about me."

      "All right."

      He got up and unbuttoned his flannel shirt, throwing it onto

the sofa. He peeled off his T-shirt, then sat down on the floor

and removed his boots and socks. He then stood up, unbuttoned his

jeans, and pulled them down. He stood for a moment clad only in a

pair of briefs, through which it was made readily apparent that

he was aroused.

      "Looks like I'm not the only one getting pleasure out of

this," she said archly.

      Gambit looked down in consternation, then turned around and

opened the front of his briefs. "Down, boy," he said. Rogue

doubled up in laughter. 

      He turned around. "So, you think that's funny, do you?" he

said sarcastically. Rogue was too breathless to answer him.

"This, chere, means war!" With that he pounced onto the floor

next to her and started tickling her with a vengeance.

      "NO!" she cried, reacting to his tickling by laughing like a

maniac. He kept her in torment for a few seconds, then stopped.

She didn't move for a few seconds, but tried to catch her breath.

"Oh, you fink... I'm going to get you for that."

      "Not tonight, you're not. Now just turn over and relax." He

covered her up with the sheet again after she did so. He then ran

his fingers over her head, massaging her scalp through the sheet.

The sheerness of the satin acted as an oil would otherwise,

becoming a medium for friction. Rogue just closed her eyes and

purred deliciously. 

      "Keep your eyes closed," he advised her. "I want you to do

nothing but feel."

      He moved down to her neck, and made small circles on her

shoulders using a bit of pressure. Her spine was next to be

served, as his fingers traced its edge on either side. He moved

down to the small of her back, then back up, widening his strokes

so that the whole of her lower back was kneaded and stroked. Her

shoulders were expertly ministered to, and he lightly traced his

way down to her ass and legs. He kneaded her ass as he would a

piece of bread dough, and elicited a small moan from her.

      "Like that?" he asked. Rogue could only let out a soft,

contented hum in reply. He rubbed the backs of her knees, then

moved up slightly, moving his hands from the insides of her upper

legs upward towards him. Taking hold of each ankle in turn,

through the sheet, he bent each of her legs back, flexing the

knees. He then moved down to her feet, where he followed the

arches, then playfully tweaked each of her toes, causing a bit of

giggling in the process. 

      "Turn over," he said gently. She did so, and after adjusting

the sheet somewhat, he took care of her upper thighs, then moved

up to her hips, where he moved along their edge and then advanced

towards her stomach.

      "You missed a spot," she told him.

      "We'll take care of that in time," he replied, then began

making wide circles around her stomach, making sure to contact

all of her belly muscles. "I wonder if your bellybutton is

ticklish," he said idly.

      "Let's not find out," she replied.

      "Oh," he pouted, "you're no fun." He moved up to her chest,

and traced the edges of her breasts in a figure-eight motion,

moving slowly up towards her nipples. Taking them one at a time,

he placed his thumbs on her nipples, and moved down the hills of

her breasts repeatedly, making a star pattern. This caused Rogue

to arch her back slightly, humming again. He then moved up to her

neck again, lightly tracing the outline of her throat. He cupped

her chin in her hands, and stroked its underside. Following the

ridge of her jawbone up her cheeks, he firmly rubbed the bones

behind her ears. He then lightly massaged her temples, moved his

hands firmly up her forehead, and finally glided his thumbs

softly across her closed eyelids. He ended the massage by kissing

both of her eyes, and finally kissed her deeply on the lips.

"It's over, chere," he said. "You can come out now."

      Rogue slowly roused herself. Gambit was surprised to see

tears in her eyes when she removed the sheet from her head. "Are

you all right?" he asked.

      "I couldn't possibly feel more right," she said languidly.

"I never thought I would ever feel anything like that in my life.

Oh, thank you, Remy. This has been the most wonderful experience

I've ever had."

      "Well, we're not done yet," he replied. "Come on, get up."

      Rogue slowly stood up, and untangled herself from the sheet.

"Now what?" 

      "Spread out the sheet again over here, near the wall." She

did so. He measured off about two feet with his hands. "Now sit

down, with your feet at about here." 

      After she had done so, he walked behind her and picked up

the remainder of the sheet, then draped it over her head, fully

covering her body. 

      "What am I supposed to do now?" she asked.

      "Wait a sec," he said. Rogue heard a small "oomph" just

behind her as Gambit sat down. She felt his arms wrap around her

as he pulled her close to him. She was able to feel his warmth

through the sheet, feel his breath on her neck. "I'm going to

scoot us back against the wall, so our backs have some support."

She bumped a little bit as they moved back. 

      "All set?" he asked.

      "For what?" she replied.

      "This," he said. "Just relax." He started kissing her

through her cover, nuzzling her neck, while moving his hands up

her stomach towards her breasts. She felt him lightly trace their

surface, then rest at her nipples, which he lightly pinched. She

inhaled sharply.

      "Are you okay?" he asked.

      "Oh, yes," she breathed. "Do that harder, please."

      "Okay," he said with a smile in his voice. He increased the

pressure. Rogue's gasps became louder. She leaned her head back,

cradling it into his neck. She felt the pressure of his lips

against her cheek, and moved her head so that she met them with

her own, joining him in a kiss. 

      Gambit slowly moved his right hand down her belly, ending

when it reached the cleft between her legs, and slowly started

stroking her labia, all the while continuing to stroke her breast

with his left hand. She gasped at the new sensation, and began

undulating her hips in time with his caresses. "A little lower,"

she advised him. 

      "As my lady commands," he replied. He started to quicken his

pace. The buildup of feeling quickly became too much for her, and

her gasps became louder and more frantic as she neared her


      On impulse, Gambit started nibbling at her ear. That sent

her over the edge, and she moaned and writhed as her climax hit

her, nearly flattening Gambit against the wall. Breathing became

difficult for him, but he continued to stroke her to two more


      When she came down, she collapsed in his lap. 

      "I take what I said before back. _That_ was the most incredible 

experience I've ever had," she said, gasping.

      "I'm glad," he moaned.

      "Oh my God, I didn't hurt you, did I?"

      "I'll be okay. It was worth it to see you like that."

      She leaned back into him, putting her head back into his

shoulder. "Do we have to go now?"

      "Tell you what," he said softly, "let's just stay like this

for a little while." He stroked her cheek through the fabric. "I

love you, chere."

      "And I love you, Remy LeBeau. I think I have ever since I

met you." They lay together in silence for a time, feeling the

beating of one another's hearts, bathed in the moonlight coming

through the window.

      After a while, Gambit said "Can I ask you a personal


      "What," she replied, "and we haven't been as personal as

possible with one another tonight? What is it, my love?"

      "Well, I've asked all the other X-Men, your foster mother

Mystique, and checked all the records I could find, but I still

haven't been able find the answer for the one big question I have

about you."

      "And what's that?"

      He drew her closer. "What's your real name?"

      She was silent for a minute. "This has to be a secret

between us."

      "You know how good I am at keeping secrets, chere."

      "Okay, then," she replied. "I guess if I can tell anyone,

it's you. My real name is..."

                              T H E    E N D


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