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Archive-name: Fantasy/ridredhd.txt


Archive-title: Riding the Little Red Head

   Once upon a time there was a very sweet, sexy young lady. She was petite, 

a mere five feet and 4 inches, but she was energetic and cheerful. She had a

bright face that fairly glowed with youth.  She had long, gleaming red hair

that reflected the suns fire.  She had a small, but perfectly proportioned

body.  She was a dream to behold.  Every man who so much as set eyes on her 

felt a stirring of his loins.  

   Now her aunt loved her very much, and could never think of enough things to 

give to the young lady.  Once, she gave her a dress made of red velvet which 

matched the color of the young lady's hair.  Now, because it was so very 

becoming of the young lady, she would rarely wear any other.  She was always

called " the little red-head."

   One day, her mother said to her, "Come here, my little red-head, and take

this bottle of wine and this cake from me.  Your aunt is very ill, and this

will make her feel better."  Her mother gave little-red the cake and the bottle,

"Now mind you, start before it gets hot, and once you're outside, make sure 

you don't stray from the path.  You might fall down and break the bottle, and 

your aunt wouldn't get anything."

   "Yes, mother." Little red-head said, looking down at her feet.

   "And when you come into her bedroom, don't forget to say good-morning,

and don't peer into all the corners first."

   "I promise to do everything right."  Little red-head said to her mother, and

gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

   The aunt lived out in the midst of a small forest, roughly half an hour 

from the village, and little red-head's home.  Just as little-red was entering 

the forest, she met Micheal "the Wolf." Vulpin. But little red-head didn't 

know "the wolf" and so she didn't know how nasty an animal he could be.  She 

wasn't afraid of him.

The wolf was hanging back, in the shade of the forest, sucking on a

water-pipe and enjoying the breeze.  He took one look at Little red-head,

then did a double-take.  He got up from under the ash tree, wiped his hands

on his jeans and put on his leather jacket.  He untied his long black hair

and walked up to little red-head.

"Good Morning, little red." He said.

"Good morning, mister Vulpine."

"Where are you off to so early, little red?"

"To my aunt's."

"What are you carrying in your backpack?"

   "Cake and wine. It's for my aunt.  She's ill, and this will help her get 


   "What are you carrying under that red dress, little red?"  But little red

didn't understand what the wolf was asking.  "Where does your aunt live, little


   "Another quarter of an hour into the forest." said little red-head. "her

house stands under three oak trees with a hazel bush beneath them.  Surely

you know the place."  Little red started to walk again, moving beyond the


   The wolf thought to himself, "A tender young thing, she would make a very

juicy morsel... She would taste very good indeed...  I'll have to move

quickly to get the both of them."  and he said, "Little red-head, would you

just look at all the pretty flowers growing everywhere?  the forest is

wonderful at this time of year.  You are like a flower to me, little red.

A flower that I would pluck... I believe you aren't even listening to the

bird's sing.  You walk like you're going to school.  loosen up! enjoy the


   Red riding hood looked around and when she saw the sunbeams dancing on

the flowers and the pretty foliage, she thought, "If I bring auntie a bunch

of fresh flowers that will please her."  So little red-head bounded off the

path, picking flowers for her aunt.

   The wolf however, went straight to the aunt's house.  He knocked on her

door tentatively.

   "Who is it?"

   "Little red-head, I've brought something for you to eat. Open the door."

   "Just press down on the latch." cried the aunt, "and come on in.  I'm in

the shower."

   The wolf pressed down on the latch, the door sprang open, and the wolf,

without so much as a word, went directly to the washroom, and feasted his

eyes upon the naked form of little-red's aunt, Jeanette.  

   Now, Jeanette was still in the shower so she didn't see the wolf take

off his clothing, nor did she see him, step into the bathtub, behind her.

She felt his hand clasp against her mouth, and his other hand slide slowly

across her belly.  She gasped, and tried to squirm, but the wolf held her

fast.  She stood very still, feeling the wolf's growing excitement against

her buttocks.  

   He let his hand come up to brush her hair out of the way, and briefly

caressed her nipple.  She let out a little sigh, without meaning to.  The

wolf smiled to himself and let his hand trace her jaw, as he slowly

released the tension that held Jeanette mute.  Unconsciously, Jeanette's

hand reached back and touched his growing member.  She touched it gently,

and pulled her hand back, as if shocked, but, sensing no argument, she

wrapped her hand around it, feeling it swell and pulse with anticipation.

   She tried to turn, but the wolf wouldn't let her.  He gently slipped his

hand down across her belly, into the warmth of her crotch.  a louder "Mmmm"

escaped her lips, and she ground her ass into his hip.  Expertly, he

caressed her lower lips, isolating and teasing her clitoris until she

forcibly jerked herself away.  

   She turned to face him, and he felt his face go red.  Jeanette smiled a

devilish smile and knelt before him, in the steam of the shower.  With

water pouring down his chest and her back, she brought his member to the

same height as her face.  She kissed him, sending a shiver of delight

throughout his body.  Then, she inched her mouth over his head, moving 

excrutiatingly, deliberately, slow.  

   Jeanette nibbled in the head of The wolf's cock.  She licked it, and

murmured to it, occasionally looking up to see Micheal's enraptured face.

Then, slowly, she enveloped his entire length, letting the warmth of her

mouth touch him deeply.  She bobbed up and down, faster, and faster, but

never quite fast enough to satisfy the wolf.

   Finally, he puller her up by her shoulders, and made her face away from

him again.  With the shower-water running down the front of her body, her

hair plastered against her breasts, the wolf moved upon her.  He rubbed the 

head along her slit, reveling in the feel of her lips against his smooth skin.

He spread her, making way for his manhood to follow the head.

   Jeanette gasped, feeling herself stretched.  She pushed herself back on the 

huge member. Her walls clinging to Wolf's stiff rod. When she felt him touch

her cervix, she made her muscles relax to adjust to the wolf's size and texture.

   He moved more quickly now, hunching forward into her and driving his length 

into her with each lunge. Jeanette stared at the showerhead, her mouth 

half-open, amazed at the sensations flooding her. He began pinching her nipples

once again. She tightened and released her vaginal muscles, stroking his shaft.

   The wolf couldn't believe how good she was, He had fantasized about an

encounter like this, and the thought that he would get the little red-head

as well spurred him on with greater energy.

   He could feel Jeanette pushing back at him, encouraging him to feed her more 

and more of himself, and began plunging into her even more freely and with 

greater force. Jeanette began swinging her ass around in circles, caressing 

the thick cock inside her in every possible way as he dug a fingernail into 

her nipple.

   Jeanette felt an explosion within her that came without warning. The force 

of it ground her ass into the wolf's pelvis with such force that he grunted

loudly, before pushing back with his engorged member.  Every nerve in her body 

was charged at once, and the extreme pleasure of the manhood within her was 

eclipsed by the eruption of orgasmic tremors which coursed throughout her body.

She trembled, and screamed out as another wave of pleasure exploded within her.

Later, when it was over, the wolf left Jeanette lying in the bathtub, with

the shower water running down her body. He pulled her bathrobe around

himself and put a towel around his head.  He climbed into Jeanette's bed to

wait for little red-head.

   Meanwhile, little red-head had been running about gathering flowers, and

when she had so many that she could not carry anymore, she remembered her

aunt. So she set out on her way to her Aunt's house.

   She was surprised to see the front door open, and when she walked into

the bedroom, everything seemed so strange, and an odd warm feeling was

welling up from between her legs.  There was a different smell in the

bedroom, and it made her nervous, uneasy.

   "Good Morning!" she cried.  But there was no answer.  So, she went to the

bed, and drew back the curtain:  there lay auntie Jeanette with her

nightcap pulled down deep over her face, looking very strange.

   "Why Auntie Jeanette!  What big ears you have!"

   "The better to hear you with."

   "Why Auntie Jeanette!  What big hands you have!"

   "The better to hold you with."  And the wolf grabbed little red-heads

wrists.  He looked up at her and smiled, wolfishly.

   Little red was uncomfortable, and the heat in her pelvis was growing.  

her eyes were drawn to half-way down the bed.  "But Auntie Jeanette!  what

a big mouth you have!"

   "The better to eat you with."  Hardly were the words said than the wolf

jumped out of bed, and little red was pushed onto it.  She was tied to the

four posts of the bed, and the wolf stood above her.

   "now, what have you in your backpack?"

   "a bottle of wine and a cake."

   "and what have you under your velvet red dress?"

   Little red didn't answer.  so the wolf pressed down on her ankles, and

slowly  dragged his hands up the length of her legs.  He was surprised to

feel the light texture of the silk stockings that little red wore.  Slowly

he pushed the hem of little red's velvet red dress up from her knees.  The

wolf chuckled when he found that little red was even wearing a garter-belt.

   He let his hand idly trace the edges of the garters as he circled

little-red's vagina.  Little red-head was breathing very oddly.  She would

tell the wolf to stop what he was doing, then moan when he did.  He let his

hands wander across her body.  he felt her firm behind as he tongued the 

inside of her thighs, running the tip closer and closer to her lips.

   Little red leaned forward straining against her bonds, so he started kissing

her mound.  he lightly ran his tongue along her lips up to her clit 

illiciting a long, low moan. Once her legs started trembling, he separated 

her lips with his fingers and dipped my tongue into her moist pussy.  She 

cried out and thrust upward. The wolf started to fuck her with

his tongue, pushing it in as far as he could.  Little red-head started 

to moan loudly, her head thrown back as she tried to grind her hips into 

the wolf's face. 

   Little red grabbed the bonds and pulled on them, opening her legs as wide

as she could.  Her face was heavy with perspiration, and dark with her 

impending orgasm.  She cried out and her pussy convulsed around the wolf's 


   From between her legs, the wolf smiled, and murmured to little red, "I

*knew* you were hiding something under your dress.  Now, do you want to see

what I've been hiding?"

   the wolf stood up, over Little red's tied-up form. 

   "Why Mr. Wolf! what a big bulge you have in Auntie Jeanette's bathrobe!"

   "Why, all the better to fuck you with, my dear little red-head,"  the wolf

removed the bathrobe he was wearing, allowing little red to stare at his 

throbbing cock.  

   "What are you going to do with that?" asked little red, although she had

a very strong idea as to what the answer would be.  That thought made her

horny again.  Threads of pleasure wound throughout her body as she watched

the wolf stroke himself.  He moved into position between her legs.

   All protest from her ended as she spread her knees as far apart as she could.

He slid her down her body so he would be able to penetrate her.  he rubbed

his penis between her labia to get some of her lubrication on himself.  In a 

couple of smooth strokes he was buried deeply in her vagina.  She was tight

but the feeling was exquisite.

   The wolf kissed Little red on the lips, savouring the salty taste of

excitement.  He began to gently thrust up and down into her.  She leaned back

and sighed. When she began to come, her orgasm reached an intensity that her

face and her breasts went bright pink.

   Little red was rocking her hips violently, trying to pull the wolf further 

into her. She looked barely conscious, her eyelids fluttering, eyes rolling, 

face flushed.  She erupted in another orgasm, her back arched, her thighs 

tensed,  coaxing the wolf's orgasm from him.

   Her voice crescendoed to a scream: " OOooooohh god! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Yessssss,

oh, do me, do me, do me!..." Then she began to relax, as the wolf poured

his orgasm into her with shudderring force.

   "Did you eat Auntie Jeanette too?"  Little Red asked in a whisper, some

time later.

   "No love," Jeanette's voice came from the doorway.  Jeanette stood there, 

her nude form silhouetted by the bathroom lights.  "Your Auntie Jeanette ate 

him instead."  She smiled lazily at the wolf. "shall I show you how?"

   Little red nodded, hesitantly....

   Outside, Constable Jack "The Woodsman" van Horne was searching for Micheal

"The wolf" Vulpin, when he heard the moaning coming from Jeanette's cottage.

He rushed over, and burst in the door.  He found both little red-head and her

Aunt Jeanette licking furiously at the wolf's upright prick.

   He had a moment of indecision, before arresting the wolf on various charges

unrelated to this story.  He carted the wolf off, and never mentioned any word

about what went on that day, nor what might have continued to go on between

Little red-head of the velvet red dress and her Aunt Jeanette...  He did offer

his personal services however, should they find themselves in need.


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