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Archive-name: Fantasy/reaper1.txt


Archive-title: Reaper, The

Date: 10/11/22 (2022) Thursday.

My life came to an end as my red corvette collided head on with a semi...

                        *   *   *

Date: Unknown

I was in hell. I heavily regret that I didn't believe in god. Too bad.

Hell isn't so bad yet. I have very good accomodations. Nice clean room

with plenty of towels and bed sheets. Nope hell wasn't that bad...yet...

                        *   *   *

Date: Estimatedly one week after my arrival.

I talked with Death today. Reaper he wanted me to call him. Friendly guy if

it wasn't for his looks. Anyway, he told him that I could accept that I was 

in hell and live the rest of eternity in boredom... That was as bad as it 

would get. But I had another alternative. I could face the Ten Trials of

Satan and get to heaven scotch free. I was informed that every physical 

weakness I had would be used against me AND the Trials would get progressively

more difficult.

Date: Next Day

Today is my first trial (yep I decided to go with the trials). It would, I

believe, be best if I related this experience to you in present tence to give

you a better feel for what it was like:

Satan himself stands towering above me and laughs like father!

He is naked...and he has an impressively large penis. He reads my every thought

and takes my thought to be a compliment. "Thank you" he says. Nice guy. Gosh

everyone seemed so friendly in hell. "Oh did Death forget to tell you...if

you fail any trial then you will burn in smouldering fire for the rest of 

eternity," he says. Again he my father.

"Here is your first trial: You will have to experience oral sex." he says.

Well..I guess since this WAS the first trial it must be the easiest...I had

NO complaints. "There is a catch though," he says. I KNEW there had to be one.

"You must stand on a circular platform. Its diameter is one foot. It will be

suspended in mid air. There you will experience your oral sex. Any questions?"

I have none and he already knows it. He motions for me to follow him. I do.

All of the sudden, as I follow The Lord of Lies through the depths of hell,

I realize that there is no ground underneath my feet. A glowing circle flies

through the air and comes to a rest under my feet. Then I feel the effects of

gravity and descend onto the platform. Satan smiles and leaves and there is 

no light other than the luminous platform. It is already difficult to stand

on the platform. There is a booming voice:

"If you fall of the platform, consider yourself doomed you son of a bitch!

 HA, HA, HA, HA, HAA!"

Sounded JUST like my father! Anyway, as I wait on the platform, I realize that

my clothing is not on me anymore. I stare at my penis. Wonderful organ this 

penis. Pleasure center of the body. It's not very long...maybe about five inches

and it's somewhat bent. There is a distraction of light not too far away. A girl

it was. Naked, full breasts, long black hair, tanned skin. As she came closer

she seemed familiar. And as she was twenty feet away, I realized she was my

sister. My sister! Whom I had lusted for in the hot summer nights, imagining

her as the bed and doing I would do to her to the bed. I remember how I would

try to spy on her as she changed clothes but I was never able to succeed. Now

she was naked in front of me about to give me a blow job and the thought

filled me with explosive lust that I reached for her and almost fell off the

platform. My erectpenis is straight for one inch and then 45 degrees off the

mark to the left.

MY SISTER whose nipples I had wanted to encircle with my tongue and whose pussy

I wanted to lick. I have to get my mind back on track. This was a weakness of 

mine and I was to overcome it. That wasn't my sister! IT was a creation of the

devil. As soon as I realized that, I knew that I had overcome the first trial.

Then there is a voice:

"No use rambling on here...hmph. Let's go on to the next trial then!"

                                          - To be continued (if anyone likes my



Anyway, send all abuses, criticisms, and compliments to:


I will continue to write this series if I get a positive feedback. I realize

that this was pretty tame compared to other stuff on this SIG but so what.

If I decided that I shouldn't have any taste in my writing, then I'll get low

down and dirty.


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