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Archive-name: Fantasy/rat.txt


Archive-title: Rat



  By the twenty-second day since the rat had found Smurfette guiltily

masturbating in the forest and introduced her to the idea of lust, she had

been cast out of her village. The others had not known what to

make of her appearance and demeanor and thought her to be lycanthropic.

Through the constant application of ratty fluids doubled with will, the

skin on her enormous breasts and now curvy body grew palely caucasian

except for the fur on her head, which had by degrees elongated into the

caricature of a mouse's head. Not a rat's -- the rat wanted to continue

dominating her dramatically in size. A forelorn mouse tail followed her

human rear out of her village. The rat had been waiting for her in the

forest. They cohabited a dismal network of rat-dug tunnels furnished with

old furniture and shabby rugs they continually collected from the refuse

piles of other miniature societies. At this instant, the springs in a dusty

sofa were squeaking constantly as the rat worked what was once Smurfette

in a piston-motion on its shaft. She was leaning against the rat's chest,

hugging its back to her and resting her long chin on its shoulder for

support as the intensity of the act caused her to cry out in the rat's

pointy ear. She managed to keep her head somewhat stationary as the rat

held the bottom of her thighs and crotch with huge hands, thumbs at the

top of her legs, and, with thickly muscled arms, pounded her rear onto its

anvil cock. The mouse-head eyes with thick, black, human eyelashes were

squeezed shut, still-human eyebrows furrowed deeply in agony and ecstasy

at the rugged treatment her body was receiving. The rat's eyes were fixed

on the woman's heaving rump as the rat hands pulled the woman's bottom up

to the tip of his member and then smashed the lower half of her body

down again to the base of his rod, where the blonde pubic hair and matted,

dark rat hair were meshed together with lubricational fluid and spent,

off-white rat sperm from two previous orgasms. The woman had not cum.

   The rat thrust its partner upon itself a final time, clenching its

eyes and lifting its own rear up as it shot a third load into the gasping

woman. She had squeezed her eyes yet tighter, gritting her teeth visibly.

Her throat let forth a high-pitched whine that broke off with a squeak

as she felt more sperm fountain high within her being. Her vaginal

walls expanded somewhat around the rat's prick to accomodate the newest

batch and she felt herself bloating, a sensation she'd grown intimately

familiar with. She crinkled her toes in the old pantyhose she'd found,

licking her lips. The rat let loose its grip and she swayed off,

collapsing onto the protesting couch. The rat stood up but she remained

in a heap, the inflamed acres of her breasts heaving with her breath as

she stared steadily up at the rat.

   "Where d'you think you're going? I didn't cum. You always try to

force orgasms on me, but you didn't succeed."

   "What do you want me to do about it? Do you think I AM sperm?"

   "You've never eaten me out. I think you're afraid of me, that way."

The human eyelids sank seductively low and she raised her knees up to

her breasts, showing the thick undersides of her pantyhosed thighs,

fading red marks visible where she had been gripped. Past the top of

torn pantyhose, her crotch and buttocks were hot and red from incessantly

meeting the rat's welcoming lap. "You've let your cock do all the talking

for you. But you haven't completed me today. And I know you want to do

that or it starts to lose its thrill. Give me head or give me death.

And I can't die, so..."

    The rat's wet cock, bobbing with indecision, suddenly rose again like

a curse as the creature purposefully approached the smiling, expectant

female. Her eyes followed the rat's approaching head and her smile

broadened into a strange grin that changed into a sneer with an sharp

intake of breath as she felt the rat's tongue dart straight into her

vagina. Her eyes were shut once again as she experienced the extreme of

intense sexual pleasure that showed no sign of peaking. Or of being able

to peak. The rat had seized her thighs again, from the underside near

her knees, and was pressing them up against her chest once more. The

mouse-headed woman had anticipated toying with her breasts while the

rat did her bidding. Instead, her hands had locked onto the back of the

rat head, urgently pulling it into her crotch as she felt the huge tongue

almost vindictively stimulating her clit. The rat knew she wouldn't be

able to cum. Five minutes passed and the rat had not let up in its

exquisite torture. The woman was making rapid, shallow gasps, beautiful

to the rat's ears. She spoke again, eyes still closed:

   "Stop! Change positions! Let me lie down! I want you on top again."

The rat halted and the woman stood up, fluids trickling down her legs.

She lay down on the floor, putting pillows under her rear and head.

The rat's body covered her again, putting her in shadow from the

flickering light. The rat knelt on the floor, knees to both side of her

head, dangling its balls in front of her eyes, and bent over her crotch,

spreading her legs. The wet tongue in her squashed genitals was driving

her to an increased frenzy. Her hands went to the rat's head again and she

threw her head back and forth. The rat held her rear in place to prevent

her from squirming. She struggled in its grip and opened her eyes, seeing

only the unwieldly form of the fully erect rat penis, perhaps as thick as

her wrist, closer than she'd ever seen it before. The unspeaking sacks of

sperm in the rat's scrotum rested on her head. Faceless, they leered down

while remaining mute, blocking out the sight of her twat being ravaged.

Then she felt a burning jolt in her snatch explode throughout her entire

body. Raising her legs, she crossed them over the rat's head and locked it

in place as her back arched upwards in an awful release of lust. Crushing

the rat's snout into her genitals with her thighs and hands, she screamed

out the sound of satiation from a peak never reached before, a scream of

triumph that the rat had not counted on.

     "I'm free of you." It was the deepest satisfaction the woman had

ever known. Now she felt sore and her lungs hurt, but she was completely

satiated. "You've used me so much, you've made me more like yourself.

I'm not depedent on your sperm any more."

      "Suit yourself," the rat said. "I've been fucking a range of people

every night."

      "So have I. Oh, I wasn't able to climax, but it made things more

satisfying for me when you finally came back in the dark with your big

fucking balls. I like being able to control men. You've fucked women in

their sleep and horny as you made them, even to the point of climax,

they weren't able to wake up while you were there. You've made me a kind

of creature like you that feeds off the lust of others. Men and boys spurt

in their sheets when I'm done with them. I might do women sometime,

if I feel like it. In the dream-world, I can give my body any form I want."


       She had encountered other entities in the darkness as well.

Once, as she stank with lust while watching someone masturbate, something

grabbed her legs from behind and raised them off the ground, making her

fall forward so her tits dangled heavily. Thumbs spread her pussy lips

and she glanced back in time to see a bearded goat face about to ram into

her crotch. Then it did, and the black muzzle sank unseen into her fair

buttocks. She gasped hugely at the unexpected hot liquid sensation of a 

savage kiss to her bare twat from the twisting goat head and her body 

lurched. The satyr responded by holding her squirming rear more firmly than

ever against its questing mouth. Its lips continued to minister violent 

affection to the woman's folds with a huge tongue as her body went limp,

giving herself up to the pleasure. The satyr merely increased its 

subjugation of the woman's sexual organs, suckling noisily at an exposed

clitoris. The woman's mouth had grown wide with slack as she absorbed the 

lust of the beast. She tensed momentarily in aching orgasm and felt the 

rush of her juices taken by the beast's tongue. She sighed erotically, 

and, in response, the goat-headed satyr lifted its head, licking its black

lips and making a bleating laugh, as in victory.

     Her rear was lowered somewhat, and she felt a furred midsection

pushing between her parted thighs from behind, making her legs straddle

a waist. An unseen but sizable goat prick, stiff and dripping with need,

parted her folds and secured the entrance to her damp pussy. Before she

could react, the hot prick-head began to force its way deeper. Hands

gripping her thighs pulled her backwards onto the thick banana cock in a 

series of mad lunges amid her constantly surprised gasps at the size of the

invasion. She finally felt a firm wall of rough pubic hair smash against 

her rear and knew the meat was sheathed squarely within her. The male 

genitals ground resoundingly against her rear and clit until a warm wave

of an orgasm washed over her at the insisting motions. She heard a grunt

from behind and felt her thighs tugged back even more as the goat crotch 

strove harder against her own, sending powerful spasms of spicy jizm from 

its sagging balls. She felt the hot jets deep within her, and she squeezed

her cunt muscles forcibly around the satyr's prick to show approval. 

There was an encore.



   The rat had been telling the truth when implying it didn't need

Smurfette's horny body to empty itself into. Acknowledging nightly

wanderings, the rat had forgone to tell her of its ghostly slithers

through distant ideas. Using that mode of travel called Thought, the

rat had followed burning trails of lust around the foggy darkness of

chance, smelling only familiar emotions until arriving ethereally in what

he later found out was a high school class room. Once the path was well-

established, such places became a prefered smorgasbord. Not because of the

range of receptive females, but for the act of taking from a girl

that which the rat knew would be wantonly given to it, but only flaunted

and denied to all others. Cheerleaders were typically its favorite.

The most arrogant of these the unseen rat, now six feet tall in its

ambivalent phantom form, would glide to in the middle of class. The rat

stood before the individual desks of its intended, allowing through its

stance to meet the girls' gazes with its proferred genitals. The suggestive

odor wafting from the rat, smelled only in the recesses of the girls'

minds, was at the same time musky and infinitely desirable. Only in their

subconscious could they discern the silent fate awaiting them, and they

would absently cross their legs, minds wandering to lustful fantasies

coupled with a strange feeling of anticipation and anxiety, sometimes given

form as they stopped taking notes and began sketching the rat's phallus,

impatiently waiting for the end of the school day. Having implanted the

seed of its odor in their thoughts, the girls were easy to track.


    It was now past Midnight on Tuesday morning. The rat made its

appearance by stepping out of a dark closet, floorboards creaking under

the rat's eagerly advancing form. To any not of the same phantom state as

the rat, the room was silent except for the rustling of sheets. Not even

the added noises of the lifted blankets, nor the groan of the mattress at

the added weight of the rat made a sound. To any observer, the bed had not

sunk, the covers not removed to show the compact body of the 4'11"

Japanese cheerleader. The rat wouldn't've known anything about her

nationality. To it, the objects of desire with different skin color were

like a variety of fruit to be eaten.


    Some girls were resistant to the rat and these the beast instinctively

left alone, seeking only those whose subconscious had buried a craving he

could grip. Such was the sprawled teen slumbering before it. The rat let

fall its hands on her nightgown-covered breasts, feeling her heat rise

through the fabric. Kneeling over and shedding loose fur that would not be

seen, the rat's breathing grew hoarsely loud and it took a deep breath to

calm itself. It looked at her sleeping golden face, framed by black hair

that was spread out over a pillow. The rat drew its hands with outspread

fingers down her front, regarding her like a pearl it had found in the

opened oyster of her bed. The hands reached her smooth ankles and the edge

of the silken nightgown. Their fingers clutched the bottom hemline, taking

the silk in. The rat pulled the gown up above her breasts in one continuous

movement. Only shadow clothed her body now, except for a pair of panties.

The rat could not distinguish their color in the darkness but moved its

hands now under her smooth buttocks and found the underwear had ridden up

into her crotch. The rat looked again at her breasts, and saw that they

were much larger than it had expected from the indistinct mounds formed by

her sleepwear. His eyes feasted luridly on their fullness, noticing by the

erect nipples she had already become aroused from his returning scent.

The girl's panties, stained with sweat where they had been caught between

her snug buttocks, were tugged off her hips and then down her tawny legs,

and she raised one knee in her sleep. The rat deliberated then, and still

kneeling on the open bed, gathered up her rear in its hands, throwing her

legs over his shoulders and lifting what he wanted to his descending mouth.

If anyone had been watching for the next two minutes, he would have seen a

heavily breathing girl sleeping alone on her back, legs raised beneath

restrainingly heavy blankets that masked a strong, pungent odor. She cried

out once, peculiarly, like the culmination of a song, and faded into sighs

while rolling onto her stomach, then groaning and raising her rear beneath

the blankets, evidently dreaming.


    The rat still knelt, back upright, now between the splayed legs of the

girl whose head still rested on a pillow. Holding her rear before its

drooling phallus, the rat admired the smoothness of her hips and the way

they were so offset by the lusciously small folds, normally hidden beneath

black pubic hair. It looked like there was no place for the rat's shaft to

go into, but as if by magic, the rod began to disappear slowly into the

girl's crotch. The rat's hands were pulling her slowly against itself,

feeling its penis being engulfed by something tight and hotly wet.


    The girl was dreaming, was dreaming she could not endure an aching

lust, and had encouraged an unclean animal like a goat or donkey to mount

her back. She was standing and felt the underside of the animal against her

back and saw the animal penis, unsheathed and slippery, between her legs.

She hastily guided the organ into her needy snatch while the animal rested

its front legs on her back. The enormous prick had been more difficult to

take than she imagined, and she was holding the animal's forehooves in

place on her shoulders, bending more to allow full access to her guilty

twat. She'd felt friction from the hot shifting stomach against her back

as she pushed her swelling rear against the larger genitals, lowering her

stance to assume a position more natural to the animal as it bucked

lustfully up, into her...


    The rat pushed itself again into her rear, feeding the girl the last

inch of its cock. The rodent was holding her by the waist and slid thickly

out, only to plunge all of its member into her and repeat the movement,

brutally striking the sweating girl's buttocks with its groin and pulling

her onto him. The bed was rocking from the action and the rat delighted in

giving the act exaggerated movements, knowing that any sound or furniture

damage would be seen only by one like he.


    The girl felt speared on something huge, and it seemed to her she was

a centauress. That was right; she had rejected an enamorous sorceress whom

in retaliation had given her the ability to accept the equine sex, since

she prefered cocks so much over the gentleness of another pussy. She was

being hammered into as if the aggressor were demanding an answer to an

unknown question.


    By degrees, the rat's vast body had covered her back until its stinking

breath fell across her neck, meeting the girl's own breath from her parted

lips. The rat's warmth caused her to drip with sweat as the rat cupped her

ponderous but fluid breasts from behind, feeling them overflow in his

fingers. Her arms were limp and each shove pushed her head deeper into the

pillow. The girl gasped, calling out again as another orgasm shook her and

melted her clit. Extra lubrication in her snatch eased the motion of the

rat's prick and with a jerk, the rat unexpectedly exploded into the girl.

It gripped her slippery boobs tightly, pulling her upper body against its

front and lifting her into an upright position. The rat's seed was

continually pulsing into her and she squealed, moaning with shut eyes at

the events in her dream. The rat refused to let her go, rubbing the swollen

areolas around each nipple with his thumbs as they both knelt upright, the

fur on the front of the rat's body now damp from absorbing the sweat off

the girl's back. She remained on the rat's lap, the darkly furred mass

enclosing her in its arms, seeming ready to somehow absorb the girl as if

they were two primitive microcosms. The rat's slippery messenger of lust

continued to throb in her lesser vagina. Strands of her black hair were

damp with sweat from her forehead. The rat licked the perspiration off her

cheek and with a gyration squeezed the last of his offering into the girl.

It then pushed her off his deflating penis with difficulty and wiped his

member on the sheets. The rat knew its own  sperm would not be seen or felt

when the girl woke up but had no idea how much of the wetness was due to

her horniness.


   In the morning, the disheveled cheerleader had quickly showered and

insisted on doing her own laundry before school started.



   Perhaps annoyed at not being able to awaken her to its presence, the rat

had been making extraordinarily rampant use of the sleeping cheerleader's

body. Doubled with the fact that the rat had started to limit itself to

taking the girl only on weekends so as not to endanger her health, the rat

more than compensated by forcing the girl through night-long frenzies of

lust. The sex burned red dreams into her mind without disturbing her real

body or clothes, leaving her at dawn in a layer of perspiration, her

nipples prominantly visible through dampened silk. Although the rat

pulled off the girl's underwear before engaging, he was a phantasm and

could only remove a dream copy of them. Her real panties were always laid

to hot waste, the fabric between her legs growing progressively damper

through the course of the evening while the part of her underwear that

covered hot buttocks was stained with sweat; she finally stopped wearing

panties altogether at night.


  The rat was not the only thing interested in the stoutly voluptuous meal.

Almost always, unknown to the rodent, the performance would be watched by

both the rat's former partner and a satyr while they ground themselves

together. In the darkness, the woman was habitually mounted by what

amounted in appearance to an enormous bipedal goat, covered with coal

black fur and equipped with human forearms and hands. Their eyes went to

the interplay between rat and human until the satyr's recipient began to

concentrate more on her own predicament, and her eyes would watch the

muscles ripple through the fur of the jerking chest above her. The black

haired girl within the room remained targeted in contrast by the satyr.

By degrees its weird goat eyes began to glow with an unextinguishable

redness that bathed the air before them like twin heat lamps, drowning out

any dim light source so that the black silhouette of the fucking goat and

woman became meshed with the surrounding dimness until only the goat head

remained, faintly visible with its curving horns and bathed from molten 

eyes in a dire red glow that could only be caused by elemental lust.


    Angrily, the satyr shortened their voyeuristic screw by tripling its

intensity. The thick hindquarters of a goat smashed their weight into the

smooth form of a woman beneath until her heavy breathing broke into a moan

of release. After a moment, the woman's panting subsided.

The satyr's black lips formed gruff-sounding, deep-toned words.

    "You done?" the goat head managed to articulate.


    The woman nodded yes, and the male form pushed itself off. Its black

cock began to emerge from the hot nest, slowly because it was as hard as

ever and held in a vacuum grip until released regretfully with a slurping

sound. It was still obscenely unsheathed and stinking since the satyr had

not wished to subside its lust with a climax. The woman absently stumbled

off, at first unsteady on her naked feet. The satyr continued to glare at

the cheerleader and the way the rat's avarice drove it to possess her until

morning, when the satyr too had to leave and attempt sleep. The next night

was to hold Monday's morning, and the satyr knew the rat would not be with

the girl. The satyr would succeed where the rat could not. Its cock

remained hard throughout the day, anxious semen dripping down its length

as the satyr's eyes seemed to bore twin holes in the rocky wall of its

lair, its mind remaining locked on its objective.


  The last ray of sunlight vanished from the highest cloud, leaving only

an ambient light that died too, highlighting the one thing the sun's light

remained visible on: The crescent shape of the moon. With the mechanical

look of something long anticipated, the satyr stood upright from where it

had impatiently sat. It glided through the darkness until coming to rest

outside the girl's second-storey room. The glass window was shut and the

curtains drawn. Orange light from an electric lamp sifted through curtain

fabric. Then they were vanished to the satyr's vision and the window not

present to the hearing of its pointy ears. The door to the girl's room was

locked and she was alone on her bed, sheets still in place.


   Her nightgown lay near a pile of clothing but she still wore a blue tank

top. She was lying very much awake on her back, legs spread and doubled up

towards her breasts in an attempted copulation with a teddy bear. It was

larger than herself. Her bare heels were against the artifically furred

rear, but her hands actively gripped the stuffed animal's rear while

grinding it between her legs. Her shut eyes said her thoughts wandered.

The satyr glanced elsewhere and saw that she was alone in the house. It

walked through the wall on cloven hooves and stood next to the bed, now

fearfully solid to the conscious girl. Her eyes remained shut and the satyr

inhaled deeply of the girl's scent, swelling its massive chest.

The Oriental cheerleader came to smell the alien lust of the satyr, and her

eyes opened. She saw everything about the beast in a single glance and a

kind of understanding narrowed her eyes. She withdrew the teddy bear and

clamped her thighs together, but not before the satyr was able to see her

swollen pussy unoccupied for the first time.


    "I...want you to leave," she wavered in a shaky voice.

    "No, you don't." The satyr's smouldering eyes were leveled steadily

at her. "You never wanted the rat to leave, did you. You only wished that

you were awake to share in the experience instead of only remembering

erotic dreams that fed your fantasies." The goat eyes, starting to glow

again, darted meaningfully to the used teddy bear. The satyr's hands moved

to its insurmountable cock. Gleaming with anticipation, the tool was the

largest furless area on the satyr's body, naked and smooth when restless

and unsheathed as it was now. As if mesmerised, the girl's eyes fell

heavily to the satisfaction offered her. To be wanted by so many hunks of

masculinity whose relationship with her would never be discovered, leaving

her reputation spotless appealed immediately to the teen's hungry twat,

and yet it was so lower than she was, like an animal...


    "You want this, don't you!" The satyr lolled its semen-covered black

pole with its hand, bending the length of it and then allowing its cock to

bob throbbingly back into an upright position. The girl's dark eyes

wandered from the odourous crotch from which hung fist-sized sacks of male

element to the hot mushroom tip of the satyr's blind and hungry phallus,

crossing a distance of thirteen unwisely thick inches. And yet she was

unable to move her gaze, torn between disgust and an animal longing to have

all that power sink into her snatch.


    "You'd like to possess all this in your cunt, wouldn't you!"

The satyr's rough hand encircled the jutting penis at its coarsely-haired

base, sliding up its serpentine length until gripping the shaft directly

behind the head and squeezing it, forcing the girl to watch as its tissue

expanded again, larger than ever. Her only response was to breathe heavier,

causing her oversized breasts to rise and fall pronouncedly within her tank

top. Her golden legs, clamped together at the first sight of the satyr,

began to fall apart unwillingly.


   "No...." she moaned, her gaze never faltering.

   "You want all this to sink into your cunt." The satyr seemed to grind

the words out in an accusing and superior tone. "You want to know what it

feels like to have a huge cock erupt inside you." One of its hands squeezed

the shaft again and semen oozed out.


    "Yesssss..." She whispered her admission to the satyr, which continued

to massage its member. "Yes! Please! Fuck me with that thing! Fuck me with

that cock!" Her breathing grew erratic, her expression pained and

wide-eyed. That was enough for the satyr. With two strides of its goat

legs, it crossed the floor and climbed onto the bed, bringing its stench

between the parting legs of the girl. The satyr saw how wet the dark-lipped

cunt had become, and his eyes gleamed menacingly. The girl whimpered

meaningless sounds as the satyr tore the blue tank top off the girl,

letting her enormous breasts fall onto her stomach with a fleshy plop.


     The girl's eyes were transfixed with the thing she was about to be

fucked with, and her mouth looked as if it were trying to say something

unspeakable. Then the satyr held its phallus, rubbing her pussy lips with

the semen from the aggressive prick head. The girl's body was tense except

for her defenseless breasts, remaining softly lax.


   She bit her lip at feeling the rod go between her inner cunt lips. 

It was unnecessarily lubricating the way even more with semen. The satyr

held her biceps pinned to the bed, glaring at her shut eyes and letting 

his weight bring about their joining together at the genitals.

In a single sinking motion that lasted thirty seconds, the girl's cunt had

been made to swallow up to its base the living goat prick, the ultimate

extension of the darkly lustful creature that leered down at her.

The satyr's balls, loose as always, lay upon the girl's skin below her

greed-driven vagina. The satyr wasn't even moving and the girl, much

shorter, was gasping heavily into the satyr's chest, overwhelmed at feeling

the expansive throbbing of the satyr in her body.


     With a slow but determined motion, the beast began to leisurely pump

its eager goat meat into her pinned form. The girl blushed violently at

feeling her lust consume her like the satyr's hands, removed from her arms,

were consuming the shape of her buttocks, holding her to its moving crotch.


     Each time the satyr buried itself, the girl would make a sound as if

each invasive thrust by that cock was a statement of some kind, made by the

animalism of the satyr. 

    "OH? OhhhH? OohhHH? OhhH?" She was squealing it mindlessly with each

exhalation of her breath. It was impossible for her to stop. She had

subconsciously synchronized her breathing with the long plunges of the

dominating prick, and she inhaled a squeak at each withdrawal.

Each manuever meant about four seconds of continuous motion in one

direction against her overwhelmed clitoris until the satyr remained buried

within her, its black furred hindquarters begining to grind now to insure

the girl climaxed first. Thick black pubic hair on the satyr scraped

against the girl's sensitive crotch and her own pubic hair. The satyr's

pelvic bone directly above the sticky base of its penis mashed against the

girl's hapless clit until her squeaks became outright cries of pleasure

accompanied by the girl's frantic groping of the satyr's rump, bent on

feeling everything there was to feel.


     Satisfied that she would be forced to orgasm within a few more

strokes, the satyr began to concentrate on its own pleasure, bucking

wildly into the girl and ignoring a teddy bear that his rocking caused to

fall off the bed. As the stuffed animal landed on the carpet, the girl's

naked body began to be racked by an immense orgasm. Her perspiring face 

and shoulders were still visible under the satyr's jerking chest, but the

tips of her breasts were barely managing to peek out from the top of

the satyr's stomach. Seeing her form contorting wantonly in a climax was

enough to bring the satyr over the edge and it came, heaving against her

and sinking its fingers into her warm buttocks. The goat head grunted 

loudly with pleasure, reveling in the explosion of its sperm being pumped

into the teen even as it flattened the cheerleader with its repulsive 

weight. The girl's vocalized climax turned into a surprised gasp of 

revulsion at feeling hot, inhuman jizm shoot out of the buried cock and 

impact against the core of her dominated vagina. Then Again. And again.

And again. Coarse fingers were splayed across her buttocks, holding her

genitals tightly against the sexual onslaught. The heavy goat stomach,

yielding at first but then smothering, squashed the girl's sweating

breasts and smeared them with sweat of its own. The stinking mass above 

sank onto her delicately inflamed brownish nipples and her 

disproportionately large boobs filled out to the sides until they, like 

the girl's head, disappeared beneath the grunting creature. Her face was 

turned to the side, ignoring in her climax the satyr's hot underbelly

smashing against her cheek, her own orgasm heightened by the loudness of

the satyr's bellow of pleasure at feeling smothered tits and breasts 

slipping wetly under his encompassing stomach. His cock was still erupting

into its captive vagina and befouling it with sperm as the twat befouled 

itself, lowered to the satyr's level by primitively thanking the satyr's

cock with a series of uncontrollable, yet sickeningly pleasurable orgasmic

contractions that actually milked the still-ejaculating giant goat phallus

for more sperm.It was supposed to be an act to help ensure reproduction. 

Instead, her body was anxiously coaxing a hot torrent of a creature's

revoltingly base sperm to find haven in her sweating body.


    Just below the violent actions of the prick lay the unnaturally large

scrotum, resting with seeming indifference against the heaving cheerleader.

Like her breasts, the sacks seemed inoffensively unmuscular, but their

purpose was obvious to anyone. Sperm overflowed from the gagging cunt,

trickling down still-held buttocks to the bed cover. Everything that had

been delicate about the girl seemed to be overpowered by the act of their



    The satyr had finished and lifted its weight from the girl, finding

her gasping for breath. Her breasts, sore and red, were covered with a 

layer of indistinguishable perspiration from the satyr and herself. 

Although she felt peculiarly satisfied, her vagina ached; and her whole

body stank from lustful contact with the creature. The satyr's spent member

resembled a gigantic black slug as it was withdrawn from the girl's twat,

and she clasped a hand between her legs to keep the sperm from dripping all

over her bed. Wordlessly, the being departed and the cheerleader went

naked through the house to wash the stink away in a bathtub. 



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