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Archive-name: Fantasy/qlaren.txt


Archive-title: Qlaren University Space Station

     "God damn! That test was hard,"  commented Andy as he and

his friend walked down the corridor to their next class session.

"I hate subatomic physics."

     "Look, Andy, no one said that class would be easy."  David


     "Yeah, fuck you, Ok?"  Andy retorted.

     Dave chuckled and gave his friend a shove through the portal

into gymdeck.  Dave and John knew each other almost all their

lives.  Now, going to Qlaran University Space Station together,

they spent most of their days with each other.

     "Hey, Andy.  Get a look at that," David said, almost in a

whisper.  His fingers were pointing to a girl sitting by the door

to the changing facilities.

     "Yeah, I've seen her before.  Her name's Jshara Mna.  She's

a sophomore propulsion major.  I think she must have the gym

section before this one, because most of the times I've seen her

were in here."  Andy looked at her with interest.  He noted to

himself once again how attractive this particular girl was.

     "Been checking up on her, eh?"

     Andy chuckled.  "I guess you could say that."  The two

continued walking.  As they neared the portal to the changing

facility, Andy noticed what Jshara was wearing:  A cheerleader's

uniform.  That was one thing he didn't know, Jshara was a

cheerleader.  His eyes were fixed on her.  It was the way she was

sitting that distracted him so, sitting with her back to the

wall, with her knees drawn up under her chin.  Normally, that

pose would have struck him as unremarkable.  But with that

short-- very short skirt on, he began to catch a glimpse of that

piece of fabric of her panties that passed between her thighs.

     "Hi!"  She said, sort of smiling.

     Andy blushed.  "Uh, hello."  And with that he ducked into

one of the larger changing cells, pulling his friend with him.

     "Shit!"  Andy exclaimed.

     "That was smart, you horny idiot."

     "How the hell do they do that?" Andy queried.  "I *swear*

women have a fifth sense to know when men are looking at them."

     The two junior students went about their business for the

remainder of the morning.


     Andy sat at his favorite table at the university lounge idly

thumbing through some engineering spec sheets and drinking a tube

of cola.   He was waiting that half hour before a shuttle came to

take him to the surface of the planet the university was

orbiting.  Dave had departed the previous hour, so Andy used the

time to relax.

     "Hello again,"  a soft female voice said.

     With a start, Andy turned his carbon-a-tube over creating a

small spill.  "Christ," he exclaimed before even looking up.

     "I'm sorry I startled you.  I'll try to be more overt next


     Andy looked up to see a familiar face grinning at him.

"Jshara!"  He blushed again and continued to fumble with his

papers. "Uh, hi!  What brings you here?"  He said in a shaky


     "You do."  She said, her expression thinning slightly.

     "Hmm?  What?"  He asked, inquisitively.

     "In case you didn't notice, I caught you looking at my

crotch in the gym." She said, perhaps with a smile.

     Andy choked on his soda.  This was the first time she had

spoken with him.  And what a hell of a thing to say, Andy

thought.  He coughed momentarily.

     "It's OK," Jshara giggled, realizing she was being a bit too

forward with him.  "It was my fault.  It's hard not to expose

one's-self in these skirts."  Andy nodded his agreement.

"However, there was one thing you said to me that I'd like to


     Andy was done cleaning up the spill and offered Jshara a

seat, which she readily accepted.  "What was that?  I just

remember saying 'hello' or something like that."

     "Well, that's what you *said*.  It's what you *thought* that


     "Pardon me?"  Andy leaned forward in his chair to look at

her more closely.

     "Oh, I figured you knew already."  Jshara smiled

beautifully.  "I'm Isarakian.  I can--" her speach slowed as if

she was apprehensive about what she was about to say "--read


     Andy's jaw fell open.  He knew that mind-reading was

forbidden in their sector.  She might have been setting herself

up for trouble.  "I thought that was illegal.  Aren't you taking

your Iaradapine injections?" Andy quipped.  Iarapadine was a drug

that inhibited telepathy and empathy.

     "There's a difference.  I can only read thoughts that are

projected to me.  That's no problem."

     "Ah.  I see.   Interesting.  So what did I say-- uh, think?"

     "I don't know how to put it in words," she glanced at the

floor and paused momentarily.  "But I can tell you that I

appreciate the thought, and--the feeling is--mutual."  She waited

for a response.

     Andy looked down at the microlex table top, a thousand

things rushing through his head.  What does she want?  A friend?

"I'm a little confused," he said slowly.  "What is it you want

from me?"  He tried his best not to sound rude.

     "I don't know," Jshara shrugged.  "I transferred in from

Orian-Minor to Qlara this semester.  I live down on the planet in

matrix TC-10." She pointed out to the large sphere visible

through the viewport.  "I guess I'm just--bored."

     Andy could relate to that, considering he'd just moved away

from home himself, and his only good friend was Dave.  "Well,"

Andy said tentatively.  "Ya want to go see a movie or something?"

'You twit,' he thought to himself.  'What a damned cliche.'

She'll never go for that.

     "Sure.  That sounds really good!"  She smiled at him.  She

opened her mouth to speak again but two chimes sounded in the

air, interrupting her.  "That's my class bell.  I've got to go.

Here's an IC," she handed him an info-card, "give me a call

around two hours from now.  We can make plans then."  She turned

and walked into the stream of people flowing through the



     Andy pressed the page button on the panel near portal number

TC-10/A6, Jshara's apartment.  Moments later, a beautiful young

woman appeared at the door.  Andy, who was trying to identify the

building material of the entranceway was caught by surprise.  He

saw only a pair of legs to begin with.  Two long, curvaceous,

tanned legs.  Then an incredible white half-skirt that, although

not skin-tight, outlined her gorgeous figure well.  Her midriff

was bare.  From her cute little belly-button to just below her

ribcage, only the soft skin was visible.  Above that was a loose

top that could best be discribed as a half-length black blouse

and a white blazer put together.  Then came that same incredible

face he had become infatuated with.

     "I take it you like the outfit?"  She smiled knowingly.

     "You look like something out of a damned fashion magazine,

Jshara."  He continued to stare at her for a few moments.

'In-fucking-credible.' he thought to himself.  "Shall we get

going?  The show starts in ten minutes."

     "Let's."  She answered.

     Andy pointed her to his land-craft, then followed her far

enough behind to inspect her awesome backside.  And an awesome

backside it was.  Andy had to bite his lip.

     Minutes later the couple stepped out of the land-craft at

the entrance to the telecine.  Andy pushed a button on the

card-key and the land-craft sped off obediently to the parking

bays several blocks away.

     "Have you seen this movie?"  Jshara asked.

     "Nope, sure haven't.  Have you?"  He responded.

     "No.  But what difference does it make?  We came here to

enjoy each other's company.  So let's do it."  She hooked her arm

in Andy's and followed his lead to the circular auditorium.

     The couple continued to make small-talk for several minutes

until the movie began.  The movie was called "The Nova Effect," a

science-fiction adventure movie.  Jshara whispered something into

Andy's ears.

     "I forgot to tell you the rules I have for dating."

     Andy nodded.

     "If you like to hold hands, so do I.  Number two, if you

want to do more than hold hands, all you have to do is try it.

If I don't want to do it, I won't let you.  It's that simple."

Jshara was smiling that wry smile of hers that gave Andy a quick


     About 15 minutes into the movie, Jshara leaned her head and

rested it on Andy's shoulder.  He responded by placing his head

on top of hers.  He sighed deeply and relished the scent of her

wavy blonde hair.

     He put his hand on top of hers and locked his fingers with

her own.  She released her hand from his, and turned his over so

that the palm was facing up.  She put one of her fingers in her

mouth, giving it a quick licking.  She used that finger to trace

his name on the palm of his hand.  The combination of feelings,

the tickling sensation and the coolness of her moist finger sent

shivers up his arm and down to his crotch.  He began to get an

erection when she raised his hand to her mouth.  Blowing on it

slightly, it served to make the cool spots cooler      the hot spots

hotter.  The seat of his pants began to rise.  She took his

fingers and folded them down into a loose fist.  Then she took

one of his fingers and sucked on it the way she did her own.  She

wrapped her tongue around it and made a smacking sound when she

pulled it from her soft, wet lips.

     The tension was almost more than he could bare.  'My God,

I'd like to kiss you' he thought.  When she raised her head from

his shoulders to look at him, he realized that the thought had

been projected directly at her.

     "Then kiss me."  She said.

     He put his hand behind her head and brought her lips slowly

to his.  She took the lead, surprising him with a quick dart of

her tongue to his lips.  He sucked her lower lip into his mouth

and ran his tongue across the smooth service, loving the taste of

her.  He pushed his tongue past her lips to the rough surface of

her teeth.  She welcomed him by sucking his tongue lightly, which

he loved.  She met him with her own tongue, but did not move it.

He was free to explore the various textures of her lips, teeth

and tongue.  She waited patiently for her turn to explore his

watering mouth.

     But it never came.  "Hey!"  It was kind of a shouting

whisper.  "Tele-Cine is a great place to take a family, not to

make one!"  It was a robot usher making another wise-ass remark.

     Andy looked at Jshara dispairingly.  "Do you want to leave?"

     "I thought you'd never ask."  She said abruptly.  Andy

pressed the 'Fetch' button on his card-key before he even rose

from his seat (which was a somewhat painful maneuver.)

     In the land-craft, Jshara began a drive of her own.  She

leaned from her seat into his and nibbled his ear, inserting the

tip of her tongue into the ridges.  He looked into the

rear-view-mirror and gasped at what he saw.  Because of the odd

angle Jshara was twisted into, her blouse gapped open allowing

him to catch a glimpse of the top of one of her breasts.  Full

and round, he could see the full flesh of her tit straining the

fabric of the bra that encased it.  "Thank God these crafts are

auto-driven."  He punched in the few comands to complete the trip

to his quarters.  Then he turned his full attention to Jshara.

     He began another exploration of her mouth.  He held both of

her hands in his while he explored the soft lining of her cheeks

with his tongue.  She acknowledged his entrance to her mouth by

sucking lightly on his tongue, sending shivers down his body to

his stiffening penis.

     Andy felt the shuddering of the craft coming to a halt.  He

pried himself away from Jshara      a maneuver she didn't care for,

and began to engage the parking sequence.  He stopped, however,

when he noticed Dave's land-craft was in a parking bay near-by.

"Damn.  My roommate is home.  This is going to have to wait,


     "Not on your life, Andy," said Jshara.  In one quick

movement, she inserted her info-card into the reader of the craft

and pushed a few keypads.  When the computer registered the new

course and acknowledged it with a "computed" message, she pressed

the "execute" button and began another tease of her pilot.

"We're going to my place.  My mother always taught me to finish

what I start."


     When the craft had completed its trek to matrix TC-10, it

initiated an auto-park sequence by itself.  Jshara gave Andy a

long passionate kiss to slow things down between them.  "Mmm.

That was nice."

     "I'm sure I could arange for some more where that came

from."  Andy smiled and reached for her.

     "Hey."  She gave him a sweet smile.  "Let's take this

slooooow.  It's Friday night.  We've got all weekend."  She

pressed the hatch release and exited the craft.

     Andy was dumbstruck by what Jshara had just said.  'Friday

night?  All weekend?!' he thought.  'This will be

in-fucking-credible.'  He giggled inwardly at his private pun and

followed Jshara to her teleportal.

     Once inside, Jshara slipped her blazer off and threw it over

the back of a chair.  "Where shall we begin?" She purred,

caressing his chest.

     "How 'bout a massage?" Andy queried, grasping her firm ass

with both hands.

     "A massage?"

     "A massage.  A total-body massage."  He emphasized the

statement by squeezing her cheeks.

     "Ooo.  Sounds good."  She took both of his hands and stood

on her tip-toes to give the six foot 21 year old a quick kiss,

darting her tongue between his lips.  Before he could respond, it

was over.  Jshara led andy to the large living area.  "Computer,

audio/video mode sequence K11."  The room lights dimmed slightly,

and soft music whispered through the air.  Jshara lowered herself

to the wide sofa, laying on her stomach.  Andy positioned himself

near her waste and sat on the edge of the couch.

     "How total-body do you want, anyway?" Andy asked as he began

to massage her scalp.

     Jshara groaned in pleasure.  "Remember rule number two?

I'll let you know when I want you to stop."

     Andy was encouraged.  "You asked for it," he said in mock

threat.  He moved his fingers to her temples, slowly rotating his

motion in soft circles.

     Jshara turned her head the other direction, a move Andy was

grateful for as it gave him the opportunity to look her over

without having to worry about her seeing him do so.  He looked at

her waist      small but in perfect proportion to her five-and-a-half

foot figure.  He moved his gaze to her well toned ass and

lingered there for the better part of a minute.

     "I work hard to keep it like that."  She giggled.

     After rubbing Jshara's shoulders for several seconds, he

moved to her back.  He used slow, even strokes of his entire hand

from her backbone to her sides.

     "Feel free to unbutton my shirt, if it's in your way."

Jshara said in a tone that hinted that it was more than a

suggestion, so Andy didn't argue.  He did as he was told, and

opened the back-buttoned blouse.  He worked his hands all over

her back, from the shoulders to the valley of her back to just

below the waistband of her skirt, occasionally running his

fingers under it.  However, there was one place he didn't give

much attention to as it was awkwardly covered by a strap of


     Andy pulled gently on the clasp of Jshara's bra and waited

for any signs of objection.  When he received none, he opened the

back of her strapless bra and laid it open at her sides.  Jshara

raised herself just enough for him to remove it from her breasts.

Although her breasts were not huge, they were large enough to

bulge out at the sides when she lay her chest back down to the

soft cushions of the couch.

     Andy continued to slowly massage Jshara's back in slow even

strokes, occasionally following her upper ribs down her sides to

touch the sides of her tits.  Jshara breathed deeply and released

the breath with a sigh.

     "Feeling good?"  Andy asked.

     "Mmmmm."  was all Jshara responded with.

     Andy moved his hands to her lower back, briefly touching the

soft flesh just below her waist.  He then stood briefly to move

himself to the end of the couch near Jshara's feet.  She lifted

them so he could sit and then lowered them to his lap, touching

him intimately with her toes.

     Andy whimpered softly and began to massage her right foot,

holding it in such a way that it placed the right amount of

pressure on his swollen penis.   He massaged the balls and heels

of both her feet for several minutes.  While he was massaging one

foot, Jshara would begin to massage is crotch carefully with her

other nearly making Andy loose control.  He was, however,

determined to make this last as long as possible.

     Andy moved his hands to Jshara's calves, stroking her entire

leg with firm movements from her ankles to just below her knees.

He could sense that Jshara was becoming restless so he progressed

to the next step.

     He reached for the hem of her skirt and pushed it to just

below her crotch and massaged her thighs.  He used the same firm

touch on the outside and back of her thighs, then used a light,

feathery touch when stroking the insides of her thighs causing

her skin to turn to gooseflesh.  His hands roamed aimlessly

inside her thighs to just inches from her crotch, which was still

mostly by her skirt.

     Andy then reached for the zipper of her skirt, sliding it up

to the waistband to the fastener.  Once the skirt was open, he

tugged it down along her legs, revealing her soft, white cotton

panties.  Her legs, slightly spread apart, allowed him to see the

soft cotton panel that passed between them, directly over the two

barely detectible ridges of flesh at her crotch.  He noticed a

faintly darker spot between these two ridges.  Jshara was getting

wet.  He wanted to touch her wetness but he also wanted to wait.

Instead, he lowered his hands to the firm curves of her young

ass.  He kneaded the cheeks occasionally slipping his fingers

inside her leg-holes to caress her bare flesh.  He squeezed his

palms pushing her ass apart, then pushing it back together.  The

friction was unbearable to her and the wet spot in the crotch of

her panties was getting larger.

     "Turn over."  Andy said.  Jshara did so without complaining.

When she turned, Andy could see the smile on her face.  It was

the first time he had seen her face since he started learning her

body nearly ten minutes before.

     Andy stood then knelt on the floor in front of Jshara.  He

bent over and kissed her forehead, licking the damp perspiration

from her hairline.  He kissed her eyelids and finally, kissed her

mouth.  Jshara's tongue pulsated into his mouth, sending a frenzy

of flavor through his being.

     Andy continued his massage even while he was kissing her.

He traced his fingers along Jshara's colarbone to the center of

her neck.  He moved his fingers downward, lightly tracing her

breastbone.  He moved his hand in tandem with her rising chest so

that he didn't touch her with too much pressure.   He followed

her lower ribs down to the soft, tan flesh of her stomach, past

her waistline, just to the waistband of her panties.  Jshara

arched her back in the hopes of eliciting a firmer touch.

     Jshara whimpered into Andy's mouth, begging for a more

intimate touch.  Andy responded by tracing his fingers back up

her belly and brushing the sensitive underside of her full

breasts.  He cupped his hands under it and kneaded it under his

hand.  He waited several long moments before touching her dark

nipple, which quickly sprouted beneath his loving fingers.

     Minutes passed before Andy moved on.  He continued to caress

Jshara's full breasts and her turgid nipples then followed the

path of his fingers with his mouth.  First breaking away from

Jshara's lips, then to her chin and the soft skin of her neck.

     Jshara's chest heaved against the pressure of Andy's palm.

He pinched her nipples eliciting brief yelps of pleasure from

her.  By the time Andy's mouth joined in his exploration, Jshara

was moaning with almost every breath, her legs sawing back and

forth causing her panties to rub her sensitive clit.  Andy kissed

and sucked Jshara's breasts, occasionally nibbling her nipples.

Jshara yelped in delight.  He moved his mouth further down her

stomach but kept his hands forever busy with the firm globes of

spongy flesh.

     By the time his mouth had reached her navel, Andy began to

smell the scent of Jshara's cunt.  The light, musky fragrance

drifted upwards from her crotch and played hell on his dick which

was painfully swollen in his pants.  He stood up and moved back

on the floor next to Jshara's feet.  He took one of her feet and

sucked slowly on several of the toes.  He licked the soles of her

feet and began to lick up the insides of her thighs to her

crotch.  Andy could see that the cotton between her legs was now

completely soaked with her juices, her labia more visible through

the near transparant fabric.

     Andy moved along ever closer to her pussy, but stopped

inches before it he let his hands take over, pushing her knees

far apart.  He brushed her stomach and slowly, very slowly,

brought it down to her panties applying excruciatingly light

pressure on her mons, but never touching her mound.

     "Sit up, Baby."  Andy said in a shaky voice.  Jshara did as

she was told.

     "Mmmm."  She positioned herself with her head on a pillow

and her ass near the edge of the couch.  Andy then pushed up on

her feet bringing her knees to her breasts, exposing her sopping

crotch and the firm cheeks of her ass together.

     Andy began again by delicately kissing each side of her ass,

licking her panties and placing his hands under the soft cotton

to hold her full roundness.  He then did what Jshara had been

waiting for hours (or so it seemed) to do.  He buried his face in

her crotch, nuzzling her vulva with his nose.

     "Oh, Gods!!"  Jshara yelled and held his head with her hands

tightly against her hot crotch.  Her legs fell as far apart as

one would expect a cheerleader's legs to split giving Andy plenty

of room to work.

     He breathed deeply the scent of her moistness, occasionally

licking the dampness of her warm, wet painties.  He would push

his chin against the nub of her covered clitoris, sending a

shudder up her very soul.  Andy sucked her pussy through the

cloth barrier and wanted to be on bare flesh.  He ran his tongue

on the sensitive area of her crotch where the elastic of her

panties was.

     "Let me take these off, Honey.  I want you to eat me raw."

Jshara said in a raspy voice.  "I want you to taste me."

She slid her panties over her ankles and cast them aside, then

spread her legs wider than before.  Andy saw quite a treat!  Her

shiny wet pussy was shaven clean!  Jshara noticed the look of

surprise on Andy's face.  "What's the matter?  Don't you like a

clean pussy?"

     "Absolutely!"  Andy laughed and dove right in to his dinner:

the glistening pink lips of Jshara's sopping pussy.  He spread

her labia with his fingers, and drank her juices from the soft

inner lips of her vagina.  Licking in long strokes from the base

of her labia, over the sensitive head of her clitoris up to her

mons where a small puff of blonde hair still remained.  He noted

the pleasant flavor and odor of Jshara's cunt, significantly

sweeter than normal.  He attributed the difference to her

Isarakian biology.  He just knew that he enjoyed it.

     Andy inserted his index finger in her slippery vagina.  He

was impressed with the ease in which it just slid into her.  He

inserted another, filling the gap.  Jshara's breathing became

rapid and somewhat shallower, signaling to him that she was about

to have her first orgasm.  Andy quickly found Jshara's G-spot,

the soft ridged tissue inside her vagina.  He curled his fingers

and massaged it with his knuckles while sucking the hood under

which Jshara's clit had disappeared.

     Jshara arched her back and held Andy's mouth fast against

her cunt, bucking her hips to try to increase the pressure even

more.  She ran her fingers through his wavy hair and held her

breath as a powerful orgasm began.  Her vagina began to flow more

profusely with every second.  A steady trickly escaped Andy's

darting mouth and dripped to her anus.  Andy followed it, licking

her dark rim sending new pleasures through her body.

     Jshara's vagina began to ripple about Andy's thrusting

fingers and she screamed in delight while she came, her fluids

dribbling steadily into Andy's sucking mouth.  He continued to

kiss her lower lips tenderly until she came down off her plateau

of orgasm and gave her one last lick then climbed back onto the

couch nestling himself between her long, shapely legs in a way to

put the pressure of her crotch on his aching cock.  He kissed

Jshara and allowed her to taste herself on his lips.  She

returned his kiss most passionately, her tongue moving to taste

every portion of herself inside his mouth.

     Jshara could feel the rock hardness of his cock underneath

his slacks and pushed a hand down to feel it.  Interesting, to

Jshara, was the feeling of her wet cunt on the back of her hand

and the hardness of Andy's cock in her palms.  She slowly

unzipped his pants and unbuttoned the fastener allowing them to

fall to his knees.  She pushed Andy away from her momentarily so

she could see the incredible bulge of meat protruding under his


     "My turn,"  Jshara said with a wry smile.  She signaled Andy

to remove the rest of his clothes and climb onto the couch where

she had been instructed him to lay on his back.  When he was

positioned, she climbed above him placing her feet next to his

ears, bending her knees, smothering his face with her

extraordinarily juicy pussy.  She bent forward at her hips and

took his long rod into her hands, teasing his meat with her firm


     Jshara pumped Andy with slow, tight strokes until a drop of

pre-cum formed on the slit of his cock.  She dabbled her finger

into the slippery cum and spread it slowly along the sensitive

shaft, lubricating it ever so slightly.

     Andy, meanwhile, still relished the flavor of his new mate's

body.  He licked her cunt purposefully, occasionally inserting a

finger or two to remove more of her glorious juices.  After

sucking the juice from her soft, smooth cunt, he pushed the first

digit of his well lubed finger into her tight asshole, twisting

it and pumping her slowly.  He added some saliva from his tongue

directly to the spot so he could shove the finger into her tight

tube all the way to his knuckles.  He put his thumb into her

trembling vagina so could feel the pressure of his finger inside


     Jshara twisted and moaned loudly and began to suck Andy's

cock.  She licked the sensitive underside of the shaft, and

occasionally nibbled on the head.  She used her hands to lift his

balls from his crotch so she could suck one of them into her

mouth.  She wanted to have him in her mouth completely (and so

did Andy) but he was too large to take without gagging herself,

so she just enjoyed him like an old-fashioned Earth popsicle.

     Jshara pulled her knees in close to her body giving Andy

even more room to work with.  He licked her delicate anus, her

fleshy cunt and applied soft, wet kisses to her round, taught

ass.  Jshara's steady writhing pumped more of her delectible

juices from her pink channel and sent it dribbling into the soft

little tuft of pubic hair at Andy's neck.  The combination of

odor, taste, sight, and the steady pumping of his cock by Jshara,

and the pressure of her wonderful breasts against his stomach was

more than Andy could bare.  He was about to finally give in.

     Jshara could see that Andy's scrotum was beginning to

shrink, signalling to her that he was nearing orgasm.  She

increased the pressure and tempo of her pumping and kept her

mouth locked onto the head of his prick to catch his cream.  Andy

lifted his hips from the floor and shot a load into Jshara's wet

mouth.  Jshara recoiled, allowing the following shots to hit her

face and breasts while she laughed gleefully and smacked her lips

to the tartness of Andy's cum.

     Andy absentmindedly pumped Jshara's pussy with his fingers

while he came down from his orgasm.  Jshara licked his softening

prick, cleaning it carefully with her lips and tongue.  Andy held

her ass softly, and the two cuddled in that loving position for

several minutes.  Only the sounds of Jshara's cunt slurping

against Andy's pumping fingers and their slower breathing filled

the room.  Andy's dick began to shrink and Jshara finally was

able to take the whole thing into her mouth, still drawing out

small amounts of cream from his member.

     After several minutes had past, Jshara moved off Andy's

chest and turned to face him, cuddling in his arms.  They kissed

each other tenderly and enjoyed the taste of sex still fresh in

their mouths.

     "That was incredible."  Jshara said while reaching to softly

stroke Andy's limp penis.

     "Yeah.  It was at that."  Andy was playing with Jshara's

cute nipples.  It was eleven o'clock when they fell asleep in

each others' arms.


     Andy awoke first.  Jshara lay next to him on his right, her

head cuddled in the crook of his shoulder,  her right thigh

hooked over his right leg.  He didn't want to move, he just

wanted to have her warm, nude body against his forever.  He

softly stroked her hair away from her eyes and kissed her

forehead.  Jshara stirred slightly but didn't awaken.  He stroked

her breast softly, caressing the soft nipple slowly.  He kept his

eyes closed, so he didn't notice that Jshara had awakened without


     Jshara moved her hand slowly to Andy's limp dick and covered

it with her entire hand.  Andy's eyes flew open to the touch and

saw Jshara staring at him with a wide smile on his face.

"'Morning, gorgeous," Andy said before kissing her.

     "Hey.  Let me make something to eat.  You hungry?"  She

straddled his legs to gain her balance.

     "Yep."  Andy smiled as he nonchalantly stroked her sticky


     "Oooo."  Jshara gurgled and lay herself about Andy's chest,

kissing him passionately.  "C'mon.  You know how to work a

mat-synth, don't you?"  Andy nodded.  "Ok, you go eat.  I'm going

to go take a shower."

     She stood up above him, giving him an interesting view of

her body.  She walked away into another room.  Andy stepped over

to the matter synthesizer and called up a glass of ice cold

water.  His mouth had an interesting taste in it, so he also

called up a disposable toothbrush.

     After putting both items to use, he toured Jshara's

apartment, a pristine two bedroom unit in one of the better

sections of the Qlaran matrix TC/10.  His search brought him to

her bedroom.  He giggled inwardly at the sight of her bed still

made up.  He heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom.  He

decided he could use a shower, too, so he went in.

     Jshara saw Andy enter the room.  She beckoned him through

the containment forcefield into the steady flow of hot water

pouring from the materializer above.  Andy joined Jshara in a

soft, long kiss, savoring the sensation of the humid heat in the

shower.  He caressed her ass slowly, occasionally running his

fingers into the crack to touch her intimately.

     Jshara pulled herself away from Andy with a wry smile.  She

reached behind her and grabbed a dispenser of soap and lowered

herself carefully to her knees, then sitting on her heals.  "Turn

around."  Jshara instructed.  Although under protest, he did as

he was told.

     Starting at his feet, Jshara lathered Andy's legs with the

soapy liquid until his calves were milky white.  She continued

upward with massaging motions on his thighs, finally ariving at

his ass.  She bathed his lower half completely, then reached

around him grasping his erect member.  Jshara pumped him slowly,

her hands lubricated with soap.  Andy had to hold on to a safety

rail for support.

     Jshara let the water rinse Andy off while she continue to

stroke his cock.  She then began to plant soft, lingering kisses

on his ass, occasionally pushing her tongue into his crack.

After making sure Andy was sufficiently stiff, she purposefully

left him hanging and continued her upward trek to his back and

his chest, paying particular attention to his small male nipples.

     When she had completed her rounds, Andy turned to face her.

He grasped her firm ass and held her close to him.  He kissed her

slowly, allowing her tongue to enter his mouth.  While he was

caressing her firm roundness, she could feel his long prick

pressed bare against the soft flesh of her wet stomach.

     Andy broke away from her and removed the soap dispenser from

her hands.  He bent down in front of her on his knees and kissed

her soft mons, darting his tongue between her closed legs in an

effort to reach her tasty slit.  He took the soap and massaged

her feet, and slowly scaled her legs, lightly stroking her vulva.

He looked up at Jshara and patted the inside of her knees,

signalling for her to spread her legs apart.

     Jshara did as was requested of her, giving Andy access to

her womanhood.  Andy soaped up a washcloth, and massaged her

crotch with it.  He used his fingers to stroke inside her labia,

massaging the soft, pink inner lips.  He pushed his fingers

insider her using the lubrication of the soap to guide him.  He

tried to lick her, but she was still out of reach.  He reached

between her legs and stroked his soapy hands between her

buttocks, searching for her tight hole.  When he found it, he

circled it slowly, and inserted his finger in it slightly,

twisting it slowly.  Jshara bobbed up and down trying to increase

the intimacy of his touch.

     When he was satisfied that her pleasure centers were clean,

he stood up and positioned himself behind her and cleaned her

back as she did his.  He, however, paid more attention to her

full breasts, cupping one in each hand.  He kneaded each of them

like small balls of dough, pinching her nipples slightly.  He ran

one hand down her stomach, placed it carefully between her

thighs, and kept a finger inside her slit while he nibbled the

soft flesh of her neck.  She turned around to face him, and they

let the hot water rinse them off while they held each other.

     Jshara turned off the shower and stepped through the force

field that dried most of the water off her silky smooth skin.

She extended a hand to him and pulled him from the shower.  He

followed her to the bedroom where she motioned him to the bed.

     Andy lay back on the bed and Jshara climbed above him,

straddling him with her thighs.  She bobbed up and down causing

her pussy to rub is hardened member.  She leaned forward offering

a breast to his mouth which he gladly accepted.  He sucked it and

nudged her off to one side.  Jshara parted her legs and allowed

Andy to stroke her thighs.  Andy reached between her legs to

caress her ass and slowly made strokes toward her crotch.  Jshara

moaned and opened her legs wider.

     Andy, still sucking Jshara's tits, placed his whole hand on

top of the soft skin of her pussy, gently stroking the soft folds

of flesh and the tender lips that peeked out from between them.

When he tried to push a finger into her, he noticed that she was

still dry.  He brought his hand to his mouth and licked his

finger, spreading a generous amount of saliva on it.

     He pushed his wet finger into her slit and slowly worked it

into her tight hole.  He bent his finger inside her and pulled at

the edges of her pussy gently, slowly stretching her tube.  After

several minutes, Andy noticed the dewey surface of her vagina was

getting more and more slippery until he was able to slip a

second, then a third finger into her moistness.

     Jshara began gyrating against his hand to put more pressure

on her sensitive g-spot.  She reached between her legs and tugged

slowly on her firm little clit.  Andy felt the inside of her cunt

fluttering against his hand and knew she was coming when her

juices began dribbling out onto the sheets.  Andy continued to

pump her until she was complete, then brought his fingers again

to his mouth to taste her juice.  He offered his hand to Jshara

who sucked his fingers clean.

     The sensations Jshara was feeling became overwhelming to

her.  "Fuck me,"  she said to Andy as she rolled back on top of


     "Gladly."  Andy whispered.

     Jshara reached for Andy's firm cock and     pushed her lips to

it until it was wet with her juice.  She put the head of it just

inside her velvety inner lips and sat down on it slowly driving

it all the way into her waiting warmth.  Both of them sighed in

unison as if their greatest desires had suddenly been achieved.

     Andy pulled Jshara to him and kissed her while she squeezed

her pelvic muscles around his cock.  She slowly bucked her hips

bringing him in and out of her hole.  Andy arched his back and

pushed every last inch of himself into her and finally felt the

head of his dick barely touch Jshara's cervix.  He caressed her

ass and her pussy while they continued to kiss.

     Andy could feel the cum building in his balls and signaled

it to Jshara.  She sat up and pushed herself all they way down

onto Andy's cock.  She increased her rhythm and began pushing

herself up and down on his rod.  Andy could see himself going

into her      her lips hugging him on his entrances and sucking him

on his exits.  The sight of him inside her, the smell of her sex,

the bouncing of her breasts, and the feel of her juices dripping

from his balls to his ass was too much for him.  He knew he was

about to cum and tried to hold back for as long as he could.

     He was desperate for them to come together.  He stroked

Jshara's sensitive nipples, pinched her clit gently, and pushed

his finger into her asshole to get her to come.  It was working.

He could feel her tighten around his dick.  Her fluids were

trickling steadily from her pink cunt.  However, it was too late

for him.  He held his breath and shot his load into her, gasping

for air moments later.

     Jshara was almost there.  Andy used everything he had to get

her to come.  He sawed his fingers across her clit and rubbed her

mons vigorously.  Finally, she came in the most powerful orgasm

she had ever experienced.  When she was done, she layed herself

on Andy's chest and cuddled him with him still inside her.


     "I can't believe it."  Dave had a look of shock on his face.

"You were the one concerned about this damned test, and I'm the

one who got the fucking C!"

     Andy smiled.  "I believe a wise friend of mine once said 'No

one said that class would be easy.'"

     "To which I remember you responding 'Yeah, fuck you, ok?'"

     "Oh well, you've still got a B average, don't worry about it

too much.   Maybe a good game of grav-ball will cheer you up."

Andy and Dave walked the rest of the length of corridor in


     When the two reached the portal into gym-deck, a familiar

face sqeezed past the Andy while he was walking through the door.

She patted him on the crotch and smiled.  Andy kissed her quickly

and entered the gym without saying a word.  He looked at Dave who

was quite astounded.

     "Wasn't that --?"  Dave asked.

     "Yep.  Sure was."

     Dave still looked to be in complete shock.

     "What a way to get a reward for acing a sub-phys test, eh?"

Andy and Dave laughed loudly and went on their way to gym.



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