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Archive-name: Fantasy/populspc.txt

Archive-author: P.C.Drake           08/01/91

Archive-title: Overview Of Populated Space, 2023

Chapter 1.

I twiddled my thumbs nervously as I stared out the large transparent-aluminum

viewing port that was designed to show off  the docking ships. Normally I

wouldn't have been uptight, but currently there was only one ship docked at the

star-base and it was a "Dragon" owned ship. My chances , it seemed, of getting

out of my 6 month unemployment streak were slim.  Most of the humanoid dragons

preferred to keep a pretty straight-forward crew of just "Dragons", but there

were occasions where a human (or any other race) might be able to get  a

position aboard such a ship if his/her qualifications were good enough. I fared

quite well with Ion Drives, Thrusters, and in a pinch I knew a little about

sensor equipment. I prayed that the recruitment officer for the ship would

think me "useful".

  I had no fears about being the only human for several months aboard an all

Dragon ship. One of the reasons I was picked to represent Humanity in Populated

Space was the fact that my Psyche scores showed that I got along well with

other races and showed no signs of Xenophobia, in fact, I was quite the

opposite!  I  preferred  the company of other races to that of humans, as I

felt more than a little paranoid around my own people. I had friends, but I did

not visit them often and I had never had a date with any of the girls I had

known, let alone sex. So when a "Wolfen" vessel was sent to introduce Humanity

to the rest of the Galaxy, I had no one to stop me from deciding that it would

be a fun and interesting adventure, and I took the various tests put before me

and passed. Granted , the first year was tough learning all  the new

technologies, languages, and socially accepted behaviors, but I got by. And

here I am today, nearly 10 light years from home, surrounded by a variety of

alien beings that range from the bizarre to the beautiful, and to me some of

the most beautiful of all were members of the "Dragon" race.

  I had never spoken to any of the dragon-kind before, as they are one of the

more influential races, and were rarely seen in any of P.Space's inner

stations. Since the big money comes from fuel ore refining or auctioning

planets off for colonization, most of the Dragon fleet was in deep space or on

the outer edges of Populated Space exploring uncharted sectors for new mineral

reserves and habitable solar systems.

Luckily my last post aboard a small  scout ship left me stranded at one of the

outer posts, and Dragons here were not an uncommon thing.  Which was fine, for

I found  that Dragons were VERY stimulating to look at, yet it was a two-edged

sword since most ships that docked here were of the Dragon race and would hire

only Dragon members. My credits were already running low. If they became too

depleted I would be shipped back to Earth and replaced by someone who could

support themselves. I didn't want that, as it most likely meant  terminal

boredom. Laws here in space were much more lax, and back on Earth a lot of the

freedom I have here in space would be taken away.

This was the cause of my nervousness, and by the time it  came for me to be

called into the interviewing room I was dry-mouthed and fidgeting.

The receptionist , who was a member of the Deer species, noted my condition and

asked me if I needed some water. I nodded my head and she smiled at me and

pointed to a water fountain around the corner. I drank several mouthfuls, and

thanked her for her help.

  Asking me to follow her, the doe led me to the Recruitment office for the

docked ship's Company, which was just past her desk. The doe opened the office

door for me and led me into a beautifully decorated room filled with plants of

the like I had never seen before. A large polished wooden desk with various

lighting devices and a computer console sat situated in the middle of the room.

A large, black leather-like chair that looked to be quite comfortable

accompanied the desk, its twin sat on the opposing side of the desk. To add to

the beauty, and the expense of  the room, the entire length and height of the

back wall was a reinforced section of transparent aluminum several inches

thick. The sight of a wall that opened into space was quite spectacular.

While I was still taking in the beauty of the room, the doe wished me good luck

and winked a heavy eyelid at me and smiled.  It was the first time another

species had found me attractive enough to announce their interest in me

sexually, and it suddenly threw my mind off course. I quickly pried my jaw from

the floor to say something, but the doe had already closed the door and left. I

made a note in my mind to have a nice discussion with her at the conclusion of

my interview. Even if I didn't get the job, I might still get to come out of

this ahead. I was quite "unexperienced" and I hoped to correct this deficiency.

There was no one currently in the room so I sat myself down in the chair facing

the stars. The chair was better than it looked. It was quite soft and from

somewhere within it came a cool breeze. The chair had a comfort control with

adjustable temperature, operated by a dial that was in the left hand arm rest.

I turned the dial and set the temperature to a comfortable setting.

  I heard  the swish of an automated door and turned to my right to be greeted

by a tall, athletic, yet good looking middle-aged female blue dragon. She

entered her office from a side room and crossed to her desk without making a

sound, the starlight playing off of her scales sparkled and made her appear

more silvery than blue in spots. Her cheek ruffs, which the Dragon species had

somehow acquired in their evolution, were short and well combed and she was

wearing the equivalent of a light weight dress that hung near her body.  It

revealed a little more than I was accustomed to seeing on most Dragons on other

sections of the station. The black color of the dress did not prevent the light

from the stars to shine through as she crossed in front of the viewing window,

and I could see quite plainly for just an instant the graceful curves of her

Dragon body. I realized I was staring and quickly averted my gaze before my

attention to detail was noticed by her.

However, it was too late to avert my gaze for other things, and my eyes held

that image in my mind until I had a growing problem. I shifted in my seat in an

attempt to hide my erection until it would, hopefully with some speed, pass


  The recruitment officer sat in her chair, looked at me and then at the

viewscreen on her computer which now was filled with information about

me...including, from what little I could see, the results from my tests that I

had taken to be introduced into P.Space.

  She spoke first with a voice that was firm and yet soft  for a member of her

species," You are Mr. Paul Curtis, Yes?"

  "That is correct. I am Paul Curtis." I said with confidence. After all, I

was... The female flicked a switch and the information about me changed to

another screen.

  "Mister Curtis, I am pleased to meet you! " She stood up from behind her desk

and extended her clawed, long-fingered hand to me. "It is an honor to be one of

the first of our species to welcome you to Populated Space. My name is Valesz

Unridoor,  I will be interviewing you, and I trust you are in good health?"

  "Yes, I am quite fine, and it is a pleasure to meet you as well." I took her

hand and placed it up to my lips in the traditional greeting gesture of her


  It was not what I expected Dragon flesh to feel like, it was quite smooth,

soft, and just slightly cool to the touch, and as I kissed the back of her hand

I felt it twitch as if my touch were not what she expected as well.

  "It is a pleasure to see that you know something of our culture," she said as

she withdrew her hand and sat down in her chair.

  "I have all the normally required information right here," she pointed at her

computer screen., swiveling it so that I could see what was listed about

myself. "But I also prefer to use my own judgment about people when I hire them

for my ship. A computer can tell me who is best for the job, but not who is

best suited for the other needs of the ship. Understand?"

I said yes, and was relived to note that my erection had disappeared for a time


  "Good. Before I start asking you any questions I would just like to inform

you that  these questions are not standard questions and do not have to be

answered, and that not answering them will not hamper your chances of getting a

position, but giving me the information that I require can only serve to better

your odds. Also, please give accurate information when doing so, as I hate to

find out about abilities that do not exist," she ended her sentence with a tap

of her claws on her desk  and looked me straight in my eyes, so that she knew I

was paying attention. She didn't have to worry, I was. I needed this job, and I

think that she knew that. Her golden, slitted eyes moved back to a piece of

paper that she had brought in with her.

  "Very well, then...I'll begin. I will note that any information which you

tell me will not leave this room unless you so desire it, and if at any time

you feel uncomfortable with the questions let me know."

I nodded my approval for her to begin, wondering what type of questions she was

about to ask me, that she would have to ask about me being uncomfortable.

  " state that you are 23 years old on your home world. Is that


  "I am."

  "Good. By my calculations you are one of the youngest to leave you home-world

for Introduction, are you not?"

  "Yes, I am,"...which was true, most of the other 100 people being of a older

age group between 35-50 years of age. The races that gave the tests thought

that the older generation should be given higher considerations as they were

thought to have more experience and were therefore more adaptable.

  "How do you feel about other races?" She still was looking intently at the

paper, on occasion marking it with a graphite stick.

  "Uhmm... Could you be a little more specific with the question please?" I


  "Ahh... Let's see. How well do you react socially with races other than your


  "Fine...I like to think I deal with Populace  races a good deal better than

my own at times. Socially though, I don't have much of a public life."

  "Hmm,"  Valesz etched another mark onto the paper, "Have you had any

interests in starting any relations with any member of any race?"

  "Well, I would like to, but it seems as if no-one is interested in me at the

moment." I said , beginning to feel a little warm.

  "Any race in particular?" Valesz cocked an eye up at  me from the paper she

was holding. It was conveniently blocking my view of the rest of her face.

  "No, not really. I'm attracted to several species." I said looking away from

her gaze, and staring at a suddenly interesting potted plant.

  "What races are those?"

  I  kept my gaze away from hers as I listed of those races which I might be

interested in having a relationship with: Wolfen, Deer, Fox, Catian, and I

mumbled when I came to the word Dragon.

  "I'm sorry...I didn't catch that last one. Could you repeat it please?"

Valesz had made a mark for each one of the races I had spoken out and was now

eying me rather peculiarly. I felt really warm now and knew then that I was


  "Dragon," I forced out.

  "Ah, thought so," and she made another mark. I thought I saw her flash a

quick toothy grin, but I might have been mistaken.

  "What do you specialize in?" A normal question! Great!

  "Well, I studied the latest in Ion Drives, repair, circuit and conduit

schematics, Thruster repair and a just enough Communications to be able to use

a Scanner/Sensor array if I have to, although I can't do repairs on them."

  "I see. What do you do for entertainment, to enjoy yourself? Any hobbies? I

ask this question because IF I hire you, I want to have things on board that

you will find amusing, lest you become bored and irritable, and with a crew of

15, irritability makes for unhappy company." She set the paper and graphite

stick down lightly and sat quietly for a moment or two, debating what she would

say next. After what seemed like a long period of time , she made up her mind

and suddenly pushed a button on her desk and turned her chair so that she could

stand up.

  "On my ship we are all one happy family. What one has, we all share. We have

to keep ourselves sane in the small confines of the ship. So when I conduct

these interviews I am looking for people who are not inhibited about race,

sexual preferences or other cultural habits. For instance: there are 8 Dragons

aboard my ship besides myself, and we Dragons do not normally wear garments of

any kind. We do so only on station because it is requested of us by other

races."  As Valesz spoke she walked around the edge of her desk and stood

before me, lifting her dress off over her head, revealing herself to me in the

soft light of the room. Her breasts were small but firm, and her scales from

her neck to her now exposed crotch were a lighter blue than the rest of her

body. Her tail twitched from side to side as she watched me gather her beauty

in my eyes.

  "But I can see that you have no problem with this minor habit," Valesz

grinned at me and then cast her golden eyes down at my own groin which was now

creating a very noticeable mound in my trousers. "So...I guess all that's left

to determine whether or not you have the job is to see if I approve of

you...yes?"  The dragon edged nearer me, and I made no objections as she slid

that wonderfully silky-smooth, cool hand into my shirt.  She pressed nearer me,

feeding her arm into my clothing up to her elbow, rubbing my hairless chest as

she did. Her hand paused for a moment over my left nipple which she pinched a

bit with her fingers and then withdrew her appendage to begin the job of

removing my clothing.

  "I think it's only fair that you know," I began slowly as Valesz began to

undo the buttons on my shirt in such a way that her beautiful hairless cunt was

inches from my face, "that...I've never been with anyone before."

The Dragon stopped removing my shirt, and an expression that could only be

interrupted as stunned surprise swept over her face ,"You mean you have never

had the pleasure of joining with another life? Not even a member of your own

race? How horrible! Come over here." Valesz pulled me up out of my chair

towards a small cushioned area that had been hidden by some of the larger

plants. She lay down on the cushion and instructed me to finish removing my


  I stripped my shirt off first, and then my pants, and I could tell that

Valesz was staring intently at the object that lay beneath my underwear with

extreme interest. A second later and I was exposed completely.

Valesz patted the cushion next to her and I knelt beside her. "First,  let's

give you what you have probably always wanted. Here..." She reached up with her

hands and grabbed my head pulling  me down on top of her. I opened my mouth and

she hers, and our lips met. We swept our tongues across each others for what

seemed like eternity, and we exchanged each other's breaths. Her mouth was

sweet and warm, and although filled with sharp teeth, she was quite careful not

to do me harm.

  "Wonderful.." was all I could manage before she kissed me again, this time

sending her long snake of a tongue down my throat, nearly making me gag for a

second, and then bringing it back oh-so-slowly for me to taste.

"Do you like that?" she asked. "Here, try the rest."

In my eagerness I had become single-minded. I reached for Valesz's

breasts,grasping one in my hand and feeling it.   The soft scales of her

underbelly reflecting light with each breath she took. I  touched her nipple

and watched it grow  stiff under the gentle touch of my finger.  Valesz moaned

a bit, and I slid down to place my lips on the tit that was not  receiving any

attention. I flicked my tongue across it and watched it harden as well. Without

delay I began to suck it while quickly flicking my finger across the nipple of

the other.

  "Mmm, that's nice..." she spoke, and reached under me to play with my balls.

She touched them lightly, and I jumped from the sensation, "Male dragons have

their balls hidden within them. Giving we females only a small bulge to play

with. Did you know that?"

  I shook my head, not stopping my attack on her breasts. I decided to do

something with my  free hand and slowly slid it down across her belly and down

her leg. Valesz's tailed whipped to the side, and she made a small high-pitched

squeal of pleasure.

  I decided that it was time to try the rest of this beauty as well, so I began

to run my tongue down the length of her body, wetting the scales on her stomach

and stopping just above her snatch.

  Valesz smiled at me and spread her legs apart, and I took this opportunity to

move around to a better position.

  I placed my hand on her cunt and felt it. It was smooth and slightly warm.

Her scales, like those on her hands, were imperceptibly small in this area and

it felt like satin as I ran my hand along the inside of her legs and across her

outer lips. Valesz's tail whipped violently each time I neared her clit, but I

never touched it. I was having fun just examining her treasure.

"Paul, please...  do something! I can't stand it any longer!" Valesz

practically wailed at me. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them with her

hands. I decided to go ahead, and I let a finger slip between her lips and up

to the hood of her clit. The Dragon's back arched high and her tail slammed

down behind me as my finger flicked across her nub. Valesz's mouth was open

wide in a gasp of pleasure. I placed my other hand between her legs and spread

her apart.

  Her bluish tinted ,scaled lips gave way to a pink and soaking gash and I

could see her swollen clit in the dim white light. A small stream of juice ran

from her now open cunt over my hand and I quickly bent over to lap it up. Her

aroma was not overpowering and was almost sweet to smell and I quickly shoved

my tongue into her pink hole. She was beyond warm, she was hot!  My tongue

sought it's way back into her slit as far as it could go and then began to lap

up her flavor.

  Valesz could be silent no longer. She let loose a high scream that continued

as I licked up inside her and swallowed her taste. I placed a wet finger on her

clit and began to stroke her quickly, using the gyrating motion of her hips to

judge when to speed up and slow down. I held her on the edge for several


  Valesz's  breathing suddenly came in deep strokes and she placed a hand at

her lips to help hold them apart, her other hand crushing as much of the

cushion she could fit into her clawed hand into a ball. Her cunt clasped  my

tongue tightly as she came, spilling cooze over  my chin  in a flood of sweet

pleasure. Her tail beat the floor with an urgency and strength matched only by

her orgasm. The dragon continued to moan in ecstasy for a moment and her cunt

muscles twitched and contracted, giving me the chance to remove my tongue from

her box. I inserted a pair of fingers and stroked them in and out slowly while

I shifted myself back around so as to lie next to the sleek reptile which I had

just eaten out. She smiled at me through her huge teeth and gave me another

kiss. Her tongue swept around my mouth searching for any of her own candy

flavored cum that was left  to lap up for herself.

My fingers were still working her cunt when Valesz got her breath back enough

to say, "That was fantastic! I've never in my 34 years had an orgasm like that!

You've never joined  before, huh?"

  "Nope. But if all Dragons taste as good as you do," I pulled my fingers from

her hole and placed one dripping on my tongue, the other she quickly sucked

into her own mouth, "I'm hooked."

  "Heh... We're not finished yet. I was going to be easy on you because this

was your first time but after that display, I plan to leave you a gibbering

vegetable." Upon saying this Valesz moved herself down to my now enraged

erection and wrapped her tongue tightly around it. Within a second she had it

soaked. "Another thing," she mouthed over my cock, "Male dragons don't get this

thick or long! I could fuck you for a week!" She swallowed my length into her

toothy cavern, running her fore teeth lightly over the base of my cock while

using her long tongue to tease the entire length of tool at the same time. My

head felt as if it would explode. All that came out of my mouth was a sound

that resembled, "Uh huh..oHHh!."

  I looked down between my legs and saw her looking up at me with those golden

slitted eyes. She had the content and happy look of a child at Christmas.

Valesz smiled without stopping her work, and lifted a hand to play with my

balls. She looked at them intently for a long time, fondling them and even once

squeezing them a bit, so that I too arched my back. Finally, her urge satisfied

and my cock still erect, the shiny blue form of Valesz lifted herself up and

placed my rod within her tight wet lips. She slid easily down it, impaling

herself with her own weight,and sending shudders of delight up both of us.

  I reached up to her chest and played with her breasts again. So perfectly

erect, firm and not overly huge like most men on Earth would want them.

  "I think you'll find this entertaining," Valesz said as she began to ride my

stiff member, her wet  pussy sliding easily up and down. Her light body weight

was easily borne by me and she used this to her advantage each time she brought

herself down by slamming herself onto my cock. It wasn't long before the mighty

dragon was wailing, with tears streaming from her eyes. Not that I would notice

though, for each time Valesz brought herself up she would  "ripple" the muscles

within her tight pussy, and the sensation brought on by this was unbearable. I

thought I would come from the first stoke, yet each time she hammered herself

down the oncoming orgasm would edge back slightly, only to build again a split

second later.

  Valesz's breathing came in quick hitches and she leaned herself up towards my

face, her claws ripping the cushion beside me in her pleasure. With a sudden

lurch and a scream that was muffled into a pillow that lay by my side, the

dragon came for a second time, her cunt contracting and giving a shudder that

pushed me over the edge as well.

  My hot jism filled her quickly, the huge load running out around the base of

my cock. I tossed my head  back and felt my eyes roll back into my head.  I

thought I would never stop cumming, and didn't know that my balls could hold so

much goo.  Finally, my cock stopped shooting and I gasped for air and Valesz

took this opportunity to disengage herself from my pole. She quickly cleaned my

still-sensitive cock with her tongue and I had to fight to keep from jumping.

  "You taste wonderful!" She exclaimed and shoved a finger up her twat to dig

out some more of the white treat she had discovered.

  "Nghh!" was all I could manage.

  "In case your wondering, young Mr. Curtis, although I doubt you're thinking

anything comprehensible yet, you're hired! I figured you would  fit the

requirements from your profile, but I wanted to test you out for myself before

I got you on board." Her claw trailed a wet cum line down my chest to my

stomach, "By the way, you don't have any objections to males, do you?"

I shook my head no.

  "Wonderful...there's more than one crew member that will be happy to hear

that. Let's lie here for a few minutes and then you can get dressed and

Katherine outside will give you the rest of the information you need.

  "The deer?"

  "Uh huh, and  she made mention of the fact the she was interested in you as

well. Maybe you should check up on it...hmmm?"

  "Heh...23 years of nothing and now twice in one day. It's funny how life

sometimes works doesn't it?" I said with a smile.

  "You know what they say: 'The best things come to those who wait.'" She

patted me on the stomach and then got up to leave. "I'll see you on 3 dock, Day

12 all right?" I agreed and she blew me a kiss and walked out the door that she

came in.

  I dressed slowly, trying to remember all that had happened...trying to keep

the images fresh in my mind for later.

  I smiled to myself as I walked out the office door and saw Katherine, the

Doe, waiting for me to come back out. She had obviously known what was going on

behind the closed door as she asked me what I thought of our employer. Life was

great! And as I walked down the hallway to my room with my arm around

Katherine's waist , I knew that I probably wouldn't have to worry to often

about my future here in Populated Space, as things just took a turn for the

much, much better.


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