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Archive-name: Fantasy/phased1.txt


Archive-title: Phased  - part 1

		   erotic science fiction

	Don't ask me where I got this.  I thought it was kinda interesting 

considering the content.  IF YOU DONUT WANT TO READ ABOUT NON-


Heterosexual intercourse.  Enjoy.

	The machine slowed down time or so it seemed, to such a point that 

all around him seemed to be completely still.  The Time Crease Field (TCF) 

surrounding him allowed him to move at relatively amazing speeds, 

relative that is to those around him.  This is his story.

	Jerry was enthralled with what was happening in the lab above his.  

Sure the work he was doing with new conductive materials was important, 

but in reality, not very exciting.  He could hear strange noises coming from 

up above, humming sounds, crackles, and an occasional giggle.  It was 

strange because he usually worked at night, after class and the sounds he 

heard coming from up above were from Dr. Steenway's lab.  ItUs not that 

strange to be working at night, but for his lab it was.  He was a stickler 

for order and a downright grumpy old fart.  Jerry doubted whether the old 

doc knew that someone was working in his lab at such late hours.  Strange 

he thought but nothing alarming.

	That Friday night, he came into his lab a saw a puddle of water.  

'Shit', he thought.  He looked up and saw a steady trickle of water working 

its way down the wall and onto the floor.  He thought that perhaps a pipe 

busted, a john overflowed, or something.  He began to clean up but realized 

he had better call maintenance or he be there forever.  After several calls 

they told him it would be about an hour before anyone came.

	'Shit', he said to himself.

	He hung up the phone and went upstairs to see if he could handle it 

himself.  He came to room 339, the one directly above his.  He glanced 

around and removed the master key for the building from his pocket, a 

copy of the one the janitor dropped in the hall six months ago.  Before 

returning it, he had made a key for himself for all those times he locked 

himself out of his lab, which he had a penchant for doing.

	Entering the room, he turned the light on a looked around for the 

source of the drip.

	All he remembered was stepping in the puddle on the floor, slipping, 

and grabbing something to break his fall.  What seemed to be a second or 

two later passed before he stood up and realized that everything in the 

room had a purple tint, well almost everything.  Slowly it faded and 

regular hues came back into focus.  He looked on the floor, saw the puddle 

and a small grayish box that looked like the remote for his tv at home.  He 

picked it up and thought 'odd'.  When everything was purple, this remained 


	Just then he realized that he wasnUt alone in the lab.  Mary the 

cleaning lady was standing bent over the sink.  It seemed strange because 

she was completely still.  How could she maintain such an awkward 

position, he thought.

	'Uh, hi Mary... big mess, huh?'

She didn't respond, move, or make the slightest flinch.

	'Mary?  You ok?  Is your back out?.... Mary?'

He walked over to her and looked around at her face.  She had sort of a 

pained look on her face, but with her eyes sort of half closed.  Very odd.

Just then he looked and saw the water wasn't dripping from the sink 

anymore.  Well, it was, itUs just that drops were hung in midair, not 


	'What the fuck....' he said.  He looked at the gray remote in his hand.  

He pushed the button marked 's'.  Just then water splashed and Mary bent 

over a little bit more over the sink, spreading her legs a bit to reach the 


	'Oh shit!' he said, and pushed it again.  All stopped.

	'What the fuck....?', he thought to himself.  He knew that Dr. 

Steenway's team was doing some exotic shit but this was a kick in the 

ass.  He had heard it explained in one of his lectures.  Generating what he 

called 'Time Creases', moving as fast as gas molecules thus rendering all 

other objects relatively motionless and the object in the Time Crease 

invisible, sort of like the subliminal movie frames that used to be 

incorporated into feature films.  Moving so fast that they were unnoticed.  

Heavy shit, he thought.

	But now what?  He was in a fuckin' Time Crease?  Great he thought.... 

glancing back at Mary he went to touch her on the shoulder to see if she 

would notice him.  He tapped her.  Nothing.  Again. Nothing.

	'Great' he thought.  'I'm am definitely fucked'.

	Wandering around the lab for what seemed an hour or so, he fought 

off the first pangs of panic.  Whenever he was stressed, he whacked off.  

But now... what?!  What the fuck was he going to do?  Stopping his pacing, 

he faced the wall and contemplated the benefits of jerking off and 

releasing some endorphins to calm himself down.  He smiled to himself, 

realizing the ludicracy of his male mind.  He slowly swung around to gain 

his bearings.  He looked back at Mary and saw..... black underwear.

	When she went to bend over a bit more, her cafeteria style dress had 

hiked up quite a bit.  Jerry was phased, creased, whatever you want to call 

it.  But all he saw was black lace panties riding up the crease, er crack of 

her ass.

	'Invisible', he thought.  'and unnoticed.....'.  'Interesting', he thought 


	He walked over to Mary and looked at her with a grin.  She was 

pretty, about 30 with a kid.  Divorced.  She was from Puerto Rico, kinda 

looked like Whitney Houston, but with bigger breasts and a rounder butt.  

Maybe about 20 pounds heavier, but hell, he thought, Whitney's a twig.

	He ran his finger down her back, feeling the polyester of her uniform.  

He always had a thing for tight, polyester work uniforms, you know, 

nurses, coffee shop waitresses, that sort of thing.  This thing ain't so bad 

after all, he thought.

	He stepped behind her and took hold of her hips, no reaction.  He 

stepped up closer and pushed his groin against her rear.  No reaction.  He 

began to grind her, feeling the softness of her ass beneath the polyester.  

Her body moved ever so slightly to the movement of his hips.  He decided 

to be more bold.  Slowly he pushed her uniform above her hips, exposing 

her black panty covered ass.  No reaction.

	He released one hand and reached around to feel her right breast.  

'Oh, yeah' he thought.  By this time, he had a massive hard on.  He released 

her for a second and stepped back to drop his pants.  They fell to the floor 

in a pile around his ankles.  Shuffling back up to her, he pulled her 

underwear down, exposing her pussy from the rear, just a hint of pink was 


	Not being able to control himself any longer and putting the ultimate 

faith in science, he took hold of her hips again and pushed his hard dick 

against her mound.  She was dry but slowly his precome lubricated the 

entrance.  A little bit, a bit more, in, out, slowly, finally with a steady 

push, he filled her up with the biggest erection he'd ever had.

	Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, he humped her from 

behind.  He watched as the softness of her ass jumped with each jolting 

push.  Faster now, he took hold of her hips and grabbed at the pushed up 

hem of her uniform.  He came hard, harder than he ever had before.  He felt 

gushes coming out, one after another.  Finally subsiding, he enjoyed the 

last twitches of his orgasm.

	He looked around at her face, the same half eyes closed expression.  

She seemed totally unaware that this dude had just gotten his rocks off on 

her.  He stepped back, wiped off his cock with the front of his briefs and 

zipped up.  Smiling he looked at his handiwork slowly dripping down the 

inner portion of her thighs.  The whiteness of his cum running slowly down 

the darkness of her skin.

	Standing there for awhile, he thought he'd better wipe her off and 

put her clothes back in order.  After throwing the wet paper towels in the 

wastebasket and putting her in order, he laid back down in the puddle and 

pushed the 's' button.  At once she came to life, muttering about the mess 

in the lab.  Spinning around, she saw Jerry sitting up.

	'Good lord!  Are you ok?', said with genuine concern.

	'Yeah, fine, just bumped my head'

	'Let me help....' she said.  Suddenly she noticed the warm wetness 

between her legs and deep inside her.  It wasn't there a second ago, she 

thought.  Strange.  She helped Jerry stand up and went to get a mop.

	Jerry looked Mary's ass as she walked out the door, then at the 

remote, grinned, and thought 'Interesting, very fucking interesting.....'.

coming soon........ Karen finds the remote.... stay tuned.



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