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Archive-name: Fantasy/pandora.txt


Archive-title: Pandora

Sometimes Pandora thought she was carrying the whole world 

on her shoulders.  There were so many men on the boards begging 

for sexual satisfaction, and she wasn't getting ANY help from the 

other girls.  It would take hours to sign on all the boards and 

answer all their mail.  Hundreds of messages a day! 

     John Holmes, Dick Edwards, Used Person, Laz Long, Mike Shoen, 

and on and on.  Where were they all coming from?  Every day 

brought a new name to her lips ... every day brought a new cock 

that was begging to be sucked ... every day brought a new horny 

MAN pleading for a chance to open Pandora's Box. 

     Where was Playful Bunny?  Where was Lorie Moms?  Where was 

Tashriia Regis?  There were so many men, and so little time! 

Renee Holmes wasn't a BIT of help.  All she wanted was for 

Pandora to get HER off, too!  Oh dear, oh dear.  What was 

Pandora supposed to do?  The world of responsibility weighed 

heavy on her shoulders. 

     The telephone company was demanding payment for excessive 

connect hours.  And when she wasn't dialing out to some BBS, or 

to some man with a hard problem, it was ringing off the hook with 

another request for Phone Sex.  Even her answering machine was 

threatening to go on strike!  Playing sexy messages all day to 

new callers while Pandora worked was getting it overheated. 

     Her appointment book for the Hot Tub Pizza Hut Takeover was 

jammed solid.  Even with 5 minute turnaround between quick feels 

in the parking lot, and 10 minutes between back seat bingo's, 

there was not enough time.  She was beginning to think she would 

have to triple-up instead of satisfying only two at a time.  

Those poor men!  So many were doomed to jerk off between two warm 

pieces of Pizza instead of between her warm breasts.  How 

terribly sad! 

     Suddenly, in a flash of light, a beautiful woman appeared 

waving a magic wand.  "I am your fairy godmother," she announced. 

"And because of your GREAT service to Mankind, your wish is 

granted."  With a wave of the wand and a few sucks on Pandora's 

quivering nipples, the fairy godmother worked her magic.  "From 

now on, Pandora, you will have all the time you need.  As soon as 

you touch someone new, the whole world except you and that person 

will become suspended in time.  Time will resume only after one 

of you has an orgasm." 

     With joy in her heart, Pandora raced to the Pizza Bash.  And 

sure enough ... as soon as she squeezed Dr. Strangelove's crotch, 

everyone around them froze like a photograph.  She was so excited 

that she came in her pants immediately... and everybody started 

moving again.   Poor Doc hadn't gotten anywhere.  But he would 

have to wait.  She looked around and picked her first man.  She 

had wanted him for months but he never had time.  She raced to 

him  ... she kissed him on the cheek ... and the world froze 

around them. 

     At last!  She quickly explained to him what was going on. 

Then, in full view of everybody's unseeing eyes, she and her 

secret heart throb slowly undressed each other for the very first 

time.  They made slow, sweet love.  She had forever, and he took 

his time.  Finally, his pleasure could not be contained.  Right 

there on top of the Pizza table, he shot his load deep inside her

burning pussy.  And the force of his thrusts sent her over the 

top to her own orgasm. 

     Suddenly, everybody started moving again!  They did a quick 

double-take and stared at Pandora and her man in sexual bliss.  

To their frozen perception, it seemed as though Pandora and her 

man had FLOWN through the air onto the table, with him impaling 

her in the same blurred motion.  And how had their clothes been 

ripped from their bodies? 

     In a brilliant and desperate move, Pandora thrust her hand 

out and smacked Lorie's ass.  At the instant of contact, the world 

froze again ... including her man still buried inside her.  Only 

she and Lorie were able to move.  Pandora explained the story to 

Lorie, and got Lorie to help her slide out from under her statue- 

like former lover. 

     Lorie, of course, saw a golden opportunity.  Here was a good 

looking man lying frozen on the table with the best hard-on she's 

seen all week.  She flipped him over.  Then, hiking her skirt up 

and pulling her pantyhose down, Lorie immediately impaled herself 

on his warm and rigid cock!  Once, twice, thrice she thrust her 

tight pussy up and down this magnificent tool ... and the world 

came unstuck again as Lorie's legs shivered in a sweet climax. 

     Pandora was ready for it this time.  As soon as movement 

began, she tapped her next victim/lover-to-be.  The switch 

happened so fast, that it seemed as though Lorie froze into a 

statue at the same instant that Pandora's new lover woke up.  The 

two of them had fun taking Lorie's blouse and bra off.  Then, 

while Pandora rubbed her pussy against the hard nose of her first 

lover, her second lover pushed his cock inside her mouth.  While 

his hips thrust forward towards Pandora's face, his hands were in 

back, rubbing Lorie's tits and playing with her frozen nipples. 

     Pandora kept her hand on Renee's frozen breast, too.  As 

soon as her second lover began to ejaculate, he froze in 

mid-spurt while Renee came to life.  Pandora extricated herself 

from the nose and cock of her lovers.  And she proceeded one more 

time to explain what was going on.  Renee thought things through, 

and decided that Lorie was a good place to end up.  So Renee 

proceeded to undress.  Then she climbed up on the table and rubbed 

her small hard breasts against Lorie's frozen, open mouth.  At 

the same time, Pandora guided Renee's clitoris back and forth 

across Lorie's nipple while Renee sat on the man's reaching hands. 

With a few of Pandora's fingers deep inside Renee's quivering 

pussy, the switch occurred in only a few minutes. 

     Pandora, meanwhile, kept her other hand on a third man so 

that the frozen tableau would not come undone.  And so it went, 

one-by-one, until every man and woman in the Pizza Hut was naked 

and sucking or fucking or otherwise beginning their orgasm.  

Everybody was either on a table, or on the floor, or upside down 

in a booth being eaten by someone else.  And every one but the 

last was frozen into position.  It seemed to take days, but the 

clock never moved a minute. 

     Finally, Pandora ran out of friends, neighbors, visitors, 

cooks, bus boys, waitresses, and managers.  There was nobody else 

within reach.   At the instant that the last climax began, the 

whole world came unglued.   EVERYBODY at that instant finished

where they left off ... right in the middle of an orgasm.  The 

shower of sperm and pussy juice erupted and flowed, and a hundred 

voices moaned and groaned and screamed and yelled all at once, 

"I'M COMING!"  The pleasure of seeing all that ecstasy at the same 

time gave Pandora the biggest orgasm of her life. 

     Of course, everybody was shouting and hollering, and pumping 

and fucking at once.  And everybody knew exactly what happened.  

Pandora had carefully explained the situation to each person, one 

at a time.  Each person recognized the partner they were with as 

the one they chose to finish with.  And when the excitement died 

down, and Pandora's friends started getting dressed, they hugged 

her and kissed her and asked her what she was going to do next.   

     Pandora slyly smiled at them and announced,  "I'm going to 

the Super Bowl." 



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