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Archive-name: Fantasy/pandmrph.txt


Archive-title: Lure of the Panda People

               An erotic story set in the not-so-far future.


      It was a warm day in late spring in he year 2014.  Karen Ball had 

just gotten off work from her job as an artificial intelligence programmer 

for the huge North Am CRYSTAL HOLOGRAPHIC CO.  It was 4 p.m. and she had a

date that was so exciting that she could hardly contain her eagerness.  

If the people she worked with knew whom she had a date WITH, she MIGHT be 

in danger of losing her job, but that was all, there was nothing ILLEGAL 

in what she was going to do, and she hoped that someday MOST people would 

come around to her way of thinking that many others nevertheless shared. 

In fact she had several close friends that had enjoyed these special 

'dates' and after hearing their erotic and sometimes rather wild and 

fantastic accounts of what they had experienced, she just KNEW that she 

would never be completely satisfied until she had tried one, also.  Her 

friend Becky had arranged this date for her, and now she was almost at 

the address that had been given her.  Her date's name was Bruce Pong, and 

he was a 'hybrid' cross between a Giant Panda and a man!  

     This was her first time trying something like this, but deep inside 

her she had a wonderful warm feeling as she entered the front door of the 

apartment building, that it would not be her last!  She climbed a flight 

of stairs until finally she was at apartment C-33.  Nervously, as her 

trembling finger slowly reached to push the door buzzer, thoughts flashed 

through her head as to how such a wonderful thing as a Panda-Man could 

come to be.  It had really all begun back in the late 1990's when a 

millionaire Biologist/Geneticist named Prof. Russell had, at the age of 

60, secluded himself for several years on a small tropical island that he 

owned.  He did not appreciate visitors, and never left the place until he 

died of heart failure in the early 2000's, having had all his supplies 

flown in.  And strange supplies they were, indeed, any and all sorts of 

laboratory equipment and machinery and components and wild animals!

     No one could really figure out what the old Professor was really up 

to as he toiled long days on his island, running from one booby-trapped 

and electric-fence guarded compound to another at odd times, as reported 

by casual boaters who often wondered at his strange behavior.  Some 

thought he was dangerous.  others thought his mind had snapped, but no 

one really guessed the truth, and as he was stationed in International 

waters and nothing that he had ordered delivered to the island was 

considered to be any real kind of threat to anyone, people left the man 

that some called 'Old Looney' pretty much alone, if for no other reason 

than the heavily-fortified fortress-like aspect of the place that he had 

set up to keep people away from whatever he was doing.

     Oh, there were times that he radioed to the mainland for hired help 

to do construction work and other things that he was unable to do 

himself, but even they were allowed access to only a small part of his 

compound, and as soon as the work was done, he sent them back, their pay 

sent directly into their account back home from his Swiss bank.  The 

people who worked for him did say that, although extremely odd and 

fiercely protective of most buildings on his island, he did seem to be a 

nice old man, and no one ever said that he was not generous when it came 

time to pay them, so no one really minded doing work for him.  Anyway, 

one day after the turn of the new century, All of the radio links that

Prof.Russell used to occasionally keep in touch with the mainland suddenly 

began beaming out a strong S.O.S. on many frequencies, interfering with 

normal radio communication.  Unable to contact Dr. Russell and almost 

sure that something was wrong, a rescue team was sent to his island.

     Upon arriving, they found that all of the power had been shut off to 

the high-voltage electric fencing, electronic locks, and booby-traps 

surrounding his compound., but not to the interior of the buildings 

themselves., so it did'nt take them too long to get into his encampment.

They found Russell on the floor of the first building, hand clutching his

chest, radio control panel in his other hand, the long coiled cord snaking

up to the main unit. On the wall they noticed that the main switch on the 

island's electronic defense panel had been turned off, probably by Russell 

himself.  But why?  If he did not want anyone on the island while he 

lived, why would he want to make it easy for strangers to get on it after 

he had died?  Was there something here that he felt needed to be found 

quickly?  One man touched Russell's body.  It was already cold.  However, 

upon feeling his chest, the man opened Russell's shirt and noticed that he 

had a small flat foil packet taped to his chest.  It contained a note.

     The note read, in part:  "If you are reading this note, it probably 

means that I am dead.  I have labored many long years on a project that I 

hope will bring harmony, peace, and unity to mankind.  We have been in the 

'space age' for over half a century and despite the billions upon billions 

of dollars spent on probes, telescopes, radio antennas, and other things, 

there has so far not been one shred of evidence to show that life exists 

anywhere else in the cosmos.  I believe that it does, but it is currently 

beyond our means to detect or contact such life.  In the centuries to 

come, when we have the capabilities to reach other stars, I feel that we 

will find much life, but also discover that INTELLIGENT life such as we 

consider such will be exceedingly rare.  I have sensed for a long time 

the dissapointment coming from our failure to find other intelligence, and 

have felt the great longing and loneliness that humans feel in being the 

only true intelligent species on Earth.  We can freely communicate with 

each other, it seems, but not with anything else.  I have worked hard to 

change all that, to give mankind friends in intelligence and future 

companions who will keep him from falling into the boredom and stagnation 

that loneliness can bring.  Please search the other buildings immediatly, 

and take care of and raise my children.  God bless you.'  

     "My Children", the medical team wondered.  What the devil?  Professor 

Russell never married.  He HAD no children!  Nevertheless, as they began 

to search the other buildings, they soon discovered what Dr. Russell had 

been doing.  And the next morning it was making headlines all over the 

world.  Inside were large cages and.....playpens, containing what appeared 

to be animals but most of them with the shape and form of young bipedal 

human children of two or three years, fur-covered bodies notwithstanding!

Many were crying a strange yowl that was something of a cross between a 

baby's cry and a puppy's whine.  There were dozens, of all types and 

descriptions!  The team was standing around in utter astonishment at the 

way the situation was already when a 'child' that somehow resembled a 

wolfish creature reached for one of the female team members through the 

netting of his playpen and SPOKE, 'hungwy. pweese, bottle.'  She fainted. 

     After an 'inventory' was taken, it was found that there were 8 

'children' who had wolfish characteristics, actually they appeared 'human'

in body proportions only, and resembled nothing else so much as young 

Werewolves.  There were 17 who looked, apart from their humanoid form, 

exactly like black-and-white giant pandas!  Then 6 were found who 

resembled black-and-brown bear cubs, and 22 others whose apparent identity 

was not exactly immediatly certain.  They all ended up being shipped back 

to the United States, which took immediate jurisdiction, and a fierce 

legal battle ensued for many years over ownership of them and the legal 

rights, if any, that they had.  Other countries wanted them. Scientists 

wanted to study or dissect them.  a few, narrow-minded individuals thought 

that they should be destroyed, or made slaves.  but after being in the 

custody of researchers for a while, it soon became apparen that these 

young 'animal-kids' were at LEAST as intelligent as fully human children 

of a similar physiological age, and were much stronger in most cases.  

they were soon learning to read, write, spell, even create things as good 

as, or in some instances, BETTER than a human could do.

     It was soon decided that, given the gentle behavior they showed, so 

unlike the animals some of them resembled, and their great intelligence 

and learning ability, that they should be given the full rights and 

priviledges of any fully-human citizen, and that anything less would be 

cruel and inhuman.  That was the start, nearly 14 years ago.  Many of the 

Professor's 'children' it was found, reached full Adult body maturity in 

as little as 7 or 8 years, longer than it would take a 'pure' animal to do 

but shorter than the time it takes a human.  Wether they would have a full 

human lifetime would not be known for many years, but one Doctor gave most 

of them possible life spans reaching into the late 50's, AT LEAST.  It 

appeared that Russell had managed to create most of his 'family' by 

microscopically combining living DNA code from two different species, and 

then growing the embryo in tanklike artificial wombs and also using other,

pure animal species as surrogate mothers.  Since the DNA (and RNA) of 

any species is simply molecular code, it can be extracted from the cell of 

one kind and parts of it 'spliced' into the living egg cell of another 

species, without any danger or fear of rejection.  In fact, the egg cell

not only accepts the strange code as part of itself, but actually thinks 

it has been fertilized when this splicing has been done and begins to 

grow!  Russell had apparently used human eggs he had obtained.

     The male cells did not necessarially have to be sperm, all Russell 

needed was the genetic code contained within any living cell from an 

animal's body., to combine with the egg.  He had apparently exhaustively 

studied the maps of the millions of human gene bits compiled in the 1990's 

and had a thorough knowledge of what traits the most important ones were 

for.  Some were for the color of eyes or hair, while other gene bits were 

responsible, if inherited, for disorders such as leukeimia or haemophilia.

Still others apparently did nothing.  What Russell had done was to make 

his own genetic-bit code maps of the animal species whose cells he was 

using, and using scanning microscopy and micro-lasers, had eliminated the 

animal traits that he found undesireable, such as those for undue 

aggressiveness, and spliced the remaining genetic material into the human

DNA traits that he wanted, such as those coded bits representing the 

potential for high intelligence, upright stature, large brain size, and

other items.  It probably took him dozens of failed attempts for each egg 

cell that he finally succeeded in getting to grow and divide, but up until 

the day he died, he never gave up trying. 

     And the surprises were still not over.  It was never learned exactly 

how, for example, Russell had managed to obtain some live body cells from 

a Giant Panda, but it was speculated that a fellow scientist stationed in 

China or one of the world's major zoos had a hand in helping him obtain 

them.  It was clear that of all the creations he had worked on so far, 

Russell was most proud of his Panda-people, not only because they were 

most beautiful of form and pleasing to the eye, but because they seemed

to show the most potential for adaptability into the planet's family of 

man.  Of all of the genetically-mutated life forms removed from the 

island, almost all showed at least human-level intelligence potential, 

although it must be remembered that this was human-type intelligence as 

interpreted by the thought-processes of another species!  It could not be 

expected to be identical, but was instead a kind of intelligence all to 

its own, and no one could ever be sure what the end result would be.

     After removal from the island to the mainland, 2 of the Panda-human 

children died, plus a few from the other species types, of some unknown 

malady.  it was rumored that some religious fanatic poisoned them, but 

this has never been proven.  Another surprise awaited when the pure animal 

females of different types---bears, wolves, and others---were removed from 

the island and found to have been already impregnated with embryos as 

surrogate mothers.  They began to give birth several weeks to a few months 

later, and this added 4 new Panda-people to the population, among 12 of 

other gene-types.  As they grew, due to their gene-selected gentle nature 

and high intelligence and eagerness to learn, the Animal-children were 

allowed to mix and play with human children of their own general weight-

range.  There were a few non-serious accidents, mainly because the animal-

children were surprised to find that their human playmates were so much 

weaker and more easily injured than they were.  But it was not at all 

uncommon to see kids and non-kids playing together on a playground, or the 

'weird' kids being invited over to their friend's house for dinner. And 

someone thought of giving these geneomorphs average American first names,

and last names relating to their background in some way... as in the case

of Bruce Pong, who was one of the original 17 Panda-kids!

     One final surprise came in the last few years when it was learned 

that some of the animal-people of the same mixed species type had managed 

to impregnate each other.  Far from being sterile, these were not 

'hybrids' at all, but an entirely new genetic variation or race of 

creatures that were fertile!  Russell had done his work well.  And it was 

found out that when the mothers gave birth, the babies were true to form 

to their freaks, throwbacks, or deformities.  the world had 

indeed been given not one, but several races of non-human friends with 

which to associate and grow with.  Many of them, especially the Panda-

people, had no trouble finding jobs to support themselves or places to 

live, mostly due to their celebrity status.  many were paid handsomely 

just to visit a clinic a few times every week and let doctors and 

scientists do studies and lectures on them.  And, surprising as it may 

seem, at least the Panda-people had inherited something else from their 

human-spliced genes.....a year-round intense sexual drive.

     This had been rumored at for some years as the growing pandas were 

caught at least several times playing 'doctor' with their human ordinary human kids will sometimes do.  But it really became 

apparent two years ago when a couple of the 19 adult Panda-people were 

known to have made an 'underground' pornographic movie., with humans.

Such things were not illegal in 2014, but it was something that was not

ever mentioned in 'proper' society, hence the 'underground' status of the

movies.  Nobody was really sure, anyway, exactly WHICH Panda-people were

in the movies, because to most humans they all looked almost exactly

alike!.  But as all these thoughts flashed through her head in only an 

instant, Karen realized that that was then and this was here and now!  She 

pressed the button and heard a buzz.  a few seconds later she could hear 

the stepping of heavy padded feet and the door began to open, and she 

found herself looking into the face of what for all the world appeared to 

be the face of a Giant Panda like you see in the zoo, except that this one 

was a bit over two meters tall and standing upright, wearing a bathrobe! 

"Hello?" he spoke in a strange and mellow, pleasant non-human voice.  She 

was looking down at the floor where he was standing at what she thought 

were black house slippers of some kind that he was wearing, until she 

realized that she was looking at his real, furry feet!  "You must be 

Karen", he then said.  "Won't you please come in?  I think you're very 

pretty."  Blushing as she entered his apartment, and wondering if he was 

coming onto her already, or just trying to be friendly?

     The air in his apartment had an odd herbal odor of some sort, but 

the place appeared to be very clean and spacious and lavishly furnished... 

Hell, she thought, it was a HECKUVA lot nicer than her OWN apartment.  

"Won't you sit down", he pleasingly asked, "and I'll get us something to 

drink?"  "Oh....Yes", she finally spoke.  "Forgive me., it's just that 

I've never had a with someone like you...I mean, someone as 

nice as you....I mean I've never ment someone like you actually in person 

before!"  Bruce the Panda-man chuckled, "Yes, It's ok, I understand 

perfectly, I get that reaction from almost everyone. I'll be right back."

He went into what was apparently the kitchen and in a few moments she

could hear the tinkling of glass, and soon after he appeared holding a 

tall clear glass of pink liquid in each hand.  "I like wine"., he said, I 

hope that does'nt surprise you.  "Uh, not at all", she replied, "I enjoy 

it too.  Are you an....uh....vegetarian also?"  "Not really", he said as 

he sat down beside her on the overstuffed couch.  "I eat some chicken or 

fish once in awhile, but don't really care for much other kinds of meat, 

so I guess I'm a semi-vegetarian of a sort."

     She noticed the many potted bamboo plants sitting around the 

apartment.  "Do you eat that stuff, too?", She asked.  "Only once in a 

while, as a snack of sorts.  My gut is a little different from my wild 

cousins'.  Actually, I really enjoy rice, cottage cheese, pudding...."  he 

trailed off as he looked at her.  His bathrobe had come open, and she 

could see that he was wearing what appeared to be a giant-size pair (about 

size 'XXXLLL' she would guess) of men's boxer shorts underneath., around 

his... well, he really had no 'waist' of sorts, but he was wearing them 

just the same.  She noticed her stare and looked down towards his own 

lower body.  She felt her face flush as she blurted, "Uh, I was noticing 

how big you are., I MEAN, how big the shorts you are wearing are! I mean, 

you uh, must be quite heavy?"  "Not really", he said in such a nice voice.  

"actually, I'm overweight".  "You know", Karen said, looking now at his 

black furry arm that was holding his glass of wine, "Until this moment I 

always kind of thought that this whole animal-men business has been some 

kind of huge prank with people in costumes or robots or something,'re real, ....are'nt you?"

     His thin, black lips, shiny with wine, curled upwards into a smile 

at both corners.  "Gee, I sure hope so", he giggled.  Still looking at the 

shiny black textured fur on his arm, she hesitatingly reached her hand 

out, and it hovered in midair.  Fingers trembling, she asked, "May I---may 

I touch you?"  "Sure" he replied, whereupon her fingers touched the smooth 

fur of his arm and, light as a feather, began to slowly stroke up and 

down.  His fur was not quite as smooth as it appeared to the eye, but was 

not coarse, either.  Taking her other hand, she massaged and felt of his 

heavy arm, feeling the strong muscles and heavy bones beneath, as he 

watched her with interest.  Taking his paw, er..hand, she kneaded his 

short fingers slowly open and say that it was much like a human hand as 

far as manipulative ability was concerned, only the whole hand was heavy 

and covered with black fur on the back, and the fingers and thumb were a 

bit stubbier, though thicker, and instead of fingernails he had claws on 

the ends, which had been trimmed short.  And the fingers had smooth black 

naked pads underneath.  She was fascinated by his body structure.

     She lay her palm inside his, and he slowly closed his hand around 

hers, as if they were shaking hands.  Her other hand, that was massaging 

his arm, continued to do so, and she let her face slowly sink into the 

wonderful cusion of fur covering that heavy appendage.  " really 

ARE real", she sighed, as she knew it was true., and she could even smell 

the soft, exotic, barely-there, natural, non-human scent on his arm. He 

sat the glass of wine down that he had been holding with his other hand, 

and replied, "Gee, like I said before, I sure hope so. Uh, may I touch YOU 

now?  Would it be allright with you?"  Her eyes were closed as her face 

lay buried in the fur of his arm, she looked as if she was in a dream, and 

mumbled, "uh-huh, You Bet!"  Accepting her invitation, he slowly leaned 

his massive head over toward the back of hers and she could feel his warm 

breath softly carressing the back of her neck.  He gently touched his 

shiny, moist, warm, wet black nose into her blonde hair and began drinking 

in her human scent, along with the scent of the perfume and shampoo that 

she had used.  He looked as if he, too, were in a dream as he slowly drew 

in her natural scents, with a nose and olfactory arrangement that was 

many, many, many times more sensitive than even the best human nose.

     He tenderly lay a paw/hand on each of her shoulders as he lightly and 

carefully sniffed her hair and now around her face, being oh-so-careful, 

as if he were afraid he might accidentally harm her in some way.  Her 

hands slowly reached out as he did this and began to bury themselves in 

the wonderfully thick fur of his chest, and as his heavy arms slowly 

reached in behind her to pull her closer, she softly moaned and tilted her 

head back, exposing her long, smooth alabaster neck to him.  He looked at 

it for a moment, thinking it was very beautiful, then slowly, not knowing 

wether he was driven by conscious thought or some animal desire still 

hidden deep in his genes, he slowly opened his mouth wide, and leaning 

forward, lowered his head until his huge, wide-open mouth had completely 

covered her naked neck, then ever so slowly closed his jaws until only the 

very tips of his four sharp, pointed canine teeth just made contact with 

her flesh, but no more.  Karen did not try to pull away, nor did she show 

any fear, because deep in her heart she KNEW that the Panda-man himself 

realized that he was totally incapable of deliberately harming her.  

still, it was a strange sensation, as she first felt the warm wetness of 

his lips spreading slowly across her neck, could feel his hot breath, and 

then the fantastic tickling sensation of the thousands of tiny short hair 

tips surrounding his stretched-open lips making contact with her naked 

flesh.  Then followed the incredibly erotic experience of his smooth 

slippery tongue dancing a waltz up and down her adam's apple and windpipe!

     She moaned loudly in spite of herself, looking for all the world, 

with her arms now outstretched, like a freshly-killed gazelle caught by 

the throat in the iron jaws of an African Lion!  Submitting oneself like 

this to a true wild beast would almost surely be inviting certain death, 

as he could easily have crushed her throat in less than an instant. But he

could not, would not, and she felt safe and secure in knowing this, and 

also quite wonderful in this mock 'surrender' since it would have to have 

no less an effect than to demonstrate to him how much she truly and

totally trusted him, and as he himself showed her how much he valued her 

by not biting down, as he acted out what must have been a primitive 

impulse that had come to the surface in a spontaneous moment that probably 

he did not understand himself.  Slowly the moment passed, and as he lifted 

his large, black-and-white furred face easily from her neck, mouth still 

partially open, she slowly tipped her head down and opened her eyes even 

as he looked up at her, faces only a small distance apart.  They tenderly 

gazed into each other's eyes for a moment, and he thought that he had 

never seen a more beautiful shade of blue, and wondered if his wild 

cousins were really colorblind like he had heard?  the wonders they would 

never know if that were so!  At the same time, Karen was staring into his 

large, dark-brown almost-black irises and wondering how they could appear 

to be so beautiful and sexy-looking to her, like deep dark pools.

     They stared for a few minutes more. Then, as if in perfect harmony, 

their faces and mouths drew slowly together until her partially-opened 

full red lips were touching his thin, wide, black shiny ones, which slowly 

drew tight and parted, then opened wide.  Almost as if by a reflex action, 

her tongue thrust out into his open mouth and was greeted almost instantly 

by his wide, long, smooth pink tongue which slid across the top of hers 

and into her own mouth, which she was now holding open as wide as possible 

in order to give him as full access to the inner regions of her oral 

cavity as was physically possible.  She could feel his warm wet tongue 

tickling the back of her throat, could smell his sweet breath which 

reminded her strangely of warm spring air, could taste his saliva, which 

was like nectar, and she wondered what he was thinking of her as his long 

flat tongue explored every nook and cranny of her mouth, and even as it 

did so, her own tongue was busy carressing his, whirling and fluttering 

around it like a butterfly, lubricating it still more with her own saliva 

so as to enable him to reach the deepest penetration possible., it was no 

less than a form of oral intercourse as the two so-very-different tongues 

snaked around each other in an orgy of pleasure, their arms around each 

other as the sensitive naked pads on the underside of his fingers felt the 

smooth warm flesh of her back, even as her own fingers explored the deep 

fur of his, feeling the slight rise caused by his spine.

     After many minutes this part was over, as both of them, breathing 

heavily with pounding hearts, drew their faces slowly away from each 

other. The tongues were the last to come apart, and when they did it was 

easy to see a long, stringy bridge of clear saliva still connecting them 

and being stretched thinner and thinner until finally it broke, and both 

of them tasted the remnants of their deep thrusting kisses with the relish 

of a connisseur.  Moaning, she stretched out backwards on the couch as his 

hands moved around to the front of her blouse and gently began to pop open 

the snaps until both her large luscious breasts were exposed.  Staring, he 

really gotten to see.  The Panda-females like me I have been with have 

nothing like this..... I mean, they do not look the same, and they are 

smaller, and furry..."  "So, my naked meat turns you on, lover?  Well, 

YOUR furry bod turns ME on!" She said.  Then he asked, "Can...can I touch 

them?"  "Oh, God," she cried, "PLEASE! PLEASE!"  Whereupon he began to 

knead and massage them carefully with his short, smooth fingerpads, gently 

pinching the nipples between two of his fingers, feeling the nipples get 

harder, and wondering why they did that!  "Oh, God," she moaned, head 

turning from side to side, as he felt of her large full titties, "PLAY 

WITH THEM! SQUEEZE THEM! PULL ON THEM! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......" 

     She could feel her underpants getting all soaking wet and sticky in 

front as he manipulated her boobs, and suddenly as he lowered his face to 

one of them, she began to finger herself.  He took one long hard nipple 

into his pursed black lips and began to nurse on it as an infant would, 

finally working up to getting the whole auroale region into his mouth as 

he sucked on it, subconsciously kneading the exposed flesh of the breast 

at the base with his paw/hands at the same time.  Karen could feel herself 

working into an orgasmic frenzy. Finally, he gingerly let the breast plop 

out of his mouth, then with all the precision of a watchmaker, softly 

clamped both rows of his short, even, upper and lower front teeth over the 

hard, stiff nipple, trapping it between them, and gently pulled outwards 

on it just a bit, stretching it temporarily to over twice its normal 

length.  karen's breath was coming in shorter and faster gasps now, and as 

he let go, the nipple snapped back into position. Karen frigged herself 

faster, and Bruce began licking both her breasts and gently kissing them 

all over with puckered lips, then he grabbed one in each palm and began to 

knead them like dough as he moved his head to one side and began to sniff 

up under her armpit at the new fragrance appearing there as Karen worked 

her body up into a sweaty frenzy.  "Oh, Jesus," Karen thought, "I have NO 

secrets about myself hidden from him," then loudly moaned, "OooooOOOohhhH"

as her vaginal lips begn involuntarily contracting around her frantically 

working fingers and beads of perspiration broke out all over her body., as 

the orgasmic contractions began to wave over her in full force!

     She did'nt know if it was the pheremones or what in her perspiration, 

but Bruce the Panda-man lover seemed even more excited than before! Rising 

up off her back, she reach for him like an infant learning to crawl, and 

as she touched him, he lay back himself.  That was when she notice the 

boxer shorts he was wearing had a strange peak in them, like a short 

pencil had been inserted under them.  The front of his shorts also 

appeared strangely moist.  Giggling, she reached out with a finger to 

touch the clear moist spot and found it slippery.  The Panda-man smiled 

and sort of sunk back into the soft couch, spreading his legs apart as if 

to give her even greater access to the area which interested her.  The 

'peak' that she had touched was hard and quivered and jerked slightly!  

With trembling fingers, she took hold of the waistband of his 'boxer' 

shorts and drew the front of them down.  The object of her desire came 

into view!  It was a pinkish-white pointed tip that had been creating the 

'peak', about 3 cm long!  Staring at the beautifully sculptured point, she 

saw where it emerged from a naked pink orifice that was stretched tight 

around the exposed shaft the rest being hidden in a furry black sheath of 

a sort that seemed to be growing taughter even as she watched!  Laying her 

trembling hands on each side of the slim hard shaft that was inside the 

sheath, she thought to herself, "It is so beautiful....I must, I must, see 

the rest of it!"  Glancing up at Bruce's face, he seemed to nod in 

approval and anticipation as slowly she grasped the furred cylinder and 

began to slowly peel the skin down and away from the main pinkish-white 

core.  Her eyes were growing ever larger and her breath coming in faster 

and shorter gasps as more and more of the panda-man's naked penis came 

into view, shiny, slick, and ever-so-delicately curved.

     About two-thirds of the way down she encountered a kind of resistance 

that momentarily stopped her from peeling his foreskin the rest of the way 

down.  With about 12 cm of moist pink jerking shaft exposed already, she 

knew that this could'nt be all that he had, so she gently tugged down on 

his sheath just a bit harder and watched the opening of it stretch bigger, 

and rounder, and larger.....until with a rush, the part of his weird-

shaped penis that was causing the problem popped out all at once.  It was 

a whitish, golf-ball-sized swelling which reminded her of the same thing 

that she used to see in dogs that she used to jack off as a teenager, but 

this was different, fuller, more perfect-looking.  Now that it had been 

exposed from within it's constriction, the 'knot' began to flush with a 

pink color and Bruce, head tipped back now and eyes closed, moaned softly.  

Karen felt like the luckiest girl that ever lived, she was seeing 

something close-up that very few humans, to her knowledge, had ever gotten 

to see!  She had once read about wild panda bears having a 'knot' of sorts 

like a dog's but smaller and of a slightly different shape.  She 

remembered reading that raccoons had this, too, but strangely enough, not 

bears.  So, it seemed that although he had a human's sexual desires, he 

had inherited most of the shape of his genitalia from the part of him that 

was pure Panda.  Now giggling to herself, she found it easy enough to peel 

the rest of his sheath right down to the surface of his abdomen....where 

to her surprise, she found that the very inner edge of it was attached to 

the bottom-most part of his penis shaft, and she could go no further.  

Leaning back now just a little, she gasped with admiration as she saw his 

full 15 cm or so penile length....she knew that it was twice as big as a 

wild, natural panda's, although it would be considered small for a Man's. 

But Karen thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, and she 

told him so.  It had a strange, very slight s-curve to it, sort of 

reminding her of the shape of a skinny dolphin's curved body!

     Karen could feel quivers running through Bruce's body as she licked 

her own hand until it was moist, and then gently grasped his naked pink 

shaft in the palm of her right hand.  bruce felt as if a jolt of 

electricity had touched him, and involuntarily thrust his hips forward 

several times.  Karen smiled and, as Bruce watched in astonishment, stuck 

her tongue out and let the tip slowly be coated with the clear slime that 

was oozing slowly out of the meaty pointed and now-red tip of his Panda-

shaped Penis!  Bruce wailed a low moan as he arced his head back.  He 

could'nt believe that this human woman, whom he had met only a little 

while before, could care so much for him that she would gladly, even 

eagerly, expose his most private parts into her full view and then begin 

to proceed with what could only be called a sort of worship of them.  Now 

Karen's tongue was licking and darting all over the pointed tip, touching 

it, bending the tip down and then letting it spring back up into shape.  

Turning her head slightly sideways, she began to 'polish' the underside of 

his shaft with a slow, deliberate up-and-down motion as more of his thick 

clear ooze ran onto her tongue.  She thought that it was the sweetest, 

most delicious substance that she had ever tasted!

     While her mouth was now noisily sucking on his penis and kissing it 

all over, while she was taking the full length of the shaft into her mouth 

down to his knot, then over it and beyond, her left hand was pulling his 

shorts even further down, and she got another, wonderful surprise: laying 

there in full view in a black, sparsely-furred sack were two large oval-

shaped testicles, the size of large eggs!  She cried out in wondrous 

astonishment, because she knew from her readings that, although Natural 

Pandas have large testicles, they are completely internal and never seen 

outside the body, but here his were!  It must be another wonderful result 

of his crazy, mixed-up genes!  Bruce smiled, as if he knew what she were 

thinking.  She could almost hear his heart beating loudly with excitement 

in the otherwise-silent room, and she could also tell that the black fur 

of his belly was very slightly, HE could perspire at least a 

bit, too!  Her joy almost too much to contain, she softly slid her open 

palm beneath his warm velvety scrotum, and, lifting her palm, enjoyed the 

feeling of his heavy balls sliding around in her hand inside their soft 

fur-lined pouch.  They were at least three times as big and heavy as a 

Man's nuts, and were perhaps even swollen slightly from his sexual 

excitement.  Holding them was most enjoyable for both him and her, they 

felt like large liquid-filled eggs or plums as they rolled about.

     Taking her mouth off of his now-red penis that was swollen up past 

the diameter of a large man's finger, she watched lovingly as it danced, 

jerked, and twitched around with each beat of Bruce's pulse from his 

heart, as if it were some sort of fancy, brightly-colored glistening 

underwater sea creature with an independent life of its own! Now gently 

holding his testicles in one hand and patting them with the other, Karen 

began to lick them, making her tongue into a point and raising up the 

loose skin in between his balls with it, then letting the wrinkly flesh

fall off the tip of her tongue, then doing it again, and burying her face 

in the middle of them, drinking in the pleasant, musky aromatic smell of 

his sexual region.  Bruce loved it, he was making some kind of 

unfathomable 'purring' sound, and Karen was treating his testicles as if 

they were the most valuable treasures on Earth, and indeed, perhaps they 

were, because here, in those two lopsided spheres, and in the less than 20 

other Panda-people, lay the sole hope of continuing their newly formed 

race. No scientist was yet ready to clone large mammals, and only Prof. 

Russell had ever perfected the technique that created them in the first 

place.  He had kept very few notes, and what WAS found were 

indecipherable.  Again, Karen felt like the luckiest girl on Earth, to 

actually be able to play with such irreplacible and expensive 'toys.'  

     Drawing one of his testicles almost all the way into her mouth by 

suction and then sucking on it and gently nibbling on it made Bruce writhe 

and moan in pleasure, the sensations of what she was doing to him going 

directly to the pleasure centers of his expanded brain.  He softly stroked 

her silky blonde hair with one paw/hand as she continued her downward 

exploration of his secret hidden parts.  Bruce felt as though his 

throbbing penis were going to burst, and he kept telling Karen how 

beautiful he thought SHE was...  At last giving his shorts one final tug 

downward, The panda-man felt his shoert, fat black tail pop out from 

behind, and he wondered what new joy she was getting ready to bring to him 

now?  Karen was in ecstacy and barely able to keep conscious, as she 

masturbated herself to one orgasm after another as she worked on Bruce's 

Panda-bear body. "I've got to get him to FUCK me", she moaned to herself, 

"I'll never be satisfied until I get that lovely red panda-dick deep up 

inside me and feel it squirting it's juice even deeper into me!  

But...Ohmigod, I just happened to think....I know that a human can't get 

pregnant from a pure animal, but Bruce has human genes spliced into his 

genetic material!  Oh, God, what if he makes me pregnant??  What if...." 

but her thoughts trailed off as once again the pure lust of unbridled 

passion overcame her and she returned once again into her frantic 

lovemaking of Bruce's furry panda form, the unashamed frenzy of it being 

of a kind rarely seen since the Earth was formed!  To hell with the Earth, 

she thought, To hell with her own body!  Bruce was BEAUTIFUL, she WANTED 

him to get her pregnant if he could, she WANTED to carry his cub!  If 

pandas and humans last had a common ancestor millions and millions of 

years ago, then she figured it was time to bring the lines together again!

     Reaching down and massaging under his moist furry hips, she made a 

motion for Bruce to lean back farther and raise his legs up into the air. 

What was she......"OH! Bruce thought! She could'nt be going, she 

could'nt love me that much that she would do something like that for 

me...She..." But his thoughts caught in astonishment as she began to lower 

her face down, down, between his black haired hips, taking the palms of 

her hands and spreading his hips apart, then pulling his short tail down

and back and out of the way with one hand, her tongue beginning to dart in 

and about her mouth as she smiled, lowering her face ever closer to the 

brown puckered ring of muscle that was his anus.  Bruce's breath was 

coming in the shortest and fastest gasps yet as he tipped his head 

forward, watching in astonishment as Karen's tongue danced ever deeper 

down below his hips where he could'nt see. Her right hand, well lubricated 

with his own Panda lubricating fluid, was pumping up his prick as big and 

hard as it would go.  It was SO big and hard and purple now that it was 

almost painful! Something had to happen soon!  Bruce sucked in air with a 

loud GASP as the tip of her tongue made contact with his sphincter muscle, 

and began licking it moist.  Karen thought about what a nice butt-hole he

had, it was free of any odor or fecal matter whatsoever.

     The moment of triumph approached as Karen, orgasming again, suddenly 

thrust her tongue directly into the Panda-man's garbage-disposal hole and 

began to wiggle it around, back and forth, in and out, cleaning his 

insides out!  This was more than Bruce could BEAR!  With a LOUD MOAN and 

LONG GROOOOOAAAAANNNN that must have been heard two floors below, he 

seized his own penis by the base below the knot with his own furry hands 

and began to work it frantically around, then pointed the tip down towards 

Karen's head.  drawing in a loud, tortured-sounding breath of air, he 

arced his back up off the couch and his legs went stiff, padded toes 

splayed outwards as if afflicted with rigor mortis.  Suddenly he BLEATED, 

a long, wailing noise that sounded like a sheep, astonishingly, the same 

kind of noise that a wild panda makes, he gritted his teeth, clenched them 

hard, and his eyes rolled back into his head until nothing but the whites 

showed.  One hand/paw still holding his fully exposed engorged penis, the 

bloated purple organ began to twitch and jerk convulsively, and suddenly, 

a long, thin JET of milky, viscous, transluscent fluid SQUIRTED outward 

from the tip of Bruce's penis into Karen's hair, followed immediatly by a

second and a third. Squealing with delight, Karen jerked her head up just 

in time to be hit square in the face by a fourth high-pressure jet of 

Panda-man semen, and immediatly opened her mouth so that the fifth blast 

was directed exactly into it, along with the sixth, seventh, and following 

spurts, even as the one that hit her in the face was dribbling down off 

her chin and down onto her tits.  She thought the slimy stuff was the most 

delicious liquid she had ever tasted, as she orgasmed once again.  It was 

certainly the most VALUABLE liquid she had ever tasted, and it was HOT, 

she almost felt as though it was burning her face and mouth, because 

Bruce's body temperature was somewhat above human.  At this point the two 

of them, Panda-man and woman, looked as though they were having seizures, 

each caught in their own private whirling hurricane of sexual climax!

     Karen cried out again as more of his semen, under diminishing 

pressure, splattered her in the face and she wiggled her ass around in 

tight little circles, breathing with sharp, whistling noises through her 

nostrils as she toppled over the edge once more and fell into yet another 

series or orgasmic throes.  A Panda-man was unloading his cock and balls 

in her mouth, and she was drinking it!  The thick sap was all over her 

face, and a ribbon of slime ran across her parted lips---where her tongue 

was sliding.  She pushed her face directly onto his spurting cockmeat, as 

he hosed the inside of her mouth with yet another thin stream.  She worked 

her mouth down onto his prick, on past the knob, until her lips came into 

contact with the curled rim of his fuzzy sheath!  She felt one final 

trickle run down her throat, then, with a sloppy wet sound, she let his 

Giant-Panda-Prick slide out of her mouth and flop onto his belly, laying 

red against the black-and-white fur.  Bruce's sides were heaving in and

out, and his lips were curled back, his face frozen in what appeared to be

a mask representing some perverse pleasure.  His tongue was hanging out

one side, and saliva had ran out from between his clenched teeth and onto

the material of the couch.  It was obvious that he had temporarily lost 

most of his voluntary control, so intense was his sexual climax.  Also 

there was a dazed look in his glazed eyes, as if he had been completely 

drained and fucked-out by the tremendous force of the climax that Karen 

had given him.  With the taste of Bruce's succulent cock-meat and 

delectable jism still lingering on her taste buds and lips, and still 

warming her gut any belly, Karen could'nt hardly wait until her precious 

Panda-man was fully recovered so they could try full copulation and a few 

other things....and maybe on her next visit, perhaps Bruce could even 

introduce her to some of his Panda-people friends when they visit him? She 

would be sure to bring some of her male and female friends, too!


               ............THE END.  (FOR NOW).


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