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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic14.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music - 14


*** To recap: Victoria and David regain partial use and occupancy of the   ***

*** castle, but it comes at a high price. Marta is killed by the town      ***

*** mayor. Victoria holds the ceremony which makes David, the "Count       ***

*** Dracula."                                                              ***



		       Chapter 14: You're _WHAT???_

   We left the castle later that week, inspiring relief among many of the 

townspeople.  The mayor had been the only member of the town council to at-

tend our farewell dinner.  "In twenty years they will not be so frightened,"

Victoria said.  "You and I have seen to that."  Her eyes glowed red in the

car as she cuddled against me in the back seat.  The driver, some private,

probably wondered why his commander had ordered him to drive us to Vienna,

but orders is orders.  "Bite the generals, and the soldiers will follow.  I

love military," my wife huskily said.

   From Vienna, we went to Paris aboard the Orient Express.  My wife was very 

impressed by the level of service.  "This is one of the few places in the

world where I can be treated as befits my noble standing," she commented.

After another few nights of hunting in Paris' narrow streets, Victoria took

me to Monte Carlo.  We stayed at a villa belonging to one of her financial

advisers. He greeted us the second night, destroying the illusion that we

were going to have privacy for the remainder of our honeymoon.  The man in-

sisted on hosting a formal dinner and reception in our honor.  I wanted to

bite him and make him forget the whole thing, but Victoria, as usual, was

more than happy to play the part of nobility.


   We were summoned to enter the grand hall at his villa (closer to a castle, 

really) after the majority of the invited guests had arrived.  Just before we 

came down the staircase, the valet (Maitre'd?  I don't know these things...) 

announced us.  Being introduced as "Count and Countess Dracula" was certainly

an odd feeling.  Unsure of how to respond, I hesitated, but my lovely wife

pulled me down the stairs.  Yes, she certainly was my lovely wife.  As we

greeted the guests, many of whom had titles of some sort, and all of whom had

serious money, several of the men looked at me with open envy.  That is, when

they weren't looking at Victoria with a slightly more primal emotion.  After

dinner, I went outside.  I stood on the patio overlooking the Mediterranean,

drink in hand, and watched the lights by myself.  Inside, my wife was the

center of attention.

   A light, tickling scratch ran across the back of my neck.  Victoria's soft 

lips brushed my cheek.  (It's that vampire stealth thing again.)  "You are 

alone?" she asked.  "Do you enjoy this, David?"

   "Well...  You were surrounded, and I -- really didn't have anything to

say," I said softly, giving her a return kiss on the cheek.  She slipped an

arm through mine, and lay her head on my shoulder.

   "David, I must teach you how to use your vampire sensuality to make your-

self more... attractive.  At night, your power can -- accent -- anything that

may be attractive to a woman.  Is what makes it easier to attract prey than

waiting for them to look you in the eye."  She paused, stroking my arm.  I

trembled, and she kissed my shoulder through the formal jacket.  "I am sorry,

but it is reflex? -- action for me.  I do not think about whether or not I am

doing it, and the men react.  Please do not be jealous of me."  Damn.  She

knew what I was feeling, even before I could put _my_ finger on it.

   "There is much more for you to learn, my dear husband.  Please be patient 

with me, for I am learning about your world, too.  We have a long time to-

gether ahead of us, so we will both need to be at ease with our two worlds."

We kissed sweetly.  "Now, however, I wish to dance.  The music is starting.

Will you dance with your Countess?" Victoria asked, curtsying graciously.  I

let her lead me back inside to the dance floor.  We danced to the slow music,

my hands gently resting in the small of her back while her arms hung limply

around my neck.

   We were interrupted by a handsome young man.  "May I cut in, Count?" he 


   Just as I opened my mouth to say "yes" and prove that I wasn't jealous of

the consequences of Victoria's attractiveness, she replied, "No, you may

not."  The response was _very_ definite.  I had been ready to let the man

dance with my wife.  She pulled me closer, burying her head in my neck.  "As

guests of honor, we can not leave early.  But as soon as music stops, we will

go to the beach," she murmured, grinding her pelvis into mine to emphasize

the nature of her request.  I stiffened immediately in response.  The party

got extremely tedious and boring after that.

   Finally, the band said, "Thank you, and good night."  Our good-byes were

said with haste; we probably offended some of the guests.  As soon as the

front door shut, Victoria and I ran down the steps to the beach, not bo-

thering to change.  The clothes were covered with sand as we gleefully tossed

them away.  Victoria ran giggling into the sea.  I caught up with her, then

kissed her in ankle-deep water.  Our kiss was eager, expressing our hunger

for each other.  Victoria leaped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Can you do this?" she whispered in the sparse moonlight.  I had no trouble

seeing her deep, very brown eyes in the darkness.  I would do anything she

wanted me to.

   Aided by my still-growing supernatural strength, I supported her in my

hands while probing for the magical portal to ecstasy.  I eased her onto my

rigid, twitching cock, and she wiggled, managing to rhythmically bounce her-

self on me.  The cool water provided a vivid contrast to Victoria's inner and

outer heat.  I felt my excitement grow and fade in time with the rhythm of

the faint waves.

   I carried her deeper into the water, getting a squeal of surprised delight 

among the sighs of Victoria's passion.  Our faces became wet with the spray.  

The sweet taste of Victoria's kisses was spiced by the salt of the 

Mediterranean.  Aided by me, she bounced in my arms, whispering soft endear-

ments between gasps and kisses.  The water was around my knees as we continued our

unusual lovemaking.  Victoria's feet splashed water.  "Wantyou... wantyou...  

Ohhh..." she whimpered.  Tickling bursts of sensation danced along my penis.

   I continued further into the sea, my wife still gently sliding on top of

me; the cold water came closer to our most intimate point of contact.  My

hips twitched, and Victoria went into climax quietly.  I felt the throbbing

deep inside of me.  The warm pulsing along the underside of my cock was in-

tensified by the cold water which threatened to touch my nuts.  I moaned

lovingly in my wife's mouth.  She had stopped bouncing, and I had stopped

helping her; Victoria was now grinding against me.  She threw her head back,

describing slow, gentle circles in the air with it.  "Ooooohhh..." she

purred, body relaxing.  I slipped out of her and we kissed, standing in the

water until we noticed that it had become too cold to continue.  We returned

to the villa naked, for our clothes had disappeared, apparently washed out to


   My wife and I returned to the United States three weeks from the day of

our departure.  We were madly in love, much more than we had been when we

left.  A visit to the State Department in New York City started the process

of getting my wife United States citizenship.  "Carpathia?  Where in the hell

is that?  Do they even have records there?" the startled clerk asked.

   I panicked momentarily, since Victoria's real birth certificate would 

immediately raise questions ("Born in 18-_WHAT_?").  She had a fake one from 

Britain, and the clerk seemed to think that her British birth would make his

job easier.  When I asked her about it later, Victoria just said, "I will

show you how to do this.  It will be necessary as you get older."  Victoria

shopped in New York the next day; I was too brain-dead to do much of anything

except follow blindly.  When our train left, we both slept soundly until sun-

rise.  She and I crowded into the same berth so our bodies could be in con-

tact, but sleep refused to yield to desire.  Our lassitude continued for

three days after we got home, and we unpacked leisurely.

   We were barely energetic enough to feed, but the need for blood became too 

painful to ignore.  We dressed up and went out to a posh nightclub in search

of fulfillment.  It didn't take long for us to be selected by our victims.

The young, well-dressed pair had a couple of drinks with us and we talked.

After a little while, they separated.  The man's wife draped herself over me

as he put his arm around Victoria.  My wife was shocked at the brazen display

of marital infidelity but said nothing.  She cast inquiring looks at me when

the discussion suddenly turned to swinging.  It was not the time nor the

place to explain the concept to Victoria, so I suggested that all of us

should leave together.  The other couple quickly agreed, forestalling my

wife's questions, and they hurried to finish their drinks.

   The four of us returned to our house.  The woman (I don't remember her

name) wasted no time in grabbing my crotch.  "Fuck cocktails and small talk,

I'm horny.  David, baby, you make me hot."  I turned to face her, and her

mouth opened expectantly; my mouth opened with a different agenda.  "Ohhhh...

f-u-u-u-u-u-uck...  Whaaattt arrrrrre yooou doooooinnnnggg t-t..." she

moaned.  The man moved as soon as he realized that I wasn't just kissing his

wife's neck, but Victoria was quicker than he was.  I heard him grunt in

surprise, then gasp and sigh as another sucking noise filled the house.

After we had finished, my wife and I regarded our slaves, exchanged a glance,

and simultaneously said, "Naahhh."  We sent them away.

   I went back to work a few days later, deciding that a life of leisure

wasn't really for me.  Victoria did her best to convince me otherwise the

night before.  We had almost continual sex in many new and different posi-

tions.  Victoria even surrendered her anal cherry in an effort to change my

mind.  Still, I was determined.  She stopped me at the front door that mor-

ning as I tried to leave.  "David, you do _not_ have to work.  We have more

than enough money."

   "Victoria, it's not the money.  I _need_ to do something during the day

other than sit around here.  I picked my line of work because I enjoy it.

It's truly a part of me, it gives me a sense of pur-"  My voice died as

Victoria dropped her robe.  "...pose," I squeaked.

   "Can I not give you another purpose?" she inquired in a voice that was 

innocent and not-so-innocent at the same time.  She posed seductively for me, 

revealing her near-perfect body in its entirety.  Victoria had worn nothing 

under the robe.  Somehow, I made it out the door.  Even more miraculously, I

did _not_ hand in my resignation that day.  I returned to an empty house; my

wife was nowhere in evidence, and her car was gone.  I waited for an hour

before starting dinner.  Shortly thereafter, Victoria called to me from the

garage, "David, can you help me?"  I carried in a _lot_ of packages.  I

looked at her incredulously when I brought the last box in.  "You work, I

shop," she said with a kiss and a smile.  After dinner, she modeled some of

the clothes she had bought as I lay on the bed.  Victoria refused to show me

everything she had bought, coyly saying, "No.  Some is for surprise."

   "Are you going shopping again tomorrow?" I asked, wondering if I should

quit just to keep her out of the stores.  She launched herself onto me.

   "No.  I am going to school to learn how to cook better.  I must do some-

thing during day, too, if you are not here.  Cooking is a good thing for me

to do, because vampires do not need to learn, but mortals need to know how."

She smiled at me, then we kissed and snuggled for a little while in silence.

Victoria removed my shirt.  "You have been away all day," she pouted, then 

kissed my chest.  Her head moved to a nipple and Victoria's tongue came out

to play.  She teased me, kissing, nipping, licking, and stroking my chest.

She stopped, sat up, and removed her top.

   Victoria unfastened her bra, tossing it on the floor, and straddled my

body.  We kissed aggressively when she leaned forward, and I began to feel

the blood rush to my groin.  Victoria pressed me down, holding me on the bed

beneath her; it was evident that she wanted to run this part of the show.  My

wife ran her hands lightly, lazily across my body.  Her lips and tongue found

brief resting places at random.  I sighed loudly.  She sat up and looked ten-

derly at me.  Victoria opened her mouth, displaying her fangs.  My wife

lovingly gave me the thrill of being bitten.

   She stopped long enough to say, "No.  Don't bite me just yet.  Just

enjoy."  I had definitely missed the ecstasy of the vampire's kiss.  Victor-

ia's tongue worked against my neck, lapping the blood that spilled from the

fang marks.  I was beginning to feel the onset of an orgasm, even though we

were both fully clad from the waist down.  My awareness narrowed, and I only

felt Victoria's "kiss" and the tingle that shot through my body each time she

touched me with her tongue...

   I woke up the next morning with Victoria on top of me.  We were still

half-dressed, and she had fallen asleep with her arms wrapped around me.  I

gently extricated myself from her embrace.  She did not stir.  I watched the

rise and fall of her chest as I dressed, marveling at the beauty of the woman

that I loved.  She moved, hugged the pillow to her, and let a soft sigh out.

I left her with a gentle kiss on the cheek and went to work.

   I returned home after dark.  Hey, work piles up if you've been gone for

three weeks.  I heard an unfamiliar voice coming from the living room.  Vic-

toria came out and greeted me with a peck on the cheek.  "David, come and

meet my new friend Margot!" she said, pulling me into the living room.

   A _very_ tall brunette stood and smiled.  "Hello, I'm Margot Westlake.  I 

just live a couple of blocks away."  She shook my hand in a feminine manner.

"I came over to meet you both, and to drop off the welcome wagon package,"

she said congenially.

   "Please, sit," Victoria said.  I could see how excited she was at having a 

guest.  My wife loves being a hostess.  She also loves it when we are treated

as an everyday mortal couple.  "You must stay and have dinner with us."

   "I don't want to be any trouble, really," Margot half-insisted.  Her voice 

indicated that she could easily be persuaded.  I was about to insist when she 

sat and crossed her long legs, temporarily putting my brain on hold.  "I'm

sort of the official greeter here in the neighborhood, and I don't want to

wear out my welcome."

   "It would be no trouble at all.  I can prepare another place for dinner.  

Please join us," Victoria said.  Margot was silent for a moment, then con-

sented to stay.  "Good!  You can get to know my wonderful husband, David!" my

wife bubbled as she headed for the kitchen.  Victoria brought out some wine,

and returned to the kitchen to finish dinner preparations.

   Margot and I talked while dinner was being prepared.  She was "...almost 

forty, and no, I'm not worried about it," and she had two kids that were 

attending college.  Her husband was in international trade, and they had been 

married for more than twenty years.  "I hope your marriage lasts at least as 

long as mine," Margot smiled.  I smiled back, thinking, "If Margot only

knew..."  We talked about the joy of being newlyweds, and she playfully

warned me that I had better keep treating Victoria well.  Dinner was ready in

a fairly short time, and the three of us continued to blab through the meal.

I cleared the dishes after dessert while the women smoked and talked some


   Victoria came into the kitchen after a few minutes.  She grabbed me from 

behind, wrapping her arms around my chest.  "Do you like our new friend and 

neighbor?" she asked quietly.  I hummed affirmatively while I finished drying

a plate, and she gave me a little squeeze.  "She is very nice lady."  There

was a pause after that, and I waited for the "but" I sensed was coming.  "Is

sad.  Her husband is away very often now.  She is lonely."

   "Honey, you didn't..." I said quietly, fearing that my wife had bitten one

of our neighbors.

   "Nooo," Victoria musically protested.  "Some things you just need to be a 

woman for," she said cryptically.  She opened another bottle of wine, saying, 

'We will be in the living room when you are finished."  Once the kitchen had 

been cleaned, I rejoined the women as requested.

   Margot certainly didn't seem depressed or lonely; she told some hilarious 

stories about her kids.  It was an entertaining conversation, probably helped 

along by the three bottles of wine we shared.  Eventually Margot left for

home, leaving Victoria and me alone.  Nothing happened that night, because

_Victoria_ had to get up early.  To prepare for cooking class.  As she put

it, "When you live on blood for 90 years, who needs to learn how to cook?"

   Friday, we went out to dinner, then dancing afterwards.  We met Kelly, 

Michelle, and Michelle's new boyfriend, sitting with them during the night.  

Conversation was pleasant, the sisters asking about our honeymoon.  Victoria 

looked absolutely gorgeous and stunningly sexy.  For the first time, I felt

no real physical attraction for Kelly.  Victoria and I went out for ice cream

later.  "Now you may practice being attractive while we wait for ice cream."  

The waitress flirted with me relentlessly, but Victoria's reaction was just a 

smile of approval.  We came home very early in the morning.  My dear, 

attractive, very sexy wife went to sleep on me almost as soon as her head hit 

the pillow.

   Saturday morning, Victoria served me breakfast in bed.  "I wanted to --

show off," she said, sitting next to me while I ate.  We cleaned house and

spent a long, lazy Saturday together.  "David, what should I wear tonight?"

she asked as we prepared to go out to a brand-new restaurant that advertised

Eastern European fare.

   I had a wicked thought.  "Try your floral print dress," I suggested.  "You 

know, the little yellow one," I called from the bathroom.  I walked into the 

bedroom and found her dressed, almost ready to go.  She was fussing with an 

earring, and didn't pay me any attention.  I knelt behind her and stuck my

head up her dress.

   "Ohh!!!" she squeaked in surprise.  Victoria spread her legs and leaned 

forward to rest on the dresser.  "Now it is time for you to make house pay-

ment?" she giggled.  My wife knew what I was doing, but more importantly, she

remembered _why_ I was doing it.  I pulled her panties down.  The scent of

her arousal was faint, but growing stronger.  I touched the inside of her

thigh with my tongue, and her leg involuntarily twitched.

   I teethed and licked around the exaggerated "V" of her legs, avoiding any

of her sensitive, swollen folds.  I stuck my tongue out and barely touched

her outer lips. "Uhh!" Victoria moaned, her hips bucking once. "Daviiid...

Lie downnn..." she whimpered impatiently.  Victoria sat squarely on my

face, grinding her muff against me.  She lifted her dress. "Ohhh...  Lo-o-

o-ove meee..." she groaned.  My tongue circled the outside of her pussy

with a light, gentle touch until Victoria drove her hips downward. "Hunnh!

Hnnn-nnhh!" she exclaimed.  Her arousal was _very_ evident by her taste and


   Her honey began to flow, and she gasped for air.  I sucked loudly at her

cunt for a few seconds, then pulled at her clit with my lips.  Victoria

jerked, emitting a loud yelp.  Her hips moved in short, sharp thrusts as she

squeaked softly in climax.  She moved off my face, removing her dress as she

stood over my body.  "I don't need this anymore."  She sat on my chest, legs

spread wide, then slid down my body, leaving a trail of her lubrication down

the middle of my chest.  Victoria slid over my erection, teasing me with the

briefest of contact against her cunt.

   She looked me deeply in the eyes.  Pursing her lips, she blew me a kiss,

and then started kissing my dick.  Her lips stayed shut, but she continued

kissing with little smacking noises.  I was getting _very_ excited.  Victoria

finally took me in her mouth and I sighed loudly in relief/approval.  My

wife's head started to move up and down, her lips loose around my cock.  She

gradually increased the pressure of her lips, and began rolling her tongue

around my cock inside her mouth.  My hips started to vibrate, and Victoria

took this as her cue to swallow my entire length.  I growled, "Ohhh..." as I

watched her head swirl in my lap.  Victoria gulped once, then came back up,

sucking on my still-squirting cock.  She greedily sucked me dry, working her

tongue around my dying dick until it was completely clean.

   It wasn't dead for long; Victoria moved to the bed.  "Come to me," she 

invited, brown eyes on fire.  I climbed onto the bed, and we kissed each

other for a long time.  She eased herself into position over my cock.

"Let's make love," Victoria whispered.  I gently pushed her down, feeling her

envelop me.  I moaned into my wife's mouth; we were kissing again.  She sat

up and leaned backwards, while I pushed up at her, grinding my hips into her.

"Hnnh-uhhh!" she grunted, pushing her pelvis against my pubic ring.  We

rolled over.

   In retrospect, I don't know why I did it; I suppose it seemed like a good 

idea at the time.  I bit Victoria.  Man, oh, man, did she COME!  "OHHH!  YES!  

YES!!  YE-E-E-E-ESS!!!" she wailed.  "OHHHH!!!  HUH-UH-OHHH!!!  OHHHH!!!  

UNNNHHH!!!" my wife screamed, as I sucked at her sweet, sweet blood.

Victoria was screaming loudly.  I don't remember her having ever been _this_

loud during any of our previous lovemaking.  Her legs were straight, spread

wide, pointing into the air.  She grabbed me with incredible force, and would

have crushed me had I been mortal.

   Victoria's pussy was drenching my cock and pubic hair, her woman-come 

slurping out of her as I thrust, soaking the sheets beneath us.  My dick was 

pumped crazily as her cunt fibrillated around it.  She continued screaming in 

ecstasy, powered by loud gasps of air that separated each wail.  Her back 

arched, her every muscle strained against my body.  I grunted into her neck

and my hips thrust violently with each burning burst of my ejaculation.  We

both collapsed, and I pulled first out of her pussy, then out of her neck.

   I rolled over in a state of total exhaustion due to sexual bliss.

Victoria lay next to me, silent and still.  I was too stoned to notice any-

thing for a couple of minutes.  When I looked at her, she wasn't asleep, and

I immediately got worried.  Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and her eyes

were wide open, but not registering anything.  Victoria's body was feverish.

After a few futile attempts to rouse her, I started to wonder about medical

help.  How many doctors knew anything about vampire physiology?  How much did

_I_ know about vampire physiology?  I covered Victoria, and went downstairs

to chill some towels.  I know that's inconsistent, but I wasn't exactly

thinking clearly.

   Shortly after I had left her, she was standing in the kitchen doorway 

watching me with a puzzled expression on her face.  "What are you doing?  Is 

this some new sex aid we have not tried yet?" she asked.  I looked at her

with unabashed relief.

   "I was -- are you all right?  I was so worried!" I said, hugging her

tightly.  Her body was no longer feverish.

   "I am fine," she said, more than a trace of wonder in her voice.  "I have 

never felt like that before -- when you bit me while we were fucking.  What

did I do?" she queried, obviously unaware of her condition immediately after

our sex.  I described to her what had happened.  She shook her head,

grinning.  "And I thought it was good when you suck my pussy first time."  I

was still looking at her carefully, and Victoria noticed.  "Really, I am all

right, David.  You are _so_ protective," she sighed in mock exasperation.  "I

truly feel just fi-"  She fainted.

   I caught her before she hit the floor, and she came to very quickly.  It

also was quite obvious that she was not all right.  Fearing that I had taken

too much blood from her, I offered her some of mine.  "No...  I don' wan'

blood..." Victoria mumbled, sounding very drunk.  "Just... sleeep..." she

whispered.  I carried her to bed.  Her eyes closed instantly, and she was

asleep.  Her breathing was deep and steady, pulse strong and normal.  I

watched her like a hawk all night, not daring to sleep at all, until I could

no longer keep my eyes open.

   She woke up before I did the next morning.  Again I was served breakfast

in bed, but this time I was not pleased about it.  "You worried -- correc-

tion, _worry_ me.  You need to take it easy," I complained.  Victoria in-

sisted that she was fine.  She ended our discussion of her health by pushing

the breakfast tray onto the floor from the bed.  She then pounced on me and

merrily gave me a long blowjob, proving herself very adept at massaging my

cock with her throat muscles.  "You wi-i-innn..." I moaned in the ecstasy of


   My wife was very energetic that day; she cleaned the bedroom and did the 

laundry.  I offered to help, but she said, "No.  Is reward for keeping your 

promise when we bought house."  Wow.  I put my feet up, and felt a little

guilty while I watched basketball on the tube.  She came upstairs from the

basement, and watched me watch the game.  I patted the sofa, but she ignored

the invitation, continuing to watch me with an undecipherable expression on

her pretty face.  I watched the game for a little longer before becoming

unnerved by her strange demeanor.

   "Victoria -- MMMFFF!!!"  My pending question was killed by her bouncing 

arrival on my lap.  Our mouths met, and her tongue pushed forcefully into my 

mouth, driven by her head.  Victoria's little lust attack had taken me by 

complete surprise.  She rolled over, pulling me on top of her, fumbling to 

remove my pants.  Her crazed efforts were uncoordinated, but they finally

paid off, and we made love in front of Marv and Mike.

   I was a little sore the next day at work.  And the day after that.  

Wednesday, too.  My wife had turned into a complete nymphomaniac, constantly 

demanding sex in many (most?) positions.  Some of them taxed my _vampire_ 

strength and flexibility.  It got to the point where I was happy to go to

work because it meant I wouldn't be fucking her.  The worst part was that

Victoria never told me why she was so hot.  "I itch inside.  Scratch it for

me, my darling husband," was the closest thing I ever got to an explanation.

She wasn't satisfied with any substitute I would suggest, and she would do

something different to get me aroused yet another time.  Victoria was _very_

creative, and I got to see some of the surprise clothes she had bought

earlier in the week. She had to be creative, because while the vampire powers

insured that the flesh was willing, the spirit wanted a break.

   It ended eleven days later, just as abruptly as it had started.

Victoria's passion first dwindled to short pecks on the cheek, then nothing.

Victoria turned into the ice maiden, and two nights later, she was even un-

willing to just cuddle.  It was actually an extremely welcome change of pace.

It also wore out its welcome in about three days.  I missed our intimacy in

bed.  My wife's desire for closeness seemed to have vanished along with her

sex drive.  She even got up in the middle of the night once, and slept in the

guest room by herself.  I had been trying everything I knew to get her motor

started, but Victoria refused to cooperate; I kissed her belly button and she

got up and left.

   One night, I tried to bite her, figuring that vampire sex might be the 

ticket.  I had a hard time lying about my black eye at work the next day.  

Again, as when she had been turned on, there was no reason.  "I do not _feel_ 

like it."  We would hunt and feed together, but return home to separate

rooms.  "Do not _touch_ me, David.  I am not interested."  After two weeks of

this, I summoned Kelly.

   "Master?  It is wonderful to hear you again.  I am too far away to come to 

you.  I am on business in Washington for a month.  I am sorry, please don't

be angry with me.  I will fly to you tomorrow and quit my job."  Sigh.

   "Please, Kelly, don't worry.  You do not have to quit your job.  We will

get together when you come back," I thought back to my fawning lover.

Michelle was with her boyfriend when I tried her, and I didn't want to mess

that up for her.  Alex?  In Europe for a photo shoot, and a little pissed off

at me for making her meet a certain Simon Van Helsing.  Obviously Simon's

magic only works on serving girls, not supermodels.  Alex forgave me when I

promised her that we'd get together soon.

   "Not soon enough, master.  I want you," she thought back.  Alex even sent

me an image of the two of us that she conjured up while we were telepathic-

ally linked.  My glasses fogged up immediately, and I was much more frus-

trated than I had been before.  I wasn't inclined to cheat on Victoria for a

one-night stand anyway, and now I was in a bad mood.  I decided to put my

libido on hold and stay by myself.  Victoria invited our next door neighbors

over for dinner the next day, and we were sociable, but after they left, she

_still_ wasn't interested.  Imagine my surprise the next night when I was

awakened by Victoria's warm body next to mine.  She had gone out to feed

while I went to bed.

   "David, I am sorry about the past weeks.  I can not explain, but I want to 

just _be_ with you tonight," she whispered as I tried to wake up.  I rolled 

over, and Victoria climbed on top of me, gave me a short, wet kiss, and

cuddled before she went to sleep.  I stayed awake that night to savor the

sensation of my wife, who had been missing for so long.

   Friday, nobody was home when I got there, but Victoria's car was in the 

garage.  I waited to start dinner, finally giving up around nine.  It was

after midnight when my wife returned, giggling.  I could smell champagne on

her breath as she kissed me.  "I have already fed, darling.  He was de-

licious," Victoria laughed.  I looked at her strangely.  "No, I did not fuck

him, my jealous one.  He just thought I would."  My drunken wife giggled some

more and staggered away towards the living room.  I shook my head in amaze-

ment.  "Come to me."  The voice may have been slurred and thick, but there

was no mistaking the intent.  I went to the living room where Victoria was

trying to light a cigarette and having problems.  I steadied her hands,

chuckling softly.  I had never seen her this drunk, and it amused me greatly.

She took a puff, frowned at me in annoyance, and silenced my chuckles by bit-

ing me.  It had been too long since we had shared our souls.  I bit her back,

and we stayed entwined for over an hour.  So what if it tasted like cham-

pagne?  Yes, I was wasted afterwards.  It was worth it.

   Saturday morning, Victoria explained to me what had happened.  She and

Margot had gone out to a happy hour Friday.  The hour turned into six or

seven very happy hours until some guy picked her up.  "He would not leave me

alone.  Please do not be jealous.  I decided to feed, but he would not let me

get close enough until after we were at his place.  It took me a long time to

fly back, because I was still drunk."  I kissed her, drawing a warm, satis-

fied smile.  "Margot wants to go out again, tonight, but I told her you would

be coming along.  I have been... neglectful."

   We had ice cream sundaes for breakfast.  "When you are a vampire, it is

easy to flaunt tradition," Victoria said as she devoured hers.  Me?  I was

tickled to ignore 33 years of training.  I had never even remotely considered

having sundaes for breakfast, even after a night of serious drinking when I

had been single.  We watched cartoons and giggled until a more traditional

lunch.  Laundry got done, the kitchen got cleaned, and we prepared to go out.

   Margot met us at the front door, and I said that I would drive, so I

wouldn't be drinking any champagne that night.  "Richard is out of the

country, as usual," Margot said.  There was a sharp edge to the statement,

but she didn't elaborate.  The three of us went out to dinner and had drinks

at a pretty nice place.  Victoria and Margot talked up a storm, and my wife

treated Margot like a big sister.  I was happy to see Victoria relate so well

to a mortal female.  By ten o'clock, however, I was positively bored, and

wished that Margot and Victoria weren't such close friends.  "David?" Margot

asked, forcing my brain to turn itself back on.  "Are you getting bored

listening to us?"  I started to shake my head in denial when Margot added,

"Be honest."

   "Yes," I admitted.  "It's difficult sitting here listening to you and my 

wife.  Sometimes, I feel like a voyeur with some of the comments you two have 


   "Victoria, it sounds to me like your husband has asked us to go dancing 

tonight," Margot declared.  A little champagne-happy, my wife concurred,

sealing my fate.  I didn't have time to blink before I realized I'd been set

up and had.  "David, you and Victoria make me feel so _young_!" Margot en-

thused on the way to a nightclub.  The women were definitely on their way to

another drunk.  Victoria stroked the inside of my thigh while her head rested

on my shoulder.  She would kiss my neck every so often while I drove.

   We entered the club and immediately attracted attention.  Margot was on my 

left arm, all 6 feet, 2 inches of her, looking very confident.  The doorman's 

eyes told me that confidence was sexy.  My wife, although at a height 

disadvantage of about seven inches, projected a regal air on my right arm.

Her noble heritage, combined with her supernatural attractiveness had _every_

man in the joint looking for an opening.  As it turned out, several of the

women at the club wanted _me_ to dance with _them_, so there were many such

opportunities for the men.  I danced with Margot and other women as often as

I danced with my wife.  But _all_ of the slow dances were reserved for Vic-

toria.  We'd rock in unison, alone together in a sea of bodies.  She purred

quietly in my ear.   We bit each other frequently while dancing, each time

just for a few clandestine seconds.  Margot would smile knowingly when we

returned to her, and we would blush in return.

   By the end of the night, Margot was pretty drunk; Victoria had sobered up 

because the dance club hadn't had any champagne.  We drove home while Margot 

took a little nap in the back seat.  When we got to the house, my wife 

sympathetically asked me to take Margot home.  "Is big mistake for her to try 

and drink as much as us.  She is only mortal."  Victoria and I kissed hun-

grily for a few minutes until she reminded me that Margot was still uncon-

scious in the back seat of the car.  I promised my wife that I would be back

quickly.  I had incentive.

   It only took a couple of minutes to get to Margot's house.  She woke up

when the car stopped in her driveway.  "Home already?" she grumbled.  I

pulled her out of the car carefully, and assisted her to her door; she had

trouble opening it.  I had to take her keys and open the door for her.

Margot took one big step into the living room, turned and said goodnight.

She gave me a hug, pulled me into the house, and suddenly her tongue was

ferociously working inside my mouth.  I responded, despite the gold ring on

my finger.  "God, David, it's beensolong," she panted, still holding me,

grinding against my erection.  Margot's alcohol-induced fog seemed to have

cleared.  "I want you.  Richard's gone sooo much.  Pleease!" she hissed


   Her green eyes bored into mine.  Margot's body felt very hot.  My arms

were around her, and I realized for the first time how attractive she was.

To this day, I don't know whether it's the way she carries herself or if

Margot is just naturally sexy.  We kissed again, madly, lustfully.  Margot

began to fondle my rigid cock through my pants.  "David, I haven't had a man

in four months...  Please -- you don't know what it's like.  I'm not dead

yet, even if my husband thinks so," she gasped softly.  There was a desperate

urgency to her plea.  I could _smell_ her arousal through her clothes.

Things were definitely getting out of hand.  Although Victoria would probably

forgive me, I really had no desire to accelerate the degeneration of Margot's

marriage.  I did the only thing I could.  I bit Margot.  In self-defense.

She sighed happily.  "Oooohhh..." she purred as her tall, womanly body


   "Margot, you must forget that you have been bitten.  You will not remember 

that we kissed in your home.  You will remember that you have had a good time 

with Victoria and me, and you are very tired now.  You will go upstairs, and 

sleep, Margot.  Sleep deeply, and well," I commanded.

   Margot's eyes, so pretty and green, were filled with dream-like stupor.

Her eyelids drooped, making her look even sexier.  "Yes... I... am... so...

ti-i-ired... I... musst... sleeep..." Margot said throatily, as she turned to

go up the steps.  My cock pushed at my pants, and my lust was held in

abeyance only by thinking of Victoria.  My wife was waiting for me at home,

her motor warmed up and ready to go.  Margot disappeared up the steps, and I

quickly left her house before my attraction sent me up there after her.  I

returned to my wife feeling frustrated, relieved, and a little guilty.  I was

also quite pleased that Margot had found me attractive; but I later figured

it had been a byproduct of her frustration with her husband, and the amount

of alcohol she had consumed.  I gleefully jumped Victoria as soon as I got to

the bedroom.  She met me with unrestrained enthusiasm, and the sounds of our

shared ecstasy echoed through the house until well after sunrise.

   I woke up on the floor, and felt the scratches and bruises that were 

reminders of the intensity of our lovemaking.  The pain was insignificant.  I 

recalled the fall that caused the bruises, and my wife's cries of passion

that accompanied the scratches.  A vestige of the post-orgasmic bliss washed

through me again, and I lay on the floor, too sated to move.  It eventually

dawned on me that Victoria wasn't around, and I wondered where she had gotten

herself to.  I was feeling too good to move, though.

   A few minutes later, my wife reappeared.  "Hi there," I said suggestively.  

It took her a few seconds to respond, as if she were still half-asleep, but

she came over and sat down next to me.  We necked for a little while; there

was an odd taste in her mouth, one I couldn't quite place.  I offered to cook

brunch, but Victoria opted for toast with honey and some coffee instead.

   That afternoon, I was just hanging out in the den, watching basketball,

when Victoria walked in, stark naked, and asked me if I wanted to "eat her

poo-see."  She should have known that it was going to be taken as a rhetori-

cal question.  I happily made oral love to her in front of Marv and Mike.

Afterwards, as she cuddled against me, I wondered idly if this was the start

of another nymphomaniac episode.  I should have thought about it a little

more seriously.  It was.

   This time, however, it lasted only four days before Victoria froze over.  

This was worse than the first time, because her contrary behavior did not 

confine itself to the bedroom.  We started to argue about trivial things, and 

our social calendar disappeared.  She didn't invite neighbors over (not even 

Margot), didn't clean if I cooked, and left stuff all over the house on the 

floors.  Frankly, Victoria was irritating the hell out of me.  _I_ started 

sleeping in the guest room so I wouldn't have to listen to her bitch about

the amount of heat that _my_ body generated in the bed while I slept.  She

didn't even return Margot's calls.  I was also positive that Victoria had

been going out late each night to hunt without me, because I kept finding

bloodstains shaped like her mouth on the pillowcases.  As before, my darling

wife had nothing to say about her behavior.  "I do not wish to discuss it."

   I plotted with Margot to get Victoria out of the house and back into some 

social activity.  Friday, Margot came over, ostensibly to visit, but getting 

Victoria to go out was our true goal.  My wife argued with both of us, re-

fusing to budge from the living room.  Finally, Margot said, "Well, _David_

and I will go out without you."  Margot gave me her best "I want to fuck you

'til your nose bleeds" look, making sure Victoria got a good view of it, too.

Part of me noticed the look as well, and wished it had been for real.  My

heart beat a little faster with hope.

   Both of us were stunned when Victoria said, "Fine.  As you wish.  I am 

staying here."  The words were delivered in a definite "I don't care" tone of 

voice.  Great, I thought sourly, she called our bluff.  I had no alternative

but to follow through.  Margot and I walked out of the house slowly.  I hoped

that Victoria would come to her senses and join us, now that Margot's state-

ment was no longer just an empty threat.  A tiny little piece of me evilly

hoped that Victoria would just stay in the goddamn house.  She did.

   Margot and I went to a casual restaurant.  We sat at a booth to eat din-

ner, then Margot listened while I vented my frustrations.  She was very

understanding.  A few glasses of wine and beer later, it was my turn to sit

back while Margot complained about _her_ spouse.  She complained bitterly

about her husband's climb to the top of his company, leading to increasingly

longer absences.  After a few more glasses, we agreed that I had the worst of

the deal.  Margot's husband was never home, and she had no one to turn to.

Victoria was _always_ home, but I still had no one to turn to.  We spent the

night smoking, talking, and drinking until the bar closed.  Our lively dis-

cussion wasn't finished, and we adjourned to Margot's house.

   The conversation continued to flow easily over tea in her kitchen.  Both

of us were tired of alcohol, and the discussion took precedence over anything

else.  All thoughts of sex had disappeared from my mind; Margot had done

nothing during the entire evening to indicate that a replay of previous

events was possible, let alone likely.  I got up to go to the bathroom a

second time; the clock showed four, but I was wide awake.  More importantly,

I had absolutely no desire to return to the bitchy ice goddess at home.

   Margot passed me on the way back as she took her turn in the small room.  

We'd been talking for many hours, but we still had not run out of things to

say.  There was a blue haze hanging in the kitchen from all the cigarettes

we'd smoked.  Margot showed no signs of fatigue, lending me a sympathetic ear

without complaint, while making insightful observations and offering in-

ventive advice.  It got later (earlier?), and I decided to let Margot rest,

since I had kept her up all night with my complaints.  We said goodnight at

the kitchen door, where she gave me a motherly hug.

   I opened the door, then turned and impulsively gave Margot a brotherly

kiss on the cheek in return.  Time froze as we stood back and regarded each

other.  It was a very long ten or so seconds, and both of us were statues.

Then our heads moved forward simultaneously, mouths opening.  Our lips met in

a decidedly non-familial way.  We kissed in the doorway for several minutes;

finally, Margot reached past me and pushed the door shut.  The sun peeked

warily over the horizon.  "David?" she asked, quietly.  Her question managed

to convey confidence.

   "Yes?" I asked in response.  I knew what was about to happen between us,

and so did she.  This was just a formality.

   "Victoria may be cold, but I'm not," Margot said, voice deep and sultry.

My answer came in the form of another deep, wet kiss.  I ground at her with

my hips, so that she could feel my growing arousal.  "Let's go upstairs to

bed," she suggested, looking down at me.  I followed Margot to the bedroom,

fully aware that I was about to cheat on my wife with her best friend.  There

was no hurry about our movements; the air was thick with desire, and we were

committed to our course of action.

   I undressed and lay on the bed, patiently waiting for my partner in adul-

tery.  Margot returned from down the hall, gloriously naked.  Her mature

form, full and slender at the same time, towered over me.  She kissed me

warmly, gently, a far cry from the dominating physical presence she po-

ssessed.  My head moved to her breast, and I listened to her purr while my

tongue drew little circles around her areola.  I suckled at her nipples like

a baby; probably in the same way as her children had years before.  She re-

sponded with a quiet, pleased growl.  She pulled on my head, holding it

tightly to her chest, and I was more than happy to oblige her obvious wish.

When my tongue moved to the underside of Margot's breast, she threw her head

back and moaned, legs quivering.  At that positive feedback, I mercilessly

flailed at the unexposed area of each breast with my tongue, keeping her

sighing and moaning, either in, or on the verge of climax.

   I eventually started to kiss my way towards her fragrant pussy.  "Nooo...

I want you _in_ meee," she whispered, grabbing my shoulders to stop my

southward progress.  Reversing directions and plans, my tongue sought her

throat, first from outside, then by way of Margot's mouth.  Her hands glided

along my back and head, and she fought my tongue's advances with her own

tongue.  I entered Margot easily, quickly, aided by her excitement and her

extreme lubrication.  At my first easy thrust, Margot drove her hips upward,

wrapping her legs around my back.  "Ohhh..." she sighed, almost inaudibly.

We made love without frenzy; our deep passion bubbled as opposed to


   Margot gently raised her hips to me each time I would pump at her.  My 

thrusts were slow, with a leisure to them that seemed not to disturb her.

Her walls wrapped gently around my cock, providing a delightful friction

without grabbing tightly.  The only sounds were our quiet breathing, infre-

quently interspersed with soft, dreamy sighs.  My lover's green eyes burned

into my brain, communicating the pent-up emotions and sensations she was

releasing through our immoral coupling.  "Ohhh... Ohhh... Oh-ohhh..." Margot

sighed quietly, her voice going up an octave from her speaking voice.  I felt

her whole body vibrate, random muscles tensing and releasing swiftly.  She

was breathing rapidly, mouth open, eyes closed during her climax.

   Margot relaxed and looked at me with shining eyes, making words super-

fluous.  She moved slowly, rotating her hips with me still moving gently in

her.  I stopped moving my hips up and down, changing to counter-circles.

"Mmmm... Daaaviiidd..." she purred, opening her mouth and kissing me again.

We did not gain any urgency in our movements, and I was still a ways off from

the point of no return.  I ceased my hips' movement, and Margot grabbed my

ass, pulling me forcefully against her.  The wiggle I managed must have done

something for her, for Margot softly exclaimed, "Ye-ess!"  It was the first

time in our loving that she had made more noise than a whisper; it was still

below full speaking volume.

   A fine sheen of sweat broke out on Margot's face.  I moved forward and

kissed her, flicking my tongue in and around her mouth, tasting her salty

skin.  My cock was now sliding along the narrow ridge above the entrance to

her vagina, and I was almost coming completely out of her.  Margot started to

tremble, and her breaths became louder with each sawing stroke.  Her trem-

bling increased in its intensity, and she was quaking after a few more sec-

onds.  Her mouth opened again, emitting a stream of very high pitched

squeaks, and her legs tightened around my back.  I was trying to remember

every scrap of information I'd ever known about sex in an attempt to make up

for her husband's neglect.  Margot was coming in little waves now, a result

of the constant stimulation around her clitoris.  Margot's body began to

ripple, and she was drawing relatively loud, sucking breaths.  I lost track

of her as my reality warped.  My body twisted and froze in contortion as I

poured my release deep inside of her.

   The world came back into focus.  Margot sighed loudly, and her body ceased 

its undulations.  She didn't let go of me, keeping her arms and legs wrapped 

around me, even as I slipped out of her.  After a little while, Margot 

delicately stroked my back with her hands, and lightly ran her feet back and 

forth over the backs of my legs.  I inhaled sharply, stimulated by the un-

usual, but very nice sensation, and said, "Marg-"

   "Ssshhhh.  Don't say anything," she whispered, before showering my face

and neck with kisses.  It effectively cut off my thought as well as my

speech.  Sunlight streamed through the curtains, unevenly warming parts of

our still-naked bodies.  We rolled onto our sides and began kissing again.

Our passion had not been extinguished, and the flames grew brighter anew.

Margot pushed me on my back and started to kiss me harder, hungrily tasting

my mouth.  She wrapped one hand around my flaccid penis, caressing it to

coax the blood back.

   She pushed at my chest gently with the other hand while her tongue slowly 

continued to dance in my mouth.  I twisted and turned my head, trying to find

a still-undiscovered region in her mouth with my tongue.  Her hand expertly

slid along my lengthening rod, causing my hips to move up and down in rhythm

with her strokes.  I was gasping for breath and started to fuck her hand.

Margot removed her hand, still keeping her tongue active around my mouth.

As turnabout is fair play, I started to tease her swollen labia using my

fingers.  I stilled her little gasp of surprised pleasure with my mouth,

setting off another round of long, slow, hard kisses.  Margot responded to my

manual stimulation by writhing and spreading her legs a little more.  I

slipped my middle finger into her.

   Margot broke the kiss as her hips bucked, and she started to fuck _my_

hand.  Her eyes closed one more time, and her body was completely sensitized

to my every touch.  I squeezed her nipples, rolling them between my fingers;

she would lose her fucking rhythm against my other hand.  I kissed and

tongued her neck, eliciting soft, guttural moans from deep in her throat.  I

continued to push my finger slowly in and out, occasionally twisting it from

side to side during its travels.  The adulteress moaned in rapture, moving

her hips so that the pressure of contact would be multiplied.  Margot's hand

resumed stroking my cock.  I felt the vibrations of her moans resonate in my

mouth as we kissed deeply.

   My index finger joined its next-door neighbor and I fluttered my fingers, 

tapping them against the roof of Margot's honeyed cunt.  "Ahhnn!" she grunted 

softly, body convulsing as her G-spot sent an urgent message to her brain.  

Margot slowed her rhythmic pumping, and I felt the internal massage commence 

around my fingers.  My fingers slurped, displacing fluid each time they would 

reenter.  She forgot all about my cock, my masturbation having interfered

with the coordination and rudimentary thought she needed.  Soon her body was

an amplification of the actions of my fingers inside her.

   I remembered reading about something called "The Gun"; I pointed my thumb 

straight up, curling my bottom two knuckles under in the shape of a gun.

Margot could no longer keep her tongue working in my mouth; she was bound by

the tension that I had been creating.  Her body mirrored the state of her

mind, and I knew that I should grant her her release.  I closed my thumb on

top of my fingers, trapping the area next to her clit between them.  As my

hand moved, so did her lips and clitoral hood.  I started pushing against the

top of her vagina, and her juices flowed freely, attaching gooey, fragrant

strands to my fingers.  Her clit left its hiding place, and was rocked con-

stantly by my manipulation of the skin around it.  Margot bucked at my hand,

groaning, "Do-o-o-o-onnn't st-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-opppp..." while I continued

masturbating her.  Her voice was as sweet and thick as the fluid that flowed

over my hands, muted to a whisper.

   I stopped eventually, because my hand and arm got tired.  It was too soon

for Margot.  She complained, but I kissed her to quiet her.  My lover swung

one of her long legs across my body and resumed her masturbation on my thigh,

smearing me with more of her excitement.  The flush blossomed on her face,

and her nipples stood proudly erect, straining forward.  Climaxes thundered

through Margot, who had just settled on my now-ready cock.  She still moved

slowly with a languid grace.  Her movement did not reflect the depth or power

of her passion.  Margot was no longer on this planet; she roamed the galaxy

of sexual abandon.

   Words were useless at this point.  Margot was panting softly, driving her 

hips against my pubic ring in search of the perfect coupling.  I felt her 

ecstasy, too.  It was a tangible thing, transmitted from her innermost depths 

via our intimate intersection.  It filled my body as it filled hers.  Her

eyes spoke of a long-denied hunger, and the end of the hunt.

   Margot wrapped her body around mine from above; her height enabled her to 

surround my senses.  She was thrusting down at me with short, sharp strokes.

My lover was still very quiet.  An occasional panting breath would end in a

small grunt.  I didn't move at all while she continued our lovemaking.  My

body began to tingle, needle points of intense pleasure broke out all over my

body.  When I opened my eyes, all I saw was Margot.  Face flushed with

rapture, she filled my vision.  Her soft panting was all I heard; she

dominated my sense of touch and smell.  I was completely lost in her, my

loving, wondrous partner in unfaithfulness.  Reality was torn to shreds, and

my body jerked frantically.  There was no sense of anything but extreme

pleasure for a few moments.

   Margot's tongue was the first thing I became aware of.  Her long body

rested on mine, green eyes looking at me intently while she kissed and

tongued my chest.  She moved and our mouths met for the ten thousandth time.

Outside, the sounds of late Saturday morning began to fill the air.  Margot

idly ran a finger up and down my chest.  "You have a wife to return to."

That was the first thing she could think of to say???

   Her lips caressed my neck.  "I know -- (kiss) -- that we've had -- (kiss),

a wonderful -- (kiss) -- morning..."  Whatever Margot was trying to say would

wait as I wrapped my arms around her back and filled her mouth with my

tongue.  She eagerly responded, wrapping both arms around my head.  Her face

was turning pink again, but my attempt to initiate more frolics was cut off

by a firm, but gentle push of Margot's hand.

   "We've had a wonderful morning together, David.  I needed someone to make 

love with again.  It has been a long, lonely time," she said, turning away as 

she sat up.

   "It doesn't have to stop here, Margot," I said, trying my best to sound 


   "No, you're right, it doesn't," she replied.  Yay!  My joy was short-

lived, because she resumed her thoughts, "But it _does_ have to stop for

today."  Margot stood up and walked away from the bed.  "I wouldn't mind

seeing you here in bed with me again.  But that is something that you and

Victoria will have to discuss.  She told me that you have a somewhat open

marriage, and I'm not sure what the limits are for 'somewhat'."  Reading my

expression, Margot said, "Don't look so shocked.  We have talked about you

look so shocked.  We have talked about you _a lot_.  I do know that Victoria 

loves you very, very much, no matter how she acts."

   I looked at Margot questioningly.  My attraction for her was noticeable 

again; neither of us had bothered to dress yet.  "I will not be a safe harbor 

when your seas get stormy.  Richard and I have had our difficulties in the

past; we will have them again in the future," she warned.  "I do not seek

another man's comfort at every little problem; it's good advice for you,

too."  I had been secure in the knowledge that Margot wouldn't tell Victoria.

The post-sex glow and the rising lust for more dissipated quickly now that I

wasn't so sure.  It was time to get dressed and go home.  Margot and I shared

one final long, wet, wet kiss before I left.  "David?" she queried, freezing

me in mid-turn at the door.  There was a pause.  "Did Victoria..."

   It was my turn to interrupt.  "No, Margot.  What happened between us was

just me and you.  You are a very attractive woman.  I just wish we could do

it again."

   Margot smiled.  "As do I.  Marriages that can't withstand one night of 

infidelity aren't very strong.  But the even the strongest chain will break

if it gets pounded enough.  Maybe there will be another time for you and I.

Victoria seems the forgiving sort."  I left Margot, wondering if Victoria was 

indeed the forgiving sort.  I mean, this was her _best_ friend I had just 

cheated on her with.  Most of all, my wife hadn't been herself lately...

Damn, that was a quick walk home.

   I cautiously entered the house, alert for flying objects.  I was greeted

by complete silence.  I tiptoed upstairs, nerves still on edge, guilt be-

ginning to roast my heart.  No sign of her.  I went back to the first floor.

She still wasn't around, so I checked the garage, and saw that her car was

gone.  I sat down, more agitated than relieved by her absence.  I considered

whether I wanted to be home when she got back.

   The sun had started to descend towards the horizon, I had taken a nap, and

my wife was still missing.  I began to worry about her.  Victoria had been

moody of late to say the least, and I wondered what reaction my infidelity

would provoke.  Last night, she had basically told me and Margot that she

didn't care one way or the other.  That was then, this is after it has

happened, and there's no sense in lying.  Victoria wasn't born yesterday.  I

became positive that her absence was caused by my tryst with Margot.  Within

the next half-hour, I had convinced myself that she was gaining revenge with

some stud or plotting my demise.  Was she going to wait until the darkness

returned her supernatural powers to kill me?  Or was she merely planning a

more conventional divorce?  My racing thoughts of doom crashed to a halt when

I heard a car horn in the back.  I walked out to meet my fate.

   Victoria got out of the car.  "David, bring in the packages in the car 

please."  Her tone was businesslike, commanding.  She marched past me with a 

regal air.  Oh well, at least she said please.  She had shopped for more

clothes by the look of the packages.  They were all from a store I'd never

heard of before.  "I am upstairs, in the guest room.  Bring them here,"

Victoria called.  The guest room?  I obeyed silently, not ready to discuss

the day's events.  After the second trip, I had all of the bags and boxes on

the second floor.  "Just sit them over by the closet.  Then I have something

to tell you."

   Victoria went to our bedroom, while I finished stacking boxes.  Finished,

I went to meet her, my heart growing heavier with every step.  She turned to

face me as I entered the room.  Her mouth opened as if to say something, but

then she stopped, as if she had reconsidered.  "Maybe you should sit down,

David."  Uh-oh.  This was it.  I swallowed hard when I sat on the bed.

   "I have not been myself lately," she began.  What an understatement.  "I

am sorry that I have driven you to other arms.  I have never felt like this

before, and I decided that something must be done."  Victoria's brown eyes

burned through me, lasers passing through the suddenly vacant space where my

soul used to be.  Her tone was grave, and my fears grew exponentially with

each passing second.  "So, I went to see a psychiatrist, hoping I would find

out about my moods."  My soon-to-be ex-wife paused and my heart sank, as my

mind raced through visions of the shrink telling her to "dump that chump."

   "He asked me some questions, and then he sent me to another doctor.  I had

to wait for while, but the other doctor saw me today, too.  I am not com-

fortable with doctors, there is too much that can be -- difficult to explain.

The other doctor took blood and -- other things.  I do not like that.  But I

wait, and I wait and finally doctor comes back."  I was relieved to hear that

she wasn't planning on killing me yet, but now I wanted to know what was

wrong with her.  Victoria waited, keeping me on pins and needles.  Suddenly,

her face broke into a giant smile, and her eyes laughed as she said, "I'm

going to have a baby!"

   "You're _WHAT_???" I gasped.  I was glad that I was sitting down.  My jaw 

hung limply from the bottom of my face.  The mirror reflected the foolish-

looking shocked man on the bed back at him.

   Victoria danced happily around my stunned figure on the edge of the bed, 

kissing me frantically around the face when I didn't respond.  "You are not 

happy?" she asked with concern.  Truth to tell, I was elated.  It was just

that my brain was having problems communicating with my mouth.  Tiny squeaks

were all that I could produce from my vocal cords.  It took a couple of

passionate kisses from Victoria to get everything back in working order.  I

babbled hysterically at my wife for several minutes.

   She grabbed me and we kissed each other deeply for a long time.  "You

don't know how happy I am to be having a baby," Victoria purred that night

as we settled down to sleep.  "It must be because you bit me while we were

fucking, David.  I do not think that we have been just unlucky in making

baby before.  We have tried so much," Victoria said.  There was a touch of

playfulness in her voice.   We had gone hunting earlier, and I had fussed at

her over the quality of victim she had picked.  She laughingly said, "Blood

is blood, unless it has champagne in it."  The playfulness turned into

teasing, then touching, then seduction.  Victoria insisted that we make love.

"No, not vampire way.  I am going to give in to my mortal desires..."

   "About Margot?"  Victoria's question made me snap wide awake.  "Did you

stay with her last night?" my wife asked.

   "Yes, we stayed up until sunrise talking," I answered truthfully.

   "You did not come home right after sunrise," Victoria said.  Her tone of 

voice said, "Nice try, but I'm not going to let you off that easy."  It was 

obviously confession time.  "I was awake, worrying about seeing the doctor.

I left before I could tell you.  I forgot to leave a message."  I was getting

very uncomfortable with all of this forthright discussion of infidelity.

"Did you make love to Margot?" my wife asked.  She rolled over on top of me,

and looked deep into my eyes.

   "Yes," I said, very softly.  Our eyes were locked, and there was no place

to hide from Victoria or my conscience.

   My wife continued her quiet interrogation.  "Did you ask her, or did she

ask you?"

   I cleared my throat, but the voice was still a conspiratorial whisper.

"We asked each other."

   "You are ashamed, yes?"  I nodded.  "It is no one's fault.  I pushed you

away from me.  Kelly is in Washington, or she would have come.  I know you

called for her.  She is my slave, too, David."  Victoria grabbed my head to

keep me from looking away.  "Margot is very attracted to you, and she is

still lovely, active, vibrant woman with --"  Victoria made a face before

finishing, "... dead husband.  She is happy to find guaranteed AIDS-free

lover when the need strikes."  My wife grinned wickedly.  "I -- advertised

your talents to her.  The -- girl talk."

   I blushed.  Victoria lay her head down, kissed my chest and said good-

night.  She was asleep almost instantly, while I lay beneath her, too

stunned, confused, elated, sated, and in love with this wondrous woman

vampire to sleep.

   I became the typical nervous wreck of an expectant father.  I fawned over 

Victoria, waiting on her hand and foot.  I took a leave of absence from my

job; I don't know if I'll go back to it.  Kelly and Michelle and Margot were

frequent visitors to the house, all of them watching Victoria's condition if

I was unable to.  Margot was an enormous help, coaching us through the mood

swings and craves.  (Frozen blood sundae?  With Muenster cheese?  You _can_

get all of this at a 7-11 at four in the morning, but it was always a pain in

the ass turning the clerk upside down to cover the Heagen-Dazs properly.)

   Victoria had been surprised when I agreed to Lamaze classes.  She wanted

me to be in the delivery room as well.  She was fascinated by everything

about her pregnancy, the "penultimate mortal female experience" as she called

it, and took voluminous notes.  She needed to have blood nightly now, which I

found interesting.  When she began to show, I insisted on hunting for her.

"Daa-viiid...  No man sees me as pregnant if I do not want him to because I

am vampire seductress.  I am perfectly capable of hunting for myself,"

Victoria would protest to no avail.  Then she'd bat her eyes at me and purr,

"You are sooo sweet.  I love you."

   As her pregnancy progressed, I forgot about other women completely, much

to Victoria's surprise.  I was spending almost all of my time around her,

never going too far away.  I got a beeper.  Victoria was the only person with

the number.  One night, we had a discussion about my lack of sexual activity.

"We have not made love in six months.  You must be in need.  I will summon

Kelly."  Our discussion turned into a long, quiet, drawn out argument.  I

won, settling down in the bed next to Victoria, but I thought I saw her smile

as I drifted off to sleep.

   As the time drew nearer, Victoria wondered what labor would be like.  She 

found that carrying a baby wasn't exactly the fun thing it had been a few

months ago.  She wanted to be a full vampire, she complained, "because then I

would sleep all day."  At night, Victoria was fine; she didn't feel any diff-

erence from her non-pregnant state.  We guessed that the supernatural effects

of being a vampire somehow gave her extra strength.  So it wasn't that much

of a surprise when Victoria went into labor promptly at dawn.

   Victoria gave birth to a baby girl at eleven fifteen in the morning.  We 

named her Rebecca Dawn.  The three of us were in Victoria's room that evening.  

We were waiting for a maternity nurse to give Victoria and Rebecca brief 

examinations, and speak with Victoria.  "Hi!  I'm Karen, the maternity lady!" 

she said cheerily as she entered Victoria's private room.  "How's baby


   "Fine.  She doesn't cry a lot.  She's a greedy little girl, though," my

wife said of our new daughter, who had been breast-feeding for a long while.

Even so, Victoria reluctantly handed Rebecca to the nurse, who raised the

baby to her shoulders.  It was dark outside, the sun having disappeared

below the horizon not more than five minutes ago, and Victoria had perked up

a little.  I kissed my wife, and then she poked me hard in the shoulder,

pointing at Karen.  I turned to see the nurse removing a breast from her

blouse with one hand, and lowering Rebecca to it with the other.  Victoria

and I both saw the two tiny red dots on Nurse Karen's neck, and the vacant

expression in her eyes...


***                               THE END                                  ***



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