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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic11.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music - 11


*** To recap: David has accepted his fate, and has officially proposed to  ***

*** Victoria.  Victoria explains her wealth, and reveals her family        ***

*** heritage after her little sister dies back in England.                 ***



	   Chapter 11: Wedding Bells (Or Funeral Procession)

   Wedding day drew closer.  Our honeymoon plans turned out to be a subject

of much debate.  Victoria liked the idea of a European trip, but insisted

that we spend a week in Carpathia.  My notion of a European honeymoon was

Paris, Vienna, and the Riviera.  "I am Countess Dracula," she argued.  "I

have obligations.  We must exchange Carpathian family vows in castle."

   "Victoria, how many times am I going to have to marry you before

_everybody_ considers us married?" I asked, only half in jest.  A week in a

drafty old castle with skeletons and staked vampires was _not_ my concept of

an exclusive, romantic getaway, but my fiancee was determined.  Victoria

refused to negotiate at all on this point.  As my cock disappeared into her

gullet, I could only sigh in resignation.  We'd be spending a week at castle


   One night, I was walking back to my apartment from Victoria's (and my)

house.  I passed by the alley behind the commercial buildings.  My apartment

was just across the street, facing the commercial buildings.  This time,

something made me stop and look into the darkness.  My vampire's senses

enabled me to see a large man and a much smaller woman.  I recognized the

woman as Jennifer, one of the bartenders at the local pub.  My extra-

sensitive hearing picked up her voice.  "Please... don't hurt me.  Just take

the money," she begged quietly.  I quietly headed towards them, planning on

using my supernatural powers to save her from her assailant.  It's almost

impossible to hear vampires approach when they are just walking normally.

When the vampire is trying to be quiet, it IS impossible.  Then I heard the

distinct sound of a zipper.  "Noooo..." came Jennifer's whispered plea.

   Galvanized into action, I started to run down the alley with supernatural

stealth and speed.  I was going to rip the guy, whoever he was, to pieces

with my vampire's strength.  Two bad things happened; my foot found a loose

piece of gravel, and struck it at just the perfect angle to kick it.  The

noise it made as it ricocheted off a building eliminated the stealth

advantage.  Alerted to my presence, the man wheeled, and swung his arm as I


   I gasped in shock as fire cut through my side.  I fell to the ground in

excruciating pain.  I had been cut very deeply; hadn't I seen Victoria take a

couple of bullets without any discomfort?  My confusion vanished in the

searing pain.  Blood rapidly soaked my shirt.  The man stabbed me again, as I

rolled away on the ground; my arm was bleeding.  I crawled backwards against

a fence, trying to stand.  The man raised his knife, having cornered me.

"Gonna kill you motherf-"

   The saying about cornered animals is correct.  In desperation I attacked

him, pain having driven all reason from my mind.  He struggled to stab me

again.  Although he _was_ stronger than I was, he apparently hadn't expected

me to have _any_ strength left.  As the blade advanced towards me, I used my

last remaining weapon.  The man's eyes filled with panic, but he was frozen

for the briefest of seconds by my gaze.  That gave me the time I needed to

bite him savagely, ripping his neck apart.  Blood spurted from the gaping

wound in his throat.  I drained the dead man's blood in a few great draws.

The blood lust rejoiced; it had been let free from its cage.

   I dropped the body carelessly.  The head was barely attached.  The blood-

lust roared, annihilating the pain.  It dominated my senses, filled my soul,

and obliterated any rational, mortal thought.  My humanity vanished as the

beast ran amok.  Jennifer had started to run away earlier, but I easily

caught up with her.  The shock of seeing me made her stop.  "David!!!

Nngh!..." she gurgled as I bit her.  My fangs were deeply embedded in

Jennifer's neck.  I drank steadily, sucking greedily, unaware of anything

except the sweet blood that filled my mouth.  I was in complete heaven,

filling my only need.  I dropped the body on the ground after it was empty.

   Thoroughly sated, the beast ambled docilely back to its cage.  It was then

that I realized what I had done.  I had just killed two people.  Shock, fear,

and repulsion ran amok.  The blood-lust just sat back, looking on with a

contented purr.  Then I realized that I knew the dead woman.  Grief and guilt

assaulted me.  I had flirted with Jennifer many times when I had been mortal;

she had been a friend.  Now she was dead.  Worse, I realized that she was

going to be a vampire in three days.  And it was ALL my fault.

   I immediately flew to our house and rang the bell frantically.  Victoria

answered, dressed in a robe.  I immediately grabbed her, crying like a baby,

babbling incoherently.  It took her a while to calm me down enough to find

out what had happened.  She left as soon as I got the word "vampire" out of

my mouth.  I drowned in tears of guilt while she was gone.  She came back

quickly.  "Police are there.  I could not retrieve bodies.  Good news is that

man is truly dead.  You killed him before you drained him."

   "Jennifer?" I asked, more than a little hope in my voice.  Victoria said

nothing.  I cried some more.  Victoria picked me up, and carried me to bed.

She held me and rocked me until I had no more tears left.  I went to sleep in

her arms, haunted by guilty dreams.  It truly was the sleep of the damned.  I

would have been better off staying awake.

   The next three days were the longest in my life.  Victoria refused to let

me go to Jennifer's funeral.  "You will do something stupid, because of your

guilt.  If you love me at all, you will not go," she firmly said.  My mood

grew increasingly worse.  My fiancee got fed up with my self-flagellation

after two days.  "David, we _must_ talk about Jennifer."

   "No.  I don't want to," I stated through clenched teeth.

   "You must call her to you tomorrow night," Victoria continued, ignoring

me.  "She needs to be trained."

   "You do it."

   "No, I cannot.  She is your responsibility, because you made her, and she

will only obey _your_ every word."  Before I could howl in self-righteous

indignation, Victoria resumed speaking.  "No, is true.  She is your slave,

even if it was accident.  _Your_ fangs caused this, and she serves you, not

me."  Her voice dropped, and she looked at me with the brown eyes I loved so

much.  "I know how you feel.  Do you think that I have not killed friend by

accident before?  This is more of vampire's curse."

   "Then I want to die before I _ACCIDENTALLY_ kill somebody else who used to

be a friend," I shouted at her.

   Victoria wrapped herself around me, and I could not break loose.  Her eyes

glowed red.  "No.  You do not wish to die.  You wish to be with me forever,"

she hissed.  Her fangs, sharp and white, were fully extended.  "This is our

true nature, David.  My father killed many of his friends because he could

not stay away from them.  You and I are abnormal.  We do not kill all the

time we bite.  We have choice most times.  We can live with mortals."

   "Jennifer can't.  She's going to be a blood-sucking, coffin-sleeping

vampire.  She won't be able to realize her dreams anymore.  And it's _all_ my

fault," I argued, wallowing in self-pity.

   "You will train her, command her, or kill her."  My fiancee paused.  "If

you wish for her soul to be free, then you may kill her.  It would have been

easier if I could have gotten body right away.  Now, you must face her."  I

didn't say anything.  "It would best be done by your hand, or by the hand of

a loved one, for her sake."

   She waited for me to speak, but I maintained my silence.  I wanted to get

away from her, but she was so much stronger than I was and continued to hold

me tightly.  "As I have said before, I can not change what we are.  I can

only offer my guidance, myself, and my love in exchange."  She waited again,

but I was still quiet, trying to appear disinterested.  Victoria knew that I

was listening.  She whispered, "Please... Do not reject me.  I would not

survive."  She lowered her mouth to my neck and bit me.

   Her bite was gentle, but deep.  She buried her fangs completely in my

neck.  At first, I did nothing, but as my blood flowed into her, I responded

with reluctance.  Soon I was caught in the torrent of emotions that filled

her blood, and my return bite became more eager.  I tasted Victoria's

desperate need for me.  Surrounded by her longing, I realized how lonely we

both were.  She was rescuing me from my guilt.  I was her savior from an

eternity of solitude.  We fell asleep, clinging to each other for dear life.

   The next day, shortly after sundown, I concentrated on bringing Jennifer

to me.  The necessary preparations were in place.  After a couple of hours,

the world's newest vampire arrived at our front door.  "Master, I have come

to your call.  What is your wish?"

   "Please come in, Jennifer," Victoria spoke.  "She can not enter our home

without invitation," my fiancee explained as Jennifer came in the house.

Victoria sponged dirt and crud off Jennifer's face.  I blinked at Jennifer.

She was even more beautiful than she had been in life.  Her transformation

had enhanced her natural beauty.  There was something...

   Victoria brought the first of our preparations out.  Jennifer saw the

young man.  Her eyes turned red immediately.  "Come to me."  Her voice was

commanding, yet seductive.  The man walked to her, his eyes searching hers'

for something only he could see.  She wrapped her arms around him and bit

him.  It seemed such a natural action for her, as if she had been doing it

all of her life.  I watched in fascination.

   "Stop her, David!  We do not need more vampires!" Victoria yelled,

interrupting my fascination.  I walked over and put a gentle hand on Jennifer

to stop her.  She growled ferociously and swatted me away with one arm.  I

flew backwards across the room, landing heavily.  Ow.  That was a mistake.

"No, David," my wife said in exasperation, "_command_ her to stop.  She is

your slave."

   "Jen, leave him - ow! - alone.  Stop.  You must not kill him."  Jennifer

woodenly obeyed, pulling back.  "Put him down gently."  She did, then turned

to me.  Despite the blood around her mouth, she looked more gorgeous than

ever.  No, it wasn't quite beauty; there was something extremely -- _sensual_

-- about her.  My cock grew rigid almost immediately, and lust nearly

consumed me.  I wanted to fuck Jennifer right then and there for the rest of

my life.

   Victoria noticed.  She came over to me, and blocked my view of Jen.  The

incredible lust faded quickly.  "She is full vampire.  Much stronger, more

evil, much more powerful than you.  You are still baby, and still mostly

mortal.  But remember, she is your slave, and you will control her always.

She can not really harm you."  My jaw, and back, and head, and rear end

disagreed with Victoria's last statement, but that also explained why I had

been hurt in the alley.  I wasn't as strong as Victoria.

   I returned my eyes to my preternaturally beautiful slave.  My erection

also returned.  "Victoria..." I said, drawing a loud, ragged breath, "I'm not

going to be able to take this."

   My wife smiled knowingly.  "Go, have sex with her.  That will help.  I

have sympathy for you both.  She is only doing what comes naturally to her as

vampire.  Enhanced, magical sexuality is big part of being vampire.  That is

what allows us to obtain slaves for bite in bars.  You are male vampire, but

part mortal, and it is that part of you which is reacting to Jennifer."  I

was a bit stunned by the explanation.  She waved her hand, indicating

Jennifer.  "Go, with my blessing."  Touching me briefly on the shoulder,

Victoria seriously added, "Anything but biting.  Bite is reserved for _me_."

   "Jen, come to me.  I want your body," I said, drooling.

   "Yes, master.  What is your wish?" Jennifer replied, removing her clothes,

revealing a perfect body.  At least it seemed perfect.  I realize now that

Jennifer's power had made me so horny for her, that I was seeing what she

wanted me to see.  She walked over to me, swaying sensuously, moving with an

incredible grace.  My lust for the creature walking to me was growing

exponentially.  "I am your plaything, use me as you will.  I will be your

every desire," Jennifer whispered to me.  I lost all semblance of

civilization as Jennifer's voice and words pushed me over the edge.  Her

supernatural sensuality permeated every cell in my body, including my brain.

   I mounted her ferociously, thrusting rapidly, forcefully, grunting like a

crazed beast in heat.  Hell, I _was_ a crazed beast in heat.  I was so intent

on relieving my lust that I failed to notice Jennifer's unenthusiastic

response until my first climax.  Actually, it wasn't just a lack of

enthusiasm; it was a complete lack of participation.  She kissed me dully,

without fire or passion when our lips met.  It had been the _ultimate_ tease.

I was sated, but not satisfied.  "Jen, get dressed."

   "Yes, my master," came the quiet, throaty, wooden response.  Victoria

looked at me, eyebrows raised, not quite a smirk on her face.  She had known

all along what was going to happen.  "Full vampires can only promise sex.  At

best, they can fuck, but not make love, except in rare cases.  She will

always spread her legs at your command, for she is your slave.  But she can

not return any of the lust you feel," my fiancee explained.

   "Master?  Is that all you desire?"  Jennifer spoke in a sultry voice, one

that promised delights beyond all imagination.  I knew better now.  My lust

spat in disgust and walked away without a second thought.  My penis stayed


   "We must get her coffin, so she has safe place to sleep in basement.  The

sun will kill her, and she is vulnerable to crosses and all things holy,"

Victoria said.  We retrieved Jennifer's coffin without incident and returned

to the house.  Jennifer followed us everywhere, because we didn't think it

was a good idea to leave her to her own vampiric urges.  It would be some

time before Jennifer could handle her blood lust without any help.

   As the sun rose, Jennifer started to close the coffin in our basement.

For a minute, she seemed to transform back into the Jen I had flirted with

and become fond of.  "I'm sorry..." I whispered, a tear coming to my eye.

She smiled as her eyes closed, and I thought I heard her whisper, in a very,

very soft voice, "I know."  The lid thudded shut, and I wept softly in the


   Another week passed.  Jennifer seemed to regain more of her old

personality.  Her voice was less seductive, and she wasn't supernaturally

beautiful (to me, at least.)  Victoria and I hunted nightly to bring back

Jennifer's dinner, so that I could keep her from killing her food.  She had

to feed nightly, in contrast to Victoria and me.  We both could go for about

a week without blood.  The delight Jen took in seducing, then biting her

victims was obvious.  It bothered me.

   Victoria had made it clear that an untrained vampire will quickly make

many untrained, undisciplined vampires.  "Did you ever see 'The Lost Boys'?"

she asked me one day.  "Vampire hunters are rare now.  Is best for us that we

keep it that way, by keeping our population down.  Those that do join us must

learn how to avoid detection."

   Jennifer whined about being restricted to the house.  One of the things I

had done was to chain her will to the house.  "You must not leave the house,

unless I specifically tell you otherwise, Jennifer."  Victoria had insisted

on that the second night Jen spent at our house.  Now we discussed the wisdom

of letting her out.  "She's going to have to leave and be on her own sooner

or later," I said, ultimately convincing Victoria.  The three of us went out

Saturday night.  Victoria and I figured that between the two of us we could

keep close tabs on Jen.  We had fed her before leaving, so we felt relatively

safe.  I had made sure (it was my fiancee's idea), that Jen would only dance

with me.  "Jennifer, you will dance with me, and no one else.  You may not

leave the club we are at with another man," I commanded her as we got in the


   "Yes, my master, I obey," she said, voice silken, seductive...  A little

wave of lust hit me as she said that, but it washed away quickly when I

realized she had done it on purpose.

   "Jennifer, stop that," I snarled.  I was annoyed that she had tried to

seduce me into rescinding my command.  She brooded, her eyes glowing red

momentarily.  I should have taken her back in the house right then.

   We went to a nightclub district far away from home, and far away from

Jennifer's old hangouts.  We all agreed that it would be good for her not to

run into any of her old friends for a while.  I danced a lot with Jennifer

while Victoria danced with Jennifer's would-be suitors.  Jennifer's super-

natural sensuality was considerably stronger than Victoria's.  However, in

practical terms, it was just a matter of distance; Victoria was much more

skilled at using the power than Jennifer.  Once Victoria would get close to a

man, she made him forget all about Jennifer.  But they came to our table

having been attracted by Jennifer.

   Several of them were extremely frustrated by Jennifer's seeming unwilling-

ness to dance with them instead of me, but she couldn't.  Late in the night,

the band started a slow, romantic song.  Victoria's eyes got a faraway,

dreamy look.  I figured that we had taken sufficient precautions regarding

Jennifer, and she could be left alone for one song.  I asked my fiancee if

she would like to dance.  For the next five minutes, Victoria was as good as

a second skin.

   The song ended, and we looked at each other like newlyweds.  The mood was

broken when I glanced over to our table.  Jennifer was gone.  Victoria and I

left in a panic, wondering what could have gone wrong.  We searched for our

runaway vampire, splitting up and flying off in opposite directions.  I found

her nearby in a largely empty, unlit parking area.  There was a woman in her


   "JENNIFER, STOP NOW!!!!" I shouted.  I saw her bloodshot eyes from the sky

and could only hope I had not been too late.  Neither Victoria nor I would

have no control over any vampires Jennifer made.  When I landed, she was

crying.  The mortal Jennifer's voice spoke as she looked at the limp body in

her arms.

   "My g-g-g-g-"  She struggled, but could not get the holy word past her

lips.  "This is my best friend!  Now I've killed her!  I've killed her!!!  I

didn't mean to!  One second I was in the club surprised to see her, then the

next, I was out here!!!  I don't know what came over me!  It was like -- I

_had_ to drink her blood!"  She sobbed pathetically.  "What have I done???"

she wailed.  Fortunately, the young woman was still alive.  Barely.  I told

Jennifer, expecting her to calm down and feel a little better about it.

   Victoria arrived quickly, having been alerted by Jennifer's hysteria.  A

police car pulled up with its lights flashing, also attracted by Jen's

remorseful wailing.  Jennifer drove the cops mad with lust when they tried to

investigate.  Her panic at the possibility of being arrested manifested it-

self as a concentrated wave of her vampiric sensuality.  The results were

quite impressive.  This truly was sex as a weapon.  The cops were last seen

chasing some of the female nightclubbers shouting, "Halt, you're under arrest

for resisting an officer!"  We slipped away in the ensuing pandemonium.  The

three of us drove home in silence.

   Jennifer looked at me with her brown eyes shortly before sunrise.  "I want

to die," she declared, sitting up in her coffin.  "You can kill me, can't

you?  I've thought about it, and I don't want to take the chance that I'll

kill all of my old friends!"  Her voice had risen, causing Victoria to come

downstairs to investigate.

   "Jen, you haven't been a vampire very long.  You'll learn.  I did," I

said, wiping at the blood tears which ran down her cheeks.  I was trying to

give her hope, being positive.

   "Look at what your learning got you!" she tearfully replied.  "Me."  Guilt

and pain hit me with gale force, as the images of that night replayed in slow

motion.  I remembered, with a disgusting thrill, the ecstasy that I had felt

as I drained Jennifer, turning her into... this.  My head hung.  "Can you

kill me?" she asked Victoria.  "I didn't need Lisa's blood, but I wanted it.

I can't control it!  I couldn't stop myself!  I'm a danger to all of my

friends!" Jennifer sobbed.

   "No, my dear," Victoria quietly said.  "I can not kill you.  David must

decide, and do it himself.  He has given you vampire curse, therefore _he_

must be one to free you," Victoria said.  I looked at her incredulously, be-

cause she had just lied through her fangs.  Before I could speak, Victoria

said, "Close coffin now, Jennifer, before sun comes up.  Go to sleep.  We

will talk tomorrow."  My fiancee pulled me upstairs before I could even say

good night to Jennifer.

   "What did you mean?  'I'm the only one who can kill her.'  That's not

true!" I argued, very incensed.

   "I say that for your sake, David, not Jennifer's," Victoria replied.  "You

are still very much mortal, and guilt over this would drive you mad."  She

paused.  "And me, after you were -- gone.  Jennifer is true tragedy, but she

has made up her mind, and we -- _you_ should not deny her."

   "I can command her to want to go on," I said.  "She'll do it if I tell her

to."  My voice was defiant, confident.  Yes, that was true, I could tell

Jennifer that she didn't want to die the final death.

   "Yes, but you will only -- cover -- her true will.  You felt lust when

Jennifer got mad because she could not dance with other men.  Was protest.

Many innocent people will die if you do this, because she will kill others to

annoy you into killing her.  Then we have plague of vampires with _no_

master."  There was a sense of urgency in her words.  "Remember our true

nature, as I have told you.  She is like us, only much more so.  _You can not

command her true nature away_."  She looked in my eyes.  I saw only concern

and care as I searched for jealousy.

   It seemed as if only minutes had passed after our discussion.  It was sun-

set already, the day having passed in a heartbeat.  I felt as if I had had no

time to even consider alternatives.  "Are you going to kill me?"  I spun

around to see Jennifer, waiting.  "Please... I want to die."  The statement

was impassioned and decisive.  "David, we were friends.  If your flirting

ever meant anything, please let me die."  Jennifer looked into my soul

through my eyes, and I shuddered.  "I forgive you for making me this, but

I'll never forgive you for keeping me this way," she said, with an air of


   I felt terrible, pounded from all sides by guilt.  My options were limited

to killing Jen.  I was as helpless as I had been the night I created her.  A

slave to circumstance, burdened with a responsibility I did not want.  It had

been easy to accept Stoker's characterization of vampires as purely evil

creatures.  Now I wasn't so sure.  I wondered if Victoria's father had

suffered the same moral problems during his life.  "Let's go downstairs to

the basement," I said with a heavy heart.  Victoria followed us down the

steps, and carried a small bag with her.  The lump in my throat was huge.

"Jennifer, I'm so --," I choked on the words.

   "I know," she said, patting my hand.  She stepped into her coffin, looking

into my soul again.  "It's all right.  It'll be better this way."  Jennifer

lay down in her coffin.  Victoria handed me the mallet and stake.  My eyes

sent a silent, desperate plea to her.

   "No, David.  You must do this.  As you would curse, so should you free

her," Victoria insisted.  "This is for your sake, as well as hers'."  The

tears made it difficult to see, my hands shook, and sweat was pouring out of

me.  No, I couldn't do...

   Jennifer sat up and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, brushing me with a

fang.  "I would've gone out with you, you know," she whispered.  Jennifer

removed the stake from my hand before lying down and held it in place over

her heart.  "I'm ready," she said with confidence.  "Please?" she begged with

her voice and her eyes.

   I swallowed, and squeaked, "Jen -- I'm sorry."  The mallet descended

squarely on the stake.  Jennifer gasped; it was a horrible, stomach-turning,

heart-wrenching sound.  Blood splattered me, and blood tears ran from Jenni-

fer's eyes.  I repeated, "I'm sorry!" as I continued to pound the stake into

her.  I was shouting it at the top of my lungs when the mallet was pulled out

of my hands.

   Victoria held me from behind, cooing, "It's over, darling.  Look at her,

David.  Look at her face now."  I kept my eyes closed and tried to turn away,

but she held me easily.  "You have granted her desire.  She is happy, at

peace now.  You must see," Victoria cajoled.  Blinking back tears, I looked

at Jennifer's once again dead body.  There was a smile on her face; her eyes

were open, and the rivulets of blood that had run from her eyes had vanished

without a trace.

   "Thank... you," Jennifer whispered, and her eyes closed, as if she were

just going to sleep.  They would not be opening ever again.  Victoria let me

push her away, and I left the house.  She did not follow me.  I wandered the

streets aimlessly for several hours, finally returning to my apartment near

dawn.  I sat, staring at an empty wall, wishing that the void inside me would

claim my physical body.  This wasn't what being a vampire really meant, was

it?  I was chilled to the bone, a glacial cold that buried my soul in its own

ice age.

   Just as the sun came up, I felt its warmth envelop me.  I stopped shiver-

ing.  It felt as if a warm summer breeze had just gone through my body.  As

quickly as the breeze had arrived, it was gone.  The hair on the back of my

neck stood up.  There was a word in my mind.  "Goodbye."  It was tinged with

regret, but there was no trace of fear.  I sniffed the air, and my human

senses detected an after-image of Jennifer's presence.  Victoria told me

later that Jennifer had sent her soul to comfort me.  "She thought you would

need it most of anybody she knew.  Someday, I will explain in detail."

   I had serious erection problems after that.  Victoria was understanding,

saying, "Your mortal part is still guilty."  She was satisfied just to sleep

and cuddle with me.  Two weeks later, _everything_ became a problem.  I

didn't want to be near anybody, feeling like an outcast from my own body.

The comfort provided by Jennifer's soul had since faded, leaving me on my

own.  I was losing the battle with my guilt.  I became increasingly depressed

and moody.  Victoria finally banished me to my apartment.  I tried to get her

to cancel the wedding, but she refused.

   My mental state had been slipping when I was staying with Victoria.

Seclusion sped up the process.  I quickly stopped answering the phone.  I

kept going to work and staying later.  On Friday night, my boss _ordered_ me

to go home.  I didn't even have the will to consider changing his mind.  I

walked home surrounded by the gloom that had been my companion since Jenni-

fer's death.  Victoria met me at the door.  We were scheduled to be married

in eight days.

   "Your mortal part broods too much," she lectured.  "I have had enough of

this.  It is time for -- how you say, attitude adjustment."  Before I could

fire a suitably nasty retort, Kelly appeared from my bedroom.  She stood si-

lently in the hall, eyes open.  I knew she wasn't seeing anything by the dull

expression in them.  Her neck was bleeding.  "Kelly???" I said, in shock.

   "Mass-terr."  My cock hardened in my pants.  I turned to Victoria in


   "You need... diversion.  Something to remind you of the great advantage in

your powers.  And you see, I am not insensitive to your desires," my fiancee


   "I'm not interested," I lied defiantly.  "Send her away."  The bulge push-

ing at my pants more accurately mirrored my thoughts.  "I'm getting married

to _you_.  It's cheating," I said, trying to justify my denial.

   "So?  Is wedding present for your mortal part, from me.  If you do not

want her, then _you_ send her away.  I am leaving for the night.  Indulge

yourself -- _fully_."  With that, she turned and left the apartment.  Kelly

stood in the hall.  She hadn't moved a muscle since I first laid eyes on her.

   "Kelly," I began, but could not manage to finish the sentence with "go

home."  Damn, I wanted her.

   "Yes, master?" she asked.  I looked at her, desire overwhelming any ob-

stinate need for self-denial.  It was true; she was completely mine.  There

was absolutely no way I could send her out the door without doing anything.

Victoria had selected the _one_ woman I could not resist and had delivered

her to me on a silver platter.  She had realized that the nature of my at-

traction for Kelly was something primal and uncontrollable.

   Any thoughts of continuing to punish myself for being a vampire disap-

peared.  "Come here.  I desire your body.  And your soul.  In return, I will

give you your heart's desire," I said, holding out my hand.  Kelly took it

without hesitation.  I pulled her close, kissing her gently on the lips.

   Kelly wrapped her arms around me, pushing her tongue between my lips, and

removing any remaining space between our bodies.  She looked into my eyes as

she broke the kiss.  "I must have you.  I've thought of no one else, master.

I dream constantly of you.  I'll do anything, just command me, please," she

begged softly.  My erection pressed against us, and I walked her backwards to

the bedroom.  She sat down and started to undress herself.  Kelly was wearing

lacy white undergarments.  Victoria's idea, no doubt.  A very good decision

on my fiancee's part.  I drooled.  "Do you wish to take them off, master?

Will it make you happy?"

   I smiled, still standing, looking down at her.  "No, remove them like... a

virgin bride, my lovely slave."  I watched as Kelly unfastened her bra.  She

removed it deliberately, shyly, one breast at a time.  She smiled, and half-

turned, partially hiding her chest.  I was _very_ pleased.

   "Do you like them, my master?" Kelly asked innocently, again revealing her

breasts.  Her hand lazily covered one nipple.  "Would you like to touch them,

to taste them?"  Her voice was a whisper now.  Her hands caressed her

breasts.  A finger would tease an erect nipple occasionally.  I couldn't wait

long enough to give her a verbal answer.  I knelt at the side of the bed and

carefully licked her hands, replacing them with my tongue at her breasts.

"Ye-esss," she sighed, pulling my head closer.  I tongued her chest in slow

circles, sometimes lightly, teasingly; other times applying as much pressure

as possible.  Kelly stroked my hair, uttering little sighs of pleasure.  I

kissed the forgotten region; the underside of her breasts.  Kelly's breathing

became erratic as my tongue danced along her body, tiny whimpers slipping

through her lips.

   She pushed at my head and reclined fully.  "Now..." she said dreamily.

She slowly removed her lower undergarments, all pretense of virginity gone.

I nibbled on her inner thighs, being careful to keep my fangs in check.  I

started at her knees and approached the soft, downy hair around her pubic

mound with what I hoped was a delicious deliberation.  Patience and leisure

were soon conquered by her aphrodisiac fluids and aroma.  I buried my face

between Kelly's legs.  "Ohhh... goddd..."  Kelly's hips twitched, pushing her

inflamed clit directly in front of my eyes.  Her hands stroked my head.

   I sucked on the bud.  "OHHH!!!  M-M-M-MASSS-TERRR!" Kelly yelped, grabbing

a handful of my hair and pulling it roughly.  I moved my head away from her

pleasure button, rolling my tongue around her fleshy folds.  "Ohh... Master!

-- Ohhh!!  Masster!" she panted while I ate to my heart's content, savoring

her sweet inner nectar.  She thrust her hips at me rhythmically as I made my

tongue pointy, and used it to emulate what I would be doing later with

another part of my body.

   Kelly accelerated the schedule.  "I wannnt youuu..." she crooned.

"Massterrr, _pleeease_... I wannnt... wannnt... ohhHHH!"  Her back arched,

and she played with her nipples, pinching and twisting them.  When I stopped

to undress myself, Kelly stroked her pussy, maintaining her sexual momentum.

"Ooooh, I'm sooo wett, master... Hurry... I can't wait much -- Unngh!"

   I slid into the warm wetness of Kelly.  She welcomed me with a small high-

pitched grunt, and by wrapping her arms and legs around me.  I could only

wriggle unless I used the tiny amount of vampire strength I had; she held me

that tightly.  "Master -- Yes! -- Ohhh! -- Goddd...  Ye-e-e-esss..."  We were

grinding at each other, and the pressure sent her quietly into climax.

"Ohhh????..."  Kelly's body went taut, mouth open, leaving a surprised

expression on her face.  Our hips slowly circled.

   "Mmmmm, yessss..." she purred, finally relaxing her hold on me.  "Fuuuck

meeee..." Kelly cooed, kissing me deeply.  She moaned as my cock travelled

through every inch of her.  I rested each time I was fully immersed, slowly

pulling almost all the way out.  Every downstroke was languid, slow.  My cock

tingled as it moved, Kelly's hidden treasure gently grasping at it.  My or-

gasm built slowly.  It started as a small pressure deep in my hips that

spread outward through my entire body.

   "Kell-leee..." I groaned, past the point of no return, still in control -


   "Come," she whispered.  My slave commanded me and I obeyed, jerking, buck-

ing, drooling, grunting.  A brilliant light obliterated my vision from with-

in.  Kelly milked me, her inner walls kneading my deflating cock as it spurt-

ed inside her.  I rolled over, spent, lost in an all-encompassing glow.

Kelly immediately went to work at raising my manhood, still wet with our

juices, a second time.

   She used her tongue to swab it, cleaning it, tasting both of us.  Soon,

she was playing her tongue along it in the same way I had teased her breasts

earlier.  Her head descended, and her mouth became the incredible vacuum that

had thrilled me before.  I don't think I could have stayed soft, even if I

hadn't been a vampire.  I pulled Kelly's head away from my now-erect cock.

She slid her body along mine; our lips met, tongues seeking refuge in each

other's mouth.  My hips started moving of their own volition.  My penis slid

between our bodies, slick with sweat, searching for the opening between

Kelly's legs that denoted the beginning of its perfect sheath.  She jerked

suddenly, and broke our frenzied kiss.  Looking at me tenderly, she whis-

pered, "No, master, please.  I want to taste your sweet passion.  Let me s-

s-suck you."  Kelly slid her way back down my body, then resumed her loving

oral ways.

   My head snapped back, bouncing against the bed.  I could only moan,

trapped by Kelly's increasing suction.  Her head bobbed slowly, eyes dancing

as she looked at me.  She spun her tongue around my cock, smiling lewdly.

"Do you like that, master?" she asked, knowing the answer from the way my

body trembled.  She slowly took me in her mouth again, sucking forcefully.

After a few more strokes, my body was piano wire.  Then she pressed on the

knot between my balls and asshole.

   "AAARRGGGHHH!"  I grunted, filling Kelly's mouth with the juice she had

asked for.  My hips bucked wildly once, and my feet cramped.  I shivered

uncontrollably as my orgasm continued.  Kelly's mouth and the vacuum were

still going.  She stopped, once again sliding her body along mine to kiss me.

She opened her mouth, returning some of my come to me.  We kissed passion-

ately as Kelly humped me, sliding her wetness across my still-oozing, but

softening dick.

   Our kiss quickly went from passionate to crazed.  Soft sighs and moans

vanished, transformed to lustful pants.  My lust roared loudly, and I lost

any control.  "Give me... yourass!" I managed to pant between kisses.

   "Yess, massterr... I lo-o-o-ove your cock in myyy asss... Fuuck meee

therrre, mass-terr.  Ohhh, doooo iiiittt," she gasped, climbing onto her

hands and knees.  Her butt swayed invitingly.  I kissed her ass, then flicked

my tongue madly between her cheeks.  I pushed it into her anus.  She moaned

loudly in approval.  I fucked her rosehole with my tongue, then eased my cock

into the crevasse that separated her butt globes.

   Her asshole expanded to accept me, the sphincter muscles clamping tightly

on my cock as it moved.  "Nnnf!  Hrnngh!" Kelly grunted.  I was _very_ de-

liberate this time, in contrast to our previous anal encounter.  "Ohhh fuu-u-

u-u-uck!!!  I-i-i-it huurrrttsss," she growled.

   "I'll stop," I quickly said, somewhat apologetically.  "I don't wan-"

   "NOOOO!!!" Kelly interrupted, objecting vociferously to the suggestion.

She rocked, forcing me deeper into her second, tighter hole.  The vise-like

sensation of her ass threatened to crush me with ecstasy.  "Ohhh... Fuck...

Ohhhh... More... Deeep... Co-o-ock... Assss," Kelly babbled quietly.  She was

incoherent, but she rocked more steadily and easily.  Ecstasy flooded me,

washing away any concerns I had.  I began pumping at her, slowly at first,

gaining speed as her ass adjusted to the unaccustomed object lodged within.

   Kelly urged me on, regaining some coherence.  "FUCKME!  OH!  Yes!  Sogood!

Sogood!  Ohh... Ohhhh...", she panted.  Her rocking became more urgent.

"Fuckmyass!!!  Yess!  Masster!  F-f-fu-u-u-uck m-m-meee!!" she wailed.  I was

operating purely on instinct, incapable of rational thought.  My lust,

spurred on by my slave, her actions, and her reactions, was in total control

of me.  "Godimgonnacome..." she started to hiss, repeating it until it became

a mantra.  I fingered her pussy, wobbling her clit, and it was equivalent to

lighting a firecracker.

   "NNNGGGHHH!!! I'm cu-u-u-u-U-U-UUUMMMINNNGGGG!!!"  It was a shout.  Her

body bucked incredibly, especially since I was still in her ass.  Her breath

game in great, gasping gulps.  I saw the tension in the muscles of her body.

I growled, and my come oozed out of her ass, around my cock.  I pulled out,

spraying come all over.  When it was done, we lay next to each other, dazed,

breathing heavily.

   I cleaned her off with a wet cloth; she washed my dick.  I kissed her

sweetly.  Not wanting to stop, I entered her pussy.  (Isn't being a vampire

great?)  "Again?  Ohhhh, massss-terrrrr..." Kelly sighed.  Her pussy wrapped

itself around my cock, and she was still flushed.

   "I'll kiss you, my sexy slave," I said quietly.  My fangs appeared.

Kelly's eyes filled with that wonderful enthralled look.  I bit her, but I

just let her blood flow out of the punctures; I didn't suck because it would

last longer this way.  Kelly immediately went into orgasm, coming while my

tongue lapped at her slowly ebbing life essence.  I withdrew from her cunt,

still attached to her neck.  Kelly hung on to me.  I knew that the ecstasy of

my kiss was the only thing she sensed, the only thing she cared about.  I

released her while her life force was still strong.  I was still hard.

   "Mass-terrr..." she said in a breathy near-whisper, eyes full of adora-

tion.  Her eyes moved to my cock.  "Fuck...  Meee...  A-gaiinnnn..."  Her

voice was distant, enthralled, but drenched in desire.  Once more we moved in

tandem.  Kelly's movements were much more languorous, my thrusts were gentle.

Our slow passion built to a quiet, but intense release.  She fell asleep

almost immediately after I pulled out.

   "Dream of me, Kelly.  You are mine, body and soul.  I command your wonder-

ful body for my pleasure, and my pleasure is yours'.  You have served your

vampire master well and faithfully tonight," I said tenderly to the uncon-

scious woman on the bed.  I drove her home in her car, leaving her head full

of visions of marvelous sex with a handsome stranger.  I flew back to the

apartment and sat up for a little while to reflect on the night's events.  It

was obvious that I never would have gotten within five feet of Kelly without

my fangs.  No matter how hard I tried to avoid coming to that conclusion.  I

fell asleep, the deep and dreamless sleep of the sated.

   Victoria woke me up the next morning.  "Good morning.  Are you in better

mood, now?"

   I sat up, blinking sleepily.  "Yes," I yawned, "I am."  I paused to wake

up a little more.  "Why did you-"

   "Because I love you.  And I know your mortal part, even though I do not

understand it, sometimes.  You needed to see the good side of being vampire

again.  Kelly is best example.  If she could not change your mood, then no

one could, and I would cancel wedding."  Victoria paused.  "Will you require

more -- convincing -- tonight?  I can send Michelle, in addition."

   "No-o-o-oooo," I yawned.  Again.  "I -- don't think so.  I'd much rather

go hunting with you, instead."

   My fiancee's eyes sparkled.  "You still want to be vampire?"  The replying

kiss lasted a long time.  "You speak Carpathian very well.  Say yes to me

again," she said in a throaty, sexy voice.  Victoria fell on top of me, and

we necked for a while.


   "Yes, darling?"

   "I'm really beat," I confessed.

   "I figured that you would be."  The room was quiet for a moment.  "Is

Kelly -- better -- than me?"

   Now where did that come from?  Victoria waited patiently for my answer.

"I can't answer that question," I started, then continued quickly before

Victoria could say any more.  "Kelly is -- _different_ -- than you.  I don't

feel the same way about you, and it's like comparing apples and oranges."

   "Excuse me?  What does that mean?" Victoria asked.

   "There's no way to compare, because you two are so different.  Kelly

resonates within me on a sexual level.  I want to have sex with her because I

find her an incredible turn-on.  Just by looking at her, sometimes.  And that

was true _before_ I met you."  I took a breath.  "Victoria, I love you, and I

want to be as close as possible to you.  The sex we have is a manifestation

of that closeness.  The motivations are different.  With Kelly, it's purely


   "No, not quite," Victoria countered.  "You like it much when she calls you

'master.'  That adds a little more spice to your fucking with her, I think.

You love having her as pretty sex slave.  This will not change, I know this."

She continued, "I was being -- unreasonable -- about her before.  I ask now

only that you be careful around her, because playthings should never wind up

with fangs."  My fiancee leaned close, "Sleep well, my love."  She pushed me

gently to the bed, kissed me on the cheek, tucked me in, and I went to sleep.

   We went out that night, but I thought that Victoria was distant.  I won-

dered if it was her reaction to my interlude with Kelly.  She left me alone

at the bar and flirted heavily with the men.  It wasn't long before she was

leaving the bar with two big, rough-looking men.  I was resigned to the fact

that she was entitled to her diversions, too.  The bartender handed me a note

that said, "I have stalked for us both."  I left the bar in a hurry, heading

in the direction they had turned.  The men were already fondling Victoria

roughly, trying to undress her in the parking lot.  One man put his hand

between Victoria's legs while his partner held her tightly.  I flew at the

man holding her, leading with my fangs, ripping the back of his neck open.

I turned back into a person (?), and savagely drank his blood, leaving neck

muscles and ligaments hanging from the body.

   "You are so protective," Victoria purred, coming by my side.  The other

man sat on the ground with a dazed expression on his face.  "Bloofer lady,"

he said.  I looked strangely at my fiancee.  She smiled, "Is revenge."

Turning to him, she said, "You will forget all, except the command you must

obey."  We kissed, then flew home together.  "Each time he thinks of sex with

a woman he will say 'bloofer lady,'" she explained.  We laughed.

   The next week flew by, and suddenly, it was our wedding day.  Oddly, I

wasn't nervous as my family and friends filled the small church.  Bryan

looked sharp in his tuxedo, but the smile on his face wasn't necessarily for

Victoria and me.  Julie was at the wedding, wearing an engagement ring.

_All_ the bridesmaids had holes in their necks.  Hey, we solved the problem

of Victoria not really knowing anybody; Kelly was maid of honor.  The pastor

looked down on us.  "Dearly beloved..." he began.  Bryan surreptitiously

jostled me when it was time for me to do something, as I could only think

about how lovely my wife was.  Finally, it was time for the ring exchange.

Victoria's felt like it weighed three tons, but it slipped onto her finger

easily.  She blushed, and my arm felt much better.  She gave me mine while

reciting her vows, looking me solemnly in the face the whole time.  Our eyes

locked, as they had at the very beginning, and the rest of the world tempo-

rarily vanished.  "...I now pronounce you man and wife.  You may -"  Victoria

and I shared our sweetest kiss ever.


*** NEXT: Europe, here we come!  What do vampire newlyweds do on their     ***

*** honeymoon?                                                             ***



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