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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic10.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music - 10


		      Chapter 10: The Ties That Bind

   I didn't go to work the next morning.  I couldn't accept what had happened 

the night before.  Victoria awakened and came out of the bedroom to find me 

sitting on the futon.  Her trim, near-perfect body was unclothed, I

clinically noted.  Somehow, she just wasn't very attractive to me right then.

She stretched and yawned.  "Good morning!  You are still here, not at work?"

she asked.  She flopped down next to me on the futon and tried to kiss me.

I turned away from her.  Victoria stopped, and pouted, "You are upset."

   I turned to say something to her.  Victoria devilishly put her arms around

me and kissed me passionately.  I fought her off and pushed her away

violently.  I stood up to walk away, but she jumped to her feet and blocked

my way to the bathroom.  "You do not -- _should_ not -- be afraid of me.  It

will make for a very long and lonely eternity," she said.  Victoria spoke

quietly, in soothing tones, reading the fear in my eyes.

   "Vic-," I started.

   She grabbed my hand tightly, derailing my train of thought.  "No, David!

You listen to me!" Victoria urged forcefully.  "You are vampire.  I am

vampire.  Had my father made me, I would not be his daughter.  But my mother

birthed me, and I am half-mortal.  I have been vampire since I first bled, so

I have less mortality to remember than you, and it has been very long.  I am

sorry, but I cannot change _what we are_.  Please try to understand."  She

patted my hand sympathetically.  "I am very sorry for what I have taken away

from you.  I can only offer the unique gifts you now have, and myself in


   I stood, considered what she had just said, then returned to the futon to 

sit.  Victoria followed me closely.  "Victoria, I've got to think -- by

myself.  There's absolutely no way out of this... marriage?"

   She nodded.  "Not without becoming full vampire or dying."  Her brown eyes 

were focused on me, searching for a hint of what I was thinking.  I felt 

helpless and trapped.  Victoria bowed her head.  "You do not want me any 

longer."  A tear trickled down her face, then another.

   "Since when do vampires cry?  That's a mortal emotion, for _mortals_

only," I said bitterly.  It was a _NASTY_ thing to say, and Victoria

flinched, badly wounded.  She broke down completely, crying and sobbing

loudly, her head in her hands, not wanting to touch me.  I didn't realize

that I might feel her pain as well.  What was I saying to her?  After all, we

were living together, and had planned to marry in a church.  My conscience,

mortal thing that it is, pounded at me relentlessly.  I felt awful.

   I hesitatingly reached, stopped, reached again and touched her gently.  I 

pulled at Victoria, who was still crying, and I hugged her.  She struggled a 

little to get away from me, but not really.  Her sobs got louder, then were 

muffled as she buried her head against my shoulder.  I held her tightly,

rocking her like a child, cooing apologies for my horrid behavior and ugly

words.  Victoria responded after a while, her sobs fading.  "I cry because I

do love you.  Is mortal, but I am three-quarters mortal.  I am mortal

_now_."  Her eyes were puffy and red, and she sniffled.  I dabbed at her eyes

with a finger, then kissed her lightly.

   Victoria kissed me back, a quick peck on the cheek.  I kissed her nose.

She pecked me on the lips.  Our mouths opened, and we began kissing for real.

I stroked her back and neck gently while our tongues circled.  She was naked,

I was not, and I broke our kiss and ran my tongue south, towards her sex.

"Ohhhh, I l-o-o-ove yoouuu soooo mu-uh-uh-uh-uch!" my wife sighed, hiccuping

as I teased her nipples with my tongue and teeth.

   I licked her belly button, something she always enjoyed.  Victoria had

been correct.  We were complementary pieces, she with greater experience as

undead, while my mortal life was still fresh in my mind.  We had indeed

selected each other, to share forever our needs and experiences.  Her hands

grabbed at my head.  My tongue continued its dance around her upper thighs,

teasing at her outer lips.

   My wife arched her back, trying to put my mouth in contact with the 

sensitive, puffy folds.  I complied, eliciting a long, happy moan from her.

My head whipped from side-to-side between her legs.  Victoria vibrated, butt

bouncing on the bed, panting loudly.  Victoria pulled my head forcefully

against her pussy.  "Li-i-i-i-ick muh-muh-meeee!" she wailed.  The

unmistakable, and not unpleasant tang of my wife's pussy juice tingled on my

tongue.  She was coming, hiccuping loudly, pulling my hair, moaning when she

could breathe.

   Victoria circled her hips against my face, prolonging her orgasm as long

as she could.  I was very happy to be the instrument of her pleasure.  Of

course, all good things must end, and my wife _finally_ let my head go.  I

slowly rubbed my neck, getting help, and several kisses from Victoria after a

little while.  She purred, "Thank you...  I've missed you soooo much lately."

She rubbed the outside of my pants.

   "No, you may not.  I really do have to go to work now," I said, standing

up.  Victoria's eyes grew cloudy, and she pouted at me.  I ignored her look,

saying, "I'll be home by seven.  Think you can wait another eight hours,

baby?  I promise I'll let you then..."  My wife threw a pillow at me as I

headed for the shower.  Ain't love grand?

   I returned home that afternoon and Victoria was waiting for me.  In the 

bedroom, naked.  "It would appear that you are at a disadvantage, David."

Her eyes were smoky, the voice quiet and husky.  I smiled in anticipation.

   "Have you been sitting here all day waiting for me?" I teased.

   "Yes," came the surprising answer.  "My pussy has been so lonely since you 

left for work.  I must wait all by myself for you to get back," she

whimpered.  She stood up, and pulled my pants down.  Victoria knelt, looking

up at me with a smile on her face.  "I need practice," was all she said.  She

took my flaccid cock, and put her mouth around it.

   "Ohhh!" I sighed, having been quite unprepared for my wife's enthusiasm.

She licked around the head, then engulfed my penis.  She rubbed it gently,

and the blood began to flow.  My dick responded to Victoria's coaxing slowly,

my erection playing hide and seek with her.  Her slightly clumsy efforts

endeared her all the more to me.  After a little bit of helpful instruction,

("_Lightly_ with the tongue, sweetie."), Victoria had my cock standing at

full attention.

   Victoria leaned back, admiring her handiwork (mouthiwork?).  She ran her

hand rhythmically along the shaft.  "Yes, baby!  That's niiice..." I began,

but Victoria swirled her head around my cock.  My legs wobbled briefly when

the sensations of her tongue and warm, wet mouth registered in my brain.  She

dutifully bobbed her head up and down with swirling strokes, and it became 

extremely difficult to think.  She looked at my dick, coated with her saliva,

as she pulled it from her mouth.  She attacked the head and sensitive rim

with her lips and tongue.  Victoria also used her teeth, using them to brush

my cock very gently from time to time.  The different surfaces sent differing

waves of pleasure up my spine and down through my legs.  They quivered, and a

low moan escaped my throat.

   Victoria began sucking in earnest, and I lost all control.  A low growl 

started in my diaphragm, reaching my throat.  Simultaneously, the first

volley of come left my nuts.  I threw my head back, groaning.  My balls

lurched madly.  When I gave that one last shudder at the end and my vision

returned to normal, I looked down at my wife.

   She had drops of come on her face, in her hair, on her shoulders, and

across her chest.  Victoria was giggling, dabbing at the droplets with her

fingers.  She licked delicately at them, cleaning the white fluid off.  She

looked at me, complete amusement in her eyes, with a devilish smile on her

face.  "Was good, yes?  I made you come?" she asked.  I could only nod,

panting.  "We are mortal for while longer," she said for no particular


   I finally caught enough breath to answer her first question.  "Was 

incredible, yes!" I said, mimicking her inflection.  She bounced to her feet

and gave me a wet kiss, hugging me tightly.  "Now this shirt needs to be

washed.  It'd be too difficult to explain these stains."  She looked at where

her body had pressed against mine.  Victoria shrugged as if to say, "So


   "Wait until sun goes down.  I have been alone watching videos all day,"

she growled suggestively.  I flopped on the bed and finished undressing.

Then, as Victoria cuddled next to me, I fell asleep.  Well, I hadn't slept in

two days.

   I didn't wake up until the next morning, but I felt completely rested and 

refreshed.  Victoria sleepily stretched next to me.  "Good morning, David, my 

love," she yawned.  Her eyes were half-lidded, and she slid her body on top

of mine for a good morning kiss.  "You slept very well last night," she

teased as her lips left mine.  The morning hard on pressed against both of

us, trapped.

   "Let me go to the bathroom, babe."  I rolled over and headed down the

hall.  "How come," I started loudly, then softened my voice when I realized

she was right behind me.  "How come you let me sleep?"  Victoria reached

around me, and stood on her tiptoes looking over my shoulder.  She held my

cock as I peed.

   "I always wanted to do this," she whispered in my ear, nibbling on it.  A 

small shiver shot down my spine.  "I am sorry.  You looked so peaceful, I did 

not want to disturb your rest."  The last drop splooshed in the john.  "We

have many nights to come, one less will not hurt."  I turned to speak, but

was silenced by her mouth and questing tongue.  Something stirred between us.

My end of the kiss became more forceful and passionate.

   "Ohh, David!  Are we going to make love before breakfast?" she sighed,

arms resting lightly across my shoulders.  Her eyelids fluttered; it was a

rhetorical question.  We took a few minutes to get back to the bedroom from

the bathroom.  We kissed constantly, playing with each other's bodies.  We

touched the non-obvious erogenous zones, heightening our tension.  We finally

made it to the bedroom door.  Victoria kissed me quickly, then broke away

long enough to dive onto the bed.

   I attempted to climb on top of her, but she rolled away with a chuckle and 

climbed on top of me.  Immediately I felt her tongue dancing gracefully along

my penis.  I licked gently along her inner thighs in response.  Victoria

stopped me by swallowing my erection, taking me by complete surprise.  My

back arched off the bed, and I felt her hair tickle my thighs.  She slowly

came back up.  "I told you I watched video all day Friday."

   She rearranged herself to straddle me, her favorite position.  My cock 

strained skyward briefly, then it was covered by my wife's inner depths.  I 

fought the urge to come as Victoria began to bounce gently.  When I started

to pump at her from below, she lost any desire for leisurely sex, and started

to move with urgency.  It was our shortest fuck ever.  After about thirty

seconds of frenzied humping, Victoria started thrusting sharply, repeatedly

crying, "OHH!  OHH!  OHH!"  Her eyes were closed, and her pussy got very wet,

clutching and releasing me rapidly.  I had won the first battle at entry, but

lost the war as I came a few seconds later.  We kissed viciously, neither one

of us in control of our own bodies.

   We lay in a sweaty, dazed, panting heap after the spontaneous combustion.

My toes were still curled.  It took my brain a few minutes to start

functioning again, and when it did, it was not paying attention to my mouth.

My vocal cords were free to pick any of the thoughts floating around up

there.  The first post-orgasm words I said were, "Victoria, will you marry

me?"  The response was an urgent, deep, wet, and infinitely long kiss.

Neither of us could do more than gasp for a few seconds afterwards.

   "Is Carpathian way of saying yes," Victoria finally replied, regaining

some semblance of composure.  She said yes to me some more.  Finally,

Victoria lay her head on my chest, closed her eyes, and purred contentedly.

She fell asleep soon thereafter.  I followed my fiancee into blissful

unconsciousness by less than a minute.

   When we woke up a few hours later, the first thing I did was call my dad.  

The euphoria of Victoria's yes was still powerful, and I babbled into the

phone at my father almost non-stop for a couple of minutes.

   "Well, it's about time you found somebody, son.  Is it that Victoria girl 

you've been seeing a lot of?" he queried.  We talked for a while.  The

initial adrenal surge had passed, so I had mellowed out considerably.  My dad

informed me of the responsibilities of marriage.  He paused.  "Son..."

   "No, dad, she's not," I answered his question before he could pose it.  At 

least she wasn't as of last night.  I do come from an old-fashioned family.

We still didn't know if Victoria could get pregnant, come to think of it.  My

train of thought was interrupted as Victoria began to knead my shoulders.

"Would you like to speak with her?  She's right here."  Victoria gasped in

surprise, and shook her head violently even after she took the phone.

   "Hello, sir."  My fiancee looked at me in pained embarrassment.  "OK...

Pre? -- Yes, I will.  Yes.  I love your son very much.  He is special.  No,

he asked me this morning."  Now it was my turn to be embarrassed.  It doesn't

take much, especially around my dad.  "We will go buy rings later today...

Yes, I want very much to meet you, also...  Goodbye."  Victoria handed the

phone back to me.

   I spoke some more with my dad, then made arrangements for the trip home to 

take Victoria to meet my family.  Finally, I was finished on the phone, so I 

chased Victoria around the apartment until she caught me.  We kissed.

"Aren't we the eager one, telling my dad we're going to buy rings today."

   "Are we not?"  She cocked her head.  "You know I want official engagement,

at five-star restaurant.  You are on knee and asking," she pouted.  "I

thought, the sooner, the better."  Victoria nibbled on my ear, then moved to

my neck.  "Please?"  She began stroking my thighs.  The gentle kisses, light

caresses, and her presence threatened to swallow me.

   "We'll go to your restaurant, baby.  I'll do the whole ritual thing," I

said.  She stopped playing with my body and my senses.  Otherwise, I would've

attacked her again.  We went to buy our engagement and wedding rings after a

late lunch.  The week was non-stop after that; making arrangements for the

wedding, getting the tickets for the trip home, and informing my friends.

Victoria knew very few people, except for my friends, so finding a maid of

honor and bridesmaids was going to be a problem.  Victoria also moved out of

my apartment and into the house.  My lease kept me from joining her right

away.  "You or I should -- convince -- them to let you move," she said one

night.  I said no, that I had too much else to worry about, and that moving

would take care of itself.  She asked me if I had other reasons for not

wanting to bite the real estate people.  I assured her that if there was

anybody I wanted to bite, it was my landlord.

   We hunted together for the first time.  A drunk group of girls left the

local bar one night at closing.  As they headed uncertainly for cars and

apartments, the group spread out into clumps of two or three.  I scanned

faces, waiting to catch somebody's eye.  One girl looked, and her footsteps

faltered.  Her friend stopped to see what was wrong, and Victoria claimed

her.  The foursome went to our new house, where Victoria and I dined.

   Vampire romance.  My fiancee bit one girl and commanded her to walk to me.

I sent the other to Victoria, and we fed on each other's thralls.  We then

sent the girls on their merry way with their memories altered.  Saturday, we

picked up the rings.  Afterwards, Victoria went to shop, while I returned to

my apartment.  My best friend stopped by.  "Amazing.  You're here, and she's

not," Bryan said.  "Boy, have you been scarce lately.  Is this wedding really

going to happen?  Is this what you really want?"  Bryan, ever the voice of

reason through many of my follies, was providing that invaluable service


   Unfortunately, there was a problem this time.  It had never occurred to me 

that there could possibly be another woman in my life, other than Victoria.

We were immortal; any other woman would grow old, and die.  As I looked at my

friend, I realized for the first time that he, too, would grow old and die.  

Depression hit.

   "Well, if you're going to do it, yes, I will be your best man.  And

remember - the words are 'I do.'," he resumed, before I had a chance to get

really depressed.  "But you've got to tell me when, or else I won't be

there."  I quickly told him the date.  Then I started talking about the

planning and the hassle and the fun...  We talked for two hours, until we

were interrupted by Victoria's phone call.  I had almost forgotten that I was

supposed to officially propose that night.

   We went to her favorite expensive restaurant.  (Did she ever run out of 

money?)  Her black evening gown was custom-fit so that it would emphasize her 

near-perfect body.  Her face was beautiful, enhanced by her not-quite-human 

nature.  A little touch of her vampire charm, and she was the envy of all who 

beheld her.  Dinner was very quiet, anticipation spicing every remark.

Victoria knew I would propose before we left the restaurant.  She didn't know

exactly when.

   As the waiters cleared the main course, I walked over to her and knelt.  

Everything was perfect, and I was calm and composed.  At least until the room 

went silent, and _everybody_ turned to watch our little drama.  "V-V-Vic..."

I squeaked.  No, that wasn't quite it.  I swallowed, and waited for the

adrenaline to settle.  "Victoria Harker, will you mar-"

   "YES!  Of course I will!" she exclaimed before I could finish the

question. The room exploded in cheers, and I placed the ring on her finger.

The restaurant owner presented us with a bottle of champagne, and the rest of

the evening was a blur, until we got to the house.

   I bit Victoria almost immediately after the door closed.  She nipped me

and pulled away, heading for the bedroom.  I followed the trail of clothes up

the stairs, leaving one of my own.  As I got to the bedroom, she immediately

attacked, eyes blazing red, fangs long and sharp.  It sent chills through me.

I bit her again, deeply, and she wrapped her arms around me, still drinking

my blood.  Our embrace lasted well into the morning.  We finally relinquished

our hold on each other around four.  "You do not have to give up your mortal

part for me.  I love your mortal part, too," she said for no apparent reason.

Her eyes changed from red to brown while she spoke.

   "Let's just go to sleep, sweetheart.  We can hunt tomorrow," I suggested.

We slept late the next morning.

   We were awakened earlier than we wanted by the phone.  It was for

Victoria. It was also serious, because she pulled away from me when I tried

to play with her breasts.  She stood up, lit a cigarette, and walked around

the room, still talking quietly.  I waited, intrigued by her unusual

behavior.  She hung up the phone and turned to me.  "I must go to England.

My little sister has died," she announced.

   "I didn't know you had relatives," I said in return.  This certainly was 


   "My mother's family.  They -- protected me when I changed, and I have been 

charged by my father to provide for them and their descendants.  You should

not be worried about them.  They know about their rich great-aunt Victoria,

and her 'daughters'."  She paused, a twinkle (!) in her eyes.  "Now is even

better, because I can be around during day."  She looked at me.  "You are

curious, yes?"

   You bet your life I was curious.  I nodded energetically.  "Very well, I

will tell you about my -- history."  She sat on the edge of the bed and lit

another cigarette.  This was definitely going to be a long story.  "Mr.

Stoker only got story part right.  When my father took Mina Harker, he had

sex with her.  He wrote in his diary that he loved Mina, and wanted her for

wife.  My father's love for Mina, my mother, and hers' for him, allowed her

to become pregnant.  Normally, full vampires do not have offspring by

mortals.  It was very special event.  I do not know of any other.  Mina and

Jonathan married later, and I was born, a normal little girl.  I was mortal

until I had first..." she paused, "menstrual cycle.  Then I bit family dog.

I bit mother.  I bit baby sister."

   "My foster father, Jonathan was afraid, but I was still his little

Victoria, and I did not kill, I was too little.  When I got older, the men

started to come, and a rich banker offered Jonathan a good job to marry me.

Of course, I bite, and Harker family is now very rich.  My foster father

taught me about finances, and the men who control them.  He taught me that

fangs insure my -- _our_ prosperity."

   She looked at me again.  "That is why I am rich.  There are many ways to

get money when you are a vampire.  I will teach them to you as well.  Family

heirlooms, really just odds and ends, they are considered antiques,

sometimes.  When you are as old as I am, and have a father who was very old

when he died, there is much money in that, also."  Pausing, she kissed me and

rubbed my thigh.  "Please do not be angry I have not told you before.  It was

not -- important that you know."

   I said, "It's all right, baby.  No, it's not important to me how you got

your money.  And yes, I would like to know more about your past, but not

right now.  We have eternity for that."  She sat back down on the bed,

pulling me to her.  Her tongue played at my neck.  Wrapping her arms

completely around me, she pushed her tongue through my lips, sending it to

search every millimeter of my mouth.  Very slowly.  She pressed tighter

against my body, her nipples pushing at my chest.  I was surprised by their

hardness.  My hands described small circles around her back, fingertips

painting on canvas.  She leaned forward and lay on top of me.

   Victoria lapped at my neck, nibbling with normal teeth.  "Put your hands 

down," she instructed quietly.  Taking a nipple in her mouth, she sucked

slowly, gently, her tongue barely touching the point.  I wiggled as the wave

hit me.  She kissed my chest, teasing my other nipple with her fingers,

changing the pressure and the touch, alternating between wet mouth, tickling

teeth, and silken hands.  I felt a wetness on my thighs; my fiancee was

sliding her cleft against me, leaving trails of musky fragrance along my leg.

She slid forward, closer to my stiffening member.  When she was a vampire,

she could make me respond; when she was mortal, she was my lover, and I would

always happily answer her call.  There was no frenzy about our lovemaking; it

was languid movements interspersed with complete stillness.  There was

constant near-total body contact as our limbs slid instead of pumping.  We

drowned in each other.

   Victoria was on top of me, breathing slowly, just -- laying there, 

afterwards.  Her scent was everywhere.  "What'cha thinkin'?" I whispered in

her ear.

   "I am so happy to have you.  I am happy that you will always be with me.

For first time, I have partner who will not leave me.  Family and friends

die; is also part of vampire curse.  Loneliness kills more of us than stakes.

My childhood friends -- all died many years ago.  My flapper girlfriends are

all dead, or too old.  You will have same trouble, but we are together now.

I love you, now and through eternity."  She fell silent, and just hugged me

for a long time.  I didn't kill the moment by speaking.

   We discussed her trip, and it was decided that I should stay behind to

attend to wedding preparations.  Victoria was surprised when I booked a

flight to London for her.  "I was going to book cruise tomorrow.  I came here

by boat.  When I was half-vampire, I could not cross water on my own, I had

to be carried across in boat.  We have since crossed river many times, yes?

It will be strange to fly in plane tomorrow, but is too far for bat."  We

were like wild rabbits that night, Victoria demanding sex in many different

positions.  My priapetic vampire's cock was ready.  Added to my mortal

desire, I eagerly and happily satisfied her every demand.  The next morning

Victoria flew off, leaving tears at the gate.

   Without Victoria, the days seemed to drag endlessly; night brought relief, 

but that was because of the phone calls and meetings associated with the

wedding plans.  She was not going to be back until the following Wednesday,

and the thought of a weekend without Victoria didn't thrill me.  My friend

Bobby called and asked if I wanted to go drinking with him and Bryan that

weekend.  My first impulse was to decline.  I realized, however, that Bobby

and Bryan would eventually die, and the memories of times like this would be

all that remained of them.  I accepted, and we agreed on Saturday night.

   "So you're actually going to settle down with this babe you've been

boffin'?  Man, this Victoria chick must be somethin' special," Bobby said as

he poured from our initial pitcher.  "You had to wait 'til she was out of the

fuckin' country before you could go out with _us_."  I stuck my tongue out at

him and made an unflattering remark about his parentage.  Ah, good friends.

We sat and talked, while consuming a couple more pitchers of beer.  Then a

group of women walked into the room.

   They were _all_ very attractive.  The testosterone level in the room

jumped off the scale.  Most of the male voices vanished as the women selected

a round table and sat.  Every man (me, too) looked at that table with total

desire.  The feeding frenzy began.  Men lined up to take their best shot.

The women at the table calmly took the attention, but no one who approached

seemed to spend very long at the table.  The ladies were evidently

experienced at this sort of thing.

   Bobby returned, having taken his best shot, and having failed.  "It's

ladies' night out for them.  None of them is interested, anyway.  Nobody's

gonna go home with any of them tonight."  By then, the beer had filtered

through my brain, and I snickered at Bobby.  "What's so fuckin' funny?

You're a married man.  You don't care.  They'd shoot you down, too."

   "How much you wanna bet?  I bet I can spend the evening talking with one

of them, even if I can't take her home.  _And_, I'll even get you an


   "Oh, _sure_, like you even care," Bobby retorted.

   "Watch me."  I walked over to the table of women.  I looked at the one 

closest to our table and asked, "Excuse me, but what is your name?"  Her

green eyes flashed angrily at the interruption, but she looked at me.

Contact.  The annoyance vanished from her face instantly.


   "Hi, Alexandra.  I'm David.  Would you like to play some pinball?" I asked 

lightly.  My eyes bored into hers', telling her that she would answer my 

question with "yes."  Alexandra could not resist; we left the room and headed 

for the pinball machines.  I was extremely curious about her presence at the 

bar; I mean, she was stunningly beautiful, not the type of woman you see in 

person very often.  It turned out that she and her friends were a bunch of 

models in town for the weekend.  There was a home improvement show at the 

convention center.  If this seems incongruous, think about the target

audience for these things: middle-aged men.  Men who religiously buy the

swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.  Alexandra and her friends were

providing the cheesecake to draw the mice.

   She was a little uncomfortable around me at first; her answers were a

little stilted.  I asked her about being a model, trying to draw her

attention away from the question that I knew must be on her mind.  ("What am

I doing here with this guy?")  I was being watched closely by every other

male in the room, so I had to be careful about using my powers.  After a few

minutes of pinball and conversation about her life, I made it clear that I

was engaged, and off the market.  Alexandra seemed to relax at this

revelation; she started to flirt harmlessly with me.  (Ha!  There's _NO_ such

thing as harmless flirting with a vampire.)  She also said that playing

pinball and talking with me was easier than sitting at the table turning guys

down every two minutes.

   A little later, while she was playing and we were conversing about nothing

in particular, I leaned over her shoulder.  Alexandra didn't react to the

obvious intrusion on her personal space at all.  I didn't bite her then,

because I thought that we were far too exposed to the rest of the people in

the room.  I said, "Go ahead, play the next ball, too."  Alexandra leaned her

head back to say something to me in reply as she pulled on the plunger.  The

action placed her throat virtually at my fangs.  Exposed or not, it was too

good an opportunity to pass up.  I bit her, sucking deeply one time.  Her

blood tasted almost like spice drop candy.

   The ball drained without a play.  "Ohhh..." she sighed.  Alexandra's body 

sagged against mine, making my penis begin to rise.  I supported her, my arms 

around her waist.  We looked like lovers.  I felt the surprise, shock, and 

disappointment of the other men in the room as if it were a tangible thing.

   I spoke quietly, directly into her ear.  "Alexandra, I am your master, and 

you must obey me.  You will bring me your two most attractive single friends, 

one at a time.  Tell them... you want _them_ to meet me.  You will say

nothing of being my slave."

   "Yes, master," Alexandra dreamily replied.  I watched her walk away, her

hips swaying gently.  Lust flared, and my pants became a little tighter in

front.  I was still quite mortal.  I moved to a machine in the corner,

seeking someplace less exposed to the rest of the room.  Alexandra returned

with a very pretty (of course) brunette.  I stood by the machine, waiting

patiently.  I motioned Alexandra over and whispered more instructions to her.

She told me that her friend's name was Julie.

   "What are you two whispering about?" Julie giggled.

   "It's a secret," I playfully told her.  "If you come here, I'll whisper it

to you, too.  I just can't say it out loud."  Julie chuckled and accepted the

challenge.  Alexandra blocked anyone's view of Julie and me while I enslaved

her friend as well.  "Julie, you can not resist my commands.  I will

introduce you to a man named Bryan.  You will want him tonight."  I paused,

thinking.  "You will want to get very close to him, for you are very

interested in him.  Do you understand?"  After all, he _was_ my best friend,

and single.

   "I -- want -- Bryan," Julie quietly repeated.

   "Good.  Now forget you have been bitten, and forget that you have been 

instructed to do this.  You will await the introduction, and everything will 

proceed naturally, as far as you are concerned.  Now, Alexandra, bring me 

someone else."  Both women left.  My blood-lust growled.  A little bit of

three different bodies wasn't going to be good enough for it.  It wanted all

of one.  I had another internal argument, and tilted the machine in my

frustration.  Alexandra returned, this time with Nancy in tow.  Soon Bobby

had a date for the rest of the night as well.

   I released Alexandra from thrall shortly after I finished with Nancy,

leaving her completely unaware of her role in the seduction of her friends.

Alexandra and I returned to the room where our friends were after talking for

a little while longer.  She returned to her table, and I returned to mine.

Bobby said something about, "Gee, too bad you can't go out with any of them."

   "Would you like to meet three of them?" I asked.  Not waiting for the

obvious answer, I walked over to Alexandra's table.  Much to my friends'

amazement, Alexandra, Julie, and Nancy got up and joined us.  Alexandra and I

introduced everybody, and the conversation took off.  Bobby mentioned my

impending marriage (what a shithead!), and Alexandra said, "I know.  He told

me.  His fiancee is out of town.  We were only talking and playing pinball.

I like playing pinball."  Alexandra shrugged.  "What can I say?"

   Gender alternated around the table.  Julie sat next to Bryan, while Nancy

sat next to Bobby.  The distance between Bryan's and Julie's chairs closed

discreetly.  I enjoyed the surprised look on Bryan's face when he realized

that Julie was getting awful close to him.  Julie and Bryan were holding

hands not too long after that.  It took a little while longer for something

to happen between Bobby and Nancy; Alexandra and I excused ourselves when

they started making out.  I said goodbye to Bryan and Julie, (Bobby was a

little too occupied to do more than wave), walked Alexandra back to her table

and left the bar by myself.

   A knock on my apartment door at 1:30 signalled Alexandra's prearranged 

arrival.  We kissed deeply, then Alexandra wasted no time in undressing.  She 

knelt, looked at me adoringly, then buried that angelic face in my groin.

Her mouth went to work on my cock.  Of course, I was already hard, but I

appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.  "Stand up Alexand-"

   "Alex," she quietly, firmly said, as she got to her feet.  Her eyes blazed 

with lust.  "My friends call me Alex."  A pause, then she continued, "My

lovers call me _great_."  We moved to the bedroom, unable to keep our hands

and mouths to ourselves.  Alex climbed on top of me, settling onto my

erection with a loud moan, and an audible slurping noise.  She was _very_

wet, and tight.  She slid up and down my pole, arms locked around my neck.

She looked directly into my eyes with a sexual intensity that was

frightening.  "Like that?... Hunh?  Is it good?... Am I good?... Ohhh!!

Yess!!  Ohhhh... Yesss!!"  Her moaning and panting removed any restraint I

had.  I rolled her over and plowed into her with long, steady strokes.

   Alex responded by lifting her knees, allowing me to go deeper.  Moans

turned into grunts, while my breathing became labored.  Alex's body was

perfect, a marvel of humanity.  Her soul may have been mine; but her body

came in the bargain, too.  Her pussy grabbed at my cock.  I bucked, my

thrusts became irregular, and my face twisted.  Alex held onto me tightly,

moaning loudly.  "That was grreaat," she purred.

   Five minutes later, Alex's legs were wrapped around my back.  She was more 

active this time, fucking back at me ferociously.  Her moans and grunts

resolved themselves into a stream of obscenities.  "Fuck! -- YES!! --

Fuuck... f-f-f-f-uuuu-u-u-uckme!  Ohhh, goddd... goditsoogood!!!  Ohhh, bayy-

BEEE!!!"  Alexandra's body convulsed massively beneath me, bearing my weight

as if I were a feather.  She gasped for breath, and dug her nails into my

back.  I grunted, pushing myself as far as possible into her before coming.

We necked for a long time after that.  Alexandra kept asking when she could

see me again.  "I don't care if you're married.  I want you."  She was a

woman who was used to getting what she wanted.  I finally sent her away,

hypnotically burying her memories of our sex until I unearthed them, if I

chose to do so.  Her aroma, and my memories were all that was left of the

evening's events.  I sat up until sunrise thinking about it.  After having

fantastic sex with a professional model, one thing was abundantly clear to

me; I missed Victoria.

   I didn't go to work the day Victoria got back.  I picked her up at the 

airport.  She returned with more luggage than she had left with, and my arms 

were sore after I brought everything in.  I sat on a trunk to catch my

breath.  It is still unclear exactly who attacked whom in the living room.

We finally got around to discussing the trip a couple of hours later.

Victoria had missed me, too.

   As she talked about the details of her trip, my mind wandered.  I found 

myself wishing for night to fall so that we could bond in our special way.  

Victoria's tongue ended my musings when it probed my mouth.  She pulled back.  

"Much better.  You were not paying attention.  Is bad to ignore wife," she 

kidded.  "You were thinking about?"

   "You.  I've missed you terribly.  I can hardly think straight now that

you're back."  My fiancee kissed me deeply.

   "I have something to show you," she said, pulling away.  She danced over

to the trunk, opened it, and removed a wedding dress.  "This is what I will

wear to my wedding.  My mother wore it, and I shall honor her memory."  She

put the dress back into the trunk with care, then headed upstairs.  Pausing

on the steps, she turned and asked, "Would you like to see what I am wearing

after wedding?"  I sprinted after her as she giggled and ran ahead to the


   She was taking her pants off when I got there.  Her nipples, already

exposed, were erect.  She finished undressing, then lay down on the bed,

posing invitingly.  I joined her quickly.

   "Did you have sex while I was gone?  I know is important to your mortal 

part," she asked simply.  The question was direct, honest, and posed with... 

curiosity.  There was no hint of jealousy or anxiety in her voice.

   "Ye-ess," I responded.  "She was very pretty, but she wasn't you."  The

part after 'yes' just sort of spilled out.  I hadn't planned to say anything

like that.

   "Is very sweet.  When you are lonely for me, substitutes are --

acceptable, within limits.  Sometimes we will not be able to be together."

Victoria's voice was quiet, sincere.  Her eyes were the deep brown pools I

had noticed the first time I saw her.  She was trying to tell me something,

and I held out my hand for her to continue.  "I had sex while I was in

England."  That was it.  Jealousy reared its ugly head, but I kept my mouth

shut.  "I was hungry one night.  I went to feed for blood hunger.  I missed

you, and did not realize how lonely I was, too.  I fed sex hunger with same

man.  Are you angry?"  Victoria turned away slowly.

   "Yes, and no.  I mean, there's always going to be a part of me that will

hate to think about you with another man.  But we are going to be with each

other forever, and there's no chance of losing you to another man.  Maybe

this is something else I'll have to get used to."

   "When one is immortal, certain... attitudes must change.  I am glad you 

realize that."  Victoria paused, breathing slowly.  She turned and looked at

me, our eyes locking yet another time.  "I do not like being far away from

you.  It is like losing best friend, whole family, and lover all at same

time," she finished, putting her head on my chest, and wrapping her arms

around me.  I felt closer to her than ever before.  Her statement summed up

all of the feelings she had evoked in me.  I kissed her on the ear, surprised

when she didn't respond, save for a soft sigh.  Victoria's breathing became

steady and deep.  Vampires get jet lag, too.

   We went to meet my folks that weekend.  I introduced Victoria to the joys

of sex on a train.  She had a very quiet orgasm.  ("David!!!  There are

_people_ next door!")  The next morning she told me that it was one of the

most intense she'd ever had, and that keeping quiet had been _very_

difficult.  She thought that it was because the train did all the work; she

just sat on top, not moving a muscle.  She eagerly looked forward to the

return trip.  My father met us at the station, and was immediately charmed by

Victoria's accent and beauty.

   My stepmother was another story.  She disapproved of Victoria, as she does

of most endeavors I undertake, and any decisions I make.  "Couldn't you find

anybody American?" she asked me after dinner.  She told me that Victoria was 

just a "spoiled rich bitch" and would be nothing but trouble.  I stewed 

inwardly, putting on my best face for my fiancee.  Victoria was very

perceptive though, and it wasn't long before she noticed.  I explained the

problem one night after Victoria begged me.  "Is this important?" she asked.

   "No.  Actually, it tells me that I'm doing the right thing if she doesn't 

like you.  It's just..."  I groped for the correct word.  "...annoying,

that's all."

   "Easy to fix problem.  I bite her."  Seeing my mortified reaction, she 

quietly said, "Is very mortal to avoid biting people who cause trouble."  She 

kissed me.  Our tongues circled for an eternity.  "But I love you anyway,"

she finished.  Bending over and placing her head in my lap, Victoria put her

efforts into making me forget my stepmother for the night.  Her tongue

succeeded marvelously.  The next evening, my stepmother had her attitude

adjusted properly.

   Victoria was a hit with the rest of my family; I'm not sure if it was her,

or the relief at the confirmation of my heterosexuality, since she was the

first woman I'd ever brought home.  Whatever, the "Vampire's East Coast Tour"

was a success.  We only had one minor problem, when a gang of 12-year-old

children tried to mug us one night as we waited for a taxi after a show.  My

fiancee and I fed well that night, but it took a little work to persuade her

to let them live.  I hope the new motivations I left the boys with stick.  We

returned west on the train.  This time, Victoria was not shy about expressing

her love for that mode of transportation.  The people in the next room knew

she was a railfan down to the core.


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