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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic07.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  7

		Chapter 7: Advanced Techniques in Vampiring

   Victoria was surprised that I returned home alone.  "There are only a few 

hours left before sunrise, and I want to play with them for a while."  

   Victoria frowned at me, obviously bothered by this.  "I... do not like

this.  Is bad idea."

   I pleaded my case.  "Please, Victoria.  I _need_ to do this.  You don't

know how much sleep I've lost, how stupid and inadequate I've felt with those

two women."

   "So you are just being evil, and getting revenge on these two women,

nothing else?" she pressed.

   "Yes, that's all it is.  I'll show just how evil I can be next Saturday

after sundown.  But at the moment... I'd rather be naughty."  Victoria smiled

warmly, turned and headed for the bedroom without saying a word.  The gleam

in her eyes spoke for her.  I followed, undressing myself as I went.  I

helped my wife undress, then placed my head between her thighs, licking

around her sensitive sex.  "Ah-aahhhh!" she sighed, wrapping her legs around

my head.  I plunged my tongue into her cunt.  "Daaaa-viiiid..."  I know what

Victoria likes.

   The next few days were uneventful.  I did feed on my favorite waitress one 

night as she left work, though.  "Hi Jonna," I cheerily said.

   "Hi David!  How are you and your new girlfriend doing?" she replied with

her ever-present smile.

   "It's going pretty good."  Concentrate.  Look at her eyes.  "We'll be

coming by for brunch Saturday, I think."  Jonna walked towards me as I spoke,

and soon I was lapping at her sweet life as it flowed from her neck.

"Mmmmmmm..." Jonna purred.  Her body relaxed in my arms.  As I finished, she

clutched my arm for support.  Her eyes were dreamy.  "That was nice.  Would

you do it again, please?" she asked, presenting her throat.

   "Maybe another time, sweet Jonna.  For now, you must forget what has

happened tonight with our meeting.  We said hello, and that's all."  I

returned home, wondering about Jonna's recall of the bite.  "Victoria, I just

bit somebody, and she asked me to do it again right afterwards.  How come she

remembered the bite?"

   "She would make excellent vampire.  She would even be your wife, if I were 

not.  You would bite her two more times.  She is for you, in ways I cannot 

explain.  I only know that sometimes it happens.  I had to bite you again,"

she explained.  I nodded dumbly, and suddenly remembered Kelly.  "I've bitten

Kelly twice already."

   Victoria sat up.  "It is good you did not bite her again.  If you had, you 

would have broken our marriage vow, and you would be full vampire."

   My voice trembled as I asked, "Can I ever make a vampire?" 

   "You can, if you kill by drinking all the blood from the person.  This is

why you must be careful when you are feeding.  In three days, they will rise

and be full vampire.  They will still be your slave forever."  When Victoria

said that, I was a little frightened by (and for) myself.  The memory of the

urge to keep drinking Michelle's blood was recalled very vividly.  It had

taken a conscious effort to stop.  It would have been so easy to give in...

My wife paused, eyes turning red.  "I will not let another woman vampire have

you.  You are mine, forever," she snarled.  Leaning forward, she drove her

fangs into me, sending a blast of electricity through my body.  I bit her

gently in return, completing the circuit.  It sent the current through my

very soul.  My wife's blood filled my mouth.  I tasted the depth of

Victoria's needs, desires, and dreams.

   I had to work late the next day; a big project was due at the end of the 

week.  The sun sank below the horizon, and I was still slogging through

endless code.  Time dragged on and I lost track of it.  "David?  Are you

coming home tonight?"  I spun around to see my wife standing in my office.  A

small trickle of blood sat on the corner of her mouth.

   "When? -- How? -- Where? ..." I sputtered.

   Victoria pouted.  "Questions?  I thought you would kiss me, David.  Are

you not happy to see me?"  There was a hint of a smile in her eyes.  She

pursed her lips, and I gave her a warm, wet kiss.  "Much better," she smiled.

"I was driving in park to come here and car broke down," she explained.  "It

was faster to come here for phone."

   "You walked through the park by yourself after dark???" I exclaimed.

   She was surprised by my outburst.  "No, I flew.  But it is wonderful you

are so protective of me.  I love you too," Victoria replied.  Her eyes

sparkled and she blew me a kiss.  "Oh, I bit security guard.  He would not

let me come to you."

   I shrugged.  "S'OK.  They're pretty useless.  You said you flew here?" I 

asked, trying to decide if she was being sarcastic or not.

   "Yes, as bat," she answered, surprised again.  Then she recognized the 

problem.  "Oh, I never taught you that yet.  We can be bats, like in book.  

Come, forget work.  I will teach you."  My wife grabbed my hand and dragged

me out of my office.  We went outside, and Victoria said, "Relax first.

Close your eyes.  Feel the night, let it wrap you in its arms.  Listen for

the music of the night, it will tell you what to do."

   I shut my eyes tightly, and tried to forget who I was, my job, my

deadline, breathing, eating.  I was searching for the Zen state of mushin.

My thoughts became more random, things began to merely -- exist.  A soft hum

began to fill my ears, and it became a part of my thoughts.  In time,

however, it too merely existed.

   "That is wonderful, David!!!  You _are_ fast learner!"  My wife's excited 

shout shattered my tranquillity like a stone through a glass window.  I

opened my eyes to find myself hovering a foot above Victoria's head.  I

couldn't see my feet, but wings flashed periodically on the periphery of my

vision.  I was a bat.  OK, cool.  Now what?

   "Victoria, how do I change back?"  Well, at least I could still speak.

That was nice.  It even sounded like my voice.

   Victoria looked at me mischievously and waved her hand around.  "Fly

around first.  All you have done is hover.  I will not tell you until you

have flown for a while.  Go on."  She smiled sweetly at me as I flapped in

front of her face.  "I love you."

   "Yeah, right," I replied.  I flapped a little harder and rose into the

air.  I worked on learning how to go up and down, then on making turns.

After a little bit, I felt confident that I wouldn't crash into anything too

large and headed for the park.  The breeze of the onrushing air filled my

nostrils.  The clear crescent of the moon illuminated my wings, and I watched

the ground shift with each stroke.  The freedom of true flight enveloped me;

my wing strokes became swifter, more sure.  The hum that I had heard earlier

was now a fully orchestrated melody.  It echoed through my blood, loudly

singing the praises of what I was now doing.

   "Are you having fun yet?" Victoria asked.  She must have followed me after

I flew away.  She had caught up with me very quickly and unobtrusively.  I

asked her where the car was.  She banked away gracefully, using the barest

movement of a wing.  I've got a lot to learn about this, I thought as I

flapped awkwardly after her.  We found the car a lot sooner than we expected

to, because it drove beneath us as we turned.  "The car is being stolen!"

Victoria cried, and turned again to give chase.

   It was all I could do to catch up with her change of direction and

increased speed as we followed the car.  I was amazed that I could see

everything so clearly from where I was.  Apparently only real bats are blind.

We followed the car easily through a maze of detoured streets, and I was

ready to ask Victoria what we would do when the thieves got to where they

were going.  Suddenly, the car stopped, and three youths got out, laughing

and high-fiving.

   Victoria dove quickly.  She tore through the laughing group before they

could react, and I saw one of the youths fall.  Blood gushed from his throat,

which had been ripped apart.  My enhanced vision was about to turn into a

detriment, for I had never seen my wife angry.  Some things are better left

unseen.  Victoria landed, turning back into a person (?), and confronted the

remaining two.  I could only fly overhead and watch, because Victoria still

hadn't told me how to turn back.

   One of the youths rushed her.  "I don't know who the fuck you are, bitch, 

but..." Whatever he was going to say was cut off as Victoria grabbed him,

picked him up and threw him with ease against a building.  He hit just below

the second story, and fell to the ground with a dull thud.  He didn't get up.

Gunshots sounded, and I heard my wife snarl.  Frightened for her safety, and

reacting instinctively, I dove frantically, arriving at ground level just in

time to watch my wife RIP THE HEART OUT OF THE ALIVE (but not for long)

GUNMAN'S CHEST.  His scream died a second after he did.  Victoria nibbled on

the bloody lump of tissue in her hand and looked up at me.  There was a look

a satisfaction on her face.

   "David, come join me.  Think of being flesh and blood, but stop flapping.

If you worry about flying, you won't change."  I swallowed hard, stopped my

wings, there was a falling sensation...  Poof!  I was me again.  "Do you want

some?" Victoria asked, extending the dead man's heart to me.  "It is vampire


   "Uhhh... nothanks," I replied quickly.  My stomach was very active at the 

thought.  I wondered if vampires could turn green.  I looked at Victoria.

"Are you all right?" I asked her.  "I heard gunshots."

   "Yes, he shot me twice," Victoria nonchalantly answered.  Before I could

go into a frenzy, Victoria held up her hand and said, " Is not problem.  I

can not be harmed by regular bullet.  But you must drive car back home.  I

would get blood on seats.  Very difficult to clean."

   I stood, rooted firmly to the ground, and gaped at her.  "You're

bleeding!"  I state the obvious when I'm in shock.

   Victoria waved her hand dismissively.  "Do not worry, darling.  I will

meet you back home."  She smiled and pecked me on the cheek.

   I drove the car home, and for the first time since I had become Victoria's 

mate, realized just how different I was.  Alone with my thoughts, I began to 

worry about how different my life would be.  What kind of person would I

become with the powers I now possessed?  Sure, I was going to get revenge on

Kelly and Michelle, but they deserved it... didn't they?  What other magical

powers did I have that Victoria hadn't shown me yet?  Would she teach me

everything I could do?  And when?  What, if anything, was our Achilles' Heel?

All of these questions disappeared from my mind when I was greeted at the

door by a completely healed, and naked Victoria.  "Enter freely and of your

own will," she purred seductively.


  There's going to be plenty of sex and a little bit of violence in the next




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