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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic06.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  6


		   Chapter 6: Two For the Price of One!

   When Victoria, Kelly and I arrived home, I was at a loss as to what I

should do next.  "Sit down, Kelly."  She sat at the table, eyes still with

that glazed, faraway look.  Victoria came over to me and kissed me on the


   "Well?  You have her here, David.  She will do anything you say.  So what

are you going to do with her?" my wife teased.

   "I -- I -- I don't know.  I mean, yeah, I wanted her before, but you're

here now," I stammered.  My ability to make Kelly do anything (and boy, did I

have some _great_ ideas!), was tempered by Victoria's presence.

   Victoria looked at me, and rubbed my cock through my pants.  "Yes, but I

want to observe.  Maybe I have missed something in the last 70 years, and I

want to find out before I try.  Is there some way we have not fucked, my

darling husband?" she asked.  Maybe I should have bought that copy of the

Kama Sutra, I thought.  Victoria raised her eyebrows as I was silent.  "Is

doing what you do to me good for you?" she asked, genuinely unaware of the

response.  As soon as I heard her say that, I realized that Victoria had

never given me a blowjob.  It had never crossed my mind to ask.  There's

something about putting my dick in the mouth of a woman who has fangs.

   "Kelly, take off your glasses and come here."  The slender, pretty blonde 

woman obeyed silently.  "Kelly, I want you to give me the best blowjob of

your life.  You will be rewarded with your master's come."  Victoria looked

at me quizzically.

   "Oh, yes, master!!!" Kelly said eagerly.  She knelt, unfastened my pants,

and removed my cock.  It wasn't erect, although I suppose I could have helped

her out by willing it hard.  I wanted Kelly to do _all_ of the work.  She

gently took my cock into her mouth.  She kneaded it with her tongue and

cheeks, sucking steadily.  The woman knew what she was doing, and I quickly

hardened in her mouth.

   Well lubricated with Kelly's saliva, my cock glistened as she removed it

from her mouth.  She licked slowly around the head and behind the sensitive

rim.  I shivered as the sensation shot through my body.  Victoria was

watching carefully, taking mental notes.  Kelly's tongue flicked around the

tip and rim for -- not long enough.  She opened her mouth and bobbed her head

along the length of my cock with slow, even strokes.

   The suction on my cock was incredible.  I didn't feel the back of her

mouth, but the suction she applied made her mouth feel like a wet sheath for

my dick.  Kelly pulled her head away from her work and looked at me with

complete devotion.  Her tongue wiped away the precome oozing from the tip,

making me shiver again.  She licked slowly from the base towards the tip.

She paused, smiled at me and engulfed my rigid shaft once again.  She was

trying to pull it free from my body by sucking it off.

   Kelly sped up her strokes, and I was finally overwhelmed by the sensation

of her hot, wet, and very tight, mouth.  My hips bucked, my cock twitched,

and Kelly's cheeks bulged with my come.  She sucked greedily at the fluid

that pulsed from it.  I moaned loudly, "Ohhh, yesss, baby!  Suck it and

swallow it all!!!"  Kelly continued to bob her head, but she was now milking

my cock with her hand.  When I had finished, Kelly wiped the come from around

her lips where it had seeped out.  She looked up at me with a lewd smile and

sucked on her fingers, getting every last drop I had just let go.

   I sighed happily.  "Very good, Kelly.  Yes, you have pleased your master 

greatly.  I will take you home soon, but now you are very tired, and must

sleep until I awaken you."  Kelly's eyelids drooped, she lazily sat, then lay

on the floor.  Her eyes closed, and she was asleep.

   "I thought blowjob was just drink at bar, David."  Victoria suddenly

popped back into existence.  Kelly's mouth had made my wife vanish to my

senses, although she had watched the whole thing.

   "No, actually, the drink was named after the act," I explained.  Vic-

toria's eyes lit up with comprehension.

   "Oh.  So that is why men at bar would order blowjob for me to drink.  The 

night I met you," she explained.  Then her voice got throaty.  "I am in need 

now.  That was -- interesting, but I am your wife."  She looked at me, lust

in her brown eyes.  I got hard real quick, and Victoria lay on the floor,

legs spread for me.  Kelly had finished not more than two minutes ago and

here I was fucking Victoria with wild abandon.  This vampire thing was really


   We made love next to the hypnotically unconscious Kelly.  Victoria's moans 

and cries of passion fell on Kelly's deaf ears, along with my grunts.  I

noted that Victoria was extremely vocal and active tonight.  I came again,

inside a bucking, wailing, kissing Victoria.  Her orgasm was probably charged

a little extra by Kelly's earlier performance.  Victoria and I kissed for a

little bit and cuddled quietly.

   It was getting early, so I awakened Kelly and drove her home.  Before she

got out of the car, I had another brilliant idea.  "Kelly, you must bring

Michelle to me tomorrow night.  I will make arrangements with you."  So sue

me, I'm a greedy, vengeful, son-of-a-bitch.

   "Yes, master!  I will bring my sister to you tomorrow night!" Kelly said, 

sounding incredibly obsequious, almost to the point of fawning.  I gave her a 

deep, wet, kiss before I let her go.  Kelly responded fully, eagerly,

wrapping her arms around me.  When I pulled away, she tilted her head back,

exposing her throat.  "Please, master?" she begged.

   "No, Kelly.  Not until you have brought Michelle to me.  I will grant you

the ecstasy that you seek, and share it with your sister.  You must go now.

You will tell Michelle that you have a surprise for her tomorrow.  You will

not remember Victoria.  You will only remember that we... danced at another

club, and that you have had a very fun, but _VERY_ tiring evening with me.

Leave me."  Kelly got out of the car and walked to her apartment, never

turning to look at me.  I returned home thinking of evil things I could do to

the sisters.

   I could hardly wait for the next day to end, but we cleaned house and

shopped as usual on Saturday.  I explained to Victoria what I had planned for

the evening, and why.  She was not pleased, sulking the rest of the day.

After the sun went down, I snuck up on her, and bit her, to show that she was

still my love.  Victoria stiffened and pulled away.  That worried me.  She

must be very pissed, I thought.  A couple of seconds later, she turned and

bit me, purring when I did the same to her.  We stood entwined, sharing our

souls for a very long time.  "David, I am -- a little jealous," she admitted

during dinner.  "But I do not yet want other man."  A solution presented

itself immediately in my mind.  The menage-a-trois I had planned would have

to become a menage-a-quatre.  Vampires have all the luck.

   I telepathically arranged to meet Kelly (and Michelle) when she left the 

nightclub they were dancing at.  Victoria stayed home, not wanting to

"interfere with your fantasy."  I waited by Kelly's car in the darkest corner

of the parking lot.  I had commanded her to park there, and the lot

attendant's neck wounds insured his complicity.  I heard the two women

approach.  Kelly was telling Michelle about a wonderful surprise in store for

her.  Michelle got the surprise when she saw me leaning against her sister's


   "Hello, Kelly."

   "Mass-terrr," she said quietly.  Michelle gaped at her sister who was 

standing motionless, eyes regarding me with devotion.  Michelle turned to me

to say something, but she looked at my eyes first.  Contact.

   "Come to me, Michelle."  Eyes wide with wonder, she walked slowly to me.

I held out my hand, and she took it.  I tilted her head back a little and bit

her, drinking deeply.  Michelle wrapped her arms around me, and moaned in the

electric thrill of my "kiss".  I pulled away, resisting the surging

temptation to keep drinking from Michelle.  Michelle wobbled a little, but

her eyes were open with the dreamlike, adoring quality characteristic of a

vampire's thrall.

   Kelly had watched the seduction of her sister silently, but now she spoke.  

"Did I do well master?  Did I please you?  Please tell me," she eagerly asked.

   I smiled, an evil smile, and held out my hand.  "Yes, Kelly, you have done 

very well for your master.  Come here and I shall reward you."  Kelly walked 

over to me quickly.  I could see the lust in her eyes, and I knew exactly

what she wanted.  "Do you want... a kiss?" I whispered.

   "Ohh, yes, master, please kiss me!  I need your kiss!  I want it!"  Kelly 

removed a black ornamental neck band (nice fashion touch) which covered the 

previous night's bite.  I placed my mouth over the bite marks, and drank

slowly from Kelly, giving her the unique sensation she craved.  She sighed,

"Ohhhh, goddd!!!"  Her back arched as she tried to push her neck harder

against my fangs.  I released her after a few minutes, then addressed both


   "You are both my slaves.  I will call when I have need of you again.

Until then, neither of you will remember what has happened here.  Nothing

abnormal happened in the parking lot, you just got in your car and left as

normal.  Do you understand?"

   "Yes, master," came the chorused response.  The women got in their car and 

drove away.  I climbed into mine and headed back to the woman who had changed

my life.  And I loved her dearly for it.


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