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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic05.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  5

			  Chapter 5: Vampire 101

   After work on Friday, I returned home, and fucked Victoria silly to

celebrate the end of the work week.  No shopping for us today.  We went out

to dinner, and I was amazed at how bottomless Victoria's bank account was.

What credit limit? At dinner, though, I lost my appetite halfway through the

main course.  I began to feel cold and sluggish.  Victoria noticed with

concern on her face.  We left the restaurant quickly and she drove me home.

I barely made it into the apartment before my legs gave out.

   "Vic - Vic - toria," I gasped.  Breathing seemed to be a chore now, too.  

"What's - wrong - with me?"

   She knelt next to me.  "You just need blood.  Your body is adjusting to

its new needs."  She bent over and said, "Here, bite me and take some of my

blood.  This will make you feel better."  I did, but Victoria pulled away

after a very brief time.  "You can not feed on me.  You must have _human_

blood."  I sat up, indeed feeling better.  Unfortunately, the thought of

having to bite someone worried me.

   "Does that mean that I have to..."  I paused to screw up the courage to

say it.  "Kill somebody?"

   "Only if you want to kill them.  I did not kill you.  Stay here, I will be 

back soon," Victoria said, kissing me on the cheek.  She left the apartment,

and me alone with my thoughts.  I wondered where she went.  It wasn't more

than a half-hour before the door opened, announcing her return.  Victoria was

not alone, though.  There was a young couple with her.  "Come in, please."

The man and the woman entered silently.  "Please stand and wait, I'll be with

you very soon."  My wife turned to me.  "Let me show you how it's done."

   I walked over to Victoria.  She stood next to the young woman.  "Deanna is 

her name.  I assume you'd rather bite her," Victoria said with a hint of 

amusement.  "Now, show me your fangs.  Just think about them -- that's it!"

My mouth still felt funny, like I had too many teeth, whenever I extended my

fangs, but I supposed that I'd get used to it.  I looked at the young woman.

Her eyes were open, glazed over, indicating that she wasn't seeing what was

really happening.  Victoria spoke again.  "Now put your fangs on her neck..."

   I tentatively placed my fangs on Deanna's carotid artery, but Victoria 

stopped me.  "Not there!  She'll bleed to death.  Put them on the side of the 

neck.  It is also good because the hair will cover the marks.  Now _gently_ 

bite, and you will taste her blood."  The woman moaned sensually as her life 

flowed into my mouth.  It was a fantastic sensation.  Yep, I'd found

something else exponentially better than coming.  I began to suck greedily.

My wife interrupted me by pulling me away from Deanna.  I growled, a wild

animal's growl at Victoria, angry at having been stopped.

   Victoria pouted in surprise, and suddenly I remembered what we were

supposed to be doing.  I regained my composure quickly.  "You must think, or

the blood lust will overwhelm you.  Concentrate on her heart.  Try to feel

her -- life spark.  It will tell you how close to death she is.  Drink

slowly, or you may drain her in a few draws.  Bite gently, for you can rip

her neck apart if you are too eager.  Try again."

   I bit Deanna again, gently as I had been told, and resumed sucking

carefully under Victoria's watchful eye.  I concentrated on the girl's

heartbeat, which was still steady and strong.  Victoria had mentioned a "life

spark" but I had no idea what the hell that was.  Suddenly a little light

appeared in my mind's eye. It flickered each time I sucked.  It became

noticeably dimmer after about five draws.  I stopped and let go of Deanna.

She swayed drunkenly on her feet, a blissful expression on her face.

   "See?  Deanna enjoyed your 'kiss', too.  It felt -- coming?" Victoria 

started, then stopped, stymied by the correct expression.

   "Felt like an orgasm?  Or orgasmic, something like that," I supplied.

   "It felt orgasmic," Victoria resumed, and kissed me.  Smiling, her voice 

dropped and she said, "There is fringe benefit, you know.  She will do 

_anything_ you ask from now on, if she believes you will 'kiss' her again."

The look in Victoria's eyes dared me to find out exactly what "anything"


   "Deanna, kiss me passionately," I said to the woman.  She responded by

firing her tongue into my mouth in a torrid, wet, wet, _wet_ kiss that lasted

for a while.  I was gasping for air as we broke our kiss.  I heard Victoria

snicker.  I turned to see her, eyes red, blood trickling from the corner of

her mouth.  The young man stood unsteadily.  "I was hungry too, David,"

Victoria explained.

   Deanna's kiss had given me a serious erection.  "I want my wife now, not 

Deanna," I said quietly.  Victoria snarled like a wolf and jumped me, sinking 

her fangs into my neck.  I reciprocated, and we made love as only vampires

can, sucking each other's -- blood.  We were entwined, ignorant of our

slaves.  We felt our lives, our very souls intermix.  Nothing else existed

while we were joined.

   We finally pulled away from each other, blood-red eyes shining, with

bloody mouths.  Victoria had never looked lovelier.  She growled ferally

again, and began to frantically lick the blood from around my mouth.  I

flicked my tongue around hers', savoring the taste of her skin spiced with my

blood.  I was definitely in love.  As our passion cooled, I noticed that the

mirror didn't show us.  Victoria growled, eyes still red.  "You bring out the

animal in meee."

   I blew her a kiss and pointed at the mirror.  She looked.  Turning to me,

she said, "Is temporary.  We will again reflect after blood frenzy goes

away." Victoria came to my side and put an arm around me, laying her head on

my shoulder.  "I will send our slaves away.  Oh, when you bite, tell them to

forget, or you can have troubles.  That is what happened to me in 1920's,"

she said.  Victoria kissed my ear and sweetly whispered, "I want to be alone

with you, tonight."

   After our company left, Victoria curled up on the futon and patted it.  I

sat next to my wife.  She grabbed my head and we kissed for a long time.  I

cuddled up with her.  I dozed off within a couple of minutes.  Victoria

gently shook me awake.  "Time for next vampire lesson."

   "Tomorrow?" I begged groggily.

   "Is simple lesson.  Call for Deanna in your head."  I looked at my wife

for a few seconds as if she was crazy, but I followed her instructions.

Almost immediately I heard the woman's voice.  "Yes?  I'm listening," Deanna

answered in my head.  It was almost as clear as it would be if she were

standing right in front of me.  I was wide awake now.

   "Now what do I do, Victoria?"

   "Tell her is nothing.  Tell her she will hear you later, in her dreams."  

Victoria paused and stretched out lazily.  "I wish to talk to _you_, now,"

she purred, and I was wrapped up in my wife's feminine allure.  We had great

sex, given mortal limits.  We started on the futon, but woke up over in the

corner by the stereo the next morning.

   "I can't hear Deanna.  I forgot about haunting her dreams," I complained.

"I had something a lot more important on my mind last night."  I stood up and

smiled suggestively at my wife.

   "You can not do any vampire things during the day," she replied.  "But we

can do... mortal -- things."  Victoria grabbed my arm and tried to pull me

back down to the floor.  Instead, I pulled her to her feet.  "We were

supposed to go house hunting today.  There's no food in the apartment, and I

need to do laundry.  We can _not_ spend all day having sex."  Victoria pouted

before heading for the bathroom.  I watched her naked body recede and briefly

reconsidered my last sentence.

   Victoria didn't really like the house I fell in love with.  She complained 

that there were too many big windows.  The agent had to call the office from

her car, leaving Victoria and me alone for a few minutes.  I knelt and stuck

my head under Victoria's dress.  She squealed, laughing in delight as I

started to pull her panties down with my teeth.  "David!!  Stop!!  She is

coming back!"

   "Can you imagine me doing this to you you, here, again?" I asked, my voice 

slightly muffled from under her dress.  I ran my tongue down her leg before 

standing up.  "You don't have to be afraid of sunlight anymore.  We can

always get a maid to do the windows."  I nibbled on her neck with regular

teeth.  She moaned, and I felt her tremble a little.  "You really like this

house?" she asked, reaching back to stroke my head.

   "Yes, I do," I whispered, "but you have to live here, too.  If you don't

like the house, we can look some more."

   "I will -- buy this house for us.  You will suck my pussy while I stand in 

this spot with my dress on when we move in, yes?" Victoria teased.  So, the

real estate agent was happy again, and we had a new home to look forward to.

The rest of the day was spent doing errands and laundry.  Victoria wanted to

hire somebody to do the clothes and the house cleaning.  "We could bite

somebody tonight, and have them clean tomorrow for free," she complained

good-naturedly.  I kissed her deeply; she sighed and picked up the laundry

basket, following me to the laundry room.  "For you, anything, my love.  Is

big mystery," she said.

   Victoria asked me to take her out to dinner that night.  She also wanted

to go out dancing, or as she put it, "I want to watch and see modern way.  I

need to learn, because cigarette holders and Charleston dancing are no good

any more."  She paused, thinking for a minute.  "I will also teach you more

about being a vampire tonight."  I asked her what she was going to teach me,

but she refused to elaborate.  I kept trying to find out during dinner, but

Victoria remained evasive, talking instead about furniture and our new house.

   After dinner, I took Victoria to see my favorite band.  She tugged at me 

before we got out of the car.  "To get girls, you must first make eye

contact.  Once they look, concentrate on them.  Think for them to stay where

they are, or for them to come to you.  They will come to you maybe half of

time.  They will stay where they are almost always.  Is how I got you."

   Victoria smiled and resumed, "You may be social then, talking and arousing 

curiosity, or dancing.  Then, it is a matter for the bite.  Remember, be

gentle with fangs.  Practice tonight, while I watch.  No objections, you must

learn these things."  Victoria was insistent, although I felt kind of funny

about making somebody do something they wouldn't normally do.  Ten minutes of

fogging up the car windows as we necked (in the normal sense), and she had

convinced me.  Off we went to the bar.  Victoria acted as if I weren't with

her and headed for the opposite end of the bar.

   I waited, looking around nervously.  I was trying to decide which of the 

young women walking around was going to be my practice slave.  My heart

jumped suddenly when two familiar women came in.  They were sisters, one of

whom I'd lusted after for a _long_ time.  Unfortunately, she'd made it clear

that I was not worth her while, by treating me like, well, shit.  I

instinctively started to react as I always did to her presence, trying hard

to make myself invisible.  Then I remembered that things had changed.

   I smiled evilly and relaxed at the bar, keeping track of the two sisters.  

Eventually, they joined their little group at a table, and the game was on.

I settled in at the bar, waiting for Kelly to look my way.  Two guys stopped

by the table and made small talk with the four women there, and couples were

quickly formed.  They danced and talked more.  I smiled.  Time was definitely

on my side.

   It took more than an hour, but Kelly finally looked at me.  Contact.

She'd seen me earlier, but this was the first time our eyes met.  Normally,

she'd turn to her table at this point, _everybody_ would look at me, and then

they'd all turn back, giggling.  Kelly could not turn away this time.  Her

thoughts were held by my gaze.  I walked over to her deliberately,

confidently.  I greeted the sisters.  "Hi, Kelly; Michelle."  Quickly turning

my attentions to Kelly, I asked her if she would like to dance.  "I - I - I'd

like that, yes," she haltingly replied, eyes still locked with mine.  I heard

the girls at the table gasp in surprise as I led Kelly to the dance floor.

   She was completely enthralled and danced with me for three songs.  Then a 

slow song came on.  Kelly turned to leave the dance floor.  I worried that my 

hypnotic power would not be strong enough to override her lack of attraction

for me.  I also realized that a slow dance would be the perfect time and

place to bite her.  "No... please... stay and dance with me," I said in a

pleading tone of voice that belied the force of will behind the words.

   Kelly paused.  After a brief hesitation, she turned to me and put her hand

in mine.  Our eyes locked again.  I knew that she was mine.  I drew her to me

and we danced cheek to cheek.  After a short time, I brushed her hair aside

and bit her quickly, gently as Victoria had taught me, sipping a little bit

of Kelly's blood.  "Ohhh!..." she sighed, and her dance steps faltered

briefly.  I looked into her eyes.  They were glazed, with a dreamy, adoring

quality to them.

   "Kelly, I am now your master.  You will obey me," I whispered, drawing her 

close again.

   "Yes, master," she replied.  The words reinforced the feeling of total 

control I had over her.  My cock stiffened against her body.  She was waiting 

for _my_ command!  Several scenarios ran through my head, but I finally

picked one as the song was ending.  "You will go back to your table.  I will

call you when it is time for you to come to me.  Until then, you will forget

that you have been bitten, and you will forget that you are my slave.  You

will only remember that you had a nice time dancing with me.  Do you

understand?" I whispered to her.

   "Yes, master," came the sweetest two words Kelly ever uttered to me.  The 

song ended after my commands, so no one dancing had heard the exchange.  I 

walked back to the table with her.  "Thanks for the dance.  It was... nice," 

Kelly said brightly.

   "The pleasure was all mine," I said, inclining my head before I walked

away from the table.  There was a reaction from the people at the table, but

the music was too loud for me to hear what was being said.  I saw Kelly look

away from the discussion.  She turned, looking for me.  When she saw me,

Kelly gently rubbed her neck where I had bitten her.  Her eyes got a faraway

look.  I went to the bar pretty pleased with myself.

   "You are a fast learner.  I saw you bite her."  Victoria had appeared next

to me.  I hadn't seen her approach.  She spoke quietly.  "She rubs her neck

and thinks of you.  She does not remember bite, just man and sensation."

Victoria ordered another drink, and spoke to me again after turning down a

pass from some other guy.  "If you take her home, may I -- observe?  Maybe

there is something I can learn."  Victoria walked away, eyes smoldering.  My

wife had given me an unexpected, but very welcome, request.

   I danced with several other women that night.  I generally tried to test

the limits of my power by seeing how many of them would walk over to me.  I

would occasionally steal a glance at Kelly, and I caught her rubbing her neck

a couple of times.  I didn't bite anybody else.  Near the end of the night, I

walked out of the club to get some air.  Somehow, Victoria was right behind

me.  "I will get the car.  Call your slave," my wife said, heading for the

parking lot.

   "Come to me, Kelly.  It is time.  I am waiting outside the club," I

thought, trying to sound grandiose to myself.  Immediately I heard her


   "Master, I cannot come right now.  I am dancing with someone, and it is

the middle of the song.  Please let me come to you after the song, or else

they will get suspicious."

   There was no need to make her hurry.  Kelly was correct about suspicion.

It would be suspicious enough that she would be leaving the club without her

sister.  Kelly appeared outside the club a few minutes after we had 

communicated.  She walked over to me.  "I am here, master."  Every time I

heard her call me "master" my cock would give a little jump in my pants.

Victoria drove up a few seconds later.  "Get in the car, Kelly," I gently


   "Yes, master," she said demurely.  Kelly climbed into the back seat, and 

Victoria headed the car for my apartment.  My wife put her hand on my knee.  

Victoria said throatily, "You will make wonderful vampire."


  What will our hero make Kelly do, helplessly under his spell?  What will

  Victoria do to Kelly, while she is under David's spell?  What will Victoria

  do to David when she finds out what David plans for Kelly?

  Tune in for Part 3, coming soon!


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