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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic04.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  4

This story Copyright (c) 1993, by the Flying Pen. All rights reserved,

permission granted for a single copy in paper form for personal use.

Retransmission of this story in its electronic form are permitted as long as

no alterations are made to the text, and this message is included in its



		  Chapter 4: Sex And The Married Vampire

   Victoria looked at me blankly.  "I do not know.  My mother had me, but she 

was fully human, so I do not know."  She paused in thought.  "Maybe we find 

out?" she said with a smile, heading for the bedroom.  I followed, my cock

rock hard.  She said, "I like when you lie down first.  Will you -- ?"

   I was naked and on my back in seconds, and Victoria wasted no time in 

mounting me.  "Ye-e-esss, da-a-a-arrrlllinnngg," she sighed, settling onto

me.  She stroked my chest lightly as her hips began to move.  "Mmmmmm..." was

my satisfied response.  She purred as my cock moved inside her.

   Her eyes were half-closed, a dreamy expression in them.  Her lips were 

slightly parted, and a flush blossomed around her neck.  Victoria's hips slid 

forward and back, moving my cock in her buttery, soft, warm pussy.  It wasn't

as good as biting each other, but I certainly didn't want to stop.  "Ohhh...

ohh.... Oooohhh...  Soooo niiiiiice....  Huuh-Ohhhh?!!??!!"  Victoria jerked, 

and her cunt grabbed insistently at my cock.  She stopped moving and pressed

her hands into my chest.  Her eyes were closed.  Her body quivered like a

tuning fork, muscles gone taut.

   She relaxed with a long sigh, opening her eyes slowly.  They were

sparkling, deep brown pools.  Victoria smiled, and I realized that spending

500 years with her might not be a bad thing at all.  She resumed her slow,

gentle hip movements.  "Sssooooo wonn-derrr-fullll, Daaaviiid.  It has been

s-s-soooo loooonnng," she moaned.  Victoria leaned forward, rocking smoothly,

easily.  We kissed like human beings.

   "Bite me?" I whispered hopefully.

   "Nooooo.  I wannt to beee... morrrtalllll..." she purred, her breathing 

becoming irregular again.  The flush was really developing in her face.  

Victoria pumped more excitedly as another orgasm approached.  The increased 

stimulation pulled my orgasm to center stage.  I quickly forgot about

vampires. White light flashed behind my eyes, and my hips bucked.  I groaned

in release.

   Her reaction to my ejaculation was a surprised-sounding, "Ohhh!" followed

by a frenzied kiss (no fangs).  Then, her body went stiff, she threw her head

back and gasped loudly.  Victoria squeaked each time she tried to breathe.  I

felt her juices release and mix with mine.  We were suspended in time,

pleasuring each other for an eternal moment.  I don't know how long it was,

or what we did, but the next thing I remember is Victoria's body lying on top

of mine.  We were sweating and panting.  She grabbed my head and kissed me.

"Is sooo much better now.  The last time... was long ago," Victoria throatily


   "The last time you came with a mortal was?" I questioned, curious about 

vampire mating habits.

   "Before you, was in 1920's."  She paused, a smile flickering across her 

gorgeous, exotic face.  "I was flapper girl doing Charleston.  But my -- 

intended husband -- he always was on top.  Not like you.  So much better than 

he."  I felt that little swell of male ego as Victoria continued, "I --

came? -- for all years in between when you suck my pussy first time.  Was

wonderrfulll..."  She reminisced and her eyes got that distracted look.  They 

fluttered, signalling that we'd talked enough.

   "Ohhhh, I lo-o-o-ove youuu..." Victoria sighed as I licked around her

thighs. Her pussy lips were swollen again, begging for more.  "S-s-suck my

pussy, my darllinnng," she cooed in the accented English that never failed to

please me. Moaning loudly, she pushed her hips forward at me, bringing my

mouth in contact with her pussy.  I eagerly made oral love to my new wife.

   Victoria continued moaning when I stuck my tongue in her cunt, running it

all around her inner lips.  She tossed her head from side to side, legs

wiggling. "Dooooo iiiiiitttt, Da-ohhh!"  Victoria twitched.  I smiled because

I'd just found one of her "sweet spots".  My tongue went to work in earnest,

and my wife was ready.  "OHHHH! -- YESSS! -- THAT'S SOOOO gooooo-oood!" she

yelped, her voice getting softer when her back arched off the bed.

   She reached for my head, but her hands wouldn't work right.  I put fingers

in her cunt.  Victoria bucked, softly crying "Uhh-uhhh!"  My lips fastened on

her clit, and I sucked slowly.  My wife hissed, then loudly sucked in air.

Her body rippled in waves.  She thrashed about on the bed, moaning

incoherently.  Her vagina contracted wildly, and cunt juice ran freely down

my hand.

   Victoria couldn't get enough air to make much noise. The end of her orgasm 

was signalled by the collapse of her arched body back onto the bed.  She lay 

still, breathing rapidly, and tears were flowing from beneath closed lids.

Her eyes fluttered open and those beautiful brown eyes held my gaze with

love.  "You are wonderful husband," she whispered, and we necked gently for a

while before going to sleep.

   I went to work the next day, but I really couldn't concentrate on the job.  

My coworkers razzed me about my obvious state of distraction.  I finally

broke down and shyly said, "I met a girl."  They did too, because Victoria

arrived to pick me up at the end of the day.  I climbed into a brand-new

luxury car, somewhat in a state of shock.  "You like?  I cannot fly during

day, so I need car.  Do you want a car, too?  I will buy you one today,

also."  She kissed me eagerly, hungrily in the car, raising a few eyebrows

from passers-by on the sidewalk.

   "Victoria, I'm really flattered, but you don't have to buy me a car, too.

I mean, you just bought one for yourself, you just bought a house, you..."

Her hungry mouth and tongue silenced me with another passionate kiss.

   "I have -- lots? -- of money.  I want to make you as happy as you make

me."  She looked at me with "puppy dog eyes".  I had never seen her use the

expression, and my will crumbled into dust.  We sat in the car while I

figured out what kind of car I wanted, then we went to a dealership.  The man

was sort of skeptical, at least until Victoria pulled out her checkbook and

asked, "How much?"  Upon arriving at my apartment, Victoria immediately

pulled me into the bedroom, where we fucked like wild rabbits.  We went out

to dinner and returned home for more sex.

   The rest of the week, Victoria would pick me up from work and take me 

shopping.  I saw our new home-to-be, but I wasn't really happy with the 

location.  She sensed something and pouted, "You are unhappy with the


   "It's a little farther away from work than I had hoped, but it's a pretty 

house," I said, trying to let her know that it was OK.  I could live with the 

longer drive to work.

   "No.  We will find another home, closer.  I would do anything to make you 

happy," Victoria said.  The real estate agent who had thought the deal was 

closed was _not_ very pleased to hear that Victoria had changed her mind.

After an hour and a half of discussion between her and the agent, Victoria

ended the argument by biting the agent into agreement.

   We returned to my place for dinner.  I had naked Victoria for dessert.  I

was beginning to wonder how long I could keep this up, because her

nymphomaniacal sex drive would surely wear me down.  I had always responded

to her naked body's call, but for how long?  I mentioned it to her and hoped

she wouldn't think I was a wimp.  Victoria reassured me, explaining between

fucks, "Vampire men are _always_ ready for sex.  Is like fangs at night.  If

you want, it is there and ready."  She paused.  "And I want you to want..."

she purred seductively, rolling over and spreading her legs for my again hard

cock.  My wife sighed happily when I obliged her.  Man, I could really get

into this vampire thing...


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